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OF    ALL    THE 

Heads  of  Families  and  Persons  in  Business 

OF    THE 



Author  of  the  Alphabetical  Plan  of  Philadelphia 

20,  North  Third  street ; 

And  sold  by  them,  and  by  the  Editor,  81,  Locust,  above 
Eighth  street. 

Price  g  1  25. 

Comparative  View  of  the  number  of  Mimes  contained 
in  the  Directories  of  the  following  years. 

Years.  Editors.  Number  of  Names.  Pages. 

1794  Hardie  8304  232 

1806  Robinson  10668  314 

180r  Robinson  12348  384 

1809  Robinson  11760  360 

1810  Robinson  12936  362 

1811  Census  15400  484 
1811  Robinson  &  Paxton  17300  520 
1813  Paxton  (present  work)  20 1 60  624 

It  appears  by  this  statement,  that  there  was  no 
improvement  in  the  Directory  during  the  years  it 
was  published  by  Mr.  Robinson  alone. 

The  present  Directory  contains  20160  names, 
which  is  nearly  twice  the  number  that  appeared  in 
Robinson's  for  1810. 


IN  offering  this  work  to  the  Public,  the  Editor 
does  not  think  it  necessary  to  enter  into  any  argu- 
ment to  prove  the  utility  of  a  correct  Directory,  in 
a  city  of  such  extent  and  commercial  importance  as 
that  of  Philadelphia,  but  relies  on  the  evidence 
which*  experience  must  have  brought  to  the  Citi- 
zens, and  particularly  to  men  of  business,  not  only 
of  the  convenience,  but  the  necessity  of  such  a  com- 
panion. The  editor,  fully  persuaded  of  this  fact, 
and  seeing  that  no  such  work  appeared  for  the  year 
1812,  as  promised  by  Mr.  Robinson;  being  also  se- 
conded by  the  solicitations  of  a  number  of  respecta- 
ble citizens,  was  induced  to  undertake  that  arduous 
and  laborious  task,  and  hopes  he  has  completed  it, 
as  far  as  its  nature  will  admit.  How  far  however  he 
has  succeeded,  the  Public  will  candidly  determine. 
He  flatters  himself  it  will  be  found  to  contain  more 
than  has  been  formerly  given  in  works  of  this  de- 
scription, as  no  pains  have  been  spared  to  render  it  re- 
plete with  interesting  and  useful  information.  From 
the  particular  knowledge, of  the  city  and  suburbs  he 
acquired  in  researches  for  materials  collected  for  his 
Alphabetical  Plan  of  Philadelphia,  which  he  pub- 
lished in  1810,  which  was  further  exercised  in  his 
adjunct  publication  of  the  **  Annual  Directory  for 
1811,'*  with  Mr.  Robinson,  he  thinks  himself  war- 
ranted in  promising  a  Directory  more  complete  and 
free  from  errors  than  any  that  have  heretofore  been 
published  in  this  City,  and  containing  many  more 
names;  the  arrangement  of  which  is  much  improv- 
ed, being  carefully  alphabeted  in  the  christian  as 
well  as  in  the  surnames,  having  references  between 
those  of  nearly  the, same  sound,  which  will  adu 
much  to  the  facility  of  finding  required  names.  In 
former  works  of  this  kind,  the  names  of  persons  re- 
siding in  Kensington  and  west  of  Broad  street,  have 
been  alphabeted  in  a  list  separate  from  that  of  the 
main  body  ;  in  the  present,  the  whole  are  compiled 
in  one  alphabetical  arrangement,  the  utility  of  which 
win  be  obvious  to  all.  A  perusal  of  liie  "  Direc* 
tiona  to  the  Reader^''  will  render  every  part  perfectly 
clear  to  the  understanding.     The  solicitude  of  the 

Editor  to  make  this  wofk  st$^  ibterestm^  4s  pessiblei 
has  induced  him  to  annex  a  lar^  and  comprehen- 
sive appendix,  the  materiai^for  whkb  were  not  col- 
lected without  much  labour  and  expence  ;•  the  sta- 
tistical table  alone,  giving  an  enumeration  of  the 
buildings  in  each  street,  &c.  having  employed  him 
for  nearly  two  months.  It  is  expected  it  will  prove 
satisfactory  to  the  citizens  generally.  A  correct 
jist  of  the  war  duties,  with  Custom  House  remarks^ 
being  deemed  important,  are  also  inserted,  with  a 
collection  of  other  information. 

The  collection  of  names  for  this  work  having 
been  commenced  on  the  first  day  of  last  October, 
those  persons  who  have  changed  their  residence 
since  that  period,  will  not  have  cause  to  censure  the 
Editor  for  any  error  which  may  have  arisen  out  of 
this  act;  notice  having  been  given,  in  all  the  pub- 
lic newspapers,  requesting  them  to  send  in  their 
addresses  for  correction :  the  frequency  of  remo- 
vals rendering  it  impossible  for  the  editor,  without 
such  assistance,  to  make  a  correct  return. 

If  other  errors  should  be  discovered,  without  which 
h  is  imposssible  to  present,  a  work  of  this  nature,  the 
public,  it, is  presumed,  will  attribute  it  to  a  proper 
cause :  many  surnames  of  different  orthography 
sounding  alike,  and  the  information  obtained  repect- 
ing  orthography,  names,  and  professions  being  often 
vague  or  incorrect,  which  it  is  impossible  entirely  to 
obviate.  The  Editor  takes  this  opportunity  to  ten- 
der his  thanks  to  the  numerous  subscribers  who 
have  patronized  the  work,  and  begs  leave  to  inform 
them  that  it  is  his  intention  to  publish  it  annually. 
As  the  demand  in  this  city  will  not  support  a  com- 
petition, if  they  find  his  work  worthy  of  encourage- 
„iient,  he  solicits  their  future  support  in  preference 
t0  any  competitor  who  may  arise,  which  he  will  en- 
4eavour  to  merit  by  his  attention  to  their  service. 
He  is  induced  to  make  this  seemingly  unreasonable 
Kquest)  as  a  divided  support  would  probably  oblig^ 
him  to  relinquish  his  intention  to  repeat  the  publi- 


Philadelphia,  January  asth,  1813. 


Comparative  view  of  Di- 
rectories ii 
To  the  Public                       iii 
Land  stages,  packets,  &, 

steam  boats  viii 

List   of    physicians    and 

nurses  xii 

Late  removals  xv 

Directions  to  the  reader  xxiv 
Auctioneer^  stated  days 

of  sales  ib. 

Names  of  citizens 

War  duties  1  to  12 

Articles  free  of  duty  12 

Custom  House  retnarks,  Ijfc. 
Allowances  for  drafts  13 
For  tare  ib. 

For  leakage  &  breakage  14 
Rates  of  drawbacks  ib. 

Duties  on  tonnage  15 

Fees  of  office  ib. 

Terms  of  credit  16 

Restiictions  on  imports  17 
Remarks  1 8 

Port  of  Philadelphia  19 

Surveyors   of   damaged 

ships,  &c.  20 

Wardens  and  pilotage  ib. 
Inspectors  of  lumber,  &c.  ib. 
Chamber  of  commerce  21 
Lisi  of  streets,  wharves, 

&c.  21  to  42 

Enumeration   of    build- 
ings 43  to  5o 
Census  of  cities  in  U.  S.     54 
Dr.   Mitchell's  views  of 
the    manufactures    of 
U.  S.                      54  to  59 


Members  of    12th    con- 
jjress  59 

Judiciary  of  U.  S.  62 

District  judges  63 

Clerks  of   supreme    and 

district  courts  ib. 

District  attorneys  64 

Marshals  of  U.  S.  ib. 

Commissioners  of  loans  65 
Federal  courts  ib. 

Department  of  state  67 

Treasury  department  ib. 

War  department  ib. 

General  officers  of  army  68 
Quarter  masters'  depart.  68 
Ordnance  department  69 
Commissary*s  depart.  ib. 
Naval  department  ib. 

Naval  force  of  U.  S.  ib. 

Officers  of  U.  S  navy  70 
General  post  office  71 

United  States  mint  ib. 

Diplomatic  depart.    72  to  76 
13th  congress  from  Penn.  76 
Members  of  the  legisla- 
ture 77  to  79 
Courts  of  Penn.         79  to  82 
Mode   of  executing,  ac- 
knowledging, proving, 
and    recording    deeds, 
powers  of  attorney,  &c,  83 
Corporation  of  city  84 
Justices  of  the  peace,  con- 
stables,   &,c.    for    the 
townships               85  to  86 
Post  office,  Philad.    86  to  89 
Bank  of  Pennsylvania        89 
•         of  North  America     ib. 

of  Philadelphia  90 

— —  Farmers  &.  Mecha- 
nics* fb 



Stephen  Girard*s  banking 

house  90 

Bank  at  Camden,  N.  J       ib. 

Of  North  America  91 

Phoenix  ib. 

Of  state  of  Pennsylvania  ib. 
Delaware  ib. 

Union  ib. 

United  States  ib. 

Philadelphia  92 

Marine  ib. 

American  Fire  ib. 

Lancaster    and    S usque- 

hannah,  &c.  ib. 

Contributionship  Fire         ib. 
Mutual  Fire  ib. 

Pennsylvania  Life  94 

African  93 

Susquehannah  &  Lehigh   93 
Cheltenham  and  Willow 
grove  ib. 

Gsrmantown,  &c.  ib. 

Lancaster  and  Philad.        ib. 
Bustletown   and    Smith- 
field,  &.C.  ib. 

Philad.  Brandywine,  &c.    94 

Chesnut  Hill,  he.  ib. 

Frankford  and  Bristol        ib. 

Kidge  ib. 

Union  Canal  ib. 

^Schuy  Ik  ill  Perm,  bridge      ib. 

Upper  ferry  bridge  ib. 


Alms  house  and  house  of 
employment  95  to  98 

'Juardians  of  the  poor         98 

Pennsylvania,  &c.  hospital  99 

City  hospital  ib. 

Friends'  alms  house  ib. 

Christ  church  hospital        ib. 

Philadelphia  dispensary   IGO 

Board  of  hi.alth  ib. 

Bible  :v^ety  ib. 


Missionary  society  101 

Evangelical  ib. 

Of  Protestant  Episcopal 
church  ib. 

Humane  ib. 

Alleviating   miseries    of 
prisons  102 

To  instruct  poor  children  ib. 

American  convention       103 

Abolition  of  slavery  ib. 

Magdalen  ib. 

Educate  poor  females          ib. 

Female  hospitable  ib. 

Sunday  school  104 

Charity  schools  ib. 

System  of  education  ib. 

African  schools  ih. 

Spring  Garden  association  ib.. 

German,  for  relief  ib". 

German,  to  assist  poor, 
&c.  105 

German,  to  encourage,  &c.  ib. 

For  alleviating  sick  ib. 

St.  Joseph's  ib. 



American  philosophical    105 

College  of  physicians  ib. 

Medical  Lyceum  ib. 

Medical  society  106 

Philadelphia  Linnean         ib. 

Columbian  chemical  ib. 

Academy  for  natural  sci- 
ence ib. 

St.  John's  college  ib. 

Lecturers  on  chemistry      ib. 

Agricultural  ib. 

Cattle  ib. 

Premium  ib. 

Vine  ib. 

Domestic  ib. 

Philadelphia  museum       107 

Of  artists  of  U.  S-  ib. 

Penn.  of  Fine  Arts  108 

University  of  Penn.  ib. 

Philadelphia  academy        ib. 

Gray  &  Wylie's  academy  109 

Philadelphia  library  ib. 




AL BENEFIT,  &c.  SO- 

Grand  lodge  of  Pennsyl- 
vania, &.C.  109 

African  lodge  111 

Cincinnati  ib. 

Tammany  ib. 

True  republican  ib. 

Washington  association  ib. 

Democratic  young  men  ib. 

German  for  mutual,  &C.  112 

United  German  ib. 

German  American  l>en.  ib. 

German  American  mut.  ib. 

German  beneficiaV  ib. 

German  ben.  of  N.  L.  ib. 

French  benevolent  ib. 

St.  Andrews  ib. 

Scots  thistle  ib. 

Caledonian  ib. 

St  Patrick's  113 

Erin  lb. 

Hiberniati  ib. 

St.  George's  ib. 

St.  John's  ib. 

United  States  ib. 

Welch  ib. 

Benevolent  bhies  ib. 

Washington  114 

Franklin  ben.  ib. 

Franklin  union  ib. 

True  American  ib. 

American  friendly  ib. 

American  ben.  ib. 

Criterion  ib. 

Madison  ib. 

Ship  masters*  ib. 

Philanthrophic  ib. 

Provident  ib. 

Independent  115 


Friendly  115 

Union  ben.  of  N.  L.  ib. 

Friendly  of  St.  Tammany    ib. 

Philadelphia  ib. 

Friendly  Columbian  ib. 

Union  harmonic  ib. 

Columbian  ben.  ib. 

Shackamaxon  ib. 

Mariners'  ib. 

Northern  Liberty  ib. 

Kensington  ib. 

Pennsylvania  ib» 

Pennsylvania  bencf.  ib. 

United  beneficial  ib. 

Master  mechanics'  ib. 

Bricklayers  ib. 

Carpenters'  comp,  ib. 

Master  plaisterers'  11/ 

American,  of  plaisterers     ib. 

Provident,  house  carpen- 
ters ib. 

Stonecutters*  ib. 

Pennsylvania  slate  ib. 

Asylum  company  ib. 

Master  painters'  ib. 

Master  shipwrights*  ib. 

United  shipwrights*  ib. 

Master  taylors'  ib. 

Union,  cordwainers  ib. 

Typographical  ib. 

Journeymen  taylors'  ib. 

Journeymen  blacksmiths'  118 

African  friendly  ib, 

Philadelphia  mechanics*     ib. 

Hairdressers',  S.C.  ib. 

Journeymen  coopers'  ib. 

List  of  societies,  the  offi- 
cers of  which  were  not 
obtained  in  time  ib. 

Coins  and  money  tables 

119  to  125 

Census  of  U.  S.  iatt 


Land  Stages. 

Allentown  (Camel  inn)  140  n.  Second  4  a.  m. 
Am  well  (Camel  inn)  140  north  Second  4  a.  m  . 
Baltimore  Mail,  30  s.  Third,  daily  i  past  6  A.  m. 
Baltimore  New  Line  Expedition,  from  30  s.  3d  and 

City  Hotel,  daily  5  A.  M. 
Baltimore  Pilot,  43  s.  4th,  leaves  at  6  a.  m.  (in  win- 
ter) and  ^  past2  a.  m.  (in  summer)  fare  S  8 
Baltimore  stage  by  way  of  Lancaster,  200  High  8c 

cor.  8th,  daily  5  a.  m. 
Bethlehem,  140  n.  2d,  Wed.  and  Sat.  4  a.m. 
Bethlehem,  106  Race,  Tues.  and  Fridays  2  p.  m. 
Boundbrook  (Green  tree  inn)  50  north  Fourth 
Bridge  Town,  Cumberland,  N.  J.  Negus*  ferry  Mon. 

Wed,  and  Frid.  sun  rise 
Bridge  Town,  Arch  st.  ferry,  daily  (Sun.  excepted) 

Burlington  (by  Jersey)  Mulberry  st.  ferry 
Bustle  Town,  130  north  Second,  daily  3  p.  m. 
Cape  May,  Arch  st.  ferry,  daily  (Sun.  excep.)  sun  rise 
Carlisle,  cor.  8th  and  High,  daily  5  a.  m. 
Chambersburg,  cor.  High  and  8th,  daily  5  a.  m. 
Chesnut  Hill  (via  Germantown)  118  n.  Third,  daily 

9  a.  m.  and  4  p.  m. 
Cohimbia  (Penn.)  200  High  &  cor.  8th,  daily  5  a.m. 
Easton,  50  north  Fourth,  Wed.  and  Sat.  4  a.  m. 
Egg-Harbour,  Arch  st.  ferry,  Thursday  8  a.  m.     - 
-l^allsof  Schuylkill,  50  n.  Fourth,  daily  2  p.  m. 
Frankford  (Buck  inn)  130  n.  2d,  9  a.  m.  and  4  p.  m. 

Germantown,  45  and  11 8  n.  Third,  daily  9  and  4 
Harrisburgh,  200  High  and  N.   E.  cor.  8th,  daily 

5   A.  M. 

Holmesburg,  130  n.  2d,  daily  3  p,  m. 

LAND  STAOES,  &c  us 

Jenkwtown  (Green  tree  inn)  50  n.  Fourth 
Lancaster,  200  High  and  N.E.  cor.  8ih,  daily  5  A.  m. 
Little  York,  200  High  and  cor.  8th  daily  5  a.  m. 
Moorestown,  Arch  street  ferry 
Mount  Holly,  Arch  street  ferry,  daily  1  p.  m. 
New  Town  (Bueks)  130  n.  2d,  Saturday  1  p.  m. 

''Accommodation,  30  s.  3d  8c  City  Hotel 
Commercial,  30  s.  Third,  daily  9  a.  m. 
Pilot  leaves  43  s.  Fourth,  daily  4  a.  m. 
arrives  at  New  York  7  p.  m. 
vVew  York  .  Swift  Sure  (Green  tree  inn)   50  north 
Stages.     J       Fourth,  fare  4  dolls,  through  a  plea* 
sant  country,  daily  8  a.  m.  (Sundays 
U.  S.  Mail,  daily  at  noon,  SO  s.  Third 
and  City  Hotel 
Norristown,  50  n.  4th,  Tues.  Thurs.  and  Sat.  2  p.  M. 
Reading,  106  Race,  Tuesdays  &  Fridays,  2  p.  m* 
Pittsburgh,  cor.  8th  and  High,  daily  5  a.  m. 
Salem,  Arch  st.  ferry,  Tues.  Thurs.  &  Sat.  sun  ri^ 
Sunbury  (via  Harrisburg)  daily,  cor.  8th  and  High 
Swedesborough,    High   st.    wharf,  n.   side,  Tues, 

Thurs.  ^nd  Sat.  noon 
Trap  (White  Swan)  106  Sassafras 
Trenton,  16  n.  Third,  every  other  day  9  a.  m. 
Tnckerton,  45  n.  Water,  Thursdays  at  sun  rise 
United  States'  nv>il  srtage  office,  30  south  Third 
Valley,  164  High,  at  9  a.  m. 
West  Chester,  18  n  Fourth,  Tues.  Thurs;  and  Sat. 

8  a.m. 
Weston  School,  211  Mufbetry 
Wilmington  4  horse,  50  n.  Fourth,  daily  (Sundays 

excepted)  %  k.  U, 
Wilmington  coachee,  4  Bank,  daily  8  a.  m. 
Woodberry,  High  st.  ferry,  n.  side,  daily  (Sunda>'t 

excepted)  2  p.  m. 
YorH,  Pcnn  200  High  a«d  cor.  tth>  daily  5  i.  w 

a  LAND  STAGES,  6cc. 

Packets,  Land  and  Water  Stages  ^  Steam  Boats. 

Alexandria  (Col.)  Hamilton's  wharf 
Amboy,  steam  boat^at  Bickley's  wharf 
Appoquini mink  Packet,  Hamilton's  wharf 

rUnion  Line  daily,  3  south  Wharves  via 
Baltimor  J  Appoquinimink  and  Sassafras,  for  the 
\  conveyance  of  Merchandize,  Wt;d.  and 
l^Sat.    Hamilton's  wharf 
Bordentown  packet,  Istc,  Bickley's  wharf 
Boston  Packet,  Chesnut-street  wharf 
Burlington  Packet,  Mulberry-street  wharf 
Cape  May  Packet,  Massey*s  wharf,  12  s.  Wharves 
Chester  Packet,  Wain's  wharf 
Charleston  (S.  C.)  Clifford's  wharf 
Delaware  Steam  boat  (Union  Line)  to   New  Cas- 
tle, French  Town  and  Baltimore)  Beck's  wharf, 

Fredericksburg,  Hamilton's  wharf 
Georgetown  (Col.)  Hamilton's  wharf 
Marcus  Hook,  from  Massey's  wharf,  12  s.  Wharves 
Newcastle,  French  Town  and  Baltimore  Union 

line  daily.  Market  street  wharf 
New  York  Commercial  line,   via  Trenton  and  New 

Brunswick,  daily  from  Arch  street  wharf  south 

New  York  -Expedition,  via  White  Hill  and  South 

Amboy,  Bickley's  wharf 
New  York  Mercantile  line,  viaLamberton  and  New 

Brunswick,  daily 
New  York  Transportation  line,  via  Lamberton  and 

New  Brunswick,  daily 
New  York  Packet,  by  sea,  Chesnut  street  wharf 
New  York  steam  boat,  Bickley's  wharf 
Norfolk,  Hamilton's  wharf 
Petersburg  ( Va.)  Hamilton's  wharf 
Phoenix  Steam  boat.  New  York,  via  Trenton,  High 

street  wharf  north  side 
Port  Elizabeth  Packet,  High  street  wharf  n.  side 
Richmond  (Va.)  Hamilton's  wharf 
Sassafras  River  Packet,  Hamilton's  wharf 

LAND  STAGES,  &c  ^i 

Savannah  (Geo.)  Packet,  Clifford's  wharf 
Trenton  Packets,  ^c.  Market  street  wharf  n,  side 
Union  Line  Steam  boat  Delaware,  Market  st.  wharf 
Washington  City,  Hamilton's  wharf 
White  Hill  Packet,  High  st.  wharf  north  side 
Wilmington  Packet,  Massey's  wharf,  12  s.  Wharves 
Wilmington  Steam  boat,  Massey's  wharf 



ThQj^itjMfhdtkm  *  are  Fractitimers  in  Midnaifety. 

Albert!  Geo.  F.  116«.  Front 
Allison  N.  S.  68  s.  Eighth 
Anderson  Clark,  148  Cedar 
Atlee  Edwin  A.  78  n.  4th 
Austin  John,  cor.  6th  &  Arch 
Barnes  James,  275  n.  2d 
Barton  Benj.  S.  241  Chesnut 
Barton  Wm.  jr.  69  s.  5th 
Bermond  C.  10  Powell 
Bertron  D.  328  n.  2d 
Bethausen  E.  49  Green 
Billings  Thos.  112  n.  8th 

•  Blayney  Arth.  161  Race 
Bullock  J.  jr.  212  Walnut 
Caldwell  Chas.  211  s.  2d_ 
Carter  Henry  Y.  252  Spruce 
Cathrall  Isaac,  121  Chesnut 
Chandler  Thos.  341  High 
Chandler  W.  P.,  S.  E.  corner 

4th  and  WsUnut 

•  Chapman  N.  206  Chesnut 
Cleaver  Isaac,  286  n.  2d 
Conover  Samuel  L.  141  s.5th 
Coxe  J.  R  8  York  Buildings 
Currie  Wm.  119  s  Fifth 
Colhoun  Saml.  59  s.  7th 
Dickerson  A.  32  Callowhill 
Dorsey  J.  S.  120  Mulberry 
Duffield  Samuel,  12  Chesnut 
Duffield  Wm.  149  s.  3d 

•  Dunlap  Jas.  107  Mulberry 
Dyott  T.  W.  cor.  2d  &  Race 
Frank  Adam,  4th  ab  Coats* 
Gallaher  James,  37  s.  Fifth 
Cillasspy  George,  90  s.  8th 
Glen  Jas.  S.W.  comer  Pnme 

and  Fifth 
Gkntworth  P.  F.  144  Race 

•  Griffith  Elijah,  108  n.  4th 
Criffitts  Saml.  P.  62  s.  Front 
Hanckel  John  M.  53  Coats' 
Harris  Robert,  72  n.  9th 
>Iarris  Samuel,  212  s.  4th 
Hartshome  jos.  276  High 

»  Hcwson  Thos.  T.  153  s.  2d 
Heister  Xsftac,^  115  n.  Fifth 

*  Heydrick  Christ.  298  Race 
Heylin  Isaac,  57  s.  Seventh 

*  Houston  P.  W.  19  Walnut 
Howell  A.  330  High 

*  James  Thos.  C.  146  s.  2d 
Johnston  R.  128  s.  Fifth 
Jones  Thos.  P.  25  Sansom 
Jones  Thos.  144  Vine 
Keehmle  John,  33  n.  Fourth 
Kennedy  B.  cor.  6th  &  Race 

*  Klapp  Jos.  290  s.  Second 
Knight  Alex.  204  n.  Front 
Kugler  Benjamin,  118  s.  4th 
Kuhn  Adam,  142  Chesnut 
La  Roche  Rene,  cor.  5th  & 

Lambert  J.  H.  25  Filbert 
Le  Baron  Francis,  145  s,  6th 
M«Kinney  Arch.  28  Powell 
Mann  C.  M.  200  Chesnut 
Manners  John,  Walnut,  six 

doors  above  Tenth 

*  Mathieu  Joseph,  16  Branch 
Mayo  R.  208  s.  5th  comer 

Mease  James,  192  Chesnut 
Miller  P.  181  Arch 
Mitchell  T.  D.  208  s.  5th 
Moland  Wm.  N.  comer  4th 

and  Spruce 

*  Mongea  J.  R.  81  s.  3d 

*  Neill  H.  266  s.  Second 
Otto  John  C.  139  Mulberry 
Parke  Thos.  20  s.  Fourth 
Parrish  Joseph,  109  Arch 
Peres  Peter,  133^  Vine    ^ 
Perkin  John,  159  n.  Second 
Pcrlee  Abm.  159  n,  3d 
Physick  P.  S,  114  Mulberry 
Porter  John,  165  Walnut 
Pronk  John,  169  Pine 
Proudfit  James,  123  s,  2^ 



*  Pumell  Wm.  56  Walnut 
Ravoudt  W.  S.  18  Old  York 
Rousseau  John  C.  210Spruce 
Rush  Benjamin,  98  s.  4th 
Rush  James,  98  s.  4th 

Say  Benjamin,  152  Chesnut 
Sermon  Isaac,  105  n.  Front 
Shafer  Caspar,  66  Vine 

*  Shaw  Wm   237  Mulberry 
Shippen  J.  G.  234  Walnut 
Shumate  J.  R.  172  s.  3d 
Sommer  John,  100  Arch 

Stafford  Robert  21  &  25  Pine 
•  Stewart  Samuel,  20  Prune 
Stouse  Joseph,  417  n.  2d 
Sutherland  Joel  B.  208  s.  5th 
Thompson  Jesse,  34  Race 
Tucker  A.  B.  205  Arch 
Vanzyle  J.  Ill  Plum 
"Wertheym  A.  J.  227  s.  3d 
Wistar  Caspar,  112  s.  4th 
Weaver  John,  69  Coats' 
White  John,  108  n.  Front 
Woollens  J.  308  n.  3d 


Carlley  Rebecca,  56  Shippen 
Egar  C.  Frankford  road  near 

Ernes  Ann,  146  n,  8th    . 
Helmbold  Eliza.  18  Quarry 
Hemphill  Jane,  73  Plum 
Hoot  Mary,  46  north  4th 
Mingle  E.  22  Appletree  alley 
Morrell  Mrs.  71  Union 
Regin  Ann,  16  Ann  (N.  L.) 

Rose  Ann,  9  Brewer's  alley 
Rose  Jane,  7  Brewer's  alley 
Shoemaker  L.  10  Shippen 
Sneed  Mrs.  3  Swanson 
Thackara  Eleanor,  36  s.  6th 
Tormyn  E.  113  Swanson 
Van  Holt  A.  184  s.  6th 
Wooley  Mrs.  36  Appletree 

Zigler  Ann,  74  New 


Albertson  H.  15  Mary  (S.) 
Ambler  Mrs.  back  115  Arch 
Andrews  Mary,  Lily  alley 
Arehart  Cath.  9  \t'ood 
Ash  Mrs.  back  198  n.  2d 
Bain  Mrs.  269  s.  5th 
Baker  S.  23  n.  4th 
Ballenger  Mrs.  74  New 
Barker  R.  66  Catharine 
Barton  E.  531  s.  Front 
Browne  M.2  Appletree  alley 
Butler  Sarah,  Frankford  road 

near  Queen 
Cambell  F-  13  Callowhill 
Carr  Mrs.  32  Sugar  alley 
Casely  M.  13  Springett  alley 
Christy  C.  25  Union 
Clark  Mrs.  15  South  alley 
Clifford  Mrs.  411  s.  Front 
Cline  E.  4th  above  Browne 
Clothier  M.  5  Cresson's  alley 
Coleman  Mrs.  20  Race 

Cook  E.  28  Sugar  alley 
Cornelius  A.  207  s.  5th 
Cowdrick  M.  61  Tammany 
Cressel  B.  129  Callowhill 
Cyfarrid  C.  Scott's  alley 
Dalrymple  E.  Prime  bel.  2d 
Davis  S.  7  Brewer's  alley 
Edleman  S.  145  Cherry 
Fisher  Mary,  47  n.  6th 
Fiss  Mrs.  205  n.  8th 
Francis  H.  cor.  Christian  & 

Frost  M.  127  New 
Giles  Hannah,  29  Noble 
Glynn  M.   Steinmetz  court. 

Graham  EHz.  98  Green 
Green  Mrs.  enquire  78  Ches- 
Greenman  Mary,  132  CoatS' 
Grim  Mar)',  39  Coates  alley 
Grogen  M.  Rose  alley 



Hammond  Mrs.  59  New 
Hartwell  Mrs.  40  Vine 
Harvey  Marg.  78  Lombard 
Hink  Mary,  254  n.  Front 
HuVmgs  Ann,  West's  court 
Lawrence  R,  153  n.  2d 
Levers  Sarah,  145  Chesnut 
Lindsay  P.  24  Cox's  alley 
Livingston  M.  47  Lombard 
Lloyd  Margaret,  154  Race 
M'Donnell  H-  8th  ab.  Vine 
Maree  M.  49  Coates  alley 
Marks  H.  39  Cable  lane 
Matlack  H.  56  Shippen 
Miller  L.  531  s.  Front 
Miller  S-  3  Patton's  court 
Miller  G.  3  Patton's  court 
Moore  P.  125  Pine 
Mushel  Mrs.  22   Appletree 

Nelson  Mrs.  24  Elizabeth 
Newark  Mrs.  9  Catharine 

Norton  J.  9  Chancery  lane 
Peddel  Mrs.  270  s.  Front 
Perry  Ann,  74  Nevr 
Pettit  Hester,  74  New 
Powell  R,  Shepherd's  court 
Prettyman  E.  back  382  s,  2d 
Pummeroy  E.  368  n.  3d 
Richards  S.  back  86  s.  3d 
Roney  H.  7  Brewer's  alley 
Rose  M.  Sugar  alley 
Rowan  E.  23  Little  German 
Sherer  Ann,  SpafFord 
Snyder  M.  72  New 
Spade  S.  59  Shippen 
Stanfield  S.  60  Penn 
Thomas  S,  13  Willing's  alley 
Van  Tnimp  E.  16  n.  6th 
Vocason  Mrs.  10  South  alley 
Warnick  Martha,  34  Plum 
Wiles  Mrs.  33  n.  Fifth 
Wood  Mary,  23  Walnut 


Bliss  S.  47  Vine 

Bulfinch  Mrs.  26   Columbia 

Campbell  S.  136  s.  4th 
Field  Mrs.  137  Spruce 
Graff  Rebecca,  190  Vine 
•Hutman  Mrs.  4th  ab.  Coats' 

Jacobs  Mrs.  22  Appletree  al- 
January  H.  back  39  Arch 
Powell  R.  Shepherd's  court 
Robbms  Eliz.  153  Vine 
Walker  Mrs.  15  Sterling  al- 


Bennet  R.  51  Passyunk 
Bowers  Michael,  402  n.  3d 
Eckendorff  Martin,  10  s.  6th 
Gardett  Jas.  75  Walnut 
Gilliams  L.  35  Mulberry 
Harberger  H.  11th  bel.  Wal- 
Holt  George,  46  n.  Thhd 
Houston  P.  W    19  Walnut 
Huckel  Joseph,  29  Lombard 
Hudson  E.  133  Walnut 
Klingle  G.  148  n.  8th 
Koecker  Leonard,  33  n.  8th 

M'Cown  J.  Walnut  n.  11th 
Pierie  J.  N.E.  corner  Walnut 

and  Fourth 
Ripperger  Conrad,  29  n.  4th 
Simon  P.  Vine  below  8th 
Simmons  S,  181  s.  Front 
Smith  Jacob,  269  s.  Second 
t  Simpson     Wm.  Barclay'^ 

Soast  J.  S.  cor.  5th  &  Logan 
Uhle  John,  45  n.  4th 
Van  Pelt  Peter,  149  Chesmr^ 
Wolf  Lewis,  5  n.  Sixth 

Leonard  John,  108  German 


Cunitz  Lewis,  170  Race  Holt  George,  46  n.  Third 

Darr  Jacob,  154  n.  4rh  Ripperger  Conrad,  29  n.  4th 

Hartman  John,  43  n.  6sh 


Abbott  Edward,  sea  captain  22  Race 

Adams  John,  tavernkeeper  226  south  Sixth 

Adams  Peter,  baker  20  Shippen 

Adams  Robert,  segarmaker  24  Phini 

Ailes  Joseph,  shoemaker  295  south  Third 

Alexander  Mary,  shopkeeper  33  Race 

Alexander  Rachael,  widow  24  Plum 

Allbright  Jacob,  labourer  80  German 

Amos  Abm.  cordwainer  213  Race 

Anders  Robert,  carpenter  172  Pine 

Anderson  Alexander,  distiller  63  north  7lh 

Anderson  Clark,  ?i.  d.  148  Cedar 

Anderson  Hugh,  engraver  ISO  Cedar 

Anderson  Thomas,  63  north  Sixth 

Andrews  Joel,  combmaker  1  Sterling  alley 

Andrews  Thomas,  hatter  6  Wagner's  alley 

Apple  John,  cordwainer  62  Sassafras 

Arbin  Joseph,  mnriner  24  Shippen 

Ardley  Robert  A.  broker  130  Lombard 

Arnold  Thomas,  shipwright  20  Parham's  alley 

Arnold  Geo.  ladies*  shoemaker  3  Garrigues'  court 

Arthurs  Stephen,  taylor  Billing's  court 

Ash  M.  W.  attorney  at  law  89  Race 

Aston  James,  carpenter  37  Queen  (S.) 

Auner  P.  taylor  61  Cherry 

Bacon  John,  1 19  Race 

Baker  Henry,  painter,  &c.  24  Cherry  &  20  n.  4lh 

Barker  Joseph,  sea  captain  Cox's  alley 

Barnes  Edward,  cabinetmaker  13  Cherry 

Barnes    Samuel  \V.  coachpainter  60  Cherry  ai\d 

Starr  alley 
Barnes  James,  capt.  New  Castle  packet  8  Parham's 

Barnett  Mrs.  widow  58  George  (S.) 
Barquet  John,  tinplateworker  151  south  Sixth 
Bates  Benj.  accomntaiit  ^0  George  (S.) 

xvl  LATE  REMOVALS,  Stc, 

Battin  John,  drayman  124  Cedar 

Bealert  Margaret,  widow  52  Lombard 

Beatty  Robert,  baker  89  Cedar 

Bechler  rev.  John  C.  74  Race 

Bell  Jane,  grocer  138  Lombard 

Bingham  Peter,  sea  captain  12  Parham's  alley 

Black  Thomas,  grocer  93  Shippen 

Black  Patrick,  grocer  80  Plum 

Black  Patrick,  late  grocer  58  Catharine 

Blye  John  H.  sea  captain  23  Lombard 

Bodey  R.  chairmaker  277  south  Third 

Boisier  J.  shoemaker  74  Lombard 

Boyd  John,  coachmaker  £c  corder  36  George  (S.; 

Brady  Charles,  shoemaker  45  Georgt  (S.) 

Brown  David,  sea  captain  13  Little  German 

Brown  Joseph,  shoemaker  289  south  Third 

Brown  Joshua,  grocer  99  Shippen 

Brown  Thomas  T.  doctor,  Vernon 

Brown  Wm.  grocer  1 5  Shippen 

Bunce  William,  sea  captain  Pfeiffer's  alley 

Cales  John,  bookbinder  36  Sliippen 

Carrell  Henry,  carpenter  2 1  Plum 

Carrilson  Wm.  grocer  46  Plum 

Carson  Samuel,  sea  captain  15  Queen 

Carty  Charles,  corner  Front  and  China 

Clark  Calvin,  printer  36  Prune 

Clark  Charles,  mariner  56  Catharine 

Fariel  John,  hatter  106  Cedar 

Tarrand  Thomas,  pilot,  34  Cathanne 

Farrell  James,  boardinghouse  72  Plum 

Fawcett  Wm.  accomptant  57  Cherry 

I'earis  Bernard,  gentleman  166  Pine 

Feariss  Francis,  comm.  mercht.  69  s.  Water 

Fenner  Peter,  sexton  back  14  Sterling  alley 

Ferguson  Ebenezer,  justice  of  the  peace,  229  south 

Third,  below  Cedar 
Ferguson  lyiiss,  40  George  (S.) 
Fichtner  GodiV.  peelmaker  8c  tavernkeeper  56  Plum 
Fimple  Jacob,  bookbinder  50  Wood  (N.  L.) 
Fink  Adam,  stockingwcaver  26  North  alley 
Fink  Nicholas,  printer  9  Lombard 
Fink  Jacob,  stockingweaver  26  North  alley 
Finn  Jacob,  ccrdwaincr  13  Strawberry 

LATE  REMOVAL*,  &l.  xvii 

Finnegan  Mrs.  of  James,  &4  north  Sixth 

Fisher  George,  cordt^^r  77  Lombard 

Fitzgerald  Jesse,  innkeeper  69  Kacc 

Fitzgerald  Thomas,  127  Lombard 

Flanagan  Patrick,  taylor  249  south  Fourth 

Flegler  Valentine,  bottler  27  North  ailey 

Fletcher  Catharine,  widow  256  Race 

Flowers  Geo.  feedstore  270  Race 

Floyd  John,  grocer  265  south  Fourth 

Fluck  Adam,  innkeeper  106  Race 

F^olwell  Richard,  editor  of  the  Spirit  of  the  Press, 

183  north  Third 
Ford  Lawrence,  buttonmaker  199  Race 
Forman  Isaac,  teacher  152  Race 
Forrest  Peter,  hatter  52  Cherry 
Forrest  VVm.  accomptant  55  Shippen 
Foulk  Peter,  painter,  Sec.  8  Hinckel's  court 
Fritz  Jacob,  cabinetmaker  14  South  alley 
Fritz  John,  merchant  1 1  South  alley 
Fry  George,  potter  136  Race 
Fry  John,  victualler  22  North  alley 
Gano  John,  accompL^ant  28  North  alley 
Garehard  Conrad,  32  Race 
Garrigues  Wm.  jun.  carpenter  37  Cherry 
Gaschet  Louis  D.  208  south  Sixth 
Gaskill  Daniel,  shoemaker  4  Garrigues'  court 
Gault  Wm.  smith,  Cherry  above  Sixth 
George  James,  grocer  S.E.  cor.  Plum  and  Third 
Gilder  Reuben,  saddler,  kc.  50  Lombard 
Gilmore  James,  watchman  to  bank  Penn.  82  Plum 
Gilmore  Mary,  widow  40  Gaskill 
Gilou  Jolm  H.  taylor  8  German 
Gitliens  Delaplain,  bricklayer  6  Penrr.  avenue 
Given  John,  drayman  132  Cedar 
Gleandrau  John,  grocer  80  Race 
Glenn  David,  carpenter  cor.  Sixth  and  Pine 
Grace  Austin,  boardinghouse  16  south  Second 
Graham  George,  m.  d.  98  north  Seventh 
Gratz  Jacob,  merchant  S.W.  cor.  Chcsnut  8c  7th 
Gravenstine  Ehzabeth,  fruiterer  131  Race 
Gray  Joseph,  late  brewer  6 1  north  Sixth 
GuiUe  doctor.  123  Lombard 

b  9 

xvlii  LATE  REMOVALS,  &.;• 

Hackett  Simon,  hatter  48  Shjppen 

Haddock  H.  grocer  41  Lombard 

Kagstoz  Jacob,  sugar  refiner  back  148  Race 

Hagstoz  Sc  Reilly,  sugar  refiners  S.E.  cor.  Vine  8? 

Hall  John,  merchant  16  Penn  and  15  Lombard 
Hallowell  Jesse,  stablekeeper  2  Cherry 
Hamilton  John,  cordwainer  24  Pine  alley 
Hammell  Samuel,  grocer  67"  Race 
Handly  John,  printer  31  Lombard 
Hanley  Wm.  printer  147  Cherry 
Harding  Richard,  102  Sassafras 
Hardy  David,  grocer  231  south  Fourth 
Hardy  John,  17  Lomba*'d 

Hargesheimer  John,  painter,  &c.  225  south  Third 
Harold  rev.  Wm.  V.  17  Willing's  alley 
Harvey  Joseph,  shoemaker  136  Cedar 
Harvey  Wm.  cordwainer  122  Cedar 
Haynes  David,  shoemaker  66  German 
Heck  George,  carpenter  129  Cedar 
Hedelius  Andrew,  sea  captain  1 1  Race 
Heisler  John,-  cedarcooper  126  Race 
Helverston  Nicholas,  tavernkeeper  5  North  alley 
Hemphill  Alexander,  liquor  store  103  Cedar 
Hendry  James,  innkeeper  3  Shippen 
Heron  John,  grocer  cor.  Fourth  and  Shippen 
Herrington  Wm.  printer  13  Cresson's  alley 
Hesser  Daniel,  stonecutter  75  north  Seventh 
Heusden  Caster,  combmaker  137  Cedar 
Heyl  Philip,  carpenter  7  Wagner's  alley 
Hilligus  Joseph,  accomptant  50  Shippen 
Hogbin  John,  taylor  5  Stall's  court 
HoHick  Charles,  sexton  Cresson's  alley 
Hopkins  Hezekiah,  70  Lombard 
Hopkins  John,  razorstrop  maker  94  Lombard 
Horn  Joseph,  accomptant  5  Wagner's  alley 
Hoskins  Thomas,  accomptant  194  Pine 
Howell  E.  taylor  20  Cherry 
Howell  John,  carpenter  19  Sterling  alley 
Huddy  H.  shoemaker  69  Cedar 
Huggins  Samuel,  accomptant  8  Stall's  court 
Huiings  Abm.  wheelwright  65  Plum 


Husson  H.  cabinetmaker  150  Lombard 

Hurpin  John,  gentleman  17  Cherry 

Hutchinson  Jonathan,  bricklayer  Nicholson's  court 

Hutchinson  Robert,  saddler  2 1  Cherry 

Hute  Catharine,  widow  127  Race 

Hute  Isaac,  shoemaker  Richardson's  court 

Hutton  Joseph,  grocer  47  Cedar 

Ives  John,  carpenter  10  Cherry'and  8  s.  2d 

Irwin  John,  119  Lombard 

Jackson  Ephraim,  silver  plater,  back  14  Cherry 

James  Stephen,  carpenter  27  Cresson's  alley 

Joad  John,  109  Sassafras 

Johnson  Jacob,  shoemaker  5  Cresson*s  alley 

Johnson  Maltbew,  accomptant  89  Locust 

Johnson  Samuel,  cordwainer  1 60  south  Sixth 

Johnston  Wm.  P.  accomptant  155  s  Sixth 

Jourdon  P.  teacher  269  south  4th 

Kalbach  and  Landis,  sugar  refiners  189  Cherry 

Kast  Frederick,  broker  55  Lombard 

Kean  Wm.  accomptant  1^59  south  Sixth 

Kennedy  Jarpes,  sea  captain  56  George  (S.) 

King  John,  shoemaker  101  Cedar 

King  John  S.  millwright  29  Plum 

Kite  Isaac,  carpenter  Hause's  court 

Knorr  Samuel,  baker  and  news  carrier  2  Cresson*s 

Knox  John,  teacher  145  Lombard 
Kurtz  Henry,  tailor  27  Cherry 
Labbe  F.  C.  large  shawl  printer  206  Cherry 
Lake  Thomas,  41  George  (S.) 
Lane  John,  baker  57  Lombard 
Largue  E.  Spanish  segur  maker  8  Ijombard 
Leathem  J.  ladies  shoemaker  154  Cherry 
Lee  Wm.  teacher  69  Cherry 
Lefevre  Philip,  shoemaker  1  Hinckel's  court 
Lemorelle  Joseph,  gentleman  61  Lombard 
Little  Archibald,  dealer  93  Zombard 
Lloyd  Joseph,  attorney  at  law,  109  Lombard 
Lloyd  Zophar,  cabinet  maker  257  south  Third 
Longuefoise  John  B.  23  Plum 
Lopez  Joseph,  sea  captain  53  Gaskill 
Lc^vth  Samuel,  sea  captain  13  Queen  (S.*) 


Lyndall  Joseph  W,  cabinet  maker  7 1  Gaskiii 
M'Call  A.  shoemaker  263  south  Fourth 
M'Caslin  John,  bookbinder  3  Knight's  court 
M'Collister  John,  grocer  corner  Cedar  and  4th 
M'Connell  Matthew,  jr.  bookseller  and  stationer  89 

south  Second 
M'Convvell  Andrew,  grocer  SO  Cedar 
M'Clintock  John,  teacher  12  Pennsylvania  avenue 

and  1 18  New 
M'Clenachan  Robert,  merchant  77  Cherry 
M' Donald  James,  37  Race  and  102  Cherry 
McDonald  Mordecai,  cordwainer  49  n,  8th 
M'Fee  — — ,  cabinet  maker  64  George  (S.) 
M'Glinsy  Patrick,  grocer  62  Cedaj* 
M'Glathery  George,  carpenter  Barron  street 
M'Glathery  James,  210  s.  Siith 
M'Mackin  Samuel,  weaver  78  Cedar 
M'Kinley  John,  grocer  146  Lombard 
M'Gill  Stephen,  smith  3  Hinckle's  court 
M'Guiggen  John,accomptant4  Pennsylvania  avenue 
M'Leod  Malcolm,  carpenter  154  Race 
M'Leveen  Miles,  sea  captain  1 1 3  Race 
Macbride  John,  carter  31  Plum 
Maddin  Ferdinand,  distiller  14  Race 
Marcker  Philip,  coachmaker,  back  152  Race 
Martin  John,  china  merchant  142  Cedar 
Martin  J.  m.  d.  1 1  Cherry 
Martin  Samuel,  sailmaker  106  Lombard 
Maull  Israel,  carpenter  35  Cherry 
Maxwell  James,  shoemaker  71  Plum 
Mayer  Rev.  Philip  F.  87  Race 
Meade  Edward,  sea  captain  63  Cherry 
Mechlin  Jacob,  accomptant  149  Sassafras 
Metmon  John,  muffin  baker  9  Knight's  court 
Meyer  Henry,  baker  30  Queen  (S.) 
Miles  Lewis,  accomptant  13  Catharine 
Millard  Wm.  bleeder  43  Catharine 
Miller  John,  turner,  &c.  144  Cherry 
Miller  Wm.  carter  135  Cherry 
Miller  Philip,  carter  194  Cherry 
Miller  John,  victualler  138  Race  ., 
Miller  James,  potter  33  Catharine 

LATE  REMOVALS,  &c.  xx« 

Mitchell  Thomas,  fancy  chair  painter  52  George  (S.) 

Mitchell  Wm.  sea  captain  1  Pennsylvania^  avenue 

Maifett  James,  41  Catharine 

Monferrier  Wm.  grocer  90  Shippen 

Moliineux  .Benjamin,  hatter  7  Pennsylvania  avenue 

Mulock  George,  currier  12  Sterling  alley 

Murdock  J.  sea  captain  168  Cherry  &  13  Lombard 

^lurta  Wm.  distiller  corner  Plum  and  3d 

Myers  ■,  carpenter  10  Stall's  court 

Myers  B  printer,  back  14  Chtrry 

Nangel  W.  grocer  33  Cedar 

Newcomb  Wm.  sea  captain  61  Shippen 

Navarre  Peter,  buker  212  south  Sixth 

Nelson  Martin,  suspender  and  hat  maker  77  s.  otl 

Northrop  Jonathan,  confectioiv;r9l  Cedar 

Northrop  Enoch,  cooper  46  Lombard 

O'Donnell  P.  storekeeper  60  Cedar 

Odenheimer  John,  baker  56  Plum 

Ogden  Thomas,  cabinet  maker  10  Strawb^iy 

Oulmon  Myer,  grocer  75  Shippen 

Owens  Michael,  tinman  61  German 

Paine  Wm.  sea  captain  82  Cedar 

Palmer  Simeon,  pilot  45  Catharine 

Park  Samue\,  accomptant  12th  3d  door  ab.  CliEsnuJ. 

Park  Wm.  264  Lombard 

Barkison  James,  tailor  Nicholson's  court 

Paul  L.  boarding  house  72  s.  Sixth 

Pearce  Thomas,  broker  cor.  Lombard  and  4tji 

Pollard  John,  shoemaker  20  Plum 

Price  Wm.  J.  24 1  south  Fourth 

Prope  George,  sugar  refiner  1 5  Vernon 

Ramsey  Thomas,  49  German 

Ranten  Henry,  sea  captain  1 10  Cherry 

Regnaud  Lewis  F.  paper  hanger  23  Vernon 

Renegam  Francis,  sea  captain  52  Catharine 

Roberts  John,  sea  captain  1 1  Little  German 

Row  George,  accomptant  29  Catharine 

Russell  John,  shoemaker  41  Plum 

Sackriter  Jacob,  tanner  31 1  south  Third 

Sargent  Thomas,  innkeeper  3  Cherry 

Schaeffer  G.  piano  forte  teacher  106  Race 

Schenck  Robert  D.  carpenter  162  Race 

Schnaible  Lawrence,  stocking  weaver  26 North  airey 

xxii  LATE  REMOVALS,  hi. 

Scott  George,  carpenter  75  n.  8th 
Scott  William,  tailor  Starr  alley 
Sendos  Dominick,  merchant  156  Arch 
Seurrah  Ann,  grocer  75  Cedar 
Selby  James,  sea  captain  68  Lombard 
Shafer  Henry,  shoemaker  35  Shippen 
Shepherd  Allen,  coachmaker  268  Race 
Shields  Hugh,  stone  cutter  211  Cherry 
Shields  Isaac,  Wagner's  alley 
Shubert  George,  shoemaker  104  Cherry 
Shields  James,  bookbinder,  back  160  Race 
Simpsons.  8c  Co.  merchants  104  Chesnut 
Sheed  Wm.  sea  captain  50  Race 
Simon  Z)avid,  teacher  1 1  Stall's  court  8c  22  Cherry 
Simpson  James,  carter  64  Catharine 
Smith  Elisha,  teacher  6  Hinckel's  court 
Smith  Francis,  coachtrimmer  148  Cherry 
Smith  George,  conveyancer  Queen  n.  Front 
Smith  Henry,  baker  6  Little  German 
Smith  John  H.  shoemaker  172  Lombard 
Smith  John,  shoemaker  58  Lombard 
Smith  Ralph  H.  carpenter  7 1  Cherry 
Smith  Sarah,  widow  75  Cherry 
Smith  Samuel,  mahogany  sawyer  79  Plum 
Smith  Wm-  hatter  5  Stall's  court 
Snow  Silas,  carpenter  Hause's  court 
Snowden  Isaac,  266  Arch 

Souders  Godfrey,  copperplate  printer  3 1  Cresson^s 

Soullier ^,  merchant  132  Pine 

Sparks  Jacob  F.  tobacconist  85  Cedar 
Spear  Josiah,  broker  Barron  street 
Spohn  Francis,  carpenter  176  Race 
Stanly  Wm.  carpenter  Hoffman's  alley 
Starne  Wm.  minter  Shriver*s  court 
Steiner  Frederick,  tailor  1J2  North  alley 
Stellwaggen  Daniel  S.  sea  captain  36  Race 
Stewart  Wm.  M.  cabinet  maker  Hoffman's  alley 
Stewart  James,  carpenter  17  Plum 
Sturgis  Benj.  shoemaker  239  south  Fourth 
Stockdale  Jeraldus,  teacher  6  Plum 
Sumpton  Rebecca,  cake  bakei'  154  Arch 

LATE  REMOVALS, &c.  x*iii 

Tanguy  Peter,  goldsmith  88  Cedar 
Tayler  Alexander,  tailor  &  tavernkeeper  4 1  Cedar 
Taylor  Wm.  bricklayer  15  Plum 
Thomas  Amor,  tailor  104  Cedar 
Thomas  John,  boot  and  shoemake»'44s.  Third 
Thomson  James,  cabinet  maker  66 '&  67  Lombard 
Thorman  Nicholas,  sea  captain  10  Queen  (S.) 
Tompkin  W.  bleeder  14  Queen  (S.) 
roner  James,  grocer  307  s.  3d  cor.  German 
Fruit  Thomas,  shoemaker  49  George  (S.) 
Fruit  Miers  F.  supercargo  Shippen  n.  2d 
Urion  Eliz.  widow,  251  s.  Third 
Walters  Charles,  bootmaker  39  George  (S.) 
Waltz  Benjamin,  teacher  42  Plum 
Wattenby  Thos.  silversmith  cor^.  George  i^y  Shippen 
Webb  Robert,  jeweller  57  Shippen 
Wilden  Wm.  capt.  New  Castle  packet  13  Vernon 
Wilden  Jane,  widow,  1 1  Vernon 
Williams  G.  bleeder  112  Shippen 
Willis  SolomoQ;  turner  7  Vernon 


(N-  L.)  for  Northern  Liberties — (K.)  Kensington 
—(P.  T.)  Penn.  Township— (V.)  Vineyard— (C.) 
for  city— (S)  Southwark — (M.)  Moyamensing-^ 
(P.)  Passyunk — (sch.)  Schuylkill — n.  north — s. 
south — e.  east — ^w.  west —  cor.  corner —  n.  near— 
ab.  above — R.  road — bet.  between — ^^f  persons  of 
colour — ^bel.  below. 

^CT*  For  nannies  not  found  in  the  body  of  the 
work,  see  list  of  "  late  removals,  8cc." 

There  are  alternate  references  from  the  names 
that  sound  alike,  throughout  the  work  ;  x'zz.  Allison^ 
see  Ellison  ;  or  Ellison,  see  Allison. 

The  reader  will  please  to  observe  the  following 
general  rule  for  finding  the  numbers  on  houses,  in 
the  diifcrent  streets  in  this  city.  In  those  streets 
that  run  east  and  west,  say  High  street,  the  numbers 
begin  from  the  Delaware,  the  odd  being  on  the  north 
side.  In  those  that  run  north  and  south,  say  Fourth 
street,  the  numbers  begin  from  High  street,  running 
north  and  south,  the  odd  being  on  the  east  side. 



Passmore  &;  Sperry,  No.  34  south  Front 

Dry  Goods.     Monday  and  Thursday  afternoon 
Groceries,     Wednesday  &  Saturday  morning 

Silas  E.  Weir,  No/20  south  Front  street 
Dry  Goods.     Wednesday  and  Saturday  afternoon 
Groceries.     Tuesday  and  Friday  morning 

F.  Montmollin  Sc  S.  Moses,  No.  37  n.  Front  st. 
Dry  Goods.  Tuesday  and  Friday  afternoon 
Groceries.     Monday  and  Thursday,  12  o'clock 

Humes  and  Lippincott,  No.  15  south  Front  street 
Dry  Goods.  Tues.  fnorning  &  Frid.  afternoon 
Groceries,     Monday  and  Thursday 

peter  Kuhn  &  Son,  No.  65  south  Front  street 
Dry  Goods,     Monday  and  Thursday  afternoon 
Groceries,    Thursday  and  Friday  afternoon 

J,  Dorsey,  Groceries,  Wednesday  and  Saturday 
mornings.  Stocks  and  Real  Estate,  Tuetday 
evening  at  the  Merchants'  Coffee  House 



FOR   1813. 

Containing  all  the  heads  of  Families^  and  fier- 
9Cns  in  Business,  alfihabetically  arrant;ed. 
ICT^'^ee  '^  Directions  to  the  Reader.'* 


A:BBETT  Henry,  smith  111  8c  29 1  north  Second 
Abbett  Henry  8c  Co.  smiths  1 1 1  north  Second 
Abbett  Jonatlian,  blacksmith  291  north  Second 

and  130  Browne 
Abbott  David,  bookseller  52  Green 
Abbott  George,  hairdresser  9  Chesnut 
Abbott  widow  of  John,  cooper  15  Gilles*  alley 
Abbott  John,  wrought  nailer  71  Budd 
Abbott  John,  cooper  8  Little  Water 
Abbott  John,  currier  Fourth  near  Tammany 
Abl)ott  Joseph,  carpenter  back  147  St.  John 
Abbott  Joseph  and  Riley,  cuiTiers  171  north  Third 
Abbott  Thomas  B.  grocer  197  north  Second 
Abbott  Timothy,  currier  97  Chesnut 
Abbott  Timothy  and  Co.  curriers  97  Chesnut 
Abbott  Wm.  H.  carver  and  gilder  5 1  Chesnut 
Abbott  William,  brewer  corner  of  Pear  and  Dock 

and  2  Lodge 
Abel  Anthony,  slioemaker  376  north  Second 
Abel  George,  shoemaker  200  N.  Water  and  205 

north  X'ront 
Abel  Jacob,  victualler  cor.  Shippcn's  lane  k  Cedar 


Abel  John,  carpenter  10  Brown 
Abel  Jos.  shoemaker  10  Browne  8c  123  N.  Fourth 
Abel  Mrs.  milkwoman  Cedar  near  sch.  Eighth 
Abell  Moses,  carter  15  Fayette 
Abel  Peter,  shomaker  376  north  Second 
Abel  Peter,  stablekeeper  2.1  Appletree  alley- 
Abel  widow,  washerwoman  Twelfth  near  Vine 
Abercromb^e  James,   d.   d.  assistant  minister  of 
Christ  &  St.  Peter's  churches  Sec.  162  S.  Fourth 
Abercrombie  Thomas  B.  printer  Juniper  lane 
Abraham  George   D.  storekeeper  corner  Second 

and  Catharine 
Abraham  Henry,  taylor  37  Pewterplatter  alley 
Abraham  Jacob,  labourer  465  north  Third 
Abraham  Isaac  victualler  170  Coats 
Abraham  widow  of  B.  victualler  427  N.  Fourth 
Abrams  Enoch,  grocer  52  Filbert  &  23  N.  Sixth 
Abrams  E.  8c  D.  grocers  23  north  Sixth 
Abrams  James,  shallopman  165  north  Front 
Abrams  Thomas,  merchant   13   S.  wharves  and 

.140  Pine 
Abrams  William,  printer  23  Chesnut 
Acheson  David,  merchant  1  Sansom  [_see  jitki7ison 
Ackley  widow  of  Elijah,  261  north  Front 
Ackley  J.  B.  oil  and  colourmah  .169  north  Second 
Adams  Abigail  widow,  97  New 
Adams  Alex.  8c  Wm.  grocers  Fligh  corner  sch, 

Eight  dwelling  Broad  near  Chesnut 
Adams  Benjamin,  carpenter  Noble  near  Third 
Adams  8c  Cummings,  grocers  s.  e.  cor.  3d  8c  Arch 
Adams  George,  potter  Lombard  near  sch.  Eighth 
Adams  Jacob  W.  printer  and  grocer  66  MulL-erry 
t  Adams  Jacob,  wood  sawyer  Cedar  cor.  Seventli 
Adams  John,  mariner  3  Fitzwater 
Adams  John,  agent  229  Cailowhill 
t  Adams  John,  mariner  8  Hurst 
Adams  Sc  Loughery,  merchants  (Sumerl's  wharf 

back  75  north  Water 
Adams  Moses,  shipwright  Front  below  Federal 
Adams  Mrs.  boarding  house  237  Mulberry 
Adams  Nathan,  storekeeper  183  north  Second 
Adams  N.  shipwright  Queen  near  Frankford  road 
Acluias  Robert;  merchant  80  south  Eighth 


Adams  Robert,  carpenter  and  shipjoiner  9  Pine 

Adams  Robert,  carter  sch.  Second  near  Walnut 

Adam.s  S.  W.  teacher  Broad  near  Chesnut 

Adams  widow  of  Thomas,  Baker 

Adams  William,  cordwainer  65  Christian 

Adams  William,  (grocer  46  south  Second 

t  Adams  William,  plaisterer  Blackberry  alley 

Adams  William,  hat  warehouse  50  Hij^h  above  2d 

Adams  Zephaniah,  wharf-builder  Oak  n.  Browne 

Adcock  William,  246  Sassafras 

Addiks  JohnEd.  commission  merchant  65  S.  Fourth 

Addington  Stephen,  preceptor  Sec.  314  High 

Addis  Amos,  carpenter  335  north  Second 

Addis  Dan.  attorney  at  law   Sc  conveyancer  122 

south  Fourth 
Addis  Elizabeth  widow,  470  north  Second 
Addison  Arthur,  mariner  37'4  south  Front 
Ad,^ate  Daniel,  grocer  65  S.  Seventh  Sc  21  S.  Third 
t  Adkins  Charles,  carpenter  Blackberry  Alley 
Adkinson  James,  carter  2d  above  Germantown  road 
Adkinson  Wm.  B.  storekeeper  Hamilton  village 
Adler  Ciu'istian,  morocco  dresser  Vine  below  8^ 
Adudcll  Sarah,  washerwoman  50  Coats 
Adoiph  John,  carpenter  Sc  grocer  corner  St.  John 

and  Green 
Aeilers  John,  labourer  old  York  road  above  Poplar 
Aertsen  E.  shopkeeper  27  south  Fourth 
Afftick  Ann  183  south  Second 
Ager  Charlotte  widow,  Frankford  road  near  Otter 
Agncw  Margaret,  shopkeeper  342  north  Front 
Aiken  Joseph,  shoemaker  10  Plum 
Airy  Samuel,  carpenter  155  south  Fifth 
Aitken   Jane,    successor  to  Robert,   printer  and 

stationer  71  north  Third 
Aitken  J.  shoemaker  12  Gilles's  alley 
Aitken  John,  cabinetmaker  Chesnut  above  Sixth 
Aitken  John,  silversmith  Sec.  Broad  above  Chesnut 
Aitken  L.  widow  182  St.  John 
Aitken  Mrs.  widow,  boarding  house  48  Spruce 
Aitken  Robert,  printer  8 1  St.  John 
Aitken  Robert  jun.  bookbinder  12  Quarry 
Ailken  William,  drayman  66  Coats 
Aitken  John,  carter  Vine  near  sch.  Eighth 

10  AKI — -ALE 

Akein  John,  coppersmith  28  Bread 
Akip.  Barbary  widow,  Georg-e  above  10th  [[se^ -EA:»t 
Akin  James,  engraver  and  draftsman  39  N.  6th 
Akins  William,  labourer  back  7  Bedford      [M.] 
Akins  Joseph,  innkeeper  8  Strawberry. 
Alberson  Gilbert,  lumbermerchant  101  Swanson 
Alberson  R.  lumbermerchant  99  &  101  Swanson 
Albert  Anthony,  tobacconist  422  north  Second 
Albert  Caspar,  tavernkeeper  corner  Third  Sc  Brown 
t  Albert  James,  labourer  Pryor's  alley 
Alberti  George  F.  m.  d.  116  north  Front 
Albertson  Benjamin,  teacher  30  Church  alley 
Albertscn  Hannah,  nurse  15  Mary  (S.) 
Albertson  Nixon,  cabinetmaker  89  south  Front 
Albrecht  Charles,  instrument  maker  95  Vine 
Albright  Conrad,  shoe  warehouse  south-east  cor* 

ner  of  Second  and  High 
Albright  Frederick,  cedarcooper  8 1  Brown 
AUbrigbt  Frederick,  shoemaker  26  South  alley 
Albright  John,  labourer  1 1  Callowhill 
Albright  John,  ropemaker  Hicory  lane  near  Sixth 
Albright  Michael,  cedar  cooper  36  N.  Sixth 
Alburger  A.  victualler  259  Callowhill 
Alburger  Henry,  victualler  Laurence  near  Vine 
Alburger  John  victualler  261  Callowhill 
Alburger  Philip  junr.  sexton  Wood  above  Eighth 
Alburger  P.  victualler  Laurence  near  Vine 
Alburger  S.  Sc  E.  mantua  makers  112  N.  Fourth 
Alburger  widow  of  Jacob  5  Wood  near  Fifth 
Alchin  George,  bookbinder  262  Mulberry 
Alcock  William,  printcutter  66  north  Second 
Alcorn  Geo.  lastmakcr,  leather  cutter  and  dealer 
m  all  kinds  of  morocco  and  soal  leather  77  Dock 
Alcorn  Michael,  sea  captain  115  south  Fifth 
Alden  Samuel,  shocstore  corner  High  &c  Fourth 
t  Alexander  Aaron,  painter  &c.  228  south  SeventU 
t  Alexander  Charles,  cooper  Lombard  near  13th 
Alexander  Eleanor,  grocer  north-west  corner  Se- 
cond and  Sliippen 
Alexander  Elizabeth,  widow,  Bedford  (K). 
Alexander  James,  grocer  87  south  Water 
Alexander  James,  shoemaker  147  Walnut 
Alexander  Jas.  ladica shoemaker,  13th below  Ches 

ALE— Aii:  11 

Alexander  John,  printer  Rose  Alley  (C.) 
Alexander  John  P.  grodbr  482  Sassafras 
Alexander  Jos.  bootmaker  MoyamensinEjn.  Prime 
Alexander  Joseph,  labourer,  198  south  Fifth 
Alexander  Richard,  cabinetmaker  92  south  Third 
Alexander  Robert,  grocer  27  Green 
Alexander  Thomas,  labourer  104  S.  10  st. 
Alexander  Volf,  printer  68  Vine 
AK'l^nder  William,  carter  Cherry  below  Juniper 
Algeo  John,  wholesale  and  retail  grocer,  corner  of 

High  and  Schuylkill  Fifth 
Algeo  Thomas,  wholesale  and  retail  grocer  High 

west  of  Permanent  bridge 
All  Margaret,  widow  327  n!  Third 
Allardice  Peter,  silkdyer,  8cc.  181  S.  Second 
Allcut  John,  blacksmith  122  Brown 
Allen  Cairns,  teacher  Eleventh  aljove  Sassafras 
Allen  Aquilla,  labourer  back  47  Green,  [^See  Allin. 
Allen  Chamless,  grocer  S.  W.  corner  2d  and  Pine 
Allen  Charles,  druggist,  Sec.  160  south  Second 
Allen  C'.arles,  china  store  42  High 
Allen  David,  shoemaker  and  sexton  34  Christian 
Alien  David,  storekeeper  6  Elfrith's  alley 
Alien  David  and  John,  storekeepers  28  N.  Second 
Allen  Edward,  hatter  458  Sassafras 
Alien  Enoch,  taylor  52  and  54  S.  Water  corner  of 

Allen  Hugh,  carter  back  104  Cherry 
Allen  Ira,  gentleman  99  S.  Fifth 
Allen  Isaac  shaliopman  Btach  near  Maiden 
Allen  James,  blacksmith  443  N.  Front 
Alien  John,  oakcoopcr   15  and  18  Strawberry  S. 

Allen  John,  merchant  compting  house  45  Dock, 

dwelling  120  spruce 
Allen  John,  labourer  416  N.  Front 
Allen  John,  E.  gentleman  Second  below  Federal 
Allen  John,  sexton  Christian  between  Third  and 

t  Allen  John,  Aliens'  court 
t  Allen  John,  waiter  back  6  Locust 

A  2 

12  ALL .ALL 

Allen  John  W.  Printer  York  St. 

Allen  Joseph  jiin.  carpenter  60  Spruce 

Allen  Jos.  niarmer  Swedes  alley  and  362  N.  Front 

Allen  Joseph,  carpenter  188  St.  John 

Allen  Joseph,  sea  captain  273  S.  Front 

Allen  Joshua  A.  accomptant  61  S.  Seventh 

Allen  Lewis,  merchant  244  High 

Allen  Mary  widow,  boarding  house  333  High 

Allen  Mrs.  widow,  semstress  222  S.  Fifth 

Allen  Matthew,  boarding  house  458  south  Front 

Allen  Miller,  accomptant  Callowhill  above  Tenth 

Allen  Mrs.  boarding  house  25  Pine 

Allen  Philip  labourer  Lee's  court 

Allen  Richard,  F.  merchant  63  north  Front 

t  Allen  Rev.  Richard,  150  Spruce 

Allen  Robert,  collector  of  taxes  156  S.  Sixth 

Allen  Samuel  R.  merchant  23  N.  Front 

Allen  Samuel,  merchant  29  Mulberry 

t  Allen  Sam-uel,  woodsawyer  Rose  street 

Allen  Susan,  china  store  42  High 

Allen  Susan,  millin<;r.  Sec.  35  N.  Fourth 

Allen  Thomas,  proprietor  of  horses  and  carriages 

for  sale  or  hire  46  north  Sixth 
Allen  Thomas,  mariner  247  N.  Front 
Allen  Thomas,  P.  combmaker  19  Passyunk 
Allen  Thomas,  labourer  Shields*  alley 
Allen  William,  accomptant  25  Callowhill 
AUeson  Smith,  tinsmith  72  north  Seventh 
AUibone  and  Keim,  flour  merchants  N.  E.  corner 

of  Sassafras  and  Water 
Allibone  Thomas,  attorney  at  law  28  N,.  Fifth 
Allibone  Tliomas,  carpenter  292  S.  Third 
AUibone  William,  currier  216  north  Second 
Allibone  William,  jun.  merchant  corner  of  Water 

and  Race,  dwelling  212  Mulberry 
Alligood  Thomas,  mariner  back  121  Queen 
AUin  D.  and  T.  Ware,  carpenters  79  Locust 
Aliinson  Bernice,  widow  Brooke  court 
Allis  Mrs.  of  lienry,  carpenter  460  Sassafras 
AhJson  Rev.  Burgiss,  d.  jd.  Burlington  N.  J. 
Allison  John,  labourer  1 1  Passyunk    \^See  Ellison, 
AlU%on  John,  conveyancer  256  south  Front 
Aiiison  John,  carpenter  37  Mary  (S) 

ALL AND  13 

Allison  John  B.  feed  store  comer  Arch  and  twelfth 
Allison  N,  S.  m.  d.  70  south  Eighth 
Allison  Robert,  coacapainter  9  S  6th  and  40  Elder 
Allison  William,  sailmaker  27  Mary  (S.) 
Allison  William,  late  tax  collector  26  Prune 
Allraan  Thomas,  bricklayer  140  n.  8th 
Allmindinger  Jacob,  baker  130  north  Fourth 
Alloway  Lewis,  cooper  Hickory  Lane  near  Ninth 
Alio  way  Samuel,  drayman  and  tavern  keeper  49 

Browne  corner  of  Budd 
Alloway  Joseph,  labourer  389  N.  Front 
Alloway  Joseph,  labourer  Queen  near  Palmer 
Alsop  John,  china  merchant  231  north  Second 
Alsop  Othniel,  merchant  59  N.  3d  and  147  Vine 
Alstoifi  Laurence  Sc  Co.  coijfectioners  136  High 
Altemus  Isaac,  tailor  75  north  Third 
Altemus  James,  wheelwri5-;!:ht  504  north  Second 
Altemus  J.  &  C.  C.  West,  merchant  tailors  45 

Altemus  Leonard,  tavern  keeper  1 5  Filbert 
Altemus  Thomas,  shoemaker  85  Coates 
Alward  Samuel  H.  carpenter  29 1  Mulberry 
Amber  Levy,  labourer  25  Hopkins'  court 
Ambler  Mrs.  nurse  back  1 15  Mulberry 
Amies  Thomas,  paper  nianufaclui*er   185  S.  2d. 

\^See  F.mes. 
Anckcr  Levi,  trader  back  198  north  Second 
Ancora  PJctro,  drawing  master  158  Lombard 
Andiiuit^  Widow  of  W.  sea  cjipiaiu  260  Mulberry 

Anderson ,  carpenter  323  Mulb  rry 

A.iderson  Alexander,  storekeeper  204  S.  Second 
Anderson  Andrew,  62  nortn  Sixth 
Anderson  Ann,  weaver  2d  above  JrermantowTi  road 
t  Anderson  Cesar,  tinware  vender  201   Shippen 
Andeison  Charles,  inspector  of  customs  350  N.  2d 
AiKlerson  Cnristian,  rigger  94  Christian 
AiHieison  David,  couchmaker  5  Budd 
Anderson  Sc  Davis,  storekeepers  2^J4  south  Second 
Anderson  E.  Eieventii  above  Rice 
Anderson  Grace,  vvasherwuman  15  Crab 
Anderson  Mrs.  of  Henry,  Rose  ailcy  near  Green 
t  Anaerson  Henry,  woousuv.yer  Webb's  alley 
t  Anacrson  Jacob,  waiter  la5  south  Seventh 

14  AND 

Anderson  widow,  Mulberry  near  Sch.  i^ront 
Anderson  James,  minter  246  north  Front 
Anderson  James,  waiter  92  north  Eleventh 
Anderson  John,  spectacle  frame  maker,  Juniper 

near  Vine 
Anderson  J.  Sc  C.  shopkeepers  35  south  Third 
Anderson  John,  carpenter  Currant  alley 
Anderson  John,  mariner  back  196  north  Third 
Anderson  John,  watchman  Randall's  court 
t  Anderson  John,  carter  Taper  alley 
Anderson  Joseph,  taylor  Duval's  court 
t  Anderson  Joseph,  mariner  Broad  near  Filbert 
Anderson  Leonard,  grocer  15  Strawberry 
Anderson  Levi,  coach  trimmer  312  Vme 
Anderson  Mrs.  of  James,  Wiley's  court 
Anderson  Mary,  widow  101  Catharine 
t  Anderson  ?vloses,  sailmaker  16  Cypress  alley 
I  Anderson  P.  shoemaker  Bonsall  street 
Anderson  Robert,  grocer  72  n.  8th 
Anderson  Robert,  P.  k  William,  booksellers,  169 

north  Third  corner  of  Vine 
Anderson  Samuel  V.  merchant  25  north  water 
Anderson  Samuel,  secretary  to  the  Delaware  In- 
surance Company  134  Mulberry 
Anderson  Samuel,  M.  D.  268  soutii  Front,  corner 

Anderson  Samuel,  97  south  Second 
Anderson -widow  of  Tiiomas,  63  Shippen 
Anderson  Thomas,  sea  captain  233  south  Second 
Anderson  Thomas,  labourer  242  Lombard 
Anderson  Thomas,  proprietor  of  Trenton  stages 

14  Quarry 
Anderson  Thomas,  feed  store  90  Green 
Anderson  William,  labourer  6th  above  mill  dam 
Anderson  William,  grocer  22   outh  Water 
Ancu'ess  Jacob,  carter  447  north  Second 
Andress  John,  carter  back  382  N.  2d.     [^See  J?!" 

dreivs.  ♦ 

Andress  Michael,  taylor  447  north  Second 
Andress  Michael,  jun.  bricklayer  447  north  2d 
Andn-ws  D.  whari-buiicicr  Frunkfoicl  road 
Andrews  Eve,  widow,  Robc  alley  above  Coats 

AND ANT  15 

Andrews  Sc  Gerrish,  feed  store  3  north  Wharves 
Andrews  Hannah,  umbrella  maker  Friends'  alms 

house.     [^See  Andress. 
Andrews  Israel,  shallopman  70  Tammany- 
Andrews  Rev.  John,  provost  of  the  Umversity  29S 

Chesnut  above  Nmth 
Andrews  Joseph,  teacher  25  Sansom 
Andrews  Joshua,  bricklayer  226  south   Seventh. 
Andrews,  widow  of  Leonard,  sea  captain  15  Noble 
Andrews  Mary,  nurse  Lily  alley 
Andrews  Mary,  washerwoman  230  south  Fourth 
Andrews  Moses  Sc    William,   carters  Schuylkill 

8th  near  Vine 
Andrews  Peter,  cordwainer  38  Strawberry 
Andrews  Tlobert,  teacher  61  south  Eleventh 
Andrews  Thomas,  shoemaker  202  south  Fifth 
Andrews  William,  scrivener  6  noith  Third 
Angue  John,  merchant  109  north  Second 
Angue  John,  jun.  cordial  distiller  109  N.  Second 
Annadown  Henry,  taylor  187  north  Front 
Annadown  Thomas,  shoemaker  207  north  Front 
Annasey  Mary,  widow  Ann  street  (Sch.) 
t  Anners  S.  waiter  Noble  above  Fifth 
Anners  Thomas  S.  perfumer,  8cc.  141  Chesnut 
Annesley  David,  carpenter  Kunckel  near  Tam- 
AnnesJey  Esther,  widow  of  Thomas  17  Powell 
Annesley  Robert,  merchant  10  Norris'  alley 
Ansbey  George,  cordwainer  42  south  Fifth 
Annsley  John,  sea  captain  189  Pine 
Anthony  Frederick,  carter  32  Budd 
Antbony  Jacob,  shipwright  57  Coats* 
Anthony  John,  boarding  house  125  north  Water 
Antiiony  Joseph  Sc  vSon,  goldsmiths,  Sec.  94  Higk 
Anthony  Mary,  widow  290  north  Front 
Anthony  Michael,  late  drayman  56  Budd 
Anthony  Michael,  94  High 
Anthony  Robert  D.  smith,  back  251  Sassafras 
Anthony  Joseph,  mariner  296  south  Third 

Anthony ,  watchman  12  Strawberry 

Antony  M.  segarmaker  10  Argyle 
Antrim  John,  jun.  taylor  113  south  Water 

16  AP^ ARM 

Antrim  Joseph,  Vine  above  4th 

Antrim  P.  machine  maker  58  Vine 

Antrim  Samuel,  plaisterer  Vine  3d  door  above  4th 

App  Adam,  pumpmaker    Frankford    road    near 

App  George,  pumpmaker  Frankford  road  do. 
App  Michael,  carpenter,  corner  Queen  and  Marl- 
Apple  George,  hairdresser  48  north  Fifth 
Apple  George,  shipwright,  479  south  Front 
Apple  Henry,  corner  of  4th  and  Browne 
Apple  Henry,  oakcooper  27  south  Wharves 
Apple  Jacob,  labourer  Mulberry  near  Sch.  Front 
Apple  widow  of  Jacob,  back  143  St.  John 
Apple  John,  hairdresser,  207  south  Fifth 
Apple  Philip,  coppersmith,  185  north  Third 
Apple  Valentine,  feed  store  5th  cor.  old  York  road 
Applegate  Ezekiel,  labourer  Christian  near  4th 
Applegate  Samuel,  carter  321  south  3d 
Applegate,  widow  of  Samuel,  bricklayer  173  Pine 
Applegate  William,  shoemaker  Frankford  road 

corner  Otter 
Applegate  — — ,  carpenter  10th  near  Lombard    ^ 
Appleton  Chris,  carver  ^nd  inlayer  15  York  court 
Appo  John,  confectioner  1 2 1  south  6th 
Arabin  Hannah,  milliner  11 3  south  2d 
Arbegus  George,  farmer  Grey's  ferry  near  bridge 
Archambault  John,  broker  48  Spruce 
Archer  Charles,  shoemaker  180  St.  John 
Archer  James,  coal  and  salt  measurer  71  Dock 
Archer  Job,  labourer  Laurel  (n.  l.)  above  Front 
Archer  Job,  labourer  24  Browne 
Archer  Samuel,  merchant  36  north  Front 
Archer  £c  Bispham,  merchants  36  north  Front 
t  Archer  Thomas,  woodsawyer  back  18  Kunckel 
Archibald  John,  back  196  Cedar 
Ardaillon  V.  storekeeper  2  1-2  north  3d 
Ardis  John  W.  carpenter  268  Sassafras 
Ardner  Joseph,  hairdresser  386  north  2d 
A.rehart  Catharine,  nurse  9  Wood 
Arentrue  William,  soapboiler  324  -Sassafras 
Arey  Groom  room  23  Prune 

ARM- ASH  ir 

Armbruster  Henry,  constable  69  n.  6th 
Armbruster  Jacob,  235  Hii^h 
Armbruster  Nicholas,  grocer  361  north  2d 
Armbruster  Peter,  watchman  Race  above  1 3th 
Armitage  George,  silverplater  438  Sassafras 
Armitage  5he\vbart,  grocer  71  Passyunk 
Armour  Matthew,  carpenter  sch.  8th  near  Vine 
Armroyd  George  &  Co.  merchants  117  n.  Water. 

^See  Ormrod, 
Armstrong  Allen,  goldsmith,  &c.  225  Arch 
Armstrong  Andrew,  grocer  257  n.  i'Vont 
Armstrong    Archibald,  stablekeeper    IStti   above 

Armstrong  Christopher,  grocer  286  s.  3d 
Armstrong  David,  weaver  -Spruce  above  10th 
Armstrong  Henry,  plaisterer  29  Noble 
Armstrong  Jane,  widow  10  n.  2d 
Armstrong  John,  coachtrimmer  128  s.  6th 
Armstrong  John,  carpenter  95  Budd 
Armstrong  John,  goldsmith,  &c.  10  n.  2d 
Armstrong  Joseph,  carpenter  Beach  near  Maiden 
t  Armstrong  Lewis,  18  Kunckel 
-Armstrong  Mary,  4th  above  Poplar  lane 
.-Armstrong  Peter,  carter  89  Budd 
-Armstrong  Robert,  carter  93  Budd 
Armstrong  Thomas,  attorney  at  law  106  s.  4th 
^irmstrong  William,  taylor  343  n.  Front 
^rney  Elizabeth,  storekeeper  40  s.  4th 
^irnoid  Levi,  carpenter  Tammany  n.  old  York  road 
.//rnold  Thomas,  seacaptain  30  s.  Front 
-<^rnous  Nicholas,  exchange  broker  York  street 
«^riott  James,  merchant  8  n.  Front 
^rrowsmith  Edmond,  20  Columbia  avenue 
v:frthur  James,  grocer  2  n.  10th 
./^itiiur  John,  grocer  corner  Walnut  and  Water 
►Arthur  Thomas,  labourer  back  14  s.  10th 
^iny  Julie,  stablekeeper  31  N.8th  Sc  5  s.  8th 
Arthurs  Stephoii,  tayloi-  Billings's  court 
^rundal,  widow  ot  Robert  58  Walnut 
^sh  B.  teacher  Maple  st. 
*^sh  Caleb,  merchant  54  Christian 
►^sh  James,  155  Walnut  (Ransom's  row) 

18  ASH 

jlsh  Joseph,  grazier  144  <Swansom 

v^sh  Joshua,  grazier  54  Christian 

•^sh  Mary,  widow,  487  n.  3d  ^ 

^sh  Mrs  of  Charles,  back  22  Callowhill 

^sh  Margaret,  nurse  back  198  n.  2d 

^sh  Michael,  cornchandler  220  n.  3d 

^sh  Thomas,  carpenter  cor.  Garden  8c  Buttonwood 

«^sh,  widow  of  Thomas  30  Walnut 

y^sh  Thx)mas,  stavemerchant  54  Christian  st.  wharf 

.>!?shbridgcv^nn  Sc  'Sarah,  storekeepers  125  High 

^shbridge  Elizabeth,  widow,  56  Vine 

-^shbridge  Israel,  coachmaker  75  Union 

w</shbridge  8c  Pluright,  coach  and  harness  makers 

s.  E.  corner  of  Locust  &  Eighth 
^shbridge  Rebecca,  boarding  house  125  High 
Ashbridge  -Sarah,  widow,  155  Vine   ^ 
./^shbridge  William,  merchant  19  south  Wharves 

and  14  -Sansom 
•^shburn  Thomas,  shipwright  20  Budd 
*^shburner  John,  tanner  66  south  3d 
./^shburner  John,  jun.  merchant  55  n.. -Front 
^-^/shby  William,  mer.  taylor99  Sc  101  Mulberry 
♦-^shford  Ellenor,  widow,  126  s.  6th 
v^shhurst  Richard,  merchant  76  High 
•/Ashley  John,  merchant  94  south  4th 
Ashman  Godfrey,  cedar  cooper  294  -St.  John 
•Ashman  James,  ladies  shoemaker  215  n.  2d 
Ashman  James,  H.  Sc  Co.  bootmakers  46  Chesnut 
►Ashman  Peter,  cedarcooper  4th  above  Poplar  lane 
.^shmead  Benj.  inspector  of  customs  19  Sansom 
./^shmead  John,  portv/arden  19  Swanson 
»^shmead  John,  jun.  com.  mer.  220  s.  2d  cor.  Lom- 
^shmead  Thomas,  accomptant  1 1 3  Lombard 
«^shton  ^bm.  blacksmitli  Tammany  above  4th 
^shton  ./Andrew,  smith  Fetter  lane.     \^See  Aston, 
«^shton  George,  boatbuildcr  Coats*  st.  wharf 
^shton  James,  carpeiller  43  Noble 
vfshton  John,  storekeeper  31  n.  3d 
.yfshtoij  John,  oakcooper  Drinker's  alley 
.4bhton  Jonathan,  92  n. /Vont 
^bhton,  widow  of  Richard,  110  south  i^ront 


^shton  Samuel,  cabinetmaker  273  south  2d 
.^shton  Thomas,  chairmaker  83  n.  Sc  15  s.  Front 
^shton  William,  carpenter  137  x.  Fifth 
^shton  William,  labourer  Irish  lane  near  Cedar 
^skew  &  Paxson,  hardware  merchants  245  High 
^skin  John,  shoemaker  216  south  2d 
-<^skin  Joseph,  teacher  153  south  11th 
^smus  Christian,  victualler  back  229  Callowhill 
^spell  James,  teacher  Blackhorse  alley 
v^spell  R.  C.  engraver  30  Cherry 
^spey  Samuel,  baker  1 44  south  5th 
^stley  Thomas,  merchant  6  York  buildings 
-'^ston  George,  yeoman  62  n.  3d.  [^See  Ashton 
v^therton  Humphrey,  flourmerchant  27  Filbert 
^/^therton  Humphrey,  attorney  at  law  17  south  5th 
^-^therton  Joseph,  brushmaker  324  north  2d 
^thcrton  8c  Keyser,  flour  merchants  267  High 
^therton  Nathan,  shopkeeper  57  Race 
Atkinson  Joel,  taylor  64  Chesnut.     \_See  Acheson. 
Atkinson  Nathan,  carpenter  Columbia  avenue 
v/ftkinson  Phineas,  biscuitbaker  198  Cedar 
Atkinson  Lydia,  mangier  15  north  6th 
AxXqc  Edwin  A.  m.  d.  78  n.  4th 
-'^ttmore  ^nn,  gentlewoman  33  n.  2d 
^ttmorc  Jonathan,  tanner  William  st. 
^ttmore,  widow  of  Thomas  1 63;  south  3d 
Hubert  John  P.  pastry  cook  184  south  3d 
^uffort  Frcdk.  shoemaker  cor.  Bishop  Sc  Queen 
Augustine  Charles,  shipamith  Queen  near  Frank- 
ford  road 
^uge  Henry,  stocking  weaver  Frankford  above 

^ull  Mary,  storekeeper  263  south  2d 
^uriol.'^.  professor  of  dancing  64  S.4th  8c  ITlPine 
Rustic  Margaret,  boarding  house  38  south  Front 
./Austin  Janjes,  ropemaker  Crown  near  Prince 
./Austin  Joanna,  widow  48  Vine 
Austin  John  B.  printer  102  north  2d 
Austin  Mrs.  widow,  4  n\  2d 
.Austin  John,  wheelwright  413  south  2d 
Austin  Richard  M.  grocer  98  n.  4th  Sc  cor.  Vine 
Austin  John,  m.  d.  N.  E.  corner  6th  and  Arch 



Austin  Samuel,  storekeeper  95  New 

v^ustin  Thos.  A.  grocer  98  n.  4th  &  cor.  Vine 

^very  Charles,  druggist  258  s.  2d  &  100  Gaskill 

.^vis  George,  shoemaker  9  York  court 

Avis  John,  shoemaker  7  York  court 

^vis  William,  labourer  China  st. 

^-^wl  James,  gone  to  Harrisburgh 

Axford  Samuel  J.  merchant  taylor  n.  w.  corner  of 

Chesnut  &  7th  dwelling  Hunter's  court 
.^^yars  ^bijah,  jun.  cordwainer  back  310  n.  2d 
^yars  Hamilton,  labourer  128  n.  11th 
^yars  Lewis,  innkeeper  397  n.  2d 
AydiVS  Nehemiah,  sawsetter  9 1  Swanson 
-^yars  Noah,  labourer  49  Budd 
.^yars  Shepherd,  cabinet  maker  Sheaff's  alley 
^yars  William,  grocer  127  Swanson 
v^yars  ^ijah,  mastmaker  Beach  near  High  bridge 
t  ^yers  Daniel,  waiter  Blackberry  alley 
^yers  John  H.  wharf  builder  100  Budd 
v^yre  Joseph,  labourer  490  n.  2d.     [See  Eyre, 
Ayrcs  Jonathan  D.  teacher  corner  Callowhill  and 

t  ^yres  Rachel,  boarding  house  Little  Dock 
t  Ayres  York,  carpenter  Blackberry  alley 
Apple  John,  shoemaker  62  Sassafras 
Azan  Joseph,  grocer  and  cordial  distiMer  corner  pf 

Eighth  and  Mulberry 
Azan  Rachael,  silk  dyer  and   plumist  corner  of 

8th  and  Mulbery 

Babb  Jacob,  stonemason  Cedar  near  9th 

Babb  Ricliard,  oak  cooper  9  Crown 

Babcock,  widow  of  John,  239  north  Water 

Babe  Rachel,  173  south  Front 

Bach  E.  L.  gentleman  135  north  2d 

Bach  Frederick  A.  carpenter  131  Green 

Bach  John,plaisterofparis  grinder  267  north  2d 

Bache  Lewis,  farmer  239  Mulberry 

Bache  Margaret,  widow,  131  Green 

Bache  Richard,   jun.  attorney  ^t  law  and  clerk  of 

the  court  of  quarter  sessions  10  Prune.   \_Sec 

Bcachy  liafich. 
Bache  William,  port  surveyor  190  Pine 


Backmann  F.  lace  and  fringe  weaver  265  Sassafras 
Backmann  8c  Korn,  lace  and  fringe   weavers  265 

Bacon  David,  carpenter  192  Vine 
Bacon  Griffitli,  shallopman  Rose  alley  near  Green 
Bacon  Job,  merciianl  20  soufli  7th 
Bacon  John,  lumber  merchant  Oak  (n.  l.) 
Bacon  Soseph,  late  ironmonger  190  north  Front 
Bacon  Samuel,  sexton  24  Ann  (n.  l.) 
Bacon  Samuel  &  Co.  ironmongers  188  n.  Front 
Bader  Juliana,  cmbroideress  159  Mulberry 
Badger  Samuel,  attorney  at  law  32  south  6th 
Badlun  Joseph,  soapboiler  28  Stamper*s  alley 
Bagley  Thomas,  cordwainer  287  south  Fifth 
Bagnell  Benjamin,  mariner  198  Cedar 
Bailey  And.  mariner  14  Christian.     [^See  Bayly. 
Bailey  Chester,  agent  for  U.  S.  mail  stage  30  s.  3d 
Bailey  Fanny,  widow  Steinmetz'  court  (n.  l.) 
Bailey  Francis,  typefounder  56  north  Fourth 
Bailey  John,  carpenter  41  Cable  lane 
Bailey  John,  labourer  Spruce  near  Schuylk.  Front 
Bailey  Joseph,  labourer  Steinmetz  court  (n.  l.) 
Bailey,  widow  of  Robert,  printer  10  North  alley 
Bain  Mrs.  widow,  nurse  269  south  5th 
Bainbridge  Henry,  shoemaker  58  Catharine. 

\_Sce  Ben. 
Baird  Jas.  grocer  12  south  Wharves  8c  26  Barron 
Baird  widow  of  Capt.  Wm.  275  s.2d.  [_See  Beard. 
Baird  William,  stonecutter  Cherry  near  Juniper 
Baisley  Abm.  labourer  Queen  near  Bisliop 
Bakeoven  John,  fisherman  Queen  near  Bishop 
Bakeoven  William,  shipjoiner  Palmer  near  Queen 
Baker  Adam,  cabinetmaker  57  Tammany. 

[jSee  Barker  ks^  Bokcr, 
Baker  A.  labourer  Germantown  road  below  2d 
Baker  Bassett,  tavern  keeper  10  Laetitia  court 
Baker  B.  F.  merchant  238  High 
Baker  Christian,  baker  Buttonwood  near  6th 
Baker  Conrad,  jun.  fisherman  Queen  near  Bishop 
Baker  Conrad,  fisherman  Queen  near  Bishop 
Baker  Frederick,  mariner  142  St.  John 
Baker  Margaret,  widow  North  Alley 


Baker  George  A.  conveyancer  23  Cherry  cor.  4th 

Baker  George  A.  jun.  attorney  at  law  173  n.  i^ront 

Baker  Hannah,  storekeeper  72  north  4th 

Baker  Hannah,  shopkeeper  62  Mulberry 

Baker  Hannah,  widow  York  st. 

Baker  Henry,  jun.  queens  ware  store  272  n.Front 

Baker  Henry,  pamter  Sec.  20  n.  4th  &  398  n.  3d 

Baker  Jacob,  ropemaker  8th  above  Buttonwood 

Baker  Jacob,  victualler  47  Budd 

Baker  Jacob,  hog  victualler  220  St.  John 

Baker  Jacob,  alderman  42  n.  8th  office  62  s.  4th 

Baker  Jane,  china  store  102  south  2d 

Baker  JohnH.  broker,  and  agent  intelligence  office 

for  houses,  servants,  &c.  54  south  i^ourth 
Baker  John  H.  C.  taylor  Acorn  alley 
Baker  John,  victualler  Rachael  st. 
Baker  John,  mariner  246  north  Water 
Baker  John,  flour  and  feed  store  433  north  2d 
Baker  John  L.  exch.  broker  Sc  com.  mer.  6  Lodge 
Baker  John,  alderman  154  n.  2d 
Baker  John  R.  merchant  61  Sassafras 
Baker  John,  labourer  Locust  near  Schuylkill 
t  Baker  John,  white  washer  1 1th  near  Lombard 
Baker  Joseph,  hostler  West  near  Palmer 
Baker,  widow  of  John,  Brown  st.  (K.) 
Baker  Joshua,  instrumentmaker  130  Vine 
Baker  Lewis,  harness.  Sec.  maker  327  north  2d 
Baker  Mary,  widow  Oak  (n.  l.)  near  Browne  - 
Baker  Mary,  victualler  old  York  above  Tammany 
Baker  Mary,  gentlewoman  332  north  2d 
Baker  Michael,  hardware  store  59  High 
Baker  Michael,  lumbermer.  74  Browne  &  cor.  2d 
Baker  Michael,  jun.  coppersmith  223  north  2d     * 
Baker  Mrs-  widow,  back  104  north  2d 
Baker  Mrs.  of  Joseph,  15  Ctab 
Baker  Peter,  fisherman  Queen^near  Bishop 
Baker  Peter,  baker  120  German 
Bnkcr  Richard,  late  farmer  Fitzwater  near  7th 
Baker  Rudy,  widow,  Cherry  near  Prince 
B'akcr  Sarah,  nurse  23  north  4th 
Baker  Samuel,  shopkeeper  126  north /'ourth 
Baker  Samuel,  gardener  Greenwich 


Baker  Samuel,  carpenter  72  north  /^ourth 
Baker  Samuel,  carpenter  7th  near  /^itzvvalter 
Baker  Susan,  seamstress  149  Locust 
Baker  Susan,  widow  of  John,  126  Browne 
Baker  Sc  Wayne,  hardware  merchants  59  Higb 
Baker  William,  manner  back  12  Christian 
Baker  William,  carter  cor.  Apple  and  George 
Baker  William,  merchant  54  south  Front 
Baker  Wm.  J.  merchant  69  Vine  and  65  8.  Water 
Balan,  widow,  confectioner  241  south  2d 
Balch  David,  merchant  25  south  Wharves 
Bald  David,  labourer  Buttonwood  near  6th 
Baldt  Frederick,  labourer  Hanover  near  Prince 
Baldt  John,  victualler  6  Charlotte 
Baldt  Henry,  jun.  hogvictualler  Hanover 
Baldt  Henry,  hogvictualler  Hanover  cor.  Prince 
Baldt  William,  vict.  Hanover  near  Prince 
Baldwin  Francis,  baker  45  Cedar 
Baldwin,  widow  of  Joslah,  17  VVilling's  alley 
Baldwin  John,  jun.  labourer  W^ood  near  Duke 
Baldwin  John,  shoemaker  Duke  near  Vienna 
Baldwin  Lewis,  teacher  66  Union 
Baldwin  Margaret,  shopkeeper  88  north  8th 
Balitho  Benjamin,  brickmaker  Hamilton  village 
t  Ball  Ann,  washerwoman  corner  Pine  Sc  10th 
B;!l  Elizabeth  widow.  111  north  5th 
Ball  Joseph,  president  of  the  Union  Insurance  co. 
240  Sassafras  S.  E.  cor.  7th.  (see  BcH 

Ball  Mrs.  widow,  271  Sassafras 
Ball  Richard  G.  carpenter  24  Oak  (S.)  <> 

B;/il  Stephen,  mariner  74  Penn 
B  ;I1  widow,  teacht  r  4th  above  Browne 
Ball  Wm.  farmer  Hunter's  court 
t  B  Hard  George,  cooper  7th  below  Shippen 
t  Ballard  James,  labourer  Pine  near  10th 
t  Ballard  L.  coachman  cor.  Locust  and  11th 
t  Ballard  Samuel,  labourer  230  Shippen 
Ballenger  Jacob,  carpenter  70  n.  9th 
BRilenger  Mrs.  nurse  74  New 
Ballenger  widow  of  Samuel,  13  Hurst 
Ballentine  James,  grocer  cor.  Front  and  Coats 
Ballentinc  Samuel,  accomptant  Buttonwood  u.  5th 
Ballinger  A.  sjioemaker  15  Plumb 
Baiiinger  Daniel>  carpetweaver  477  n.  2d 



Balls  William,  mariner  Swedes'  alley- 
Balm  Ann  widow,  374  n.  2d 
Bamford  Joseph,  machinemaker  back  5  Filbert 
Bancker  Chas.  N.  merchant  31  n.  Front  dwelling 

285  Chesniit 
Banger  Mrs.  of  Thomas,  28  Pewterplatter  alley 
Banger  Timothy,  accomptant  12th  near  Arch 
Bangs  Elijah  K.  sea  captain  41  Noble 
t  Banks  ,  carter  St.  Mary  near  7th 

Banks  George,  blacksmith  Sch.  2d  near  Walnut 
Bannan  John,  carpenter  SheafTs  alley 
Banning  John,  cooper  Frankford  road  near  Queen 
Bannister  William,  hostler  Prospect  alley 
Bantleon  Henry,  victualler  287  n.  8th 
Bantleon  Frederick,  Brewers' alley  near  4th 
t  Bantom  Henry,  oysterman  3  Middle  alley 
Baptist  John,  taylor  162  south  Front 
t  Baptish  John,  barber  433  south  2d 
Barault  Doctor  Francis,  2  n.  Fifth 
Barber  John,  blacksmith  Federal  above  2d 
Barber  Mrs.  of  Charles,  Schriver*s  court 
Barber  Rebecca,  widow  Pine  below  2d 
^t  Barber  Thomas,  sweep  master  Hazel  Alley 
Barbier  Maria,  millmer  8 1  north  2d 
Barbier  Stephen  P,  jeweller  81  north  2d 
Barbin  Amos,  taylor  Poplar  below  3d 
Barclay  Andrew  C.  merchant  232  north  3d  k  93f 

Callowhill  •■         ' 

Barclay  George,  merchant  168  south  2d 
Barclay  &  Harper,  merchants  232  north  3d 
Barclay  widow  of  Jas.  merchant  cor.  Cal.  &  3d 
Barclay  James,  labourer  Sch.  5th  below  High 
Barclay  John,  merchant  227  north  3d 
Barclay  John,  jun.  &  Co.  merchants  228  north  34 
Barclay  John,  gentleman  37  Almond 
Barclay  Joseph,  l^iariner  back  360  south  2d 
Barclay  8c  Medary,  lumbermerchants  above   447 

N.  Front 
Barclay  Samuel,  hatter  323  south  2d 
Barclay  Samuel,  jun.  sea  captain  37  Almond 
Bard  Mrs.  widow,  tayloress  144  Spruce 
Bardier  Samuel,  coachtrimmer  168.  n.  8th 
Bardin  John,  bottler  17  Walnut 
Barger  Abel,  painter,  &c.  9  Dock 


Barger  Jacob,  cedarcooper  483  n.  2c1 
Barger  John,  cedarcooper  4th  aoove  Coats* 
Barger  William,  rigger  61  Budd 
Bargh  William,  baker  225  Walnut 
Barker  Jacob  D.  carter  Christian.     \^See  Baker 
Barker  James,  of  the  U,  army  corner  9th  Sc  Race 
Barker  John,  mayor  of  the    city  of  Philadelphia 
dwelling  s.  w.   corner  of  Sassafras   and  9th 
office  City  Hail  s.  w.  cor.  of  Chesnut  &  5th 
Barker  John,  jun.  city  commissioner  1C6  north  9th 
Barker  Mary,  tayloress  back  382  south  2d 
Barker  Rebecca,  nurse  66  Catharine 
Barkes  Stephen,  watchman  Sch.  7th  near  Cherry 
Barkinbile  Matthias,  mariner  Lombard  n.  Sch.  8th 
Barlow  Philip,  boarding  house  142  n.  Water 
Barlow  George,  mariner  284  south  Front 
Barnard  Johw,  carpenter  360  s.  2d   fsee  'Bernard 
Barns  B.  pewter  and  tinplate  worker  cor.  13th  & 

Barns  Elizabeth,  65  Sassafras 
Barndollar  Frederick,  cooper  395  n.  2d 
Barnes  Ann,  seamstress  229  s.  5th 
Barnes  Hester,  washerwoman  Elmslie's  alley 
Barnes  Isaac,  taylor  113  CaJlowhill  cor.  Kunckel 
Barnes  James,  sea  captain  8  Parham's  alley 
Barnes  James,  labourer  Callowhill  st.  wharf 
Barnes  James,  m.  d.  275  n   2d 
Barnes  John  H.  merchant  99  Walnut 
Barnes  John,  widow  of,  pilot  448  south  Front 
Barnes  Joseph,  attorney  at  law  and  prothonotary  of 
the  supreme  court  for  the  eastern  district  191 
Barnes  Joseph,  ladies*  shoemaker  145  south. 2d 
Barnes  Luther,  coach  smith  8c  step  maker  Green's 

Barnes  L.  widow,  back  36  Ann  (n.  l.) 
Barnes  Samuel,  currier  13  n.  4th 
Barnes  Thomas,  esq.  currier  257  n.  2d   .. 
Barnes  Thomas  8c  Samuel,  curriers  57  Chesnut 
Barnes  William,  jun.  painter,  &c.  157  south  2d 
Barnes  William,  back  145  south  2d 
Barney  J.  victualler  106  s.  lOih  and  65  Old  Sham- 


Barnhill  Robert,  storekeeper  63  north  2d 

Barnhill  Sarah,  shopkeeper  1 3  north  3d 

Barnholt  Frederick,  victualler  237  St:  John's 

Barnholt  George,  victualler  245  Gailowhill 

Barnhurst  Joseph,  diesinker  and  chaser  96  Si  8th 

Barnhurst  Thomas,  copperplate  maker  96  s.  8th 

Barnett  Susan  widow,  Britton's  alley 

Barnett  Thomas,  weaver  Christian  near  5th 

Barnett  James,  mate  328  south  Front 

Barnitt  John,  mariner  28  Union  alley 

Barnitt  Joseph,  141  Chesnut 

Barnitt  Samuel,  turner  near  41  Cherry  &  55  Wood 

Barnitt  Thomasj  turner  198  north  Front 

Barno  John,  victil^iler  Charles  St. 

Baron  Joseph,  shoemaker  73  N.  3d 

Baroux  James  M.  upholsterer  back  133  n.  od 

-Barr  James,  shoemaker  ^uttonwood  alley 

.Barr  James,  teamdriver  Filbert  near  10th 

-Barr  Joseph,  labourer  430  n.  3d 

^arr  Neal,  stonemason  Shippen  above  7th 

-Barralet  John  James,  designer  and  painter  Cal- 

lowhill  corner  12th 
^arras  Charles,  carpenter  268  St  John 
^arras  John,  carpenter  122  Callowhill 
-Barras  widow  of  William,  Sansom's  alley 
-Barras  widow  of  M.  Shippen  near  7th 
Barrett  Ann,  boarding  house  266  south  5th 
"Barrett  Robert,  bricklayer  170  n.  8th         ,  ;;: 
J5arrett  Tobias,  accomptant  19  Hurst 
^Barrier  Peter,  baker  10  Elfrith's  alley 
Harrington  Charles,  grocer  fruiterer  and  bottler 

216  High 
jBarrington  Henry,  manufacturer  of  coffee'  Sc  cho- 
colate 206  south  4th  cor.  Gaskill 
-Barrington  R.  grocer  corner  Front  and  Almond 
.Barron  John,  carpenter  corner  5th  and  -Bution- 

wood.     ['SVe  Baron. 
Barron  Mary,  widow  of  Philip,  55  Noble 
BiuYow  Mary  widow  161  Pine  "• 

iBarry  Charles,  marhio'  131  n.  Front 
Harry  Edward,  universal  turner  George  near  \Oi\s 


Barry  Francis,  teacher  back  369  s.  Front  and  324 

s.  2cl 
-Barry  Joseph  B.  proprietoi'  of  City  Hotel  187   Sc 
189  south  2d  cor.  Union  [See  Berry 

Bd^vvy  Jos.  B.  &  Son,  cabinet  makers  and  uphol- 
sterers 134  south  2d 
^arry  Joseph',  jun.  cabinetmaker  134  south  2d 
iSarry  Mrs.  widow  of  commodore  214  Chesnut 
-flarry  Patrick,  grocer  186  Water  8c  191  n.  Front 
t  i?arry  Richard,  labourer  25  Hurst 
-Sarry  Samuel,  planemaker  24  Ann  (N.  L.) 
-Sarry  William,  tobacconist  285  south  4th 
^art  Sarah  widow,  44  Passyunk 
jBartel  Elizabeth  widow,  20  Pewterplatter  alley 
■■•J5artel  John,  ropemaker  Marlborough  near  West 
-Sartel  John  H.  painter  4th  near  George 
Bartholomew  Catharine  widow  210  n.  8th 
Bartholomew  Charles,  tobacconist  88  n.  3d 
-fiai'tholomew  John,  hatter  86  Browne 
jBartholomew  Mary,  gentlewoman  63  south  7th 
Bartholomew  Thomas,  tobacconist  15  n.  3d 
Bartholomew  Sarah  widow  154  south  8th 
Bartleson  Peter,  Old  York  above  Noble 
Bartleson  widow,  2  Appletree  alley 
Bartlctt  Francis,  ladies  shoemaker  Rachel  st. 
Bartlett  Richard,  oysterman  39  Prime 
Bartlett  Thomas,  shipwright  8  Mary  (S.) 
Bartling  C.  head  inspectoV  of  lumber  255  n.  Front 
Bartling  Conrad,  carpenter  near  126  Cherry 
Bartling  Charles,  sea  captain  2  Newmarket  st. 
Bartling  David,  carpenter  50  n.  7th 
Bartling  David,  jun.  carpenter  1 14  n.  8th 
Bartlitt  John,  merchant  9  south  Water  Sc  88  Union 
Barto  Hannah,  shopkeeper  70  Christian 
Bartoles  Mary,  shopkeeper  226  Lombard 
Barton  Benjamin  Smitli,  m.d.  professor  of  materia 
medica  botany.  Sec.  241  Chesnut.     [_Sce  Bar- 
ten^  Burton^  and  BertroUy  'Qataji. 
Barton  David,  farmer  and  grazier  banks  of  Sch- 
Burton  Elizabeth,  nurse  531  south  Front 
Barton  Thomas  I.  taylor  Leech's  court 
Barton  William,  jun.  m.  d.  69  south  5th 
Bartow  Sarah  widow  128  n.  3d  ^ 


Bartram  Ann  widow,  198  south  4th 
Bartram  George,  gentleman  68  south  2d 
Bartram  George  W.  druggist,  8cc.  58  north  2d 
Bartram  Isaac,  druggist,  8cc.  39  n.  3d 
Bartram  Mary,  gentlewoman  39  n.  3d 
Barvis  Mary  widow,  384  n.  Front 
Bashful  widow  of  Fred.  12  Pewterplatter  alley 
Bass  Wm.  A.  accomptant  161  Cedar.  [_See  hessc. 
Bassett  David,  storekeeper  54  n-  2d 
Bassett  I.  taylor  26  Lombard 
Bassett  Hannah,  milliner  194  south  2d 
Bassfitt  Samuel,  inn  and  ferry  keeper  Swansori  be- 
low Queen 
Bast  John,  labourer  Traquair's  court 
Bastian  A.  widow,  103  Queen  (S.)     [^See  Bostian. 
Bastian  Adam,  biscuit  baker  220  Cedar 
Bastian  George,  jun.  tallowchandler    148    8c    152 

Mulberry  and  194  Sassafras 
Bastian  Joseph,  gardener  Chesnut  near  Sch.  3d 
Batan  Zara,  shoemaker  105  Plum 
Batchelder  Margaret,  teacher  71  Queen  (S.) 
Batchelor  Caspar,  carter  Taper  alley 
Batchelor  Peter,  carter  back  39 1  n.  2d 
Batchelor  W.  R.  gunmaker  Miller's  court  (N.  L.} 
Bates  B.  late  lumber  merchant  225  Callowhill 
Bates  Hester  widow,  Emlin's  court 
Batis  Mrs.  gentlewoman  42  n.  6th 
Bates  John,  labourer  225  Callowhill 
Bateson  James,  grocer  Ridge  above  Francis 
Batho  John,  potter  502  n.  Front 
Batt  William,  labourer  166  n.  5tli 
BattcU  F.310  High 

Baton  Edward,  late  shoemaker  Race  n.  Sch.  7th 
Baton  Joseph,  teacher  Germantown  road  near  2d 
t  Battis  John,  hairdresser  214  south  Water 
t  Batis  Joseph,  hairdresser  214  Cedar 
Batts  John,  mariner  441  south  2d.  [^See  Heiis 

Bauduy  Madame  widow,  169  south,  5th 
Baughman  Catharine  widow  155  south  9th 
Baugier  Anthony,  merchant  24  soutli  2d 
Baumgard  Jacob,  baker  455  n.  2d  cor.  Browiie 


Bavis  Aaron,  taylor  44  Arch 
Baxter  Isaac  B.  accomptant  252  south  2d 
Baxter  John,  labourer  567  south  Front 
Baxter  John  G.  machinest  96  n.  1 1th 
Baxter  Matthew,  grocer  cor.  9th  and  Race 
Baxter  William,  saihnaker  373  south  Front 
Bayard  And.  merchant  131  Walnut.     \^See  Biarc^ 
Bayard  Rebecca,  shopkeeper  188  Sassafras 
Bayard  George,  tin  plate  worker  188  Sassafras 
t  Bayard  Moses,  coachdriver  12th  near  Race 
Bayley  Jane  widow  boarding  house  211  Lombard 
Bayley  J.  L.  coachmaker  246  s.  3d.  [^Sce  Baiiey 
Bayne  Nathaniel,  turner  &  feed  store  85  n.  Front 

\^See  Bean 
Bayne  Robert,  coachmaker  corner  8th  &  Arch 
Bayntons  Miss,  71  south  llth 
Barely  Charles  W.  teacher  13  s.  5th    [See  Beasty 
Bazier  John,  accomptant,  8cc.  Cedar  near  12th 
Bazier  Michael,  cook  7  Charlotte. 

{see  Bussier  &  Brazier 
Bazoon  John,  stocking  weaver  Buttonw.  near  5th 
Bazoon  widow,  washerwoman  Buttonw.  near  5th 
Beach  William  M.  late  druggist  32  Kunckle 
Beaird  David,  carter  322  south  6th 
Beale  George,  brushmaker  207  south  7th 
Beale  Penal,  cabinetmaker  128  Chesnut 
Beale  Joseph,  cabinetmaker  75  Dock 
Beam  C.  C.  soapboiler  back  31  Cedar 
Beam  Ezekiel,  woodsawyer  71  Pine 
Bearbower  John,  carpenter  Oak  (N.  L.) 
Beard  James,  386  south  Front 
Beard  James,  labourer  George  ab.l  Ith  [jsee  Biard 
Beard  John,  carter  Clymer's  alley 
Beard  Joseph,  sugarboiler  4th  above  Tammany 
Beard  Nicholas,  victualler  36  Charlotte 
Beard  Nicholas,  victualler  45  Charlotte 
Bcasly  John,  oystcrman  149  Green 
Beasly  Stephen,  late  shipb.  near  260  Swanson 
Beasly  William,  segarmakcr  149  Green 
Beates  Frederick,  scrivener  94  north  3d 
Beatnian  John,  suilmaker  Cedar  st.  wharf  and  41 


Beatty  Peter,  mariner  10  Margaretta 
Beatty  Mrs.  of  Robert,  back  120  n.  11th 
Beatty  Samuel,  ladies*  shoemaker  87  Cedar 
Beatty  widow  of  Samuel  Mark's  lane 
Beatty  William,  labourer  13th  n.  Vine 
Beaumont  Thomas,  manager  of  old  theatre  205 

south  4th 
Beauveau  Mrs.  boarding  house  1 12  Walnut 
Beauvernet  widow,  191  south  2d 
Beaver  Samuel,  cabinetmaker  155  n.  Front 
Becher  Samuel,  cordwainer  350  n.  3d 
Bechtel  George,  shoemaker  Sansom's  alley 
Bechtel  Jacob,  boot  and  shoemaker  7  south  Front 
Bechtel  John  Sc  Co.  shoe  warehouse  50  High 
Beck  Abel,  shoemaker  57  Budd 
Beck  Asa,  dravman  57  Budd 
Beck  Daniel,  tavernkeeper  and  turner  6th  near  the 

German  town  road 
t  Beck  Ebenezer,  labourer  14  Elizabeth 
Beck  George,  clerk  of  High  st.  market  2 1 6  Lom- 
Beck  Henry,  accomptant  6  York  court 
Beck  Henry  A.  druggist,  &:c.248  n.  Front 
Beck  Henry,  merchant  30  Sassafras 
t  Beck  Ignatious,  blackball  maker  1 4  St.  Mary 
Beck  Israel,  carpenter  Peters's  alley 
Beck  Isaiah,  carpenter  Poplar  below  Budd 
Beck  Jacob,  accomptant  2 1  Tammany 
Beck  Jacob,  tobacconist  37  Spruce 
Beck  John,  late  grocer  Germantown  road  above 

1st  gate 
Beck  John,  combmaker  31 1  n.  8th 
Beck  Joseph,  cai'penter  Poplar  below  Budd 
Beck  8c  Lammot,  merchants  1 1  south  Water 
Beck  Martin,  carpenter  Old  York  above  Coats  & 

'    Lily  alley 
Beck  Paul,  merchant   1 1   south  Water   dwelling 

315  High 
Beck  Peter,  late  storekeeper  6th  near  Hickory  L. 
Beck  Peter,  shoemaker  2  Oak  (S.) 
Beck  Peter,  jun.  mariner  2  Oak  (S.) 


^akcr  Margaret  widow,  20  North  alley 
J?aldwin  Margaret,  shopkeeper  88  n.7th 
J5aner         »,  cabinetmaker  4  South  alley 
i5auch  Mrs.  of  Frederick,  141  n.  6th 
Beckel  George,  accomptant  1  Julianna 
Beckel  Godfrey,  accomptant  47  Mulberry 
Beckenbach  Jacob,  shoemaker  85  Green 
Beckford  John,  mariner  174  south  Water 
Beckhorn  Garret,  tavern  keeper  62  Shippen 
Beckley  Daniel,  carpenter  62  N.  8th  [^see  Bickley 
t  Beckley  John,  labourer  Bonsall 
Beckley  Maria  widow,  29 1  Chesnut 
Beckman  John,  lace  and  fringe  maker  265  Race 
Beckman  Sc  Korn,  lace   and  fringe  weavers  265 

beckman  S.  feather  vender  15  Wagner's  alley 
Bedell  John,  shoemaker  16  Browne 
Bedford  John,  cordwainer  warehouse  296  High 
Bedford  J.  accomptant  Crown  above  Callowhill 
Bedford  T.  painter,  Sec.  Kunckel  above  Tammany 
t  Bedford  William,  carter  Lombard  near  1  Ith 
jB.edlock  Wm.  J.  writing  academy  130  Chesnut 
Bedwell  Thos.  apothecary  and  druggist  173  n.  3d 
Beebe  Catharine  widow  270  south  3d 
Beelcr  Godfrey,  sugarbaker  James  st. 
Beere  James,  sailmaker  77  Queen 
Beers  John,  brewer  101  Vine 
Beere  Robert,  carter  cor.  Lombard  and  12ih 
Beerman  Henry,  labourer  cor.  Chesnut  Sc  Sch.  4th 
Beetle  Jairies,  piaisterer  Hoffman's  alley 

(see  Settle 
Beidehtian  Abraham,  innkeeper  326  n.  2d 
Beidelman  Jacob,  labourer  Callowhill 
Beideman  widow  of  D.  carpenter  Warreri 
Beideman  Daniel,  fisherman  Warren 
Beideman  John,  shoemaker  Queen  near  Bishop 
Beideman  Jacob,  fisherman  Queen  above  Bishop 
Beideman  Jacob,  jun.  fisherman  Queen  near 

Beitenman  Jacob,  storekeeper  232  n.  2d 
Beitenman,  Reed  8c  Co.  storekeepers  232  n  3d 
Belger  James,  cor.  3d  and  Plum 



Belin  Augustus,  merchant  237  Spruce  8c        s.  2d 
Bell  Catharine,  washerwoman  Marks  lane 

(see  Ball 
Bell  David,  carter  2d  below  Federal 
Bell  Sc  Eddy,  stock  and  exchange  brokers  55  Dock 
Bell  Eliza,  seamstress  60  Shippen 
Bell  Elizabeth  widow,  J  1th  above  Arch 
Bell  Henry,  lumber  merchant  1 6  Sansom,  yard 

cor.  12th  and  Walnut 
Bell  James  R.  grocer  265  south  3d 
Bell  Jeremiah,  taylor  10  High 
Bell  John,  grocer  230  Cedar 
Bell  John,  shallopman  238  n.  Front 
Bell  John,  drayman  20  Sassafras  alley 
Bell  John,  labourer  130  Sassafras 
i5ell  John,  drayman  22  Sassafras  alley 
Bell  Jos.  merchant  2  Sim's  alley  &  169  Chesnut 
Bell  Mary,  spinster  Dock  near  2d 
Bell  Mary,  seamstress  18  Pear 
Bell  Michael,  dressing  case,  &c.  maker  28  s.  3d 
Bell  Peter,  sea  captain  17  Shippen 
Bell  Robert,  printer  94  Spruce 
Bell  Samuel,  grocer  and  drover  39  Small 
Bell  Thomas  P.  labourer  Upper  ferry  road 
Bell  Thomas,  carpenter  202  Lombard 
Bell  widow  of  Thomas,  182  south  2d 
Bell  William,  merchant  2 1  south  2d 
Bell  William  (GR)  grocer  224  n.  Front 
Bell  William  J.  broker  35  Dock 
Bell  Wm.  merchant  2  Sims*  alley  8c  1 69  ChesnUt 
Bell  William,  stonecutter  Mark's  lane 
Bellengee  Isaac,  mariner  60  Swanson   .. 
Bellengee  Reuben,  pilot  27  Carter's  alley 
Bellows  Darius,  seacaptain  133  h.  Fl-ont 
Belon  F.  gardener  Hudson's  lane  above  7th 
Belrose  John,  paperhangcr  3ii)6  south  6th 
Belsterling  Anthony,  cabinetmaker  441  n.  3d 
Belsterling  Jacob,  innkeeper  375  n.  3d 
Beltz  C.  labourer  Lombard  near  Schuylkill 
Beltzner  Catharine,  shopkeeper  72  Dock 
Belvillc  John,  carpenter  1 1 1  Cherry 
i?chvt;ll  John,  carpenter  134  Cherry 
Beubridge  Henry,  merchant  1 7th  s.  5th  [_sce  JBai7i 


Bender  Jacob,  labourer  Vine  near  Schuylkill  8th 
Bender  John,  storekeeper  442  n.  2d 
Bender  John,  shoemaker  o*n  N.  2d      \see  'Binder 
Bender  William,  carpenter  57  High 
Beneke  George,  cutler  13th  above  Filbert 
^eneger  Henry,  shoemaker  116  Cedar 
Benfer  John,  gardener  351  n.  Front 
Benfer  J.  C.  taylor35l  n.  Front 
jBenjamin  T.  tavernkeeper  264  Race 
Benner  Catharine,  huckster  469  n.  3d 
Benner  George,  carter  1 1  Budd 
Benner  George,  jun.  &  John,  bakers  300  n.  Front 
Benner  Henry,  bricklayer  469  n.  3d 
Benner  Jacob,  seacaptain  57  New 
Benner  John,  drayman  George  west  Sch.  8th 
Benner  Lewis,  innkeeper  242  n.  2d 
Benner  Matthias  brickmaker  Spruce  near  13th 
Benner  Mary  widow,  blue  ball  inn  Passyunk 
Benner  Peter,  brickmaker  Spruce  near  1 3th 
Benner  Peter,  oakcooper  365  n.  2d 
Benner  Sebastian,  cabinetmaker  near  25  s.  alley 
Bennet  Abel,  shoemaker  Queen  near  Frankford 
road  [_see  Barnitt 

Bennet  Anthony,  shoemaker  Noble  above  2d 
Bennet  Barbary,  washerwoman  22  St.  Mary 
JSennet  widow  of  Joseph,  Marlborough  neari5ed- 

.flennet  John,  marblecutter  397  High 
Rennet  Jacob,  painter,  8cc.  35  s.  Wharves  and  134 

Swan  son 
-Sennet  John,  copperplate  printer  1 1 1  Vine  and  3 
Sterling  alley 

JBennet ,  oakcooper  327  Mulberry 

jBennct  John,  shoemaker  back  378  south  2d 
Rennet  Lewis,  mariner  10  York  court 
jSennet  Mrs.  Louisa,  storekeeper  8  south  4th 
Bennet  Mrs.  of  John  B.  230  soufh  4th 
-ficnnet  Mrs.  widow,  38  Pine 
.flennct  widow  of  Peter,  biscuit  baker  Liberty  al- 
.Bennet  Peter,  shoemaker  Pine  near  10th 
Rennet  Reuben,  bleeder,  5cc.  51  Passyunk 


Bennet  Titus,  bookseller  31  High 

Bennet  &  Walton,  booksellers  &c.  31  High 

Benninghove  widow  of  J.  4  Church  alley 

Benninghove  and  Nassau,  tobacconists  *t7  High 

Bennis  widow  of  T.  teacher  back  121  Mulberry 

Benson  George,  mariner  cor.  Front  &  Callowhill 

Benson  Mrs.  boarding  house  153  Chesnut 

Benson  Richard,  merchant  201  &  401  High 

t  Benson  William,  ragman  Garden 

Bent  William,  machine  maker  123  south  Sixth 

Bentler  Elizabeth,  milliner  362  south  Second 

Bentley  David,  coppersniith  4th  near  Poplar  lane 

Bentley  John,  gardener  4th  near  Poplar  lane 

Bentzanhoaifer  George,  cooper  174  north  Eighth 

Beresford  Robert  H.  printer  back  134  S.  Fourth 

Bergasse  Cadet,  merchant  66  Spruce 

Berger  Frederick,  teacher  42  Plum   [See  Burger 

Berger  Samuel,  labourer  376  north  Third 

Bergmeyer  Daniel,  cordwainer  108  north  Seventh 

Bermond  Claudius,  m.  d.  10  Powell 

Bernadou  John  B.  merchant  160  south  Fourth  ajid 

Coates'  alley 
Bernanosse  C.  merchant  163  north  Third 
Bernard  John,  merchant  225  south  J^'ront 
Bernard  John,  hairdresser  138  N.  5th  [^See  Barnard 
Bernard  John,  carter  49  Plum 
Bemardt  John,  boarding  house  and  grocer  94  N. 

Water  and  97  north  Front 
Bernhardt  Lewis  F.  professor  of  music  22  Sansom 
Berniud  C.  china  merchant  18  N.  Third  and  29 

Carter's  alley 
Berrell  Catharine  296  Sassafras  ' 
Berrett  William,   ornamental  painter  9   Cherry 

(see  Barrett 
Berringer  Margaret  widow,  20  Mary  (S.) 
t  Berry  Cato,  labourer  1 1 8  Plum 
Berry  Elihu,  carpenter  196  south  Fifth 
t  Berry  James,  coachman  1 3 1  Pine 
Berry    John,    furrier    Callowhill    above    Tenth 

{see  Barry 
Berry  Joseph,  sea-captain  23  south  Front 
Berry  Peter  L.  carpenter  190  Spruce 


Berry  Samuel,  shoemaker  122  Brown 
Bci-ry  Samuel,  musician  Spruce  above  Eighth 
t  Berry  William,  coachman  130  Walnut 
Berryhill  John,  agent  for  the  Domestic  Society 

6  south  Third 
Berryman  Joseph,  bricklayer  back  455  N.  3d 
Bcrryman  Richard,  shipright  31  Mary  (S.) 
Berto  George,  upholsterer  and  proprietor  of  bath 

house  back  124  south  Second  [see  Barto 

Bertron  David,  m.  d.  328  N.  Second 
Besse  John  Baptist,  gentleman   37  Coates  alley 

[see  Bass 
Besse  M,  84  south  fifth 
Besselievre  Francis  P.  chancellor  of  the  French 

consulate  Fitzwalter  n.  Sixth 
Besson  widow  of  Anthony,  merchant  69  S.  2nd 
Best  John,  cordwainer  1 1  n.  Vine 
Bethausen  E«  m.  d.  49  Green 
Bethel  W^illiam,  merchant  132  8c  134  N.  Front 
Betson  William,  shoemaker  43  Passyunk 
Bettinger  Martin,  tanner  Germantown  road  n.  2d 
Bettle  Samuel,  mer.  14  S.  3rd  [see  Beetle  8c  Biddle 
Betf^  Ebenezer,  cut  nailer  15  8c  19  N.  Seventh 
Bevan  John,  painter  8cc.  253  S.  Front 
Bevan  Matthew  L.  mer.  99  S.  Front  8c  189  Spruce 
Bevens  Wm.  clock  8c  watch  maker  150  High,  and 

Greenlcaf*s  court 
Beverlin  James,  drayman  219  Callowhill 
Bewley  Isaac,  letter  carrier  3  Fetter  lane 
Bewley  J.  P.  accomp.  260  High  [see  Bpley  8c  Boulu 
Bewley  Rachel,  widow  103  N.  Ninth 
Bewley  Robert,  bricklayer  sch.  8th  n.  Vine 
Beylle  Joseph,  confectioner  63  south  Second 

Bibben shingle  dresser  Lyndall's  alley 

jBibi^haus  Henry,  teacher  back  14  Sterling  alley 
Bickerton  Abel,  shoemaker  28  Union  alley 
Bickerton  Elizabeth,  widow  Shackamaxon 
Bickerton  George,  shoemaker  43  Chesnut 
Bickhani  widow  of  Caleb,  117  Swanson 
Bickham  Hannah,  widow  3  Shriver's  court 
Bickham  T.  boat  builder 2{;4  S.  Front  8c  32  Swanson 
Bickly  Daniel,  lumber  merchant  30  CallowhiU 

c  2 


Bickley  Henry,  accomptant  35  Walnut 
Bickley  &  Taylor,  lumber  merchants  long  wharf 
upper  end  of  Oak  (N.  L.)  [see  Buckley  &  Beckletj 
Bickman  George,  baker  44  Race 
Bicknell  George  A.  domestic  warehouse  47  n.  3d 
Bicknell  Samuel,  marmer  Maiden 
Biddle  Charles,  jr.  merchants,, w.  cor.  Front  &  High 
Biddle  Charles,  gentleman  159  Chesnut 
Biddle  Clement;  notary  public  41  &  43  Walnut 
Biddle  Clement,  jr.  sugar  refiner  36  Filbert  n.  9th 
Biddle  Daniel,  rigger  185  N.  Front      [^see  Bettle 
Biddle  David,  drayman  210  Lombard   \see  Bedell 
Biddle  Hannah,  grocer  cor.  10th  and  George 
Biddle  John,  druggist,  &;c.  142  High 
Biddle  John  E.  taylor  145  south  Fifth 
Biddle  John,  skin  dresser  above  547  N.  3d 
Biddle  8c  Lea,  sugar  refiners  27  Church  alley 
Biddle  Lydia,  storekeeper  52  S.  4th 
J5iddle  Nicholas,  attorney  at  law  1 8 1  8cl  83  Chesnut 
Middle  Thomas,  stockbroker  81  S.  6th 
J5iddle  Thomas,  captain  in  U.  S.  army  159  Chesnut 
jBiddle  Thomas  8c  John  Wharton,  stock  and  com- 
mission brokers  26  Walnut 
J5iddle  Wm.  S.  attorney  at  law  143  Chesnut 
Biddle  Wilmore,  carpenter  3  York  court 
jBiddle  William,  carpenter  3  York  court 
iSiegel  Henry  W.  clock  Sc  watchmaker  190  N.  3d 
ifSiegler  widow  of  Philip,  corner  Filbert  and  1  3th 
^icrbower  John,  carpenter  43  Coates  alley 
i?igalow  Sarah,  grocer  192  N.  Water 
Bigelow  Thos.  attorney  at  law  122  S.  4th 
Niggard  James,  jr.  shoemaker  159  St.  John 
JSiggard  James,  oysterman  159  St.  John 
iSiggard  John,  weaver  3/5  N.  2d 
jBiggs  Thomas,  mathl.instrumentmaker  66  s.  Front 

{see  Boggs 
Biglean  John,  teacher  12  Passyunk 
J3igler  J.  sailmaker  18  Duke  (N.  L.)  {see  Beigler 
Bigley  8c  Sweeny,  grocers  20  Crab,  cor.  Shipper 
Biglow  Margaret,  widow  shopkeeper  13  Duke 
Bignell  Wm.  bricklayer  127  Locust 
Bilts  Benjamin,  cai'i>enter  Rose 
Biles  Nathaniel,  carpenter  cor.  Maiden  8^  Front 

BiL — cm 

Biles  Saml.  tavernkeeper  (l)lack  horse)  Frankford 

Biller  Joseph,  mariner  7  Duke  (N.  L.) 
t  Billini^s  Benjamin,  whitewasher  corner  Lombard 

and  8th 
Billings  Isaac,  carpenter  1 17  n.  10th  near  Race 
Billings  Thomas,  m.  d.  112  north  8th 
Billington  George,  accomptant  22  New  Market 
Billington  Thomas,  wooclsawyer  Carpenter  (S.) 
Billington  widow  of  Thomas,  163  south  5th 
BiUiss  Jacob,  carter  back  252  north  8th 
Billmeyer  Jacob,  flour  merchant  27  north  6th 
Billmeyer  John  Sc  Jacob,  flour  merchants  272  High 
Billon  Charles,  watchmaker  &  jeweller  81   south 

2d.  (see  Belofi 

Billow  John,  labourer  450  north  3d 
Bills  William,  shipwright  Federal  near  Front 
Billy  John,  46  Sassafras 

Bilsland  Ann,  widow  2  Franklin  Row  south  9th 
Binder  widow  of  Jacob,  Queen  near  Wood 
Binder  Wm.  hatter  286  north  Front.    [6Vc  Bender 
Bindley  John,  carpenter  above  447  north  Front 
Bines  Robert,  merchant  199  Spruce,    [see  Bimis 
Bingham  Robt.  trunkmaker  s.  w.  corner  Centre 

Binney  Horace,  counsellor  at  law  79  south  4th 
Binns  John,   editor  of  the  Democratic  Press  70 

Chesnut.  [See  Bines 

Binny  Archibald,  letter  founder  Cedar  near  9th 
Binny  &  Ronaldson,  leuer  founders  Cedar  between 

Ninth  and  Tenth 
Bion  &  Guieu,  corner  of  Pine  and  Fifth 
Bioren  John,   printer  and  bookseller  88  Chesnut 

["See  Byron 
bioren  benjamin,  sea  captain  154  Race 
Birch  8c  Small,  booksellers',  Sec  o7  south  2d. 

[see  Burch 
Birch  Thomas,   marine  and  landscape  painter  at 

the  Academy  of  Fine  Arts 
Birch  Tuomas,  gardener  cor*- Sassafras  §c  Sch.  2d 
Birch  Wm.  Y.  stationc: ,  Sec.  37  south  2d 
Birchall  Caleb,  hatter  46  High  (see  BurchaU 

Birchall  widow,  448  south  Front 


Bickley  D.  grocer  corner  Callowhill  and  Front 
Birckhead  Levin,  coachmaker  near  350  High  and 

Twelfth  near  Chesnut  (&ee  Burkhard 

Bird  &  Co.  hardware  merchants  170  High   s.  w. 
comer  of  Fifth  (see  Burd  and  Baird 

Bird  Charles,  hardware  merchant  cor.  High  8c  5tli 
Bird  &  Earp,  hardware  merchants  209  south  2d 
Bird,  Earp  &  Co.  hardware  merchants  252  s.  2d 
Bird  Frederick,  sea  captain  70  Penn 
Bird  capt.  George,  innkeeper  s.  w.  corner  3d  and 

Coats  • 

Bird  Isaac,  Windsor  and  fancy  chairmaker  s.  w. 

corner  of  Dock  and  Walnut 
Bird  John,  biscuit  baker  97  Budd 
Bird  Joseph,  grazier  402  south  2d 
t  Bird  Peter,  labourer  Wood  above  8th 
Birkey  Samuel,  ladies'  shoemaker  442  north  3d 
Birmbaum  John,  smith  78  New 
Birmingham  John,  accomptant  5  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Birney  Margaret,  mantuamaker  262  south  3d 
BirnieWm.- conveyancer  15  Walnut    " 
Bish  Albert,  grocer  262  and  403  High,  (see  Busch 
Bish  George,  oakcoopcr  Smith's  court  Sch. 
Bish  Mrs.  of  Jacob,  Smith's  court  Sch. 
BisliOp  Benjamin,  cabinetmaker  214  n.  Front 
Bishop  Garry,  teacher  330  south  2d 
Bishop  James,  hatter  106  north  Front 
Bishop  John    &  Co.  shotmanufacturers   49   south 

Wharves,  manufactory  John  st. 
Bishop  John,  plumber  and  shot  manufacturer  476 

south  Front 
Bishop  Robert  B.  surgeon's  instrumentmaker  17 

s.  7th  corner  of  Carpenter's  alley 
Bishop  8c  Sparks,  plumbers  49  south  Wharves 
Bishop  Seth,  carpenter  214  Lombard 
Bishop  Tiiomas,  dyer  88  n.  9th 
Bishop  William,  carpenter  Moyamensing  road  be- 
low Christian 
Bisliopbarger  Jacob,  labourer  89  Brown 
Bibpiiam  Joshua,  hatter  btick  81  N.  5th 
Bispiiam  Stacy  B.  merchant  1 12  Arch. 
Bissv.  John  B.  gentienian  37  Coates'  alley 
Blssell  Aiienby,  carpenter  520  south  Front 


BitelJohn,  grocer  157  N.  6th 

Bitting  Archibald,  brushmaker,  226  N.  3d 

Bitting  Mary,  widow  215  Callowhill 

Black  Andrew,  miller,  4th above  Brown.  CseeJMake 

Black  Augustus,  mealman  Germantown  road  near 

1st  gate 
Black  Furman,  boarding  house  7  Hartung's  alley- 
Black  Henry,  gardener  Sch.  8th  near  Pine 
Black  James,  goldsmith,  jeweller  and  hairworkcr 

123  Chesnut 
t  Black  Joh'n,  ragman  4th  above  Brown 
Black  John,  silversmith  120  south  Front 
Black  John  A.  printer  1  Cresson*s  alley 
Black  John,  grocer  corner  4th  and  Christian 
t  Black  Joseph,  labourer  6  St.  Mary 
Black  M.  shoemaker  Carpenter  (s.)  near  4th 
t  Black  Matthew,  brassfounder  3  St.  Mary 
^lack  Samuel,  tallowchandler  209  Cedar 
Blackburn  Thomas,  shoemaker  back  84  S.  3d. '' 
Blackburn  William  W.  flaxdresser    and  twine- 

makcr  20  N.  Water 
Blackford  Joseph,  bricklayer  4  little  J^ine 
Blackman  David,  grocer  Oak  above  Coats 
Blackman  Enoch,  seacaptain,  5  Callowhill 
Blackston    John,    currier  69  S.  3d  corner  Dock 

dwelling  5 1  Spruce  \^see  Blakiston 

Blackson  Thomas,  carpenter  569  S.  Front 
Blackwell  George,  ladies  shoemaker  33  Noble 
J51ackwell  Jacob,  wine  merchant  176  S.  2d 
Blackwell  Rev.  Kobert,  d.  d.  50  Pine 
Blackwood  Wm.   8c  Joseph,  merchants  18  S.  2d 
Blackwood  Mary,  widow  115  Christian 
BWm  Joseph  M.  accomptant  65  Gaskili 
Blain  Charles,  carpenter  98  Filbert 
Blai^;  Frances,  widow,  teacher  117  Brown 
Blair  Hugh,  weaver  Germantafhi  road  above  Budd 
Blair  John,  taylor  Juniper  lane 
Blair  Lewis  D.  accomptant  95  Budd 
2?lair  H.  228  Pine 

Biair  Richard,  weaver  1 3th  near  Cedar 
i51air  William,  cordwainer  s.  e.  corner  Chcsnuf 

and  3d 
Blake  Abraham,  carpenter  Poplar  below  2d 


t  Blake  Abm.  carter  Blackberry  alley      [^see  B/acA- 
Blake  George  E.  mu  sick  store  and  library  IS.  3d 
t  Blake  J.  sweepmaster  12th  near  Weaver's  alley 
Blake  Joseph,  carter  Rachael  st. 
Blake  Charles,  tanner  Rose  alley  (n.  l.) 
t  Blake  Joseph,  mariner  back  19  Budd 
Blake  Timothy,  hairdresser  &c.  188  S.  2d 
-^lake  William,  labourer  Shackamaxon 
Blakely  Michael,  mariner  back  135  N.  Water 
Blaker  Jason,  bricklayer,  312  Vine 
Blaker  John,  bricklayer  back  148  Sassafras 
Blakie  James,  cabinetmaker  1 1th  near  Spruce 
Blakiston  John,  seacaptain  76  S.   11th 

^see  BlackstQU 
Blakiston  Presley,  corner  Front  and  Lombard 
Blame  Joseph,  bottler  5  N.   5th  \_see  Blume 

Blanc  Victor,  coppersmith  260  N.  2d 
Blancan  P.  turner  on  metals  in  general  36  Walnut 
Blanchard  Mrs.  gentlewoman  81  Vine 
Blanchard  Samuel,  tavernkeeper  &c.  314  Race 
Blackenburg  Christiana,  shopkeeper  Lemon  st. 
Blanford  David,  blacksmith  back  130  N.  5th 
Blanford  George,  smith  back  130  N.  5th 
Blanford  John,  smith  41  Locust 
Blanford  John,  smith  156  Sassafras 
^layney  Arthur,  m.  d.  161  Race 
Blocker  Peter,  cooper  271  N.  2d 
Blee  James,  labourer  Spruce  near  Sch.  5th 
Blee  Samuel,  labourer  Spruce  near  Sch.  5th 
Blee  widow  of  Francis,   Walnut  near  Sch.  3d 
Blenney  John,  baker  57  Penn 
Blest  widow  of  Thomas,  hatter  Blackhorse  alley 
Bletterman  Peter,  baker  Smith's  alley 
Bleyler  Abraham,  smith  Frankford  road  n.  Queen 
Blcyler  John,  grocer  325  north  2d 
Bleyler  Thomas,  shoemaker,  Frankford  road  neai* 

Blight  Mary,  widow  3 1  Pewtterplatter  alley 
Bliss  Susannah,  layer  out  of  the  dead  47  Vine 
Blizard  George,  shallopman,  125  Swanson 
Blocquerst  Andrew  J.   printer  150  S.  6th 
Blood  John,  shopkeeper  76  S.  Water 


Blood  widow  of  Thomas,  90  N.  Water 
I  iSIoom  Charles,  baker  162  S.  Front 
Bloom  widow,  Wood  above  8th 
Bloomfield  Mary,  widow  Marlborough  near  Beach 
Blower  E.  silkdyer,  92  N.  Third 
Blower  Robert,  silkdyer  245  S.  3d 
t  i5lue  Joshua,  coachdriver  Mary's  alley 
^lum  Henry,  weaver,  443  N.  3d 
jBIume  George,  shoemaker  16  Pewterplater  alley 

[_see  Blame 
jBlumner  Christian,  baker  18  Mulberry 
jBoake  Israel,  carter  494  S.  2d 
Boale   J.   victualler   cor.  Germantown  road   and 

Boara  Conrad,  brickmaker,  Locust  abov^  twelfth 
Boate  Horatio,  printer  93  north  Fifth 
Boate  Mrs.  widow,  1 1 1  north  Fifth 
Bob  John,  brickmaker  Cedar  n.  Gray's  ferry  road 
Bob  Peter,  brickmaker  cor.  Filbert  and  Twelfth 
Boccallin  John,  merchant  29  Filbert 
Bockius  Godfrey,  currier  237  n.  3d 
Bockius  George,  skindresser  &  parchment  manu- 
facturer Margaretta  n.  2d  [5pe  BitcArws. 
Bockius  John,  sea  captain  320  sout|i  Fi*^t,  ' 
Bockius  William,  carpenter  24  CyJ)re'^s^t^ii«iy  and 

Locust  below  8th 
Boddy  John,  bookbinder  154  n.  5th 

Bodctt 283  Sassafras 

Bodett  Anthony,  moroccodresscr  cor.  Queen  &  5tli 

Bodin  Louis,  artist  Catharine  above  5th 

Bodin  William,  ship  watchman  28  Little  Water 

Boehm  Daniel,  cor.  6th  and  Poplar  lane 

Bogen  John,  carpenter  Bedford  st.  (M.) 

Boggs  Francis,  carter  468  Sassafras       {See  ^iggs 

Boggs  James,  sea  captain  Front  below  Federal 

Boggs  Robert,  labourer  Cherry  above  11th 

t  Boggs  John,  labourer  Shippen  near  Seventh 

Boggs  S.  shipwright  Frankford  road  n.  Queen 

^oggs  William  &  Co.  merchants  22 1  High 

Bogia  Angelo,  founder  James  st. 

t  Bogie  Robert,  waiter  46  soutli  Eighth 

Bohlen  B.  8c  J.  merchants  67  and  69  south  Fourth 

Bohlcn  J.  merchant  118  Archk  67  S.  Fourth 


Boileau  Isaac,  teacher  Frankford  road  n.  Queen 
Boizerd  John  L.  mariner  head  of  Bradford's  alley 
Boker  Aaron^  merchant  12  south  Second 
Bolanger  Catharine,  widow  94  Catharine 
Boleman  Doctor  Erick,  Hamilton  village 
Boley  Frederick,  cooper  Brewer's  alley  n.  4th 

[See  IBeivley 
jBolin  John,  labourer  Coates'  court 
-Solitho benjamin,  brickmaker  and  grocer,  High 

n.  Sch.  6th  &  Hamilton  village 
J5olland  Martin,  carver  Vine  n  Sch. 
i5oller  Jacob,  sugar  refiner  2 1  New-market 
^olte  James,  mariner  Oak  (n.  l.)        [See  Boulte 
iJolter  J5enj.  taylor  Ann  st.  (Sch) 
bolter  Peter,  hatter  near  19  Schively's  alley 
Bolton  Rachel,  storekeeper  32  N.  2d 
JBolton  William,  silverplater  Bolton's  court 
jBomeis  John,  broker  and  interpreter  of  languages 

63  Dock 
jBond  Benj.  carter  449  north  Front 
JBond  widow  of  George,  180  Spruce 
Bond  Thomas,  cabinetmaker  Hoffman's  alley 
iJond  Jacob,  saddle  &  harnessmaker  80  n.  Second 
t^ond  ^^ob,,  labourer  12  St.  Mary 
BoAfV'i^^uaB.  gentleman  92  S.  8th 
•Bond  William,  carter  18  ^udd 
Bonefong  John,  oystercellar  261  High 
Bones  Samuel,  baker  100  north  9th 
Bonet  Paul,  segar  maker  14  Pine 
Bonneau  Francis,  gentleman  204  N.  6th 
Bonnell  widow  of  Charles,  oakcooper  1 8  Vine 

[see  Bennel 
Bonnell  Wm.  paper  merchant  32  Chcsnut 
Bonneuil  Peter,  winecooper  37  Pine 
Bonnin  George,  accomptant  217  Spruce 
Bonsall  Isaac  8c  John,  conveyancers  3  Carpenter's 

court,  nenr  the  custom-house 
i?onsall  Edw.  conveyancer  cor.  Spruce  and  Sixth 
Bonsall  John,  conveyancer  227  Spruce 
bonsall  Isaac,  conveyancer,  &c.  21  Sansom 
Bonsall  Samuel,  blacksmith  Bird's  alley 
Bonter  John,  shoemaker  294  S.  3d 
+3onus  Henry,  ragman  Mary's  alley 



Book  Jacob,  watchman  Witman's  alley 
jffook  John,  carpenter  1  Sassafras  alley 
^ook  John  H.  taylor  2^5  north  Second- 
Book  Wm.  carpenter  1  Sassafras  alley  ^ 
JBoon  A.  late  innkeeper  JBeach  near  Maiden 
fBoon  E.  widow,  washerwoman,  1 1  Hurst 
Boon  Garret,  shipcarpenter  440  S.  Front 
Boone  Jer.  merchant  90  S  wharves  8c  142  Pine 
Boone  Susannah,  mantua-maker  2  Appletree  alley 
Boone  Jcr.  merchant  90  S.  wharves  and  142  Pine 
Boorhecs  Henry,  tailor  Hi^h  n.  Sch.  6th 
Booth  John,  dealer  338  S.  Front 
Booth  Wm.  shoemaker  Rose  alley  n.  Coates 
Booth  Wm.  gunsmith  88  S.  2d  and  94  Crown 
Booth  Wm.  coachmaker  115  ^rown 
Boozer  Adam,  labourer  13th  above  Race 
Boraff  Henry,  victualler  Garden  near  Callowhill 
Boraff  Mrs.  victualler  Cherry  near  Thirteenth 
Borbidge  James,  carpenter  24  -Sranch 
Borden  Francis,  bricklayer  10  door  bel.  Chesnut' 
jBorden  Samuel,  cabinetmaker  N.  W.  cor  Arch  h 

6th  &  106  N.  6th 
Bordley  ISIatthias,  gentleman  Locust  above  9th 
Bordly  Sarah,  gentlewoman  7  Union 
iBordick  Geo.  silversmith  9  Wagner's  alley 
Borger  Peter,  grocer  cor.  1 1th  and  Locust 
Borhck  Jno.  confectioner  73  south  Third 
^orie  John  Joseph,  merchant  182  High 
Borie  and  Laborde,  merchants  182  High 
Bornman  John,  victualler  158  St.  John 
-iSorrman  Amos,  shipwright  78  Catharine 
Borton  Abraham,  taylor  41  Chesnut  (^ce  Barf 0:2. 
Borton  and  Cooper,  merchant  taylors  4 1  Chesnut 
Borton  Mary,  mantua-maker  109  \''inc 
^^osbyshell  Christian,  storekeeper  120  N.  2d 
Bosio  Sccondo,  tiivcrn  keeper  cfc.  Cedar  144 
Bosomon  John,  hairdresser  22  Old  York 
Boss  Barbara,  bruslifactory  9  north  Front 
Boss  Frederick,  grocer  35  north  5th 
tBoss  R.  labourer  Taper  alley 
Boss  Michael,  carter  17  Fitzwaltcr 
Bossier  Joseph,  Joint  alley 
Bost  Jacob,  labourer  Hudson's  lane,  above  Pas- 

Bo*>t  Michael,  ropcmaker  cor.  Passyunk  Sc  Queer* 


Bostian  Casper,  labourer  Christian  near  Fifth 

\^See  Bastian 
Boston  Henry,  victualler  ^39  south  Sixth 
Boswell  George,  tinplateworker  54  Brown 
^oswell  Samuel,  printer  5  Sassafras  alley 
Boswell  Wm,  oysterman  back  12  north  Front 
Bottle  Henry,  painter  8cc.  Apple  St 
Bouchet  Joseph,  cutler  75  south  Second 
Bouchony  Bordonet,  prepares  and  sells  Health  and 
Long  Life  Elixir,  and  Mahy*s  Plaister  Cloth, 
148  S.  4th 
Bougevir  Peter  J.  F.  sly^pwright  17  Charlotte 
Boulenger  A.  G.  baker  19  Lombard 
Boulter  ^enj.  late  carpenter  Arch  near  new  gaol 
Boulton  William,  blacksmith  426  n.  3d 
Boulu  Mrs.  gentlewoman,  227  Sassafras 

[^see  Beiuley 
Bourne  Stephen,  carpenter  151  Walnut 
Bousquet  A.  merchant  128  Pine 
Boutteillier  Michael  Le,  merchant  107  n.  Front 
Bouvier  John  £.  umbrellamaker  196  south  2d 
Bouvier    John,   printer  -Sellavista    High   st.   or 

Washingtonwest  of  Schuylkill  bridge 
Bovard  William,  carpenter  Walnut  above  10th 
Bovee  James,  sea  captain  85  St.  John 
Bow6n  Edith  widow.  Rose  alley  near  Green  st. 
Bowen  Elijah,  taylor  George  above  10th 
Bowen  Ezekiel,  carpenter  back  1 2 1  Queen  (S.) 
Bowen  Ezra,  sea  captain  41  n.  6th 
Bowen  Hannah,  tayloress  9  Strawberry 
t  Bowen  James,  oysterman  Spruce  above  8th 
Bowen  John,  sailraaker  28  Spruce 
-Sowen  John,  cooper  back  8  Elfrith's  alley 
t  -Sowen  Joseph,  porter  1 2th  below  Walnut 
Bowen  Sarah,  mantua  maker  and  nurse  273  n.  2d 
Bowen  Thomas,  labourer  144  n.  Front 
i  ^owen  William,  coachman  41  Small 
Bowene  Thomas,  smith  /taker's  alley 
Bower  Christian  Sc  John,  bakers  225  south  5th 
Bower  George,  carpenter  1 14Callowhill 
Bower  George,  labourer  Cedar  near  Sch.  8th 
Bower  John,  engraver  31  n.  4th 
Sowcv  widow  of  Joseph,  Queen  n.  Shackamaxon 
-flower  Rev.  R.  above  the  tir?>t  guto  Frankford  road 


J?owcr  Leonard,  shoemaker  back  135  Coates' 

jBower  Samuel,  shipbuilder  Penn 

^ower  widow,  gentlewoman  back  352  S.  2d 

lowers  Jacob,  suj^arboiler  26  Julianna 

j5owers  widow  of  Jacob,  shoemaker  455  n.  3d 

Bowers  Jesse,  labourer  Ann  above  12th 

t  lowers  John,  dealer  221  south  2ri 

Bowers  Michael,  surgeon  barber  402  n.  3d 

Bowers  Philip,  baker  249  south  3d 

Bowers  Philip,  shoemaker  iVIerritt's  lane  near  5tli 

Bowers  Philip,  sea  captain  59  south  1 1th 

Bowers  Rebecca,  tayloress  1 1 3  German 

Bowes  Conrad,  labourer  fluttonwood  above  Cha-i. 

Bowie  Jane  widow,  282  south  2d 

Bowlby  Edward,  ironmonger  69  High 

Bo-wles  Andrew,  labourer  Sch.  8th  near  Vine 

Bowles  John,  turner  98  Plum 

Bowles  Wm.  block  and  pumpmaker  13  Swanson 

Bowman  Aaron,  Windsor  chairmaker  312  s.  Front 

Bowman  Abraham,  printer  19  Tammany 

Bowman  Charles,  hog  victualler  14  Budd 

Bowman  Casker,  labourer  Irish  :ane  near  Cedar 

Bowman  John,  labourer  Merritt's  lane  near  5th 

Bowman  John,  labourer  Hickory  lane 

Bowman  John,  victualler  corner  George  &  4th 

Bowman  Michael,  combmaker  95  Green 

Bowman  William,  sea  captain  back  380  south  2d 

Bowman  Zachariah,  painter  Sec.  207  Coatii* 

Bowne  Thomas,  shipjoiner  33  Noble 

Bownes  Jas.  tallow  chandler  Arch  n.  Sch.  Front 

t  Bowser  Jeremiah,  oystcrman  229  n.  2d 

Boyce  Sarah  widow,  1 2  Gray*s  alley 

*^Boyd  widow  of  Alexander  145  south  11th 
Boyd  Hugh,  grocer  4  Hopkins'  court 
Boyd  Hugh,  shopkeeper  257  St.  Johns 

t  Boyd  John,  ropemaker  Moyamensing  n.  Prime 
Boyd  John,  engraver  64  s.  8th  and  s.  w.  corner 

7th  and  Sansom 
Boyd  John,  coachmaker  shop  42  Columbia  Ave- 
nue, dwelling  145  S.  Uth 
Boyd  Bartholemew,  carter  142  Cherry 
Boyd  Parks,  pewtcrer  89  north  2d 


Boyd  Thos.  weaver  Germantown  road  above  3d 
Boyd  ThomasJ  Leech's  court 
Boyd'Thomas  G.  carpenter  Filbert  below  1  Ith 
Boyd  William,  china  merchant  1 8  south  Front 
Boyd  William,  tallow  chandler  121  n.  5th  Sc  above 

Boyer^ ,  Carpenter  Callowhill  near  Sch.  3d 

Boyer  H.  washerwoman  184  Lombard 

Boyer  Henry,  shipwright  22  Christian 

Boyer  Isaac,  grocer  142  n  2d 

Boyer  Jacob,  carpenter  127  Green 

Boyer  James,  accomptant  4  Wood  near  2d 

Boyer  J.  G.  merchant  1 65  Pine 

Boyer  Nathaniel,  blacksmith  100  Locust 

Boyer  Valenpne,  victualler  277  n.  8th 

Boyle  Charlers,  shopkeeper  22  Spruce 

Boyle  Hugh,  labourer  Juniper  above  Locust 

Boyle  James,  sandman  20  Spruce 

Boyle  James,  labourer  34  and  48  Pa^syunk 

Boyle  John,  sandman  Mifflin's  court 

Boyie  John,  lab-iurer  Pine  near  12th 

Boyle  John,  sea  captain  145  north  Front 

Boyle  IMary,  tayloress  196  n.  Water 

floyie  Michael,  sandman  Farmer's  row 

Boyle  widow  of  Niel,  stevadore  158  south  Water 

Boyle  Niel,  sandman  Mifflin's  court 

Boyle  Patrick,  accomptant  4  Chesnut 

Boyle  Patrick,  guager  370  High  near  12th 

Boyle  Patrick,  labourer  Juniper  near  Arch 

Boyle  Thomas,  jun.  wheelwright  Juniper  n.  Arch 

Boyle  William,  grocer  200  south  Water 

Boys  Samuel,  late  stavemerchant  17  Browne         ^ 

Boyter  widow  of  Daniel  159  St.  John  ''""^ 

Boze  Sarah  widow,  Marlborough  near  Bedford 

Boze  William,  grocer,  148  Lombard 

Bozorth  Andrew,  shoestore  360  and  379  High 

JBazorlh  William,  carpenter  122  Filbert 

Brackin  Henry,  printer,  9  Cresson's  alley 

B/ackney  Mrs.  of  William,  tanner  Lilly  alley 

jBraden  Arthur,  18Passyunk    (see  Bryden 

Brades  Peter,  innkeeper  193  n,  2d 

Bradey  Aiin  widow,  back  67  n.  10th     (see  '^radu 


Bradey  Lawrence,  grocer  166  n.  Water 
Bradfield  Benjamin,  carpenter  23  Small 
Bradford  &  Inskeep,  stationers,  Sec  4  south  3d 
Bradford  Samuel  F.  bookseller,  &c.   151  Walnut 

(Sansom's  row) 
Bardford  Thomas  &  William,   booksellers   and 

printers  8  south  Front    '^. 
Bradford  Thos,  junr.  attorney  at  law  46  s.  6th 
Bradford  Thomas,  printer  and  editor  of  the  True 

American  8  south  Front 
Bradford  Thomas,  mariner  154  n.  Water 
Bradford  William,   pp'inter  and   bookseller   204 

Bradford  William,  merchant  taylor  63   south  3d 

and  23  Carters  alley 
Bradley  James,  cordwainer  101  Queen  (S.) 
Bradley  James,  grocer  200  Pine 
Bradley  J.  ironmonger  and  fancy  goods  store   78 

Bradley  Mrs.  of  William,  Callowhill  near  8th 
Bradley  Thos.  grazier  n.  Blue  Ball  Passyunk 
-Bradley  widow  of  Thomas,  bricklayer  213  Cedar 
Bradley  Thomas,  smith  29  Prune 
Bradley  Thomas  H.  taylor  100  Union 
Bradley  William,. taylor  back  239  south  2d 
Bradley  William,  cordwainer  74  south  P'ront 
Bradshaw  Sarah,  tavernkceper  28  Carter's  alley 
Bradshaw  Thomas,  mariner  53  Queen  (S.)    . 
Brady  Alexander,  cai*penter  back  120  N  11th 
Brady  Charles,  grocer  9  south  4th 
Brady  Bartholomew,  shopkeeper  corner  4th  and 

Union     \_.^-ee  Bradey  Bready  Brodie 
Brady  Charles,  141  south  6th 
Brady  Christoplicr  M.  shoemaker  132  Plum 
Brady  David,  coachmaker  back  390  Sassafras 
Brady  James,  morocco  manufacturer  77  south  5th 
Brady  widow  of  John,  fisherman  Jones' alley  (n.l.) 
Brady  John,  teacher  83  south  3d 
Brady  John,  labourer  40  Coatcs* 
Brady  widow  of  Peter,  corner  Walnut  and  5th 
Brady  Robert,  sea  captain  518  souih  Front 
Brady  Surah  widow,  283  south  4th 


Braeutigam  Daniel, ironmonger,  Sec.  194  N  2d 
Braemigam  Daniel,  jun.  saddler  24  High 
Brager  Charlotte  widow  161  Green 
Brailsford  Thomas,  shoemaker  97  Budd 
Braley  John,  accomptant  Pearson's  court 
Bramin  Benjamin,  labourer  59  Prime 
Brambel  Charles, V".icksmith  164  south  5th 
Bramble  Asa,  stevedore  460  N  2d 
Brame  Henry,  painter,  Sec.  284  Race 
Branagan  Thomas,  publisher  169  Coats 
Brand  Martha,  doctress  1 3  north  6th 
Brandt  Aime  Sc  Charles,  watchmakers,  ficc.  129  n. 
2d.  Csee  Bryant  and  Bran^ 

Brandt  Christian,  grocer  and  tinman  90  n.  11th 
Brandt  Frederick  A.  merchant  97  Walnut 
Brandt  John,  carpenter  51  Coats 
Brandt  Wm.  carter  Spruce  near  Sch.  6th 
Brainthwait  Sarah,  widow  13  Springet  alley 
Brannan  Jane,  washerwoman  12th  below  Chesnut 
Brannen  Edward,  umbrella  maker  194  south  2d 
Branner  George,  dairyman  176  Vine 
Brannen  Elizabeth,  storekeeper  55  High 
Branson  H.  carpenter  Buttonwood  north  6th 

('see  JBronson 
Branson  John,  sailmaker  385  s.  Front 
Brant  John,  mariner  118  n.  Water,     fsee  Brandt 
-Srantingham  George,  shoestore  226  Market  and 
30  North  alley 
'  J5ransbey  Casper,  cedar  cooper  4  Knight's  court 
-Srasier  Amable,  watclimaker  and  jeweller  12  s.  3d 
iirasington  Isaac,  carter  438  north  Front 
^rasington  Thpmas,  shoemaker  438  n.  Front 
iSraslon  Cornelius,  drayman  24  ^read 
i9ravard  widow  of  Eben.  storekeeper  2^9  south  2d 
^ray  Ann,  mantuamaker  31  Pewterplatter  alley 
^ray  Elkinah,  sea  captain  362  south  2d 
Bray  George,  ostler  9  Sugar  alley 
t  Bray  Henry,  silver  smith  Lombard  north  12th 
Bray  John?  jun.  wholesale  and  retail  dry  good  store- 
keeper 1 87  north  3d 
Bray  John,  comedian  135  south  loth 
Bray  John,  painter,  &;c.  54  Crown 


Bray  widow,  seamstress  back  74  south  5th 

Bray  widow  of  Joseph,  185  south  Front 

Brazier  John,  >vhitesmith  171  Green   (see  "Russic/ 

Bready  C.  L.  coachmaker  126  and  132  south  5th 

Breamer  Lewis,  labourer  386  north  3d 

Brearley  James,   clock  and  watchmaker  IlS-j-n. 

3d  and  old  York  above  mill  dam 
Breece  Henry,  grocer  391   n.  4th  corner  Coates. 
Breece  Charles,  Green's  court  (see^ricc 

Brega  Mary,  widow  Current  alley  near  Spruce 
Brega  Rosella,   gentlewoman  Current  alley  neat 

Breidenhart  George,  upholsterer  117s.  Front 
Breintnall  D.  ladies'  shoemaker  13  south  7th 
Brointnall  Samuel,  brewer  13  south  7th 
Breintnall  Thomas,  attorney  at  law,  1 13  north  5th 
5reish  J.  skindresser  249  Vine 
Bremega  Frederick,  founder,  James  st. 
Breneise  Valentine,  cryer  Cauffman's  court 
Brent  Hannah,  shopkeeper  25  Walnut 
^rentzeghofer  F.  coachmakerFrankford  road  above 

Breschard  John,  equestrian  rider,  85  south  Uth 
Breslin  John,  labourer  1 1th  below  Locust 
BrethoffKenry,  sea  captain  21  Vernon 
Bretz  Jacob,  merchant  34  north  3d  (see  BrUz 

Breuil  Francis,  merchant  corner  of  Pine  and  2d 
Brewin  Mary,  widow  7  Knight's  court 
Brewer  George,  accomptant  226  north -rront 
Brewer  Isaac,  clock  Sc  watchmaker  Friends'  alms- 
Brewton  Daniel,  sea  captain  425  south  Front 
Briard  John,  sea  captain  6  Cypress  alley 
Brie-  John,  sea  captain  389  n.  2d.  (see  Breece 

Brick  John,  currier  29  Chesnut 
Bricker  Jacob,  carpet  weaver  473  N.  3d 
Brickman  George,  baker  44  Race 
Bridge  John,  labourer  23  Liitic  Water 
Bridges  Colepepper,  merchant  259  s.  Front 
Briuges  James,  teacher  235  Lombard 
Biidges  Mrs.  259  south  Front 
Bridport  George,  ornamental  painter  3.83  High 


^ridport  S.  widow  Portland  lane 

Bridson  George  WAobacco  pipe  maker  476  n.  2d 

Brien  P.  sea  captain  41  German  (see  Bryan 

Briesach  George,  drayman  James  st. 

Brifold  Philip,  drayman  32  Browne 

Briggs  Ethan,  ship  smith  78  Budd 

Briggs  Elizabeth,  widow  55  Tammany 

Briggs  widow  of  Francis,  shipwright  403  n.  Front 

Briggs  John,  hairdresser  30  Sugar  alley 

Briggs  Ralph,  carter  Rose 

Bright  Edward,  labourer  56  Plum 

Bright  Mary,  widow  makes  Moulder*s  salve,  4T 

Bright  Mary,  widow  tavernkeeper  28  Spruce 
Brindle  James,  grocer  4th  corner  Poplar 
Brindle  Wm.  painter,  Stc.  13th  above  Cherry 
Briney  D.  founder  James  st. 
Bringhurst  George,  coachmaker  23  north  5th 
Bi'inghurst  Jesse,  coachmaker  28  Julianna 
Bringhurst  Joseph,  clock  and  watchmaker  315   n. 

Front  and  31  Noble 
Bringhurst  Susan,  milliner  18  north  Front 
Brinton  John  H.  attorney  at  law  217  Arch 
Brintzin^'hoffer  George,  wheelwright  158  Vine 
Briol  Gabriel,  merchant  54  Lombard 
Brislin  Jeremiah,  taylor  6  Shippen 
Bristoll  Mary,  storekeeper  359  north  2d 
Bristoll  Hannah,  403  N.  2d 
Britt  Rev.  Adam,  corner  6th  and  Spruce 
Brittin  Jacob,  silversmith  46  N.  2d 
Brittin  Joseph,  tavernkeeper  82  N.  Front 
Britton  Eliza,  widow  fortune  teller  139  Shippen 
Britton  Isaac,  nailer  20  Shippen 
Britton  James  S.  203  iiorth  Water 
Britton  John,  gentleman  ■;J59  north  Front 
Britton  John,  jun.   149  N.  Water — ^d welling  Man- 
tua village 
Britton  Mrs.  Sarah,  gentlewoman  219  Spruce 
Britton  Thomas,  smith  2d  above  Ger.  road 
Britton  William,  lumberyard  207  N.  Water,  dwel- 
ling 84  Caljowhill 
Britz  Adam,  grocer  441  N.  Front  (see  Bretz 


Broadfoot  Mary»  teacher  85  south  Front  ^ 
Broadie  C.  storekeeper  282  south  Front 
Brobert  William,  375  Arch 
Brobson  Mrs.  seamstress,  24  Cypress  alley 
Brobst  Ann,  widow  Germantown  road  below  2d 
Brobston  Joseph,  grocer  173  south  5th 
Broca  Francis,  merchant  106  Gaskill 
Brocklehiirst  Robert,  blacksmith  Scott's  alley 
Brode  M.  tanner  north  3d  near  George 
Brodiiead  Daniel,  accomptant  north  Broad  and  21 

Bi'odie  Andrew,  grocer  s  e.  corner  Coats'  &  2d 
Brogen  Patrick,  gardener  Federal  near  Front 
Brognard  John,  proprietor  of  Expedition  line  New 

York,  Bickley's  wharf  , 
Brognard  Joseph,  merchant' 67  High 
Bronger  Wm.  dairyman  170  Cherry 
Bronson,  E.  publisher  of  the  United  States'  Ga- 
zette,   office   back   41    Walnut*  dwelling  5 
Franklin  row  '9th  below  Walnut  [_seeBran8on 
Brooke  Boyer,jun.  flaxseed  merch^t  109  N  Wa- 
ter and  Brooke  court 
Brooke  Boyer,  gentleman  Brooke  court 
i?rooke  Caleb,  blacksmith  353  N  3d  &  88  Callow- 
Brooke  John,  blacksmith  412  N  3d 
Brooke  R.   &  B.  jun.  iron  merchants  109  nortli 

Brooke  Rees,  iron  merchant  128  N  Front 
-Orooke  Robert,  surveyor  324  N  3d 
Brooke  Wm.  J.  blacksmith  High  west  of  P.  bridge 
Brookbousc  John,  rigger  255  St.  John 
Brooker  Christopher,  shoemaker  back  290  N  8th 
Brookfield  William,  teacher  10th   below  High — 

Marcoc's  court 
Brookover  John,  carter  Oak  below  Noble 
Brooks  Catharine,  i~  7th  near  Walnut 
Brooks  David,  carter  Hickory  lane 
Brooks  George,  1 6  Strawberry 
Brooks  Isaac,  brickmakfcr  Broad  near  Vine 
Bi-ooks  James,  blacksmith  407  N  4th 

Brooks  J.  cooper  83  S  Water  &  5  Norris's  alley 

Brooks  John,  accomptant  9  Pfieffer's  alley 

Brooks  Lewis,  smith  20  North  alley 

Brooks  Mrs.  of  John,  2  Callowhill 

Brooks  Samuel,  merchant  7  south  Wharves  and 

161  Walnut  (Sansom's  row 
Brooks  William,  p^rocer  corner  Juniper  &  Walnut 
Brooks  widow  of  Wm.  planemaker  25  Xeys's  alley 
Broom  Christopher,  grocer  102  i?uckl 
Broom  Thomas,  shoemaker  {IS  Ceclar 
Broom  Thomas,  cooper  42  Penn  and  23  Swanson 
Broom  Leonard  P.  surgeon  and  dentistllS  Cedar 
Broom  William,  carpenter  6  Carter's  alley 
B  roomer  Thomas,  labourer  61  Passyunk 
Broomall  William,  shoemaker  back  372  n  Front 
Brossie  John,  coachman  32  Appletree  alley 
Broslasky  Henry  L.  grocer  124  S.  6th 
Bross  Garrett,  shoemaker  Emlen's  alley 
Brotherton  Eliza,  seamstress  23  Ann  (n.  l.) 
Brotherton  Hugh,  shoemaker  330  S.  Front 
Brotherton  John,  shoemaker  Jones  st. 
Brotherton  R.  back  392  N.  Front 
B rowers  Mrs.  of  Jacob,  Rose  alley  above  Coates' 
Brown  Abner,  mariner  58  Passyunk  \^see  Broivne 
t  Brown  Abraham,  v/aiter  Bedford  [M]  N.  7th 
Brown  Andrew,  teacher  51   S.  Fifth 
Brown  Ann,  widow  276  S.  5th 
Brown  Armit,  merchant  192   Pine 
Brown  Beneville  D.  hardware  merchant  167  N.  2d 
Brown  benjamin,  cordwainer  56  Passyunk 
t  Brown  Benjamin,  coachdriver  66  N.  Front 
Brown  Benjamin,  mariner  back  346  N.  2d 
Brown  Benjamin,  labourer  Germantown  r'd.  n.  2d 
^rown  widow  of  Charles  B.  merchant  74  S.  11  th 
jBrown  Charles,  bitmaker  6th  n.  Germantown  r'd. 
t  ^rown  Charles,  labourer  Davison's  alley 
jSrown  Christian,  tavernkeeper,  Spruce  n.  ^road 
Thrown  Cornelius,  tavernkeeper  135  N.  Water 
jBrown  David,  bookseller  32 1  N.  2d 
t  ^rown  David,  labourer  Little  Oak 
J5rown  Elenor,  washerwoman  Fayette  st.^ 

wBrown  Elizabeth,  seamstress  9  Sassafras  alley 
Brown  Elizabeth,  shopkeeper  35  Prime 
Browne  Elizabeth,  widow  97  Browne 
Brown  Elizabeth,  shopkeeper  25  Callowhill 
Brown  Ephraim,  cordwaincr  Christian  above  3d 
Brown  Ezra,  cordwainer  461  N.  2d 
Brown  Francis,  taylor  435  High 
Brown  George,  mariner  28  Mead  alley 
Brown,  widow  of  George  tobacconist  261  S.  2d 
Brown  George,  tavernkeeper  479  High 
Brown  widow  of  George  T.  blacksmith  127  Cal- 
Brown  Hannah,  widow  19  Tammany 
Brown  Hanse,  scacaptain  Hannover  near  Bedford 
BroAvn  Henry,  shoemaker  484  N.  3d 
Brown  Henry,  whitesmith  452  Sassafras 
Brown  Hugh,  nailor  2  Sugar  alley 
Brown  Jacob,  iron-store  161  and  167  N.  2d 
Brown  Jacob,  shoemaker  481  N.  3d 
Brown  Jacob,  carter  139  Shippen 
Brown  Jacob,  whitesmith  143  S.  10th  ^ 
Brown  James,  tobacconist  22  Kunckle 
Brown  James,  mariner  57  Mead  alley 
Brown  James,  skindresser  cor.  2d  Ec  Germtn.  r'd. 
Brown  James,  mariner  back  142  Spruce 
t  Brown  James,  caulker  back  459  S.  2d. 
t  Brown  Jeffrey,  woodsawyer  135  German 
B^'own  Jeremiah,  mariner  23  Duke     (n.  l.) 
t  Brown  Jesse,    stablekeeper  Currant  alley  near 

t  Brown  Jesse,  carpenter  185  S.  4th 
Brown  John,  shoemaker  near  6  South  alley 
Brown  John,  merchant  216  Chesnut 
Brown  John,  caulker  36  Plum 
Brown  John,  cabinetmaker  Rose  alley  nr.  Browne 
Brown  John,  labourer  corner  Sassasras  &:  1 1th 
Brown  John,  labourer  Prince  near  Crown 
^rown  John,  gentleman  Arch  near  i?road 
^rer\vn  John,  labourer   125  S.   Uth 
Blown  William,  ladies  shoemaker  140  Lombard 
jBrown  John,  accomptant  143  High 


Brown  John,  silverplater  22  S.  3d 

Brown  John,  taylor  Ann  st.     (V.) 

Brown  John,  mariiner  25  Coomb's  alley 

Brown  John,  labourer  125  S-  1  Uh  &  Grissel's  alley 

Brown  John,  rigger  248  N.  Front 

Brown  John,  carter  corner  Shippen  and  Crab 

Brown  John  H.  merchant  152  S.  3d  and  67  Union 

Brown  John,  labourer  corner  1 1th  and  Sassafras 

Brown  John  H.  and  Wm.  merchants  67  Union 

Brown  John  H.  grocer.  Bank  st. 

Brown  John  M.  rigger,  248  N.  Front 

t  Brown  John,  porter  12  Elizabeth 

t  Brown  John,'  oysterman,  193  Shippen 

t  Brown  John,  labourer  Bonsall  st. 

Brown  Joseph,  rigger  Oak  near  -flrown 

Brown  Joseph;  copperplate  printer  80  Union 

Brown  Joseph,  mariner  304  S.  2d 

-firown  Joseph,  grocer  cor.  Lombard  cj"  6th 

Brown  Lawrence  £c  Stephen,  hatters  and  straw  hat 

manufacturers  70  S.  2d 
Brown  Lewis  R.  merchant  24  N.  8th 
t  Brown  Lunar,  sweep  1 47  -Browne 
•t  Brown  Lunar,  jun.  porter  145  Browne 
Browne  Margaret,  nurse  2  Appletree  alley 
Brown  Margaret,  boarding  house  30  N.  3d 
Brown  Manin,  master  rigger  10  Noble 
Brown  Mary,  boarding  house  316  High 
Brown  Mary,  widow  29 1  S.  5th 
Brown  Mary,  mantua-maker  153  Locust 
Brown  Mary  widow,  of  John,  back  372  N.  Front 
Brown  Mary  widow,  82  N.  7th 
BroAvn  Mattliew,  late  carpenter  230  St.  John 
Brown  Matthew,  labourer  134  Cedar 
Brown  Matthew,  63  Christian 
Brown  Michael,  sea  captain  2  Pfieffcr*s  allev 
Brown  Michael  rigger  8  Margaretta 
Brown  Mrs.  of  James,  Rose  alley  (C) 
Brown  Mrs,  of  John,  mariner  80  Pcnn 
Brown  Natiianiel,  labourer  236  N.  Front 
Brown  Noble  labourer  Clymcr's  alley 
Brown  Paul,  storekeeper  1 1  north  Front 
Brown  Paul  S.  china  merchant  42  south  Second 
Brown  Philip,  surgeon's  instrume«it  makers  Hev- 

des'  court 


/?rown  Robert,  carpenter  1 JS  S  I  ith 
t  ^rown  Robert,  white  washer  Pine  near  iOtl. 
jBrown  Samuel,  punipmakcr  7th  below  Shippeu 
Brown  Samuel,  tea  ware-house  8cc.  73  Chesnut 
t  Brown  Samuel,  porter  Bradford's  alley- 
Brown  Sarah,  innkeeper  211  Mulberry 
Brown  Susan,  boarding  house  72  south  6th 
Brown  Thomas,  carpenter  53  Tammany 
Brown  Thomas,  17  Swanson 
Brown  Thomas,  plaistercr  -Slackberry  alley  near 

JQ'rown  Thomas,  storekeeper  2  S.  3d 
lirown  Thomas,  grocer  cor.  Ninth  and  Locust 
tB  rown  Thomas,  oysterman,  78  High  ' 
,-  Brown  Thomas,  oysterman  lOO  N.  4Lh 
Brown  widow  of  William,  biscuit  baker  1 1  Vine 
Brown  widow  of  Benjamin  W.  250  N.  2d 
Brown  widow.  Wood  near  Duke 
Brown  William,  printer  23  Church^llcy  dwelling 

41  Cherry 
Brown  William,  rectifying  distiller  172  Cedar 
Brown  William,  merchant  67  Union  &   152  S.  3d 
Brov/n  William,  tanner  and  currier  ^Z  S.  3d 
Brown  William,  weaver.  Weaver's  alley 
Brown  Williaixi,  mariner  63  Christian 
Brown  William,  fur  cutter  &c.   178  Race 
Brown  William,  blacksmith  21  and  29  Green 
Brown  Wm.  ropcmaker  2d  below  Federal 
Brown  William  P.  commission  merchant  2/0  Higli 
JJrp^vn  Wm.  ladies  shoemaker  140  Lombard 
Bi'own  William,  carpenter  Mint  court 
f  Brown  Wm.  carpenter  George  near  Juniper  lane 
Browne  Aquila  A.  conveyancer  and  accountant  16 

Swanwick  and   15  Browne 
Browne  Jesse,  silversmith  47  Lombard 
Browne  John,  gentleman  376  north  Front 
Browne  John,  labourer  cor.  Mulberry  k  Sch.  2d 
Browne  John  C.  ship  smith  and  lumber  mer.  oSi> 
8c  331  N.  Front  dwelling  Beach  above  Hanover 
Browne  Jolm  P.  baker.  Queen  near  Chcriy 
Browne  Libei'ty,  silveremith  k  collector  of  taxes 
119  Chcsmit 


Browne  Peter  A.  attorney  at  law  Sc  conv'eyancei' 

16  Swanwick,  dwelling  64  s.  6th 
Browne  Peter,  mate  Hanover 
Brovviier  Nicholas,  manner  96  Ceder 
Browner  Mr.  of  Nicholas,  96  Cedar 
Brownneil  Gardner,  grocer,  256  s.  4th  cor.  Ship. 
Bruce  Ann,  storekeeper,  13  1-2  s.  2d 
Bruce  William,  cabinet  maker,  165  n.  Front 
Brugiere  Charles,  merchant  6  N.  4th  &  159  High 
Brugiere  Chs.  £c  A.Teisseire,  merchants  159  High 
Brum  John,  hatter  196  St.  John 
Brum  t,  labourer  back  216  N.  Front 

Brummeli  Samuel,  carter  Taper  alley-^ 
Bruner  Adam  Sc  Son,  skindressers  and  parchment 

makers  1 1  Margaretta 
Bruner  John  Adam,  skin  dresser  313  N.  2d 
Bruner  William,  skin  dresser  118  St.  John 
Bruny  Mathew,  oysterman  118  High 
Bruorton  Mrs.  of  George,  sch.  Front  11.  Walnut 
Bruorty  John,  hatter  5  Hinckle's  court 
Brusstar  widow  of  Henry,  J5each  n.  Penn 
Brusstar  Samtiel,  shipbuilder  i?each  n.  Penn 
Bruton  Patrick,  labourer  137  Locust  (sec  Broivt07t 
Br>Mn  Guy,  merchant  223  Mulberry  &  223  High 
Bryan  Jesse,  taylor  27  Ann  (N.  L.)  {ace  Benir 
Bryan  Samuel,  register  for  the  probate  of  wills  and 

granting  letters  of  administradon  66  S.  1 1th 
Bryan  Sarah,  washerwoman  Kugler's  court 
Biyan  cT"  Schlatter,  merchants  223  High 
jBryan  Mrs.  of  Wm.  turner  217  south  Sixth 
Bryan  widow  of  John,  197  S.  7th 
Bryan  William,  labourer  39  Prime 
Bryant  iJenjarnin  F.  druggist  iJfc..  300  N.  2d  cor- 

Bryant  George  PI.  apothecary  ^  drug.  408  N.  3d 
Bryant  John  Y.  chemist,  is'c.  n.  w.  corner  Pine  is* 

Second  {see  Brandt 
Bryant  MordccaiY.  drug  and  paint  store  241  N.2d 
Bryant  Thomas,  druggist,  e^c.  300  N.  2d 
Bryant  T.  J.  apothecary  and  drugg.  33  Coats 
jBryant  William,  cabhiet  maker  56  n.  3d 
Bu'ch^jiJin  Alxr.  shoemaker  inroad  near  Vino 


Buchanan  Alcxr.  shoemaker  corner  Locust  b*  15th 

Buchanan  Andrew,  paperstainer  Juniper  near  Vme 

Buchanan  L.  widow  18  prune 

Buchanan  John,  labourer  Cedar  n^ar  sch.  7th 

BuchhaltcrG.  F.  baker  32  Perm 

Buck  C.  N.  merchant  204  south  Front 

Buck  Frederick,  cooper  188  n  2d 

Buck ,  smith  19  Cherry 

Buck  George,  cedarcooper  188  n  2d 

Buck  H.  smith  27  Passyunk 

Buck  Julia,  It  Brewer's  alley 

Buck  widow  of  Da}  ton  326  s  2d 

t  Buck  S.  washerwoman  Cedar  above  1 0th 

Buck  William,  labourer  back  155  Coats 

t  Buck  Wilcher,  porter,  244  s  7th 

Bucke  Thomas,  cordwainer  81  4th  below  Union 

Buckini^ham  John,  messenger  to  health  office  418 

south  Second  cor.  Christian 
Buckish  Nicholas,  grocer  84  n  1 1th  - 
Buckius  John,  victualler  n.  1st  gate  Frankford  road 
Buckius  Samuel,  currier  back  131  n  3rd 

{see  ^ockus 
Buckley  Adam,  cedarcooper  258  St.  John 
^uckley  Isaac,  mealstore  389  1-2      {see  'Bickley 
Buckley  John,  innkeeper  25  South  alley 
i?ucklcy  Wm.  merchant  87  south  Third 
Buckman  i5enjamin,  hatter  62 
Bucknall  jBenjamin,  japanner,  176  Lombard 
Bucknall  James,  japanner  176  Lombard 
Bucknell  S-  lapidary  2  Carters  alley 
Z'ucknall  iP"  Son,  japanners  Harmony  st- 
Budd  Henry,  printer  back  142  s  4th 
Budd  Samuel  W.  32  Moravian  alley 
Budd  Thos  W,  cabinetmaker  Sansoms  alley 
Buffington  Catharine,  boardinghouse  18  Dock 
Buglass  Mary,  book  binder  12  Combs'  alley 
Bugnot  Claude,  hatter  212  south  2d 
Bvijac  J.  L-  merchant  130  Pine 
Bulfinch  Mrs  leyer  out  of  the  dead  26  Columbia 
Bulfinch  Samuel,  late  sea  captain  26  Col  avenue 
Bulfinch  William,  printer  26  Coiumbda  avenue 
Bull  John,  carter  Charles 

^  BUL BUR~ 

Bwlard  Justice,  cordwainer  Sheaff's  alley 

Buller  widow  89  Sassafras 

Bullock  Joseph,  treasurer  to  the  the  Germantown 

and  Perkiomen  turnpike  212  Walnut 
Bullock  Joseph,  jun  m  d.  212  Walnut 
Bumbach  Martin,  blacksmith  cor-  Third  and  Green 
Bumm  Conrad,  Locust  above  12th 
Bumm  George,  carter  Lombard  near  Broad 
Bumm  John,  carpenter  Marlborough  n.  Bedford 
Bunce  Capt.  Jared,  grocer  Front  above  Coats 
t  Buncurn  Charles,  coachman  227  south  5th 
Bunker  Nathan,  merchant  19  south  Water 
Bunn  Revil,  ladies  shoemaker  64  Penn 
Bunting  C  harles  S.  p,ccomptant  98  ^udd 
Bunting  Isaac,  teacher  1  Ann  [N  L]  Sc  258  N  3d 
Bunting  John,  carpenter  172  south  6th 
Bunting  Jonathan,  merchant  32  south  3d 
Bunting  Joseph,  accomptant71  south  3d 
Buntin*  Josiah,  lumber  merchant  113  Chesnut 
jBunting  N.  whitesmith  395  south  2d 
Bunting  P.  S.  grocer  93  and  95  N  2d 
Bunting  Pi^trick,  mariner  Steinmetz'  court 
Buntings  "Sc  Watson,  lumberyard  corner  8th  and 

Pine  and  109  Swanson 
Bunting  widow  of  William,  4th  below  Christian 
Bunting  William,  carter  56  New  Market 
Burch  Rev.  James,  146  N  8th  \^see  Birch 
Burckhardt  Henry,  baker  70  Vine  [see  Burkhart- 
Burkhard  Samuel,  tobacconist  148  Spruce 
Burckle  Christian  J.  merchant  27  Race 
Burd  Edward,  gentleman  247  Chesnut 
Burd  Edward  S.  counsellor  at  law  276  Chesnut 
Burd  Jacob,  oysterman  1 1  Chesnut    "^ 
Burd  S.  W.  71  N  Front  [see  Bird  and  Baird 

Burden  widow  of  George  529  south  Front 
Burden  Henry  R.  chairmaker  ^  2  south  5th  dwel- 
ling China  street 
Burden  Joseph,  Windsor  and  fancy  chairmaker  95 

and  97  south  3d  N  E  corner  York  street 
Burlin  Mathew,  trader  13  York  court 
Burliu  William,  shipwright    Marlborough   near 


V  Burdick  Lewis,  painter  U2  N  7th 
Burgan  Mrs.  of  John,  306  N  2d 
Bur^e  John,  Confectioner  86  Chesnut 
Burger  G.  C.  grocer  1 1 6  Callowhill     [^see  Bergn 
l^urger  Jacob,  mariner  415  south  Front 
Burger  John,  sea  captain  98  Catharine 
Burgess  M.  &;  H.  storekeepers  134  High 
Burgess  Mary  widow  319  south  3d 
Bergess  Robert,  grocer  High  west  of  ^road 
Burgin  Joshua,  tobacco  pipe  manufacturer  79  Pas- 

Burguet  Henry,  carter  Raspberry  alley 
Burk  Sc  Cummings,  cornfactors  and  grocers  92 

south  Wharves 
Burck  Elizabeth  widow  23  Pewterplatter  alley 
gurk  Henry,  taylor  2  Sassafras  alley 
Burk  John,  carpenter  5  Fitzwalter 
Burke  John,  labourer  Cresson's  court 
Burk  Joseph,  porter  5  Little  Pine 
Burk  Joseph,  labourer  315  Callowhill 
Burk  Peter,  saddler  117  Callowhill 
Burk  Mrs.  of  Thomas,  361  N  3d 
Burkart  Frederick,  constable  178  Sassafras 
Burke  Abraham,  carpenter  415  N  Front 
Burke  Henry,  porter  139  N  Front , 
Burke  Jane,  grocer  corner  Walnut  and  Water 
Burke  Mary  D.  mantuamakcr  2  Appletree  alley 
Burke  Sarah  widow,  4th'above  -Browne 
Burke  Thomas,  merchant  35  N  8th 
Burk  Thomas,  cornchandler  and  grocer  97  south 
•         4th  near  Pine 
Burke  Thomas,  storekeeper  14  south  2d  fie  Frank- 
lin court 
Burket  widow,  442  N  3d 
Burkhard  widow  of    A.  tavcrnkeeper  71    south 

Wharves     [^see  Birckhcad 
Burkhard  widow  of  Jacob,  Rose  alley  (N  L) 
Burkhart  Eliz.  washerwoman  69  Lombrrd 
Burkhart  Rob't   8c  Reter   hairdressers  57  N  Wa- 
ter (^sce  Burck/mrdt 

Burkheimer ,  mariner  148  St.  John 

Burkinshaw  Robert,  bellhangcr  160  south  Front 
Bunin  Matthew,  trader  13  York  court 
Buriock  .\\  illiam,  Branner's  alley 
E  2 


Burkloe  widow  of  Jacob,  82  Green 
Burkloe  Samuel' watchman  13  Shippen 
Burely  Joshua,  carter  back  393  N  Front 
Burman  John,  victualler  197  Callowhill 
Burman  widow  of  Richard,  12  Callowhill 
Burn  Elenor,  storekeeper  corner  2d  and  Spruce 
Burn  Joseph,  sto?"ekeeper  244  N  Front 

\^see  Byrne 
Burn  Samuel,  shipwright  Queen  near  Frankf.road 
Burnham  Abraham,  South wark  academy 
Burns  A.  bookbinder  Cresson's  alley 
-Sums  Anthony,  labourer  5all  alley 
Burns  Edward,  labourer  484  N  5d 
Burns  Eliza,  seamstress  Geo7'ge  near  1 1th 
Burns  Elizabeth,  widow  back  39 1  N  2d 
Burns  George,  labourer  171  Coats 
Burns  George,  flour  merchant  278  High 
Burns  Hannah,  teacher  13  Willing's  alley 
Burns  Jacob,  sea  captain  7  Pfeiffer's  alley 
Burns  James,  gunsmith  136  Lombard 
Bu7'ns  James,  druggist.  Sec.  42  south  Front 
Burns  James,  labourer  2  Oak  (S.) 
^urns  J.  gunmaker  1 36  Lombard 
Burns  Jno.  cordwainer  1 3 1  south  9th  cor.  Locust 
Burns  John,  mariner  Sarah  street 
Burns  Nicholas,  grocer  corner  Sansom  and  7th 
Burns  Mary  widow,  back  25 1  Race 
Burns  Mrs.  of  Peter,  106  N  llth 
Buans  Peter,  labourer  Clymer*s  alley 
Burns  William,  labourer  Lombard  aoove  llth 
Burr  Jos.  painter  and  glazier  249  south  7th 
Burr  Isaiah,  currier  225  Lombard 
Burr  Rachel,  tayloress  32  New  Market 
Burr  Rebecca,  widow  37  Vine 
Burrill  Tiiompson,  shoestore  S  E  cor  High  &  4th 
Burrough  Archibald,  taylor  100  Budd 
-burroughs  John  E.  broker  44  Gaskill 
-Burroughs  Ann  widow,  44  Gaskill 
Burrows  Elizabeth,  boardinghouse  264  High 
Burrows  Jacob,  plumber  back  121  N  Water  and 

177  N  Front 
Burrows  Jesse,  carpenter  280  High 
Burrows  John,  accomptant  4 1 5  N  Front 


Burrows  John,  cutler  corner  Fitzwalter  and  6th 
Burrows  widow  of  John,  15  Keys'  alley 
Burrows  Lydia,  145  south  3d 
•f  Burrows  Peter,  woodsawyer  20  Small 
Burson  John,  171  south  3d 
Burt  barney,  labourer  308  Callowhill 
Burt  Nathaniel,  storekeeper  n.  e.  cor.  High  £<;  2d 
Burtis  Ann,  boarding  house  1 1 6  N  Water 
t  Burton  Bristor,  woodsawyer  Mary's  alley 
t  Burton  Henr>',  waiter  7th  below  Shippen  ^ 

Burton  John,  tavernkeeper  corner  Arch  and  Jum- 
per (see  Barton 

t  Burton  Milford,  stablekeeper  3  Bread  street 
Burton  Margaret,  2  Stamper's  alley 
t  Burton  Robert,  coachdriver  Shippen  near  7th 
t  Burton  S.  dealer  233  south  2d 

Burton ,  Sch.  7th  near  Vine 

Burton  widow  of  Wm.  1 1 1  N  5th 

t  Burton  Simon,  dealer  78  Cedar 

Burwell  Mrs.  of  Benjamin  E.  12  Small 

Burwell  Stephen,  constable  7  Small 

Burwick  Richard,  baker  63  Coates 

Busch  Andrew,  shoemaker  105  N  3d 

Buscher  Moses,  sea  captain  Front  below  ^edefa! 

Busch  Fred'k,  shipjoiner  Prime  near  Front 

Bush  Barnet,  shoemaker  4th  below  Christian 

Bush  Hannah,  widow  Rose  alley  near  Coals 

Bush  Lewis,  125  Sassafras 

Bushnell  Andrew,  combmaker  292  Arch 

Bussier  B.  starchfactory  349  Callowhill 

\^'See  Bois'ier 
Bussier  Daniel,  justice  of  the  peace  260  S  4th 
Bussier  Judith,  starchfactory  Christian  above  7th 
Bussy  Charles,  baker  Grissel's  alley 
t  Busstitt  David,  ulaisterer  389  N  oiX 
Butaud  Isaac,  engraver  9  south  3d 
Butcher  Amos  W.  grocer  15  Sassafras 
Butcher  Job  5c  Amos  W.  grocers  49  N  Water 
Butcher  Martha,  seamstress  Biddle's  alley 
Butcher  Martha,  widow  Noble  above  2d 
Butcher  Samuel,  cordwainer  86  N  4th 
Butland  John,  lace  and  fringe  weaver  137  Cherry 
Butler  Charles,  woodsawyer  228  Shippen 
t  Butler  David,  waiter  224  Shippen 


Sutler  Eve,  washerwoman  1 1th  below  Spruce 
t  Butler  Henry,  carter  Elizabeth  st. 
Butler  Jacob,  labourer  31  Sassafras  alley 
Butler  James,  sea  captam  32  Elizabeth 
Butler  James,  labourer  Vine  near  Sch.  8th 
Butler  James,  accomptant  back  104  N  2d 
Butler  John,  planemaker  1 1 1  N  3d  and  Quarry  st» 
Butler  Mrs.  milliner  70  N  5th 
Butler  Pierce,  flour  and  feedstore,  430  N  Front 
Butler  Pierce,  n.  w.  corner  of  8th  and  Chesnut 
Butler  widow   of  Richard,  Frankford   road  near 

t  Sutler  Richard,  labourer  Shippen  above  7th 
Butler  Richard,  baker  back  64  Shippen 
Butler  Samuel,  taylor  42  N  4th  above  Arch 
Butler  Samuel  G.  painter,  &c  136  south  9th 
Butler  Sarah,  nurse  Frankford  road  near  Queen 
Butler  Susannah,  widow  Duncan's  court 
Butler  Thomas,  late  baker  Carpenter  (s)  below  5th 
-Butler  William,  labourer  136  south  9th 
Butterworth  John,  tinplateworker  357  N  3  d 
Butterworth  Sarah,  boardinghouse  78  south  11th 
Button  Eliza,  171  N  2d 

Buzby  Benj.  C.  stationer,  &c.  2  n.  3d  Sc  140  Rape 
Buzby  John,  cornchandler  166  Cherry 
Buzby  John,  flour  and  feedstore  166  Cherry 
Byard  Christopher,  shoemaker  back  372  N  Front  . 
Byerly  Andrew,  merchant  Spruce  st.  wharf 
jByerly  Christopher,  late  oakcooper  9  Sansom 
Byerly  Detrick,   grocer  Queen  near  Marlborough 
Byerly  George,  labourer  Marlborough  n.  Beach 
Byers  George,  labourer  back  446  Sassafras 
Byers  Samuel,  carpenter  52  south  10th 
-Oyrne  Gerrald,  grocer  s.  e.  cor.  Water  &  Chesnut 
Byrne  John,  hairdresser  249  soyth  Front 
Byrne  Mrs.  boardinghosue  100  n.  3d     (sec  Burns 
Byrne  Patrick,  bookseller  and  stationer  n.  e.  cor- 
ner Chesnut  and  5th 
Byrnti  Patrick  J.  merchant  32 j;  N  3d 
Byrne  Redmond  &  son,  grocers   37  south  Water, 

south-east  corner  Chcsiiut 
Byrnes  John,  grocer  corner  2d  and  Queen 

byh — CAL 

^yrns  Lawrence,  labourer  4th  near  George 
^yron  Joshua,  gentleman  249  N  Front  (see  Bior^n 
iSy^eld  Frederick,  currier  23  Pewterplatter  alley 
-Bysher  Jacob,  labourer  143  St.  John 
Bywater  Wm.  shoemaker  Lee'^  court 

Cabel  Thomas,  shoemaker  313  S.  3d 

Cadet  Lyon,  shopkeeper  239  N.  2d 

Cadey  widow,  seamstress  46  S.  oth 

Cadwalader  Thomas,  attorney  at  law  266Cnesnut 

office  George  near  10th 
Cahall  John,  carter  Laetitia  court 
Cahill  David,  carter  4  Hartung's  alley  (see  Cohill 
Cahun  John,  accomptant  Torr's  court 
Cain  Captain  Alexander,  merchant,  211  S.  Front 
Cain  John,  mariner  Federal  above  2d  \_see  Kean 
t  Cain  Hannah,  washerwoman,  234  Cedar 
Caines  Hester  seamstress  Church  alley 
Cairou  J.  B.  French  teacher  13  ElizabetJi 
Cake  Ann,  widow  230  S.  .4th 
Cake  Joseph,  hatter  110  N.  2d 
Cake  Matthias  grocer  corner  Poplar  and  Chai* 

Caldcleugh  Robert  A.    236    Spruce  and  corner 

Chesnut  and  3d 
Caldcleugh  and  Thomas,  stationers,  manufacturers 

of  paper  hangings  and  playing  cards,  n.  e. 

corner  Chesnut  and  Third 
Calderwood  Andrew,  watchmaker,  &c.  Sec.  near 

the  first  gate  on  Germantown  road 
Calderwood  William,  gunsmith  Germantown  v*d 

near  first  gate 
Caldovy  William,  shoemaker  239  St  John 
Caldwell  Charles,  m.  d.  211   S  2d 
Caldwell  David,  clerk  of  the  circuit  and  district 

courts  180  Chesnut 
t  Caldwell  Dublin,  labourer.  Prospect  alley 
Caldwell  Elizabeth,  widow,  Brown  n.  Front 
Caldwell  Elizabeth,  washerwoman,  113  Shipper. 


Caldwell  James,  accoraptant  237  s.  4th 
Caldwell  James,  (blind  man)  35  Strawberry 
t  Caldwell  James,  labourer  161  Brown 
Caldwell  John,  ladies  shoemaker  160  s.  Front 
Caldwell  Jonathan,  printer  Currant  aHey 
Caldwell  Martha,  gentlewoman  85  Locust 
Cakkweli  Noble,  labourer  3d  above  George 

Caldwell  P.  boardinghouse  1 1  Strawberry 
t  Caldwell  Philip,  waiter,  7  Prune 
t  Caldwell  Richard,  mastersweep  84  Union 
Caldwell  Samuel  W-  attorney  at  law  86  Locust 
Cakhvell  Timothy,  brick  maker  214  Race 
\ Caldwell  Thomas,  sea  captain  17  Christian" 
Caldwell  Wm.  taylor  back  135  Plum 
Caldwell  Wm.  labourer  Alban  St. 
Caldwell  William,  mariner  60  Queen  (S.) 
Calely  Andrew,  Pine  n.  12th 
Call  John,  harnessmaker  S3  Mary  (S  ) 
Call  Wm.  tanner  83  Vine 

Callaghan    Charles,    grain    measurer    9    Wood 

(^see  Calahan  and  Kallagan 
Callaghan  John,  carpenter  185  Callowhill 
Callaghan  Mary,  grocer  16  s  10th 
Callaghan  Michael,  dealer  Mifflin's  court 
Calaghan  Michael,  labourer  176  Shippen 
Callaghan  Samuel,  millstonemaker  30  Plum 
Callaiy  Patrick,  teacher  Harmony  St- 
Callan  Patrick,  teacher  24  Prune 
Callan  Wm-  labourer  50  Small 
Callender  and  Shipley,  merchants  75  S-  Wharves 
Callendcr  Thomas,  merchant  242  Spruce 
Calliole  P.  confectioner  18  N  6th 
Calverly  widow  of  Edward,  Farmer's  row 
Calvert  James,  labourer  438  n  3d 
Calvert  Nathanial,  sea  captain  35  German 
Calvert  Thomas,  1 10  n  4th  shopkeeper 
t  Ciilvin  Flora,  pepperpot  woman  1 1  Tammany 
Cr.mac  Turner,  gentleman  190  Chesnut 
Cambell  David,  cabinetmaker  CaufFman*s  court 
t  Cambridge  Sarah,  widow  10th  below  Race 
Camberton  Limus,  shopkeeper  158  s  Fiftii 
Cambridge  T-  P.  m.  d.  119  Callowhiil 


Cairleron  Angus,  joiner  19  Wood 
Cameron  Eliza,  mantua  maker  West's  court 
Cameron  Esther,  widow  Elmslie's  alley 
Cameron  James,  goldenswan  inn  69  north  Third 
Cameron  John,  dep-  keeper  of  prison 
Cameron  John,  smith  n-  41  Locust 
Cameron  John,  shopkeeper  216  S  6th 
Camic   Samuel,    labourer   sch.  7th  near  Cherry 

{see  Q,amac 
Camm  John,  mariner  314  n  Front 
Camm  Wm.  hatter  26  n  3d 
Camp  David,  labourer  Rose  alley  n.  jBrowne 
Camp  Wiilian.  labourer  1 1th  n-  Vine 
Campbell  Alexander,  shoemaker  83  Cedar 
Campbell  Alexander,  oysterman  Queen  n-  6th 
Campbell  Anthony,  groper  294  soutli  Third 
Campbell  Ann,  washerwoman  88  Lombard 
Campbell  Cornelius,  oysterman  14  Cedar 
Campbell  Cornelius,  shoemaker  Liberty  alley 
Campbell  David,  cabinetmaker,  Sec   IT  Chesnut 
Campbell  Francis,  nurse  13  Callowhill 
Campbell  Felix,  grocer  85  Plum 
Campbell  George,  blacksmith  cor.  J?road  Ec  Spruce 

5c  Fetter  Lane 
Campbell  G.  attorney  at  law  86  Mulberry  cor.  4th 
Campbell  George  H.  carpenter,  Steward's  court 
Cam.pbell  widow  of  George,  south-west  corner  of 

Fourth  and  Mulberry 
Campbell  George,  shoemaker  5  Lee's  court 
Campbell  widow  of  Hugh,  grocer  46  Dock 
Campbell  Isaac,  clock  Sc  watchmaker  163  s.  Front 
Campbell  James,  labourer  V^inc  n.  sch.  8lh 
Campbell  James,  labourer  17  Hopkin's  court 
Campbell  James,  shallopman  5  Pcwterplatter  alley 
Campbell  James,  carpenter  125  s  1  Ith 
Campbell  James,  taylor  o2ii  north  Front 
Campbell  James,  hacknian  204  s  oi\ 
Campbell  widow  of  James,  plaisterer  395  Sassafras 
Campbell  James,  sea  captain  19  Shippen 
Campbell  James,  tailor  24  Coombs  alley 
Campbell  Jane  widow,  1 1   Powell 
Campbell  James,  uiarmtr  Piuiuiiear  3d 


Campbell  John  D.  merchant  taylor  56  Arc!' 
Campbell  widow  of  John,  171  south  Third 
Campbell  Joseph,  bricklayer  254  Lombard 
Campbell  M.  boardinghouse  1  Little  George 
Campbell  Mrs.  of  Thomas,  245  s  Front 
Campbell  N.  labourer  1 13  Plum 
Campbell  Prudence,  searntress  Webb's  alley 
Campbell   Quinton,  cashier  of  the   Philadelphia 

bank  south  4th  next  Philadelphia  bank 
Campbell  Richard,  mate  Frankford  road  n.  Queen 
Campbell  Rose  widow,  1 2th  n.  Pine 
Campbell  Sarah  widow,  Wood  n.  Qu^n 
Campbell  Susan,  206  N.  2d 
Campbell  Susan,  layerout  of  the  dear,  136  s  4th 
Campbell  T.  Taylor,  343  N  Front 
Campbell  William,  labourer  Spruce  near  sch.  bih 
Campbell  W"m.  cabinetmaker  136  south  4th 
Campbell  Wm.  mariner  1 60  south  Front 
Campbell  Wm.  shipwatch  70  Cedar 
Camrin  John,  tanner  18  Browne 
Canawa  Charles,  mariner  44  Coates 
Canby  J.  Sc  C  H.  grocers,  N.  W.  comer  4th  and 

Canby  Eli,  merchant,  63  south  Wharves  h  87  Pine 
Canby  Catharine,  widow  119  Walnut 
Canby  Samuel,  JAin.  merchant  56  s.  Wharves  and 

3  Lodge  St. 
Cane  Wm.  carter  James  st.  (See  Cain 

Canly  William,  boarding  house  170  north  Water 
Caner  Michael,  coachmaker  201  south  7th 
Canfield  P.  printer,  Randall's  court 
Cann  Stuart,  oysterman  1 15  Coats' 
Cannon  Charles,  labourer,  27  s.  5th 
Cannon  James,  merchant,  64  s.  Second 
Cannon  James,  rigger,  418  s.  Second 
Cannon  John  8c  Patrick,  carters  Lombard  n.  Bvo^d 
Cannon  Patrick,  labourer,  Elizabeth 
Cannon  William,  coachman,  24  Cypress  alley 
Cannon  John,  51  George  (S) 
Canonge  Benjamin,  merchant,  127  High 
Canongc,  Paul,  8c  "po.  merchants,  127  High 
Canter  Jacob,  cabinetmaker  2 1  N.  5th 
Cantrall  Geo.  labourer,  Shackamaxon. 


Cantrenn  Robert,  plaisterer  166  south  Sixth 
^Cany  Charles,  suspendermaker,  8cc.  67  north  Second 
Capp  Catharine,  widow  96  north  Sixth 
Car  Mark,  drayman  Cedar  above  Tenth 
Carbon  Daniel,  woodsawyer  back  36  Ann  (N.  L.) 
Carbough  Daniel,  450  n.  2d  and  38  Kunckel 
Cardeza  J.  M.  5  7  Union 

Care  Jesse,  saddletree  maker,  Friends'  almshouse 
Care  Peter,  jun.  merchant  152  south  2d 
Carels  Samuel,  carpenter  173  Cherry 
Carey  — ,  farmer,  Washington  above  Callowhill 
Carey  Charles,  lumbermerchant  Vine  n.  Schuylkill 
Carey  Charles,  blacksmith  2d  near  Christian 
Carey  Francis,  painter,  &c.  near  2 1 5  south  Fifth 
Carey  John,  cabinetmaker  62  High 
Carey  Mathew,  printer  and  bookseller  122  High 
Cary  VVm.  shoemaker  13  Wagner's  alley 
Carharte  Jno.  shallopman  2  Vernon 
Carilson  Wm.  grocer  46  Plum 
Carl  Joseph,  watchman  139  Cherry 
Carles  Samuel,  carpenter  173  Cherry 
Carleton  George,  135  Chesnut 
Carlile  Abm.  iron  merchant  18  Race  and  139  High 
Carlile  David,  labourer  34  Crown       ,    leee  Carlinle 
Carlin  George,  bricklayer  127  Locust 
Carlin  Grace,  widow  20  Artillery  lane 
Carlin  widow  of  Jno.  labourer  257  south  Seventh 
Carlin  Mahlon,  shoemaker  67  Budd 
Carlin  Michael,  trader  199  Sljippen 
Carling  Catharine,  42  George  (S.) 
Carlinton  Ann,  widow  l5l  north  Second 
Carlisle  David,  labourer  cor.  6th  and  Coats 
Carlisle  Hudson,  carter  Quince  alky 

Vjsec  Carlile  ^  Carlilf 
Carlisle  John,  boot  and  shoemc<ker  47  Pine 
Carlisle  John,  carpenter  4 1 6  south  Second 
t  Carlisle  Samuel,  woodsawyer  Filbert  n.  Twelfth 
Carlisle  Wm.  trader  Eleventh  belovv  Locust 
Carll  Maskell  M.  teacher  229  Mulberry 
Carlley  Joseph,  carter  5^  Shippen 
Carlley  Rebecca,  midwife  56  Shippt-n 
('arlon  Robert,  shoemaker  back  58  Elder 

F    . 


Carlyle  Alexander,  gentleman  81  south  Fifth 

Caiiyle  John,  cord wainer  34  Passyunk  [see  CarUsle 

Carlyle  Wm.  carpenter  21 1  Cherry 

Carnnack  Mary,  grocer  190  north  Water 

Carmack  Stephen,  106  Gaskill 

Carmahan  Alexander,  trunkraaker  Jones'  alley 

Carmalt  Caleb,  accomptant  99  High 

Carmalt  Jonathan,  shopkeeper  99  High 

Carmalt  widow  of  Thomas  S.  taylor  27  Browne 

Carman  Jacob,  carpenter  1 32  south  Fourth 

Carman  James,  grocer  2,3  High 

Carman  Samuel,  grocer  166  High 

Carman  Wm.  grocer  214  High 

Carmichael  George,  tobacconist  17  south  Front 

Carmichael  Robert,  grocer  1  north  Third 

Carn  Anthony,  labourer  65  Budd 

Carnaham  Samuel,  weaver  friends'  almshouse 

Carnea  Madam,  125  Lombard 

Carnell  Wm.  coachmaker  near  first  gate  Germai)- 

town  road 
Carnes  John,  mariner  Christian  near  Second 
Carnes  Mary,  widow  4 1 1  south  Front 
Carney  Bernard,  plaisterei*  Cedar  near  9th 
Carney  Catharine,  widow  42  George  (S.) 
Carney  Christopher,  cordwainer  104  German 
Carney  Patrick,  boot  and  shoemaker  22  s.  Third 
Cams  Rachael,  153  south  Sixth 
Cams  Richard,  carter  223  south  Eighth 
Carothers  Robert,  potter  Crown  street 
Carothers  Wm.  printer  Ninth  near  Vine  arid  15 

Carter's  alley 
Carpenter  Isaac,  cordwainer  208  s.  2d 
t  Carpenter  James  Sc  John,  labourers  sch.  4th  near 
Spruce  \_8ee  Charpentier 

Carpenter  John,  taylor  278  south  Second 
I  Carpenter  John,  labourer  Bonsall 
Carpenter  and  Martin,  sailmakers  93  s.  Wharves 
Carpenter  Mary,  washerwoman  6th  near  Coats 
Carpenter  Mrs.  board inghouse  38  Sansom 
Carpenter  Samuel,  sailmaker  22  Parham*s  alley 
Carpenter  widow  of  Samuel,  back  206  south  2d 
Carpenter  William,  bool^inder  34  Coates'  alley 
i^.arpenter  Wm.  hatter  Dawson's  court 


Carpenter  Wm.  calico  printer  10  Stephens's  court 
Carpentier  Lewis  D.  merchant  208  Spruce 
Carpet  Margaret,  widow  cor.  Spruce  and  Juniper 
Carr  Benjamin,  professor  of  music  193  Spruce 

[sec  Karr,  Kerr,  and  Kehr 
Carr  Edw.  W.  sawmaker  and  smith  158  Race  and 

120  north  Fifth 
Carr  Elizabeth,  widow  24  Elfreth's  alley 
Carr  Elizabeth,  nurse  32  Sugar  alley 
Carr  Isaac,  shoemaker  154  north  Fifih 
Carr  Jacob,  victualler  Laurence 
Carr  Job,  carpenter  59  Queen  (S.) 
Carr  John,  accomptant  3  Hurst 
Carr  John,  carpenter  cor.  Cedar  and  Fifth 
Carr  Joseph,  grocer  cor.  Race  and  Tenth 
Carr  Joseph,  carter  Say 
t  Carr  Levin,  labourer  2  St.  Mary 
Carr  Mary,  mantuamaker  1 17  n.  Sixth 
Carr  Mary,  boardinghouse  32  Appletree  alley 
Carr  Miss  Susan,  345  Race 
Carr  Morgan,  grocer  146  s.  3d  cor.  Cypress  alley 
Carr  Robert,  brassfounder  31  Callowhill 
Carr  Robert,  cutler  9  German 
Carr  Robert  8c  Wm.  printers  2  Hartung's  alley 
Carr  Samuel,  weaver  Lyndall's  court 
Carr  Thomas,  leather  breeches  maker  5  Plum 
Carr  Wm.  printer  Fromberger's  court 
Carr  Wm.  bright  engraver  2  Carter's  alley,  dwell- 
ing Germanlown  road  above  first  gate 
Carr  Wm.  blacksmith  2d  below  Federal 
Carr  Wm.  smith  22  Oak  (S.) 
Carrell  Daniel,  gentleman  14  Filbert         [«ee  Carll 
Carrell  Edward,  merchant  62  south  Sixth 
Carrell  John,  hardware  merchant  107  High 
Carrell  Joseph,  carpenter  Juniper  above  Race 
Carrell  Mrs.  of  John,  Kunckel  near  Callowhill 
Carry gan  Jacob,  carpenter  204  Cherry 
Carson  George,  cordwainer  102  Cedar 
Carson  James,  recorder  of  deeds,  office  east  wing  of 

the  State-house,  dwelling  127  Cedar 
Carson  Jonathan,  high  constable  9 1  south  Sixth 
Carson  Joseph,  merchant  94  south  Eighth  and  7& 
south  Front 


Carson  Miss,  boardinghouse  J5 1  High 

Carson  Mrs.  E.  boardinghouse  47  north  Third 

Carson  Patrick,  drayman  back  78  south  Frortt 

Carson  Robert,  cordwainer  Prime  below  Second 

Carson  Sarah,  shopkeeper  5 1  Cherry 

Carson  widow  of  Andrew,  cor.  4th  and  Browne 

Carstairs  Thos.  carpenter  Sc  draughtsman  76  s.  8th 

Carsweli  Samuel,  alderman  24  south  Front 

Carswell  Samuel  Sc  Son,  merchants  24  s.  Front 

Carsweli  Samuel,  mariner  back  29  Prime 

Cart  Peter,  labourer  Germantown  road  near  Rose 

Cart  widow  of  Jacob,  46  Penn 

Carter  Henry  Yates,  m.  d.  252  Spruce 

Carter  Henry,  jun.  grocer  235  Lombard  [see  Carty 

Carter  Isabella,  boardinghouse  413  south  Front 

Carter  Jehu,  nailor488  north  Second 

Carter  John,  shipwright  Queen  near  ShackamaxoR 

Carter  John,  stablekeeper  3  Carlyle's  court 

Carter  Joseph,  labourer  123  north  Water 

Carter  Joseph,  sailmaker  1  Laetitia  court 

Carter  Joseph,  stablekeeper  86  south  Eleventh 

Carter  Lydia,  widow  22  North  alley 

Carter  Rebecca,  widow  12  south  Second 

Carter  Samuel,  porter  in  bank  133  north  Sixth 

Carter  S.  &  Co.  chinamerchants  244  north  Third 

Carter  Sharon,  china-store  248  north  Third 

Carter  Thomas,  labourer  413  south  Front 

Carter  Wm.  siikdyer  29  Callowhill 

Carteret  Daniel,  chairmaker,  Shippen 

Carteret  Eliz.  widow,  Shippen 

Carteret  Jos.  W.  cabinet  maker  399  s.  Front 

Cartsher  Cliarles,  grocer  52  north  Fourth 

Carty  widow  of  Charles,  grocer  368  s.  Front 

Carty  Josiah  S.   hatter  80  High  and  10  Hinckel's 

Caruthers  Eliza,  tavernkeeper  corner  Pine  h  IJth 
Carver  Jacob,  carver  ^54  north  Third 
Carver  Jacob,  watchmaker  73  Mulberry 
Carver  James,  professor  of  writing  66  n.  5th 
(Carver  widow  of  Samuel,  98  Spruce 
Casdorp  Eliza^  teacher  266  south  Fior).t 


Casely  Mary,  widow,  nurse,  1 3  Springett  alley 
Casey  Hannah,  widow,  Rose  alley  above  Coats* 
Casey  Michael,  cordwainer  6 1  Green 
Cash  Jacob,  jun.  tobacconist  10  north  Front 
Cash  Jacob  5t  Son,  tobacconists  3  Mulberry  and  10 

north  Front 
Cash  Thomas,  inspector  of  customs  46  Crown 
Cashier  W.  J.  labourer  388  north  Front 
Caskey  Joseph,  distiller  392  High  n.  13th 
Casner  Christopher,  mariner  12  Callowhill 
Casner  Jacob,  labourer  corner  Eighth  and  Say 
Casner  John,  carpenter  105  Coats' 
Cassady  Edward,  drayman  236  Catharine 
Ca^an  widow  of  Capt.  Saml.  274  s.  Front 
Cassedy  Francis,  mastmaker  3  i  Beck*s  alley 
Cassedy  Jane,  huckster  Duncan's  court 
Cassedy  Mary,  shoestore  453  south  Front 
Cassedy  Samuel,  labourer  108  n.  Eighth 
t  Cassey  Joseph,  hairdresser  36  south  Fourth 
Cassin  Stephen,  of  U.  S.  navy  247  south  Third 
Caster  Elizabeth,  Frankford  road  n.  Queen 
Caster  John,  ropemaker  Queen  n.  Frankford  road 
Casting  — ,  cook  240  south  Second 
Castle  Abraham>  rigger  400  north  Front 
Castledine  Wm.  coachlrimmer  Madison  court 
Castles  James,  grocer  corner  Third  and  Cedar 
Castles  Joseph,  grocer  corner  5th  and  Lombard 
Castles  Robert,  gi*ocer  214  south  Second 
Casiner  Enoch,  shoemaker  105  north  Ninth 
Catharall  Isaac,  carpenter  Wood  above  Garden 
Cathcart  Robert,  mariner  25  Parham's  alley 
Cathcart  Wm.  boardinghouse  near  22  German 
Catlicart  widow  of  W.  sea  captain  7  Artillery  Ian? 
Gather  Martha,  queensware  store  358  n.  Front 
Gathers  John,  shopkeeper  1 10  Cherry 
Catherwood  and  Ranken,  grocers  cor.  7th  &  Race 
Cdtherwood  Robert,  grocer  corner  7th  and  Rsce 
Cathrall  EdwarJ,  boatbuilder  22  Artillery  lane 
Cathrall  Hannah,  widow,  16  Elfreth's  alky 
Cathrall  Isaac,  m.  d.  121  Chesnut 
Caloi^  Jesse,  mariner  125  north  Water 
Catton  Abijah,  sexton  1 1 8  New 



Catton  Mary,  widow,  136  Spruce 
Cauffman  Frederick,  labourer  Ce4ar  n.  sch.  4th 
CaufFman  Henry,  labourer  491  north  Third 
Cauffman  Laurence,  chinamerchant  207  &  213  n. 

Cauffman  Miss,  39  Sansom 
Cauffman  Simon,  storekeeper  100  Race 
Cauley  John,  tailor  Prospect  alley 
Caull  Wm.  baker  85  north  Fifth 
Cauvin  Nicholas,  baker  49  Lombard 
Cavaroc  Charles,  114  High 

Cave  Thomas,  sen.  deputy  Iceeper  of  the  state  Maga- 
zine, enquire  at  241  Arch 
Cave  Thomas,  jun    apothecary  and  druggist  241 
Mulberry,  will  serve  the  public  at  any  hour  in 
the  night  with  medicine  ;  by  ringing  the  bell 
at  the  front  door,  they  will  be  immediately  at- 
tended to. 
Cavenaugh  Arthur,  mariner  Mifflin's  court 
Cavenaugh  Hugh,  grocer  and  tavernkeeper  south 

side  of  Almond  street  wharf 
Cavenaugh  Michael,  grocer  corner  2d  &  Catharine 
Cavenaugh  Patrick,  labourer  216  north  Sixth 
Cavender  Curtis,  storekeeper  160  north  Third 
Cavender  Jeremiah,  victualler  32  Mary  (S.) 
Cavett  Jesse,  printer  3  South  alley 
Cay  John,  mariner  304  south  Second 
t  Cxsar  Julius,  woodsawyer  204  Coats* 
I  Cxsar  Luke,  labourer  204  Coats 
Cecil  Algernon,  bell  hanger,  5cc.  28  north  Seventh 
Cecil  Charles,  bell  hanger,  See.  Carlysle's  court 
Cess  Lewis,  chairmaker  293  Arch 
Cliabert  A.  mariner  81  New 
Chafant  Jacob,  carpenter  254  Race 
Chamberlain  Qarland,  cordwainer  3  north  6th 
Chamberlain  Nathaniel,  bricklayeV  28  Mulberry 
Chamberlain  and  Thomson,  cordwainers  3  n.  6th 
Chamberlain  widow  of  Benjamin,  28  Mulberry 
Chamberlaine  James  G.  merchant  7  Sansom 
Chamberlaine  John,  guagcr  125  north  Sixth 
Chamberlaine  Hannah,  widow,  Elmslie's  alley 
Chamberlaine  Richard,  carpenter  35  Coates'  alky 
Chambers  Ezekiel,  shipjoiner  23  Prime 


Chambers  Geo.  innkeeper  1 6  north  Third 
t  Chambers  H.  waiter  206  Coals' 
Chambers  Jas.  mariner  314  north  Second 
Chambers  Mrs.  widow,  boarding  house  75  n.  3d 
Chambers  John,  paperstainer  13th  n.  Vine 
Chambers  Thomas,  shopkeeper  509  north  Third 
Champenois  G.  tailor  and  dealer  176  n.  Third 
t  Champin  James,  master  sweep  12  Elizabeth 
Champion  Benjamin,  storekeeper  43  north  2d 
Champion  Wm.  inn  and  ferry  keeper  45  n.  Water 

and  old  ferry 
Chancellor,  Brown  and  Hall,  merchants  157  High 
Chancellor  Grace,  innkeeper   (Lombardy  Garden) 

corner  High  and  Centre  square 
Chancellor  Wra.  merchant  27 1  Chesnut  and  1 57 

Chandler  A.  boardinghouse  190  High 
Chandler  David,  mariner  5  Vernon 
Chandler  John,  71  Union 
Chandler  Thomas,  m=  d.  341  High" 
Chandler  Wm.  PyM.  d.  S.  E.  corner  4th  Sc  Walnut 
Chapel  James,  mate  Fuller*s  alley 
Chapin  Nathan,  grocer  corner  Cedar  and  Fifth 
Chapman  Benjamin,  publisher  120  Locust 
Chapman  widow  of  G.  R.  ironmonger  42  Union 
Chapman  John,  sexion  to  Friends*  meeting-house 

(in  Mulberry-st.)  86  Mulberry  corner  3d 
Chapman  Lucas,  turner  i6l  Pine 
Chapman  Isathaniel,  m.  d.  206  Chesnut 
Chapman  Wm.  labourer  Wright's  alley 
Chapman  Wm.  salt  and  coal  measurer  139  n.  Front 
Chapman  Wm.  bricklayer  cor.  High  &  sch.6th 
Chard  Benj.  mariner  Browne  n.  Front 
Chard  George,  141  north  Water 
Chardon  A.  paperhanging  manufacturer  85  Chesnut 
Charles  and  Borbidge,  carpenters,  8cc.  24  Branch 
Charles  Geo-  carpenter  24  Branch 
Charles  Henry,  copperplate  primer  58  Ann  (N.  L.) 
t  Charles  Jacob,  porter,  back  505  norih  Third 
t  Charles  John,  hatlxlresser  335  north  Front 
Charles  Madame,  widow,  24  Springet  alley 
Charlton  James, potter  537  and  526  n.  Front 


Cbarpentter  Daniel)  confectioner  156  s.  4th  and  58 
High  "   {see  Carfienter 

Chase  Charlotte,  239  Cedar 
Chase  E.  coachtrimmer  4th  above  Browne 
Chase  John,  combmaker  14  Pennsylvania  Avenue 
Chase  Paine,  sea  captain  Maria  street 
t  Chase  Robert,  labourer  Mary's  alley 
t  Chase  Samuel,  waiter  7th  cor.  Cedar 
Chastant  J.  B.  merchant  149  north  Third 
Chastant  Zewis,  merchant  149  north  Third 
Chatficld  Elizabeth^  147  St.  John 
Chatham  John,  shoemaker  1  Springett  alley 
Chatten  Abraham,  labourer  Brown  near  Vienna 
Chattin  Chester,  carpenter  1 1  Crown 
Chattin  Hannah,  mantuamaker  39  Mulberry 
Chaudron  Simon,  watchmaker,  jeweller  and  silvers- 
smith  9  south  Third 
Chauncey  Charles,  counsellor  at  law  48  Walnut 
Chauncey  E.  esq.  105  south  Fourth  street 
Chauncey  Nathaniel,,attorney  at  law  46  Walnut 
Chavalier  Nicholas,  teacher  39  n.  7th  [see  Chevalier 
Chaveau  Joseph,  accomptant  26  Powell 
Chavolier  Peter,  105  Spruce 
Chazotte  P.  S.  teacher  13  b  High 
Cheeks  William,  334  south  Second 
Cheesman  David,  bricklayer  1 60  Coats* 
Cheesman  Godfrey,  woodsawyer  260  St.  John 
Cheesman  Hannah,  widow,  6  Stephens' court 
Cheesman  Jacob,  labourer,  back  64  Catharine 
Cherry  David,  grocer  Spruce  above  Tenth 
Cherry  Margaret,  grocer  142  Spruce 
Chesnut  James,  labourer  Arch  near  sch.  3d 
Chesnut  John,  carter  corner  Hazel  alley  and  Locust 
Chfesnut  Samuel,  stonecutter  13th  below  Walnut 
Chesnut  Samuel  Sc  Wm.  grocers  280  High 
Chesnut  Wm   distiller  187  Cht^rry 
Chessen  George,  coppersmith  226  south  Third 
Chester  Charles,  mariner  Broad  n.  Walnut 
Chester  James,  baker  39  north  8th 
Qheston  Elijah,  coachmaker  81  Pine 
Chevalier  John,  tinplate  worker  1 16  High 
Chevalier  Mary,  widow  97  Callowhill 

CHE CHR  v^ 

Chevalier  Sumuel,  carter  York  road  near  Poplar  Ian© 

Chevas,  Anihony,  168  north  Third 

Chevers  Mrs.  boarding  house  corner  Race  and  7th 

Chew  Mrs.  widow  of  Benjamin,  1 10  south  Third 

Chew  Benjamin,  counsellor  at  law  87  s.  4th 

Chew  Jeffery,  confectioner  262  south  Fifth 

Chew  Joseph,  drayman  87  Budd 

Chew  Joseph,  shoemaker  262  south  Fourth 

Chew  Richard,  drayman  510  north  Front 

Chew  William,  bricklayer  310  s.  6th  n.  Fitzwalter 

Chicne  Margaret,  widow,  1 15  so^th  Second 

Chierdel  Pdul,  tailor  36  Strawberry 

Chilcot  Mary,  widow,  back  126  n.  Fifth 

Child  Henry,  ironmonger  452  north  Second 

Child  John,  clock  and  watchmaker  452  n.  2d  and  53 

Child  Margaret,  tulress  101  Christian 
Childs  James,  taylor  58  New  Market 
Childs  John,  printer  Townsend's  court 
Childs  John,  carpenter  Hamilton  Village 
Childs  Thomas,  sea  captain  268  south  Sixth 
Chivins  William,  cooper  1 1  York  court 
Chrisher  Mary,  basket  maker  Moyamensing  road 
Christian  Anthony,  mariner  24  Cox*s  alley 
Christian  Daniel,  shallopman  254  south  Fifth 

Isee  Chriatinc 
Christian  Peter,  head  flour  inspector  179  n.  Front 
Christian  Thomas,  ironmonger  48  High  above  2d 
Christie  Sloan,  storekeeper  Hamilton  Village 
Christie  widow  of  James,  125  Browne  [«<re  Christy 
Christie  Wm.  jun.  grfx:er  corner  3d  8c  Lombard 
Christie  William,  translator  and  corrector  of  the 

press  8  Knight's  court 
Christine  Geo.  drayman  Old  York  above  Poplar 

Isee  Christian 
Christman  Henry,  shoemaker  1 16  Sassafras 
t  Christmas  Samuel,  carpenter  189  south  6th 
Christopher  Michael,  team  driver,  Poplar  n.  4th 
Christy  D.  labourer  124  German  [^aee  Chriatit 

Christy  Catharine, nurse  25  Union 
Christy  Hugh,  grocer  2  &  3  n»  Water  5c  80  n.  Front 
Christy  Jonathan,  rigger  Rose  alley  above  Coats* 


Christy  i?obert,  boot  and  shoemaker  4 1  s.  Fronl 
Chrumel  Philip,  victualler  4th  above  Browne 
Chrystal  Miss,  milliner  2 14  Walnut 
Chrystler  Jacob,  3  north  Third 
Chur  Jacob,  baker  85  vSassafras 
Church  Isaac,  carpenter  6th  n.  Coats' 
Church  Mary,  widow  of  Jeremiah,  10  Margaretta 
Church  Mary,  widow,  1 48  south  Seventh 
Churchman  Owen,  flour  merchant  45  Filbert 
Churchman  and  Smith,  flour  merchants  455  High 
Cimmer  Matis, milkman  cor.  Buitonwood  8c  Charles 
Cist  Mrs.  south-west  corner  Tenth  and  High 
Claghorn  John  W.  13  south  Second 
Clampffer  Mary,  widow  2 1  Elfreth's  alley 
Claphanson  Johtn,  gentleman  Old  York  road  above 

mill  pond 
Clapier  Lewis,  merchant  6  Lombard  8c  216s.  Front 
Clare  Chs.  carter  corner  Hudson's  lane  &  Seventh 
Claridge  Philip  I.  grocer  76  north  Sixth 
Clark  A.  shoemaker  Moyamensing  below  Christl^D 
Clark  Adam,  drayman  Shippen  n.  7th 
Clark  ,  merchant  72  Tammany 

Clark  Amey,  tailoress  59  north  Fourth 
Clark  Ann,  widow.  Cherry  near  Broad 
Clark  Bathsheba,  quilter  Friends*  Alms  house 
Clark  Benjamin,  watchmaker  I  s.  Front  &  137  Raec 
Clark  Benjamin  &  Ellis,  clock  and  watchmakers  I 

s.  Front  S.  E.  cor.  High 
f  Clark  Benjamin,  woodsawyer  Shippen  near  7tk 
Clark  Calvin,  printer  148  Locust 
Clark  Catharine,  gentlewoman  42  north  Fourth 
Clark  and  Coffee,  smiths  and  machinemakers  42 

Spruce  and  cor.  ridge  road  and  Vine 
Clark  Daniel,  dep.  turnkey  7  Springett  alley 
Clark  E.  labourer  back  104  Filbert 
Clark  Elisha,  storekeeper  17  Branch 
Clark  Ellis,  watchmaker  1  south  Front 
Clark  Ephraim,  late  watchmaker  3  south  Ninth 
Clark  Freeman,  mate  105  Catharine 
Clark  Henry,  silversmith  2  Lsetitia  court 
Clark  Hannah,  gentlewoman  38  north  Fifth 
Clark  Hugh,  teacher  Queen  near  Sixth 


eiavk  I.  superintendant  of  lace  and  fringe  weavers 

Globe  factory  Germantown  road 
Clark  Israel,  potter  38  Bread 
Clark  Jacob,  merchant  55  north  Water 
Clark  James,  mariner  Moj'amensing  near  Prime 
Clark  James,  carpenter  Nicholson's  court  *. 

Clark  James  S.  innkeeper  123  Cedar 
Clark  Jane,  bonnetmaker  4  Strawberry 
Clark  Jeremiah,  cordwainer  431  south  Second 
Clark  John,  sea  captain  47  I  south  Second 
Clark  John,  plumber  1 1  Cresson's  alley 
Clark  John,  grocer  3 1  Prime 
Clark  John,  labourer  137  Swanson 
Clark  John,  turner  Elmslie's  alley     , 
Clark  John,  mate  97  Queen  (S.) 
Clark  John  L.  merchant  32  north  Fifth 
Clark  John,  shoemaker  4lh  above  Tammany 
Clark  Joseph,  storekeeper  12  n©rth  Fifth 
Clark  Joseph,  merchant  3  south  Water  and  91  n. 

Clark  and  Kempton,  merchants  53  north  Water 
Clark  Mary,  mantuamaker  250  north  Second 
Clar-k  Mary,  tayloress  Nonnater's  court 
Clark  Mary,  widow  41  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Clark  Mrs.  of  James,  labourer  465  south  Front 
Clark  Mrs.  of  John,  97  Queen  (S.) 
Clark  Michael,  shoestore  124  High 
Clark  Morris,  shoemaker  back  260  north  &th 
Clark  Noah,  cabinetmaker  11  York  court 
Clark  Robert,  stablekeeper  39  north  Second 
Clark  Robert,  labourer  50  Almond 
Clark  Robert,  grocer  corner  Swanson  and  Almond 
Clark  Robert,  tanner  268  St.  John 
Clark  R.  S.  broker  and  commission  merchant  87 

south  Sixth 
Clark  SamHel,  sea  captain  14  Coombs*  allty 
t  Clark  Solomon,  labourer  St.  Joseph's  avenue 
Clark  Stephen,  cordwainer  98  north  Eleventh 
Clark  Thomas,  blacksmith  3  Laurel  (C.) 
Clark  Timothy,  taylor  Lolar's  court 
Clark  Timothy,  }un.  taylor  339  north  Front 
Clark  Wm.  grocer  cor.  Frankford  road  and  Queen 


Clark  Wm.  mariner  1 8  Duke  (N.  L.) 

Clarke  Clement,  boarding  house  105  High,  turpen^ 

pentine  and  rosin  factory  465  n.  Front 
Clarke  E.  teacher  22  Cherry  and  92  north  Seventh 
Clarke  and  Hutchinson,  watchmakers,  &c.  corner 

Almond  and  Front 
Clarke  Jesse,  watchmaker,  &c.  227  south  Second 
Clarke  Samuel,  merchant  227  south.Front 
Clarkson  Jacob,  merchant  1 30  south  Eighth 
Clarkson  Mrs.  widow  Sassafras  n.  sch.  8th 
t  Clarkson  Quomony,  teacher  167  Pine 
Clarkson  Samuel,  merchant  94  Union  and  226  Pine 
t  Clarkson  Tobias,  labourer  46  Small 
Clastrie  Madame,  grocer  18  Lombard 
Claudius  Augustus,  merchant  21  Dock,  dwelling 

N.W.  cor.  Ninth  and  Chesnut 
Claver  Christian,  mate  7  Callowhill 
Clavier  Mrs.  mantuamaker  140  south  Fifth 
Clawges  Daniel,  painter  186  Vine 
Clawges  Charles  S.  cordwainer  52  north  Fifth 
Clawges  J.  sen.  measurer  of  painter's  work  52  n.  5tb 
^Clawges  Jacob,  painter,  &c.  188  Vine 
Clawges  John,  jun.  teacher  86  north  Eleventh 
Clawges  Thomas,  wheelwright  Nonnater's  court 
Clawson  Edward,  mariner  Farmer's  row  [see  Closaon 
Claxton  John,  merchant  60  n.  Front  &  i9  Mulberry 
Clay  Alexander,  currier  and  stablekeeper  Harmo- 
ny street 
Clay  Ann,  widow,  mantuamaker  York  st. 
Clay  Curtis,  merchant  6  north  Ninth 
Clay  George,  accomptant  6  north  Seventh 
Clay  Jane,  widow  188  Cedar 
Clay  widow  of  Robert,  173  Walnut 
Claypoole  Abraham  G.  203  south  Fifth 
Claypoole  David  C.  222  Spruce 
Claypoole  John,  uphelsttrer  70  south  Front 
Claypoole  J.  dep.  keep  of  prison  183^  Coats 
Claypoole  T.  39  Pine 
Claystine  B.  sugarboiler  162  Vine 
•f  Clayton  Aaron,  labourer  buck  100  n.  Eleventh  * 
Clayton  C  coackmaker  cor.  7ih  and  Mulberry 
Clayton  David,  carpenter  Lily  alley 


Clayton  Joseph,  yeoman  205  Callovvhill 

t  Clayton  Lydia,  washerwoman  Middle  alley 

Clayton  Mary,  washerwoman  58  Small 

Clayton  Mary,  seamstress  3 1  Coatcs'  alley 

Clayton  Samuel,  cordwainer  4th  below  Christian 

Clayton  Tbomas,  hatter  126  south  Front 

Clayton  William,  carpenter  Germantown  road  near 

Cleavenger  Squire,  tailor  6  n.  Water  &  48  Race 
Cleaver  Isaac,  m.  d.  286  n.  Second         [see  C/iver 
Cleaver  Jesse,  late  lumber  merchant  286  n.  2d 
Cleaver  Mary,  milkwoman  215  north  Eiglith 
Clemens  Jacob,  late  justice  473  north  Second 
Clemens  Joseph_,  perfumer  and  chemist  Broad  above 

Clemens  Madame,  Elizabeth  street 
Clement  Hannah,  widow  50  Mulberry 
Clement  Jacob,  merchant  1 1  n.  Water  Sc  152  Front 
Clement  Jacob  B.  meixhani  375  High  cor.  10th 
t  Clement  James,  taylor  143  Lombard 
Clement  Jos.  T.  gentleman  309  Race  below  9th 
Clement  Mrs.  Ann,  widow  90  south  Third 
Clement  Moses,  carpenter  Stewart's  court 
Clemmons  Moses,  carpenter,  back  14  Cherry 
Clemmons  widow  of  John,  Spruce  n.  sch.  4ilj 
Clemson  James,  flour  merchant  302  High 
Clemson    Thomas,  flour  merchant  268  High  and 

corner  Filbert  and  Ninth 
Cleveland  John  J.  hardware  merchant  6i1i  2d  door 

above  Chesnut 
Clew  Peter,  brickmaker  Vine  n.  Broad 
Clew  Wm.  la(!iieb*  shoemaker  282  Mulberry 
Clibborn  Joshua, merchant  15  Prune 
Cli-flTord  David,  mariner  351  south  Second 
Clifford  Mrs.  nurse  41 1  south  Front 
Clifford  Thomas,  merchant  232  Walnut 
Clifford  Thomas  and  Jolin,  merchants  29  n.  Water 
CUTton  Barnabas,  tailor  1 8  north  Water 
Clifion  Sarah,  widow,  64  Almond 
Cline  Abra.  grocer  90  north  7th  cor.  Cherry 
Cline  Adam,  labourer  Irish  hine  near  C'tdar  , 

Cline  Elizabeth,  nurse  4th  ulwvc  Brcwn*:' 


Cline  George,  brickmaker  492  north  Third 

Cline  George,  shoemaker  503  north  Third 

CHne  George,  taylor  32  north  Sixth  [_see  Kline 

Cline  Henry,  jun.  tailor  53  n.  8th  &  Woglom's  court 

Cline  Henry,  tailor  52  n.  Eighth 

Cline  Jacob,  drayman  Steinmetz's  court 

Cline  John,  printer  12th  near  Pine 

Cline  John,  drayman  Bedford  (M.) 

Cline  John,  brickmaker  4th  near  George 

Cline  widow  of  Joseph,  cooper  354  n.  Front _ 

Cline  Mrs.  widow,  68  north  Sixth 

Cline  Vakntine,  226  south  Third 

Cline  widow,  segarmaker  Juniper  above  Race 

Cline  Wm.  labourer  Shackamaxon 

Cling  George,  sea  captain  1 1  Summer's  court 

Cling  Mrs.  widow,  208  High 

Clinman  George,  carpet  weaver  313  north  Third 

t  Clinsher  Adam,  porter  Cordwainer*s  alley 

Clinton  Mrs.  Eliz.  shopkeeper  5  south  Fourth 

Clinton  Francis,  labourer  Juniper  alley 

Clinton  Robert,  accomptant  141  Spruce 

Clinton  William,  boatbuilder  Penn  near  Maiden 

Cliver  Stacy,  tailor  286  Swanson  \see  Cleaver 

Clocker  William,  mariner  46  Penn 

Cloer  John,  cabinet  maker  164  s.  5th  8c  270  s.  2d 

Clopp  John,  smith  92  ISIew  and  174  north  Fourth 

Clopp  John,  jun  coach  wheelwright  270  north  M 

Clopper  Sarah,  boarding  house  220  Spruce 

Close  Henry,  grocer  206  Cedar 

Closson  Sarah,  bonnet  maker  26  Mulberry 

'ysee  Clawson 
Closson  Wm.  tavernkeeper  208  n.  V/ater  and  211 

Clothier  Barbara,  tavernkeeper  375  north  Front 
Clothier  Margaret,  nurse  5  Cresson's-alley 
Clothier  Samuel,  mastmaker  Bedford 
Cloud  Joseph,  refiner  in  the  mint  276  Mulberry 
Clouden  Jacob,  labourer  Shackamaxon 
Clouden  John,  ropemaker  Shackamaxon 
Clouser  Matthew,  ship-watchman  1 5  Wood  (N.  L.) 
Clcuser  Thias,  labourer  Starr  alley 
Clout  Jacob,  blacksmith  Frankford  road  n.  Queen 



f  Clover  Prim,  blacksmith  Quince  alley 

Cluley  John,  vvirefender  and  cagemaker  17  s.  4th 

Clunn  Charles,  cabinet  maker  62  High 

Clun  John,  shipwright  Shackamaxon 

Clyde  Sc  Baxter,  grocers  N.  \V.  cor.  9ih  and  Race 

Clyde  Joseph,  labourer  George  above  Eleventh 

Clyde  Thomas,  grocer  cor.  Ninth  and  Race 

Clymer  Archibald,  taylor  I  15  Ciennan 

Clymer  George,  president  of  the  Philadelphia  bank 

355  High 
Clymer  George,  patent  printing-press  manufacturer, 
Wood    between    8th    and  Garden,    dwelling 
Hickory  above  Sixth 
Clymer  George,  jun.  cordwainer  195  Callowhill 
Clymer  Jacob,  carpenter  75  Crown 
t  Coaley  Amos,  shoemaker  Middle  alley  n.  7th 
Coarse  Matthias,  mariner  40  Vine         [see  Connc 
Coates  Caleb,  innkeeper  cor.  High  and  Juniper 
Coates  George  M.  hardware  merchant  49  High 
Coates  James,  gunsmith  back  47  Tammany 
Coates  John,  sailmaker  375  south  Front 
t  Coates  John,  pepperpot  hotel  4lh  near  Browne 
Coates  Josiah,  druggist^  &c.  4  north  Second 
Coates  Samuel,  jun.  merchant  366  High 
Coates  Samuel,  merchant  82  south  Front 
Coats  Isaac,  shipwrigiu  Beach  near  H.inovcr 
Coats  John,  shipwright  158  Swanson 
Coats  John,  jun.  shipwright  25  Mary  (S.) 
Coats  Matthias,  grocer  66  Swanson 
Coats    and   Richards,    grocers   and   tavernkeepers 

Almond  st.  wharf 
Coats  Thomas,  jun   scrivener,  Kunckel  near  Tam- 
many and  329  north  Third 
Coats  widow  of  Josiah  L.  60  north  Third 
Coats  widow  of  \Villiam,  esq.  382  north  Front 
Cobb  Ebenezer,  victuaUer  125  Budd 
Cobb  Joseph,  taylor  cor.  St.  John  and  Wood  st. 
Cobb  Thomas,  carpenter  Fourth  above  Browne 
Cobb  Wm.  carpenter  Acorn  alley 
Cobb  Wm.  carpenter  Brusstar's  court 
Coburn  Ann,  shopkeeper  41  Locust 
Cochran  Charles,  bottler  78  north  Water 


Cochran  Hugh,  drayman  Shippen  above  Seventh 

Cochran  John,  tobacconist 45  Fitzwaker  [seeCorkiin 

Cochran  John,  baker  364  High 

Cochran  John,  shallopman  back  1 15  Christian 

Cochran  \vidowof  Robert,  printer  108  Sassafras 

Cochran  Pvobert,  carpenter  7,  German 

Cochren  Mrs.  tutress  S3  north  Fifth 

Cochren  Robert,  gunsmith  460  north  Third 

Cock  Catharine,  seamstress  135  Plum 

Cody  widow  of  James,  carpenter  152  north  Fifth 

Coe  Richard,  merchant,  store  8  south  Second 

Coe  Robert,  merchant  4  south  Second 

Coffee  George  F.  nailor  331  south  Second 

Coffee  Jonathan,,  blacksmith  301  Vine  &  cor.  9th 

Coffie  Jam<iS,  labourer  Shackamaxon 

Coffie  J.  W.'  painter,  &c.  61  Dock 

Coffin  Albert,  sea  captain,  M'Cullough*s  court 

Coffin  and  Mott,  merchants  48  Dock 

Coffin   Thomas,  merchant  48  Dock,  dwelling  28 

-h  Coffin  widow,  washerwoman  Bonsall  street 
T  Cnggar  Edward,  blacksmith  Merritt*s  lane  n.  6th 
Coggins  Isaac,  sea  captain  91  Budd 
Cogill  Samuel  H.  teacher,  Washington  court  and  64 

CoMe  Christopher,  carter  15  Ktmckel 
Cohee  Ann,  widow  Huddell's  alley 
Cohen  A.  Myers,  merchant  204  Chesnut 
Cohen  A.  H.  storekeeper  13  north  Front 
Cohen  A.  B.  storekeener  371  north  Second 
Cohen  E.  merchant  8e  Race 
Cohen  Isaac,  labourer  Fuller's  alley 
Cohen  widow  of  rev.  Jacob,  of  the  Jev/s*  synagogue 

1  Cherry 
Cohen  Jacob  I.  merchant  155  Mulberry 
Cohdl  Richard,  constable  back  123  Arch 
Coit  Gabriel,  cordwainer  264  south  Fourth 
Coit  Richard,  shoemaker  7  Sm'all 
Coker  Susan,  teacher  87  Christian 
Cokuen  John,  mariner  76  Penn 
Cole  Andrew,  mariner  203  south  Front 
Cole  Elias,  carpenter  343  Callowhill 


Cole  Isaac  P.  taylor  back  336  north  Second 

Cole  James  H.  merchant  32  north  Third 

t  Cole  James,  shopkeeper  325  s.  Front 

t  Cole  James,  labourer  Vine  near  Juniper 

t  Cole  John,  labourer  Pine  near  Twelfth 

Cole  John,  shoemakei^204  Lombard 

Cole  John  L  grocer  198  north  Second 

t  Cole  Joseph,  barber,  303  north  Third 

Cole  Mary,  widow  215  Callowhill 

Cole  Mrs.  widow,  73  Queen  (S.) 

Cole  Sarah,  widow  Moyamensing  below  Christian 

Cole  Thomas,  bootmaker,  &c.  High  n.  Permanent 

Cole  T.  teacher  back  15  Sterling  alley 
Cole  William,  taiior  126  New 
Cole  William,  carpenter  146  north  Eighth 
t  Cole  William,  woodsawyer  1 1th  above  Filbert 
Coles  Benjamin,  teacher,  back  14  Sterling  alley 
Coles  Wm.  carpenter  152  north  Eighth 
Coles  William,  coachsmith  lOih^below  High 
Coleman  Adam,  shoemaker  back  293  Vine 
Coleman  Ann,  widow,  209  south  Seventh 
Colenran  Catharine,  milliner  119  north  Third 
Coleman  Charles,  tanner  54  New  Market  street 
t  Coleman.  Isaac,  oysterman  240  Lombard 
Coleman  Jacob,  carpenter  65  Coats 
Coleman  John,  brewer  107  New 
Coleman  Jonathan,  shoemaker  12ih  n.  Vine 
Coleman  Lydia,  widow,  29  North  alley 
Coleman  Mrs.  widow  419  north  Second 
Coleman  N.  tavernkeeper  cor.  I2ih  8c  Sassafras 
Coleman  Philip,  skinner  and  glue  factor  22  Noble 
Coleman  widow  of  Charles,  120  Swanson 
Coleman  widow,  nurse  20  Sassafras 
Coleman  William,  labourer  12  Pear 
t  Coleman  William,  teacher  214  Shippen 
Colerick  widow  of  Arthur,  printer  (Printers*  Hotel) 

83  south  Fifth 
Coleston  Cuiharine,  widow,  St.  Mary  n.  8ih 
Colewater  James,  tobacconist  cor.  5th  &c  Buttonwood 
Colewaier  Philip,  watchman  21  Buttonwood 
Colhoun  David,  shipcarpenter  Federal  above  2d 



Colhoun  Elizabeth,  57  Green 

Colhoon  G.  8c  A.  merchants  37  north  Water 

Colhoun  Samuel)  m.  d.  59  s.  Seventh 

Colhoun  William,  blacksmith  Pearson's  court 

Colladay  Jacob,  carpenter  8th  above^Race 

Colladay  Joseph,  stone  cutter  cor.  8th  &  Sassafras 

Colladay  Sc  Leannard,  stone  cutters  cor.  8th  &  Race 

Collar  ^lary,  dealer  3  Pine 

Collar  M.  fisherman  corner  Queen  and  Cherry 

Collar  Wm.  fisherman  Brusstar's  court 

Collard  Mary,  widow,  56  New  Market 

Colley  John,  ropemaker.  Federal  above  Second 

Colley  Samuel,  grocer  corner  Race  and  Front 

t  Collick  Ann,  shopkeeper  194  south  Sixth 

Collier  G.  mariner,  back  1 5  Charlotte 

Collin  Nicholas,  d.  d.  rector  of  the  Swedish  church 

208  Swanson,  by  the  church  [see  Cuiii?i 

Colling  James,  shoemaker  ISj'assyunkroad 
ColUngwood  Sarah,  widow,  Britton's  alley 
Collins  Benjamin,  painter,  &c.  120  Chesnut  and  330 

Collins  Charles,  taylor  137  Chesnut 
Collins  Elizabeth,  huckster  13  Kunckel 
Collins  Frederick,  mariner  287 south  Third 
Collins  George,  cooper  back  1 6  Pewterplater  alley 
t  Collins  Henry,  woodsawyer,  back  100  n.  1 1th 
Collins  John,  dealer  Gray's  ferry  road 
Collins  Jos.  E.  accomptant  Mechanic  street 
Collins  Joseph  E.  smith  115  north  Second 
Collins  widow  of  Joseph,  182  n.  Second 
Collins  Joshua,  78  south  Eleventh 
Collins  Mary,  widow.  Chancery  lane 
Collins  Margaret,  widow.  Prime  near  Front 
Collins  Moses,  grocer  5  Mulberry 
Collins  Peter,  grocer  and  tavern  1 62  north  Third 
Collins  Sarah,  widow,  23  Charlotte 
Collins  widow  of  Timothy,  grocer  75  south  Fifth 
Collins  T.  Biddle's  alley 
Collins  Thomas,  oysterman,  back  12  Christian 
Collins  Zacheus,  merchant  29  north  Second 
Collinson  George,  mate  63  Penn 
CoUom  Jonathan,  teacher  1 30  Coats* 


CoUom  Seth,  bricklayer  6th  above  Poplar 
Collord  John,  bricklayer  corner  Callowhill  and  5th 
Colsher  David,  shingledresser,  corner  4th  and  Cal- 
Colwell  Chew,  confectioner  233  north  Second 
Col  well  George,  grocer  6  Little  Water  [see  Caldwell 
Colyer  John,  mariner  363  north  Second 
Combes  J.  druggist  160  south  Fourth 
Combes  Matthew,  sea  captain  44  Qu^^en  (S.) 
Combes  Sarah,  shopkeeper  84  Cedar 
Combs  George,  carpenter  back  77  Christian 

[see  Coombs 
Comfort  Stephen,  jun.  merchant  13  south  Second 
Comly  and  Allen,  merchants  63  north  Front 
Comly  Benjamin,  jun.  smith  22  Browne 
Comly  Benjamin,  shallopman  22  Browne 
Comly  Charles,  merchant  208  north  Front 
Comly  David,  carpenter  1 1 2  Vine,  shop  Noble  near 

Comly  Ezra,  storekeeper  244  north  Second 
Comly  E.  storekeeper  126  n,  2d  &  5  Pfeiffer's  alley 
Comly  James,  merchant  taylor  17  south  Third 
Comly  Joshua,  carpenter  29  Callowhill 
Comly  Mrs.  of  Pearson,  labourer  64  Budd 
Comly  Samuel^  merchant  95  High 
Comly  and  Wright,  merchants  95  High 
Commerlow  Ursula,  bandbox  maker  67  Coats 
Compton  Joseph,  merchant  taylor  24  Chesnut 
Conard  Jonathan,  lumber  merchant  309  n.  Third 
Conard  and  West,  lumber  merchants  cor.  Noble  8c 

Conarroc  and  Scott,  timber  merchants  and  wharf 

builders,  Beach  near  High  bridge  (K.) 
Conarroe  Thomas,  whai  f-buiider  32  Callowhill 
Conchy  James,  storekeeper  296  south  Front 
Conde  Charles,  perfumer  89  north  Third 
Conden  Wm.  tavernkeeper  5  Greenleaf  court 
Condie  Thomas,  bookbinder  22  Caner*s  alley 
Condie  Thomas,  jun.  editor  of  the  Juvenile  Port 

Folio,  22  Carter's  alley 
Condon    Wm.    blacksmith,  shop  Penn,  dwelling 
Beach  near  Maiden  (K.) 


Condon  Wm.  jun.  soap  and  candle  manufactory  49 1 

n.  Second  and  127  Budd 
t  Condy  Cato,  gardener  Hudson's  lane 
Condy  J.  W.  counsellor  at  law  106  Walnut 
Condy  and  Raguet,  merchants  Bickley's  wharf 
Cone  Alice,  gentlewoman  166  Spruce 
Coney  George,  shaliopman  Frankford  R.  n.  Queen 
Coney  James,  ropemaker  Merritt*s  lane  n.  Fifth 
Conger  Joel,  carpenter  358  north  Third 
Conger  Wm.  shoemaker  Poplar  above  Front 
Conkle  Elizabeth,  78  Race 

Conkle  Henry,  taylor  48  n.  Seventh      [«ee  Kunckel 
Conn  James,  mariner  20  Cedar 
Conn  Micajah,  carpenter  147  Locust 
Connell  Robert,  printcutter  Juniper  near  Vine 
Connelly  Henry,  cabinetmaker  72  &  74  s.  Fourth 
Connelly  John,  commission  merchant  56  s.  Front, 

and  280  Chesnut 
Connelly  Joseph,  painter,  &c.  HI  Catharine 
Connelly  J.  blacksmith  282  and  264  south  Third 
Connelly  Patrick,  labourer  12  German 
Connelly  Patrick  186  south  Fourth 
Connelly  Thomas,  blacksmith  25  Gilles'  alley 
Conner  Samuel,  l?.bourer  Shackamaxon 
Connery  John,  cabinetmaker  3  Marshall's  alley 
Connery  Sarahj  washerwoman  3  Pewterplatter  alley 
Connie  Peter,  wine  cooper  427  south  Front 
Connor  Bernard,  drayman  Cedar  above  Ninth 
Connor  Bridget,  tavernkeeper  284  south  Front 
Connor  Charlotte,  boardinghouse  48  Penn 
Connor  Dan.  drayman  Federal  above  Second 
t  Connor  James,  waiter  Jones'  alley 
Connor  and  Lawrence,  coopers  28  Swanson 
Connor  Patrick,  carter  George  above  Eleventh 
Connor  Patrick,  carpenter  back  6  Elizabeth  street 
Connor  Patrick,  79  German 
Connor  Peter,  mariner  Midlen's  alley 
Connor  Thomas,  cooper  28  Swanson 
Connor  Thos.  smith  Hurtung*s  alley  &  Fetter  lane 
Connor  Timothy,  carpenter  back  94  north  1  lih 
Connoway  Niel,  grocer  2  Barron  8c  162  s.  Wharves 
Conover  Jacob,  bricklayer  4th  near  Tammany 
Conofer  Josi  shoemaker  Prime  (Wharton's  build.) 


Cunovtr  M.  oysterman  173  St.  John 
Conover  Samuel  L.  m.  d.  HI  south  Fifth 

Conrad ,  labourer  Loxley'^  court 

Conrad  Cornelius,  bookbinder  SO  Chcsnut 

Conrad  Elijah,  storekeeper  cor.  High  and  Front 

Conrad  Isaiah,  plaisterer  1 18  Coats      » 

Conrad  John,  drayman  Hains' alley      [see  Coimard 

Conrad  John,  bookseller  30  Chesnut 

Conrad  John,  blacksmith  1 1  and  22  Pewterplalter 

Conrad  John,  2 1  Crown 
Conrad  Matthew,  shoewarehouse  60  High 
Conrad  Peter,  brushmaker  161  High  and  124  n.  3d 
Conrad  Solomon  W.  printer  and  bookseller  93  High 

dwelling  5  Church  alley 
Conrade  Joseph,  bricklayer  293  south  Third 
Conrod  Wm.  tavernkeeper  Buttonwoodn.  Sixth 
Conroy  Wm.  soapboiler  Rachael  street 
Conry  Thos.  labourer  Thirteenth  above  Race 
Conser  George,  ropemaker  Shackamaxon 
Constantine  Peter,  124  north  Fifth 
Convery  Henry,  grocer  50  Spruce 
Conway  Bernard,  storekeeper  14  s.  Second  and  9 

FVanklin  Court 
Conway  and  Bu?ke,  stprekeepers  14  s.  Second 
t  Conway  Jacob,  porter  Spruce  above  Eighth 
Conwell  Gerard,  taylor  206  south  Water 
-Conyer  Peter,  shipjoiner  Shackamaxon 
Conyer  Wm.  shipjoiner  Shackamaxon 
Conyers  Hannah,  huckster  iO  Wagner's  alley 
Conyers  John,  late  cordwainer  16  Carter's  alley 
Conyers  Walter,  bootmaker  40  south  Third  and  16 

Carter's  alley 
Conyngham  Gustavus,  sea  captain  8 1  Lembard 

[see  Cu^kingham 
Cooch  Francis  L.  merchant  179  south  Front 
Cook  Alexander;,  letter  carrier  2  Chancery  lane 
Cook  A.  &  S.  grocers  76  south  Third 
Cook' Alex,  soap  and  candle  manuf.  136  8c  140n.4th 
Cook  Benjamin,  drayman  7  Stephens*  court 
Cook  Charles,  taylor  126  north  Fifth 
Cook  p,  baker  378  north  Second 

coo — coo 

Cook  David,  shoemaker  35 1  south  Second 
Cook  EHzabeth,  teacher  52  Almond 
Cook  Elias,  carpenter  Arch  near  sch.  Second 
Cook  Elizabeth,  nurse  12  Hinckers  court 
Cook  George,  bricklayer  1 20  Coats 
Cook  George  H.  grocer,  &c.  24  Carter's  alley- 
Cook  George^  taylor  127  and  149  n.  2d 
Cook  Hannah,  teacher  40  George  (S.) 
Cook  Henry,  carpenter  79  Vine 
Cook  James,  brushmaker  307  High 
Cook  John,  china  merchant  3 1  i  north  Second 
Cook  John,  morocco  dresser  130  Walnut 
Cook  John,  cordwainer  Kunckel  above  Noble  ami 

back  14  Cherry 
Cook  John,  liquor  store  High  near  sch.  8th 
Cook  John,  merchant  9  north  Eleventh 
Cook  John,  teacher  2 1  Prune 
Cook  Jonathan,  labourer  8  Oak  (S.) 
Cook  Mary,  widow  1 9  Appletree  alley 
Cook  Peter,  labourer  25  Cresson's  alley 
Cook  Philip,  cordwainer  351  south  Second 
Cook  Robert  B.  wheelwright  210  south  Fifth 
Cook  S.  widow  sch.  Eighth  nearCherry 
Cook  Wm  whipmaker  91  Crown 
Cook  Wm.  bricklayer  Poplar  near  Fourth 
Cooke  and  Cresson,  merchants  133  High 
Cooke  John,  merchant  133  High 
Cooke  Mrs.  mantuamaker  22  Swanson 
Cooker  Christian,  gardener  Greenwich  street 
Cooker  Jacob,  gardener  Prime  above  Eighth 
Cooker  Mrs.  of  Martin,  washerwoman  Greenwich 
Coombs  David,  teacher-33  German         {see  Comba 
Coombs  John,  carpenter  99  Budd 
Coombs  Peter,  tavernkeeper  cor.  Penn  and  Cedar 
Coomes  4.o^1j  carter  Wright's  alley 
t  Cooper  A.  hairdresser  74  Walnut 
Cooper  Adam,  carpenter  Wood  above  8th 
Cooper  widowof  Balfour,  cor.  German  and  Fifth 
Cooper  Benjamin,  tailor  41  Chesnut  and  26  Arch 
Cooper  Britain,  accomptant  171  Mulberry 
Cooper  Charles,  victualler  413  south  Front 
Cooper  Christiana,  storekeeper  56  north  Second 

coo COP 

Toopcr  Conrad,  shoemaker  256  north  Front 

Cooper  Deborah,  widow  186  south  Front 

Cooper  Elizabeth,  widow  3d  above  George 

Cooper  Francis,  tobacconist  13  Budd 

Cooper  Hugh,  grocer  50  n.  Third  and  44  north  5lh 

Cooper  Henry,  printer  378  north  Third 

Cooper  Jacob,  storekeeper  205  north  Third 

Cooper  James,  carpenter  147  St.  John 

t  Cooper  James,  oysterman  19  north  5th 

Cooper  James,  cooper  258  south  Third 

Cooper  James,  merchant  2 1  Sassafras 

Cooper  James,  gentleman  194  north  Front 

Cooper  Jane,  widow  of  John,  137  Pine 

Cooper  John,  printer  137  Pine  [-^ee  Cou/iai- 

Cooper  Joseph  and  Collin,  merchants  35  n.  Front 

Cooper  Joseph,  merchant  39  Vine,  35  n.  Front 

Cooper  Mary,  widow,  43  Mulberry 

Cooper  Michael,  constable  corner  Buck  R.  and  Long 

Cooper  Robert,  oak  cooper  52  Plum 
t  Cooper  Sarah,  washerwoman  near  77  German* 
Cooper  Thomas,  carpenter  Kunckel  n.  Green 
Cooper  Thomas,  mastmaker  416ii.  Front 
Cooper  Thomas,  hardware  store  33  High 
Cooper  Wm.  shipwright  Marlborough  above  Bedford 
Cooper  Wm.  soapboiler  75  south  Front 
Cooper  Wm.  PI.  millwright  469  norih  Second 
Cooper  Wm.  sea  captain  384  south  Front 
Cope  Charles,  victualler  Johns 
Cope  Godfrey  G.  victualler  cor.  4th  and  Tammany 
Cope  Israel  S?:  Jasper,  merchants  165  High 
Cope  Israel,  merchant  186  Mulberry 
Cope  Jasper,  merchant  166  Mulberry 
^'ope  John,  farmer  near  Blue  Ball,  Passyunk  R. 
Cope  widow,  milkwoman  Swede's  alley 
Cope  Thomas  P.  merchant.  Walnut  street  wharf, 

dwelling  36  north  Fourth 
Cope  Wm.  shipwright  282  south  Fourth 
Copeland  Amelia,  widow,  524  south  Front 
Copeland  Jacob,  shipjoiner  324  south  Front 
Copeland  Wm.  seacantaih  10  Coombs  ;illey 

Isce  Coivfilayid 


Copia  Jacobj  coachtrimmer  183  Pine 

Copper  James  C.  merchants  Little  George  '■ 

Coppuck  John,  tailor  Maplci  street 

Corbet  John,  mariner  7  Callowhill 

Corbit  Danl.  8c  JohnL.  carpenters  17  Wood  (N.  L.) 

Corbit  Israel,  carpenter  347  north  Front 

Corficld  Adam,  taylor  64  Vine 

Corfield  Edward  D.  justioe  of  the  peace  234  n.  Front 

Corfield  Jesse,  morocco  manufacturer  1 14  Walnut 

Corgae  Thomas,  shipsmith  420  south  Front 

Corgae  Thomas,  sea  captain  71  Christian 

Corgie  George,  pilot  16  Catherine 

t  Cork  Isaac,  labourer  234  Lombard 

Cork  John,  carpenter  Juniper  lane 

C*krin  Jas.  carpenter  207  8c  209  s.  Fourth 

\see  Cochr'ipi 
Corlet  widow  of  John,  shipwright  Shackamaxon 
Corlett  Catharine,  boardinghouse  8 1  Swanson 
Cormick  David,  mate  29  German 
Corn  Larry,  carter  3  Maria 
Corfieau  John,  carpenter  Watson's  alley 
Cornelius  Anne,  widow,  nurse  2G7  south  Fifth 
Cornelius  Christian,  silverplater,  back  40  n.  4th 
Cornelius  Wm.  fisherman  corner  Queen  &  Bishop 
Cornell  M.  mantuamaker  73  New 
Cornet  Charles,  gunsmith  93  south  Water 
Cornish  James,  storekeeper  73  Cedar 
t  Cornish  Tilman,  woodsawyer  Merritt's  Jane 
Cornman  Adam,  sugarbaker  203  north  Front 
Cornman  Adam,  printer  242  south  Third 
Cornman  Joseph,  keeper  of  debtor's  apartment  cor. 

Prune  and  Sixth 
Cornman  Wm.  accomptant  House's  court 
Cornwall  James,  carpenter  Queen  near  Wood 
Cornwall  William,  labourer  Lombard  n.  sch.  8th 
Cornwell  Daniel,  painter,  Sec.  9  Powell 
Cornwell  Doctor  J.  C.  91  south  Front 
porhwell  Joseph,  pilot  25  Beck's  alley 
Corren  John,  labourer  Walnut  above  13th 
Correy  Robert,  merchant  71  south  Water,  dwejlinr^ 

29  Church  alley  "^    .      l^acc  Currcy.i^nd  Carrie 
Corse  William,  cabinet  maker  132  south  4th 


Corson  C.  mariner  54  Green 

Cossart  David,  cedarcooper  457  north  Second 

Cost  Martin,  hat  dyer  22  Keys'  alley 

Costlow  Thos.  tallow  chandler,  back  38  Ann  (N.  L.) 

Coston  George  W.  shingle  shaver  391  north  Front 

Coston  Joshua,  labourer  64  Coats 

t  Cotance  Wily,  master-sweep  Spruce  above  8tlr 

Cotrell  Richard,  mariner  2 1  Swanson 

Cotter  Florence,  carpenter  Scott's  alley 

Cotton  Susannah,  widow  99  Cedar 

Cottringer  Garct,  merchant  187  south  Third 

t  Couard  John,  barber  109  Pine 

Couch  Furman,  labourer  Rachael  st, 

Couden  David,  dyer  231  south  Fifth 

Couden  Samuel,  carpenter  89  north  Sixth 

Coulon  H.  C.  fancy  store  132  south  Second 

Coulson  Nathaniel,  labourer  320  Vine 

Coulter  John,  merchant  corner  Union  8c  From 

Coulter  John,  labourer  391  Sassafras 

Coulter  Joseph,  carpenter  66  Catharine 

Coulton  Margaret,  widow  near  88  Gaskill 

Coulton  Wm.  taylor  N.E.  corner  Penn  8c  Ctdji- 

Coultson  Israel,  capenter.  See  63  Tammany 

Council  Joseph,  bricklayer  17  Crab 

Covmtryman  C.  ornamental  painter  120  German 

Coupar  Elizabeth,  widow  Stillhouse  alley 

Courlets  John  B.  gentleman  38  Coates*  alley 

Course  widow  of  Wm.  226  Lombard 

Courtauld  Samuel,  merchant  143  s.  Sixth 

Courtney  A.nn^  widow  120  Christian 

Courtney  James,  grocer  Cedar  near  Twelfth 

Courtney  Joseph,  carpenter  74  Mulberry 

Cousins  Benjamin,  carter  s.  2d  below  Federal 

Cousins  widow  of  Isaiah,  carter  Oak  (N.  L.) 

Couteau  Peter,  tinsmith  15  Spruce 

Covert  Isaac,  blockmaker  36  south  Vriiarves  &  1 1 

Carter's  alley 
t  Covey  Robert,  labourer  Rose 
Cowan  Jo) in,  taylor  104  Cedar 
Cowan  Wm.  D.  silversmith  32  Plum 
Cowden  John,  stonecutter  135  Locust 
Cowdrick  widow  of  John,  61  Tammaiiy 
Cowdrick  Marv,  nurse  61 , T--— --''^  """^ 

cow — cox 

Coweli  John  V.  merchant  28  s.  Second 
Cowon  James,  labourer  70  Penn   ^ 
Cowperthwait  Mark,  shoemaker  165  Spruce 
Cowperthwaite  widow  of  Hulings,  204  n.  Front 
Cowpland  David  C  carpenter  14  Arch 

[see  Co/ieland. 
Cox  Abner  Sc  Co.  shoestore  162  High 
Cox  Baines,  storekeeper  6  n.  Second  ^ 

Cox  Benjamin,  shoestore  1^2  High 
Cox  Benjamin,  watchmaker  30  Powell 
Cox  Charles  J.  attorney  at  law  137  s.  Fifth 
Cox  Charles,  labourer  257  Callowhill     [see  Cocks, 
Cox  David,  bricklayer  6  Powell     ' 
Cox  Elizabeth,  teacher  74  Vine 
Cox  Eliza,  29  Uriion 

Cox  Eliz.  widow  of  Moses,  corner  Union  8c  Third 
Cox  Esther,  gentlewoman  157  Walnut  (Sansom's 

Cox  Gabriel,  carter  Rose  alley  near  Green 
Cox  George  H.  taylor  18  south  Water  &  back  3^ 

Cox  Gideon,  cedarcooper  253  High 
Cox  widow  of  Jacob,  merchant  226  High 
Cox  ^James  S.  president  of  the  Pennsylvania  Insur- 

a^nce  Company,  429  High 
Cox  James,  artist  1 1  s.  Fourth  ^  39  Almond 
Cox  John  W.  sea  captain  8 1  Penn 

Cox  John  T.  carpenter  212  Pine 

Cox  John,  currier  1 7  Charlotte 

Cox  lohn  A.  late  shoemaker  Tenth  near  Lombard 

Cox  John,  tobacconist  1 1  Shippen 

"t  Cox  Joseph,  porter  Pine  near  Twelfth 

Cox  Joseph,  mariner  6  Hurst 

Cox  L.  carter  Poplar  above  St.  John 

Cox  Laurence,  carter  7  Budd 

Cox  Martin,  blacksmith  Oak(N.L.)8c  419  n.  Front 

Cox  M.  mariner  280  s.  Fourth 

Cox  M.  K.  potter  302  n.  2d.  &  334  n.  Front 

Cox  Paul,  late  sea  captain  88  s.  Front 

Cox  Samuel,  ladies  shoemaker  59  Cherry 

t  Cox  Thomas,  coachman  Spruce  above  Eighth 

Cox  Thomas,  labourer  281  s.  Third 

Cox  Wm.  moroccodresser  2d  ab.  Germantown  road 

cox CRA 

Cox  Win.  chairmaker  Kunckel  st.  near  Grecu 
Cox  Wm.  black  £^  whitesmith  144  Spruce 
Cox  widow  of  Wm.  chairmaker  8  Coombs*  alley 
Coxe  Alexander  S.  attorney  at  law  58  Walnut  k 

196  Spruce 
Coxe  Charles  Sidney,  attorney  at  law  5  8  Walnut  8c 

196  Spruce 
Coxe  Daniel  W.  merchant  95  south  Frontj-dwelling 

Chcsnut,  3d  door  above  Seventh,  north  side 
C^oxe  Edward,  Ijlacksmith  2d  n.  Germantcwii  road 
Coxe  Edward,  blacksmith  5'92  north  Front 
Coxe  John  D.  76  Walnut  t 

Coxe  John  Redman,  m.  d.  and  professor  of  chemis- 
try in  the  University  of  Pennsylvania,  8  York 
Coxe  Tench,  merchant  196  Spruce 
Coxen  George,  engineer  8^  millwright  18  Locust 

dwelling  246  Sprucfe 
Coyle  James,  taylor  30  s.  Water 
Coyle  Patrick,  potter  sch.  Front  near  Locust 
Coyle  Patrick,  labourer  Currant  alley 
Coyle  Patrick,  weaver  3 1 3  north  Third 
Coyle  Wm.  carter  250  Cedar 
Coyls  Daniel,  soapboiler  102  Crown 
Coyls  8c  M'Fadgen,  tallow  chandlers,  55  n.  Sixth 
Crabb  Wm.  jun.  accomptant  Walnut  above  Tenth 
Craft  Gershom,  printer  Sixth  near  Carpenter 
Craft  Jacob,  carpenter  Fourth  near  George  (N.  L.) 
Craft  Jacob,  gun-bag  maker  1 1  6  Budd   [see  Kraft 
Crager  George,  cardmaker  137  Cherry 
Craig  Charles,  grocer  136  German 
Ci'aig  L  widow  of  Andrew,  back  89  Passyunk 
t  Craig  Jacob,  coachman  104  north  Eleventh 
t  Craig  Jacob,  sailmaker  Pottery  alley 
Craig  James,  merchant  181  Chesnut 
Craig  John,  nailer  283  noith  Third 
Craig  Jane,  widow  Locust  above  Twelfth 
Craig  widow  of  John,  181  Chesnut 
Craig  Miss,  1 1 3  Spruce 
Craig  Robert,  carter  back  12  Oak  (S.) 
Craig  Saml.  smith  near  39  Locust  8c  124  s.  Tenth 
Ci*aig  Samuel,  taylor  back  52  Cherry 
Craige  John,  carpenter  Race  near  sch»  Seventh 


Craige  John^  saddler,  8cc.  corner  3d.Sc  GermariLOWi> 

Crai^e  Seth,  saddle  &  harnessmakcr  246  High 
Craige,  Huston  Sc  Craige,  saddle  &  harnessmakers 

1 10  Hi^h 
Craige,  Marqiiedant  Sc  Huston,  cotton  manufactu- 
rers 1 10  High,  and  factory  Germantown  road 
near  Pitt 
Craige  William,  saddle  &  harnessmakcr,  1 10  High 
Craighead  Mary,  widow  4  Stamper's  alley 
Cramer  John,  shipwright  below  505  s.  Second 

\jsee  Creamer, 
Cramer  Johti  jun.  shoemaker  35  Mary  (S.) 
Crammer,  Jacob,  bootmaker  i  3 1  north  Sixth 
Cramond  W.  merchant  222  Mulberry 
Cramp  George,  shipwright  Marlborough  n.  Queen 
Cramp  Martin,  fisherman  Queen  near  Wood 
t  Cranchel  B.  widow,  fruiterer  157  Chesnut 

Crane ,  shoemaker  Old  York  road  above  Noble 

Crane  A.  wrought  nailer  Laurel  (N.  L.)  [see  Crean, 

Crane  John,  carpenter  163  Green 

Crane  Roger,  sea  captain  28  Queen 

Crafjsby  George,  mariner  5 1  Queen 

Crantz  Jacob,  woodsawyer  147  St.  John 

Crant2  Peter,  shoemaker  1 80  Lombard 

Crap  Nicholas,  boot  &c  shoemaker  112  s.  Second 

Crap  widow,  storekeeper  17  Spruce 

Crauthers  Elizabeth,  tavern  keeper  cor.  Pine  Sc  1 1th 

Craven  Jacob,  cabinetmaker  Greenwich  st. 

Crawford  Alexander,  taylor  28  Kupckel 

Crawford  Andrew,  manner  75  Plum 

Crawford  James,  insurance  broker  73  s.  6th.  office 

in  the  coflfee  house 
Crawford  widow  cf  James,  332  south  Second 
Crawford  John,  mate  53  Almond 
Crawford  John,  baker  46  Filbert 
Crawford  Margaret,  widow  151  St.  John 
Crawford  Mrs.  E.  widow  12  Noble 
Crawford  Nathaniel,  shipwright  Sarah  st. 
Crawford  Sarah,  widow  25  Barron 
Crawford  Wm.  labourer  132  Cedar 
Cray  croft  Joseph,  shoemaker  309  south  Second 
Cream  Henry,  sugar  boiler  4th  near  Browne 


Creamer  Christian,  labourer  204  St.  John 
CVeamer  Henry,  286  Arch  ^aee  Cramer* 

Creamer  Wm.    carpet  weaver  Buttonwood  above 

Crean  John,  carpenter  55  south  7lh  [see  Crane 

Crease  Wm.  G.  boot  and  shoemaker  258  n.  2d 
Creegemeyer  Henry,  labourer  438  Sassafras 
Creeley  Jno.  ropemaker  Federal  above  Second 
Creely  Michael,  labourer  Marlborough  n.  Bedford 
Cregar  Samuel,  shoemaker  Lawrence  street 
Cremona  Peter,  artificial  flower  maker  126  n.  4th 
Cress  Alexander,  shoemaker  377  north  Second 
Cress  George,  feedstore  250  Lombard 
Cress  George,  jun.  harnessmaker  237  High 
Cress  Henry,  innkeeper  Chesnut  Hill 
Cress  widow  of  J.  inspector  of  customs  91  n.  Sixth 
Cress  Peter,  harnessmaker  ^7  m  Sixth 
Cress  Thomas,  cooper  9 1  Crown 
Cress  Wm.  labourer  359  north  Second 
Cressel  Barbara,  nurse  129  Callowhill 
Cressman  Henry,  shoemaker  20  Farmer's  alley 
Cresson  Benjamin,  chinamerchant  197  Sassafras 
Cresson  Caleb,  gentleman  43  Cherry 
Cresson  Caleb  C.  jun.  merchant  29  north  Third 
Cresson  James,  chinamerchant  227  High 
Cresson  John  Elliott,  conveyancer  54  High 
Cresson  John  H.  merchant  14  north  Second 
Cresson  Joseph,  chinamerchunt  9  Church  alley 
Cresson  J.  accomptant  126  Cherry 
Cresson  Richard  C.  grocer  407  &  409  n.  Front 
Cribbin  JoImi^  rigger  115  Catharine 
Crilborn  J.  merchant  I  I  Prune 
Crilley  Davis,  blacksmith  489  north  Third 
Crisman  Samuel,  carpenter  283  south  Fourth 
Crist  Henry,  shipwright.  Palmer 
Crist  John,  cooper  Palmer  near  Duke 
Crist  John,  grocer  Queen  cor.  Warren 
CfTst  Michael,  shipwright  Cherry  near  Duke 
Criswell  widow  of  Samuel,  43  north  Sixth 
Criter  Ann,  Germantown  road  above  Second 
Croasdill  Wm.  merchant  15  north  5th  &  121  High  * 
Crockett  John,  carter  416  north  Front 

H  2 


Crockett  Samuel,  taylor  4  Laurel  an4  150  s..  Water 
Crockett  and  Tumbelston,  taylors  N.W.cor.  Water 

and  the  Drawbridge  dock 
Croft  Mrs.  ofj  Robert,  cor.  Callow  hill  and  Juliana 
Croft  Thomas,  mariner  177  Coats 
Croll  Zeblen,  shoemaker  365  north  Third 
Crombargar  John,  flour  merchant  314  High 
Cromley  Henry,  carter  Shippen's  lane  near  Cctlar 
Cromly  Jacob,  labourer  3 1  north  Seventh    , 
Cromwell  John,  bricklayer  Schrivers*  court 
t  Cromwell  John,  sailmaker  121  south  Water 
Cromwell  Oliver,  bricklayer  Kunckel  n.  Tammany 
Cronan  Judith,  clear  starcher  6  Norris*s  alley 
Crone  widow  of  Isaac,  huckster  Spafford 
Groom  Henry,  hog  victuialler  James  st. 
Cropper  Isaac,  mariner  10  Callowhill 
t  Cropper  Sarah,  widow  Cedar  cor.  Seventh 
t  Crosberry  David,  porter  back  6  Locust 
Crosby  Daniel,  labourer  Hazle  alley  near  Lyndall'.? 
jCrosby  M.  stonecutter  7  Fayette 
Crosby  Peter,  labourer  Hickory  lane  above  6th 
Crosier  Benjamin,  shoemaker  Elmsley's  alley 
Croskey  Geo.  D.  brewer  103  New 
Croskey  Richard,  gentleman  186  Chesnut 
C'roskey  and  Say,  brewers  101  and  103  New 
Cross  Benjamin,  teacher  35  Vine 
Cross  R.  O.  hatter  173  south  Front 
^.'loss  Elizabeth,  teacher  332  north  Second 
^.^iossman  James,  labourer  Pryor's  alley 

[see  Grossman 
Crossman  John,  oysterman  424  n.  Front 
Crothers  Hannah,  widow  131  High 
'rothers  Robert,  hatter  13  Crown 
Crothers  Wm.  S.  merchant  131  High 
Crolto  Henry,  newscarrier  32  Farmer's  alley 
Croudin?^  Elizabeth,  shopkeeper  66  north  Sixth 
Crousdeil  John,  woodsawyer  463  north  Third 
Crouse  Michael,  victualler  142  Vine 
Crouta  John  B.  pastrycook  240  High 
Crow  Thomas,  painter,  &c.  Miller's  court  (N.  L.) 
Crowell  James,  teacher  18  Shippen  and  49  Almond 
Crowell  Samuel,  pilot  92  S^anson 

Crowell  Thomas,  sea  captain  UO  south  Second   ' 
Crowl  Martin,  mate  1  Bryan's  alley 
Crowley  James,  shoemaker  Scott's  alley 
Crowley  John,  clock  and  watchmaker  130  s.  Front 
Crowley  Timothy,  fruiterer  16  Walnut  [tee  CrawCey 
Crozet  M.  C  suspenderraaker  77  New 
Crozier  Andrew,  teacht^r  1 37  south  Ninth 
Cruckshank  Joseph,  printer  and  stationer  87  High 

dwelling  16  Church  alley 
Crull  Absalom,  shoemaker,  Poplar  above  Third 
CruU  George,  labourer  29  Sugar  alley 
Crull  Martin,  rigger  2  Branner's  alley 
Crull  Wm.  hairdresser  90  Callowhill 
Crumback  Godfrey,  shopkeeper  37  Passyunfk 
Crumback  Jacob,  shoemaker  1 1 1  Christian 
Crummel  Rebecca,  whitewasher  40  south  Fifth 
Crumpton  Wm.  silverplater  89  south  Sixth 
Cruse  Jesse,  carpenter  364  south  Second 
Cruson  Wm.  accomptant  227  Lombai^d 
Cruthers  John,  carpenter  sch.  8th  near  Vine 
Cryder  John,  cordwainer  4th  near  Poplar 
Cryder  Mary  C  shopkeeper  165  north  Third 
Cudlipp  John,  shoemaker  26  German 
Culbertson  Mary,  widow,  teacher  246  norlh  Front 
Culin  John,  jun.  taylor  S.W.  cor.  High  and  W^ater 

and  5  Chancery  lane 
Cullen  Thomas,  sea  captain  275  s.  Front  [see  CoUin 
C'ulnan  Charles, back  129  Walnut 
Culnan  George,  taylor  60  Ann  (N.  L.) 
Culp  Jacob  and  Co.  grocers  222  north  Second 
Culvert  Martha,  taylorcss  135  north  Sixth 
t  Cummens  Abraham,  coachman  Elmsley's  alley 
Cummens  Charles,  perfumer  45  south  Third 
t  Cummens  Charles,  labourer  385  north  Fourth 
Cumming  George  M.  merchant  2  Powell  corner  5th 
Cumming  Richard  P  tinplate worker  262  n.  2d 

Cummings ,  mariner  137  Swanson 

Cunmiings  Daniel,  shoemaker  215  north  Second 
Cummings  Enoch,  printer  396  north  Third 
Cummings  James,  labourer  224  Cedar 
Cummings  Mary,  widow,  M'Culloch*s  court 
t  Cummings  Robt.  D.  oystcrraan  Spruce  above  8th 


t  Cammings  Robert,  carpenter  Nicholson's  court 
Cummings  William,  hatter,  back  130  north  Fifth 
Cumtnings  Wm.  grocer  26  Plum  8c  92  s.  Wharves 
Cummings  Wm.  carpe«ter  17  Garter's  alley 
Cummins  David,  merchant  68  south  Wharves 
Cummins  Joseph,  labourer  cor.  sch.  7th  &  Race 
I  Cummins  Richard,  labourer  Acorn  alley 
Cummins  William,  merchant  36  Plum 
Cummons  James,  shoemaker  45  Green 
Cumpston  Thomas,  merchant  3X)l  High 
Cunitz  Lewis,  bleeder  with  leeches  170  Race 
Cunning  Patrick,  labourer  Shippen's  lane 
Cunningham  Elizabeth,  13  Hurst 
Cunningham  James,  shoemaker  cor.  1 3th  &  Locust 
Cunningham  John,  grocer  31  s.  2d  [see  Conyngham 
Cunningham  Mrs.  of  David,  33  north  Eighth 
Cunningham  Patrick,  ca-rpenter  219  Cedar 
Cunningham  Robert,  vreaver  75  north  Sixth 
Curbin  A.  mariner  419  south  Front 
Curby  Edward,  mariner  1 4  Pine 
Curby  Wm.  mariner  154  St.  John 
Curcier  Andrew,  merchant  69  Walnut  &  80  s.  Frpnt 
Cure  Louis,  jeweller  83  Mulberry 
Curies  Adin,  sea  captain  102  Swanson 
Ciirren  widow  of  N.  161  n.  3d  [see  Currin 

Carrey  Ann  and  Eliz.  washerwomen,  back  126  s.  8lh 
Currey  Israel,  shoemaker,  back  1 12  s.  2d 
Currey  Samuel,  shoemaker  4  South  alley 

^see  Corrcyi  Curry,  Curric 
Currie  Helen,  boarding  house  4  Patten's  court 
Currie  Martin,  segarmaker  Baker's  alley 
Currie  Wm.  m.  d.  119  south  Fifth 
Currin  James,  cordwainer  Baker's  court 
Currin  James,  hatter  Fromberger's  court 
Currin  Timothy,  plaisterer  Juniper  lane  [see  Curren 
Curry  Archd.  carpenter  Arch  n.  sch.  Front 
Curry  Elizabeth,  widow  64  Tammany  Isee  Currey 
Curry  John,  merchant  tailor  118  Walnut 
Curry  John,  shoemaker  2d  below  Federal 
Curry  M.  shoemaker  329  north  Sefcond 
Curry  Samuel,  cordwainer  47  s.  Third 
Curry  Samuel,  gardener  cor.  Pine  and  sch.  7th 


C'artis  Asa,  grocer  N.'E.  corner  Mulberry  and  Se- 
cond and  25  Elfreth's  allty 
Curtis  C.  carpeiiter  41  New  Market 
Curtis  E.  tayJor  18  Coombs',  alley  [see  Kurtz 

Curtis  Isaac,  shoemaker  295  north  Third 
Curtis  John,  potter  405  and  407  south  Front 
Curtis  John  H.  merchant  407  south  Front 
t  Curtis  Joseph,  yeoman  Seventh  near  Pine 
Curtis  Mrs.  manluamaker  York  street 
Curtis  Margaret,  \v«ibher\voman  285  St.  John 
t  Curtis  Samuel,  sweep  34  Powell 
Curtis  Wm.  fancy  chairmaker  130  Walnut 
Curtis  Wm.  chairmaker  7  Gray's  alley 
Curts  William,  Ridge  above  Francis 
Cushing  Caleb,  sea  captain  42 1  south  Front 
Culbush  James,  druggist  and  chemist  35  s.  4lh 
Cutbush  Doctor,  153  n.  3d  or  at  U.  S,  navy  yard 
Cuthbert  A.  masimaker  9 1  Swanson  and  41  Penn 
Cuthbert  FlizH,  gentlewoman  397  n.  Front 
Cuthbert  James  L.  merchant  102  south  Wharves 

and  189  south  Third 
Cuthbert  John  t?*  Ja».  L..  merchants  102  s.  Wharves 
Cuthbert  T.  merchant  264  south  Second  and  3  Lit- 

tie  Water 
Cuthberlson  James,  weaver  sch.  5th  n.  Chesnut 
Cuiherel  Willis,  tailor  Elbow  lane 
Cyfarrid  Christiana,  nurse  Scott's  alley 
t  Cyrus  James,  oakcooper  200  Cherry 

Dabadis  JoHK,  merchant  S.  £•  cor.  High  and  5tbi 

Da  Costa  Catherine,  Margarelta  street 

Da  Costa  Joseph,  sea  captain  258  n.  Front 

Dadeker  Adam,  baker  Marlborough 

Daffin  Elizabeth,  teacher  35  Powell 

Dager  John,  wheelwright  1 3th  below  Chesnut 

Dahlgren  Bernard,  accomptant  79  5c  123  Walnut 

Daily  Bernard,  typefounder  Grissel's  alley 

Daily  Dennis,  50  Coats* 

\.  Dixily  Henry,  porter  Garden  above  Vine 

Daily  John,  grocer  44  south  Eighth 

Daily  Wm.  tavernkeepcr  243  south  Sixth 


Dairy  James,  labourer  EImslle*s  alley 

Dale  James,  sailmaker  1 1 5  north  Front 

Dale  Peter,  labourer  60  Passyunkroad 

Dale  commodore  Richard,  Spruce  below  Fourth 

Dallaker  Mary,  widow  48  Cherry 

Dallam  Samuel,  tavernkeeper  (North  Ward  Hotel) 

173  High 
Dallas  Alexander  J.  attorney  of  the  United  States 

for  the  district  of  Pennsylvania  98  s.  Fourth 
Dallas  Wm.  plaisterer  Oak  near  Coats 
Dallett  Elijah  8c  Thomas,  soap  and  candle  mann- 

feicturers  34  High 
Dallman  John,  smith  and  pumpmaker  204  n.  8th. 
Dally  Mary,  shopkeeper  1 1 1  High 
Dalrymple  Eliz.  nurse  Prime  below  Second 
Dalton  Wm.  shoemaker  100  n.  Eleventh 
Daly  Edward,  bookbinder  12  Fromberger's  court 
Daly  John,  sea  captain  200  n.  Front 
Daly  Nicholas,  cabinetmaker  122  &  133  Lombard 
Dalzel  Wm.  chinastore  244  s.  Second 
Danenhower  Charles,  innkeeper  139  n.  Fourth 
Danenhower  Geo.  flour  inspector  1 12  Callowhill 
Daney  John,  victualler  Hanover 
Danford  Thomas,  pewterer  corner  1 3th  and  High 
Dangel  Maria,  widow  Thirteenth  above  Race 
Daniel  Aaron,  shipwright  Shackamaxon 
Daniel  Samuel,  wharf-builder  400  north  Front 
Danielly  John,  carter  Oak  near  Coats 
Daniels  George,  carpenter  Billing's  court 
Daniels  Joshua,  carter  Pine  above  Juniper 
Daniels  Wni.  mariner  189  north  Front 
Dankel  Henry,  biscuit  baker  Crooked  billet  wharf 
Dankwerth  John,  bakw  151  Cherry 
Dannaker  Christian,  storekeeper  135  north  Third 
Dannaker  John,  victualler  Crown  above  Queen 
Dannenberg  C.  merchant  319  High 
Darby  Samuel,  carpenter  15  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Dardine  John  L.  31  Green 
Dare  Hannah,  seamstress  Fromberger's  court 
Dare  Robert,  shallopman  120  Swanson 
Darland  Thomas,  harnessmaker  Chester  n.  Vine 
Darley  Sarah,  widow  225  Cherry 
Darley  widow  of  John,  dealer  289  Sassafras 


DarUng  Mrs.  of  John,  74  SwansoD 

Darling  Samuel,  commission  merchant  54  Filbert 

and  326  High 
Darlton  Biddy,  widow  44  Strawberry 
Darnell  Henry,  carter  123  north  Water 
Darr  Jacob,  leech-bleeder  154  n.  Fourth 
Darr  John,  victualler  83  Brown 
Darr  Nicholas,  shoemaker  Rose  alley  (N.  L.) 
Darrach  Ellena,  teacher  26  Pear  st. 
Darrach  James,  hatter  62  south  Second 
Darrach  John,  labourer  Vine  near  Broad 
Dartis  Michael  B.  gentleman  35  Almond 
Daub  John,  engineer  corner  sch.  2*d  and  Walnut 
Dauce  Simeon,  lapidary  and  jeweller  5  Cherry 
Dauch  Henry,  tobacconist  Prince  corner  Crown 
Dauderman  Jacob,  cooper  40  Moravian  alley 
Daul  John,  engineer  Front  near  Walnut 
Davalt  Henry,  carter  Fourth  above  Browne 
Davarex  Mary,  shopkeeper  46  Spruce 
Davenport  Francis,  brewer  back  1 4  Cherry 
Davenport  widow  of  Jaities,  cooper  190  s.  Second 
Davenport  widow  of  John,  hatter  41  north  Second 
Davenport  Robert,  jeweller  1  Laurel  st.  (C.) 
Davenport  Wm.  mathematical  instrument  maker 
45  s.  Front  \_3ee  Devtn/iort. 

Daves  F.  whitesmith  172  Crown 
Davey  John  J.  cabinetmaker  Cox's  alley 
David  D.  &  S.  shopkeepers  27  north  Ninth 
David  Francis  S.  merchant  Tenth,  third  door  be- 
low Chesnut 
David  Jacob,  storekeeper  196  n.  Second 
D^id  John,  100  s.  Second 
David  &  Worrell,  storekeepers  196  n.  Second 
Davidson  D.  tavemkeeper  183  s.  Front  and  182  s. 

Davidson  Andrew,  shipwright  84  Swanson 
Davidson  A.  sailmaker  Sumeri*s  wharf  and  232  n. 
Front  [^see  Davison. 

Davidson  Eliza,  shocwarehouse  1 7 1  s.  Second 
Davidson  John,  baker  229  s.  Fourth 
Davidson  Nathan,  merchant  I  n.  Ninth 
Davidson  Robert,  sailmaker  1 1 1  Catharine 
Davidson  Robert,  carpenter  286  Vine 


Davidson  \Vm,  gentleman  28  n.  Ninth 

Davidson  Wm.  5  Sansom 

Davies  Edward,  coach  painter  back  31  n.  Ninth 

Davies  Rebecca,  milliner  208  south  Second 

Davis  Aaron,  jeweller  134  s.  Tenth 

Davis  Adam,  weaver  corner  Fourth  &  Cedar 

Davis  Abner,  shoestore  84  High 

Davis  Abraham,  mariner  61  Queen  (S.) 

Davis  Absa.  stonemason  corner  sch.  7th  &  Cherry 

Davis  Andrew,  mariner  Fetter  lane 

Davis  Armon,  flour  merchant,  store   224  High, 

dwelling  Eleventh  near  Chesnut 
Davis  Benjamin,  shipwright  Queen  near  Hanover 
Davis  Benjamin,  jun.  carter  179  Coats 
Davis  Benjamin,  storekeeper  40  n.  Second 
Davis  Catharine,  innkeeper  4  Bank 
Davis  Catharine,  widow  back  89  Passyunk 
Davis  Charles,  carpenter  Browne  st.  (K.) 
Davis  Daniel,  taylor  155  n.  Sixth 
Davis  Daniel,  combmaker  back  97  Coats 

Davis ,  bookbinder  122  s.  Tenth 

Davis  David,  mate  back  37  Newmarket  s: 

Davis  Eli,  shoemaker  393  n.  Second 

Davis  Elijah,  drayman  71  Budd 

Davis  Elijah,  5  Heyde*s  court 

Davis  Eliza,  seamstress  Webb's  alley 

Davis  Evan,  shoemaker  36  Mulberry 

Davis  George,  broker  30  Walnut  and  10  Sansom 

Davis  Hannah,  shopkeeper  Callowhill  st.  wharf 

Davis  Isaac,  tanner  and  currier,  corner  Fifth  and 

Noble,  and  corner  Old  York  road  and  Noble 
Davis  Jacob,  quill  manufacturer  Noble  between 

Second  ^  Third 
Davis  James,  smith  187  Shippcn  and  53  Fitzwalter 
Davis  James,  suspendermaker  22  High 
Davis  Jesse,  innkeeper  36  Bank  \jiee  Deavn. 

Davis  John,  labourer  131  Plum 
Davis  John,  labourer  Germaritown  Pw«  near  1st.  gate 
Davis  John,  taylor  3 1  n.  Fourth 
•f  Davis  John,  hairdresser  174  s.  Second 
Davis  John,  labourer  cornc  r  sch.  7th.  8t  Lombard 
Davis  John,  storekeeper  20  s.  Second 
Davis  John,  shoestore  40  High 

DAV- — DA\ 

Davis  John,  tobacconist  344  High 
Davis  John,  cabinetmaker  back  459  s.  Secoiic: 
Davis  John,  cabinetmaker  20  Sassafras  alley 
t  Davis  John,  shoemaker  12  Gilles*s  alley- 
Davis  widow  of  John,  Lily  alley 
Davis  Jonathan,  carpenter  175  Pine 
Davis  Joseph,  carpenter  1 1  Wagner's  alley 
Davis  Joseph,  hatter  25 1  n.  Second 
Davis  John,  bookbinder  57  s.  Front 
Davis  Joseph,  stonemason  sch.  Fourth  near  Arch 
Davis  Mary,  ladies  boarding  house  94  n.  Ninth 
Davis  Mary,  late  ironmonger  168  n.  Second 
Davis  Mrs.  widow  50  Duke  st.  (N.  L.) 
Davis  Nathaniel,  179  Coats 
Davis  Noah,  bricklayer  114?;  St.  John's 
Davis  P.  widow  corner  Garden  and  Wood 
Davis  P.  shoemaker  corner  2d  isf  Germantown  R 
Davis  Rachel,  widow  back  27  Noble 
Davis  Richard,  sea  captain  back  3  Swanson 
Davis  Richard,  gentleman  369  High 
Davis  Robert,  carpenter  27  Brewer's  alley 
Davis  Samuel  iE.  accomptant  32 1  Race  nearNiiiih 
Davis  Sampson,  carpenter  183  Cherry 
Davis  Samuel,  oysterman  Britton's  alley 
Davis  Sarah,  nurse  7  Brewer's  alley 
Davis  Stephen,  innkeeper  184  Callowhill 
Davis  Thomas,  cordwainer  124  s.  Fifth 
Davis  Thomas,  innkeeper  164  High 
Davis  Thomas,  wharf-builder  33  Christian 
Davis  Thomas,  shipjoiner  Oak  near  Coats' 
Davis  Thomas,  shoemaker  139  Green 
t  Davis  Thomas,  carter  21  Middle  alley 
Davis  Thos.  blacksmith  Old  York  R.  n.  Tamman\ 
Davis  Thomas,  shallopman  Rose  alley  near  Coats 
Davis  Thomas,  boot  i^  shoemaker  142  s.  Front 
Davis  William,  blockmaker  Swede's  alley 
Davis  William,  moulder  Sheaff's  alley 
Davis  William,  taylor  6  s.  Fifth 
Davis  William,  carpenter  227  Cedar 
Davis  William,  taylor  51  n.  Third 
t  Davis  Wm.  woodsawyer  Maiy  alley  ^  25  Tarn* 
marv  »- 



Davis  William,  shipchandler  corner  Sassafras  and 
Water,  dwelling  N.  W  corner  Mulberry  ^  7th 
Bavis  ^  Willis,  shoewarehouse  40  High 
Davis  Zephaniah,  stonemason  Clover  alley 
Davison  Adam,  labourer  Aspen  alley  n.  Spruce 
.Davison  Henry,  smith  4  Crab  \jee  Davidson 

Davison  Mrs,  of  William,  134  Cedar 
Davison  Robert,  sailmaker  1 1 1  Catharine  h  59  Dock 
Dawes  Abija,  merchant  126  south  Second 
Dawes  Ann,  widow  20  north  Sixth 
Dawes  Deborah,  teacher  6  Norris*  alley 
Dawes  Francis,  millwright  44  Vine 
Dawes  Saml.  F.  merchant,  126  south  Second 
Dawes  Sibyl  &  Co.  storekeepers  6  south  2d 
Dawes  Timothy,  mate  15  Budd 
Daws  Wm.  C.  tailor  64  north  Sixth 
Dawson  Eliza,  widow  Raspberry  alley 
Dawson  George,  soap  and  candle  factory  373  s.  2d 
Dawson  G.  B.  sea  captain  corner  IVont  and  Pine 
Dawson  Jonas,  clock  and  watch  maker  397  High 
Dawson  and  Morrison,  brewers  79  and  8 1  Chesnm 
Dav;son  Robert,  gentleman  101  n.  Second 
Dawson  Wm.  brewer  77  Chesnut 
Day  Benjamin,  shipwright  Sarah 
Day  Catharine,  widow,  8  Oak  street 
Day  Humphrey,  shoemaker  96  Swansor 
Day  Jacob,  labourer  362  north  Front 
Day  John,  labourer  Juniper  above  8th 
Day  Joseph,  smhh  Upper  ferry  road 
Day  Mary,  tayloress  68  north  Second 
Day  M.  bonnetm^er  17  Strawberry 
Day  Michael,  gardener  Palmer  near  West 
Day  Samuel,  taylor  12  Stall's  court 
Dazey  Jemima,  widow,  5  Hartung's  alley 
Deacon  Israel,  taylor  55  Tammany 
Deacon  Peter,  mariner  near  56  Catharine 
Deakery  Joseph;  confection'ir  135  north  Second 
Deal  Andrew,  carter  Germantown  R.  n.  4th 
Deal  Christ,  baker  387  north  Fourth 
Deal  Christian,  stockingweaver  Callowhill  n.  lOth 
Deal  Conrad,  late  baker  283  s.  PVont 

[fice  Dale  and  Dubl 


Deal  Daniel,  late  smith  Queen  n.  Marlborough 

Deal  Elias,  baker  25  Appletree  alley 

DealJacob,  shopkeeper  23  Julianna 

Deal  Jacob,  grocer  Queen  near  Hanover 

Deal  John,  labourer  sch.  7th  n.  Cherry 

Deal  John, carter  Germantown  R.  n.  1st  gate 

Deal  John,  porter  isf  Coats' 

Deal  John,  victualler  299  north  Eighth 

Deal  M.  widow  305  north  Eighth 

Deal  Peter,  carpenter  Queen  n.  Marlborough 

Deamtr  John,  oak  cooper  Cox's  alley 

Dearr.tT  Lewis,  65  Queen  (S.) 

Dean  Alexander  J.  teacher  Clover  alley  and  145  s. 

Dean  John,  salt  manufacturer  76  north  5th 
Dean  Richard,  wheelwright  cor-  Germantown  R.  8c 

Deaver  John,  labourer  Webb's  alley 
Deuvs  Isaac, carpenter  220  Walnut  ^ste  Davis 

De  Binder  Jos.  boatbuikler  Prime  n.  Cd 
De  Beust  John,  sailmaker  corner  Ptnn  and  Pine 

De  Borah ,  36  Meade  alley 

De  Borah  Hugh,  labourer  102  Swanson 
Debosque  Henry,  High  n.  sch.  7th 
Debouis  Benjamin,  box  maker  368  n.  3d 

Dechapel ,  132  Lombard 

Decker  Moses,  labourer  75  Green         [6re  Ducker 
Decker  P.  L  storekeeper  258  s.  Fourth 
Deckers,  widow  of  Martin,  grocer  16  Cedar 
Deckhart  Jacob,  victualler  446  Sassafras 
Decoster  Charles,  oak  cooper  3  Prune  yee  Dacocta 
Dedff'bach  David,  saw  maker  4  South  alley 
Deeter  Rachel,  mantuamaker  185  north  Front 
Defield  Jesse,  Moyamensing  R.  n.  Christian 
Defield  John  Peter,  shoemaker  Merritt's  lane 
Deforest  George,  combmaker  3  Schriver's  court 
Deforest  widow  of  Henry,  cabinetmaker  64  n.  8th 
Deg  Ludwick,  tallow  chandler  Germantown  R.  be- 
low Second 
Degay  A.  washerwoman  24  Stamper's  alley 
Degen  John  T.  shoemaker  21  i  north  Eighth 
Degog  Doctor  John,  corner  Walnut  and  Fifth 


De  Graff'e  Charles,  gentleman  corner  Spruct  &  4lii 

Degreeves  John  B.  pilot  32  Queen  (S.) 

D«  Haven  Holsfein,  carpenter  upper  45  n.  6th 

De  Haven  Hugh,  merchant  upper  45  north  Sixti:> 

De  Haven  Hugh,  jr.  merchant  upper  45  n.  6th 

De  Haven  Mrs.  of  Jonathan,  Prospect  alley 

De  Haven  Peter,  genilernan  upper  41  n.  6ih 

t  Dehony  Daniel,  waiter  Elm  slie's  alley 

Oeimling  F.  G.  commission  merchant  3  n.  5tli 

Oeimling  Francis  C  accomptant  2  Quarry 

Oeitz  John,  bricklayer  203  nonh  Third 

i)eitz  Peter,  oak  cooper  33  Union    {^see  Ditz^  Dieiz 

Deklyn   Theodore,  block   and  pump    maker  Oak 

above  Hay  scales  and  Poplar  above  Front 
Dekwight  David,  mariner  4  Little  Water 
De  la  Croix  C.  J.  Philadelphia  distillery,  wine  and 

liquor  store  264  n.  2d  and  21  south  Front 
De  la  Croix  Louis,  confectioner,  back  326  Race 
Delamar  G.  &  F.  sawyers  George  near  1  Ith 
Delamater  John,  merchant  68  north  Eighth 
De  La  Montagne,  shoemaker  50  German 
Delange  Jacob,  storekeeper  115  north  Third 
I  Delancey  James,  boxmaker  163  St.  John's 
Delany  Lydia,  milliner  131  south  Second 
Delany  Patrick,  harnessmaker  8  Locust 
Delany  Wm.  attorney  at  law  50  s.  Sixth 
Delap  Humphrey,  Ridge  n.  Callowhill 
Delaplaine  Joseph,  bookseller  S.W,  corner  Chesnut 

and  Seventh 
Delaunay  widow  of  Robert,  75  Walnut 
Delaunay  Peter,  merchant  1 17  Spruce 
Delavau  Isaac,  shipwright,  back  219  Swanson 
Delavau  James,  fruiterer  158  north  Third 
Delavau  John,  shipbuilder  217  Swanson 
Delavau  Joseph,  grocer  176  Spruce 
Delavau  William,  fancy  chair  maker  83  Walnut 
Delone  M.  barber  324  north  Front 
Deluy  Ylaire  F.  hairdresser  2  s.  6th 
Demerlier  J.  B.  shoemaker  172  south  Second 
Dempsey  John,  accomptant  53  ;  ouih  Water 
Dempsey  John,  cordwainer  132  Cedar 
Dempsey  Mrs.  of  Peter,  464  nonh  Second 


Dempster  James,  carter  Thirteenth  near  Sassafras 

Denabre  John,  sea  captain  79  New 

Denckla  widow  of  Christian  H.  merchant  12  n.  3d 

Denham  S.  seamstress  332  south  Second 

Denison  Frederick,  drummer  Oak  (N.  D.) 

Denison  James,  potter  2  Bryan's  alley 

Denman  Aaron,  merchant  329  High  &  214  Arch 

Denney  Dennis,  carver  and  gilder  10  Fromberger's 

Denning  Catharine,  23  Lombard 
Denning  E.  tanner  404  north  3d 
Denning  Jesse,  shoemaker  23  Appletree  alley 
Dennis  Annanias,  labourer  29  Prime 
Dennis  Ann,  seamstress  Friend's  Alms  house 
Dennis  Jer.  shoemaker  Frankford  K.  n.  Queen 
Dennis  John,  coroner  90  north  Sixth 
Dennis  Col.  Richard,  of  U.  S.  army  102  s.  8th 
Dennison  George,  teacher  87  south  Fifth 
Denniston  John,  gentleman  2  Locust 
Dent  John,  hatter  St.  Joseph's  avenue 
De  Pusy  Bureaux,  widow  1 12  south  Eighth 
Derbyshire  widow  of  John,  carpenter  Carpenter's 

/)erbyshire  Thos.  teacher  Carpenter's  corirt 
Deringer  Henry,  gunsmith  374  north  Front 
Deroche  Peter,  grocer  ksf  tavern  Hickoi'y  lane  n.  9th 
Deroug  Peter,  93  north  Third 
Derr  John,  sugar  boiler  147  Cherry 
Derr  Martin,  sugar  refiner  14  Branner's  alley 
Derrick  George,  labourer  Cooper's  court  (N.  L.) 
Derrick  John,  mariner  301  south  Third 
Derry  Hannah,  widow,  1  Gray's  alley 
Desabaye  Lewis,  painter,  ^c.  Randall's  court 
l^esauque  Lewis,  merchant  1 14  south  Second 
Deschapelles  A.  merchant  corner  Lombard  and  5lh 
Deshire  Henry,  blacksmith  cor.  Noble  and  6th 
Deshong  Matthias,  merchant  71  Walnut 
De  Silver  Joseph,  grocer  168  north  Water 
Desilver  Robert,  bookseller,  binder,  t^'c.  1 10  Walnut 
Desilver  Thomas,  bookseller  and  binder,  stationer 

and  card  manufacturer  220  High  ^  152  s,  6lk 
Desmaric  John,  carpenter  7  liinckel's  court 



Desmond  Timothy,  painter  and  glazier  99  Spruce 

Despinose  widow  of  Jerome,  174  soutK  Sixth 

Deswald  John,  hostler  45  Elder 

jDeswan  Christopher,  glue  maker  above  543  n.  3d 

Deter  Henry,  labourer  Race  n  sch.  8th 

Detlar  John  F.  coppersmith  225  n.  2d^  Walker's 

DeTune  Jane,  gentlewoman  305  s.  Front 
Devalin  F.  labourer  Steinmetz  court 
Devarieux  Madame,  mantuamaker  124  Pine 
Deveney  John,  labourer  Beach  near  Marlborough 
Deveney  William,  13  Christian 
t  Devenseu  Peter,  porter  Seventh  below  Shippen 
Dever  Michael,  mariner  7  Pottery  alley 
Devere  Peter,  labourer  cor.  Spruce  and  sch.  6th 
Devereux  John,  sea  captain  49 1  south  Front 
Devin  Sarah,  shopkeeper  Cherry  above  1 1th 
Devitt  Hugh,  baker  240  Cedar 
Devitt  James,  cordwainer  287  south  Front 
Devitt  Patrick,  drayman  back  123  Plum 
Devver  Margaret,  seamstress  187  south  Seventh 
Dewees  Benjamin,  shoemaker  Hay  scales,  Seventh 

near  Vine,  N.  E.  public  square 
Dewees  David,  taylor  on  the  drawbridge 
Devvtes  Jesse,  windsOr  chairmaker  19  Dock 
Dewees  L.  ship  and  anchor  smithPrimen.  Swanson 
Dewees  Martha,  widow  6  St.  Mary 
Dewees  Mrs.  E.  seamstress  66  north  Seventh 
Dewees  S.  and  D.  taylors  on  the  drawbridge 
Dewees  Spencer,  taylor  on  the  drawbridge 
t)ewer  Susannah,  teacher  46  Gaskill 
©twey  James,  grocer  213  Cedar  cor.  Sixth 
De  Witt  Peter,  grocer  30  Budd 
f  Dexter  Sarah,  whitewasher  222  south  Seventh 
Dic'.moncI  Jacob,  carpenter  I3th  above  Sassafras 
Diamond  widow  of  Martin,  11  Walnut  [seeJDimond 
Dias  Henrietta,  95  Pine 

Dice  widow  of  Adam,  cor.  Cherry  and  sch.  8th 
Dick  widow  of  Alexander,  grocer  29  south  Front 
Dick  Daniel,  jun.  and  Co.  tobacconists  47  s.  Front 
Dick  Dinie!,  merchant  49  south  Front 
Dick  Frederick,    carpenter    Moyamensing  belcJw 


1^*'  . 

Die— D  IF 

Dick  Jacob,  shipwright  Frankford  road  n.  Queen 
Dick  Peter,  taylor  below  505  south  Second 
Dick  Philip,  A7  south  Front 
Dickens  Ann,  widow  268  St.  John 
Dickenshect  David,  labourer  Poplar  near  St.  Johp 
Dickenson  F.  shoemaker  Queen  above  Frankford  R. 
Dickenson  James,  ropemaker  Crown  n.  Prince 
Dickenson  widow  of  General,  cor.  Chesnut  and  8lh 
Dickenson  Phebe,  cake  baker  158  south  Second 
Dickerson  Aaron,  m   d.  32  Callowhill 
Dickerson  John,  drayman  Callowhill  st.  wharf 
Dickerson  John,  shoemaker  Mark's  lane 
Dickerson  William,  ropemaker  23  Hopkins'  court 
Dickes  Frederick,  cabmetmaker  Cherry  near  Duke 
Dickes  Peter,  whitesmith  Queen  n.  Marlborough 
Dickeson  Wm.  hatter  Adelphi  avenue 
Dickey  B.  coachman  38  Moravian  alley 
Dickinson  Abel,  printer  (Whitehall)  Ridge  road  n. 

Dickinson  Catharine,  widow  274  St.  John 
Dickinson  widow  of  Daniel,  glover  32  s.  Second 
Dickinson  Jesse,  carter  20  Noble 
Dickinson  Joseph,  mariner  back  108  Christian 
Dickinson  Joseph  L.  music  master  93  Green 
Dickinson  Nathan,  weigher,  above  5 SO  north  Front 
Dickinson  Sarah,  widow  back  1 1 1  north  Fifth 
Dickinson  Solomon,  cotton  manuf.  190  Callowhill 
Dickison  and  Little,    cake  and    pastry    cooks   164 

Dickson  Hugh,  shoemaker  3  Pewterplatter  alley 
Dickson  John,  groctr  200  s.  Third,  cor.  Gaskill,  & 
dwelling  43  Gaskill  [ste  Dixon 

Dickson  Wm.  labourer  back  390  Sassafras 
Diehl  Nicholas,  notary  public,   office   Carpenter's 
building,  next  door  to  the  custom  house,  duell- 
ing 54  south  1 1th  [^see  Deal 
Diehl  Thomas,  merchant  57  north  Fourth 
Diehr  Adam  and  Lohrer,  smiths  104  Coats 
Dictz  Joseph  J.  artist  Filbert  below  1 1th 
Dietz  Michael  C.  gentleman  Walnut  above  11th 

[see  DeiiZ 
Difer  Hapman)  smith  Pearson's  court 

Die-— DIX 

Dlgel  Jacob,  victualler  sch.  8th  near  Arch 
Dilcart  John,  innkeeper  340  north  Second 
Dilcart  Peter,  soap,  8cc.  manufacturer  343  n.  2d 
Dilhorn  Nathaniel,  biscuit  baker  1 67  north  Water, 

30  south  Wharves,  and  dweHing  82  Mulberry 
Dilks  Andrew,  carter  above  447  north  Front 
Dilks  Andrew,  carter  Kessler's  court 
Dillin  A,  labourer  2 1 4  south  Sixth 
Dillin  widow  of  John,  mariner  4  York  court 
Dillin  Jno.  labourer  293  Mulberry 
Dillin  Owen,  bricklayer  Elizabeth  street 
Dillin  Wm.  shoemaker  32  north  Tenth 
Dillin  Mrs.  ofWm.  1 58  north  Eighth 
Dillinger  John,  storekeeper  192  north  Second 
Dillingham  widow  of  Simeon,  35  Walnut 
Dillingham  Wm.  H.  attorney  at  law  35  Walnut 
Dillon  James,  copperplate  printer  12  Walnut 
Dillon  John,  13  Little  Oak 
Dillon  John,  maltster  30  Spruce 
Dilman  Jacob,  labourer  458  north  Third 
Dil worth  James,  ironmonger  59  north  Second 
Dil worth  Sarah,  hardware  store  128  south  Front 
Dilworth  Wm.  ironmonger  128  south  Front 
Dilwortli  Wm.  storekeeper  120  Filbert 
Dilworth  Wm.  fur  merchant  4  south  Fifth 
t  Dimond  J.  F.  hairdresser  261  s.  4th  [see  Diamond 
Dinnin  Robert,  carpenter  188  south  Sixth 
Dinsman  John,  gunsmith  404  north  Third 
Dismary  Jno.  carpenter  9 1  Green 
DitmyreC.  tanner  444  north  Front 
Ditmyre  Godfrey,  tanner  460  north  Front 
Diver  John,  labourer  Vine  near  Broad    . 
Divers  Joseph,  carpenter  4  Filbert  and  1 1  Wagner's 

Dixcy  Thomas,  pumpmaker  Fitzwalter  above  7th 
Dixey  Charles,  sea  captain  Fitzwalter  above  7th 
Dixey  James,  currier  110  Sassafras 
Dixey  Wm.  printer  154  south  Fifth 
Dixon  Joseph,  mustard  manufactory  30  s.  Front,  & 

only  son  of  the  late  John  Dixon 
Dixon  James,  accomptant  77  north  Second 
Dixon  Mary,  widow  cor.  Locust  and  Uth 


jji.-ioii  Mary,  widow  18  Little  Water 

Dixon  Michael,  sea  captain  151  Locust 

t  Dixon,  Samuel,  woodsawyer  163  Coats 

Dixon  widow  of  captain,  128  Coals        [see  Dick 807i 

Dixon  Wm.  merchant  36  Dock 

Dobbins  Caleb,  carpenter  CaJlowhill  near  Crown 

Dobbins  Thomas,  merchant  laylor  5  s.  Front  and  4 

s.  Water 
Dobelbower  /.ewis,  printeF  459  south  Second 
Dobleman  Frederick,  silversmith  St.  Joseph's  avenue 
Dobson  Jonathan,  shoemaker  383  n.  Third 
Dobson  Samuel,  carpenter  115  Walnut 
Dobson  Thomas,  bookseller  and  stationer  41  s  2d 
Dodd  Joseph,  grocer  288  s.  Fourth 
Dodds  Joseph,  shoemaker  2d  below  Federal 
Doemer  M.  c?*  S.  Queen  near  Cherry 
Dohnert  J.  H.  taylor  186  Kace 
Doig  John,  stonecutter  215s.  Sixth 
Doke  Matthew,  labourer  Pine  near  Eleventn 
Dolan  John,  mariner  63  German 
Dolbert  John,  mariner  41  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Dolby  Joseph,  sexton  2 1  Cherry 
Dolby  Mary,  chinastore  338  south  Second 
Dolby  Mrs.boardinghouse  64  s.  8th 
Dolman  A.  M.  mantuamaker  21  Vernon 
Dolman  John,  bootmaker  Walnut  below  Tenth 
Dolton  Daniel,  shoemaker  86  Dock 
Doman  John,  6  Cox's  alley  [see  Doiuman 

Dominick  John,  mariner,  back  385  s.  Front 
Dondhy  Roger,  musician    15  Hurst 
Donaldson  Andrew,  mastmaker,  Penn  n.  Maiden 
Donaldson  Arthur,  trader  Malt  alley 
DonaUhon  Isaac,  hatter  76  n.  2d      laec  Donnaidaon 
Donaldson  John,  carpenter  297  s.  Front 
Donaldson  Joseph,  halter  72  n.  2d 
Donaldson  Lydia,  shopkeeper  393  south  Second 
Donaldson  N.  widow,  224  Catherine  street 
Donaldson  Wm.  T.  mastmaker  68  Swanson 
Donath  Joseph  &  Co.  merchants  28  s.  Front 
Donavon  Bartholomew,  34  Strawberry 
Donby  Alex,  labourer  Moyamensing  n.  Primf 
Done  Abm.  blacksmith,  back  510  n.  Front 


Donegan  ThomaSj  storekeeper  410  n.  2d 
Donnahew  James,  labourer  152  Swanson 
Donnaldson  Andrew,  sea  captain  31  Queen  (S-) 

[«fe  DonaldsQ^ii 
Donnaldson  Edward  M.  sea  captain  38  Walnut 
Donnaldson  John,  jr.  wine  merchant  43  Dock 
Donnaldson  John,  broker  43  Dock  and  38  Walnut 
Donne  Conrad,  labourer  Germantown  R.  n.  1st  gale 
Donnell  John,  mariner  389  s.  Front  8c  Little  German 
Donnell  Nathaniel,  23  Catharine 
Donnell  Robert,  labourer  1 1th  n.  Lombard 
Donnelly  David,  labourer  Prosperous  alley 
Donnelly  F.  labourer  Race  n.  sch.  Front 
Donaelly  Hugh,  near  8  ^  Plum 
Donnelly  Geo.  sea  captain  5 1  Noble 
Donnelly  James,  stevadore  50  Passyunk 
Donnelly  James,  carpenter  cor.  1  Ith  8c  Pine 
Donnelly  James,  soapboiler  77  north  Fifth 
Donnelly  James,  drayman  295  north  Third 
Donnelly  widow  of  John,  turner  Juniper  alley 
Donnelly  John,  labourer  405  Sassafras 
Donohue  Matthew,  tallow  chandler  1 6  Sassafras  alley 
Donnohue  Matthew,  labourer,  back  38  Ann  (N.  L.) 
Donohue  Margaret,  tayloress  166  s.  4th 
Donot  Rachel,  grocer  42  Coats* 
i>onovan  John,  sea  captain  382  south  Front 
i>oran  jDaniel,  tailor  113  High 
i>oran  widow  of  John,  grocer  corner  Walnut  &  lOih 
i7oran  M.  merchant  corner  Chesnut  &  Second 
X?oran  Patrick,  288  south  Front 
/)oran  Thomas,  mariner  247  s.  Fourth 
jDoran  William,  grocer  cor.  sch.  8th  8c  Sassafras 
t  />oris  Peter,  coachman  134  n.  Eleventh 
JDoris  Sarah,  widow,  Beach  n.  High  bridge 
X>orland  Mary,  seamstress,  back  35  Arch 
DovVic  Jaques,  teacher  6  Sansom 
iJorman  John  C.  woodsawyer  Queen  n.4th 
Uormet  Thomas,  victualler  514  n.  Front 
i)orn  John,  shoemaker  201  north  Front 
i?orsey  Benedict,  grocer  3  south  Third 
Z)orsey  E.  gentlewoman  65  New 
/Jersey  John,  auctioneer  61  and  63  south  Front 


Dorsey  John  S.  m.  d.  120  Mulberry 
Dorsey  55*  Peterson,  grocers  3  s.  Third 
Dotterer  Henry,  millwright  8cc.  Schriver's  couri 
Dottro  Barney,  cordwainer  198  n.  Tliird 
Doughert  Abm.  labourer  17  Crabb 
Dougherty  Alexander,  taylor  154  Race 
Dougherty  Mrs.  of  Charles,  back  1 34  s.  Fourth 
Dougherty  Daniel,  grocer  204  Shippen 
Dougherty  Daniel,  carter  ^  grocer  296  Lombard 
Dougherty  George,  ironmonger  Sc  ship  chandler 

145  &  147  s.  Front 
Dougherty  George,  carter  back  105  German 
Dougherty  Hugh,  carter  528  n.  Front  cor.  Laurel 
Dougherty  Hugh,  mariner  64  Penn 
Dougherty  Mrs.  of  James,  laboiirer  Mark's  lane 
Dougherty  John,  grocer  corner  Lombard  &  Sixth 
Dougherty  John,  carter  259  Catharine 
Dougherty  Joseph,  miller  215  s.  Fifth 
Dougherty  widow  of  J.  boardinghouse  9  Elbow  lane 
Dougherty  Martin  D.  sea  captain  120  Pine 
Dougherty  Mrs.  washerwoman  112  s.  Second 
Dougherty  Michael,  fisherman  Beach  n.  Warren 
Dougherty  Richard,  lumber  merchant  177  s.  7th 
Dougherty  Thos.  labourer  Queen  n.  Frankford  R. 
Dougherty  Thomas,  labourer  cor.  10th  iJ"  Shippen 
Dougherty  W.  sen.  soapboiler  Callowhill  above  8th 
Dougherty  William,  labourer  Washington  n.  Vine 
Deugherty  William,  labourer  Elmslie's  alley 
Dougherty  William,  labourer  Cedar  near  Broad 
Douglass  Abm.  86  Cedar 
Douglass  Elizabeth,  shopkeeper  251  Vine 
Douglass  Francis,  bricklayer  118  n.  Fourth 
Douglass  John,  shoemaker  57  s  Front 
Douglass  John,  one  of  the  aldermen  174  s.  Fourth 
Douglass  John,  jun.  cabinetmaker  133  s.  Third 
Douglass  John,  typefwmdcr  Cedar  above  Tenth 
Douglass  John,  corner  Fourth  isf  Christian 
Douglass  John,  jun.  corder  at  High  st.  wharf 
Douglass  Joseph,  snilmaker  90  Cedar 
Douglass  Peter,  cabinetmaker  12  Elfreth's  alley 
Douglass  Mrs,  )vidow,  cake  baker  245  s.  Front 
«t  Douglass  Robert,   hairdresser   It"   perfumer   5  4 



Douglass  ^  Ware,  sailmakers  48  south  Wharvts 
t  Douglass  William,  shoemaker  Queen  n.  Shacka- 

Douty  Elias,  blacksmith  42  George  (S.) 
Douty  Jacob,  shoemaker  I  Chester  st. 
Douzy  H.  F.  de,  vice  consul  from  France  179  Wal- 
nut (Sansom's  row) 
Dow  George,  boardinghouse  353  s.  Front 
Dow  John,  printer  Elizabeth  near  Seventh 
Dowd  John,  mariner  185  Cedar 
Dowd  John,  tobacconist  Steinmetz  court 
Dowell  James,  teacher  37  Race  ijf  102  Cherry 
Dowerman  Mary,  widow  Penn  near  Maiden 
Dowerman  Matthew,  shipwright  Sarah  st. 
Dowers  John,  sen.  late  sailmaker  83  s.  Sixth 
Dowers  Joshua,  cordwainer  Maple  st. 
Dowers  Nicholas,  stablekeeper  60  isf  n.  48  Lombard 
Dowman  Thomas,  currier  Rose  alley  near  Coats 

\8ee  Doman. 
Downey  John,  labourer  Mark's  lane 
Downey  Margaret,  seamstress  5  Bell's  court 
Downing  Jacob,  iron  merchant  1 19  n.  Water  llf  22> 

n.  Fourth 
Downing  John  J.  merchant  Clifford's  wharf 
Downing  Rachel,  shopkeeper  368  High 
Downs  Earl,  shoemaker  corner  Shippen  ^  7th 
Downs  Matthew,  George  above  Twelfth 
Doyle  Bartholomew,  stablekeeper  Hartung's  alley 
Doyle  Charles,  millstone  maker  2  Filbert 
Doyle  ^  Callaghan,  burr  millstone  makers  2  Filbert 
Doyle  Francis,  bookbinder  248  Lombard 
Doyle  James,  oakcooper  100  Cedar 
'Doyle  James,  shoemaker  Swanwick 
Doyle  John,  grocer  338  High 
Doyle  John,  tavernkceper  8  High 
Doyle  Matthew,  farmer  Vineyard 
Doyle  Mrs.  of  Michael,  boardinghouse  4  Penr. 
Doyle  Walter,  soapboiler,  &c.  357  Mulberry 
t  D'  Pee  Thomas,  waiter  Sec.  163  Pine 
Drais  Daniel,  sail  maker  25  south  Wharvf^ 
Drake  John,  carter  530  north  Third 
Drake  John,  mariner  \9\  %.  Sixth 


Drake  Margaret,  boardinghouse  S.E.  corner  Little 

George  and  Seventh 
Draper  Francis,  labourer  Green's  court 
t  Draper  Jacob,  porter  101  Spruce 
t  Draper  Jesse,  woodsawyer  back  2  Bedford  (M.) 
Draper  John,  engraver  47  Sansom 
Draper  Jonathan,  shoemaker  12^  Pine 
Dreer  Frederick,  cabinetmaker  ltd  Sassafras  and 

102  n.  Fifth 
Dresser  Solomon,  cordv/ainer  cor.  Carpenter  Si?*  4tli 
Drew  John,  flaxhackler  202  Shippen 
Drew  N.c5'Co.  grocers  n.  e.  cor.  Water  cjT'Mulbern 
Drigger  John,  stevadore  275  n.  Front 
Dring  Mrs.  of  Samuel,  back  3  Bedford 
Drinker  Henry,  cashier  of  the  bank  of  North  Ame- 
rica 30  n.  Front 
Drinker  Henry  S.  gentleman  49  Filbert 
Drinker  John,  attorney  at  law  144  s.  Second 
Drinker  Joseph  D.  merchant   36   Carter's  alley, 

dwelling  91  s.  Eighth 
Drinker  Richard,  grocer  30  n.  Front 
Drink  water  Wm.  grocer  l^  bottler  85  s.  Froiit 
Drisdell  Jdhn,  oysterman  6  York  court 
Drosdorf  Charles  A.  ^  Roberts,  grocers  126  s.  8th 
Droz  Charles,  clock  Uf  watchmaker  1 49  Walnut 
Droz  widow  of  Humberz  A.  L.  38  Pine 
Droz  55"  Sons,  clock  iJ"  watchmakers  149  Walnu' 
Druelman  Mary  (Jf  Sarah,  3  Wood 
Drum  B.  attoi-ney  at  law  87  s.  Fifth 
Drum  John,  victualler  Garden  above  Callowhill 
Drum  William,  victualler  302  n.  Eighth 
Drumher  Henry,  tavernkeeper  139  n.  Third 
Drummond  John  K.  24  Argyle 
Drummond  John,  cabinetmaker  30  n.  Sixth 
Drummond  Josiah,  hairdresser  51  n  Eighth 
Drummond  Mrs.  teacher  ^74  s.  Second 
Duane  William,  editor  of  the  Aurora  98  Hv  )-■ 
Duane  William  J.  stationer  106  High 
Dubac  Gabriel,  merchant  86  s.  Second 
Dubacq  William,  126  Pine 
Dubarry  John,  merchant  177  High 
Dubasse  Susan,  washerwoman  Hudson's  lane 
Dubinard  Thomas,  carpenter  Shield's  alley 


Dubison  V.  136  s.  Fifth 

Dubleer  John,  labourer  258  Race 

Dubois  Abm.  71  n.  Fifth 

Dubois  widow  of  Abraham,  late  goldsmith  7 1  n.  5th 

Dubois  John,  shoemaker  2  St.  Mary- 
Dubois  John,  oysterman  2  n.  Fifth 

Dubree  Joseph,  119  s.  Third  {see  Debree, 

Dubree  J.  ladies'  shoemaker  104  Walnut 

Dubs  Martin  ^  Co.  merchants  247  High 

Dubs  Martin,  merchant  37  n.  Seventh 

Ducass  Peter,  taylor  Baker  court 

Ducker  John,^  carpenter  287  Spruce    ^see  Decker. 

Ducoing  John,  merchant  28  Green 

Ducoing  ^  Lacombe,  merchants  18  Coates'  alley 

Ducoing  Peter,  merchant  99  n.  Fifth 

Ducomb  Vincent,  191  Pine 

Ducomb  Vincent,  jun.  sea  captain  191  Pine 

Duddy  Bernard,  typefounder  Cedar  near  Eleventh 

Duddy  Peter,  bottler  237  Cedar 

Dudgeon  John,  shoemaker  13th  above  Sassafras 

Dudly  Mrs.  of  Wm.  mariner  23  Walnut^ 

Dudman  John,  painter,  &.c.  Tenth  near  Filbert 

Dudrue  John,  typefounder  Clifton  st. 

Duey  Adam,  tavernkeeper  10  s.  Fifth 

Duff  John,  comedian  87  s.  Sixth 

Duff  John,  razor  stropmaker  40  New 

Duff  Patrick,  storekeeper  28  Plum 

Duffee  Francis,  61  Dock 

i  Duffey  John,  coachman  Blackberry  alley 

Duffey  Michael,  printer 

Duffey  Philip,  tavernkeeper  i^  bottler  66  Plum 

Dufhe  Charles,  labourer  St.  Mary  near  Seventh 

Duffie  George,  bottler  Pear  near  Dock 

Duffield  Edward,  accomptant  151  s.  Eleventh 

DuPBeld  John,  merchant  12  Chesnut 

Duffield  Samuel,  m.  d.  12  Chesnut 

Dufiield  William,  m.  d.  149  s.  Third 

Duffis  Andrew,  shoemaker  1 8  Bryan's  alley 

Duffy  Francis,  distiller,  ^c.  26  Pine  alley 

Duffy  Hugh,  grocer  corner  Ninth  t?*  Walnut 

Duffy  James,  shopkeeper  292  s.  Fourth 

Duffy  John,  teacher  45  George  (S.)  ^  60  Gaskill 

Duffy  Patrick,  typefounder  Eleventh  near  Lombard 


Duffy  Peter,  copperplate  printer  224  Lombard 

t  Duffy  William,  labourer  Bonsall  st. 

Dufief  N.  G.  booksejler  J^  stationer  1 18  Chesnu* 

Dugal  Archibald,  stonecutter  Juniper  lane 

Dugan  Anthony,  merchant  92  Union 

Dugan  Joseph,  shoemaker  15  Hopkins'  court 

Dugan  Joseph,  merchant  91  s.  Third 

Duhamel  John,  taylor  33  Mulberry 

Dukemineer  Benjamin,  ropcmaker  292  s.  Second 

Dukemineer  John,  ropemaker  Crown  near  Palmer 

Dulan  Paul,  smith  28  isf  back  52  Cherry 

Duler  Peter,  teacher  30  Pine 

Duling  Aiidrew,  biacksmith  Kensington 

Duiey  Catharine,  washerwoman  Spafford 

Dumas  Elias,  merchant  9  Wood  (N.  L.) 

Dumas  John  F.  merchant  42  Sassafras 

Dumoulin  Michael,  sworn  interpreter  iJf  French 

teacher  24  Pear,  dwelling  151  s.  Ninth 
Dumoutet  J.  B.  jeweller  55  1^  57  s.  Second 
Dunahee  Jeremiah,  taylor  4  Chesnut 
Dunant  Edward,  merchant  275  Chesnut 
t  Dunbar  Nicholas,  saiimaker  Grissell's  alley 
t  Duncan  Anthony,  saiimaker  16  Elizabeth 
Duncan  Arabella,  teacher  13  n.  Fifth 
Duncan  Elizabeth,  widow  94  Catharine 
Duncan  George,  labourer  Tenth  below  George 
Duncan  L.  widow  24  Cherry 
Duncan  Rebecca,  washerwoman  SheafT's  alley 
Duncan  William  superintendant  of  military  stores, 

U.  S  arsenal  Gray's  ferry  road 
Duncan  Wm.  supercargo  208  Pine     [see  Dunki.i. 
Duncan  Wm.  labourer  4  Sugar  alley 
Duncan  Wm.  writing  master  Library  st. 
Dundas  James  H.  attorney  at  law  120  s.  Fourth 
Dundey  James,  labourer  85  Browne 
Dungan  Garret,  innkeeper  cor.  Germantown  roa.d 

and  Laurel 
Dungin  James,  accomptant  252  s.  Second 
Dunhowar  Charles,  carpenter  Joint  alley 
Dunken  George,  fruiterer  202  n.  Eighth 
Dunkerly  John,  victualler  106  s.  Tenth 
Dunkerly  Richard,  turner  355  n.  Third 
Dunkerly  widow  of  Luke,  bleeder,  &c.  355  n.  3d 


Dunkin  widow  of  R.  H.  95  s.  8th  [^e  Duncan 

Dunlap  James,  m.  d.  107  Mulberry        [see  Dunlofi 
Dunlap  James,  tavernkeeper  cor.  Cedar  and  Broad 
Dunlap  widow  of  John,  gentleman,  N.E.  cor.  13th  & 

Dunlap  Robert,  wheelwright  232  south  Fourth 
Dunlap  Mrs.  of  Wm.  stonepaver  Watson's  alley 
Dunlap  Wm  grocer  146  north  Fourth 
Dunlevy  Robert,  sea  captain  42  Christian 
Dunlop  Lydia,  mantuamaker  3 1  Prune  [^see  Dunlai 
Dunn  Ann,  widow  23  Artillery  lane 
Dunn  widow  of  Daniel^  innkeeper  213  s.  Second 
Dunn  Edward,  carter  150  south  Ninth 
Dunn  Francis,  widow  Quince  alley 
Dunn  George,  turner  Sc  umbrellamaker  96  St.  John 
Dunn  Jacob,  storekeeper  79  north  Second 
i)unn  John,  oarmaker  124  Catharine 
Dunn  John,  labourer  sch.  8th  near  Race 
Dunn  Mary,  washerwoman  back  339  Callovvhiil 
Dunn  Michael,  labourer  200  Shippen 
Dunn  Miss,  milliner  98  north  Sixth 
Dunn  Nathan,  merchant  46  north  Front 
Dunn  Robert,  military  academy  back  112  Walnut 
Dunnel  Edward,  carter  Lee's  court 
Dunnel  Samuel,  carter  Queen  near  Sixth 
Dunton  George,  mate  30  Green 
Dunton  Jacob,   sailmaker  Bickley*s  wharf  second 

door  above  High  and  61  New 
Dunton  and  Ker,  shipchandlers,  &e.  7  s.  Wharves 
Dunwoody  John,  131  Mulberry 
Dunwoody  Ruth,  boardinghouse  41  north  Seventh 
Dupeton  Francis,  shipwright  Fuller's  alley 
DupUiine  R.  C.  widow  of  A.  C.  70  Union 
Du   Piessis   Peter   Le    Barbier,   conveyancer   and 

sworn  interpreter  52  Walnut 
pu  Ponceau  Peter  S.  sworn   interpreter,  &c.  and 
counsellor  at  law,  office  15  s.  6th,  near  the  N.E. 
cor.  of  Chesnut,  dwelling  199  Chesnut 
Dupouy  A.  dancing  master  119  Spruce 
Duppeller  Mary,  boardinghouse  6  Dock 
Dupr6  Peter,  professor  of  music  2§  Spruce 
t  Duprey  J«  barber  4«l  High 


Dupuy  Daniel,  silversmith  16  south  Second 

Dupuy  John,  jun.  storekeeper  16  south  Second 

Durang  John,  connedian  2 1 6  Cedar 

Durant  Eleanor,  tayloress  16  Oak  (S.) 

Durant  John,  121  Cedar 

Durborow  Edward  S.  cabinetmaker  148  n.  Front 

Durborow  Samuel  and  Co.  merchants  187  High 

Durell  Isaac,  carpenter  2  Crab 

Durcll  Jeremiah,  drayman  44  Budd 

Durfor  George,  earpenter  17  Fayette 

Durham  Geo  oysterman  back  S86  s.  Second 

t  Durham  Isaac,  porter  Portland  lane 

Durney  John  and  Tobias,  biscuit  bakers  cor.  2d  & 

Durney  Michael,  biscuit  baker  S.E.  corner  Second 

and  Shippen,  bakehouse  30  Shippen 
Durney  Paul,  accomptant  cor.  2d  and  Shippen 
Durr  widow,  shopkeeper  185  St.  John 
Durs  Rudy,  cordwainer  386  north  Third 
DusarF.  merchant  175  south  Fifth 
Dusenbcry  Henry,  storekeeper  183  north  Third 
Dushey  Jane,  widow  22  Catharine' 
Dutar  M.  hairdresser  46  Arch 
Dulilh  Peter  S.  mariner  back  12  Christian 
Dutilh  widow  of  Stephen,  merchant  230  Spruce 
I  Dutray  J.  F.  hairdresser  123  south  Sixth 
t  Dutray  Joseph,  shopkeeper  159  Spruce 
Dutter  Adam,  currier  211  St.  John 
Dutton  Caleb,  bricklayer  28  Elfreth's  alley 
Dutton  John,  shoemaker  166  south  Sixth 
Dutton  Joseph,  carpenter  corner  Fifth  and  Cedar  8c 

88  Lombard 
Duval  James  S.  and  Co  merchants  179  High 
Duval  Mary,  widow  4  Dock 
Dych  Henry,  constable  Kensington 
Dyer  Catharine,  seamstress  Lombard  st.  alley 
Dyer  Richard,  shoemaker  2  Dock 
Dyer  Wm.  brewer  121  Green 
Dyke  John,  hairdresser  143  s.  8th  cor.  Orange 
t  Dykus  Wm.  coachman  1 2th  below  Wah^ut 
Dyou  T.  W.  M.  i>.  N.E.  cor.  2d  and  Race 



Dyster  Joseph  J.  tubular  iron  bridge  architect,  cor, 
1 2th  and  Chesnut 

Eachus  Robert,  brassfounder  245  south  Sixth 

Eaden  William,  grocer  208  High 

Eagan  right  rev.  Michael,  bishop  17  Willing*s alley 

Eager  Joseph,  stonecutter  224  and  470  s.  Front 

Ealer  Frederick,  baker  High,  west  sch.  Eighth 

Earl  Caleb,  sea  captain  35  Union 

Earl  Clayton,  merchant  19  Pine 

Earl  John,  caulker  418  south  Second 

Earl  Mrs.  boardinghouse  58  north  Fifth 

Earl  Samuel  Franklin  167  Cedar 

Earl  Samuel,  smith  Lolar*s  court 

Earle  Edward,  143  Chesnut 

Earle  Elizabeth,  shopkeeper  379  north  Front 

Earle  James,  gilder  (Shakspeare  gallery)  1  s.  3d 

Earls  James,  labourer  327  north  Front 

Early  Hugh,  drayman  2d  below  Federal 

Early  John,  drayman  Seventh  below  Shippen 

Early  Samuel,  shingledresser  252  south  Seventh 

Carly  Wm.  Nicholson*s  court 

Earnest  Mrs.  of  George,  shipwright  80  Green 

Earnest  Henry,  flour  and  feedstore  407  n.  2d 

Earnest  Jacob,  merchant  taylor  1 6  south  Fourth 

Earp  George,  hardware  merchant  252  s.  Second 

Earp  Thomas,  hardware  merchant  209  s.  Second 

Earp  widow  of  Robert,  252  south  Second 

Easby  John,  cooper  1 3  York  court 

Eastburn  Joseph,  cabinetmaker  86  Vine 

Eastlack  F.  mealman  2d  above  Germantown  road 

Eastleburn  Rachael,  widow  47  Christian 

t  Easlon  Abraham,  nailer  Juniper  n.  Chesnut 

Eaton  Aaron,  labourer  35  Prime  [.see  Heaton 

Eaton  Jonathan,  labourer  Rose  alley  near  Coats 

Eastwick  Stephen,  plaisterer  1 8 1  Green 

Eastwick  widow  of  Thonoas,  carpenter  6  Clover  alley 

Eberle  Chas.  surgeon's  inslrumentmaker  1 1  n.  6th 

Eberle  Frederick,  baker  187  soulh  Fjfth 


Ebersprew  Henry,  carpenter  32 1  Race 

Ebert  Peter,  rigger  4 1  Coats 

Eberth  Catharine,  widow  143  Vine 

Eberth  Joseph,  carpenter  143  Vine 

Eberth  Conrad,  gentleman  168  north  Fifth 

Ebling  John,  carpenter  2d  near  Germantown  road 

Ebling  Robert,  shoemaker  2d  n.  Germantown  road 

Echey  Jacob,  carpenter  399  north  Third 

Eck  Mrs.  of  Samuel,  back  393  north  Front 

Eckard  George,  rigger  28  Artillery  lane 

Eckart  John,  baker  Miller's  alley  sch.  8th  above 

Eckel  Andrew,  tobacconist  10  Bryan's  alley 
Eckendorff  Martin,  surgeon  barber  10  s.  Sixth 
Eckenstein  Jacob,  laylor  99  north  Fourth 
Eckert  Abraham,  labourer  Lawrence        [see  Egert 
Eckert  Conrad,  baker  Queen  near  Bishop 
Eckert  John,  jun.  baker  Sassafras  near  Broad 
Eckert  John,  late  gardener  100  Christian 
Eckert  John,  sugarboiler  98  Coats 
Eckert  Joseph,  baker  100  Christian 
Eckert  Joseph,  baker  341  Race 
Eckfeldt  Adam,  assistant  coiner  in  U.  S.  mint  13th 

above  Race 
Eckfeldt  George,  soap  and  candle  manuf.  203  s.  6th 
Eckfeldt  Jacob,  smith  31  North  alley  &  46  n.  5lh 
Eckfeldt  Michael,  carpenter  159  north  Sixth 
Eckley  Abraham,  cooper  33  Crown 
Eckley  Abraham,  jun.  cooper  33  Crown 
Eckstein  John,  brushmuker  1 1 1  and  138  High 
Eckstein  John,  grocer  199  north  Water 
Eckstme  John,  engraver  83  Locust 
Ecky  Anthony,  apothecary  and  druggist  cor.  Walnut 

and  2^1,  dwelling  1 16  north  Fourth 
Ecky  widow  of  John,  116  north  Fourth  ^ 

Eddicks  Margaret,  widow  33  German 
Eddie  James,  gunstocker  Noble  near  Third 
Eddowes  Miss,  324  High 
Eddpwes  Ralph,  merchant  324  High 
Eddowcs  R.  jun.  8c  John,  china  merchants  324  Hi^h 
Eddy  Lewis,  broker  35  Dock 
Edel  John,  labourer  Germantown  road  near  Fourth 

Edelmao  Isaac,  carpenter  124  Filbert  f«ee  Edkfnan 

Edenborn  Jacob,  currier  1 10  Sassafras 

Edenfield  Thomas,  pilot  i08  Christian 

Edey  Richard,  16  Powell 

Edgar  James,  carpenter  Wiley's  court 

Edgar  John,  labourer  Wiley's  court 

Edgar  Owen,  shoemaker  Thirteenth  near  Filbert 

Edgin    Benjamin,   waterman,    Burd's   »!ley    next 

Edleman  Sarah,  nurse  14S  Cherry 
Ed\tards  Elizabeth,  milliner  72  Mulberry 
Edwards  Griffith,  grocer  72  High  and  1 6  Bank 
Edwards  Hannah,  widow  of  George,  4  Fitzwalter 
Edwards  Henry,  storekeeper  56  south  Fourth 
Edwards  Jacob,  grocer  210  High 
Edwards  John,  cooper  cor.  6th  and  Poplar 
Edwards  John,  innkeeper  220  north  Front 
Edwards  John,  jun.  attorney  at  law  82  s.  Fourth 
Edwards  John  H.  oakcooper  Prime  below  Second 
Edwards  Joseph,  brassfounder  i08  north  Sixth 
"t  Edwards  Joseph,  waiter  George  n.  Juniper  lane 
Edwards  Mary,  tayloress  288  north  Eighth 
Edwards  Mrs.  of  Jonathan,  taylor459  n.  Third 
Edwards  Mrs.  milliner  56  south  Fourth 
Edwards  M.  widow  iRose  alley  near  Coats 
Edwards  P.  teacher  39  Spruce 
t  Edwards  Patience,  washerwoman  283  St.  John 
Edwards  Richard,  pilot  back  121  Catharine 
Edwards  Thomas,  ropemaker  492  south  Second 
Edwards  Thomas,  cordwainer  12  Pear 
Edwards  Wm.  cabinetmaker  back  23  Catharine 
Edwin  David,  engraver  cor.  Tenth  and  George 
Eells  Nathan,  sea  captain  76  Christian 
Egan  right  rev.  bishop,  17  Willing's  alley 
Egar  Charlotte,  midwife  Frankford  road  n.  Queen 
Egert  George,  gentleman  112  south  Tenth 
Egert  George  jun.  baker  357  north  Second 

^see  Eckert 
"Eggers  Jacob,  storekeeper  148  north  Third 
Eggleston  Joseph,  smith  back  8 1  south  Water 
Eggleston  M.  trader  Hamilton's  wharf 
Eggleton  John,  labourer  Maiden  near  Beach 


Kt^lee  Ann,  widow  28  Bread 
Et2;lee  Jacob,  cabinetmaker  65  and  66  s.  Fourtb 
Ehrenzeller  George,  accomptani  79  north  Tenth 
Ehringhaus  Adolph,  broker  109  s.  9th  &  12  s.  4th 
Eigelberner  Peter,  segarmaker  4  Prospect  alley 
Einewachter  widow  of  George,  Poplar  lane.n.  4th 
Eisenbrant  Henry,  instrument  maker  163  n.  Front 
Eisenbrey  Catharine,  widow  177  Race 
Kisenbrey  Jacob,  tallow  chandler  179  Race 
Eisenhut  Andrew,  coppersmith  203  north  Second 
Eisenhut  John,  coppersmith  243  north  Third 
Ektn  Robert,  labourer  395  High  [^see  Aitken 

KV.\x\  Joseph,  innkeeper  8  Strawberry 
£lberson  Hart,  grocer  174  Swanson 
^Iberson  John,  cooper  309  south  Third 
Elberson  John,  storekeeper  S.  -fi.  cor.  German  aud 

Elder  Thomas,  277  Race 
£lder  Wm.  T.  cotton,  hay,  tyc.  packer,  Red  stor« 

i^ldredge  Abraham,  mate  12  Argyle 
^Idredge  Mrs.  of -£li,  Whitehall  street 
^Idredge  Obadiah,  labourer  1 13  north  Front 
isldredge  Pbineas,  sea  captain  Carpenter's  st.  (S.) 
Eldridge  and  Brick,  curriers  29  Chesnut 
Eldridge  Jacob,  mariner,  back  106  n.  2d 
Eldridge  Job,  labourer  Beach  n.  Maiden 
Eldridge  Joseph  M  currier  29  Chesnut 
Eldridge  &  Nicholson,  lumber  merchant  256  Ches- 
nut above  Ninth 
Eldridge  Wm.  M.  lumber  merchant  105  s.  9ih 
F.Ifreth  John  k  Isaac  C  merchants  185  High 
Elfrey  Jacob,  cooper  2  Knight's  court 
Elfrey  Samuel,  carter  cor.  Noble  and  4th 
Elfrie  Philip,  cooper  399  north  3d 
Elkinton  Asa,  tallow  chandler  202  n.  Second 
Ella  Hannah,  widow,  21  s.  4th 
Ella  John,  accomptantSI  s.  4th 
Ellet  Charles,  361  n.  Front  8c  Ellel's  wood  wharf 
Ellick  and  Bockius,  curriers  237  north  Third 
Ellick  John,  carpenter  68  Zane 
Ellick  Philip,  laylor  73  south  Fifth 


Elliot  Charles,  labourer  corner  13th  and  Cedar 
Elliott  Z).  druggist  60  s.  Front  &  6  n.  Fifth 
Elliott  Jacob,  plaisterer  184  St.  John 
Elliott  James,  tavernkeeper  (Robinson  Crusoe)  23 

south  Third 
Elliott  James,  grocer  corner  Mulberry  Lf  Fourth 
Elliott  John,  sea  captain  35  Queen 
t  Elliott  John  M.  porter  and  sexton  Dean's  alley 
Elliott  James,  jun.  ornamenial  painter  135  Arch 
Elliott  John  isf  Z)aniel,  druggists  and  colourmen  60 

south  Front 
Elliott  John,  comb  and  fancy  store  82  High 
Elliott  John,  shipjoiner  Queen  n.  Marlborough 
Elliott  Mrs.  widow,  Drinker's  court 
Elliott  Samuel,  saddler,  harness  and  trunk  makev 

48  north  Third 
Elliott  Samuel,  tallow  chandler  Broad  n.  Walnut 
Elliott  Samuel,  shoestore  17  north  Sixth 
t  Elliott  Solomon,  waiter  Bedford  (M.)  n.  7th 
Elliott  Thomas,  deputy  sheriff  122  s.  Front 
Elliott  Wm.  (Harp  and  Eagle  hotel)  43  n.  Third 
Ellis  Z>aniel  C.  accomptant  181  Cherry 
Ellis  J),  tinplateworker  188  north  Fifth 
Ellis  Z)avid,  teacher  82  Crown 
Ellis  Enos,  cabinetmaker  267  Race 
Ellis  Hugh,  silverplater  239  High 
Ellis  James,  ropemaker  19  Hopkins*  court 
Ellis  James,  brassfounier  252  south  Front 
Ellis  Martha,  teacher  22  Little  German 
Ellis  Robert,  milkman  Shackamaxon 
Ellis  and  Sloan,  stablekeepers  Drinker's  alley 
Ellis  Thomas,  stablekeeper  Drinker's  alley 
Ellis  Thomas,  oak  ceoper  15  Swanson  Isf  1 1  Little 

Ellison  Christian,  mariner  19  Parham's  alley 
Ellison  Francis,  1 3th  near  Cedar 
Ellison  James,  labourer  571  s.  Front       [see  Allison 
Ellison  Robert,  coachpainter  9  s.  6th  Uf  38  Zane 
Ellison  Samuel,  carpenter  60  Coats' 
Ellison  Smith,  tin  plate  worker  72  n.  7th 
Ellmaker  Levi,  flour  merchant  431  High 
Elmer  Frederick,  labourer  93  Browne 


Etmslie  Alexr.  merchant  35  Chesnut  ^  31 1  s.  2d 

Elston  James,  shipwright  Marlborough  n.  Beach 

Elston  Thomas,  caulker  Marlborough  n.  Beach 

Elton  Anthony,  accomptant  138  s.  Front 

Elton  A.  gunsmith  next  43  Zane 

Elton  Anthony,  shoemaker  27  Elfreth's  alley 

Elton  Anthony,  carpenter  3  Wood  (N.  L.) 

Elton  Mrs.  of  Thomas  H.  Passyunk  n.  8th 

Elton  Thomas,  carpenter  139  Cherry 

Eltonhead  Jane,  seamstress  sch.  7th  n.  Vine 

EUonhead  Peter,  machinemaker,  back  171  n.  2d 

Elwell  B   tailor  Whitehall  street 

Elwell  Henry,  blacksmith  21  Parham's  alley 

Elwell  Isaac,  taylor  2d  ^bove  Poplar 

Elwell  Jonathan,  flour  and  feed  store,  Oak  (N.  L.) 

above  Noble 
Elwell  Sarah,  widow.  Oak  (N.  L.) 
Ely  Benjamin,  merchant  5  north  Ninth 
Ely  Joseph,  275  Sassafras 
Emerick  Dowalt,  gardener  Hanover 
Emerick  Henry,  labourer  Prince  near  Palmer 
Emery  Abraham,  carter  49  Budd 
Emery  Henry,  carter,  back  317  n.  Third 
Emery  Jacob,  meal  merchant  above  550  n.  Third 
Emery  Jacob,  jr.  labourer  Ridge  n.Callowhill 
t  Emery  John,  mariner  Webb's  alley 
Emery  Lewis,  hat  merchant  69  north  Second 
Emery  Lewis,  jun.  hatter    12  Fromberger's  court 
Emery  Samuel,   ship  broker,  office  next  the  cus- 
tom-house, Carpenter's  buildings 
Ernes  Ann,  midwife,  146  n.  8th  [see  jimies 

Emig  Peter,  carter  310  Cailowhill 
Emins  Margaret,  washerwoman  Spaffoixi  street 
Emlen  Ann,  gentlewoman  179  Chesnut 
Emlen  George,  attorney  at  law  1 13  Walnut 
Emlen  widow  of  Geo.  merchant  cor.  4th  ^  Wit- 
ling's alley 
Emlen  and  Howell,  merchants  17  s.  Wharves 
Emlen  Joshua,  merchant  17  s.  Wharves 
Emlen  Jeremiah,  apothecary  and  druggist  6  n.  3d 
Emlen  Maria,  widow,  89  New 


Emlen  Saml.  W.  ironmonger  135  High 
Emley  Gilbert,  teacher  96  Union 
tEmmerson  Nathan,  woodsawyer  Bonsall 
Emmons  Heman,  grocer  cor.  Front  and  Dock  and 

36  Dock 
Emrick  Baltis,  baker  234  High 
Emrick  Baltis,  jun.  baker  23  north  Seventh 
Emrick  John,  baker  341  Callowhill 
Eneu  James,  late  baker  Federal  near  Passyunk 
Eneu  James,  jun,  baker  38  Passyunk 
Engard  Adam,  carter  1 80  St.  John's 
Engard  Henry,  tavernkeeper  418  north  Second 
Engard  Philip,  shingledresser  127  Brown 

[see  Ingard 
Engelman  Daniel,  florist  &  seedsman  Arch  n.  sch.  7th 
Engle  James,  inspector  of  customs  S.  W.  cor.  2d 
and  Shippen  [«(?e  Ingles 

Engle  John,  baker  29  n.  Ninth 
Engle  John,  copperplate  printer  1 39  Green 
En glebert  Leonard,  storekeeper  64  north  Third 
Engles  Ann,  widow  University  of  Pennsylvania 

Engles  Henry,  cordwainer  268  s.  Fifth 

Engles  John,  oysterman  1 13  German 

Engles  Joseph  P.  teacher  of  Latin,  University  of 
Pennsylvania       / 

Engles  widow,  milkwoman  268  south  Fifth 

English  Edward,  grocer  8  Cedar 

English  Elisha,  supercargo  31  Pine 

English  John  W.  chairmaker  Baker's  court 

English  Margaret,  widow,  Jones*  alley  (N.  L) 

English  Michael,  shipjomer  33  Noble 

English  S.  cabinetmaker  178  Vine  and  135  Walnut 

English  Thomas,  carpenter  M^Giflnes'  court 

Ennes  Lawretice,  teacher  and  grocer  92  Shippen 

Ennes  Mrs.  widow,  \  \  \  north  Fifth 

Ennis  T.  saddler  and  harnessmakcr  High  n  sch.  6th 

[see  Jnnis 

Ensler  Catharine,  1 60  Lombard 

Enters  Lewis,  innkeeper   and   gunsiockmaker  54 

Entrikin  Thomas,  grocer  corner  Spruce  iind  Sixth 

Ephraim   Samuel,   shingledresser   Kunckel   above 


Ephraim  William,  carter,  Wiley's  court 

Eppelshcimer  Lewis  Sc  Co.  sugar  refiners  168  n.  5th 

Kppelsheimer  Lewis,  sugar  refiner  i59  Vine 

Lpplee  Andrew-  gentleman  11  north  Seventh 

Krben  Henry,  nierchant  22  north  Fifth 

Erdman  Charles,  sworn  interpreter  317  Arch 

Erdman  Charles  A.  printer  317  Arch 

Erdman  Henry,  carpenter  317  Arch 

Erhart  Adam,  coachspringmaker  Wood  n.  8th 

Erich  George,  merchant  opposite  40  s,  8th 

Erichson  C.  sea  captain  15  Mary  (vS) 

Erman  Elizabeth,  next  11  German 

Erman  Wm.  smith  146  north  Third 

Erringer  Frederick,  shoemaker  57  Mulberry 

Erringer  Jacob,  shoemaker  125  New 

Ervin  Moody,  labourer  194  north  Fifth 

Erving  David,  late  carter  Grissel's  alley 

Erwin  and  Jackson,  stablekeyoers  3  s.  7th 

Erwin  John,  carpenter  259  s.  4th  [.vee  Irivine 

Erwin  John,  Fourth  above  Browne 

Erwin  John,  hatter,  back  57  Budd 

Erwin  Robert,  st:\blekeeper  31  n.  8ih  Sc  5  s.  7th 

Erwin  Samuel,  carpenter  15  Fuller's  alley 

Erwin  Samuel,  carpenter  6  Cre||pn's  alley 

Erwin  Mrs   widow,  31  north  Eighth 

Erwin  widow  of  Thomas,  257  south  Front 

Erwin  Margaret,  storekeeper  1*9  Plum 

Esher  Conrad,  saddler,  back  26  north  Ninth 

Esher  Conrad,  bricklayer  James'  Jacob,  taylor  54  n.  fifth 

Eslierick  widow  of  George,  baker  9  north  Fifth 

Esherick  Joseph,  hairdresser  and  bleeder  15  n.  4th 

Jfcsler  Benjamin,  turner  68  s.  5th  &c  Library  street 

Esler  George,  carpenter  Coxe's  alley 

Esler  James,  grocer  236  Cedar 

Esling  Nicholas,  brickmaker  and  city  commissionep 

464  Sassafras 
Esling  widow  of  Nicholas,  8  south  Fifth 
Espey  Martha,  boardinghouse  I  I  North  alley 
t  Essex  Richard,  shoemaker  Chesi.ut  n.  sch.  5th 
Essig  Christian,  baker  485  north  Third  b*  Kufiekel 

.n«ar  Tammany 


.  EST-— -E\^  A 

listell  Daniel,  taylor  4  Chancery  lane  t5*24  n.  Water 
Eslell  Daniel  E.  grocer,  back  43  north  Water  and  4 

EUVeth's  alley 
Ksterlon  Andrew,  rigger  229  Cedar 
Estill  Briton,  stablekeeper  20  Bread  street 
Etinger  Wm.  bricklayer  142  north  Eighth 
Etris  Christiana,  widow  130  north  Fifth 
JEtris  Samuel,  tavernkeeper  426  south  Second 
J5tris  Wm.  tavernkeeper  S.W.  cor.  2d  ^  Lombard 
jEtter  George,  coachmaker  148  south  Ninth 
i^tting  Reuben,  late  auctioneer  287  Chesnut 
-Eugenie  Madame,  152  south  Fifth 
-Euneck  Tho. carpenter  Buttonwood  above  CharFes 
JEusenberry  Joseph,  smith  Nicholson's  court 
Huston  Wm.  mariner  17  Passyunk 
iivans  Abel,  lumber  inspector  24  Callowhill 
JS vans  Ann,  widovy,.  lot U  above  Filbert 
jgvans  Ann,  boardT^  house  67  Cedar 
itvans  Benjamin,  grocer  10  north  Fifth 
i'Jvans  Britton,  241  Mulberry 
i?;vans  Cadwallader,  merchant  60  n.  8th 
Evans  Cadwr.  M-  storekeeper  Hamilton  Village 

[see  Evens 
^'^vans  Cadwajil^k?  and  Robert  I.  flour,  plaister,and 

salt  stoje",  ^4  High  near  Twelfth 
Evans C^dirallad^,  merchant  358  High 
^vans  Ci^vlotteJ^antuamaker  448  north  Second 
i?!vans  ^Ji^vid,  sh(?e  vender  Pegg  st. 
Evans^^vid  and  Joseph,  shoestore  242  High 
y^vans'ZJavid,  cabinet  and  Venetian  blind  maker  115 

and  215  Arch 
Evans  Edward,  shopkeeper  156  north  Fourth 
'  -^ns  Edward,  plaisterer  c^*  measurer  of  plastering 
iuy/i-^-  .,  (3f  N^iith  ^  Maple  above  Race 

.       "^"^Im^"    ^.^^^keeper  341  High 
Evans  ^;l^J^' fj^^^    ."^  ^r^,  ^c.  1 14  Spruce 

Evans  ^  Fisher,  P'^lp^"     '       ^K.,n^nm*«;  row^ 

Evans  GrifRth,  163  Walnut  ,bansom  s  row; 
Evans  Henry,  marmer  2  Crab  ,, 

t  Evans  John,  chan-  driver  ^0  PcwteiRl_a^^^er  alley 
l^ans  John,  lumber  inercbant  14o  n.  Sixth 


E^ans  John,ivoiTbuttonmakcrFrankfor(l  road  ne:  •- 

Evans  John,  carpenter  2  i  Callowhili 
Evans  John,  merchant  58  s.  Second 
Evans  John,  sign  painter  114  Spruce 
Evans  John  B.  taylor  56  Race 
Evans  John  C.  ironmonger  140  s.  Fourtii 
Evans  John  F.  Columbian  inn  Laetitia  court 
Evans  Jonathan,  lumber  merchant,  yard  Orangi, 

dwelling  102  Union 
Evans  Joseph,  shoestore  242  High 
Evans  Joseph  R.  merchant  101  Pine 
Evans  Josiah,  taylor  20  Appletree  alley 
Evans  M.  mantua  maker  49  Meade  alley 
Evans  Mary,  widow  125  Pine 
Evans  Mrs.  widow  1  5  South  alley 
Evans  Owen,  stonecutter  392  n.  Front 
Evans  Oliver,  iron  founder  Sc  steam  engineer,  cou- 

ner  Ridge  I'oad  (Jf  Vine,  ^311  Sassafras 
Evans  Peter,  tavcrnkecper  26.  s.  6th  cor.  Carpenter 
Evans  widow  of  Peter,  blacksmith  50  Zane 
Evans  Robert,  carpenter  58  Chester 
Evans  Robert  T.  lumber  merchant  30  n.  Ninth 
Evans  Samuel,  sea  captain  264  s.  Front 
Evans  Thomas,  taylor  106  n.  Front 
Evans  Thomas,  taylor  19  s.  Tiiird 
Evans  Thomas,  labourer  Bedford 
Evans  Thomas  B.  young  ladies  academy  66  Dock 
Evans  Thomas,  Cedar  above  Eleventh 
Evans  widow  of  Edward,  milkwoman  25  n.  Tenth 
Evans  ^  Weaver,  lumber  merchants  6Ln  is>'  Noble 
Evans  William,  shopkeeper  479  n.  Second 
Evans  William  M.  clock  is^  watchmaker  309  High 
Evans  William  S.  accomptant  25  Newmarket 
Evans  William,  druggist,  &c.  134  s.  Front 
Evenden  Miss,  dress  maker  156  Pine 
Evenden  Thos.  L.  piano  forte  manuf.  218  Walnut 
Evenden  Thos.  L.  jun.  teacher  of  the  piano  folte 

2 1 8  Walnut 
Evens  Isaiah,  laboiirer  15  Oak  (S.) 

Kvens  Whittoii,  merchant  88  s.  Wharves  i^  213 
Spruce  [^see  IL-vans. 

Everhart  Abraham,  innkeeper  298  n.  Second 
Everbart  Abraham,  carpenter  255  Sassafras 
Eveihart  David,  coachmaker  151  n.  Sixth 
Evcriiart  John,  labourer  Federal  above  Second 
Everliart  Martin,  painter,  Sec.  Petj;fj  str 
Everhart  liebecca,  M'idow  63  n.  Tenth 
Everitt  John,,  slioemaker  5  York  court 
Everitt  Jonathan,  harnessmaker  4  Gilles'  alley 
Everly  Adam,  perfumer  ksf  comb  manufacturer,  &7 

Everiy  Jacob,  labourer  9 1  n.  Water 
Everly  Jacob-,  hatter  415  s.  Front 
Everly  Jane,  shopkeeper  41 5  s. Front  cor.  Catharine 
Everly  Mrs.  of  Henry,  72  n.  Sixth 
Evers  Ferdinand,  merchant  280  Sassafras 
Eves  Josepli  B.  56  n.  Second 
Ewing  James,  mate  22  Little  Water 
Ewing-  James  S.  apothecary,  ^c.  209  Chesnut, 
Ewinc^  Mrs.  nurse  362  n.  Front  * 

Ewing-  Mary,  gentlewoman  72  Geort^e  (S.) 
Ewing  Samuel,  attorney  at  law  80  Walnut 
Ewing-  widow  of  Wm.  56  s.  Eleventh 
t  Exeter  Phiilis,  washervv'oniafi  88  Gaskill 
Exley  John,  sinith  92  Vhie  <^  Brewer's  alley 
Eyde  Paul,  coiifcctioncr  52  Tammany- 
Eyre  Franklin,  shipbuilder  Beach  near  Hanover 
Eyre  George,  shipbuilder  Beach  near  Hanover 
Eyre  Isaac,  sliipbuilder  Beach  above  Maiden 
Eyre  Jehu,  sliipbuildcr  Beach  near  Hanover 
Eyre  l?"  Landell,  boatbuildcrs  Pcnn  corner  Maiden 
Eyre  Manuel,  merchant  28  south  Wiiarves  cjt'  278 
Chesnut,  ^  Beach  near  Hanover     {^nee  Ayres, 
Eyre  ^  Massey,  merchants  28  s.  Wharves 
Eyre  Nathan,  taylor  corner  Water  iJf  Pligh 
Eyre  Thos.  B.  shipliuilder  corner  Maiden  <sf  Pem'i 
Eyres  Abijah,  mast  maker  Beach  near  Maiden 
Eyres  John,  {grocer  318  n.  Second 
Ezekiel  E.  J.  quill  manufacturer  back  246  n.  2d 


I'abean  Joseph,  mariner  168  Shippui 

Fable  Frederick,  grocer  70  Dock 

Fable  George,  labourer  corner  Noble  and  Sixth 

Fable  John,  baker  Goforth  Alley 

Fabry  Mrs.  teacher  151  Mulberry 

Facemire  Mrs.  of  John,  back  39  Tammany 

Fagan  Augustine,  printer  and  bookseller,  133  South 

Fagan  Daniel,  painter,  &c.  40  New 
Fagan  F.lizabeth,  mantua  maker  71  Locust 
Fagan  Michael,  tavernkeeper  Laeiitia  court 
Fagan  Wm.  shoemaker,  Beach  N.  high  bridge 
Fagienbush  Dederick,  cordwainer  458  north  Second 
Fagundas  George,  superintendant  for  N.  liberties 

55  Browne 
Fagundas  George,  jr.  carpenter  .1  llh  above  Race 
Fagundas  Jacob,  brassfounder  52  Brown 
Fairchild  Abel,  labourer  61  Christian 
Fairchilds  &  Alexander,  fruiterers  16J  High 
Fairchilds  Marcus,  fruiterer  96  N    Third 
Fairlamb  Hannah,  widow  219  Lombard 
Fairman  G.  designer  and  engraver  28  Sansom 
Fairman  Jabez,  combmaker  1 19  Green 
Fairy  Elizjibeth,  shopkeeper  134  Coats 
Falbright  lll^vtin,  baker  54  Green 
Falconer  John,  shipwright  177  south  Front 
Falker  Geo.  shoemaker  89  north  Sixth  [ire  Faulkner 
Falknier  Joseph,  laflies  sftpemaker  1 19  S.  Second 
Fannen  Anthony,  gentleman  244  south  Seventh 
Farl  Mary,  Spruce  N.  sch.  4lh 
Farley  James,  taylor  105  Cedar 
Farley  John  E.  potter  468  Sassafras 
Farley  Peter,  distiller  and  bottler  10  Vernon 
Farmer  Margaret,  widow  J 37  south  Ninth 
Farqiihar  Mrs.  of  George,  Sansom  above  Kightli 
Farr  Martha,  mantua  maker  Markoe's  court 
Farr-William,  wheelwright  Broad  above  Race 
Farran  Margaret,  widow  Beach  near  Marlborough 
Farran  Thomas,  shipwright.  Beach  n.  Marlborough 
Farrand  Wm.  P.  Chesnut  next  Academy  of  fine  art$ 
Fa  reday  John,  Shackamaxon 
i  Farrel  Richard,  shopkeeper  156  south  Fifth 

A  a 


Faries  Wm.  taylor  21   Walnut  Isee  Fearres 

Farries  Wm.  caner  28  Chester  St. 
Farris  Edward,  teacher  86  south  Front  [see  Ferris 
Farris  widow  of  Charles,  corner  of  Chesnut,  and 

sch.  Fifth 
jParris  widow  of  Elijah,  260  south  Third 
Farrouilh  Andrew,  and  Co.  merchants  217  High 
Fassitt  James,  merchant  four  doors  west  of  Second, 

south  side  of  High 
Fassitt  Thomas  &  James,  merchants  s.  w.  corner  of 

Second  and  High 
Fassitt  Thos.  merchant  7  s.  9th  Isee  Fans,  b*  Foiuc, 
Faulkner  James,  plaisterer  Clifton  Isee  Falker 

Faunce  Christian,  shoemaker  6th  above  Poplar 
/'^aunce  Christian,  fisherman  cor.  Hanover  8c  Queen 
Faunce  Christian,  jun.  fisherman  Queen  n.  Bishop 

l^see  Founce 
Faunce  Henry,  caulker  237  St.  John 
Faunce  Jacob,  fisherman  Bishop  . 
Faunce  Jacob,  constable  72  Coats 
Fausset  E.  storekeeper  221  south  Second 
Faussett  James,  brickmaker  Blackberry  alley  B. 

Fawcatt  Elizabeth,  widow  Fromberger'spourt 
Fawkes  Richard,  tavernkeeper  14  Stravirbcrry 
Fay  Josiah,  printer  above  323  Callowhill 
Feable  Anthony,  tailor  85  north  Fifth 
Fearon  James,  soap  and  candle  factor  93  Walnut 
FediVon  Joseph,  soap  and  candle  factor  104  Plum 
Febiger  Elizabeth,  217  Chesnut 
Fee  Margaret,  seamstress  back  134  south  Eighth 
Fee  Robert,  shipwright  Swedes  alley 
Feeney  Patrick,  printer  Farmer's  row    {^see  Finney 
Feinour  George,  cooper  49  &  84  south  Water 
Feinour  Joseph,  tinsmith  112  north  Water 
Felker  Philip,  brewer  12  Elbow  lane 
Fell  John  T.  mariner  Mifflin's  court 
Fell  Jonathan,  jun.  mustard  factor  74  south  Front 
Felt  John,  ship  carpenter  Prime  below  Second 
Fennell  Willium,  merchant  upper  55  n.  Thu'd 
Fenner  John,  tobacconist  152  north  Water 
Fenner  Peter,  tobacconist  back  203  north  Third 
Fenner  Elizabeth  widow,  4 1  Christian 


Fennimore  James,  carpenter*  Torr's  court 
Fennimore  Samuel,  yeoman  37  Gretn 
Fennimore  Samuel,  jun.  shoemuker  23  Noble 
Fennimore  Wm.  iron  merch.ant  100  north  lifih 
Fenton  x\nclrew,  sailmakcr  Summerl's*  wharf  and  49 

Fenton  James,  biscuit  baker  fallow  hill  st.  wharf 
Fenton  Charlotte,  shopkeeper  50  Penn 
Fenton  Peter,  shoemaker  ^05  C'cillovvhill 
Fenton  Susan,  boarding  house  Brooke  court 
Fenton  Thomas,  ladies*  shoemaker  38  Sassafras 
Ferguson  Benjamin,  taylor  15  Mulberry 
Ferguson  Christy,  shopkeeper  141  Pine 
Ferguson  David,  shipwright  46  Browne 
Ferguson  Rebecca,  widow  18  Elfreth's  alley 
Ferguson  Eben,  justice  of  the  peace  40  George  (S.) 
Ferguson  George,  soap  boiler  Elmslie's  alley 
Ferguson  George,  trunkmaker  540  north  Third 
Ferguson  Col.  Hugh,  220  Spruce 
Ferguson  James,  stone  cutter  Sheaff's  alley 
Ferguson  James,  biscuiibhker  12  Pear 
Ferguson  Jesse,  cordwainer  High  w.  sch.  Eighth 
Ferguson  Jesse,  plaisterer  Watson's  alley 
Ferguson  John,  sea  captain  304  south  Front 
Ferguson  Robert,  shoemaker  Juniper  near  High 
Ferguson  Samuel,  shipwright  253  north  Second 
Fernagus  John  Lewis,  bookseller,  kc.  98  High  and 

8  Brewer's  alley 
Fernandis  Joseph,  dealer,  244  south  Front 
Fernald  widow  of  Abraham,  George  near  Tenth 
Fernon  Rev.  John,  Frankford  R.  n.  Queen 
Fernsler  John,  grocer  High  near  sch.  Sixth 
Ferre  widow  of  John,  17  Springeit  alley 
Ferris  Benjamin  and  J.  M'Elwee,  clock  and  watch- 
makers 20  north  Second  [See  Far  vis 
Ferris  Thomas,  weaver  108  Plum 
Ferry  Francis  Peyre,  gentleman  15  Browne 
Fersume  Jacob,  cabinet  maker  321  Race 
Fest  Christian,  taylor  84  north   1  bird 
Fetters  James,  labourer  Hanover  near  Prince 
Fichter  Catharine,  shopkeeper  corner  sch.  Eighth 
and  Race 


Ficbtner  Godfrey,  peelmaker  80  Plum 
Fick  Frederick,  cauiker  490  south  Second 
Field  Barton,  i>rocer  5  &  7  High  Sc  13  n.  Fronl 
Field  Christiana,  widow   \27  Walnut 
t  Field  Cyrus,  oysterman  S36  south  Fourth 
F'ield  5c  Fobes,  storekeepers  60  north  Second 
Field   Isaac,  jun.  mercliant  43|^  north  Front 
Field  John,  carpenter  Marlboroug-h  near  Bedford 
Field  John,  merchant  175  Walnut  (^.Sansom's  row) 
Field  John,  jun.  merchant   13  south  Front  and  175 

Field  Mrs.  layer  out  of  the  dead,  137  Spruce 
Field  Mary,  cake  baker  back  130  north  Fifth 
Field  Mrs.  of  Stephen,  Whitehall  st. 
Field  Nathan,  merchant  74  north  Front 
Field  F.  gardener  3d  below  Carpenter  (S.) 
Field  Peter,  gardener  Irish  lane  near  Cedar 
Field  Peter,  taylor  137  and  139  Spruce 
Field  Peter,  labourer  Thirteenth  above  Sassafras 
t  Field  Peter,  labourer  8  Stamper's  alley 
Field  Thomas  S.  and  Isaac,  jun.  merchants  43| 

north  Front  -' 

Fieldintr  Robert,  coachmaker  252  and  254  High 
Fiezel  Eli,  card  maker  Miller's  alley 
Fife  William,  reedmaker  cor.  sch.  Third  and  High 
i  Figaroe  Joseph,  coachman  Davidson's  court 
Figner  Andrew,  taylor  115  north  Second 
File  D.  silverplater  62  Tammany  \see  Fhile  tjf  PJile 
i'illette  M.  L.  board;!)g  house  129  south  Second 
Fillinger  Godfrey,  labourer  back  175  Coats 
Filson  Ann,  maniuamaker  40  New 
Fimple  Jacob,  book  binder  50  Brewer's  alley  north 

Fimple  Philip,  shoemaker  50  Brewer's  alley 
Finch  Elizabeth,  widow  tavernkeeper  7  Chesnut 
Fincli  William,  cordwaincr  Carpenter  st.  (C.) 

Fink  Adam,  stocking-weaver  Germantown  road  n. 

Fink  George,  stocking-weaver  cor.  Third  and  Ger- 
mantown road 
Fink  Jacob,  stocking-weaver  26  North  alley 


rinkbine  Frederick,  ladies'  shoemaker  Thirteenth 

below  Chesnut 
Finkbine  J.  shoemaker  1 1 6  Sassafras 
Finlaw  Low,  labourer  Stewart's  alley 
Finley  Anthony,  bookseller  cor.  Fourth  and  Chesnut 
Finley  Francis,  upholsterer  64  south  Front 
Finley  James,  teacher  227  Mulberry 
Finley  John,  hatter  273  north  Front 
Finley  William  H.  grocer  232  south  Seventh 
Finn  John,  smith  104  Walnut 
Finn  John,  taylor  189  south  Front 
Finn  John  G.  baker  2  10  north  Second 
Finney  Charles,  carpenter  20  Pear 
Finney  Justice  D.  musician  cor.  German  Sc  Fourth 
Finney  Patrick,  taylor  5 1  south  Water 

[see  Phinney  and  Feeney 
Fii*eng  Jacob,  shoemaker  209  north  Second 
Firth  Preston  C.  carpenter  28  Ann  (N.  L.) 
Firth  Thomas,  merchant  86  High 
Fisher  Abraham,  sawmaker  23  North  alky 
Fisher  Abraham,  flour  and  feed  store  Fourth  above  ' 

Fisher  Andrew,  hatter  25  and  26  Hipch 
Fisher  Ann,  widow  183  south  Second 
Fiiiher  Ann,  victualler  York  road  near  Tammany 
Fisher  B.  shoemaker  2  Library  st. 
Fisher  Charles,  cut  nailor  cor.  Eighth  and  Vine  and 

25  north  Nkith 
Fisher  Charles,  printer  25  north  Ninth 
Fisher  David,  painter  &c.  187  Mulberry 
Fisher  Elias,  tavernkeeper  High  Bridge  (N.  L.) 
Fisher  Elizabeth,  cake  baker  Black  horse  alley 
Fisher  Elizabeth  P.  widow  170  Chesnut 
Fisher  Francis,  dyer  126  north  Fifth 
Fisher  Francis,  wharf  builder  Beach  n.  High  Bridge 
Fisher  Cieorge,  fisherman  Hanover  near  Bedford 
Fisher  George,  corder  at  Race  st.  wharf 
Fisher  Hannah,  widow  Vine  n.  TwtU'ih 
Fisher  Henry,  labourer  Race  n.  Broad 
Fisher  Jacob,  labourer  sch.  Eighth  n.  Vine 
Fisher  Jacob,  carpenter  49  Brown 
Fisher  Jas.  C.  merchant  99  S.  Front  ^  277  Chesnut 

A  a2 


Fisher  James,  carter  17  Fitzwater 

t  Fisher  James,  smith  24 /farmer's  alley 

F'isher  John,  hog  victualler  Buttonwood  n.  Charles 

Fisher  John,  labourer  back  122  north  Eleventh 

Fisher  John,  carpenter  1  Little  Pine 

Fisher  John,  victualler  Garden  above  Callovi'hill 

Fisher  John,  victualler  50  Charlotte 

Fisher  John,  blacksmith  Spruce  n.  sch.  Seventh 

Fisher  John,  labourer  back  510  north  Front 

Fisher  John,  labourer  sch.  Eighth  near  Vine 

Fisher  John,  labourer  Hanover  near  Bedford 

Fisher  J.  N.  lace  and  fringe  weaver  121  Mulberry 

Fisher  John,  labourer  Queen  n.  Frankford  road 

Fisher  Jonathan,  oysterman  219  north  Second 

Fisher  Mary,  widow  back  88  north  Front 

Fisher  Mary,  nurse  47  north  Sixth 

Fisher  M.  thermometer  maker  105  north  Second 

Fisher  widow  of  Malachi,  185  Coats 

Fisher  Redwood,  bookseller  30  south  Fourth 

Fisher  Rebecca,  gentlewoman  306  Chesnut  above 

Fisher  Robert,  mariner  Frankford  road  near  Queen 
F'isher  Robert,  carpenter  7  Kunckel 
Fisher  Samuel,  carter  back  121  north  Fourth 
Fishej:  Samuel  I.  merchant  208  Chesnut 
Fisher  Samuel  R.  merchant  27  Dock  &  1 10  S.  Front 
Fisher  Samuel  W.  merchant  290  Chesnut 
F'isher  Thos.  8c  Miers,  stave  yard  back  19  Swanson 
Fisher  William,  shallopman  16  Mary  (S.) 
Fisher  William,  carpenter  Twelfth  near  Race 
Fisher  William  W.  merchant  99  south  Front 
Fishwater  Elizabeth,  widow  15  Coates'  alley 
Fisler  Elizabeth,  tayloress  403  north  Fourth 
Fisler  Jacob  H.  taylor  157  north  Second 
Fisler  Jacob  juh.  smith  Callowhill  above  Garden 
Fiss  Daniel,  carpenter  210  north  Eighth 
Fiss  Henry,  tanner  Fourth  above  Tammany 
Fiss  John,  grocer  21  north  Eighth 
Fiss  Dr.  Joseph,  Race  n.  sch.  Eighth 
Fiss  Joseph,  sailmaker  25  Crab 
Fiss  Mary,  widow  473  north  Third 
Fiss  Mrs.  nurse  205  north  Eighth 
Fiss  Samuel,  cabinetmaker  214  south  Sevetlla 


Fiss  Sarah,  milliner  8  south  Fifth 

Fiss  William,  sailmaker  160  iShippen 

Fister  Catharine,  groctr  2  Callowhill 

Fistler  widow  of  John,  Poplar  near  St   John 

Fitch  Thomas,  lumber  merchant  S.  E.  corner  ninth 

and  Cherry 
Fitche  John,  labourer  Fourth  near  Poplar  lane 
Fithian  Thomas,  mate  189  south  Front  - 
Filler  George,    morocco  manufacturer  511  north 

Second,  dwelling  Poplar  near  Third 
Fitler  Jacob,  tanner  and  currier  5 1  \  north  Second 
Filler  Jacob,  jun.  tanner  above  550  north  Third  and 

5 1 1  north  Second 
Fitler  Wm.  tanner  S;  currier  corner  Otter  &  Second 
•f  Fitz  D.  waiter  Sixth  near  Carpenter 
Fitzgerald  David,  mariner  20  St.  Mary 
Fitzgerald  George,  cooper  1 6  Cedar 
Fitzgerald  Jesse,  innkeeper,  69  Sassafras 
Fitzgerald  Reran,  stablekeeper  13  8c  15  Marshall's 

Fitzgerald  Margaret,  widow  85  New 
Fitzgerald  Mary,  mantuamaker  88  north  Fourth 
Fitzgerald  Robert,  pump  and  blockmaker  10  and  1-2 

Little  Water 
Fitzgerald  and  TomliiJ,  oak  coopers  12  Penn 
Fitzgerald  Thomas,  shoemaker  Third  below  Car- 
penter (S.) 
t  Fitzgiles  Jacob,  wood  sawyer  Apple  st. 
Fitzpatrick  John,  victualler  Queen  near  Cherry 
Fitzpatrick  Mary,  seamstress  279  St.  John 
Filzrandolph  E.  widow  Germantown  road  n.  Sixth 
Fitzsimmons  Richard,  trader  123  south  Water 
Fitzsimmons  widow  of  Thomas,  220  Arch 
Fizel  Ann,  widow  74  south  Fifth 
Fizel  Lewis,  carpenter  Prince  near  Crown 
Flake  Benjamin,  millwright  28  Elizabeth 
Flake  George,  painter  198  Mulberry 
Flanagan  James,  carpenter  Broad  above  Sassafras 
Flanagan  John,  paperhanger  Frawkford 
Flanagan  Stephen,  pilot  444  south  Front 
Flanagan  widow  of  Wm.  403  north  Fourth 
Flanders  John  T.  gardener  Poplar  above  Third 


Blaxbart  Lewis,  porter  29  Buttonwood 
Fleetwood  Cafitaiuy  33  north  Fifth 
t  Fleming  T.  carpenter  Garden  above  Vine 
Fletcher  Edward,  coach  trimmer  LyndalFs  court 
Fletcher  E.  mantuamal^er   i53  Mulberry- 
Fletcher  Hannah,  Locust  above  Twelfth 
Fletcher  and  Gardiqer  silversmiths  and  jewellens 

S.  E.  corner  Fourth  and  Chesnut 
Fle*^cher  J.  bookbinder  164  Pine 
Fletcher  Rebecca  boarding-house  127  Mulberry 
Fletcher  Thomas,  jeweller  S;  E.  corner  Chesnut  k. 

Fletcher  Wm.  late  coach  maker  153  Arch 
Fleury  Eli,  grocer  corner  Third  and  Union 
Flick  Andrew,  currier  72  Crown 
Flick  Andrew,  labourer  137  Swanson 
Flick  George,  blockm.tktr    144  "north  Water  and 

M'CuUoch's  court 
Flick  William,  labourer  Wood  near  Duke 
Flickquire  David,  carpenter  24  German 
Fling    Daniel,   clock  and  watch   maker   82    north 

Fling  Edward,  painter  and  glazier  Tammany  st. 
Fling  Susan,  boardinghouse  113  Chesnut 
Fling  William,  painter,  Scc^  39  Keys  alley 
Fling  William,  jun.  painter,  &c.  59  Key's  alley 
Flinn  John,  mariner  505  south  Second 
Flinn  Michael,  labourer  back  39  Prime 
Flinn  Robert,  plaistcrer  216  north  Sixth 
Flinn  widow,  fruiterer  12  Pewterplatter  alley 
Flint  John,  coachmaker  210  Mulberry  8c  13  Filbert 
Flintham  widow  of^John,  gentlewom>>n  91  Vine 
Flintham  Wm,  merchant  back  139  north  Water  & 

55  north  Fourth 
Flood  —  farmer  Callowhiil  near  sch.  Third 
Flood  Wm.  labourer  back  346  north  Second 
Florence  David,  boutbuilder  183  south  Second- 
Florey  Mrs.  widow  277  north  Front 
Flory  Augustus,  meixhant  75  south  Front 
Flower  John,  45  Swanson 
Flower  Thomas,  pilot  58  Almond 
Flowers  C.  cedar  cooper  back  89  CaUowhill 


Fiowers  Thomas,  28  Vine 

Floyd  Solomon,  labourer   1^3  Christian 

Flyder  Catharine,  shopkeeper  2 18  Cedar 

Fobes  Geo.  W.  storekeeper  60  n   2d         [see  Forbes 

Fodrey  Joseph,  Qiariner  29  south  Water 

Foering  Al)raham  P.  saddler  138  north  Third 

Fcering  Frederick,  justice  ol"  the  peace  2  16  n.  Third 

Fcering  Samuel  8c  Frederick,  curriers  228  n.  Second 

Fcering  Samuel,  currier  228  north  Second 

Fogal  Nicholas,  wood  sawyer  447  north  Third 

Fogal  Nicholas,  mariner  32  Penn 

Foggey  S.  milliner  231  south  Second 

Folkmar  Flenry,  tinplateWorker  94  north  Seventh 

FoUin  A.  F.  wax  candle  manufacturer  Sixth  above 

Folweiler  John,  innkeeper  corner  Callowhill  and  3d 
Folwell  and  Ashburner,  merchants  55  north  Front 
Folvvell  Frederick,  watchman  Smith's  court 
Folwell  Mrs-  of  Robert,  Cooper's  court  (N.  L.) 
Folwell  Rachel,  widow  95  Callowhill 
Folwell  Samuel,  miniature  painter  32  Vine 
Folwell  Thomas,  taylor  125  Arch 
Folwell  Wm.  merchant  233  Mulberry 
Folwell  Wm.  jun.  merchant  20  Key's  alley 
Fombelle  Gabriel,  grocer  306  north  Third 
Foor  Jacob,  labourer  Christian  below  Fourth 
Foose  Matthias,  shoemaker  59  Green 
Foot  John,  shoemaker  224  south  Second 
Foote  James,  carpenter  8  Heyde's  court 
Foote  Lewis,  bricklayer  6  Little  Pine 
Fopless  Jane,  back  44  Spruce 
Forbes  Arthur,  shipwright  14  Mary  (S.)  [see  Fobet 
Forbes  Jared,  shoemaker  70  Christian 
Force  Mrs.  of  Peter,  490  south  Second 
Ford  Elizabeth,  boarding  house  151  Spruce 
Ford  Jacob,  wheelwright  166  north  8th 
Ford  John,  merchant  19X)  Sassafras 
Ford  Mrs.  boarding  house  10  Fromberger's  couvt 
Ford  Peter,  cabinetmaker  191   south  Third 
Ford  Philip,  carpenter  206  north  Sixth 
Ford  Philip,  shipwright  Frankford  above  Queen 
Forde  Edward,  plaisterer  sch.  Seventh  n.  Race 


Forde  widow  of  Joseph,  eor.  Frankford  road  k  Otter 
Foi'de  widow  of  Standish,  24  north  6th 
Fordham  John,  shipwright  Beach  near  Bishop 
Fordham  Richard,  shipwright  Beach  near  Bisiiop 
Fordice  John,  bookseller  368  north  Third 
Forehand  S.  baker  Fitzwalter  near  Sixth 
Forepaugh  Benjamin,  carpenter  269  north  Third 
Forepaugh  widow  of  Frederick,  carpenter  269  n.  3d 
Forepaugh  George,  carpenter  83  St.  John 
Forepaugh  Wm.  carpenter  299  Callowhill 
Forepaugh  widow  of  Jacob,  14  Kunckel 
t  Forge  Jacob,  waiter  back  130  north  Fifth 
Forgrave  Wm.  bootmaker  81  Cedar 
Forman  Isaac,  grocer  310  Vine  corner-.Chestef 
Forman  W'm.  carpenter  Rose  alley  (C.) 

Forquare sandman  26  Spruce 

Forrest  Thomas,  constable  George  above  Tenth 

Forrester  Catharine,  widow   100  Mulberry 

t  Forrester  Michael,  woodsawyer  72  Christian 

Forsberg  Mary,  widow  Thirteenth  above  Filbert 

Forsberg  R.  widow  Thirteenth  above  Race 

Forst  Abraham,  hardware  store  22 1  north  Third 

Forsythe/fsaac,  carpenter  64  south  Sixth 

Forsythe  James,  labourer  9  Gray's  alley 

Forsythe  Robert,  Frankford  road  near  first  gate 

Fort  G.  drayman  Jonesi  alley  (N.  L.) 

Fort  Sarah,  boarding  house  387  north  Front 

t  Forten  Jas.  sailmaker  95  s.  wharves  £c  92  Lombard 

Fort€scue  Sarah,  shopkeeper  310  squth  Second 

Fortune  George,  blacksmith  244  south  4th 

t  Fortune  John,  hairdresser  384  south  Second 

t  /^orlune  John,  woodsawyer  Shippen  near  Seventh 

/^ortune  Michael,  lottery  office  39  Walnut 

/'ortune  Waller,  saddletree  maker  /''rankford  roiu': 

above  Queen 
-Fosset  James,  corner  Lombard  and  Third 
t  /'"ossett  John,  sailmaker  Juniper  lane 
-Fosset  Ezekiel,  cabinetmaker  353  north  Third 
i'osier  Isaac,  carter  16  York  court 
i^ostcr  Jane,  widow  1 50  south  Water 
Foster  John,  caulker  Cherry  near  Duke 
^  Foster  John)  labourer,  12  Locust 


Foster  Mrs.  widow,  back  239  S.  2d 

Foster  jRebecca,  widow  batk  20  Kunckle 

Foster  Robert,  grocer  cor.  German  and  4th 

Foster  Silas,  sea  captain  36  Almond 

Foster  Silas  jr.  mariner  bnck  1  2  Christian 

Foster  Thomas,  inn  and  ferry  keeper  Arch  st  wharf 

Foster  Wm.  merchant  22  Vine 

Fotterall  Stephen  E.  115  Lombard  above  4th 

Foudray  Wm.  mate  4  Gray*s  alley 

Fougeray  Rene  J.  smith  &C.  97  n.  2d 

Foulk  Graft,  tobacconist  r:y5  St.  John 

Foulk  Martin,  carter  4th  above  George 

Foulk  Mrs.  106  north  Eighth 

Foulke  Caleb,  steel  manufacturer,  195  Spruce 

Foulke  Charles,  merchant  181  High  Isee  Faulk 

Foulkrod  M.  baker  58  New  Market 

Founce  Conrad,  fisherman  Queen  near  Bishop  [see 

Founce  Geo.  shipwright  Queen  near  Marlborough 
Founce  Isaac,  shipwright  Hanover  near  Queen 
Founde  Andrew,  drayman  349  Mulberry 
Fountain  Wm-  sea  captain  103  Swanson 
Fouquet  Lewis,  tavernkeeper  cor.  10th  and  Cherry 
Fourestier  E.  distiller  180  Coats 
Fournier  H.  F.  merchant  69  Walnut  and  80  s  Front 
Fousatt  John  B.  and  Q,o.  inquire  115  Spruce 

[«fc  Faussett 
Fousatt  widow  of  J.  W.  115  Spruce 
Foust  Henry,  saddler  back  219  north  2d 
Foust  Henry,  watchman,  Broad  n.  Cherry 
Fow  Jacob,  victualler,  Spafford  st 
Fow  John,  "J  "^ 

Fow  Henry,       I  victuallers  Shackamaxon 
Fow  William,  J 
Fowler  B.  labourer  Taper  alley 
FowleiT  Enoch,  storekeeper  44  n.  Sd 
Fowf^r  Joseph,  tailor  Rose  alley  n.  Coats 
Prowler  Robert,  ferryman  405  n.  4th 
Fowler  Samuel,  ropemaker,  19  Hopkins's  court  '• 
Fowler  Stephen,  shoemaker  Germaniown  road  n.  4th 
Fowler  Thomas,  shallopman  22  Small 
Fox  Ann  widow,  Fenn.  n.  Maiden 
Fox  Ann  widow,  seamstress  13d  Spruce 


Fox  widow  of  Adam,  4th  above  Browne 

Fox  Christian,  weaver  106  Green 

Fox  Christian,  cabinetmaker  Hoffman's  alley 

Fox  Edward,  secretary  to  American  fire  insm'ance 
company,  office  and  dwelling  101  Chesnut 

Tox  widow  of  Francis,  175  n.  3d 

Fox  George,  gentleman  274  Chesnut 

Fox  Geo.  caulker,  Queen  n.  Shackamaxon 

Fox  George,  tinplate-worker  3  U  n.  Sd 

Fox  Hannah,  spmsttr  6  s.  lOth 

Fox  James,  fruiterer  2    Pewterplatter  alley 

Fox  John,  carpenter  107  Budd 

Fox  widow  of  John,  brickmaker  365  Mulberry 

Fox  Joseph,  morocco  dresser  Arch  n»  ISth  and  7- 
n.  Front 

Fox  Justinian,  108  n.  Third 

Fox  Lewis,  baker  25  Julianna 

Fox  Mary,  huckster  22 1  Callowhill 

Fox  Mrs.  widow  84  Budd 

Fox  Martha,  milHner  17  s.  Front 

Fox  Michael,  brickmaker  12  n.  9th 

Fox  Michael,  shingledresser  129  Callowhili 

Fox  Samuel,  brickmaker  37  Filbert 

Fox  Sarah  widow,  gentlewoman  23  Sansom 

Fox  Sarah,  widow  191  n.  2d 

Fox  William,  shotmaker  Mulberry  n.  Sch.  Front 

Foxhill   Thomas,  victualler  21  Fitzwalter 

Foy  Michael,  tailor  1 1th  below  Locust 

Frale  Mary,  mantua-maker,  291  s  4th 

Fraley  Enoch,  shoemaker  306  n   Front 

Fraley  Frederick,  inquire  17  Church  alley 

Fraley  Jacob,  merchant  191  High  8c  17  Church  alley 

Fraley  Jacob,  biscuit  baker  198  Cec^ar 

Fraley  John  U.  baker  17  Church  alley 

Fraley  Jesse,  sea  captain  251  s.  7th 

Fraley  Joseph,  plaisterer  Old  York  R.  n.  Coats 

Fraley  Peter,  nailor  189  ht.  John 

Fraley  widow  of  John,  189  St  John 

Francis  Ann,  gentlewoman  154  Chesnut 

Francis  Hannah,  nurse  cor.  Christian  and  3d 

Francis  Henry,  tanner  Poplar  above  St.  John 

Franci*  John,  carter  Maria  st. 


Erancis  widow,  seamstress  3 1  Powel! 
Francis  John,  carter  Race  above  12th 
Francis  John,  shoemaker  272  south  5th 
Francis  Michael,  mariner  38  Christian 
Francis  Maria,  seamstress  220  south  4th 
Francis  Thomas  W.  merchant  77  s.  4th 
Francis  VVm.  comedian  70  north  8th 
Franck  George  C  tobacconist  217  north  2d 
Franck  Jacob;  tailor  293  Callowhill 
F'rank  Adam,  m.  d.  4th  above  Coats      [see  Franks 
Frank  Christian,  painter  8cc.  479  Uace  and  94  n.  1  Ith 
Frank  Francis,  tanner  Lily  alley- 
Frank  John,  labourer  195  ^t.  John 
Frank  John,  labourer  410  south  2d 
Frank  Lewis,  labourer  cor.  Race  and  1 1th 
Frank  widow  of  Henry,  cor.  4th  and  Bro\vne 
Frankford  widow  of  John,  275  south  Front 
Franklebury  Sarah,  widow  M'CulIoch*s  court 
Franklin  John,  drayman  79  Budd 
Franklin  Lemuel,  bootmaker  59  south  Third 
Franklin  Lydia,  widow  328  N.  Fvowt 
Franklin  Nathaniel,  sea  captain  2  Norris'  alley 
Franklin  Wm.  cabinetmaker  2  52  south  Seventh 
/^ranks  Catherine,  widow  479  north  Second 
jPranks  George,  tanner  and  currier  Noble  near  4th 
/^ranks  Jacob,  tanner  Noble  near  4th       [stf  Frani- 
/•Vanks  Jacob,  jun.  carpenter  Noble  near  4th 
iPranks  John,  watchman  Broad  near  Wuhiut 
i^raser  Andrew,  grocer  437  north  Second 
/'Vaser  Thos.  carpenter  Poplar  above  Third"   v. 
/'Yasier  F^manuel,  carpenter  53  George  (S.) 
/"rasier  Wm.  rigger  M^Culloch's  court 
i'Yazer  Ann,  widow  159  south  5th 
i'Yazer  Robert,  attorney  at  law  1 73  Chesnut 
jFrazier  Anthony,   carpenter  Blackberry   alley  be- 
tween Locust  and  iipruce 
/'razier  John,  thread  manufacturer  5th  near  Queen 
/"razier  John,  thread  maker  5th  near  Queen 
-Frazier  widow  of  Hugh,  195  north  Front 
/'razier  widow  of  Wm.  mate  2 1  Cedar 
/"reas  Joseph,  carpenter  Hamilton  village 
Frederick  George,  shoemaker  Wood  (K.)  [«fe  Frie 



/'rederick  John  G.  instrument  maker  84  N.  I  Ith 

/'Vederick  Wm.  woodsawyer  Steinrmetz  court 

/'Yederickson  Conrad,  tobacconist  79  Callowhill 

Frederickson  F»  A.  blacksmith  79  Callowhill 

/^rederickson  Godfrey,  grocer  2 1 2  north  Second 

i^redrickson  8c  Hester,  sugar  refiners  214  N.  2d 

Pree  Benjamin,  storekeeper  199  north  Second 

i^ree  Edward,  carter  34 1  north  Third 

i^ree  Samuel,  cabinet-maker  7th  below  Cedar 

i^ree  Samuel,  carter  Laurel-st.  (N.  L.) 

/^ree  Wm.  painter,  8cc.  363  N.  2d  and  39  Green 

i'Veed  David,  148  north  4th 

Freed  Geo-  and  Anthony,  looking-glass  frame  and 

cabinet-makers  back  29  Green 
i^reed  Geo.  cabinet-maker  1Q6  Coats 
/"Veed  Henry,  innkeeper  150  north  4th 
i^reed,  widow  of  Jacob  14  York  court 
i^reehuUer  Geo.  shoemaker  Germantown  R.  n.  4th 
i^reeland  John,  shoemaker  31  German 
i^reeman  Benj.  chairmaker  Cedar  cor.  12th 
i^reeman  Catharine,  widow  180  north  Water 
-freeman  Edward,  taylor  9 1  north  Water 
/'Veeman  Henry  G. attorney  at  law  32  south  5th 
i^reeman  Isaac  C,  shoemaker  6  Garrigues'  court 
Freeman  Jepthu,  shoemaker  9  -Fayette 
Freeman  and  Pierie,  carvers  and  gilders  68  Chesnut 
t  Freeman  Samuel,  woodsawyer  St.  Mary  n.  7th 
i^reeman   T.  B.  commission  merchant   65   south 

Front,  dwelling  289  Chesnut 
/"reeman  T.  W.  carver  and  gilder  68  Chesnut 
/regler  Wm.  blacksmith  4th  near  Poplar 
/'Veil  Patrick,  labourer  27  Hurst  [see  Friel 

/"reilley  Jesse,  sea  captain  74  n.  7th       [^see  Frailey 
French  Abigail,  storekeeper  181  south  Second 
French  Charles,  merchant  237  Mulberry 
French  Charles  C.  merchant  48  north  Front 
French  Daniel,  engineer  and  machine-maker  452 

north  Front 
French  and  Harker,  merchants  48  north  Front 
French  Jonathan,  carpenter  Merritt*s  lane 
French  Richard,  labourer  261  north  Front 


Frenaye  Mark  A.  merchant  150  Mulberry 

i'Veno  Paul,  boarding-honse,  Sec.  135  south  Water 

i^reshmuth  Jacob,  tobacconist  209  Callowhill 

i^reshmuth  M.  cedarcooper  158  High 

t  /freshwater  Argyle,  hairdresser  26  south  Water 

i'Vetot  George,  labourer  20  Small 

i^rew  Archibald,  merchant  239  Mulberry 

i^reymuth  Benj.  printer  1  Bell's  court 

i'Veymuth  Wm  paper-hanger  1  Bell's  court 

i'Veytag  Daniel,  potter  192  S.  5th  cor.  Small 

i^reytag  Michael,  justice  of  the  peace  204  s.  5th 

/'reytag  Catharine,  grocer  354  north  Third 

i^rick  Henry,  printer  208  north  6th 

Frick  Jacob,  accomptant  208  north  6th 

Frick  Michael,  brassfounder  364  north  Third 

i^ricke  i^rederick,  cabinetmaker  406  north  Second 

i^ricke  Henry,  grocer  241  High 

i^ricke  Jacob,  brickmaker  4th  above  Poplar 

Fricker  John,  cabinetmaker  Lily  alley,  and  cor.  2d 

and  Green 
Fricker  Joseph,  late  grocer  362  north  Second 
Fricker  Nicholas,  carpenter  corner  Beaver  and  2d 
Friday  Catharine,  washerwoman  n.  30  Callowhill 
i^riederisch  Gerhardt  N.  at  77  Walnut 
Friedlein  John  A.  grocer  166  south  Sixth 
Friend  Isaac  F.  milkman  George  corner  Tenth 
Friend  John  H.  tobacconist  334  High 
Fries  Conrad,  watchman  sch.  8:h  n.  Arch 
Fries  John,  merchant  next  2  south  Third  [see  Freqs 
Fries  John,  jun.  next  2  south  Third 
Frinkbine  Frederick,  shoemaker  4  16  Sassafras 
t  Fritcher  Anthony,  mariner  Portland  lane 
Fritz  Christopher,  baker  176  Pine 
Fritz  Geoige,  blacksmith  Germanlown  U.  n.  3d 
Fritz  Peter,  stonecutter  220  Sassafras 
Frontis  J.  Bte.  gentleman  7o  south  Second 
Frost  Danl.  mariner  Queen  n.  Shackamaxon 
Frost  Mary,  nurse  127  New 
Frowert  John,  shoemaker  84  north  5th 
i^ry  George,  chairmaker  28  Flfreith*s  &lley  and  8^ 

north  i^ont 
Fvy  Henry,  taylor  I  Elbow  lane 


Fry  Jacob,  cordial  distiller  109  north  Second 
Fry  John  H.  shoe  vender  16  Cable  lane  &  88  High 
Fry  John,  potter  74  north  4th  and  136  Sassafras 
i'Vy  John,  block  and  pumpmaker   139  north  Water 

and  34  Klfreith's  alley 
Pry  Joseph,  1  6  Cable  lane 
Fry  Nathan,  carpenter  8  Bread 
/■Yy  Robert,  shoemdker  Lily  alley 
Fry  William,  printer,  office  52  Prune  dwelling  181 

south  F'ihh 
i^ryburg  Jacob,  victualler  57  north  Eighth 
/^ryburg  widow  of  John,  victualler  51  north  Eighth 
i^ryer  Eve,  shopkeeper  348  north  3d  cor.  Green 
i<'uehrer  Christian,  weaver  Alban  ' 

-Fulgard  Jacob,  carpenter  54  Chester 
-Mullen  James,  grocer  45  Shippen 
/'uUen  and  Sykes,  grocers  S.  W.  cor.  3d  and  Cedar 
i^uller  Abraham,  caliinetmaker  22 1  north  Second 
i^uller  John,  pilot  452  south  i^ront 
Fullerton  Aaron,  shipwright  Hanover 
i^ullerton  Alexander,  storekeeper  37  High 
Fulleiton  and  Biddle,  storekeepers  52  south  4th 
i^ullerton  E.  gentlewoman  28  Queen 
Fullerton  Mrs.  of  James,  267  north  i^ront 
./^ullerton  Robert,  shipwright  Warren 
/'^ullerton  Spencer  E.  storekeeper  52  south  4th 
FuUerton  V.  boardinghouse  113  Mulberry 
i'ulmer  Caspar,  carter  23  Budd 
Fulmer  i'Vederick,  216  St.  John 
Fulmer  John,  carpenter  155  Green 
Fulton  George,  accomptant  67  south  F'lkh 
i'ulton  John,  shopkeeper  46  Xammany 
i^'ulton  Janits.  grocer  387  south  i'Yont 
i'uiton  Mark,  carpenter  Prosperous  alley 
Fulton  Samuel,  grocer  257  High  and  38  n.  Sixth 
y^ultz  Elizabeth,  widow  27  Coats 
^ultz  John,  carpenter  25   South  alley 
-^underwaith  Jacob,  grocer  212  Cherry 
i'unston  Thomas,  labourer  Spruce  above  Tenth 
/'"urlong  James,  grocer  2  LitUe  Water 
/'urman  Joni^than,  smith  63  and  below  8th  Locubc 

l?t;R GAL 

f  ilrman  Adaline,  ladies  boardinghouse  97  N.  Ninth 

/"'urst  M.  dye  sinker  and  seal  cutter  145  south  3d 

-Furey  Charles,  weaver  Prosperous  alley 

jPurey  James,  soapboiler  5th  above  Noble 

/'ury  John,  shoemaker  6 1  Walnut 

i^urey  Patrick,  shoemaker  268  south  i^ifth 

/^urze  James,  merchant  9  Norris*  alley 

i^uss  John  Adam,  baker  /'ederal  above  Second 

/^ust  William,  upholsterer  Noble  near  i^ourth 

i'yan  John,  shoemaker  39  Coats 

Gabel  John,  carpenter  23  Browne 

Gabel  Peter,  jun.  cat-penter  75  Budd 

Gabel  Pctfer,  carpenter  13  Browne 

Gabel  Samuel,  carpenter  cor.  2d  and  Browne 

Gaddeau  Joseph,  shallopman  Cherry  n.  sch.  7th 

Gagjel  Philip,  printer  back  313  north  Third 

Galbraith  widow  of  Andrew,  trader  58  Artillery  lane 

Galbraith  Hugh,  saddler  back  46  Arch 

Galbraith  Hugh,  labourer  157  Shippen 

Galbraith  Patrick,  clock  8c  watchmaker  36  CcdaP 

Galbreth  Robert,  carter  1 19  Queen  (S.) 

t  Gale  Ann,  whitewasher  Spruce  above  Eighth 

Gale  Anthony,  captain  in  U   S.  army,  s.  FrontN.  E. 

corner  of  the  navy  yard 
Gallagher  widow  of  Andrew,  sea  captain  98  s.  5th 
Gallagher  A.  M.  chinamerchantyl  16  north  2d 
Gallagher  Bernard,  taylor  74  north  Walef 
Gallagher  Bernard,  grocer  30  south  Sixth 
(Gallagher  Daniel,  labourer  247  Cedar 
Gallagher  Hugh,  labourer  256  Lombard 
Gallagher  James,  shoemaker  17  Wjlhng's  alley 
Gallagher  James,  labourer  back  135  north  Water 
Gallagher  Mary,  seamstress  Middle  alley,  n.  7ih 
Gallagher  Patrick,  stone  mason  5  Spafford  st 
Gallaher  Jacob,  ivory  turner  back  4  Oak  (S.) 
Gallaher  James,  m.  d.  37  s.  5th  cor.  Library 
Gallaher  Thomas,  flour  merchant  15  n.  Twelfth 
Gallaher  Wm.  &c  Thomas,  flour  merchants  325  High 
Gallaher  Wm.  flour  merchant  72  south  Eleventh 

Bb  2 


Galland  John,  engraver  1 5  Spiinget  alley- 
Gallant  Susan,  widow  Webb*s  alley 
Gallard  Peter  &  Co.  jewellers  1 13|  north  Third 
Gallaspey  Hannah,  widow  276  south  Front 

Gallengee 101  north  Ninth 

Gallespy  John,  grocer  S.  E.  corner  Pine  8c  Sixth 
Galloway  John,  taylor  328  south  Front 
Galloway  widow  of  Joseph,  sea  capt.  254  south  3d 
Galvin  John,  sea  captain  1 9  I  Walnut 
Gambell  James,  grocer  471  south  Front 
Gamble  Alexander,  hatter  7  Gray's  alley 
Gamble  Cyrus,  carpenter  99  Budd 
Gamble  James,  merchant  200  Spruce 
Gamble  Samuel,  labourer  Lombard  n.  sch.  Seventh. 
Gamble  Thomas,  worsted  manufacturer  German*' 

town  road  near  the  first  gate  or  2 1  s.  4th 
Gambol  John,  labourer  back  of  277  south  5th 
Garaper  Michael,  cedar  cooper  274  south  5th 
Gapper  Mrs.  gentlewoman  218  Chesnut 
Garcia  Dominick,   160  south  Third 
Gardee  John,  shoemaker  Hanover  near  Queen 
Garden  Robert,  weaver  Eleventh  near  Vine 
Gardette  James,  dentist  75  Walnut 
Gardiner  Edward  C.  sea  captain  19  Vine 
Gardiner  Jas.  sea  captain  341  south  Second 
Gardiner  James,  bargeman  Mifflin's  court 
Gardiner  John,  sea  captain  34 1  south  Second 
Gardiner  John,  jun.  merchant  20  Pine  and  38  soutii 

Gardner  Alexander,  shipwright  413  south  Second 
t  Gardner  Charles,  shoemaker  Sansom's  alley 
Gardner  G.  R.  £c  Co.  merchants  30  n.  Second 
Gardner  George  R.  merchant  Fromberger''jr  court 
Gardner  Henry,  coach  maker  299  Vine 
Gardner  Jacob,  grazier  293  Vine 
Gardner  James,  carpenter  Litle's  court 
Gardner  James,  shoemaker  198  Lombard 
Gardner  James,  tavernkeeper  140  south  8th 
Gardner  John,  boatbuilder  29  Becks'  alley 
Gardner  John,  blacksmith  Oak  (N.  L.) 
G'ardner  Mrs.  of  George,  17  Coates*  alley 


Gardner  Nathaniel  D.  sea  captain  38  Almond 
Gardner  Rachel,  63  Arch 

t  Gardner  Richard,  waiter  Eleventh  near  Lombard 
Gardner  Robert,  coach  painter  41  Keys*  alley- 
Gardner  Sidney,  goldsmith  78  south  4th 
Gardner  V^alentine,  skin  dresser  291  Vine 
Gardner  Wm.  sea  captain  24  Vine 
Gardner  widow,  gentlewoman  1  south  Fourth 
Garesche  Gabriel,  mercTiant  202  Spruce 
Garesche  J.  P.  merchant  229  High 
Garesche  V.  M.  merchant  229  High 
Garesches  &  Ravesies,  merchants  229  High 
Garey  Edward,  shoemaker  160  south  5th 
Garlanger  Henry,  bricklayer  Kunckel  n.  Tammany 
Garlick  Joseph,  cotton  spinning  factory  corner  Vine 

and  sch.  2d 
Garllow  Shavelier,  taylorand  goldsmith  72  s.  Front 
Garman  Jacob,  breeches  maker  30  North  alley 
Gurneit  Michael,  carpenter  cor.  Wood  and  Julianna 

and  26  Ann  (iN.  L.) 
Gamier  J.  B..  hairdresser  74  south  Front 
Garns  John,  carpenter  near  33  north  Tenth 
Garren  Anthony,  goldsmith  2'^0  south  7th 
Gurretson  Eliakim,  storekeeper  76  N,  4th 

l^see  Garrison 
Garretson  L.  Sc  H*  C.  Sc  Co.  storekeepers  iO  s.  2d 
Garrett  E.  gentlewoman  184  Chesnut 
Garrett  John,  farmer  Buck  road  n.  Passyunk 
Garrett  Levi,  tobacconist  N.  W.  corner  i^roat  8c 

Drawbridge  Dock 
Garrett  Philip,  clock  and  watchmaker  144  High 
t  Garrett  Richard,  porter  22  Sugar  alley 
Garrick  Elizabeth,  widow  Shield's  alley 
Garrick  John,  plaisterer  Cherry  above  Thirteenth 
Garrick  Mary,  widow  77  south  Eleventh 
Garrigues  Benjamin  F.  merchant  1 19  Pine 
Garrigues  Wm.  measurer  of  carpenters'  work  and 

C=ty  regulijfior  39  Cherry 
Garring  Michael,  labourer  Wood  (K.) 
Garrison  Abm.  hairdresser  220  N.  Front 

[see  Garretson 


Garrison  Benjamin,  labourer  122  Browne 

Garrison  Catharine,  widow  241  N  Front 

Garrison  Clement,  carpenter  Broad  below  George 

Garrison  John,  harness  maker  2 14  south  5th 

Garrison  John,  grocer  1 12  north  2d 

Garrison  Jonathan,  mariner  Mirritt's  lane  n.  5th 

Garrison  Joshua,  oysterman  169  south  Front 

Garrison  Mary,  millener  60  n.  6th 

Garrison  Mawer,  and  Co.  grocers  1 12  north  2d 

Gartland  James,  accomptant  7  north  4th 

Gartland  John,  china  merchant  71  south  Front 

Gartley  John,  teacher  19  Cherry 

Gartley  Mrs.  widow  back  28  Spruce 

Gartley  Wm.  master  rigger  62  Penn 

Garven  James,  dealer  131  Plum 

Garvin  Ann,  fishingline  5cc.  maker  33  Shippen 

Garvin  Margaret,  back  121  Queen  (S.) 

Garvin  Robert,  carter  Lombard  n.  sch.  Eighth 

[sf(?  Oii'van 
Garwood  and  Chambers,  shipjoinera  247  Swiinson 
Garwood  John,  saddler  8cc.  Maiden 
Garwood  Richard,  sea  captain  25  Catharine 
Garwood  Wm.  shipwright  468  south  Front 
Garwood  Wm.  jun.  shipwright  549  s.  Front 
Gaskill  Benjamin, bookbinder.  13  Gray's  alley 
Gaskill  Ebenezer,  storekeeper  278  n.  Second 
Gaskill  Edmund,  ladies  shoemaker  120  Walnut  • 
Gaskill  Uriah,  carter  Beach  High  Bridge 
Gaskill  Wm.  shipjoiner  429  south  Second 
Gassey  James,  stevedore  188  Lombard 
Gatchel  Joseph,  smith  Carpenter  st  (C.) 
Gates  Nathaniel,  shipwright  23  Beck's  alley 
Gauff"  John,  shoemaker  38  Charlotte 
Gaul  Frederick,  brewer  15  1  &c  147  High 
Gaul  Richard,  sea  captain  23 1  south  Front 
Gaun  George,  shoemaker  Margar^tta 
Gauny  Nicholas,  gunsmith  174  soiilh  Second 
Gavin  George  W.  printer  2  Clawges*  court 
Gavett  Benjamin,  caulker  back  12  Christian 
Gaw  Chambers,  gentleman  409  south  Front 
Gaw  Gilbert,  Windsor  chairmaker  84  north  Frdnt 
Gaw  John,  drayman  323  Cailowhill 


Uaw  and  Patterson,  cabinet  and  chairmakers  84  n. 

Gaw  Robert,  chairmaker  179  and  280  s.  Second 
Gawn  Jacob,  carpenter  U.  S.  Arsenal 
Gawn  John,  smith  cor.  Marlborough  and  Queen 
Gawn  Peter,  smith  Poplar  lane  below  2d 
Gay  lord  Enos,  batter  12  Chancery  lane 
Gebler  A.  tea  store  14  north  Fifth 
Gebler  Godfrey,  lavernkeeptr  82  Dock 
Gebler  Matthias,  accomptant  138  Mulberry 
Geiger  Martin,  jun.  ropemaker  Marlborough  near 

Geiger  Martin,  baker  Frankford  road  near  Orange 
Geisse  Philip,  merchant  49  north  Third 
Geisse  William,  merchant  28  north  Third 
Geisse  widow  of  William,  25  north  4th 
Geley  Peter,  163  north  Front 
Gemeny  Naomi,  widow  183  Spruce 
Generelly  i^eury,  milliner  2  north  6th 
Geniher  Chas.  labourer  262  St.  John's  [see  Ginther 
Genther  George,  victualler  42  Budd 
Genther  John,  taylor  43  Union 
Genther  John,  innkeeper  Mulberry  near  Eleventh 
Genther  Joseph,  victualler  42  Budd 
Gentry  Robert,  shipwright  Noble  above  /'ront 
Gentry  Samuel,  shipwright  271  St.  John 
George  Anthony,  grocer  206  south  Second 
George  Charles,  oakcooper  196  and  153  S.  Water 
t  George  Daniel,  labourer  Cedar  near  Twelfth 
George  Edward,  merchant  35  6  High 
George  John,  haircloth  manufacturer  corner  Ches- 

\  nut  and  sch   4th 
George  Joseph,  currier  90  n.  Eleventh 
George  Margaret,  widow  Cedar  n.  13th 
George  Matthew,  cabinetmaker  329  north  Third 
George  Mrs.  ladies' seminary  356  High 
George  Peter,  oakcooper  209  Callow  hill 
George  Richard,  hatter  156  High 
George  Richard,  sea  captain  273  south  jPront 
Gerhard  William,  hatter  44  N.  -Pront  &  118  N.  Sd 
German  Charles,  cabinetmaker  345  south  2d 
Germon  Greenberry  D.  goldsmith  19  north  Water 


Germon  John,  goldsmith,  &c.  12  Quarry 

[^see  Garmaji  and  Jarmart 
Germon  Thomas  D.  paperhanger  and  print  carver 

158  north  9lh 
Gernon  Patrick,  merchant  2 1 6  Walnut 
Gerrish  Le'V'i,  flour  merchant  52  Coals 
Gesh  John,  oakcooper  9  Shippen 
Ge5,t  John,  flour  merchant  302  High        \see  Guest 
Gethen  John,  silversmith  170  s.  i^ront  [see  Githen 
Gethen  widow,  boardinghouse  170  south  i^ront 
Getz,  widow  of  i^rederick,  gunmaker  158  St.  John 
Getz  Geo.  A.  victualler  156  St.  John         \_see  Gcetz 
Getz  Henry,  woodsawyer  Noble  n.  Third 
Geyer,  widow  of  Andrew,  329  Race 
Geyer  Andrew,  jun.  inspector  of  customs  28  Branch 
Geyer  John,  mariner  220  Lombard 
Geyer  John,  gentleman  195  south  4th 
Geyer  John,  alderman  122  north  3d         {^cee  Guier 
Geyer  Simon,  regulator  of  dry  measures  329  Race 
Ghegan  James,  shoemaker  86  south  Third      y 
Ghriskey  Lewis,  gunsmith  Kunckel  n.  Tammany 
Gibbons  David,  bargeman  Mifllin's  court 
Gibbons  E.  P.  bonnetmaker  86  Mulberry 
Gibbons  George  W.  scrivener  2 1  Wood 
Gibbons  and  Hains,  office  for  the  purchase  and  sale 

of  real  estate  163  Chesnut 
Gibbons  Joseph,  conveyancer  149  south  Tenth 
Gibbons  Rachael,  widow  back  198  north  2d 
Gibbons  Samuel,  fruiterer  M'CuUoch's  court 
Gibbs  Benjamin,  gentleman  31  Mulberry 
t  Gibbs  George,  rigger  Smith's  court 
Gibbs  J.  W-  merchant  3'::  south  4th 
Gibbs  J.  W.  jun.  merchant  32  south  4th  and  34 

north  8ih 
Gibbs  Job,  carpenter  79  Green 
Gibbs  John,  printer  125  Pine 
Gibbs,  Mrs.  of  Josiah,  shallopman  82  Green 
Gibbs  Wm.  merchant  32  south  4th 
Giberson  M,  M.  8c  E.  milliners  71  Mulberry 
Gibson  Alexander,  labourer  Broad  near  Vine 
t  Gibson  Benjamin,  labourer  156  Svvanson 
Gibson  George,  blacksmith  325  north  Third 


Gibson  Jacob,  tinplateworker  113  Shippen 
Gibson  James,  attorney  at  law  78  Walnut,  office  61 

south  4th 
Gibson  James,  distiller  Passyunk  corner  6th 
Gibson  John,  hatter  28  High  and  48^  north  Sd 
Gibson  Margaret,  tutress  Elmslie's  alley 
Gibson  Mrs.  widow  137  south  6th 
Gibson  Wm.  tobacconist  cor.  Fitzwalter  and  Shaf- 

Gibson  Wm.  B.  tinplateworker  92  north  Third 
Gideon  George,  chairmaker  33  Vine 
Gideon  Henry,  victualler  193  north  8th 
Gideon  Peter,  skindresser  Callowhill  above  8th 
Gideon  Rebecca,  boardinghouse  14  Cherry 
Gifford  Mary,  mantuamaker  349  south  Front 
Gifford  Robert,  carter  Twelfth  near  Pine 
Gifford  Thomas  B  mate  Maiden  st 
Gihon  James,  printer  58  Union 
Gihon  John  H.  taylor  33  German 
Gilbert  Conrad,  cabinetmaker  39  New  Market  st 
Gilbert  David,  carpenter  4  north  6th 
Gilbert  Frederick,  merchant  190  Mulberry 
Gilbert  and  Grambo,  merchants  163  High 
Gilbert  Jacob,  taylor  139  Sassafras 
Gilbert  John  G.  taylor  83  north  2d 
Gilbert  John,  merchant  44  Dock 
Gilbert  John  E.  saddler  and  trunkmaker 
Gilbert  John,  labourer  550  north  Third 
G-lbert  Joseph,  carpenter  20  Chester 
Gilbert  Joseph,  umbrellamaker  158  High 
Gilbert  Magdalin,  shopkeeper  74  south  Water 
Gilbert  Michael,  potter  9  Branch 
Gilbert  Peter,  labourer  Hickory  lane  n.  6th 
Gilbert  Peter,  shoemaker  8th  above  Buttonwood 
Gilbert  Samuel,  tobacconist  208  north  2d 
Gilbert,  widow  of  Stephen,  taylor  53  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Gilbert  and  Wessell,  merchants  44  Dock 
Gilchrist  L.  widow  40  Sansom 
Gililer  John,  carpenter  149  s.  9th 
Gilderbleevs  Richard,  grocer  47  Passyunk  cor.  5th 
Gildner  Fredk  A.  cabinetmaker  70  Callowhill 
Giles  Charles,  labourer  1 5  Fayette 


Giles  Hannah,  nurse  29  Noble 

Giles  Wm.  accomptant  19  Green 

Gilkey  John,  carter  Relief  st. 

Gilkey  Wm.  watchman  Smith's  alley 

Gill  Bennington,  naarchant  4  Mulberry  court 

Gill  Edward,  merchant  305  Mulberry 

Gill  Elizabeth,  grocer  corner  Shippen  and  Third 

Gill  James  J.  8c  i'Vances,  storekeepers  26  s*  2d 

Gill  Nicholas,  shipjoiner  393  north  -Front 

Gill  Rachael,  washerwoman  135  Spruce 

Gill  S.  carter  i^rankford  above  Queen 

Gill  Thomas,  labourer  44  Green 

Gill  Thomas,  cabinetmaker  45  Pine  and  10  Cypress 

Gillagin  Thomas,  victualler  Weaver's  alley 
Gillan  Thomas,  labourer  west  of  Permanent  bridge 
Gillasspy  George,  m.  d.  90  south  8th 
Gilles  Robert,  weaver  Lombard  n.  sch.  8th 
Gillespie  Wm.  oakcooper  20  Cedar 
Gillet  Wm.  shipwright  Prime  above  2d 
Gilliams  Lewis,  surgeon  dentist  35  M*»lberry 
€hlliard  John,  shoemaker  corner  3d  and  Lombard 
Gillies  Theodore,  combmaker59  New 
Gilligan  George,  brewer  10  Elbow  lane 
Gilligan  Michael,  bricklayer  102  Plum 
Gilliland  James,  carpenter  500  south  Second 
Gillin  Daniel,  carter  254  s.  6th 
Gillingham  Geo.  professor  of  music  ?,04  Sassafras 
GilUngham  James,  hatter  175  south  /Irbut 
Gillingham  Joseph,  merchant  83  High 
ijillinghamsand  Randolph,  merchants  83  High 
Gillingham  M.  merchant  6  Church  alley  and  B"}- 

Gillmer  James,  merchant  113  High 
Gillon  John,  laylor  128  north  Eleventh 
Gil  man  Amos,  grocer  4th  above  Callowhill 
Giiman  Lydia,  milliner  59  Arch 
Gilmer  E.  grocer  373  Mulberry 
Gilmnr  George,  boarding  house  16  Strawberry 
Gilmore  Elijah,  mn-keeper  454  Race 
.Qilr».  >i'e  ("ieorge,  accomptant  Brewers  alley  n.  3d. 
CiliAore  Hugh,  shoemaker  3d  n.  Germamown  R. 


t  Gilmore  Jacob,  waiter  123  south  Sixtli 
Gilmore  James,  labourer  200  Shippen 
Gilpin  Dynes,  grocer  High  near  Juniper 
Gilpin  &  Clay,  livery  stable-keepers  Harmony  street 
Gilpin  John,  stable-keeper  '^27  Ohesnut 
Gilpin  Joshua  &  Thomas,  merchants  149  s.  Front 
Gilpin  Thomas,  merchant  1 4  Dock 
Gimer  Mary,  widow  483  north  Third 
Ginnings  John  C.  potter  59  Tammany  [see  Jennings 
Ginnings  8c  Moser,  potters  310  north  Second 
Giont  Jacob,  labourer  41  Duke  (N.  L  ) 
Girard  Stephen,  merchant  23  north  Water 
GiruJon  James,  sea  captain  17  Key's  alley 
Girlling  Wm.  late  taylor  73  Pine 
Girvan  James,  taylor  195  Chesnut  [see  Garvi7i 

Girvan  John,  currier  21  Chesnut 
Gise  John,  smith  61  north  Fifth 
Gismire  Jacob,  tailor  37  New  Market  street 
Githens  Delaplain,  bricklayer  6  Pennsylvania  avenue 
Githins  Elizabeth,  widow  4  Vernon         [see  Getheii 
Githins  Samuel,  fruiterer  28  High 
Givin  Wm.  carpenter  Cedar  n.  Eleventh 
Glading  John,  oakcooper  corner  of  Penn  and  Pine 
Glading  Joseph,  nailer  197  St.  John  and  93  Coats' 
Gladney  David,  watchman  back  57  south  Water 
Glasgow  James,  plaisterer  Pine  above  Tenth 
Glasgow  John,  Pine  street  wharf 
Glasgow  Wm.  grocer  Pine-st.  wharf,  south  side 
Glass  Samuel,  Klmslie's  alley 
Glasscoo  widow  of  James,  weaver  524  north  Front 
Glause  Samuel,  carpenter  60  Cherry 
Glazer  David,  nailer  191  St.  John 
Glazier  John  A    sexton  7  \  Crown  ^ 

Glazier  Henry,  shoemaker  356  north  Third 
Gleason  Jonas,  carpenter  Poplar  alley 
Glen  James,  m.  d.  corner  of  Prune  and  Fifth 
Glenn  Benjamin,  labourer  Beach  n.  Marlborough 
Glenn  Benjamin,  caulker  back  41  Prime 
Glenn  Daniel,  labourer  Queen  (K.) 
Glenn  Daniel,  caulker  Queen  n.  Cherry 
Glenn  Douglai>,  shipwright  Shacka  naxon 
Glenn  Hannah,  widow,  Ihirteenth  below  Higl. 
■^  C  c 


Glenn  John,  boat  builder  near  Glass  house  (K.) 
Glenn  Joseph,  sea  captain  201  Spruce 
Glenn  Margaret,  widow  Carlyle's  court 
Glenn  Mrs.  of  Wm.  labourer  227  north  Front 
Glenn  Matthew,  painter.  Sec.  back  120  German 
Glenn  Robert,  shipwright  Beach  n.  Bishop 
Glentworth  James,  broker  S.  E  corner  of  Walnut 

and  Dock 
Glentworth  PlunketF.  m.  d.  144  Sassafras 
Glentworth  George,  281  Race 
Glett  G.  shoemaker  45 1  north  Second 
Glinsey  Patrick,  grocer  62  Cedar 
Gloninger  George,  store  keeper  223  north  Third 
Gloss  William,  carpenter  10th  n.  Lombard 
t  Gloucester  rev  John,  7th  below  Shippen 
Glover  James,  cooper,  6th  above  Poplar  lane 
Glover  John,  stone  cutter  corner  Cedar  and  Front 
Glover  Wm.  sea  captain  5  Mary  (S.) 
Glynn  Mary,  nurse  Steinmeiz* court  (N.  L.) 
Goddard  George,  smith  2 1 1  north  Second 
Goddard  John,  merchant  13  s.  Water  and  41 1  High 
Godfrey  Andrew,  victualler  Juniper  n.  Race 
Godfrey  Charles,  ropemaker  Passyunk  n.  Federal 
Godshall  John,  shoemaker  376  north  Third 
Godshall  Paul,  carter  Moyamensing  roadn.  Second 
Gceller  Philip,  baker  207  Lombard  corner  Seventh 
Goentner  Leonard,  smith  63  and  back  73  n.  5th 
Goetz  Frederick;  gunmaker   163  north  Second  32 
Sassafras  alley  l^ec  Gatz  and  Getz 

Goetz  and  Tryon,  gun  manufacturers  163  north  2d 
GofF  John,  shoemaker  264  south  Fifth 
Goff  Thomas,  shipwright  Moyamensing  road 
Goff  Thomas,  jr.  machine  and  shuttle  maker  Lo- 
cust above  Ninth 
Goghen  Thomas,  weaver  corner  Spruce  and  Schuyl' 

kill  Seventh 
Gold  James,  labourer  346  north  Second 
Goldsmit  Levi  M.  storekeeper  170  north  Second 
Goldsmith  Charles,  labourer  34  Swanson 
Goldsmith  George,  planemaker  Laurel  (N.  L.) 
Goldsmith  Jeremiah,  labourer  Oak  (N.  L.) 


Goldsmith  Thomas,  planemaker  385  north  Second 

dwelling  438  north  Front 
Goldston  Mary,  widow  447  north  Third 
Goldtrap  Mrs.  widow  159  St.  John 
Goldtrip  Wm.  carpenter  Arch  n   New  Prison 
Gomminger  Mrs.  shopkeeper  83  Callowhill 
Gomminger  Jos.  h-bourer  4th  above  Browne 
Gone  Jacob,  labourer  United  States  Arsenal 
Goodfellow  E.  pastry  cook  64  Dock 
Goodfellow  Wm.  clock  and  watch  maker,  enquire 

173  High 
Goodman  C  bookbinder  30  Cherry 
Goodman  George  F.  printer  85  Callowhill 
Goodman  John,  justice  of  the  peace  and  notary  pub- 
lic 87  Callowhill 
Goodman  Jonathan,  blacksmith  7  Charlotte 
Goodman  Phoebe,  storekeeper  68  Mulberry    ^ 
Goodman  Samuel,  carpenter  1  Bread  street 
Goodrich  Wm.  hatter  9  Gray's  alley 
Goods  George,  biscuit  baker  Coals'  court 
Goodwin  John,  ropemaker  and  ship  chandler,  and 

agent  for  com.mercial  line.  Arch  street  wharf 

and  i71  north  Front 
Goodwin  John  D  and  E.  ropemakers  Sec.  corner  of 

Oak  and  Coats 
Goodwin  George,  ropemaker  corner PassyunkSc  8ih 
Goodwin  Gtoige,  jr.  labourer  back  143  Coats* 
Goodwin  Jonathan,  blacksmith  9  Charlotte 
Goodwin  Jonathan,  tailor  261  Race 
Goodwin  Samuel,  5 1  south  Water 
Goodyear  John,  victualler  James  street 
Gordon  x^bigaiU  widow  255  north  Second 
Gordon  Ann,  widow  shop  keeper  High  near  sch.  7th 
Gordon  David,  carpenter  124  Plum 
Gordon  Henry,  grocer  165  Shippen 
Gordon  Peter,  mate  1 1 5  Swanson 
Gordon  Peter,  paper  stainer  Juniper  near  Race 
Gordon  Peter,  jr.  mariner  18  Argyle 
Gordon  Richard,  shoemaker  Prime  above  Second 
t  Gordon  Robert,  fruiterer  60  Walnut  ^s^. 

Gordon  Robert,  manufacturer  of  edge  tools  Prune 

near  Fifth 
Gordon  Thomas  F.  enquire  corner  Prune  and  5th 


Gorgan  Thomas,  fringe  weaver  236  north  Front 

Gorgas  George,  lumber  merchant  282  north  Second 

Gorgas  Joseph,  lumber  merchant  Sl2  north  Sixth 

Goring  Catherine,  296  south  Fourth 

Gorley  Hugh,  502  south  Front  [see  Gourlty 

Gorman  Edward,  tavernkeeper  128  north  Water 

Gorman  Thomas,  tavernkeeper,  Broad  near  Race 

Gort  Christian,  watchman  Oak  near  Browne 

Gos  Joseph,  M    D.  224  Lombard 

Gosling  Joseph,  carter  Say  street 

Gosner  C  ropemaker  Federal  above  Second 

Gosner  Frederick,  carter  183  Coats* 

Gosner  Joseph,  potter  205  Coats* 

Gosser  Jacob,  fisherman  Queen  near  Wood 

Gosser,  widow  of  Philip,  Queen  near  Wood 

Gottreu  Henry,  tavernkeeper  Black  Bear,  Shippen 

Gouge  John,  storekeeper  125  Spruce 

^oukler  John,  carter  136  Callovvhiil 

Goul  Valentine,  92  north  Ninth 

Gould  Calvin,  distiller  54  Prune 

Gould  Walter,  chairmaker  141  Locust 

t  Goulding  Benjamin,  carter  Middle  alley 

t  Goulding  John,  labourer  Pryor's  alley 

t  Goulding  Manuel,  waiter  back  130  north  Fifth 

Gouldy  David  and  Henry,  labourers  Lombard  near 

Schuylkill  Third 
Gourdon  Madame,  widow,  256  south  Fifth 
Gourlay  Archibald,  accomptant  48  Tammany 
Gourley  John,  grocer  38  5  north  Third  cofSier  Coats* 
Govett  Charles,  merchant  251  High 
Govett  Eleanor,  widow  149  Mulberry 
Govett  George,  clock  and  watchmaker  corner  High 

and  Front 
Govett  James,  silvet*smith  149  Mulberry 
Govett  Wm.  G.  merchant  25  I  High 
Govett  Wm.  J.  earpenter  corner  Pine  8c  Twelfth 
Govett  Wm.  treasurer   of  the  Lancaster  turnpike 

company  25  1  High 
f  Govin  Adam,  woodsawyer  Sixth  n.  Carpenter  (S.) 
^Govving  John,  sea  captain  5  1  Almond 
Grace  *Aaron,  labourer  back  390  Race      [see  Grict 
Grace  Christiana,  tripe  butcher  Charles  street 
Grace  Jacob,  Tenth  above  Race 


Grace  widow  of  J.  Brewer's  alley  near  Fourlti 

Graff  Balthasar,  baker  474  n.  Second 

Graff  Charles,  corner  Mulberry  and  Sixth 

Graff  F.  manager  of  the  water-works  22  north  Sixtii 

Graff  George,  oak  cooper  478  north  Second 

Graff  Henry,  balance  weigher  Spruce  st.  wharf  8c 

37  north  Sixth 
iGraff  John,  gentleman  303  Arch 
Graff  Joseph,  sen.  victualler  Lawrence 
Graff  Joseph,  victualler  223  N   8th 
Graff  Rebecca,  layer-out  of  the  dead  190  Vine 
Graff  William,  taylor  back  39  New-market 
Graff  widow  of  Jacobs  baker  6  Cherry 
Grafton  Woodbridge,  10  Bread  st. 
Graham  Ann,  teacher,  back  124  Catharine 
Graham  &  Avery,  druggists  258  s.  2d. 
Graham  David,  printer  12  Oak  (S.) 
Graham  Edward  &  Son,  taylors  Passyunk  n.  8tb. 
Graham  Elizabeth,  nurse  98  Green 
Graham  George,  wheelwright,  Kunckel  n.   Tam- 
Graham  James,  merchant  3'n.  9th.  Sc  327  High 
Graham  James,  baker  13th  n.  Cedar 
Graham  Jane,  gentlewoman  242  n.  Front 
Graham  John,  gentleman  397  s.  Second 
Graham  John,  at  Howell  5c  Pleasants  Pear  st, 
Graham  John,  cabinet-maker  247  s.  Front 
Graham  John,  comb-maker  69  s.  Eleventh 
Graham  John  K.,  grocer  289  High  ^ 

Graham  M.  widow  260  n.  8th 
Graham  Martha,  widow,  nurse  98  Green 
Graham  Mrs.  widow,  seamstress  25  Walnut 
Graham  Peter  &  Co.  merchants  28  Chesnut 
Graham  Peter,  merchant  20  n.  7th.  Sc  28  Chesnut 
Graham  Sarah,  druggist  258  s.  Second 
Graham  Thomas  fie  John  K.  grocers  289  High 
Graham  William,  grocer  Federal  below  Second 
Graham  William,  jun.  grocer  Federal  below  2d. 
Graham  William,  wholesale  &  retail  grocer  S.W- 

comer  High  atid  Schuylkill  Eighth 
Grahiam  James,  grocer  corner  6th  and  Shippen 
Grambo  Christian;  merchant  163  High 

Cc  2 


Grandom  Jolin,  gentleman  corner  Sansom  &  f  tb. 

Grandom  Peter,  cooper  278  s.  3d. 

Granger  J,  widow  Vine  n.  sch.  2d. 

t  Grant  Abraham,  labourer  Middle  alley 

Grant  Alexander,  mariner  261  Catharine 

Grant  A.  widow,  milliner  310  s.  Second 

t  Grant  Francis,  coachman  57  Small 

Grant  John,  merchant  10  s.  4th.  &  2  Patton's  court 

Grant  widow  of  Joseph,  sea  captain  1 1  Keys'  alley 

Grant  Margaret,  widow  1 0th  n.  Lombard 

Grant  Robert,  dealer  Lombard  near  2d. 

Grant  Robert,  commission  bottler  48  Lombard 

Grant  Samuel,  merchant  39  n.  Water  &  401  High 

Grant  T.  widow,  tayloress  95  Arch 

-Grant  Wm.  blockmaker  62  Christian 
Grant  Wm.  silver  &c  goldsmith  387  n.  3d. 
Gratz  Hyman,  merchant  S. W.  corner  Ches.  ^  7th. 
Gratz  Joseph,  merchant  S.W.  corner  Ches.  isi'  7th. 
Gratz  Simon,  merchant  S.W.  corner  Ches.  ^  7th. 
Gratz  Simon  iP"  Brothers,  merchants  232  High 
Grauel  Daniel,  coppersmith  237  n.  2d. 
Grauel  John,  baker  334  n.  2d. 
Gravel  Henry,  carpenter  220  Vine 
Gravel  Matthias,  fiuxutter  Isf  puller,  back  63  n.  6th 
Gravelle  R.  L.  goldsmith  12  n   Second 
Gravenstine  widow  of  Christian,  101  Christian 
Gravenstine  Conrad,  labourer  corner  4th  ^Browne 
Gravenstine  George,  stablekeeper  102  Locust 
Gravenstine  Jacob,  baker  Fourth  near  Browne 
Graver  David,  smith  Buttonwood  above  Sixth 
Graves  Bazel,tallowchandler  16  Spruce  [See  Greeves 
Graves  Bartholomew,  printer  40  n.  Fourth 
Graves  John,  sea  captain  334  s.  Front  Isee  Groves* 
Gravy  Henry,  innkeeper  382  n.  Third  cor.  Coats 
Gravy  P.  widow,  260  St.  John 
Gray  Caleb,  storekeeper  116  n.  Third 

_^ray  David,  carpenter  corner  Fifth  if  Wood 
Gray  David,  shoemaker  24  Budd 
Gray  Edward,  merchant  58  Dock  ^  100  s.  Front 
Gray  George,  Juniper  lane 
Gray  Guy,  mariner  265  n.  Front 
Gray  rev.  James,  teacher  3  n.  Tenth 


Gray  James,  teacher  35  1  n.  Third 
Gray  John,  taylor  50  s.  Water 
Gray  Jolin,  carter  Juniper  n.  Vine 
Gray  Joseph,  drayman  Poplar  n.  Budd 
Gray  Lloyd,  taylor  Kunckel  above  Noble 
Gray  Peter,  carter  Smith's  court 
Gray  Richard,  sea  captain  26  Union 
Gray  Robert  E.  brewer  24  south  6th 
Gray  Robert,  drayman  Poplar  n.  Budd 
Gray  Samuel,  blucksmith  Rose  alley  (N.  L.) 
Gray  Samuel,  combmaker  136  Locust 
Gray  and  Taylor,  merchants  38  Dock 
Gray  Thomas,  carter  Vine  n   Eleventh 

Grby ,  4ih  above  Tammany 

Gray  Thomas,  cordwainer  59  Dock 

Gray  and  Wile,  brewers  24  s.  6th 

Grjy  Wm.  shoemaker  Poplar  lane  n.  Budd 

G'-ay  W^m.  hatter  Lawrence 

Gray  Wm.  shoemaker  Currant  alley 

Gray  and  Wylie,  teachers  academy  Locust  above  5th 

Gray  Z.  shoemaker  6  St.  Mary 

Gready  Thomas,  shopkeeper  356  s.  2d 

Grear  Andrew,  victualler  250  n.  8th        [see  Gre^'r 

Grear  Jacob,  victualler  289  n.  Sih. 

Grear  John,  miller  9^  n.  'i  bird 

Grear  J.  victualler  Mulberry  alley 

Grear  John,  jun.  victualler  Garden 

Grear  John,  victualler  307  n.  8th 

Grear  Joseph,  morocco  dresser,  Walnut  n.  Eleventh 

Grear  N.  victualler  234  n.  8th 

Greaves  Alex,  acconiplant  376  s.  /^ront  [s<re  Greevea 

Greaves  Wm.  shoemaker  198  n.  2d 

Greble  widow  of  George,  Cherry  above  Eleventh 

Greble  Samuel  W.  carpenter  338  s.  2d 

Grtble  Wm.  bricklayer  235  s.  i'lfth 

Greble  Wm.  carpenter  bapk  396  Sassafras 

Green  Andrew,  blacksmith  14  Starr  alley 

Green  Ann  Mrs.  of  John,  Smith's  court 

Green  Branch,  stoneware  factory  Second  above  Ge5-' 

mantovtrn  road 
Green  Charles,  brassfounder  and  gilder  139  s.  9th 
Green  Charles,  taylor  Rose  alley  n.  Coats 


t  Green  Clinton,  labourer  St.  Mary  above  7th 

Green  I'dward,  labourer  Mulberry  n.  sch.  i^ront 

Green  Elijah  B.  carpenter  126  Brown 

Green  Eleanor,  storekeeper  134  s.  4th 

Green  Geo.  brassfounder  and  gilder  139  s.  9th 

Green  H  grocer  397  s  i^ront 

Green  Isaac,  mariner  15  Swanson 

Green  James,  sea  captain  Christian  below  6th 

t  Green  James,  newscarrier  157  Spruce 

Green  John,  sea  captain  143  n.  Water 

Green  John",  rigger  back  107  Catharine 

Green  John,  carpenter  Juniper  n.  Arch 

Green  John,  carpenter  Buttonwood  n.  5th 

Green  John,  grocer  S.  W.  cor.  8th  and  Vine 

t  Green  John,  barber  1 1 6  n.  8th 

Green  Jos.  plaisterer  Kunckel  n.  Tammany 

Green  rev.  Lemuel,  202  n.  3d 

Green  Lydia,  boardinghouse  276  High 

Green  Mary,  widow  Queen  n.  Cherry 

GiNsen  Mary,  widow  Christian  above  3d 

Green  Peter,  gentleman  37  Cable  lane 

Green  Richard,  grocer  310n.  Front 

Green  Robert  S.  attorney  at  law  46  Walnut 

Green  Samuel,  chairmaker  Christian  above  3d 

Green  Stephen,  fisherman  135  Green 

Green  Thomas,  labourer  Say  street 

Green  Wm.  ferryman  Tenth  above  Race 

Greenleaf  James,  office  cor.  Sansom  and  7th 

Greenman  Mary,  nurse  132  Coats 

Greenwood  Frederick,  carpenter  8  Elfrith's  alley 

f  Greenwood  Rumer,  washerwoman  St.  Mary  above 

Greer  Andrew,  smith  317  Race  [see  Grear 

Greer  Wm.  smith  24  North  alley 
Greer  widow  of  James,  cornchandler  253  s.  Fifth 
Greeves  Thoma*,  broker  54  Chesnut 
Greffin  C.  shopkeeper  35  Pine  [see  Griffin 

Gregg  Eliza,  boardinghouse  34  s.  6th 
€fregg  Mary,  mangier  friends*  almshouse 
Gregoire  Charles,  436  n.  Third 
Cregory  A.  L.  apothecary  and  druggist  288  n.  2d 
Gregory  Davidi  paperhanger  Acorn  alley 


Gregory  widow  of  John,  12  Swanson 

Gregory  John,  jun.  cabinetmaker  156  s.  2d 

Gregory  widow  of  Matthias,  Fiizwaker  above  6th 

Gregory  Wm.  late  lumber  merchant  2b8  n.  2d 

Greiner  John,  merchant  3  s.  Water       L«ce  Griner 

Grelaud  Mrs  boarding  school  105  Mulberry 

Grelit  Francis,  baker  73  Lombard  t 

Greno  Mrs.  168  Spruce 

Greverson  Jacob,  labourer  218  n.  Third 

Grew  Hugh,  labourer  418  s   2d 

Grice  Joseph  Sc  Francis,  shipbuilders  Penn  (K.) 

( >i€f  Guya  Ijf  Grace 
Grice  Mary  widow  of  Jonathan,  22  Christian 
Grice  Mary  widow  of  Isaac,  446  south  Front 
Grice  Samuel,  shipbuilder  cor    Penn  and  Maiden 
GrifFee  John,  grocer  4th  above  Browne 
t  Griffey  Eliz;.beth,  whitewasher  Juniper  lane 
Griffie  George,  mariner  back  393  south  2d 
Giiffield  Aaron,  carter  (Jld  York  above  Poplar 
Griffin  D.  C.  painter  &c.  108  south  Tenth 
Griffin  Ward,  68  Dock 
Griffin  Wm.  marinei  32  Kunckel 
.^nffin  Ward,  18  north  7th  {see  Grefln 

'tariffing  Moses,  sea  captain  28  Callow  hill 
Griffith  Benjamin  F.  bricklayer  cor.  7th  &  Shippen 
Griffith  Cadwallader,  cordwainer  142  south  9lh 
Griffith  Caleb,  merchant  taylor  88  south  2d 
Griffith  David,  baker  Quince  alley  below  Walnul 
Griffith  David,  baker  271  Race 
Griffith  rlijah,  m.  d.  108  n.  4th 
Griffith  Isaac,  carpenter  I57s.  5th 
Griffith  Isaac,  carpenter  &  storekeeper  181  n.  3d 
Griffith  John,  stone  cutter  Filbert  above  Tenth 
Griffith  John  R.  slater  6lh  above  Vine 
Griffith  John  M.  bricklayer  142  s.  aih 
Griffith  Joseph,  shipjoiner  Front  below  Prime 
Griffith  Joseph,  carpenter  1 3th  n.  Race 
Griffith  Miles,  hatter  368  High  n.  i2th 
Griffith  Robert  E.  merchant,  compting  house  Bank 

alley,  dwelling  106  s.  8th 
Griffith  Sarah  8c  Eliza,  63  Green 
Griffith  Wm.  teacher  90  n.  9th 


Griffith  Wm.  mariner  back  134  St-  John 

Griffitts  Hannah,  gentlewonnan  8  Norris's  alley 

Griffitts  Matthew,  shoemaker  43  Passyunk 

Griffitts  Samuel  P.  m.  d.  62  south  Front   / 

Griffitts  Sarah,  widow  174  south  5th 

t  Griggas  Levi,  coachman  Currant  alley 

Griggs  Sc  Dickenson,  printers  (White  Hall)  Ridge  r. 

Griggs  Joseph,  farmer  Ridge  n.  Button  wood 

Grigsby  Solomon,  carter  Swedes  alley 

Grim  Catharine,  washerwoman  7 1  n.  Tenth 

Grim  Henry,  storekeeper  213  n.  3d 

Grim  Mary,  nurse  39  Coats*  alley 

Grim  Mrs.  widow  466  n.  3d 

Grim  Peter,  brickmaker  476  n.  3d 

Grimes  John,  mastmaker  504  s.  Front 

Grimshur  Wm.  mariner  97  German 

Griner  John,  taylor  back  150  south  4th 

Griner  John,  jun.  taylor  back  1 19  Queen  (S.) 

Griner  Joseph,  coach  painter  44  Columbia  avenue^ 

dwelling  76  Locust 
Grinnell  Wm.  plane  maker  358  north  Third 
Grinnell  Wm.  attorney  at  law  126  Walnut 
Grissom  Sumuel,  bricklayer  123  Callowhiil  <> 

Grissom  widow  of  Casper,  Vienna  corner  Duke      ' 
Grogen  George,  labourer  Queen  n.  Cherry 
GroU  Christian,  mariner  back  19  Biidd 
Grogen  Margaret,  nurse  Rose  alley  below  Green  st 
Grosline  Nathaniel,  labourer  272  St.  John 
Gross  H.  F.  tobacconist  149  Cherry 
Gross  George,  watchman  Currant  alley  n.  Spruce 
Gross  Jacob,  shoemaker  Twelfth  near  Walnut 
JSross  John,  shoemaker  Cherry  n.  sch.  8th 
Gross  Mrs.  of  Henry,  Goddard's  alley 
Gross  Thomas,  cabinet  maker  14  Hurst  st 
Gross  widow  of  Jacob,  Twelfth  n.^ Walnut  w 

Grossman  John,  stablekeeper  255  Vine&31  Bread  st 
Grotjan  Peter  A.  editor  and  printer  of  the  "  weekly 
public  sale  report,"  and  "  daily  public  sale  no- 
tice," office  and  dwelling  77  Walnut 
Grover  Christopher,  mate  31  Christian 
Grover  John,  scu  captain  66  Christian 
Groves  Anthony,  merchant  3  n.  Front  and  16  n,  7th 


Groves  widow  of  Christ,  bricklayer  1 19  n.  5th 
Groves  Daniel,  bricklayer  169  Vine 

[see  Graves  and  Greeves 
t  Groves  James,  labourer  back  9 1  Callowhill 
Groves  John,  merchant  86  south  Front 
Groves  Margaret,  widow  131  Vine 
Groves  Robert,  mariner  Shippen  above  5th 
Groves  Sampson,  coachman  Prospect  alley 
Groves  Wm.  bricklayer  132  Callowhill 
Grow  Nathanielrmariner  back  364  s.  2d. 
Grubb  Christopher,  labourer  Wood  n.  Queen 
Grubb  Joseph,  suspender  maker  106  Plum 
Grugin  Chas.  plaisterer  Currant  alley  n.  Locust 
Grundlock  G   innkeeper  400  n.  Third 
Gubert  Joseph  H.  china  merchant  270  n.  2d  &  1  n.  Sd 
Guenat  and  Johnston,  merchants  26  south  Wharves 
Guenat  J.  B.  merchant  26  south  Wharves  and  230 

Quest  A.  and  E.  gentlewomen  17  Sansom  [see  Gest 
(ymtv  Adam,  grazier  cor.  Eleventh  and  Filbert 
Guierand  Diehl,  merchants  199  High 
Guier  Mrs  of  Jacob,  270  Sassafras  [^see  Geyer 

Guier  Wm.  merchant  199  High 
Guieu  and  Bion,  E.  J.  merchants  cor.  5th  and  Pine 
Guldy  Jacob,  labourer  cor.  Thirteenth  and  Spruce 
Guillou  Victor,  dancing  master  82  south  8th 
Guin  Andrew,  labourer  back  84  south  3d 
Guin  Wm.  taylor  125  south  Water  and  82  Swanson 
Guinn  Margaret,  washerwoman  Goforth  alley <k 
Gulliiger  Mrs.  shopkeeper  70  Mulberry 
Gullen  John,  stone  cutter  289  Mulberry 
Gumbes  Wm.  H.  accomptant  75  north  Water 
Gummere  Jesse,  shoemaker  Frankford  r.  n.  Queen 
Gumpert  Abraham,  merchant  259  n.  2d. 
Gun  George,  baker  23  Charlotte 
Gun  George,  baker  back  5  7  s.  Water 
Gurn  Conrad,  rigger  1  Shippen 
Gurney  Francis  G.  merchant  199  s.  Front 
Gurney  and  Smith,  merchants  199  s.  Front 
G ussier  James,  stevadore  188  Lombard 
Guthrie  David,  stonecutter  6  Fayette 
Guttery  James,  mariner  back  14  German 


Guyger  Caspar,  taylor  Black  horse  alley 
Guyger  George,  hatter  123  s.  9th  and  144  n.  Front 
Guyger  James,  taylor  96  n.  7th 
Guyon  John,  labourer  Spruce  n.  sch.  2d 
Guyott  John  F.  carpenter  Cedar  above  9th 
Guys  Edward,  prison  keeper  Eleventh  below  Locust 

[^see  Grice 
Gwin  Alexander,  taylor  Mary's  alley 

Haars  Christian,  sugar  refiner  cor.  Cherry  and 

6th,  and  Nicholson's  court 
Haas  Adam,  carpenter  128  German 
Haas  Charles,  painter,  &c.  124  Coats  [see  Hess 

Haas  Conrad,  late  baker  27  Appletreee  alley 
Haas  Frederick,  carpenter  262  n.  8th 
Haas  Frederick,  shoemaker  1 10  Green 
Haas  Frederick,  stockingweaver  367  n.  3d 
Haas  Henry,  oak  cooper  391  n.  3d  [see  Hause 

Haas  Samuel,  carpenter  cor.  6th  and  Poplar  lane 
Habbick  Henry,  cordwr.  Moyamensingn.  Wharton 
Habtrt  John,  cooper  back  46  Spruce 
Hacker  George,  baker  104  Budd 
Hadder  Wm.  nailor  57  N.  8th 
Haddock  Henry,  nailor  4  Crab 
Haddock  Joseph,  labourer  Mark's  lane  [see  Haydock 
Hafline  Catharine,  widow  59  n.  4th 
Hailine  widow  of  J.  133  n.  6th 
Haga  Godfrey,  merchant  S.  E.  cor.  High  8c  6th 
Hagart  Ann,  boarding  house  2  1  Walnut 
Hagarty  Charles,  grocer  10  Elizabeth 
Hagen  Andrew,  printer  Swanwick  st.  &  158  s.  5th 
Hai^en  John,  weaver  r2th  above  Cherry 
Hagenbush  Christian,  innkeeper  (Bull's  Head)  235 

north  Third 
Hager  Catharine,  widow  59  Coats 
Hagc-r  Daniel,  cordwainer  41  Duke  (N.  L) 
Hager  Mary,  widow  huckster  105  Vine 
Hagerly  Frederick,  baker  2d  below  Prime 
f  Hagenuan  John,  sweep  master  Middle  allry 
Haggert  Hoberi,  cowskin  maker  267  n.  8th 
irlagner  Philip,  mustard,  8cc.  manufacturer  132  n.  3d 


Hague  Andrew,  milkman  Hanover  n.Prlncj. 

Hague  Henry,  caulker  Hanover  n.  Prince 

Hague  Wm.  caulker  Bedford  (K.) 

Hahn  Peter,  merchant  68  and  76  n.  Front 

Hahn  Wm.  grocer  70  n.  4ih  cor.  Race  ^ 

Hahn  widow  of  C  104  n.  Front 

Hail  Joseph,  labourer  George  n.  Twelfth 

[see  Hale  and  I/eyt 
Hail  Mahlon,  carpenter  Cedar  above  Eleventh 
Hailer  Frederick,  gentleman  24  Mulberry 
Haines  Daniel,  grave  digger  Cherry  above  Duke 
Haines  Ephrainm,  lumber  merchant,  307   n.    Front 
dwelling  32  New  Market  st  [se  eHayyis 

Haines  Hannah,  widow  4  Lodge 
Haines  Henry,  labourer  Wood  n.  Duke 
Haines  John,  labourer  Cherry  cor.  Duke 
Haines  John,  saddler  108  n.  Eleventh 
Haines  Joseph,  drayman  !3th  above  High 
Haines  Josiah,  boatbuilder  245  Swansou  and  Priine 

below  2d 
Haines  Julianna,  widow  Marlboroug^h  n   Bedford 
Haines  Peter,  carpenter  Cherry  n.  Duke 
Haines  Philip,  smith  288  Race  w 

Haines  Reuben,  gentleman  300  Chesnut 
Hains  Frederick,  taylor  21  Fitzwalier  &  61  Walnut 
Hains  John,  victualler  4th  below  Christian 
Hains  John,  shipwright  Crown  n.  Prince 
Hains  Samuel,  surveyor  163  Chesnut  Sc  179  Pine 
Hainzworth  Dinah,  seamstress  Say  st. 
Halberstadl  widow  of  George,  214  n.  Front 
Halberstadt  Samuel,  carter  5th  below  Christian 
Haldemon  Abrm.  grave  digger  Kunckel  n. Tammany 
Hale  widow  of  Matthew,  2  Bread  st. 
Hale  Samuel,  shipwrigln  460  s.  Front 
Hale  Thomas,  284  Chesnut  [«ee  Hail  <sf  Heyl 

Haley  Edward,  dyer  Germantown  roadn.  PiU 
Haley  Elizabeth,  widow  283  Arch 
Haley  Elizabeth,  dyer  2d  n.  Germantown  road 
Halfpenny  Mrs.  boarding  house  246  High 
Hall  Alexander,  grocer  s.  w.cor.  Cedar  13*  Penn 
t  Hall  Ashmel,  labourer  St.  Joseph's  avenue 
Hall  Clement,  assistant  corder  Emlen's  courl 



Hall  David,  printer  5 1  High 

Hall  widow  of  Edward,  cabinetmakef  Rose  st. 

Hall  Elizabethtwidow  423  High 

HafI  Hannah,  shopkeeper  8  Bedford  (M.) 

Hall  Isaac,  corder  Hayscale  wharf  (N.  L.)  aiid  4 

Hall  Jacob,  merchant  190  High 
Hall  James,  accomptant  Wallace's  court 
Hall  James,  cordwainer  80  Penn 
^  Hall  James,  labourer  Stewart's  court 
Hall  James,  surveyor  108  s.  4th 
Hall  John,  merchant  108  s.  4th 
JIall  John,   clock  and  watchmaker  S.  E.  corner 

Front  and  Chesnut 
Hall  John,  merchant  16  Penn  and  Pine 
Hall  John,  carpenter  118  s.  Tenth 
Hall  John,  hatter  66  n.  Front 
i  Hall  John,  oysterman  72  n.  8th 
Hall  Margaret,  shopkeeper  71  High 
Hall  Margaret,  widow  286  s.  Fourth 
Hall  and  Pierie,  printers  5 1  High 
Hall  Peleg,  seacaptain  277  s.  Front 
.Hall  Richard,  labourer  Lombard  above  9th 
fiali*Robert,  carpenter  Prince  near  Palmer 
Hall  Samuel,  labourer  Weaver's  alley 
Hall  and  Worley,  merchants  190  High 
Hall  Thomas  M.  merchant  44  s.  6th 
Hall  Wm.  printer  5 1  High 
Hall  Wm.  merchant '20  s.  2d 
t  Hall  Wm.  coachman  Paschall's  alley 
t  Hall  Wm.  mariner  1 1  St.  Mary 
Hall  Wm.  C.  merchant  68  s.  8th 
Hallman  Geo.  carter  James 
Hallowell  and  Austin,  merchants  121  High 
Hallowell  Chalkley,  bricklayer  15  Julianna 
Hallowell  Charles,  storekeeper  13  Church  alley 
Hallowell  George,  grocer  361  and  363  n.  4th  cor. 

Green  • 

Hallowell  J.  attorney  at  law  cor.  5th  and  Chesnut 
Hallowell  and  Satterthwaite,  ironmongers  52  and 
197  n.  Third  f*^^  HolloweU 

//nllowell  Wm.  jun.  ironmonger  197  north  Third 


Halverson  Hannah,  maotuamaker  2  Stamper's  alley 

Halverson  James,  carpenter  217  St.  John 

Halzel  John,  taylor  Rose  alley  r.  Green 

Halzel  Philip,  fancy  chairmaker  5  15  n,  Front 

Hamel  Samuel,  2 )  8  s.  2d 

Hamel  Victor,  confectioner  136  High 

Hamel  widow  of  James,  shopkeeper  2  18  s.  2d 

Hamill  Henry  H.  j^rocer  and  lavernkeeper  15  s.  7lh 

Hamill  James,  watch. man  Ann  st  (sch  ) 

Hamill  James,  carpenter  Tenth  above  Race 

Hamill  James,  carter  4  Hartung's  alley 

Hamill  James,  carter  5  Springet  alley^ 

Hamill  Jolm,  carpenter  Mechanic  s'l. 

Hamill  and  Pierie,  curriers  8 1  Dock 

[see  Hamel  and  Hammel 
Hamill  Robert,  currier  81  Dock 
Hamilton  Alexander,  commission  merchant  38  s. 

Hamilton  Andrew,  gentleman  95  a.  4th 
Hamilton  Archibald,  carter  500^n.  2d 
Hamilton  F.  &  M.  Rogers,  storekeepers  3  s.  2d 
Hamilton  Elizabeth,  storekeeper  265  s.  2d 
Hamilton  Gavin,  tobacconist  N.  W.  corner  of  Vine 

and  Third 
Hamilton  George,  carpenter  Cedar  above  9ih 
Hamilton  Hugh,  grocer  470  and  472  n.  2d  corner 

Poplar  lane 
Hamilton  James,  gentleman  95      4th 
Hamilton  Jesse,  carter  246  Cedar 
Hamilton  John,  shipwright  6  Green  ' 

Hamilton  John,  millinery  store  9  n.  Third 
Hamilton  John,  grocer  4  High  and  22  Mulberry 
Hamilton  widow  of  Johr,  23  Strawberry 
Hamilton  John,  mariner  76  Penn 
Hamilton  John  W.  painter,  &c.  Leech's  court 
Hamilton  Mary,  widow  Noble  near  Third 
Hamilton  Rebecca,  widow  217  Walnut 
Hamilton  Rachael,  widow  1  Paschall's  alley 
Hamilton  Robert  M.  shallopman  Almond  st.  wharf 
Hamilton  Samuel,  labourer  1  Little  Pine 
Hamilton  Talbot,  teacher  back  29  Church  alley 
Hamilton  Wm.  drayman  9  Kunckle 


Hamilton  Wm.  cordwainer  84  n.  9th  cor.  Cherry 

Hi-imikon  Win.  mariner  368  s.  Front 

Hamilton  Wm.  painter,  &c.  1 1  I  Chesnut 

Hamilton  Wm.  carpenter  Cedar  above  9th 

Hamilton  Wm.  carpenter  Ann  st.  (sch.) 

Hamlet  G.  blacksmith  77  Green  &  shop  Oak  (N.  L-w 

Huinlin  Joseph,  carter  Frankford  road  n.  Queen 

Hinim  James,  biscuitbaker  91  Lombard 

Hamm  Sc  Son,  biscuitbakers  91  Lombard 

Hamm  Wm.  baker  45  Lombard 

Hamraan  Philip,  sui^arboiler  Brewer's  alley  n,  3d 

Hammel  Jamts,  blacksmith  26  Spruce    \_see  Hainilt 

Hammf  11  Joim,  carter  30  Sprint^et  alley 

Hammer  Adam,  shoemaker  60  Vine 

Hammer  Jacob,  taylor  24  Pewterplatter  alley 

ilammer  Lewis,  storekeeper  147  n.  Third 

Hammett  Jane,  teacher  Queen  near  Frankford  road 

Hammett  Mary,  widow  Shackantaxon 

Hanrimet  Manuel,  ropemaker  418  s.  2d 

Hammett  Thomas,  mate  Pen>berton's  alley 

Hammitt  George,  potter  59  Budd 

Hammon  Wm   merchant  167  Pine 

Hammond  Elijah,  ladies'  shoemaker  167  Coats 

Hammond  Mrs.  nurse  59  New 

Hammond  Solomon, taylor  52  Ann  (N.  L) 

Hampton  Alexander,  carpenter  319  Mulberry 

Hampton  Samutl,  shoemaker  18  Su^ar  alley 

Hamscher  Jacob,  labourer  Greenwich  st. 

Hance  Wm    bricklayer  92  n.  Front  [.we  If  an  se 

Hanchman  John,  brickmaker 200  Sassafras 

Hanchnj m  iVlichael,  brickmaker  174  Sass?ifras 

H^inckel  John  M.  m.  d    53  Coats 

Hancock  Ann,  milliner  37  n.  2d 

Hancock  Robert,  gunsmith  150  north  Fifth 

Hancock  Robert,  siikdyer  93  Vine 

Hancocif  T.  lybourer  back  5r)9  s.  Front 

Hancock  Wm.  printer  37  n.  iid 

Hancock  V^m.  carpenter  66  n    Blh 

Hand  Caleb,  sea  captain  367  n.  Front 

Hand  lizra,  waterman  87  (Christian 

Hand  James,  grocer  60  s.  Wharves 

Hdud  Jeremiun,  carter  250  north  Water 


Hand  John,  jun.  sea  captain  4 1  Green 

Hand  Margaret,  storekeeper  207  Chesnut 

Handshevv  VVm.  coachdriver  back  78  n.  4th 

Handly  John,  carter  2v6  St.  John 

Handly  Wm.  rauriner  back  5  13  north  Third 

Haney  Hannah,  229  St.  John 

Hanty  John,  labourer  Crown  n.  Queen 

Haney  R<^(^y,  labourer  13th  n.  Cedar 

Hanp^ary  G.  shipwright  Marlborough  n.  Bedford 

Hankinson  Samuel,  bricklayer  175  New 

Hankinson  Wnm    storekeeper  18  n.  Second 

Hanley  John,  hog  victualler  Laurence  st. 

Hankie  Wm.  shoemaker  399  n.  3d 

Hann  Christian,  labourer  Kihl's  court 

Hanna  Edward,  innkeeper  145  Cedar 

Hanna  John,  sea  captain  30  Elizabeth 

Hannah  E.  shopkeeper  190  Lombard 

Hannah  Preston,  labourer  Spruce  n.  sch.  Front 

Hannahs  Solomon,  weaver  98  Vine 

Hannigan  Wm.  milkman  327  s.  3d      {-fee  Hanagan 

Hannings  Wm.  shoemaker  215  St.  Jolm 

Hannold  (ico.  taylor  49  Coales'  alley  ,^ 

Hannum  Isaac,  mariner  155  s.  5th 

HanseC.  coaclimaker  cor.  4ih  and  Walnut 

Uanse  George,  coachmaker 

Hanse  John,  121  Walnut  [^see  Hanc'e 

Hanse  Jeremiah,  bricklayer  Old  York  above  Noble 

Hanse  Samuel,  bookbinder  170  s.  2d. 

Hansell  and  Brxutigam  saddlers,  &c.  24  High 

Hansel!  and  Iseminger,  wheelwrights  cor.  6th  and 

Hansell  John,  tallow  chandler  336  n.  2d  [see  Hcnsel 
Hansell  John,  wheelvvHght  cor.  6ih  and  Passyunk 
Hansell  Joseph,  wheelwright  back  338  s.  2d 
Hansell  Sarah,  widow  Arch  above  12lh 
Hansell  Sarah,  teacher  47  n    7th 
Hansell  W^m.  S.  saddler,  l3'c,  24  High 
Hanse r  Jacob,  dealer  106  n.  3d 
Hanson  Joseph,  taylor  Union  n.  2d 
t  Hanzer  James,  woodsawyer  Shippen  above  7th 
Harbart  Isaac,  bricklayer  160  Cherry   [aee  Herbert 
Harbarl  John,  carter  8 1  Budd 


Harbergcr  Henry,  dentist  1 1th  below  Walnut 
Harberger  Henry,  jun.  copper  and  tinsmith  Elevenlii 

below  Walnut 
Harbeson  Benjamin,  copper  merchant  75  High 
Harbeson  Hugh,  grocer  on  the  Drawbridge 
Harbeson  Joseph,  ironmonger  180  n.  3d 
Harden  John,  oak  cooper  253  n.  Second 
Harder  John  G.  furrier  58  s.  Fourth 
Hardie  David,  sea  captain  164  Spruce 
Hardin  John,  labourer  Spafford 
Harding  Arthur,  soap  boiler  Brewer's  alley  n.  4th 
Harding  Hezekiuh,  sea  captain  170  s.  Third 
t  Harding  James,  cooper  9  \  Coats 
Harding  Joseph,  blacksmith  back  3 1  Prime 
Harding  Joseph,  lumber  merchant  41  New  Market 
Harding  widow  of  Geo.  366  s.  Second 
♦}•  Harding  Priscilla,  washerwoman  7th below Shippen 
Harding  Thomas,  mariner  Carpenter  (S.J  n.  5th 
Hardinge  Samuel  A.  comedian  back  18  s.  6th 
Ilardte  Charles,  labourer  24  Kunckel 
Hardy  Mrs.  of  Alexander,  grocer  116  German 
Hardy  I'rancis  A.  sea  captain  105  Swanson 
Hardy  Hugh,  teacher  234  Lombard 
Hardy  John,  carter  ^  grocer  220  s.  Front 
Hardy  John  C.  baker  78  Spruce 
Hardy  Laurence,  baker  18  Spruce 
Hardy  Patrick,  grocer  282  s.  4th  cor.  Plum 
Hardy  Thomas,  carter  and  grocer  129  s.  Water 
Hare  Charles  W.  attorney  at  law  95  ^  97  Walnoit 
Hare  GecH-ge,   19  Powell 
Hare  Margaret,  widow  of  Robert,  108  s.  8th 
Hare  Robert,  porter  brewer  cor.  Callowhill  t!f  New 

Market  St.  dwelling  272  Chesnut 
Harford  John,  accomptant  372  south  Front 
Hargesheimer  Anthony,  confectioner  54  n.  4th 
Hargesheimer  Samuel,  (Point  Breeae  Inn)  Banks  o5 

Hargis  Thomas,  carpenter  24  Tammany 
Harkens  IV^ary,  mantuamaker  244  s.  6th 
l^arker  Joseph,  late  bricklayer  22  Vine 
Harker  Joshua,  merchant  48  ^j*  102  n.  Profit 
Harker  Samuel,  storekeeper  5i  n.  2d 


Harkin  Peter,  grocer  4  Chesnut 

Harkins  Charles,  hostler  Button\vood 

Harkins  John,  founder  Cedar  n.  13th 

Harkins  Mrs,  of  James,  grocer  188  Cedar 

Harkins  Matthew,  labourer  cor.  Spruce  c:?'  sch.  5th 

Harkins  Wm.  salt  and  coal  measurer  52  Sassafras 

Harkins  Wm.  cordwainer  103  s.  5th 

Harkley  Mary,  widow  38  Budd  [see  Hockley 

Harlan  Charles,  attorney  at  law  1 19  Walnut 

Harlan  George,  carpenter  Quince  below  Walnut 

Harlan  Joshua,  merchant  68  s.  Front 

Harlan  ^  Alice  Shotwell,  storekeepers  6  n.  5th 

Harlan  Wm.  merchant  22  Walnut  Ct"  55  Union 

Harland  John,  merchant  140  Mulberry 

Harland  John,  jun.  merchant  243  High 

Harley  Francis,  coppersmith  97  s.  Front 

Harley  George  and  Francis,  coppersmiths  93  s.  Front 

Hariln  lidward,  carpenter  Tenth  n.  Lombard 

Harman  Elizabeth,  grocer  316  Sassafras 

\_see  Herman  llf  Harlman 
Marman  George,  gentleman  45  n,  6lh 
t  Tiarman  Joseph,  master  sweep  165  Pine 
Harman  Jacob,  blacksmith  139  n.  Second 
Harman  John,  baker  152  n.  4th 
Harman  John,  tobacronist  Brewers  alley  n.  4th 
t  Harman  Lloyd,  labourer  206  Shippen 
Harman  Mary,  mantuamaktr  127  New 
Harman  Robert,  labourer  2  57  s.  Front 
Harman  Samuel,  drayman  40  Coates'  alley 
Harman  Wm,  shipwright  Hose  alley  n.  Coats 
Harman  Wm.  male  70  Christian 
Harmar  Gen.  Josiah,  near  Gray's  Ferry 
Harmer  Amos,  carpenter  192  Vine 
Harmer  Chalkley,  taylor  4ih  above  Browne 
Harmer  Francis,  carpenter  214  n.  6th 
Harmer  John,  caulker  Queen  n.  Shackamaxon 
Harmer  John,  lastmaker  70  Coats 
Harmes  James  N.  merchant  Drinker's  alley  Sc  177 

Walnut  (Sansom's  row) 
Harmstead  Catharine,  boarding  house  7  Elbow  lane 
Harmstcad  Joseph,  bookbinder  7  Llbow  l^e 


Harmstead  Laurence,  carpenter  26  Elizabeth 

Harmstead  Martin  slioemaker  135  n.  P'ront 

Harmstead  Wm.  carpenter  Alban 

Harned  John,  tinplateworker  43  High  &  12  Brea^i 

Harold  /^rt*.  James,  17  Wiliing's  alky 

Harpel  David,  late  innkeeper  26  Old  York  road 

Harpel  George,  labourer  Kidge  n.  Buttonwood 

Hurpel  Thomas  W.  silversmith  Pine  above  9th 

Harper  Abraham,  smith  123  n.  Fourth 

Harper ,  saddler  26  Branch 

Harper  Charles  A.  merchant  1813  Pine 

Harper  Christopher,  grocer  87  n.  3d 

Harper  James,  gi'ocer  cor.  Locust  and  Thirteenth 

Harper  James,  brickmaker  301  Spruce 

Harper  James,  jun.  brickmaker  Walnut  n.  Tenth 

Harper  John,  cooper  21  s.  Water 

Harper  Mary,  widow  183  Pine 

Harper  Sc  Maguire,  grocers  205  Cedar 

Harper  Patrick,  grocer  'ZOS  Cedar 

Harper  Rachel,  flour  and  feed-slorc  237  n.  Front 

Harper,  Ridgeway,  and  Smith,  meichants  51  north 

Harper  Robert,  mate   12  Mary  (S.) 
Harper  Samuel,  ta\  lor  4  i  Coales'  alley 
Harper  Thomas,  brickmaker  sch.  5th  below  High 
Harper  Thomas,  merchant  467  Plii^h 
Harper  Wm.  flour  merchant  5  Elfreith's  alley 
Harpham  Jonathan,  storekeeper  2  )  7  s.  Second 
Harrar  John,  carpenter  back  108  Christian 
I  Harred  David,  labourer  Fryor's  alky 
Harrad  Richard,  co^d^A'ainer  cor.  6lh  and  Passyunk 
Harras  A.  G.  coachniaker  Chesnut  above  10th 
Harrel  James  M.  printer  186_Lombard 
Harris  Alexander  M.  labourer  101  Coats 
Harris  Amos,  cordwainer  154  Coats 
Harris  Catharine,  widow  157  Walnut 
Harris  Charles,  druggist,  &c.  12  s.  Front 
Harris  James,  sexton  n.  85  s  Tliird 
Harris  Jane,  widow,  18  St.  Mary 
j  Harris  John,  woodsawyer  Smith's  court 
Harris  John,  labourer  Ciuna  street 
Harris  John,  oystcrmanback  345  north  Front 


Harris  ,  mariner  413  souih  Front 

Harris  John  V.  cabinet  maker  and  upholsterer  17-y 

Harris  Joseph  B.  bricklayer  22  Tammany 
Harris  Mrs.  boardinghouse  212  Chesnut 
j  Harris  Nathan,  fiddler  Twelfth  below  Walnut 
Harris  Robert,  m    d   72  north  Ninth 
Harris  Robert,  jun.  drup^gist,  &c.  196  High 
Harris  Samuel,  m.  d.  212  south  Fourth 
Harris-Theophilus,  gentleman  208  south  Front 
Harris  Thomas,  carpenter  Tenth  near  Lombard 
Harris  Wm.  grocer  Cedar  street  wharf 
t  Harris  Wm.  oystcrman  48  Filbert 
t  Harris  Wm.  porter  109  German 
t  Harris  Wm.  labourer  Bonsall  street 
Harrison  C.  P.copperplateprinter  40  north  Eighth 
Harrison  F.lizabeth,  widow,  203  Spruce 
Harrison  Francis,  grocer  453  north  Second 
Harrison  Geo.  navy  agent  19  Dock  Sc  156  Chesnut 
Harrison  George,  cabinet  maker,  83  Budd 
Harrison  George  K.  merchant  100  Mulberry 
Harrison  Henry,  sea  captain  Beach  n.  Hanover 
Harrison  Israel,  bricklayer  19  Carters  alley 
Harrison  Jane,  shopkeeper  11  north  Fifth 
Harrison  Job,  shoemaker  Oak  above  Coats 
Harrison  John,  chemist  first  gate  Frankford  road 
t  Harrison  John,  carpenter  Pryor's  alley 
Harrison  John,  turner  177  south  Second 
Harrison  Joseph,  mate  12  Noble 
Harrison  Matthias,  gentleman  206  Spruce 
Harrison  Michael,  labourer  31  Charlotte 
Harrison  Rachel,  widow  253  north  Front 
Harrison  Samuel,  engraver  Twelfth  above  Arch 
Harrison  Thomas,  taylor,  70  south  Third 
Harrison  Wm.  engraver  Twelfth  above  Mulberry 
Harrison  Wm.  shipwright  21  Coals' 
Harry  Hannah,  boardinghouse  10  Norris'  alley 
Harry  Rees,  50  Filbert 
Hart  Abraham,  storekeeper  112   north  Third  and 

100  Race  [^nee  Htartt  and  Ilardf, 

Hart  Charles,  teacher  337  Callowhill 
Hart  Barney,  blacksmith  Poplar  n.  St.  John 


Hart  Bernard,  sugar  boiler  George  above  Twelfth 

Hart  James,  merchant  5  5  Vine 

Hart  James,  smith  back  78  north  Fourth 

Hart  John,  carter  Mechanic  street 

Hart  John,  drup;gist  8  south  Second  &  1 95  Mulberry 

Hart  John>  innkeeper  (Lebanon  garden)  Cedar  op-  -- 

posite  Tenth 
Hart  John,  labourer,  186  Lombard 
Hart  John,  barber,  Rose  alley  near  Green 
Hart  John,  shoemaker  '^25  Cedar 
Hart  Joseph,  grazier  186  north  Third 
Hart  Nicholas,  cedarcooper  1 64  south  Third 
Hart  Sarah,  Cherry  above  Eleventh 
Hart  Sarah  A.  256  Mulberry 
Hart  Seymour,  gentleman  57  Vine 
Hart  Susannah,  widow  Twelfth  below  Walnut 
Hart  Thomas  Sc  W.  H.  grocers  231  n>  Third 
Hart  Thomas,  merchant  229  north  Third 
Hart  Wm.  H.  merchant  55  Vine 
Hart  Wm.  oakcooper  Harper's  wharf  and  176  soutl) 

Hart  Wm.  Shipwright  505  south  Second 
Hartel  John,  bricklayer  1 67  Coats' 
Hartley  Daniel,  tobaconist  158  north  Second 
Hartley  Geo.  rigger  Bright's  wharf  and  16  Noble 
Hartley  John  M.  gentleman  55  New 
Hartley  Joseph,  upholsterer  272  south  Second 
Hartley  Mark,  cabinet  and  chairmaker  146  Locust 
Hartley  Nicholas,  tinsmith  189  north  Second 
Hartley  Solomon,  rigger  49  Browne 
Hartley  Wm.  reedmaker,  back  208  High 
Hartline  Mrs,  of  John,  cordwainer  14  Kunckel 
Hartman  Augustus,  mariner  Oak  (N.  L.)  ♦ 

[see  Harman 
Hartman  Christian,  sugarboiler  24  Poplar  lane 
Hartman  John,  cupper  and  bleeder  upper  43  n.  6th 
Hartman  Matthias,    gentleman  corner  Beaver  and 

Hartman  Philip,  gold  &  silversmith  27  south  Second 
Hartman  S.  mantuamaker,  84  Union 
Hartnett  Sarah,  widow,  shopkeeper  5  Bedford  (M.^ 
Hartnock  C.  brickmaker  505  north  Third 


Hartnock  Justice,  shoemaker  473  north  Third 
Hartranfft  John^   harnessmaker  Second  near  Get- 

mantown  road  and  124  Catharine         O 
Hartranfft  VVm.  shoemaker  back  124  Catha{ine 
Hartshorne  Joseph,  m.  d.  276  High 
Hartshorne  Pattison  P.  gentleman  122  IMulbtr?y 
Hartvvell  Mrs.  nurse  40  Vine 
Hartweil  Sarah,  widow,  M'Cullough*^  court 
llartwig  John  F.  musician  148  north  Fifth 
Harvey  Charles,  merchant  1 5  south  Water 
Harvey  Frederick,  weaver  High  near  Third 
Harvey  James,  carter  288  south  Third 
Harvey  James,  tavemkeeper  6th  n.  Buttonwood 
t  Harvey  James,  rigger  1 12  Plum 
ilarvey  John,  plaisterer  242  south  Seventh 
Harvey  John,  carpenter  136  Browne 
Harvey  Robert,  tay lor  10  Carters  alley 
Harvey  Sc  Worth,  hardware  merchants  62  n.  Froiit 
Harvy  Peter,  coachmaker  363  High 
Harwood  Jeremiah,  accomptant  54  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Harwood  Mrs.  tailoress  1 1  north  Fifth 
Haskins  Thomas,  merchant  10  &c  12  south  Water 

and  1 1  south  Front  [see  HoakiriB 

Haskins  and  White,  merchants  10  &  12  s.  Water 
Haslet  Elizabeth,  mantuamaker  14  Quarry 
Hasletf  Wm.  merchant  corner  Front  &  Walnut 
Hassall  Joseph,  boot  and  shoemaker  305  s.  Second 
Hassel  Jacob,  tavemkeeper  High  n.  sch.  Seventh 
Hassel  John,  shoemaker  290  south  Third 
Hasstnclaver  Mary,  widow  70  north  Seventh 
Hassinger  Jacob,  merchant  207  High 
Hassinger  Jacob  8c  Co.  merchants  6  south  Alley 
Hassinger  and  Reese,  merchants  207  High 
Hastings  John,  turner  45  south  Fourth 
Hatch  James,  mariner  5 16  south  Front 
Hathaway  Caleb,  merchant  219  south  Front 
Hathaway  8c  Scull,  merchants  28  south  Whanrts  ^ 
Hathwell  George,  comedian  148  Locust 
Hathwell  George,  carver  and  gilder  75  s.  Front 
Halrick  Matthew, ropemaker  567  south  Front 
Hattenfield  Joseph  M.  accomptant  129  Plum 


Hatton  Sarah,  teacher  67  New 
Haughey  Alice,  grocer  168  south  Water 
HaugbA)  Henry,  weaver,  Vine  n.  sch.  Second 
Haupt  Jacob,  grocer,  143  north  Third 
Haupt  and  Kreider,  grocers  143  north  Third 
Hauptman  John,  turner  46  Gaskill 
Hause  Wm.  carpenter  37  north  Eighth 

Isee  Hawes  and  Haa^  ♦ 
jjavens  Joseph,  carter  56  New  Market  street 
Haverstick  Wm.  jr.  chinamerchant  172  High 
Haviland  Cornelius,  grocer  272  Cedar  corner  7th 
Haviiand  Jannes,  bricklayer,  256  Cedar 
Haviland  John,  shoemaker  Kunckle  near  Tammany 
Hawes  George,  42  Union  [see  Hause 

Hawk  Christian,  hosier  440  Sassafras 
Hawk  Joanna,  widow,  368  north  Third 
Hawk  John,  hosier  Race  below  Eleventh 
Plawk  widow  of  Josiah,  mariner  322  south  Third 
Hawks  Wm.  sea  captain  I  Norris'  alley 
Hawkins  Henry,  merchant  6 1  Pine, 
Hawkins  widow  of  John,  shoemaker  372  n.  Third 
Hawkins  Wm.  shoemaker  41  Mary  (S.) 
Hawkins  widow  of  Wm.  222  south  Fifth 
Hawley  Lemuel,  sea  captain  35  Sansom 
Hawthorn  Hanse,  labourer  Taper  alley 
Hawthorn  Mrs.  of  John,  hatter  Riddle's  alley 
Hay  Catharine,  widow  30  Cable  lane 
Hay  John,  innkeeper  124  north  Fourth 
Hay  Mrs.  widow  121  north  Fourth 
Hay  dock  E.  plumber,  &c.  5  Lodge      [s^e  Haddock 
Haydock  Robert,  painter  and  plumber  40  s.  2d 
//aydock  Robert,  &;  Co.  plumbers  and  pamters  39 

Haydock  Samuel,  merchant  38  south  Second 
Haydock  Wm.  painter,  kc.  Goforth  alley 
Haydon  Elizabeth,  teacher  85  north  Tenth 
Haydon  and  Stewart,  fancy  japanned  chair  and  cor- 
nice manufacturers  109  Walnut 
Haydon  Wm.  ornamental  painter  109  Walnut 
Havcs  George,  labourer  Rachael-st. 
H-iyes  John,  shoemaker  262  Lombard 
Hayes  John,  mariner  254  north  Water      \s€€  Hays 


iiayes  Laurence,  grocer  140  Cheny 

Hayes  Patrick,  sea  captain  1  Franklin  row  s.  l;ih 

Haylander  Juliana,  widow  250  s.  2d 

Haynes  George,  segarmaker  7  Branch  ^see  Names 

Hays  Addis,  carpenter  James  st. 

Hays  James,  jun.  cabinetmaker  1 1 3  south  Front 

[^see  Hayes 
lays  James,  carpenter  183  north  Front 
Hays  Samuel,  merchant  155  Chesnut 
Hayter  James,  ropemaker  Germantown  road  near 

Budd  -*" 

Hayward  John,  baker  S.E.  cor.  Cedar  and  6th 
Haywood  H.  tayloress  7  Elfrilh's  alley 
Hazard  Ebenezer,  gentleman  145  Mulberry 
Hazard  E.  labourer  113  Christian 
Hazard  Samuel,  merchant  !45  Mulberry 
t  Hazard  S.  coachman  Pine  n.  Tenth 
Hazel  Joseph,  baker  Walnut  above  Thirteenth 
Hazelton  Isaiah,  trunkmaker  back  312  n.  2d 
Hazlehurst  Samuel,  merchant  322  High 
Hazlet  Hugh,  planemaker  Relief  st. 
Hazlelon  Mary,  widow  15  Coates  alley 
Hazzard  Hap,  tavernkeepcr  Carpenter  (C.) 
Head  Joseph,  gentleman  331  High 
Ileadinger  Bernard,  painter.  Sec   244  Race 
Headman  \Vm.  and  George,  potters  George  near 

Headman  Wm.  potter  George  above  Eleventh  and 

17  s.  8th 
Heard  Mrs.  of  Thomas,  sea  captain  310  s.  6th 
Heard  Susan,  widow  13  Fayette 
Hearlt  Dennis,  printer?  Marshall's  alley  \_see  Hari 
Heath  Charles,  distiller  Hamilton  village 
Heatliwood  Elizaljeth,  shopkeeper  94  Plum 
Heatley  Charles,  counsellor  at  law  74  n.  Second 
Heaton  Elijah,  mealman  146  Browne 
Heaton  Thorpas,  carpenter  9  5  St.  John   {see  Eaton 
Hebbert  John,  painter,  £cc.  Stillhouse  alley 
Heberton  Georp:e,  merchant  5  south  Second 
Hedderly  Geo.  bellfounder  and  smith  63  and  65  s.- 

ifedderman  John  W.  gardener  Hudson's  lanen.  8th 



Hedger  Thomas,  bricklayer  Currant  alley  n.  Locus 
Hedges  Wm.  taylor  211  St.  John 
Heffer  John,bricknnaker  sch.  8th  n.  Vine 
Hefron  Elizabeth,  seamstress  60  Shippen 
Heft  John,  victualler  cor.  Old  York  and  George 
t  Hegamin  Samuel,  gunsmith  s.  2d 
Hegner  John,  hoopmaker  back  358  n.  3d 
Heidenrech  Frederick,  boardinghouse  242  s.  Fron 
Heimberger  Richard,  drug  and  chemical  warehous 

200  n.  2d 

Heimer  John,  victualler  306  Vine        ^ 
Heinold  Charles,  late  grocer  138  Callowhill 
Heirneisen  widow  of  Jacob,  25  n.  7th 
Heisler  Peter,  cor.  2d  and  Germantown  road 
Heiss  Christian,  shopkeeper  10  Hopkin's  court 
Heiss  Joseph,  cordwainer  317  n.  Front  and  RogerSs 

Heiss  Wm.  coppersmith  184  north  Second 
Heister  Isaac,  m.  d.  115  north  Fifth 
Helay  Mrs.  of  John,  98  Queen  (S.) 
Helfenstein  Rev.  Samuel,  39  north  Fourth 
HelfFrich  Francis,  taylor  Callowhill  above  9th 
Heller  Joseph,  labourer  Hanover  n.  Prince 
Hellings  Eliziibeth,  widow  boardinghouse  35  Pew- 

terplatter  alley 
Hellings  John,  bookbinder,  &c.  207  north  Second 
Helium  John,  labourer  back   122  n.  Eleventh 
Helm  Adam,  rag  dealer  Lily  alley 
Helm  Christian,  shoemaker  180  s.  Fourth 
Helm  Elizabeth,  widow  34  north  10th 
Helmbold  Elizabeth,  midwife  18  Quarry  st. 
Helmbold  George,  paper  maker   190  south.  Water 

and  191  south  Front      ^ 
Helmbold  Henry  K.  publisher  of  the  Tickler,  office 

131  s.  Front,  dwelling  102  n.  2d 
Helmbold  John  C.  coachtrimmer  33  Prune 
Helmuth  Rev.  I.  Henry  C.  279  High 
Helmuth  Henry  K.  merchant  225  and  279  High 
Helmuth  John  K.  merchant  225  High  and  16  South 

Helt  widow  of  Peter,  166  St.  John 
Hem  Jacob,  smith  Petticoat  alley  l^ee  Hamm 

Hembel  Wm.  taylor  16  n.  Water       {sec  Hamfihill 

HEM HEN  ,     ^ 

ifembel  Wm.  jun.  merchant  17  n.  Fron\ 
Hemphill  James  8c  John,  merchants  45  Dock 
Hemphill  James  &  Samuel,  merchants  High  n.  13th 
Hemphill  Jane,  midwife  7  3  Plum 
Hemphill  Joseph,  attorney  at  law,  and  president  of 

the  district  court,  n.  144Chesnut 
Hemple  Samuel,  tobacconist  46  n.  Front 
Hemple  Samuel,  carter  Buttonwood  above  Eighth 
Henchman  Adam,  brickmaker  27  north  Ninth 

[see  Hinchina-'i 
Hendel  Eliz.  shopkeeper  124  n.  Second 
Henderson  Guy,  bookbinder  9  Strawberry 
Henderson  James,  attprney  at  law  15  s.  Fifth 
Hcndersoa  James,  carpenter  106  Cedar 
Henderson  Jane,  widoxv  back  154  s.  4th 
Henderson  John,  carpenter  155  n.  6th 
Henderson  John,  saltmeasurer  326  north  2d 
Henderson  John,  carpenter  Juniper  below  High 
Henderson  John,  cabinetmaker  4th  above  Tammany 
Henderson  John,  grocer  31  n.  8th 
Henderson  John  L.  mate  353  n.  2d 
Henderson  Sc  Jones,. Stqj^ekeepers  1 1 1  High 
Henderson  John,e^neijTiaker  back  29  Prime 
Henderson  Joseph,  m^ti■nake^  28  Springet  alley 
Henderson  Mary,  sch.  Fsont  n.  Arch 
Henderson  Martha,  grocer  5'Strawberry 
Henderson  Mary,  storekeeper  59  ^  2d 
Henderson  Mrs.  gentlewoman  46 *north  Front 
Henderson  Mrs.  of  S.  Fiankford  road  near  Queen 
Henderson  Stephen,  isilvjtpplater  1 1  and  21  n.  7th. 
Henderson  Thomas,  pon^r  back  154  s.  4th 
Henderson  Wmjun.  weigher  89  Crown 
Hendrick  John,  mariner  328  south  Front 
Hendrick  Randolph,  shoemaker  Federal  n.  2d 
Hendy  Wm.  sea  captain  277  south  Second 
Henk  George  D.  baker  423  noith  2d 
Henley  Thomas,  nailor  back  207  St.  John 
Henley  Wm.  storekeeper  28  north  2d 
Henneen  Benjamin,  shoemaker  back  126  Plum 
Hennessy  Thomas,  accomptant  upper  25  north  8th 

[see  Henszey 
Henrion  S.  and  Co.  confectioners  15  south  Fourth 


Henry  Ale^jander,  merchant  192  High  and  Minor 

near  6th 
Henry  Alexander,  jun.  and  Co.  merchants  192  High 
Henry  Amelia,  gentlewoman  1 17  Chesnut 
t  Henry  Andrew,  woodsawyer  Maria  st. 
Henry  Bernard,  of  the  U.  S.  navy,  Spruce  below  4th 
Henry  C.  brickmaker  cor.  Locust  and  Aspen  alley 
Henry  Christopher,  Fourth  above  Brown 
t  Henry  Cornelius,  coachman  Green's  court 
Henry  George,  cordwainer  back  102  Jligh 
Henry  Mrs.  of  George  I.  26  St.  Mary 
Henry  Hugh,  merchant  83  s.  1 1th 
Henry  Hugh,  jun.  labourer  Ann  st.  (sch.) 
Henry  John,  labourer  Chesnut  near  sch.  8th 
Henry  John,  carpenter  Federal  above  2d 
Henry  John,  trunkmaktr  Frapkford  road,  shop  Nor- 

ria's  alley 
t  Henry  John,  waiter  293  St.  John 
t  Henry  John,  hairdresser  131  'Locust 
Henry  Joseph,  gunfactory  288  and  290  n.  Third 

cor.  Noble 
Henry  Juliana,  milliner  59^.r^h 
Henry  Kezia,  13  Springet  alley;' 
Henry  Mary,  widow  3  Charlotte 
Henry  Mary,  shopkeeper  5  s.  Third 
Htnry  Peter,  oysterman  Fourth  above  Browne 
Henry  William,  ^ccomptant  83  s.  Eleventh 
Henry  William,  joiner  70  Catharine 
Henry  Wm.  copper  and.tinsmith  200  Lombard 
liensel  Chas.  combmi-ker  259  n.  8lh     [see  Hanseil 
Hensell  Joseph,  brickmaker  Ridge  above  Callowhill 
t  Henson  Nathan,  oysterman  19  Middle  alley 
Henszey  Joshua,  carpenter  back  88  north  Front 

[^see  tienneaeij 

Henszey  Thomas,  carpenter  cor.  5th  and  Lombard 

Hepburn  Charles,  hatter  U  Gray's  alley 

Hepler  Hannah,  13  Kunckel 

Hepp  Adam,  distiller  103  Coats 

Heppard  Hezekiah,  inn  and  ferry  keeper  Say's  wharf 

above  High 
Hepjiard'  John,  painter,   &c.  Pern  n.  Maiden  and 

SiJUhouse  aJIev 


Hepple  Adam,  labourer  Blackhorse  alley 
Hera,  Christian,  pewterer  230  north  Second 
Herbert  widow  of  Lawr.  storekeeper  161  High 
Herbert  Wm.  male  14  Mary  (S.) 
Hergesheimer  Samuel,  innkeeper  Point  Breeze  inn? 

banks  of  Schuylkill 
Heriges  B.  tobacconist  373  north  Third 
Herils  Francis,  goldsmith  14  s.  4th 
Heritage  Joseph,  mariner  134  St.  John 
Herkness  Adam,  stonecutter  22  n.  9th 
Herman  widow  of  J.  coachpainter  165  s.  5th 

[see  Harman 

Herman  Wm.  painter,  Sec  89  Christian 

Hermstad  Catharine,  widow  7  Elbow  lane 

Hern  Margaret,  teacher  33  Key's  alley 

Heriges  John  Joseph,  tobacconist  471  n.  2d 

Herring  James,  printer  Juniper  n  Vine 

Herrington  Jonathan,  labourer  304  Callowhill 

Herrittage  Benjamin,  taylor71  s.  3d 

Herritage  Sarah,  widow  cor.  Old  York  road  and  5th 

Herschberg  John  F.  coachman  Weaver's  alley 

Hersse  John,  taylor  164  Sassafras 

Herse  Samuel,  accomi)tant  8  s.  6th 

Mersh  Philip,  shoemaker  69  Christian 

llertzog  Joseph,  merchant  96  n.  2d 

Hertzog  Peter,  grocer  123  Vine  corner  4th  and  23 

//esey  Dennis,  grocer  132  s.  Water 
Hess  Andrew,  hatter  1 54  north  4th 
Iltiss  George,  carter  102  Coates* 
Hess  John,  constable  178  n.  5th 
Hess  John  M.  tinplateworker  sch.  8th  n.  Vine 
Hess  Peter,  shoemaker  189  n.  Third  [«ce  Haa$ 

Hess  Philip,  oakcooper  155  Green 
Hess  Mrs.  of  Wm.  51  New 
Hess  Wm.  jun.  mate  2 1  Mary  (S.) 
Hess  Wm.  carpenter  near  122  Coats 
Hessen  James,  tanner  1 3th  n.  Cedar 
Hesser  Charles,  coachmaker  and  file  manufacturer, 

intersection  of  Germantown  road  and  3d 
Hessin  Wm.  late  innkeeper  291  Arch 
Hessler  Wm.  carpenter  74  north  6ih 
Hesshuysen  Mary,  widow  4  Pleasant  avemte 



Hester  Conrad,  sugar  boiler  214  n.  Second 
Hester  E,  C.  widow  of  Conrad  212  n.  Second 
Heston  Jacob  F.  attorney  at  law  205  n.  Second 
//eston  Patience,  widow  3  n.  8th 
Heston  Wm.  painter,  is'c.  7  Heyde*s  court 
Hetzel  Bernard,  oak  cooper  169  St.  John's  and  Old 

York  above  Noble 
Heuer  Henry,  baker  back  44  Spruce 
Hevenrich  Henry,  coachtrimmer,  b^c,  160  Vine 
Hewes  Josiah,  gentleman  15  s.  Third   [yee  Hughes 
Hewitt  John,  labourer  back  29  Prime 
Hewitt  Abijah,  corder  58  Browne 
Hewitt  Thomas,  sea  capt.  Lombard  n.  Schuylkill 
Hewitt  Mrs.  of  Wm.  taylor  Watson's  alley 
Hewitt  Wm.  commission  merchant  33  Powell 
Hewlings  E.  19  n.  Front 

Hewson  John,  jun.  calico  printer  Beach  n.  Warren 
Hewson  Thomas  T.  m.  d.  153  s.  Second 

\_see  Heuson  l^  Huston 
Heyberger  George,  blacksmith  6  Noble 
Heyberger  Jacob,  chocolate  manufacturer  134  n.  4th 
Heyberger  and  Miller,  coalyard  97  n.  4th 
Heyberger  ^  Son,  chocolate  manufacturers  134  n. 

Fourth  [see  Heimberger 

Heyde  John,  sen.  taylor  25  Filbert  [see  Hyde 

Heyde  John,  jun.  grocer  23  Filbert 
Heydel  Sarah,  milliner  121  n  Second 
-^eydrick  Christopher,  m.  b.  298  Sassafras 
Heyl  George,  jun.  attorney  at  law  and  notary  public 

46  Walnut  [sec 

Heyl  John,  baker  106  n.  Second 
Heyl  John,  brushmaker  204  n  Second 
Heyl  Philip,  flour  merchant  290  High  b^  47  n.  7th 
Heyl  Wm.  merchant  1 18  Pine 
Heyler  John,  storekeeper  109  n.  3(1 
Heylin  Isaac,  m.  d.  57  s.  Seventh 
Heysham  Robert,  deputy  naval  officer  37  n.  5th 
Hibbs  Wm.  ropemaker  Carpenter  n.  6lh  (S.) 
Hickey  John,  332  High 
Hickey  widow  of  Michael,  127  Pine 
Hickey  Michael,  mate  back  502  s.  Second 
H'ckey  Thomas,  boarding  house  27  Penft 
xiickham  Riohard,  Hiel^ry  lane  n.  6th 


Ilickling  E.  widow  29  Browne 
Hickman  Benjamin,  plaisterer  65  s.  2d 
//ickmun  Eliza,  264  Mulberry 
Hickman  George,  taylor  131s.  Water 
Hickman"  Jesse,  shoemaker  267  s.  5lh 
Hickman  and  Oliver,  taylors  131  s.  Water 
Hickman  Selby,  merchant  taylor  121  s.  Third 
Hicks  Benjamin  (Sf  Co,  paint  manufacturers  364.  Sc 

366  n.  Front 
Hicks  Charles,  carpenter  19  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Hicks  George  W.  upholsterer  15  s.  Front 
Hicks  Miss  Margaret,  23  Keys*  alley 
Hicks  Ricllard,  carpenter  2  I   Union 
t  Hicks  Robert,  carpenter  Apple  st. 
Hider  John,  bricklayer  ElcAenth  n.  Vine 
Hidelius  A-  sea  captain  1 1  Sassafras 
Hiflernan  Mary,  widow  Merritt's  lane 
Higbee  Charles,  mariner  Wood  (K.) 
Higgerson  widow  of  Joseph,  30  Browne 
Higgins  Francis,  steward  of  Pennsylvania  Hospital 
Higgins  Mrs.  of  Lot,  carpenter  18  Browne 
Higgins  Robert,  mariner  307  s.  Front 
Higli  Hugh,  accomptant  5  3  Budd 
t  High  Michael,  waiter  28  Passyunk 
Highland  Geo.  labourer  Hanover  n.  Bedford 
Highlands  Samuel,  carter  Juniper  lane 
Hight  Christian,  blacksmith  309  High 
Hilborn  Benj.  wheelwright  250  n.  Eighth 
HiTborn  B.cjt'J.  wheelwrights  Callowhili  above  8th 
Hdborn  Charles,  mate  60  Almond 
Hilborn  Elizabeth,  12  n.  4ih 
Hilborn  J.  wheelwright  Ridge  n.  Callowhili 
Hildeburn  S.  clock  and  watch  maker  132  s.  Front 
Hildewerth  H.  grocer  and  tavernkeeper  240  n.  Front 
Hiles  Peter,  carpenter  7  Kunckel 
Hilffrich  Agnes,  widow  160  Shippen 

Hill ,  grocer  cor.  Frankford  R.  and  Marlborough 

Hill  Archibald,  bricklayer  6  Fayette 

Hill  Charles,  taylor  8  Mulberry,  cor.  Race  and  Fronts 

and  8  Elfrcith's  alley 
Hill  David,  merchant  38  s.  Front 
Hill  Elizabeth,  grocer  1 10  n.  Sd 


Hill  George,  blacksmith  3 14  n.  Front 

t  Hill  George,  mariner  1 8  Elizabeth 

Hill  George,  carpenter  296  Arch 

Hill  Hugh,  bricklayer  169  s.  3d 

Hill  Jacob,  fisherman  Queen  n.  Bishop 

t  Hill  Jacob,  labourer  sch.  2d  n  Spruce 

t  Hill  Jeremiah,  painter  Clever  alley 

fHill  John,  stablekeeper  158  Spruce 

Hill  John,  shipwright  Queen  n.  Bishop 

Hill  widow  of  John,  tobacconist  247  s.  Second 

Hill  John,  trunkmaker  44  Budd 

Hill  John,  rigger  Oak  n.  Coats' 

Hill  Joanna,  widow  teacher  19  Elfreith's  alley 

Hill  Jonathan,  carpenter  above  504  n.  2d  and  55 

Duke  (N.  L.) 
Hill  Joseph,  labourer  Callowhill  n.  sch.  3d 
Hill  Joseph,  taylor  43  Noble 
Hill  Joseph,  boatbuilder  160  Swanson 
Hill  Laban,  shoemaker  150  n.  3d 
Hill  Lawrence,  carpenter  Marlborough  n.  Queen 
Hill  Margaret,  tailoress  27  Callowhill 
Hill  Mary,  widow  Smith's  court  sch. 
Hill  Mary,  milliner  Currant  alley 
Hill  Mrs  widow  55  n.  8th 

Hill  Robert,  cabinet  maker  cor.  Filbert  and  Ninth 
Hill  Robert,  grocer  s.  w   cor.  High  and  Centre  scj. 
Hill  Robert,  grocer  400  High  n.  Thirteenth 
Hill  Robert,  late  drayman  Christian  above  3d 
Hill  Samuel,  carpenter  Tenth  below  George 
HUl  Susannah,  tailoress  16  Oak  (S.) 
t  Hill  Wealthy,  washerwoman  Middle  alley 
Hill  William,  tobacconist  247  s.  Second 
t  Hill  William,  woodsawyer  231  Catharine 
Hill  Wm.  mariner  69  Queen  (S.) 
Hill  widow  of  John,  shipwright  216  n.  Front 
Hill  widow  of  Moses,  lumber  mercht.  1 10  St.  John 
Hill  widow  of  Richard,  27  Callowhill 
Hiller  Catharine,  widow  Say  st. 
Hillerman  Wm.  hatter  30  H^h 
Hillier  Joseph,  carver  and  gilder  148  s.  6th 
Hillman  Cornelius,  tavernkepeer  36  Fetin 
Hillmfti)  Eli}8hoemaker  44  Budd 


liillman  widow  of  Joseph,  cor.  Wood  Sc  St.  John 

Hillman  Mary,  teacher  23  Elfreith's  alley 

Hills  John,  draughtsman  [sre  Removals 

Hill  Christian,  glassblower  3  Appletree  alley 

Hilton  Leonard,  labourer  Christian  n.  5lh 

Hilsee  John,  taylor  38  s.  Water 

Hilsee  Joseph,  taylor  119  s.  Water 

Hilsee  5c  Wilkinson,  taylors  119  s.  Water 

Hilsee  Si\muel,  J;)ricklayer  5th  above  Noble 

Hilsee  Wni.  grocer  Frankford  road  n.  Queen 

Hilsee  Wm.  taylor  88  8c  120  n.  Water 

Hilsman  Frederick,  tobacconist  13th  above  High 

Hiiyard  Abraham,  merchant  taylor  19  s.  Third 

Hilyard  Ebenzr.  bricklayer  117  Lombard 

Hiiyard  John,  bricklayer  Lily  alley 

Himcback  Jacob,  shoemaker  Oak  above  Coats 

Himely  Mrs.  A.  widow  31  Sansom 

Himes  Christopher,  fisherman  Beach  n.  Warren 

Himcs  Frederick,  labourer  Beach  n.  Warren 

J^^imes  /Tenry,  oak  cooper  Rachel  st. 

^imes  Wm.  labourer  //anover  st. 

-^^imes  Wm.  carpenter  i/anover  n.  Bedford 

^inchman  Benjamin,  bookbinder  27  Carter's  alley 

[see  Henchman 
//indman  John,  accomptant  back  olOn.  2d 
//ine  Jacob,  drover  294-  Vine 
//ine  John,  smith   160  St.  John 
//ines  Andrew,  shoemaker  Weaver's  alley  n.  12tli 
//ines  James,  rigger  106  Christian  [«re  HyncB 

/^ines  Wm.  boat  builder  106  Christian 
Hines  Wm.  labourer  cor.  4th  and  Tammany 
i^iney  Elizabeth,  widow  Wood  above  8th 
/Tink  Mary,  widov/  nurse  254  n.  Front 
//inkel  Adam,  victualler  next  261  Callowhill 
/Tinkel  i/enry  and  //enry,  jun.  draymen  Kugan  st. 
/Tinkel  //enry,  confectioner  n.  3d 
//inkel  Peter,  victualler  cor.  Laurence  5c  Callowhill 
/Tinkel  Peter,  James  st. 
//inkel  widow  of  John,  James  st. 
//inkel  John,  victualler  Laurence  st. 

//ipolite ,  fencing  master  back  1 10  Walr'i*- 

i/ipplc  Jacob,  storekeeper  19i^  n,  3d 


^ire  George,  grocer  cor.  Cherry  and  Juniper 
^irst  Thomas,  lin  ware  manufacturer   115  //"igU 
&  103  Arch  l^ee  Hun^t 

//"itchcock  Daniel,  teacher  163  Cedar 
/^ite  Adam,  hog  victualler  Garden  st. 
/fittel  Philip,  shingledfesser  207  St.  John 
/Tobart  Elizabeth,  widow  3  Fitzwalter 
^obson  John,  broker  146  s.  5th 
/Tobson  Wm.  C.  tinsmith  38  Cedai> 
-^ockenmiller  J.  blacksmith  35  Cable  lane 
//bckley  Klenor,  widow  153  n.  Third    [see  Hacklcy 
/fockley  widow  of  Thomas,  204  Mulberry 
^odgdon  Samuel  merchant  126  Mulberry 
/fodge  Andrew,  merchant  87  n.  Water  &  92  Arch 
^odge  Richard,  shipwright  Frankford  R.  n.  Queen 
jybdge  Robert,  tavernkeeper  2  1  n    6th 
/Todge  Wm.  caulker  Frankford  R.  n.  Queen 
J^odgkinson  Samuel,  shoemaker  Poplar  n.  2d. 
/fodgson  H.  )vidow  174  Lombard 
//bgdson  Robert,  hatter  Beach  n.  Penn 
/Toeckley  F.  lace  and  fringe  weaver  304  n.  Second 

[see  Hockley 
H(£ih  Charles,  storekeeper  172  n.  Second 
^ofF  George,  bricklayer  1.39  n.  5th  [see  Haff 

i/off  Jacob,  bricklayer  139  n.  5th 
i^offecker  John,  carpenter  67  Gaskill  n.  Third 
/foffman  Adam,  shipwright  Wood  st.  (K.) 
JToffman  Barney,  bitmaker  143  s.  Tenth 
/Toffman  Christian,  gun  smith  43  Charlotte 
//bffman  Francis,  labourer  Cherry  n.  Brown 
/Toffman  F.  smith  251  Race  &  Cresson's  alley 
//bffman  Gabriel,  brushmaker  back  146  n.  3d 
//bffman  George,  carpenter  Vienna  n.  Duke 
i/offman  Mrs.  of  Isaac,  carpenter  435  n.  Sd 
-WofTman  Jacob,  fisherman  Queen  n.  Bishop 
/Hoffman  James,  labourer  Duke  n.  Vienna 
//bffman  John  //.  paint  maker  24  Kunckel 
/^olTman  Jonathan,  shipjoiner  44  Green 
//bffman  Mrs.  of  Isaac,  back  488  n.  3d 
/iToffman  Samuel,  oak  cooper  sch.  8th  below  H\^ 
/foffman  Wm.  blacksmith  6th  above  Timber  lane 
/foffman  Wolfgang,  comb  maker  262  Sassafras 


Hoffner  Mrs.  Lucy  B.  boardinghouse  Twelfth  above 

Hoffner  Sophia,  confectioner  46  north  Fourth 
Hoffner  widow  of  H.  Germantown  R.  near  Second 
Hoffner,  <vidow  of  George,  5  Wood 
Hoffner  widow  of  Philip,  8  Branch 
Hogan  Andrew,  printer  2  /finckel's  court 
Hogan  David,  bookseller  and  stationer  249  High 
Hogan  Thomas,  85  south  Front 
Hogerbates  John,  mariner  Rogers*  court 
Hogg  widow  of  John,  stone  cutter  96  Filbert 
Hogg  Robert,  gardener  Twelfth  near  Sassafras 
Hoglin  Isaac,  smith  corner  Chester  and  Lemon  st. 
Holahan  Amos,  smith  and  tavernkeeperS.E.  corner 

Elder  and  Eighth 
Holahan  Jacob,  smith  and  tavernkeeper  128  s.  10th 
//blbrook  Benjamin,  sea  captain  362  south  Front 
//olcombe  Rev.  /Tenry,  2 1  Branch 
.fiTolden  J.  mariner  4 18  south  Second 
7/olderness  William,  gentleman  56  Walnut 
i/olding  Daniel,  labourer  Beach  near  Maiden 
/folding  James,  mariner  4 1 1  south  Front 
//blgate  Samuel,  shoemaker  389  south  Front 
//blinhead  Eliza,  shopkeeper  il3  south  Fifth 

Isee  Hollingshead 
-fiTolland  Abel,  tailor  back  33  Vine 
//olland  Charles,  merchant  282  Chesnut 
//olland  John,  labourer  sch.  Eighth  near  Vine 
//olland  L  stonecutter  Vine  near  Schuylkill 
//olland  Nathaniel,  hatter  60  south  Second 
//olland  William,  dealer  383  north  Front 
//ollick  Joseph,  baker  Thirteenth  near  Race 
//bllinshead  Catherine,  widow  29  Cable  lane 
//ollingshead  Edmond  J.  farmer  485  north  Second 
//oUingshead  Mrs.  widow  59  north  Eighth 
J/ollingsworth  /fenry,  merchant  28  Dock  and   185 

south  Third 
/follingsworth  Jehu,  merchant   22   Penn  and  237 

south  Front 
//ollingsworth  John,  hatter  back  351  north  Front 
//ollingsworth  Levi,  merchant  16  Dock 
//ollingsworth  L.  &  Son,  merchants  south  wharves 
below  Spruce 


/follingsworth  Paschall,  merchant  1 1 5  south  Third 
/Tollingsworth  Samuel,  merchant,  22  Pine  and  232 

south  Front 
/Zbllis  Mrs.  of  77.  28  Bread  street 
//bllobush  Daniel,  plaisterer  Rose  alley  n.  Tammany 
//olloway  George,  coachmaker  38  Prune 
/follovvay  Jacob,  dep.  keeper  of  prison 
jyolloway  Joshua,  drayman,  15S  Coats 
i/olloway  Thomas,  cabinet  maker  79  Budd 
/Zbllowbush  ^enry,  plaisterer  98  New 
^ollowbush  Jacob,  plaisterer  Kunckel  above  Noble 
/followell  Samuel,  sea  captain  96  Crovvn    Isee  Hal. 
//olmeAbel,  gentleman,  77  Vine 
/Tolme  James  C.  tanner  and  currier  529  n.  Front 
-flblme  John,  gentleman  77  Vine 
Holme  Abel,  jun.  merchant  1 5  New  Market  and  75 

JYolmes  — }  brickmaker  343  Sassafras 
jfiTolmes  Gabriel,  carpenter  150  Locust 
/Tolmes  George,  grocer  S.  E.  corner  Front  Sc  Queen 
i^olmes  i^ugh,  merchant  229  Spruce 
holmes  James,  carpenter  155  Cedar 
i/olmes  John,  iron  merchant  6  S.  Wharves  8c  20 

//olmes  John  C.  grocer,  N.  W.  cor.  Pine  and  6th 
/Tolmes  Robert,  mariner  63  Penn 
holmes  Thomas,  shoemaker  108  Green 
//olt  Abner,  York  road  above  Poplar 
/folt  George,  surgeon  barber  46  north  Third 
//olt  Jesse,  carter  Fourth  near  George  (N.  L.; 
i/olt  Samuel,  sea  captain  435  south  Front 
i/oltman  Susan,  widow,  Quince  alley 
//bman  Abraham,  carpenter  332  Sassafras 
//oman  E.  widowof  John,  98  Swanson 
i/oman  Frederick,  labourer  corner  4th  and  Browne 
//oman  Mary,  widow,  8th  below  //udsonV  laFrte 
//omested  Samuel,  tailor,  435  south  Second 
J^ommann  I.  C.  professor  of  music  43  n.  Seventh 
//oney  Geo.  clerk  to  county  commissioners  138  n. 

//oney  Cieo.  jun.  carpenter  Eleventh  above  Arch 
/fung  Aaron,  turner  159  St.  John 



//ood  Adna,  hatter  5 1  Coates'  alley  and  3  Clawges' 

I  Hood  Comfort,  pepperpot  woman,  Mary's  alley 
//bod    George,  tavernkeeper   (sign   of  Shepherd) 

Moyamensing  road  below  Federal 
Hood  i/annah,  widow  of  John,  42  south  Eighth 
/food  John,  grocer  9  and  1  i  Swanson 
^ood  John  M.  grocer  138  and  254  north  Second 
t  //bod  John,  coachman  Dean*s  alley 
//bod  John,  silk  and  stuff  shoemaker  1 14  n.  Fourth 
//bod  John,  carter  Rose  alley  above  Coats* 
//bod  Jonathan,  shoemaker  Eleventh  near  Locust 
//bod  Mary,  widow  1  lo  south  Second 
//ood  Nathaniel,  printer  I  o  Mulberry 
/food  Stephen  T.  shoemaker  Smith's  alley  (N.  L.) 
//bod  Thomas,  oakcooper  4  Little  Water  8c  33  Penu 
Hood  and  Wilson,  grocers  138  north  Second 
Hook  Wm.  potter  back  177  High 
/Tooker  i^annah,  widow,  148  south  Front 
//boker  Wm.  engraver  112  Walnut 
//bokey  Anthony,  grocer  349  north  Third 
//bokey  Catherine,  widow,  1 1 8  Browne 
//bopes  Amos,  carpenter  1 50  north  Fifth 
//bopes  Datid,  iron  merchant  High  west  of  the  Per- 
manent bridge 
//bopes  Ezra,  lumber  merchant   High  west  of  the 

Permanent  bridge 
//bopes  Israel,  tavernkeeper  and  wheelwright  High 

near  Schuylkill  Fourth 
//bopes  Joshua,  teacher  3 1  Union 
Hoot  G.  painter  and  glazier  corner  of  Arch  and  4th 
Hoot  //enry,  carpenter  468  north  Third 
Hoot  Mary,  midwife  comer  Arch  and  Fourth 
t  Hoot  widow  of  Jonathan,  carter  Dean's  alley 
Hoot  widow  of  Wrti.  1  Cresson*s  alley 
//ootton  Andrew,  cabinetmaker  22  Strawberry 

[see  Hut  (on 
Flooven  Wm.  wheelwright  Fifth  corner  Old  YorkR. 
//oover  Adam,  victualler  Charles' 
//ooven  Andrew,  shoemaker  97  Coals' 
Hoover  Anthony,  labourer  153  Green 
JHoover  David,  victualler,  255  Callowhill 



/foover  John,  taylor  Steinmetz's  court 

i/oover   John,   ropemaker     Moyamensing    below 

/Zbover  Laurence,  mastmaker  Beach  near  Maiden 
Hoover  William,  upholsterer  35  south  Front 
Hope  &  Co.  state  lottery  and  exchange  office  63 

^ope  Thomas,  ship  broker  and  editor  of  the  Phila- 
delphia  Price   Current,   office   1    Carpenter's 
buildings,  near  customhouse;  dwelling  63  Chest. 
Hopkins  Benjamin  B.  13  North  alley 
Hopkins  Charles  B  printer  Osbourn's  court 
//bpkins  David,  teacher  Juniper  above  Locust 
i^opkins  David  C.  hardware  merchant  265  High 
Hopkins  John,  bootmaker  96  north  Seventh 
Hopkins  John,  carpenter  1 1 5  Swanson 
Hopkins  John,  sea  captain  65  Tammany 
Hopkins  John,  gentleman  81  Arch 
Hopkins  Joseph  R.  attorney  at  law  18  south  Sixth 
Hopkins  Nicholas,  265  High 
Hopkins  Robert,  inspector  of  customs  83  Penn 
Hopkinson  Joseph,  counsellor  at  law  15  south  i^ifth 

and  165  Chesnut 
Hoppel  George,  victualler  corner  Coats' and  Third 
Hopper  Benjamin  T.  labourer  23  Tammany 
Hopper  Isaac  T.  taylor  33  Spruce 
/Topple  John,  shoemaker  Christian  near  Sixth 
//bpps  James,  tanner,  3  Greenleaf  court 
jfiTorn  Barbary,  washerwoman  Juniper  near  Cherry 
J^om  Christiana,  widow  134  south  Sixth  / 

Horn  //enry,  silverplater  248  Chesnut  near  Ninth 
Home  Isaac,  collector  of  tolls  1st  gate  Germantown 

Horn  Jacob,  innkeeper  218  Sassafras 
Horn  k.  Kneass,  silverplaters  1 6  south  Sixth 
Horn  Wm.  J-  45  south  Fourth  and  Library 
^ornberger  Lewis,  hatter  Pewterplatter  alley 
7/orner  Jacob,  ropemaker  2^2  St.  John 
Horner  John,  merchant  261  i/igh 
/Corner  Patience,  widow,  grocer  and  boarding  house 

6  Penn 
//broer  Roger,  sea  captain  back  77  Christian 
Horner  and  Wilson,  grocers  261  High 



Ilornketh  widow  of  Jeremiah,  477  Sassafras 
/Tornor  Jos.  P.  hardware  merchant  47  i/igh  and  7 

Church  alley 
Hovv\ov  Stacy,  grocer,  1 80  north  Front  corner  Vine 
/Corner  widow  of  Benjamin,  1 17  New 
/iTorsfall  Joseph,  painter,  &c.  373  Mulberry 
//orsford  /Tannah,  widow.  Liberty  alley 
/^ortman  John,  shoemaker  back  113  German 
//brtman  Michael,  carpenter  Germantown  road  n. 

/fcrtman  Peter,  chairmaker  39  Coates*  alley 
//brton  Ebenezer,  shallopman  Key's  alley  n.  Second 
//orton  Joseph,  comedian  77  Locust 
//brton  William,  bricklayer  16  Quarry  street 
Hoviz  Peter,  grocer  392  south  Second         [ire  Hotz 
//ortzler  widow  of  Christian,  back  229  Callowhill 
ii/bskins  John,  carpenter  180  Mulberry 
//oskins  John  G.  teacher  135  Vine  &  S.W^cor.  3d. 
i^oskins  Mrs.  gentlewoman  180  Mulberry 
//oskins  Mrs. widow, Brewer's  alley  n.  3d  [see  Haskins 
//btman  Jacob,  brickmaker  Germantown  road  near 

first  gate 
//btz  Daniel,  victualler  239  Callowhill 
Hoiz  Peter,  victualler  Wood  above  6th     [fife  HorCz 
//buard  LouiS)   merchant  tailor  120  south  Second 

[^see  Howard 
//buck  Wm.  carpenter  29  Beck's  alley 
/Tough  John,  toyshop,  223  north  Front 
Hough  widow  of  Thomas,  gentleman  16  Pine 
Houlston  George,  carter  corner  Cedar  and  Clifton 
Housal  George,  labourer  17  Sassafras  alley 
House  Elizabeth,  widow  Beach  near  Maiden 
House  Peter,  cabinet  maker  497  north  Third 
Householder  Theodore,  carpenter  77  Locust 
Houseman  Charles,  bricklayer  327  north  Third 
Houseman  Daniel,  victualler  469  south  Second 
Honser  Frederick,  sugar  boiler  131  north  Sixth 
//buscr  George  F.  victualler  6th  n.  Buttonwood 
//ouser  Margaret,  grocer  32  Passyunk 
//busser  George,  victualler  313  Caliowhill 
//buston  James,  sea  captain  278  s.  4th   [see  Ifuato?:, 
//ouston  Joseph,  porter  Sassafras  alley 


iJoustcn  J.  A.  L.  shoestore  56  High 

t  i/buston  Margaret,  boardinghouse  210  Cedar 

i/ouston  P.  W.  surgeon  and  demist  19  Walnut 

1/bvendon  Richard,  sea  captain  364  south  Front 

-^ow  John,  carpenter  129  north  Fourth 

Mow  Philip,  baker  35  Small 

-flbw  Robert,  carter  sch.  Front  near  Mulberry 

^o\v  Samuel   B.  teacher  of  Latin  in  University  of 

Pennsylvania  141  south  Ninth 
/Toward  Azel,  distiller  Eleventh  above  Chesnut 

[see  Houard 
/Toward  and  Blackiston,  distillers  374  High  above 

Howard  Caleb,  blacksmith  Currant  alley  near  Walt. 
Howard  John,  waiter  29  Noble 
t  Howard  Richard,  oysterman  6  Locust 
t  /Toward  Robert,  waiter,  Webb's  alley 
/Toward  widow  Elizabeth,  450  south  Front 
/Toward  widow  of  John,  sea  captain  195  n.  Front 
/Toward  widow  of  John,  14  New  Market 
/Toward  Thomas,  lumber  merchant  1928c  143  Spruce 
/foward  Wm.  labourer  427  north  Front 
/Toward  Wm.  W.  shoemaker  22  Strawberry 
/Towcraft  Thomas,  potter  Fourth  above  Tammany 
/Towell  Amos,  tavernkeeper  1 19  south  Water 
//owell  A.  M.  D.  330  High 

Howell  A.  Sc  Sons,  tanners  and  curriers  107  Chesnut 
Howell  Benj.  B  merchant  102  south  Front 
Howell  Benj.  B.  Sc  Co.  merchants  51  s.  Wharves 
Howell  C.  D.  merchant  176  High 
Howell  Ellen,  widow,  40  Coats' 
Howell  Ephr.  carter  7  Wood  corner  Sixth 
Howell  Frederick,  labourer  Federal  near  Second 
/Towell  George,  merchant  44  north  Seventh 
/Towell  James,  silversmith  50  south  Front 
/Towell  Joseph,  taylor  Washington  court 
/Towell  Joseph,  currier  47  Spruce 
Howell  Joseph  E.  merchant  25  south  Water  and 

150  south  Second 
/Towell  Mary,  Currant  alley  near  Spruce 
/Towell  Mary,  widow,  30  Church  alley 
/Towell  and  Pleasants,  merchants  8  Chesnut 


Howell  Reading,    surveyor    Sc   draughtsman    228 

Howell  Richard,  punipmaker  back  106  north  Fifth 
Howell  Samuel  E.  merchant  16  south  Wharves  and 

141  Mulberry 
Howell  and  Shaw,  merchants  25  south  Water 
Howell  Wm.  W.  hardware  store  167  High 
Howell  Wm.  wholesale  and  retail  grocer,  Swanson 

below  Queen  and  corner  Front  and  Christian 
Howell  William  E.  merchant  234  Spruce 
Howland  Isaac,  sea  captain  435  south  Front 
Howorth  Geo.  bookbinder  48  Bread  street 
Howshcll  John,  mariner  154  north  Water 
Hoy  Thomas,  shoemaker  Petticoat  alley  ^ 

Hozey  Isaac,  lumber  merchant  corner  Swanson  and 

Hozey  and  Strattan,  grocers  Swanson  below  Queen 
Hozick  Matthew,  sawyer  1 1  Springet  alley 
Hubber  Sophia,  milliner  40  Pine 
Hubbert  Abraham,  bargeman  Mifflin*s  court 
Hubbert  Christian,  mastmaker494  n.  2d 
Hubbert  John,  shoemaker  527  south  Front 
Hubbert  W'm.oysterman  120  Christian 
Hubble  Benj.  mariner  379  south  Second 
Hubble  widow,  cor.  Buck  road  and  Federal 
Huber  George,  victualler  285  north  8th     [see  Uber 
Huber  Henry,  inspector  of  customs  87  New 
Huber  James  S.  deputy  port  surveyor  87  New 
Huber  Laurence,  victualler  James  st^ 
Huber  Michael,  victualler  Mulberry  alley 
//uber  Tobias,  tallow  chandler  1 6  Coates*  alley 
/Hubert  John,  cabinetmaker  cor.  2d  and  Otter 
/Tuckel  Joseph,  dentist  29  Lombard 
//uckel  Wm.  storekeeper  369  north  Second 
/Ajddell  Joseph,  stave  merchant  77  and  87  Swanson 
//uddell  Joseph,  jun.  stave  merchant  356  s.  Front 
t  /fudson  Benj.  porter  Davidson's  court 
/Hudson  Edward,  dentist  iS3  Walnut 
Midson  James,  taylor  2  Lxtitia  cou-t 
/Aidson  John,  mariner  8  Swanson 
/^uell  Madame,  N.  W.  corner  9th  and  Filbert 
■Miff  Charles,  bricklayer  90  Christian 


/TufP  Constandne,  mariner  17  Coates'  alley 
/Tuff  Elizabeth,  Pleasant  st. 
/Tuff  Elizabeth,  widow  200  Coats  st. 
//uff  Jacob,  victualler  355  Callowhill 

[see  Hoff  1st  Hough 
ja^uff  John,  victualler  339  Callowhill 
//uff  Nathan,  boardinghouse  39  Spruce 
-fiTuffnagle  Edward,  trader  Rose  alley  (C.) 
/fuffnagle  John,  merchant  N  E.  cor.  i^igh  &  5th 
//uffnaile  Adam,  grocer  131  north  Water 
Huffstidler  George,  mate  Fearris'  court 
j^ufty  John,  constable  154  south  4th 
^ufty  M.  widow  cor.  Crown  and  Callowhill 
/fugg  Bright,  shipjoiner  161  n.  Front  8c  156  north 

^ugg  George  M.  ferry  and  tavernkeef)er,  Cedar  st. 

i^ugg  Jacob,  boardinghouse  161  n.  Front 
/Zugg  Jacob,  mariner  Shackamaxon 
^ugg  Levi,  shipjoiner  Little  Water,  dwelling  Front 

below  Federal 
-Hiigg  Wm.  cabinetmaker  26  Little  Water 
ifuggins  Benjamin,  sea  captain  117  n.  Fifth 
Muggins  David,  labourer  486  s.  2d 
//uggins  Thomas,  labourer  563  s.  Front 
i^ughes  Ann,  widow  Walnut  above  Tenth 
ITughes   Benjamin,   grazier    Moyaraensing    belo,w 

hughes  Caleb,  taylor  43  Vine 
Hughes  Charles  S.  3  n.  Second 
J^ughes  Constantine,  mariner  back  13^  Christian 

[see  Heives 
hughes  Daniel,  late  lumber  merchant  110  s.  8th 
Mighes  Edward,  labourer  Beach  n.  high  bridge 
/fughes  Elizabeth,  Merrill's  lane  n.  5th 
j^ughes  &  Fritz,  storekeepers  3  n.  2d 
ifughes  James,  teacher  3  Fetter  lane 
//ughes  Jane,  milkwoman  cor.  Chesnut  and  sch.  6th 
ifughes  John,  merchant  cor.  2d  and  High 
Hughes  John  H.  223  High 
/fughes  Mary,  widow  47  Browne 
iAi^hes  Mary  .Ann,  widow  cor.  Walnut  Sc  Juniper 


i/ughes  Miles  H.  broker  31  Church  alley' 
/fughes  Samuel,  carpenter  244  n.  Water 
T/ughes  Thomas,  innkeeper  Beach  near  Warren 
//iighes  Thomas,  cottonweaver  12th  n.  Pine 
/Aighes  Wm.  shopkeeper  58  Spruce 
//uglies  Wm.  carpenter  102  n.  5th 
//iighes  Wm.  grazier  464  south  Second 

Hughes ,  teacher  112  n.  8th 

//uhn  Adam,  carpenter  Juniper  n   Vine 
//uhn  John  D.  grocer  Butionwood  n.  Charles 
i/uhn  John,  brickmaker  Buttonwood  n.  Charles 
i/ukill  Jeremiah,  harness,  &c.  maker  Ridge  n.  Cal- 

//ulfish  Obadiah,  shoemaker  528  n.  Third 
i/ulings  Laurence,  shipwright  2d  near  Prime 
//ulings  Ann,  nurse  West's  court  \_%ee  Heliinga 

//ulings  Wm  E   gentleman  264  Chesnut 
HmW  Adam,  191  Shippen 
HnW  Agnes,  milliner  '00  south  Second 
i/ull  Wm.  mariner  424  north  Front 
//ullock  Michael,  shoemaker  214  Cherry 
/fulescampMary,  289  south  Front 
t  //umer  Richard,  waiter  Davidson's  court 
//umes  Archibald,  grocer  88  Swanson 
Humes  and  Co.  distillers  372  High  above  12th 
Humes  George,  distiller  222  south  Sixth 
Humes  James,  bottler  41  Plum 
Humes  John,  auctioneer  Z2  and  5  1  north  Front 
Humes  and  Rogers,  hardware  store  265  High 
Humes  W^m.  grocer  187  s.  6th 
Hummel  C.  labourer  445  north  Third 
Hummell  David,  labourer  Pegg  st.  n.  Front 
Hummel  Jacob,  morocco  dresser  533  n.  Third 
Hummell  Jacob,  brassfounder  443  n.  Third 
Humphreys  Clement,  inspector  of  the  customs  3^3 

Humphreys  James,  ropemaker  Shackamaxon 
Humphreys  James,  shipwright  Warren 
Humphreys  James,  printer  and  bookseller  S.  W. 

corner  Walnut  and  Second 
Humphreys  Joshua,shipbuiIder enquire  240  Swanson 
Humphreys  Mary,  widov  30  Carter's  alley 


Humphreys  Richard,  gentleman  32  SanSom 
/fumphreys  Samuel,  fihipbuilder  240  Swanson 
Humphreys  Solomon  8c  Co.  lumbermerchants  High 

near  sch.  Third 
Humphreys  Sophia,  tayloress  Friends'  almshouse 
Humphreys  Thos.  shipwright  Cherry  near  Prince 
Humphreys  Thos.  merchant  36  n.  9th 
Huneker  John,  chairmaker  379  &  381  n.  2d 
Huneyker  Joseph,  gardener  Irish  lane 
Hunker  Jacob,  baker  34 1  Callowhill 
Hungerford  J.  labourer  Frankford  road  n.  Queen 
Hunt  Benjamin,  boardinghouse  Hamilton  village 
Hunt  Daniel,  stonecutter  Locust  near  1 3th 
Hunt  Edward,  sea  captain  80  south  4th 
Hunt  James,  victualler  cor.  6th  and  Buttonwood 
Hunt  John,  mariner  308  south  6th  n.  Fitzwalter 
Hunt  John,  coachmaker  60  Zane 
Hunt  Richard,  currier  346  Sassafras 
Hunt  Wm.  storekeeper  67  north  Front 
Hunt  Wilson,  merchant  14  Chesnut 
Hunter  Benj.  labourer  Lily  alley 
Hunter  Edward,  meal  merchant  Germantown  road 

above  3d 
Hunter  George,  wrought  nailor  498  n.  2d 
Hunter  Dr.  George,  near  the  City  Hospital  St.  An- 
drew St. 
Hunter  George,  labourer  367  n,  2d 
Hunter  James,  mate  87  Queen  (S.) 
Hunter  James,  storekeeper  382  south  2d 
Hunter  John,  justice  of  the  peace  186  s.  5th 
Hunter  John,  carter  Ann  st.  (sch.) 
Hunter  Joseph,  currier  1 6  Greenleaf's  court 
Hunter  Mrs.  of  William,  Elmslie's  alley 
Hunter  Rachael,  grocer  39  south  wharves 
Hunter  Wm.  carter  Race  near  sch.  8th 
Hunter  Wm.  grocer  225  s  6th  cor.  Shippen 
t  Hunter  Wm.  porter  Mary's  alley 
Hunter  Susan,  grocer  395  north  Third 
Hunter  widow  of  Robert,  105  Vine 
Huntington  James,  mariner  1 1 8  Swanson 
♦  Huoat  P.  carpenter  163  south  6th 
Hupfeld  Charles,  musician  H4s.  6th 


Hupfeld  C.  sugar-refiner  cor.  8th  and  Arch 

Hupfeld  widow  of  Henry,  musician  15  n.  8th 

Hupfeld  &  Kalbach,  sugjar-refiners  189  Cherry 

Hupliz  Geo.  H.  taylor  20  Kunckel 

Hurley  Mrs.  of  John,  54  Vine 

Hurley  Rev.  Michael,  back  St.  Augustin's  church 

north  ith 
Hurley  Thomas,  paperhanging  manufacturer,  ware- 
house 78  Chesnut 
Hurley  Thos.  jun.  merchant  109  s.  4th  &  154  High 
Hurley  Thos.  storekeeper  270  n.  Front 
Hiirlick  Wm,  tavernkeeper  1  iO  n.  5lh  cor  Race 
Huron  Lawrence,  merchant  7  south  wharves 
Hurst  Elizabeth,  widow  180  Swanson 
Hurst  Henry,  carpenter  300  Sassafras       [see  Hirst 
Hurst  Wm.  mariner  64  Penn 
Husband  John  J.  clerk  to  St.  Paul's  church  Yorkst. 
Hussey  John,  tallowchandler  Randolph's  court 
Huston  James,  drayman  Buttonwood  n.  Ridge 
Huston  John,  flour  merchant  1  Heyde's  court 
Huston  Thos.  saddler,  &c.  13  south  9th 

[see  Henvson  and  Houston 
Hutchins  Benjamin,  mariner,  Baker's  court 
Hutchins  Henry  J.  merchant  102  south  Fifth 
Hutchins  Rev.  Joseph,  d.  d.  17i^  south  Fifth 
Hutchins  Wm.  carpenter  6th  near  Poplar  lane 
Hutchinson  Benjamin,  carpenter  Germantown  road 

above  Second 
Hutchinson  Charles,  blockmaker  205  south  Front 
t  Hutchinson  David,  labourer  385  north  Fourth 
Hutchinson  Ephraim,  carpenter  Burd*s  court 
Hutchinson  Francis  and  John,  grocers,  255  south  5th 
Hutchinson  Hannah,  widow,  1  Fayette 
HuichinsoQ  H.G.  broker  19  north  Fifth 
Hutchison  James,  taylor  33  Green 
Hutchinson  Jeremiah,  stonemason  1 16  Swanson 
Hutchinson  John,  carpenter  2  Orange 
Hutchinson  Joseph,  potter  250  Sassafras 
Hutchinson  Mahlon,  merchant  61  north  Second 
Hutchinson  Margaret,  grocer  3 1  north  Tenth 
Hutchinson  Randal,  attorney  at  law  89  Sassafras 
Hutchinson  R.  8c  M.  W.  Ash,  attornies  at  law  89 


Hutchinson  S.  E.  widow,  1 1  Church  alley 

Hutley  John,  carpenter  83  north  Fifth 

Hutman  Mrs.  layer  out  of  the  dead,  Fourth  above 

t  Hutt  Elijah,  carler  Dean*s  alley 

Huttert  John,  hairdresser  178  north  Third 

Hutton  James,  merchant  15  Elizabeth  Isee  Hootion 

Hutton  James,  366  Highabove  12th 

Hutton  John,  shoemaker  Rachel  street 

Hutton  John,  office  of  the  Baltimore  packet  Hamil- 
ton's wharf,  dwelling  62  Almond  street 

Hutton  John  S.  of  U.  S.  navy,  184  south  Second 

Hutton  Joseph,  teacher  17  Norris*s  alley  and  102 
south  Second 

Hutton  Nathaniel,  sen.  shipbuilder  47  Cedar 

Hutton  T.  labourer  Blackberry  alley 

Hutton  widow  of  Benjamin  shipbuilder  260  Swanson 

HuttolY  widow  of  Thomas,  40  Almond 

Hutz  Charles  W.  merchant  Ills.  Front   [see  Hotz 

Hyatt  Catherine,  widow  83  north  Fifth 

Hyde  George,  bookbinder  and  stationer  7 1  Chesnut 

[see  Heyde 

Hymas  Samuel,  grocer  and  inkeeper  at  intersection 
of  Germantown  road  and  Sixth 

Hymer  Catherine,  washerwoman  Marlborough 

Hymer  Mrs.  of  Jacob,  Buitonwood  near  Sixth 

Hymer  John,  victualler  306  Vine 

Hyneman  widow  of  Henry,  331  north  Second 

Hyneman  Wm.  grocer  121  Brown 

Iddings  Cal?:b  P.  accomptant  76  New 
Idler  Jacob,  merchant  back  87  n.  Water  &  231  Arch 
Idler  and  Perry,  merchants  back  87  north  Water 
Imbrie  James  &  Co.  merchants  33  south  Front 
Imbrie  James,  merchant  8  north  Seventh 
Imlay  and  Potts,  merchants  5  north  Water 
Imlay  Robert,  merchant  5  north  Water  8c  93  n.  6th 
Immel  Jacob  8c  Co.  merchants  76  north  Third 
Immel  widow  of  Joseph,  Eleventh  near  Vine 
Immel  widow  of  Michael,  storekeeper  76  n.  Third 
Inches  Thomas,  storekeeper  Beach  near  Maiden 


Ingard  Geo.  shoemaker  Rose  alley  n.  Coats' 

[see  Engard 
Ingels  Geo.  military  storekeeper  U.  S.  arsenal 
Ingersoll  C.  J.  attorney  at  law  154  Walnut 
IngersoU  Edward,  attorney  at  law  74  south  Sixth 
Ingersoll  Jared,  counsellor  at  law  156  Walnut 
Ingersoll  J.  R.  attorney  at  law  1 12  Walnut 
Ingleman  Daniel,  gardener,  &c.  Cherry  n.  sch.  8th 
Ingling  William,  207  south  Fifth 
Inglis  Catherine,  spinster  9 1  Pine 
Inglis  Joseph  L.  treasurer  to  Frankford  and  Bristol 

turnpikes,  Spruce  2d  door  below  4th  n.  side 
Ingraham  Francis,  gentleman  Arch  above  Eleventh 
Ingraham  Peter,  mariner  Spafford  street 
Ingraham  Thomas,  taylor  Blackhorse  alley 
Ingram  Edward,  mate  262  south  Front 
Ings  David,  innkeeper  7 1  Dock,  corner  Gofoith  al- 
ley near  Pennsylvania  bank 
Inkson  Rebecca,  shopkeeper  170  north  Front 
Innes  Cornelius,  shoemaker  125  Plum    [see  Ennes 
Innes  Joseph,  carpenter  328  north  Third^' 
James  widow  of  Thomas,  8 1  Penn 
Innes  Wm.  late  brewer  85  north  Third 
Innet  David,  soapboiler  70  New 
Inskeep  John,  alderman  corner  Walnut  8c  Seventh 
Inskeep  John,  jun.  booksellR*  4  south  Third  and 

corner  Walnut  and  Seventh 
Inslee  John  A.  agent  for  the  Guardians  of  the  poor, 

alms-house  comer  Eleventh  and  Spruce 
Inslee  Martha,  matron  of  the  Alms  House 
Iredell  Joseph,  merchant  89  High 
Ireland  Aaron,  blacksmith  Oak  (N.  L.) 
Ireland  Alphonso  C.  carpenter  122  Pine 
Ireland  Ann,  widow,  Cresson*s  court 
Ireland  George,  accomptant  48  Browne 
Ireland  Jacob,  labourer  39  Prime 
Ireland  James,  shoemaker  Lolar's  court 
Ireland  James,  mariner  Oak  (N.  L.) 
Ireland  John,  wharf  builder  Rihl's  court 
Ireland  S  labourer  Federal  above  Second 
Irick  Christopher,  176  south  Sixth 
Irick  Zachariah,  guager  and  cooper  147  s.  Water 


t  Irons  Amelia,  washerwoman  24  Filbert 

t  Irons  Richard,  waiter  1 2  Elizabeth 

Irvine  Callender,  Commissary  general  of  U.  S.  12th 

below  High 
Irvine  Henry,  Western  Hotel  323  High 
Irvine  Hood,  accomptant  Fifth  above  Noble 
Irvine  Rebecca,  widow,  Chesnut  near  sch.  Eighth 
Irvine  Richard,  combmaker  Lyndall's  court 
Irvine  Sarah,  widow  Shackamaxon 
Irving  David,  grocer  corner  Eleventh  and  Locust 
Irving  Isaac,  drayman  Galbreth's  court 
Irving  John,  mariner  443  soutlr  Second 
Irwin  Hannah,  back  387  south  Front 
Irwin  John  M.  accomptant  Ninth  above  Race  west 
side  Isee  Ertven  and  jErwin 

Irwin  Samuel,  shoemaker  Sansom's  alley 
Irwin  Thomas,  carpenter  St.  Joseph's  avenue 
Irwin  Wm.  cabinet  maker  76  south  Fifth 
t  Isaac  John,  hairdresser  40  south  Fifth 
Isdel  Thomas,  mariner  64  Penn 
Iseminger  Adam,  wheelwright  40   Passyunk  and 

corner  Sixth 
Iseminger  Elizabeth,  widow,  Carpenter  (S.)  n.  6th. 
Israel  Abraham  E.  storekeeper  170  north  Second 
Israel  and  Ezekiel,  quill^anufacturers  back  246  n. 

Israel  and  Goldsmit,  storekeepers  1 70  north  Second 
Israel  Isaac,  quill  manufacturer  back  246  n.  Second 
Israel  Israel,  justice  of  the  peace,  corner  Passyunk 

and  Long  lane 
Israel  Lydia,  boarding  house  43  Locust 
Israel  Joseph,  bricklayer  79  s.  Front 
Israel  Samuel,  merchant  71  south  Sixth  and  Swe- 
dish consulate  office,  153  Walnut 
Israel  Wm   P.  merchant  13  Pine  and  8  Chesnut 

Ives ,  shoemaker  Smith's  alley 

Ivins  Ezekial,  bricklayer  Swanwick  street 
Izard  Col.  George,  1  south  Ninth 

Jack  widow  of  Francis,  bricklayer  218  south  Third 
Jackaway  N.  plaisterer  37  Noble 


.lacka way  widow  of  Morgan,  Currant  alley  n.Walt. 
t  Jackson  Abraham,  coachman  Juniper  alley 
Jackson  Andrew,  of  the  Custom  house  Francis  lane 

near  Fourth 
Jackson  Ann,  mantuamaker253  south  Seventh 
t  Jackson  Anthony,  labourer  Taper  alley 
Jackson  Benjamin,  labourer  214  Coats* 
Jackson  Charles,  342  north  Second 
t  Jackson  David,  drayman  3d  above  Poplar  lane 
Jackson  Hannah,  widow,  102  Crown 
Jackson  Jacob,  blacksmith  26  Dock  8c  133  so.  2d. 
t  Jackson  Jacob,  shallopman  1 6  Duke  st,  (N.  L.') 
Jackson  Jacob,  mariner  4  Little  Water 
Jackson  James,  carpenter  8 1  Green 
t  Jackson  Jesse,  painter  i  Middle  alley 
Jackson  John,  sea  captain,  42 1  south  Front 
Jackson  Joseph,  baker  9  Callowhill 
Jackson  Joseph, shoemaker  back  339  Callowhlil 
Jackson  Mary,  washerwoman  26  Gillis's  alley 
Jackson  Mrs.  tutress  35  Beck's  alley 
t  Jackson  Peter,  saw  filer  Twelfth  near  Pine 
Jackson  Rebecca,  widow,  204  Walnut 
Jackson  Robert,  inspector  of  customs  12!  s.  Ninth 
Jackson  Richard,  taylor  175  Mulberry 
Jackson  Samuel,  stablekeeper  3  south  Seventh 
Jackson  Samuel  8c   S.  (late  David   8c  S.)  druggist^ 

corner  Mulberry  and  Fourth 
t  Jackson  Saml.  woodsawyer  5th  above  Buttonwood 
Jackson  Thomas,  coachmaker  475  Sassafras 
Jackson  Thomas,  merchant  13th  below  High 
Jackson  Thomas,  shoestore  30  High 
Jackson  Thomas,  accomptant  68  Spruce 
Jackson  Wm.  editor  of  the  Political  and  Commercial 

Register,  office  1  Lodge,  dwelling  124  Spruce 
Jackways  widow  of  William,  82  Green 
Jacobs  Christian,  labourer  133  Green 
Jacobs  J.  8c  S.  storekeepers  245  south  Second 
Jacobs  Joseph,  sexton  Pemberton's  alley 
Jacob  Mrs.  layer  out  of  the  dead  22  Apple  tree  alley 
Jacobs  Louiza,  Sixth  above  Green 
Jacobs  Matthias,  grocer  corner  Queen  8c  Hanovev 
Jacobs  Nicholas,  shoemaker  50  Almond 


Jacobs  Philip,  constable  40  Crown 

Jacobs  Richard,  boardinghouse  18  Little  Water 

Jacobs  Samuel  H.  attorney  at  law  3  south  Sixth 

Jacobs  Thias,  labourer  corner  Third  and  Green 

Jacobs  Wm.  hatter  238  north  Front 

Jacobsen  Francis,  sugar-refiner  back  84  n.  Second 

Jacobsen  John,  shallopman  152  SWanson 

Jacobus  Thoreias,  shoemaker  189  n.  Second 

Jacoby  Francis,  merchant  first  wharf  above  Arch 

Jaggers  Jonathan,  oysterman  42  Duke  (N.  L.) 

Jagres  John,  potter  12  Farmer's  alley 

Jahns  C.  patent  wallcolourer  108  n.  7th    [see  Johns 

James  Ann,  widow,  7  Elfrith's  alley 

James  David,  storekeeper  5  north  Third 

t  James  Francis,  whitewasher  Browne  above  4t|i 

James  H.  carpenter  Juniper  alley 

James  Issachar,  carpenter  1  Clawges'  court 

James  James,  late  tavernkeeper  473  south  Second 

James  John,  merchant  13  south  Front  &  18  n,  5th 

James  John,  grocer  360  north  Front 

James  Martha,  tutress  77  north  Sixth 

James  Otto,  cabinet  maker  342  south  Front 

t  James  Peter,  waiter  Currant  alley  n.  Locust 

t  James  Samuel,  woodsawyer  39  Middle  alley 

t  James  Stephen,  woodsawyer  Mary's  alley 

James  Thomas  C  m.  d.  146  south  Second 

James  Thomas,  labourer  Shackamaxon 

t  James  Thomas,  mariner  Webb's  alley 

James  William,  veterinarian  9  Little  George 

Jameson  Robert,  shipwright  496  south  Front 

Jamison  John,  typefounder  Cedar  near  Tenth 

Jamison  Wm.  collector  139  Locust 

Jane  Mary,  mantuamaker  12  Powell 

Janeway  Rev.  Jacob  J.  206  Mulberry 

January  David,  merchant  236  south  Front 

January  H.  layer  out  of  the  dead  back  39  Arch 

January  Rebecca,  mantuamaker  back  35  Arch 

Janvier  William,  woollen  draper  25  south  2d 

Jaquett  Thomas,  upholsterer  19  s.  Front  &  68  n.  5th 

Jaraud  Jacob,  64  Chesnut 

Jardella  Andrew  B.  sculptor  and  engraver  52  n.  8th 

Jarden  Samuel,  plaisterer  1 10  north  1  Uh 


Jarden  Wm.  plaisterer  Sassafras  below  Eleventh 

Jarman  Ezekial,  ragmerchant  140  Swcinson 

Jarman  widow  of  John,  mariner  45  Penn 

Jarman  Reuben,  ragmerchant  28  Budd  [see  Germon 

Jarves  Joseph  I.  sea  capt.  Federal  n.  2d  [see  Jervu 

Jarvis  Elijah  B.  boardinghouse  7  Stall's  court 

Jasper  James,  sea  captain  48  Green 

Jaudon  Daniel,  ladies*  academy  22 1  Mulberry 

Jeanes  Hannah,  widow,  Rose  street 

Jeanes  Isaiah,  merchant  196  north  Front 

Jeffers  Daniel,  brickmaker  Fourth  above  Poplar 

Jefferson  Joseph,  comedian  14  Powell 

Jefferson  Richard,  painter  Prime  above  Front 

Jcffery  Edward,  carter  Hickory  lane 

Jeffery  John,  currier  4th  above  Tammany 

Jeffery  John,  victualler  Button  wood  n.  8lh 

Jeffery  Peter,  mate  19  Beck's  alley 

Jeffery  Samuel,  brickmaker  Hicory  lane 

Jefferys  Edward,  carter  137  Coats' 

t  Jeffreys  Wm.  labourer  Lombard  n.  Eleventh 

Jeffries  Daniel,  plaisterer  157  s.  9th 

Jeffries  Wm.  N.  gentleman  241  Mulberry 

Jeffry  William, labourer  13th  n.  Vine 

t  Jematrice  John,  hairdresser  Alkn's  alky 

Jenkins  Andrew,  feed  store  3  south  wharves 

Jenkins  Ebenezer,  shoemaker  Filbert  n.  I3th 

Jenkins  Jcnkin  S.  lockmaker  Crown  near  Prirfce 

Jenkins  John,  shoemaker  23  north  5ih 

Jenkins  Joseph,  hatter  38  High 

Jenkins  Josiah,  tavernkeeper  167  south  Front 

Jenkins  Mary,  widow  8  York  court         [see  Jinkins 

Jenkins  Thomas,  boatbuilder  35  Duke  (N.  L.) 

Jenks  John,  printer  Elizabeth  st.  near  Tenth 

Jenks  Jonathan,  merchant  20  south   Wharves  and 

356  north  Front 
Jenks  Joseph  R.  merchant  33  and  55  s.  Wharves, 

and  5  Vine 
Jennings  Catharine,  seamstress  196  Lombard 
Jennings  Isaac,  late  teacher  405  n.  3d  [sec  Gimiings 
Jennings  John,  merchant  159^  High  k  168  Race 
Jiennings  Nathan,  victualler  Lombard  n.  bchuylkill 
J'ennjf  E.  widow  Queen  n.  Bishop 


Teofroy  Theresa,  grocer  7  Vernon 

Jess  Ruth,  bonnetmaker  14  Church  alley 

Jewell  Kenneth,  merchant  taylor  78  s.  3d  dwelling 

cor.  Walnut 
Jobson  Charles,  apothecary  and  druggist  273  n.  3d 
Jobson  Samuel,  jun.  taylor  77  Arch 
Jobson  Samuel,  gluemaker  273  n.  Third 
t  Johnchert  M.  hairdresser  41  Pine 
John  David,  steward  of  the  City  Hospital  St.  An- 
drew St.  cor.  sch.  4th 
ifohnes  Charles,  merchant  101  High  &  1 19  n.  Front 

\^see  Jones  and  Jahns 
t  Johns  Adam,  baker  293  St.  John 
Johns  Elizabeth,  widow,  friends*  almshouse 
Johns  Levi,  milkman  Ridge  above  Buttonwood 
Johns  &  Linerd,  mastmakers  Oak  (N.  L.) 
Johns  Martha,  seamstress  138  south  4th 
Johns  Richard,  mastmaker  Liberty  alley 
Johnsen  C.  bookseller  80  n.  4th 
Johnsen  J.  carpenter  539  north  Front 
Johnsen  Richard,  printer  80  n.  4th 
Johnson  Benj.  carter  29  Pewterplatter  alley 
Johnson  Benj.tavernkeeper  468  n.  2d  cor.  Poplar 
Johnson  Benj.  bookseller,  &c.  22  n.  2d  &  457  High 
Johnson  Catharine,  washerwoman  Watson's  alley 
Johnson  Catharine,  gardener  Maria  st. 
Johnson  Catharine,  widow  1 67  north  Front 
Johnson  Charles,  printing  ink,  lampblack  manufac- 
turer, and  grocer  cor.  Tenth  and  Lombard 
Johnson  Charles,  carpenter  14  Plum 
Johnson  David,  shallopman  Cooper's  court  (N.  L.) 
Johnson  David,  letter  carrier  26  Little  George 
\  Johnson  Edward,  sailmaker21  Hurst 
John.son  Eliza,    mantuamaker   Currant  alley  near 

Johnson  Elizabeth,  widow  269  n.  Third 
Johnson  George,  sugarboiler  25  Church  alley 
Johnson  Humphrey,  carpenter  3  Bedford  (M.) 
Johnson  Isaac,  late  grocer  130  Callowhill 
Johnson  Isaac,  county  commissioner  137  Vine 
Johnson  Jacob,  bookselkr  16  n.  4th  and  147  Higk 


t  Johnson  Jacob,  waiter  Cherry  above  11th 
Johnson  Jacob,  cabinetmaker  207  north  8ih 
Johnson  Jacob,  labourer  back  458  s.  Front 
Johnson  Jacob,  carter  39  New  Market 
Johnson  James,  carpenter  35  Elizabeth 
t  Johnson  James,  painter.  Sec.  231  Spruce 
Johnson  Job,  labourer  29  Prime 
Johnson  John,  baker  390  south  2d 
Johnson  John,  shoemaker  193  Callowhill 
Johnson  John,  mariner  120  German 
Johnson  John,  labourer  2d  above  George 
Johnson  John,  teacher  Hanover  near  Duke 
Johnson  Joseph,  millwright  Mulberry  n.  sch.  Front 
Johnson  Joseph,  shipchandler  17  south  Wharves, 

dwelling  Moyamensing  below  Federal 
Johnson  Joseph,  currier  317  Callowhill 
Johnson  Josiah,  letter  carrier  24  Little  George 
t  Johnson  Joseph,  carter  lOth  n.  Cedar 
Johnson  Levi,  labourer  Marlborough  n.  Prince 
Johnson  Matthew,  73  n.  8th 
Johnson  Matthew,  labourer  25  Brewer's  alley 
Johnson  Mrs.  of  Joseph,  mate  220  s.  5th 
Johnson  Peter,  jun.  mariner  Federal  above  2d 
Johnson  Peter,  mariner  7  Christian  st. 
Johnson  Peter,  weaver  cor.  13th  6c  Cherry 
Johnson  Peter,  grocer  Federal  above  Front 
Johnson  Rachael,  washerwoman  163  Lombard 
Johnson  R.  widow  Maiden  n.  Front 
Johnson  Richard,  merchant  90  Siissafras 
Johnson  Richard,  ship  watch  77  German 
t  Johnson  Richard  B.  turner  58  Dock  n.  2d 
Johnson  Robert,  late  bookseller  176  Mulberry 
Johnson  Robert,  superintendant  of  roads  Frankford 

road  near  Orange 
Johnson  Robert  S.  accomptant  3  Ann  (N.  L.) 
Johnson  Samuel,  mariner  129  Green 
Johnson  Sarah,  mantuamaker  n.  33  Key's  alley 
Johnson  Simeon,  mariner  Poplar  n.  Biidd 
t  Johnson  Stacy,  waiter  23  Appletree  alley 
Johnson  k  Warner,  stationers,  &c.  147  Hitjh 
Johnson  widow  of  Charles,  labourer  Rachael   st. 
Johnson  widow  of  John,  sugarboiler  35  Church  alley 



Johnson  Wm.  shoemaker  142  Browne 

Johnson  Wm.  caulker  17  Green 

Johnson  Wm.  sea  captain  343  s.  Front 

Johnson  Wm.  cordwainer  148  s.  7th 

Johnson  Wm.  labourer  cor.  Tenth  &  George 

t  Johnson  Wm.  mariner  3 1  Crab 

t  Johnston  Abraham,  waiter  Burd's  court 

Johnston  Adam,  tallowchandler  1 3th  n.  Chesnut 

Johnston  Alex.  W.  merchant  106  south  Front 

Johnston  widow  of  Alexander,  smith  near  31  Coates' 

Johnston  Andrew,  carpenter  52  Passyunk 
Johnston  Daniel,  carter  1 1  Wood  (N.  L.) 
t  Johnston  Daniel,  taylor  100  s.  2d 
t  Johnston  David,  porter  201  Lombard 
t  Johnston  Elisha,  porter  73  Dock  Sc  187  s.  4th 
Johnston  Francis,  sheriff,  office  west  wing  of  tlYe 

State-house,  dwelling  l53  Pine 
Johnston  George,  pilot  469  s.  Front 
I  Johnston  George,  coachman  Currant  alley 
Johnston  Henry,  labourer  Race  n.  sch.  Front 
Johnston  James,  sea  captain  6 1  Lombard 
Johnston  John,  dry  goods  store  249  s.  2d 
Johnston  John,  carpenter  Heyde's  court 
Johnston  John,  shopkeeper  177  Mulberry 
Johnston  John,  carter  Mechanic  st. 
t  Johnston  Joseph,  mariner  1  St.  Mary 
Johnston  Margaret,  widow  398  n.  Front 
Johnston  Mary,  teacher  Randall's  court 
Johnston  R.  m.  d.  128  s.  5th 
I  Johnston  Samuel,  labourer  260  s.  6th 
^  Johnston  Samuel,  woodsawyer  Smith's  court 
f  Johnston  Samuel,  labourer  Middle  alley 
Johnston  Sarah,  widow  34  St.  Mary  and  45  P€hn 
Johnston  Sarah,  widow  286  Lombard 
Johnston  Thomas,  dealer  6  Chancery  lane 
Johnston,  Thomas,  cordwainer  311  High 
Johnston  Wm,  labourer  Say  st. 
Johnston  Zuchariah,  mariner  69  Queen  (S.) 
Johnsiun  Wm.  trunkmaker  4.47  n.  Front 
Jolley  Samuel,  46  Union, 
Tones  Abraham  J.  dealer  93  n.  9{h 


t  Jones  Abraham,  dealer  194  s.  2d 

t  Jones  Rev.  Absalom,  32  Powell 

Jones  Amos  A.  iron  merchant  2 1 1  Race  n.  6th 

t  Jones  Amos,  coachman  23  Applelree  alley 

Jones  Andrew,  paperstainer  1 3th  above  Race 

Jones  Ann,  widow  Walnut  west  of  Broad 

Jones  Ann  8c  Co.  storekeepers  104  n.  2d 

t  Jones  Anthony,  sweep  Apple  street 

Jones  Arabella,  (Sansom's  row)  187  Walnut 

[^see  Jahns  and  Johna 
Jones  Benjamin,  carpenter  563  s.  Front 
Jones  Benj.iron  merchant  93  s.  8th  &  18  s.  Wharves 
Jones  Benj.  jun.  merchant  234  s.  Front 
Jones  Benj.  engraver  8  Carter's  alley 
Jones  Benj.  grazier  7  Cedar 
Jones  Charles,  teacher  S.  W.  cor.  6th  and  Race 
t  Jones  Charles,  woodsawyer  328  s.  6th 
t  Jones  Charles,  labourer  234  Lombard 
Jones  Christopher  M.  teacher  88  Browne  and  i% 

Jones  Daniel,  chairmaker  126  Coats 
Jones  Daniel  H.  storekeeper  50  north  2d 
Jones  David,  hatteP  128  n.  2d 
Jones  David,  carpenter  109  Christian 
Jones  Edward,  calicoprinter,  silk,  cotton,  and  wooU 

len  dyer  cor.  Vine  and  sch.  Front 
Jones  Edward,  sea  captain  43  Almond 
Jones  Elizabeth,  widow  back  346  n.  2d  &  87  Coats- 
Jones  Elvey,  labourer  54  New  Market 
Jones  Evan,  carter  Carpenter  (S.)  near  Fiftb 
Jones  Evan,  paperhanger  7  Norris*  alley 
Jones  Evan,  milkman  Locust  west  of  Broad 
Jones  G.  labourer  Rose  alley  (N.  L.) 
Jones  Geo.  calicoprinter  Marlborough  n.  Queea 
Jones  George  W.  merchant  139  Walnut 
Jones  Geo.  D.  cabinetmaker  83  Dock  and  20  Car- 
ter's alley 
t  Jones  George,  oysterman  Green's  coiu't 
Jones  Henry,  shoemaker  9 1  Browne 
Jones  Hugh,  milkman  Broad  below  Walnut 
Jones  Hugh,  gunsmith  216  s.  5th 
Jones  Ira,,  gentleman  9f  Mulberry 


Jones  Isaac,  tobacconist  1 69  n.  Front 

Jones  Isaac  C.  merchant  184  Mulberry 

Jones  Isaac  C.  and  T.  Firth,  merchants  86  Higb 

Jones  Isaac  H.  tobacconist  1 69  n  Front 

Jones  Isaac  R.  storekeeper  38  n.  2d 

Jones  J  taylor  154  Sassafras 

Jones  J.  N.  E.  cor.  Chesnut  and  Third 

Jones  Jacob,  carpenter  Petticoat  alley 

Jones  James,  shoemaker  92  n.  9th 

Jones  James,  hatter  and  bridlebitmaker  444  n.  ^4 

and  243  St.  John 
.lones  James,  labourer  Rose  alley 
Jones  James,  baker  Locust  above  9th 
Jones  Jane,  boardinghouse  7 1  New 
Jones  Jeremiah,  teacher  116  n.  6th 
Jones  Jesse,  cooper  44  s.  5th 
Jones  Jesse  H.  gentleman  38  Pine 
Jones  John,  wheelwright  Locust  cor.  Tenth 
Jdnes  John,  taylor  122  north  Water 
Jones  John,  sea  captain  25  Prune 
Jones  John,  tavernkecper  Beach  n.  Penn 
Jones  John,  quarryman  17  Small 
Jones  John  flour  and  feed  store  326  n.  Front 
Jones  John,  ladies'  shoemaker  165  s.  Third 
Jones  John,  eurrier  22  Small 
Jones  John  C.  19  Sassafras 
Jones  John  K.  wheel  and  carriage  maker  418  xi. 

Third  and  2 1 9  St.  John's 
Jones  John  K.  jun.  cabinetmaker  424  n.  Third 
Jones  John  M.  distiller  2  and  4  s.  8th 
Jones  Jonathan  D.  hatter  175  n,  2d 
Jones  Joseph,  gentleman  7  York  buildings 
Jones  Joseph,  shoemaker  9 1  Brt^ne 
Jones  Joseph,  saddler  65  n.  8lh 
Jones  Lewis,  labourer  Shackamaxon  st. 
Jones  Lloyd,  sea  captain  225  s.  Front 
Jones  M.  carpenter  Sheaff 's  alley 
Jones  Margaret,  widow  142  Swanson 
Jones  Mrs.  widow  419  s.  Front 
Jones  Mrs.  teacher  and  stationer  26  north  Fourth 
Jones  Mrs.  of  Lvan,milkwoman  corner  Wateut  and. 



Jones  Nathan,  storekeeper  48  south  Second 

Jones  Nathan,  jun.  printer  82  Union 

Jones  Owen,  merchant  154  south  Second 

Jones  Owen,  mate  back  21  Callowhill 

t  Jones  Peter,  porter  Sansom's  alley 

Jones  Philip,  umbrellamaker  73  south  Second 

Jones  Rebecca,  gentlewoman  Brooke  court 

t  Jones  Rebecca,  pepperpot  woman  Mary's  alley 

Jones  Rees,  tobacco  merchant,  warehouse  60  Dock) 

dwelling  16  north  Eighth 
Jones  Richard,  maltster  95  south  Fifth 
t  Jones  Richard,  labourer  Juniper  alley 
Jones  Richardson,  mariner  45 1  south  Front 
Jones  Robert,  sea  captain  191  Cedar 
Jones  Robert  E.  gentleman  38  south  Sixth 
Jones  Robt.  W.  lace  and  fringe  maker  33  n.  7th 
Jones  Samuel,  mariner  175  St.  John 
Jones  Samuel,  smith  Litle*s  court 
Jones  Samnel,  blacksmith.  Prime  below  Second 
Jones  Samuel,  merchant  48  north  Second 
Jones  Samuel,  hatter  234  south  Second 
Jones  Samuel,  cabinetmaker  Dawson's  court 
Jones  Samuel  W.  merchant  103  and  154  n.  Front 
Jones  Silas,  labourer  1 18  Browne 
Jones,  Smith  8c  Co.  merchants  103  north  Front 
Jones  Stephen,  shallopman  back  2 1  Noble 
Jones  Thomas,  m.  d.  144  Vine 
Jones  Thomas,  calicoglazer  8c  grocer  77  Callowhiil 
Jones  Thomas,  coach  trimmer  80  Locust 
Jones  Thomas,  woollen  draper  25  south  Second 
Jones  Thos.  labourer  Frankford  road  near  Otter 
Jones  Thomas,  oysterman  5  Callowhill 
t  Jones  Thomas,  oysterman  1 1  Walnut 
Jones  Thomas  P.  m.  d.  25  Sansom,  lecture  room 

corner  Chesnut  and  Fourth 
Jones  Walter,  mariner  24  Cypress  alley 
Jones  widow  of  Isaac,  gentlewoman  17  Pine 
Jones  widow  of  Jesse,  239  north  Front 
Jones  widow  of  John,  Rose  alley  (N.  L.) 
Jones  widow  of  Wm.  25  south  Second 
Jones  Wm.  plaisterer  Hyde's  court 
Jones  Capt.  Wm.  230  south  Front 


Jones  Wm.  pumpmaker265  Catharine 

Jones  Wm.  shoemaker  460  south  Second 

Jones  Wm.  carver  of  picture  frames  1 10  Gherry 

Jones  Wm,  mariner  7  Callowhill 

Jones  Wm.  coachmaker,  Hunter's  court 

Jones  Wm.  J.  gentleman  9  south  Ninth 

Jones  Wm,  R.  engraver  25  south  Second 

t  Jones  Wm.  labourer  Little  Oak 

Jonty  Ann,  widow,  28  Bread 

Jope  John  Wm.  wireworkerChesnut  west  of  sch.  7th 

^fordan ,  mariner  6  Penn 

Jordan  B.  corner  Pine  and  Seventh 
Jordan  Henry,  currier  80  north  Third 
Jordan  John,  merchant  123  north  Third 
Jordan  John  &  Co.  merchants  123  north  Third 
Jordan  widow  of  Joseph,  plaisterer  corner  Fedei;al 

and  Front 
Jordan  Michael,  labourer  287  south  Fourth 
Jordan  Mrs.  teacher  5  1  south  Fifth 
Jordan  Sarah,  widow,  1 1  Wood  (N.  L.)  n.  SecoTid 
Jordan  Wm.  coachman  227  Walnut 
t  Jordon  Thomas,  porter  245  south  Fourth 
t  Joseph  C.  hairdresser  9  Prune 
Josiah  J.  Harrison  &  Lee,  glass  warehouse  23  Dock 
Josiah  James,  sea  captain  23  Christian 
Joubert  P.  goldsmith  and  jeweller  240  south  Second 
Jourdan  David,  79  north'  Water  and  Red  Store  whf, 
Jourdan  Zachariah,  labourer  68  Coats' 
Joyce  Thomas  R.  taylor  back  16  Plum 
Jugiez  Martin,  carver  128  Walnut 
Julian  Wm.  carpenter  2  Harmony  street 
t  JuUian  John,  back  6  Locust 
Juppenlatz  Frederick,  back  354  south  Second 
Justice  C.  shoemaker  474  Race 
Justice  George,  surveyor  to  North  American  Insu- 
rance Company  168  north  Fourth 
Justice  George,  back  12  Strawberry 
Justice  Jacob,  ironmonger  149  High  and  90  Vine 
Justice  John,  teacher  20  Strawberry 
Justice  Joseph,  plaisterer  17 1  Vine 
Justice  Peter,  rigger  63  Queen  (S.) 
Justice  Mrs.  of  William,  74  Crown 

|U3 KAU 

Justice  Wm.  A.   shipwright   Marlborough   cori>^ 

Justice  Charles,  shoemaker  46  Sassafras 
Juslison  Mrs.  of  Isaac  labourer  Aspen  alley 
Juvenal  Nicholas,  starch  and  powder  manufactory 

old  York  road  near  Noble  \ 

Kaen  John,  grocer  Ann  street  (Schuylkill) 

Kahmer  Reinard,  rigger  Graff's  alley 

Kaighin  John,  shoe  warehouse  108  north  Second 

Kaighn  Doctor  John,  179  St.  John 

Kail  Geo.  drayman  George  above  Third 

Kain  David,  carpenter  244  Cedar 

Kain  Mary,  spinster  back  1 2 1  Queen 

[_see  Kaighn,  Cain,  Kean,  Keen^  and  Kant 
Kain  Patrick,  shoemaker  32  Gilles's  alley 

Kain ,  labourer  128  Locust 

Kalbach  Henry,  sugar-refiner  Schriver's  court 

Kaler  Jacob,  tanner  24 1  St.  John's 

Kalhaffer  Frederick,  well  digger  20  Bryan's  alley 

Kallagan  Wm.shallopman  84  Dock  Sjee  Callaghan 

Kammerer  Henry,  3  Heyde's  court 

Kammerer  widow  of  J.  R.  printer  60  Chesnut 

Kane  Conrad,  mill-stone  maker  James  street 

Kane  Daniel,  tobacconist  394  south  Second 

Kane  Elisha,  merchant  121  s.  Front  and  335  High 

Kane  Mrs.  of  John,  grocer  25  Union         {see  Cain 

Kannon  Francis,  labourer  Lombard  above  Eleventh 

Karbaugh  John,  cooper  2d  above  Germantown.R. 

Karen  Francis,  typefounder  228  south  Fifth 

Karl  John,  cotton  spinner  Germantown  K.  above  2d 

t  Kasey  John,  porter  Garden  above  Vine 

Karston  Margaret,  widow  16  Mary  (S  ) 

Kasely  Mary,  widow,  24  Elizabeth 

Kasper  Martin,  constable  and  baker  Hamilton  Vill. 

Kates  Jacob,  tobacconist  26  Appletree  alley 

Katz  John,  baker  Thirteenth  near  Race 

Katz  John,  carter  25  Callowhill 

Katz  widow  of  Jacob,  shoemaker  30  north  Seventh 

Katz  Michael,  carter  1 1  Kunckel 

Kauderer  Christian,  shoemaker  182  north  Thirci 


]|SJay  Aaron,  U.  S.  waggon  master,  Federal  above  2d 

Kay  Joseph,  hatter  42  north  Front 

Kay  Joseph  L.  sea  captain  24  Argyle 

Kay  Josiah  S.  grocer  62  High  and  I  Church  alley 

Kay  widow  of  Wm.  mate  7  Chancery  lane 

Kean  Jeremiah,  late  corder  379  n.  4th       [«ee  Keen 

Kean  John,  grocer  Ann  st.  (sch.) 

Kean  John,  merchant  407  High 

Kean  Mary,  widow,  20 1  Race 

Kean  Moses,  cordwainer  379  north  Fourth 

Kean  Robert,  tavernkeeper  28  Walnut 

Kean  Roderick,  labourer  248  south  Fourth 

Keany  John,  cordwainer  back  108  Christian 

Keany  Laughlin,  cordwainer,  back  108  Christian 

Keany  Michael,  late  drover  185  Cedar 

Kearns  John,  mariner  96  Christian 

Kearny  Francis,  engraver  64  south  Eighth  and  cor. 

Seventh  and  Sansom  \_see  Carney 

Keasby  Jesse,  currier  67  and  69  Chesnut 
Keating  John,  183  south  Fifth 
Keating  William,  grocer  corner  High  and  sch.  3d 
Keatting  Lambert,  boot  maker  N.E.  corner  Doc)- 

and  Third 
Keck  Christian  G.  teacher  73  north  Eighth 
Keck  John,  carpenter  Sixth  near  Coats' 
Kee  James,  carpenter  Juniper  above  Arch 
Keech  Z.  painter,  8cc.  429  north  Front 
Keef  d   Joseph,  vermecilla  manufacturer  Federa! 

near  Front 
Keehmle  John,  m.  d   33  north  Fourth 
Keehmle  Leonard,  register  of  German  passengers 

79  north  Third 
Keehmle  Samuel,  attorney  at  law  37  north  Fourth 
Keel  John,  cordwainer  102  Locust 
Keel  Mrs.  widow,  192  Vine 
Keeley  Ellen,  seamstress  165  north  Sixth 

Keeler ,  teacher  413  south  Front 

Keemer  Elizabeth,  cake  baker  422  south  Front 
Keemer  George,  shoemaker  back  422  south  Front 

and  1 1  south  Third 
Keen  Andrew,  shipjoincr  Shackamaxon    ^see  Kean 
Keen  &  Drais,sailmakers25  south  Wharves 


Keen  Elizabeth,  widow,  146  south  Ninth 

Keen  Elizabeth,  gentlewoman,  466  north  Secorid 

Keen  James  and  Jacob,  shipjoiners,  Penn  n.  Maiden 

and  Crown  n.  Prince 
Keen  James,  shipwright  Beach  near  Maiden 
Keen  James  C.  sailmaker  367  north  Front 
Keen  John,  carpenter  26  Green 
Keen  Joseph,  leather  store   115  Chesnut,  dwelling 

19  south  Fourth 
Keen  Joseph,  sea  captain  26  Green 
Keen  J.  &  Co.  lumber  yard  Oak  (N.  L.) 
Keen  Margaret,  boarding  house  251  Cedar 
Keen  Matthias,  carpenter  26  Green 
Keen  Sarah,  tailoress  120  New 
Keffer  Anthony,  caulker  Vienna  near  Duke 
KefFer  John,  cordwainer  123  north  Front 
Keffer  Martin,  carter  Vienna  near  Duke 
Keghler  Leonard,  gardener  Marlborough  n.  Prince 
Keho  Thomas,  grocer  and  bottler  239^  south  2d 
Kehr  John, baker  440 north  Third  [see  Kerr  ^  Carr 
Keighkar  Samuel,  victualler  195  north  Eighth 
Keighler  Jacob,  tinplateworker  73  and  94  north  6th 

[see  Kugler 
Keighler  John,  blacksmith,  33  north  Tenth 
Keim  and  Brown,  merchants  62  north  Front 
Keim  George  D.  E.  hardware  merchant  16  Race 
Keim  Jacob,  copperplatemaker  304  Sassafras 
Keim  John,  turner  and  coal  merchant  127  n.  4th 
Keiper  Abraham,  tobacconist  66  nortii  Fourth 
Keith  Samuel,  merchant  279  south  Front 
Kekh  George,  baker  30  Strawberry 
Keley  Andrew,  Juniper  above  Arch 
Kellahin  and  Lorton,  stable  keepers  Laurel  street 
Kellem  Benj.  blacksmith  31  Pewterplatter  alley 
Keller  Adam,  corder  194  north  Third       \_see  Kelly, 
Keller  Conrad,  tinplateworker  64  north  Front 
Keller  George,  carpenter  109  north  Fifth 
Keller  widow  of  Jacob,  66  Tammany 
Keller  John,  shoemaker  25  Appletree  alley 
Keller  Wm.  blacksmith  61  north  Fifth 
Kelley  Bartholomew,  carter  6  Bedford  (M.) 

[see  Kdky  Killc^  Keller 
H  h 


Kelley  David,  watchmaker  and  jeweller  227  n.  2d 
Kelley  Edward,  sailmaker  23  Sassafras 
Kelley  Eleanor,  grocer  198  north  Water 
Kelley  John,  carter  297  south  Fifth 
Kellum  Charles,  hatter  35  Noble  street 
Kellum  James,  mariner  129  Green 
Kelly  Hugh,  cordwainer  187  n.  3d  ^see  Kelley 

Kelly  James,  drayman  M'Culloch's  court 
Kelly  John,  labourer  Shackamaxon 
^Kelly  John,  hatter  5  Prune 
Kelly  John,  morocco  manufacturer  corner  George 

and  Pitt 
Kelly  John,  grocer  20  Swanson  and  79  Penn 
Kelly  John,  hatter  16  Walnut 
Kelly  Philip,  shoe,  glue,  trunk,  &c.  manufacturer 

256  north  Third 
Kelly  Pvobert,  trunkmaker  22  Bank 
Kelly  Samuel,  drayman  50  Browne 
Kelly  Thos.  shoe  and  trunkmaker  10  south  Seventh 
Kelly  Thos.  and  Philip,  shoe  and  trunk  store  70 

High,  dwelling  10  south  Seventh 
Kelly  Thomas,  labourer  463  north  Third 
Kelly  Thomas,  tailor  Drinker's  court 
Kelly  Wm.  shoemaker  82  Browne 
Kelly  Wm.  taylor  and  tavernkeeper  corner  Water 

and  Sassafras  (Mariner's  Hotel) 
Kelly  Wm.  shipwrig  ht  45  Christian 
Kelsell  Frances,  widow  186  Chesnut 
Kelsey  John  C.  tax  collector  80  Spruce 
t  Kelton  Robert,  labourer  4th  above  Browne 
Kemble  George,  shoemaker  33  south  Third 
Kemp  George,  accomptant  92  south  Fifth 
Kemper  Rev.  Jackson,  86  Market 
Kempton  John,  bricklayer  34  Arch 
Kempton  Moses,  scrivener  34  Mulberry 
Kempton  Moses,  jr.  merchant  53  north  W^ater 
Kencel  John,  shoemaker  back  341  Callowhill 

{sec  Kens  el 
tKendall  Caleb,  storekeeper  365  north  Front 
Kenderdine  Jacob,  carpenter  Kunckel  below  Green 
Kendrick  David,  innkeeper  218  High 
Kcnnard  Anthony,  carpenter  206  St ,  Johns 

fsce  Kinnard 


Kennedy  widow  of  Andrew,  soapboiler  corner  l-'iKli 

and  Vine 
Kennedy  Andrew,  distiller  IS3  Vine  and  Walnut 
Kennedy  B.  m.  d.  S.W.  corner  6th  and  Sassafras 
Kennedy  David,  glass  and  picture  store  116Chesnut 
Kennedy  David,  boarding  house  65  Walnut 
Kennedy  Elizabeth,  seamstress  197  north  Front 
Kennedy  Frances,  shopkeeper  12  St.  Mary 
Kennedy  George,  labourer  501  south  Second 
Kennedy  Hector,  grocer  4 1  north  Third 
Kennedy  H,  J.  sea  captain  64  Swanson 
Kennedy  H.  sea  captain  9  Little  German 
Kennedy  Henry  H.  sea  captain  43  Shippen 
Kennedy  Isaac  P.  bootmaker  18  south  Fourth 
Kennedy  James,  grocer  9  south  Sixth 
Kennedy  James  k  Co.  merchants  High  ftbove  13th 
Kennedy  James,  labourer  10  Spruce 
Kennedy.  John,  locksmith  Kessler*s  court 
Kennedy  Margaret,  boardingbouse  9  Pear 
Kennedy  iNIary,  widow,  Moyamensing  below  Chris- 
Kennedy  Mary,  mantuamaker  Schriver's  court 
Kennedy  Patrick,  victualler  Moyamensing  n.  Prime 
Kennedy  Rolx:rt,  stablekeeper  98  north  Fifth        * 
Kennedy  Robert,  gentleman  343  Arch 
Kennedy   Samuel,   looking  glass   manufactory    72 

Kennedy  Thomas  D.  sea  captain  ^1  Mary  (S.) 
Kennedy  Thomas,  conveyancer  24  Strawberry 
Kennedy  Mrs.  of  William,  shoemaker  128  Plum 
Kennedy  Wm.  boot  and  shoemaker  46  Spruce 
Kennedy  Wm.  grocer  85  south  Fifth 
Kenney  Daniel,  sea  captain  191  north  Front 

[^see  JCiiineij  and  Quesiict 
Kenney  Robert,  stoveletter  75  Christian 
Kensel  George,  carpenter  465  north  Third 
Kensel  John,  blacksmith  291  Arch  and  69  n.  8th 
Kensel  Lewis,  carter  270  St.  John 
Kensel  Margaret,  seamstress  465  north  Third 
Kensel  widow  of  John,  back  246.  north  Second 
Kensil  John,  victualler  230  St.  John         [.9C/?  Keyicd 
Ken'^il  Michael,  shipioiner  Ntw  Market  n.  Peer^ 


Kent  Josias,  grocer  14  south  Tenth 

Kenton  James  C.  grocer  S.E.  cor.  Lombard  &  8th 

Kenton  Joseph,  jun.  distiller  303  south  Third  antt 

177  Shippen 
Kenton  Joseph,  grocer  61  north  Eighth 
Kenton  Thomas,  comb  maker  59  north  Fourth 
Kentzel  widow  of  Christian,  Brewer's  alley  n.  4th 
Kepler  Mary,  widow  365  north  Third 
Kepley  Christian,  drayman  86  Budd 
Keppele  Michael,  alderman  133  and  136  Chesnut 
Kerbaugh  Daniel,  labourer  43  Charlotte 
Kerbaugh  John,  cooper  2d  above  Germantown  road 
Kerby  Edward,  stablekeeper  27  Prune 
Kerlin  Davis,  deputy  marshal,  285  s.  5th 
Kern  Andrew,  accomptant  1 19  Swanson 
Kern  Gabriel,  tayk)r  117  s.  Water 
Kern  Gabriel  and  John,  taylors  123  s.  Water 
Kern  John,  merchant  1 8 1  Pine 
Kern  John,  accomptant  405  s.  2d 
Kerner  Christian,  watchman  cor.  Pine  and  6th 
Ker  John  C.  gentleman,  Chesnut  next  A.  Fine  Arts 
Ker  widow  of  Joseph,  1 1 9  Mulberry  [see  Karr  ksf  Carr 
Ker  Wm.  shipchandler  17  south  Wharves  and  119 

Kerr  James,  saddler,  &c.  52  n.  *d  [&<?<?  Kehr 

Kerr  James,  mariner  10  Cedar 
Kerr  Capt.  Walter,  308  Chesnut  above  Eleventh 
Kerrick  An^d.  shoemaker  cor.  Lombard  and  sch.  8th 
t  Kersey  Jourdan,  labourer  Cherry 
Kesner  David,  carpenter  Queen  n.  Shackamaxon 
Kessler  George,  yeoman  Gray's  ferry  road 
Kessler  John,  justice  of  the  peace  166  Coats 
Kessler  John,  jun.  grocer  1 64  Coats'  cor.  4th 
Kessler  John,  baker  35  Budd 
Kessler  Wm.  gardener  Hanover  n.  Queen 
Kessling  Henry,  joiner  Germantown  w)ad  n.  4th 
Ketcham  Daniel,  490  n.  2d 
Kethcart  Wm.  cooper  Alban  st» 
Key  John,  shallopman  Lily  alley 
Key  Michael,  coach  and  sign  painter  cor.  10th  ami 


miY KIM 

Keys  Geo.  smith  Germantown  road  above  Third 
Keys  Joseph,  shallopman  back  416  s.  Front 
Keyser  Adam,  baker  193  s.  Third 
Keyser  Charles,   teacher  German   hall   seminary, 

dwelling  8  n.  9th 
Keyser  Elizabeth,  widow  266  St.  John 
Keyser  8c  Gorgas,  lumber  merchants  225  n.  Water 
Keyser  Jacob,  baker  114  n.  8th 
Keyser  Jacob,  plaisterer  20  n.  9th 
Keyser  John,  flour  merchant  47  Filbert 
Keyser  John,  labourer  back  1 1 5  Arch 
Keyser  John,  labourer  236  St.  John 
Keyser  Joseph,  turner  475  n   2d 
Keyser  Joseph  and  Jacob,  grocers  195  n.  2d 
Keyser  Mary,  Taper  alley 
Keyser  Nicholas,  sugarboiler  212  St.  John 
Keyser  Peter,  lumber  merchant  35  Callowhill 
Keysey  Henry,  weaver  Germantown  road  above  2d 
Kibby  Charles,  carter  38 1  n.  4th 
Kibier  David,  grocer  94  Coats* 
K^bler  widow  of  John,  flourstore  382  High 
Kibier  Joseph,  brushmaker  104  n.  Third 
Kid  John,  shallopman  Raspberry  alley 
Kid  Robert,  copper  merchant  101  Walnut 
Kidwell  widow  of  John,  sea  captain  6  Brewer's  alley 
Kilby  widow  of  Turpin,  gentleman  350  s.  Front 
Killar  John,  carter  429  south  Front 
Kille  Aaron,  merchant  53  n.  Front  and  20  Vine 
Killey  Edward,  sailmaker  23  Sassafras 
Killingcr  Christopher,  mate  Federal  n.  2d 
Killinger  George,  shoemaker  13  Spafford 
Killingsworth  Luke, constable  &  storekeeper  25  n.  3d 
Killough  Robert,  taylor  96  s.  Water 
Kilpatrick  Samuel,  drayman  Spafford  st. 
Kilvington  Benj.  B.  segarmaker  1  Ith  below  Locust 
Kimber  and  Conrad,  printers,  booksellers,  and  sta- 
tioners, 93  High 
Kimber  Emmor,  bookseller.  See.  31  Spruce 
Kimber  and  Richardson,  booksellers  257  High 
Kimble  Hannah,  washerwonnan  Weaver's  alley 
Kimble  Job,  cabinetmaker  8  Pine 
Kimble  W.  labourer  8  Hopkins'  court 



Kimmel  John  H.  furrier,  &c.  Christian  below  4th 

Kindell  Joseph,  shoemaker  cor.  George  and  Pitt 

Kindle  Clayton,  smith  189  n.  2d 

Kiner  Henry,  carter  Christian  near  Third 

Kinerman  Susannah,  284  Mulberry 

King  Alburtis,  4lh  above  Callowhill 

King  B.  taylor  cor.  Laurel  and  Budd 

King  Charles,  sea  captain  370  s.  Front 

King  Christiana,  widow,  boardinghouse  29  Noble 

King  Daniel,  shipjoiner  Marlborough  n.  Queen 

King  Daniel,  jun.  brassfounder  76  s.  Front 

King  Deborah,  tutress  170  s.  5th 

King  Elizabeth,  widow  173  n.  Front 

King  George  M.  coppersmith  30  Kunckle 

King  Hermanas,  taylor  14  s.  Water 

King  Isaac,  labourer  444  n.  Front 

King  Isaiah,  carter  Laurel  n.  Budd 

King  Jacob,  carter  Rachael  n.  Laurel 

King  James,  jun.  and  Co.  iron  merchants  2i  I  n.  3ti 

King  James,  gentleman  210  n.  Front 

King  John,  merchant  9  Dock 

King  John,  young  gentlemen's  academy  66  Dock 

King  John,  hatter  and  furrier  back  152  Race 

King  John,  carpenter  136  Cedar 

King  John,  silverplater  back  152  Race 

King  John,  painter,  &c.  cor.  Pine  and  Eleventh 

King  John,  boardinghouse  91  s.  "Water 

King  John,brushmaker  and  innkeeper  66  Shippen 

t  King  John,  shipwright  7  Prune 

King  Margaret,  shoestore  236  s.  2d 

King  Mrs.  of  Joseph,  painter.  Sec.  Smith's  court  (sch.) 

King  Mrs.  shopkeeper  8  Chancery  lane 

King  Robert,  mastmaker  Queen  n.  Marlborough 

King  Samuel,  sea  capt  lin  105  Catharine 

t  King  Solomon,  porter  29  Strawberry 

King  widow  of  Wm.  Weaver's  alley 

King  Wm.  silverplater,  &c.  137  Mu^berpy 

King  Wm.  oysterman  14  Swanson 

King&land  John,  carpenter  26  Poplar  lane 

Kingston  Simon,  sea  captain  54  Almond 

Kingston  Stephen,  merchant  48  s.  6th 

Kingston  Thomas,  carpenter  217  s.  5th 


Kinnan  John,  fuller,  call  71  s.  Sth 

Kinnan  Joseph  W.  turner  and  machine  maker  1  lU 

Walnut  and  71  s.  5th 
Kinnard  Thomas,  coachtrimmer  1 1th  near  Filbert 

l^see  Kennard 
Kinnard  widow  of  Jacob,  Maple  st. 
Kinney  widow  ofMitchel,  back439n.  2d[«e6'.ff'(?w;zet/ 
Kinsey  Edmund,  saddler,  8cc.  cor.  Chesnut  and  3d 
Kinsey  Samuel,  wharf  builder  Penn  n.  Maiden 
*    Kinsler  Michael,  Wright  alley 

Kinsler  Michael,  labourer  Cedar  n.  sch.  4th 

.rLinsiey  Y.  sailmaker  back  107  Queen  (S.) 
Kinsley  He^iry,  labourer  Walnut  n.  sch.  3d 

VKin'sley  Sanfl|iel,  combmaker  Spruce  n.  sch.  5th 

Jfintzing  Abraham,  merchant  5  Dock,  dwelling  111 
^*'.  s.  Fourth 

Kintzing  Abraham,  jun.  merchant  5  Dock 
Kintzing  B.  and  A.  jun.  merchants  5  Dock 
Kintzing  Benjamin  H.  merchant  5  Dock  and  CheS- 

nut  n.  1 1th 
Kip  Wm.  cordwainer  394  s.  2d 
Kipp  Isaac  J.  teacher  Cherry  above  Queen 

Kirbey ,  sea  captain  Queen  n.  2d 

Kirby  Benjamin,  bricklayer  34  Kunckle 

Kirby  Hannah,  widow  500  s.  Front 

K-irby  Wm.  mariner  296  Arch 

Kirk  John,  late  merchant  Noble  n.  Third 

Kirk  John,  labourer  Prospect  alley 

Kirk  Mrs.  of  Joseph,  carpenter  77  Arch 

Kirk  P.  widow  144  Vine 

Kirk  Philip,  brickmaker  Lombard  n.  sch.  8lh 

•'Kivkpatrick  Andrew,  plaisterer  73  Locust 
Kirkham  widow  of  Charles,  stor«ikeeper  7  s.  4lh 

.  ''Kirkhoff  Christian,  394  n.  Third 
Kirkhoff  Christian,  jun.  combmaker  392  n.  Third 
KirkhofT  Jacob,  tobacconist  394  n.  Third 
Kirkland  James,  weaver.  Carpenter  (S.)  above  6th 
Kirtland  Thomas,  tanner  528  n.  Third 
Kisley  Catharine,  washerwoman  Steinmetz*  court 

Kisselman  Susannah,  gentlewoman  166  s.  2d 
Kissick  John,  engineer  Waterworks  n.  Schuylkill 


Kitchen  James,  city  taveriv  and  exchange  86  and 

dwelling  99  s.  2d 
K-itchen  Jonathan,  taylor  Callowhill  st.  wharf 
Kitchen  Joseph,  saddler,  &c.  188  n.  3d  &  60  n.  5th 
Kite  Benjamin  &  Thomas,  booksellers  and  station* 

ers  20  n.  Third 
Rite  Isaac,  carpenter  398  Sassafras 
Kite  Jonathan,  potter  Cherry  above  1  Ith 
Kite  Joseph,  china  store  34  s.  4th 
Kite  Joseph,  carpenter  398  Sassafras 
Kite  Thomas,  stationer,  &c.  20  n.  Third 
Kitler  John,  plaisterer  308  Vine  cor.  Chester 
Kittera  Ann,  shopkeeper  235  High      ^ 
Kittera  Thomas,  attorney  at  law  36  s.||th 
Kittinger  Leonard,  innkeeper  18  n.  Fourth 
Kitts  John,  sea  captain  293  s.  Front 
Kitts  Michael,  oakcooper  32  Stamper's  alley 
Klapp  John,  grocer  223  s.  2d  cor.  Lombard 
Klapp  Joseph,  m.  d^..  290  s.  2d  and  cor.  Shippen 
Klapp  Joseph  and  Co.  druggists,  8cc.  S.  W,  coraer 

Shippen  and  2d 
Klaser  Jacob,  labourer  Germantown  road  n.  4th 
Klewell  Abm.  joiner  intersection  Germantown  road 

and  6th 
Kline  Jacob  C.  grocer  270  High 
Kine  Peter,  bricklayer  374  n.  Third  I'see  CHne 

Kline  Sophia,  widow  136  Coats 
Kline  Thomas,  labourer  207  St.  John 
KUne  Wm.  labourer,  Hickory  lane 
KUngle  A.  cooper  and  guager  56  Callowhill 
KUngle  G.  dentist  148  n.  8th 
Klipper  widow  of  John,  weaver  317  n.  Third 
Klonegar  John,  baker  316  n.  Second 
Kloss  Christian,  baker  8 1  Passyunk  road 
Klotz  John  L.  weaver  421  n.  Third 
Klotz  John  C.  taylor  381  n.  Front 
Knaht  George,  victualler  Lawrence  st. 
Kneass  Christian,  silverplater  152  south  Ninth 
Kneass  John,  copperplate  printer  3  Chancery  lane 
Kneass  William,  engraver  3  Chancery  lane  and  22. 

north  Eighth 
Kneill  Baltus,  broom,  &c.  maker  99  Green  ^ 

Kneppley  &  Dillinger,  storekeepers  192  n.  Second 


Kneppley  Peter,  storekeeper  192  north  Second 
Knerr  Henry,  tavernkeeper  140  High     [ste  Knotr 
Kneltle  George,  drayman  Rugan  street 
Knezel  Jacob,  blacksmith  150  St.  John 
Knight  Alexander,  m.  d.  204  north  Front 
Knight  Charles,  miniature  painter  33  Crown 
Knight  Daniel,  carpenter  12  and  172  Cherry 
Knight  Daniel,  blacksmith  351  Callowhiii 
Knight  Edward,  labourer  Arch  near  sch.  Second 
Knight  Hugg,  back  446  north  Front         [^see  Mght 
Knight  Isaiah,  broker  89  south  Fourth  near  Pine 
Knight  Jonathan,  lumberyard  179  north  Water  and 

dwelling  39  Artillery  lane 
Knighi  Joseph,  iron  merchant  39  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Knight  Joseph,  tailor  188  north  Second 
Knight  Margaret,  shopkeeper  Hudson's  Lane  n.  7th 
Knight  Mary,  widow,  back  229  Callowhiii 
Knight  Susannah,  widow  23  Walnut 
Knighton  Josh,  stocking  weaver  26  Appletree  alley 
Kniles  widow  of  Philip,  22  Kunckel 
Knipe  John,  carpenter  536  north  Third 
Knodle  Daniel,  bricklayer  5  Fayette 
Knodle  George,  brick  maker  Buttonwood  street 
Knoes  Jacob,  baker  124  south  Second 
Knorr  Andrew,  victualler  Wood  above  Eighth 
Knorr  George,  lumber  merchant  compting  house 

195,  dwelling  197  north  Water  [see  Knerr 

Knorr  George,  labourer  Callowhiii  above  Eighth 
Knorr  George,  baker  19  north  Sixth 
Knorr  Jacob,  ironmonger  40  north  Third 
Knorr  Jacob,  labourer  Wood  above  Eighth 
KncM-r  Jacob,  victualler  297  Callowhiii 
Knott  widow  of  John,  432  north  Third 
Knous  and  Fullmer,  flour  merchants  4  Old  YorkR. 
Knous  Jacob,  4  Old  York  Road 
Knous  John,  late  carter  115  Callowhiii 
Knous  Philip,  bricklayer  Frankford  road  nearQuefen 
Knowles  Jane,  tuiress  12  Union 
Knowles  Sarah,  shopkeeper  104  south  Second 
Knowles  widow  of  William,  grocer  '^^  Christian 
Knows  Jacob,  shoestore  16  High  p-'d  127  n.  Fifth 
Knox  Charles,  stonv  pavier  cor^  Tammany  8c  4th 
Knox  ElizotiCth,  widow  of  tViu.  back  74  s.  Fifth 


"SLnox  George,  tobacconist  2 1 2  north  Eighth 
Knox  Hannali,  widow  74  north  Seventh 
Knox  Jacob,  mariner  305  south  Front 
Knox  Jno.  watchman  2d.  above  Germhntown  road 
Knox  John,  accomptant  8  Springet  alley 
Knox  John,  grocer  298  south  Third 
Knox  Joseph,  bridle  bit  and  tip  maker,  near  the  in- 
tersection of  6th  and  the  Germantown  road 
Knox  William,  shipwright  Maiden 
Knox  William,  ship  joiner  48  Budd 
Koch  Jacob  G.  merchant,  dwelling  337  High  and 

office  46  Walnut 
Kochersperger  Jacob,  labourer  back  444  s.  Front 
Kochersperger  John,  labourer  107  Christian 
Kochersperger  Martin,  farmer  Vineyard 
Koegh  and  Maguire,  grocers  78  north  Fifth 
Koegh  Patrick,  grocer  78  north  Fifth 
Koechling  Frederick  A.  baker  26Callowhill 
Koecker  Leonard,  surgeon  dentist  33  north  Eighth 
Koehler   John,   coach  wheelwright    36    Columbia 

avenue,  dwelling  205  south  Seventh 
Kohler  John,  lockmaker  352  north  Front 
Kohlinkamp  Nicholas,  tinplate  worker  267  n.  Front 
Kokerspire  George,  hairdresser,  &c.  326  n.  2d 
Konigmacher  A.  merchant  141  High  and  108  Arch 
Kooken  Henry,  taylor  3  Brewer's  alley 
Kookooyjei  John,  whipmaker  133  north  Fifth 
Kookooyaei  Samuel,  whip  vender  133  north  Fifth 
Korckhauss  Andrew,  furrier  24  north  Fourth 
Korckhauss  Henry,  furrier  55  north  Third 
jKbrn  Henry,  lace  8c  fringe  weaver  250  Sassafras 
Abrn  Michael,  shoemaker  Frankford  R.  n.  Queen 
Kvdik  George,  cabinet  maker  6 1,  76  n.  7lh  [see  Craft 
ifraft  widow  of  P.  56  north  Fifth 
iTrall  Peter,  labourer  Juni^^er  near  Spruce 
jframer  Henry,  coachmaker  Raspberry  alley 
JSTraugVit  Martin,  labourer  Watkin's  court 
Kvtbtl  Matthias,  grocer  8c  tavernkeeper  Beach  n. 

Xi^ebs  George,^rickmaker  17  north  Fifth 
A'^reider  Abrahan*,^  grocer  143  north  Third 
A'reider  Frederick,\^^er  2*3  r^crth  Second 


AVcider  Henry,  yoeman  west  near  Vienna 
A'reider  John,  brickmaker  Cedar  street  wharf 
Areider  Lewis,  hatter  58  Green 
A'reider  Mary,  teacher  71  Crown 
Areker  J.  P.  baker,  back  185  High 
ATrigamyer  Jacob,  2d  above  Germantcwn  R. 
ATrigamyer  Jacob,  jr.  fence  makerOeorge  above  4th 
A'l'imniel  George  Y.  merchant  204  Pine 
Aripps  Margaret,  shopkeeper  464  north  Second 
Aripps  Philip,  potter  265  St.  John 
A'rise  William,  baker  322  south  Second 
A'rist  Jacob,  carter  Torr's  court 
A'roesen  H.  Sc  E.  seamstresses  Laurel  n.  Budd 
Alonskup  George,  blacksmith  back  108  Christian 
A'rouscup  John,  carpenter  Palmer  near  Duke 
A^'umback  Peter,  labourer  Shippen's  lane 
Arumbhaar  Ludwick,  merchant  144  south  Third  i^ 

corner  Spruce 
ATrutz  John,  grocer  145  St.  John's  [see  Curds 

Alicher  Christianna,  shopkeeper  56  north  Second 
Aiicher  Jacob,  silversmith  n.  8th  [see  Cooker 

Aucher  Wm.  67  Yine  and  88  north  Second 
A'uentzel  Jacob,  baker  145  Walnut 
ATugler  Benjamin,  m.  d.  118  s.  4th  [iCeighler 

A'ugler  Charles,  gentleman  89  Callowhill 
A'ugler  George,  storekeeper  corner  4th  Sc  Sassafras 
Augler  Henry,  shoemaker  Hudson's  Lane 
A'ugler  John,  oak  cooper  45  Passyunk  road 
A'ugler  and  M'A'indley,  coopers  32  Little  Water 
A^uhl  Henry,  Cashier  of  the  Farmers  and  Mechanics 

Bank  309  Mulberry 
ATuhlenkampf  Nicholas,  tinsmith  267  n.  Front 
iSTuhn  Adam,  victualler  Juniper  near  Arch 
A'uhn  Adam,  m.  i>,  142  Chesnut  ' 

Kuhn  Charles,  merchant  4  York  buildings 
A^ulm  Daniel,  accomptant  Elmslie's  alley 
Auhn  Daniel  shoemaker  1 1  Laetitia  court 
Auhn  George  K.  65  south  Front 
Auhn  widow  of  George,  sea  captain  124  s.  Water 
A\ihn  John,  mate  167  St.  John  and  78  n.  Tth 
A'uhn  John,  watchman  Garden 
Auhn  John,  53  Crown 


jfuhn  Peter,  auctioneer  190  High 

^uhn  Peter  &  Son,  auctioneers   and  commission 

merchants  65  south  Front 
iTuhns  Jacob,  shoemaker  Vine  below  Eighth 
JTulp  George,  brickmaker  Hfckory  lane 
jftTunckel  C.  late  baker  355  n.  Second      [see  Cankk 
iTunckel  John,  victualler  James' 
ifunckel  Peter,  victualler  James  street 
iTunckel  widow  of  John,  300  north  Second 
^untz  Jacob,  gun  maker  Germantown  R.  n.  2d 
Aiirfis  S.  tavern  keeper  95  north  Fourth 
iTurtz  Charles,  bookbinder  back  125  north  Second 
JTurtz  George,  victualler  440  north  Second 
ifurtz  George,  painter,  &c.  210  north  Eighth 
-^urtz  George,  jr.  victualler  417  north  Fourth 
JTurtz  Peter,  tobacconist  back  125  north  Second 
JTurtz  Peter,  jun.  hatter  back  125  north  Second 
Ky\t  William,  merchant  30  Dock 

Laborde  Francis,  merchant  28  north  Sixth 

Laboubee  Madame,  mantua  maker  143  s.  Fifth 

Xabrousse  Paul,  178  Pine 

Labruere  Henry,  broker  38  Carter's  alley 

Lace  Wm.  coach  spring  maker  17  s.  Seventh  and 

46  Carpenters  alley 
Lacey  — ,  labourer  Broad  n.  Cherry 
Lacey  Edward,  mariner  Prime  above  Front 
La  Combe  Peter,  merchant  45  Coates  alley 
Lackey  Henry,  blockmaker   15  s.  wharves  and  13 

Elfrith's  alley 
Lackey  James,  blacksmith  210  south  Seventh 
Lackey  James,  milkman  corner  sch.  5th  &  Pine 
Laconey  James,  ship  carver  back  40  St.  John 
Laer  John,  farmer  Buck  road  n.  U.  S.  Arsenal 
Lafaucherie  Elie,  1 60  south  Front 
Laferty  Archibald,  shoemaker  127  south  Front 
Laferty  widow  of  Patrick,  corner  Christian  and  5th 
LafFerty  James,  oysterman  311  High  ^see  Laverty 
Lafitte  Anthony,  perfumer  187  south  Front 
Laforgue  B.  upholsterer,  &c.  169  Pine 
Lafourcade  P.  M.  printer  159  north  Third 


Laidlcy  Jame^,  merchant  taylor  112  Chesuut 
Lair  John,  shoemaker  cor.  Lombard  and  Eleventii 
Lajus  and  Michel,  confectioners  108  High 
Lajus  Paul,  confectioner  1 15  High  cor.  Third 
Lake  David,  clerk  of  High  st.  market 
Lake  David,  shoemaker  143  n.  6th 
Lake  John,  morocco  manufacturer 
Lake  Lucas,  blacksmith  Oak  n.  Coats 
Lake  Wm.  sea  captain  2 1  Browne 
Lakely  Lewis,  carpenter  cor.  Chester  and  Lemon 
Lalor  John,  tavernkeeper  142  s.  Water  8c  143  Front 

[«ee  JLolar 
t  Lamare  Stephen,   hairdresser  cor.   Walnut   and 

Lamare  widow  oT  Matthias,  1 10  Cedar  [see  Lemaire 
Lamb  John,  maker  135  n.  5th 
Lamb  John,  grocer  242  s.  6th 
Lamb  Joseph,  victualler  406  n.  Tiiird 
Lamb  Wm.  labourer  135  n.  5th 
Lambert  Aaron  and  Co.  m.erchants  36  s.  Second 
Lambert  B.  1 19  n.  Front 
Lambert  Gershom  W.  merchant  119  n.  Front  anti 

101  High 
I..ambert  John  H.  m.  d.  25  Filbert 
Lambert  and  Johnes,  merchants  101  High 
Lambert  Lawrence,  labourer  Mcrntt's  lane  above  5ih 
Lambert  Maria,  shopkeeper  70  Almond 
Lambert  Nicholas,  accomptant  10  Union 
Lamberth  Catharine,  teacher  Brewer's  alley  n.  3d 
Lambery  John,  bottler  178  n.  Water 
Lammarzelle  Peier,  hairdresser  44  Duke(N.  L.) 
Lummot  Daniel,  merchant  1 1  s.  Water  &:  94  sowlh 

Lamon  Andrew,  carpet  weaver.  Mechanic 
Lament  and  Erwin,  milliners  13  s.  4th 
Lamorelle  Joseph,  merchant  59  Lombard 
Lampas  Wm.  grain-distiller  Asheton  n.  V^inc 
Li^mpler  Richard,  manner  Swede's  alley 
Lamport  Geo.  victualler  Garden  street 
Lamport  Mary,  8  Vernon 
lamprey  Henry  A.  tavernkeeper  236  Walnut 
Lamsback  John,  tobacconist  NcW  Market  n.  Pcgg  st . 

I  i  ♦ 


LaiiTvine  A.  watchmaker  176  n.  5th 

Lancart  Ann,  widow  28  Spruce 

Lancaster  Jacob,  labourer  Gerniantown  road  n.  6Lh 

t  Lancaster  Jacob,  carter  1 2  Springet  alley 

Lancaster  John,  carpenter  176  n.  4th 

Lancaster  Levi,  carter  Callowhill  n.  Ridge 

Lancaster  Moses,  carpenter  1 1  Wood  st.  (N.  L.)  n.  2d 

Lancaster  Thomas,  merchant  112  St.  John 

Lancaster  widow  of  John,  sea  captain  9  Queen  ^.) 

Lancaster  Wm.  carpenter  46  George  (S.) 

Land  John,  hatter  43  s.  Front 

Land  Michael,  labourer  73  Green 

Landell  Geo.  boaibuilder  Beach  n.  Maiden 

Landell  Mary,  tavernkeeper  359  n.  Front 

Landers  Michael,  stablekeeper  213  s.  2d 

Landis  Henry,  stablekeeper  9  s.  4th  and  14  Fi^ank- 

lin  court 
Landis  Samuel  C.  saddler  79  n.  Front  &  Wagner's 

Landress ,  victualler  Shipped  n.  7th 

Landreth  David  and  C.  nursery  and  seedsmen  Fede- 
ral n.  Gray's  ferry  road 
Landy  John,  carpenter  '2S  Budd 
jtoane  &  Beale,  brush  and  bellows  manuf.  207  s.  7ih 
Lane  Edward,  accomplant  152  Spruce 
Lane  James,  clock  and  watchmaker  151  n.  2d 
Lane  John,  shoemaker  1 16  German 
Lane  John,  baker  46  n.  4th 
Lane  Richard,  bellowsmaker  207  s.  7th 
Laneman  widow  of  John,  Clymer's  alley 
Lang  John,  accomptant  cor.  Spruce  and  Eleventh 
Lang  John,,  carpenter  255  s.  Front  [see  Long 

Lang  Wm.  gatekeeper  at  Alms  house 
Lang  John  G.  baker  26  Pewterplatter  alley 
Langebartel  John  Augustus,  grocer  95  Coats 
Langer  Joseph,  suspendermaker  175  s.  Front 
Langley  Davis,  rigger  Almond  st.  wharf 
t  Langly  Benj.  woodsawyer  Merrill's  lane  n.  5th 
l^angly  Wm.  labourer  5  Small 
Langstrolh  L  G.  paper  manufacturer  cor.  High  and 
gth  '  [■'^'^  Longstreth 

J.anc-wcU  M^'S.  widow  242  Race  , 


I.anilig^  Benj.  cabinetmaker  114  Budd 

Laning  Isaac,  taylor  Queen  n.  Marlborough 

Lansinger  Jacob,  shoemaker  10  Passyunk 

Lansmger  Nicholas,  labourer  U.  S.  Arsenal 

Lantz  Jacob,  taylor,  Bedford  (M.)  n.  7th  [see  Lcntz 

Lapess  Hannah,  boardinghouse  20  Walnut 

Lapp  Abraham,  victualler  515  n.  Third 

Lapsley  David,  late  merchant  144  Arch 

Lapsley  David,  jun.  merchant  22  s.  Front 

Lapsley  John,  merchant  23  s.  rd 

Lapsley  Joseph  B.  merchant  22  s.  Front 

Lapsley  Moses,  carter  54  Passyunk 

i^apsley  Wm.  M.  merchant  23  s.  Second 

Larabey  Francis,  painter,  8cc.  67  Coats 

Laraque  Mrs.  piano-forte  teacher  180  Spruce 

Lare  widow  of  Adam,  Flowers'  alley 

t  Lare  Joseph,  labourer  9th  n.  Cedar 

Lare  Peter,  blacksmith  102  Locust 

Laremore  Jane,  storekeeper  47  s.  Second 

Larer  Melchior,  brewer  50  n.  6th 

Larer  and  Son,  brewers  50  n.  6th 

Larey  Charl&s,  currier  166  s.  Fourth 

Larey  John  W.  coachmaker,  back  392  n.  Front 

Large  Danl.  engineer  and  machine  maker  508   n. 

Large  Ebenezer,  carpenter  206  St.  John 
Large  widow  of  Ebenezer,  merchant  169  Walnut 
Large  James,  merchant  169  High 
Large  John,  merchant  169  High  and  196Chesnut 
Large  Stephen,  carpenter  534  north  Third 
Larkins  Edward,  teacher  2 1 3  Cedar 
Larkum  Thomas,  boardinghouse  345  High 
La  Roche  Rene,  m.  d.  corner  Fifth  and  Pine 
La  Save  Alexander,  Passyunk  n.  8th 
Laskey  John,  baker  1 13  Vine 
Lassalle  John,  merrfhant  194  south  Fourth 
Latapias  Peter,  86  Lombard 
Latimta*  George,  merchant,  and  president  of  jhe 

Union  Insurance  Company,  85  s.  6th 
Latimer  James,  watchmaker  92A  Chesnut 
Latimer  8c  Murduck,  flour  merchants  67  n;  Water 
l^tin}er  Thomas,  flour  merchant  216  Mulberry 


Latimer  widow  of  Wm.  G.  merchant  4  n.  8th 

Latour  John,  merchant  261  south  Front 

Lauck  David,  oakcooper  128  Sassafras 

T^auck  Hannah,  widow  128  Sassafras 

Laud«nslager  George,  victualler  251  Callowhiil 

Laudenslager  Richard,  taylor 

Laughlen  James,  bookbinder  Emien's  alley 

f^auer  John,  carpenter  Merritt's  lane       [see  Lower 

Launy  David  F.  doctor  in  natural  and  experimental 

philosophy,  124  Chesnut 
Laurens  John,  82  Gaskill  [see  Laivrence 

Laussat  Anthony,  merchant  208  Walnut 
Laval  John,  merchant  210  Pine 
Lavall  Peter,  ropemaker  Front  below  Federal 
Lavan  Jacob,  carpenter  8th  near  Vine 
Lavender  Catharine,  widow  1 5  Kunckel 
Lavering  Jonathan,  carpenter  478  Race 
Lavering  Wm.  carter  214  n.  8th 
L'averty  John,  73  s.  Second  [see  Laferin 

Laverty  Jesse,  grocer  259  High  and  32  n.  9th 
Lavis  widow  of  David,  Oak  below  Noble 
Law  Andrew,  teacher  of  music  1  Bread  st. 
Law  Samuel,  paperstainer  102  Christian 
I^awler  E.  widow  ISO. south  Fourth 
Lawler  Matthew,  aloTrman  34  Walnut 

[see  Lalor  and  Lolar 
t  Lawrence  Anthony,  hairdresser  405  n.  Front 
Lawrence  Augustine,  mariner,  head  of  Bradford's 

Lawrence  Charles  C  stoneware  manuf.  Maiden 
Lawrence  Conrad,  cooper  3  Little  Water 
Lawrence  Christian,  victualler  James' 
Lawrence  Daniel,  cooper  28  Swanson 
Lawrence  Edward,  tavernkeeper  and  grocer  95  s. 

Lawrence  George,  plaisterer  German  n.  5th 

[see  Laurens 
Lawrence  George,  hog  victualler  Buttonwood 
t  Lawrence  Henry,  oysteiman  166  High 
Lawrence  Isaac,  merchant  38  north  Third 
Lawrence  Jacob,  jun.  carter  cor.  Prime  and  2d 
Lawrence  Jacob,  carter  back  459  8.,3<1 


Lawrence  Jacob,  cooper  17  Pewierplatter  alley 
Lawrence  Joseph  Redman,  merchant  13  Sansom 
Lawrence  James,  ropemaker,  2cl  below  Federal 
Lawrence  John,  carpenter  back  114  n.  8th 
Lawrence  John,  paperstainer  Federal  n.  2d 
Lawrence  John,  paperstainer  Arch  n.  sch.  8th 
Lawrence  John,  fringe  manufacturer  49  &  1 33  n.  2d 
Lawrence  John  C.  smith  202  St.  John 
Zawrence  L.  skindresser  290  Vine 
//awrence  Mary,  teacher  3  Strawberry 
iawrence  Mary,  widow  101  Queen  (S.)  &  473  n.  3d 
Xuwrence  Mary,  widow,  83  north  Sixth 
Lawrence  Rebecca,  gentlewoman  13  Sansom 
Lawrence  Rebecca,  nurse  153  north  Second 
Lawrenson  Thos.  labourer  486  n  3d  Sc  245  s.  Front 
t  Laws  Cxsar,  labourer  Portland  lane 
Laws  Clement,  morocco  and  hide  store,  N.  E.  cor. 

Dock  and  Walnut  and  45  Spruce 
Laws  Elijah,  upholsterer  295  High 
Laws  George,  tanner  207  south  Fourth  cor.  GaskiJt 
Laws  James,  tanner  51 1  north  Front 
Laws  L.  &  G.  tanners  218  south  Fourth 
Laws  Ludowick,  tanner  214  south  Fourth 
Laws  Martin,  mariner  453  south  Front 
\  Laws  Stephen,  coachman  10  Locust 
t  Laws  Stephen,  woodsawyer  258  south  Seventli 
Laws  Wm.  pilot  Prime  above  Front 
Lawson  Alexander,  engraver  Pine  above  Ninth 
I^awson  David,  mariner  12  York  court 
i^awson  John, sea  captain  1  19  Callowhill 
Z^awson  Thomas,  grocer  44  Browne 
/.awson  widow  of  Jacob,  back  150  south  Fourth 
Xawton  Henry,  grocer  High  near  Thirteenth 
Zay  Lewis  Sc  Co.  merchants  4  s.  Fourth    [.sre  Lty  Thomas,  fruiterer  32  High     [aee  Lee  and  Lea 
JLayburn  Zachariah,  potter  liutionwood  near  Sixth 
/-ayle  Thomas,  mariner  47  south  Water 
//ayman  Andrew,  carpet  weaver  232  Rate 
/-ayman  Saml.  smith  corner  Beach  &c  Mavlboroug'h 
Layrey  Dennis,  drayman  Arch  near  sch.  2d 
/.ayton  John,  laV^urersch.  jBth  below  High 
i-azaro  John,  mariner  104  Swunson 

JLfAZ— Lfec 

iazarus  Isaac,  merchant  258  north  Second 
Zea  John,  merchant  151  High  ^  163  Spryae 

Zea  Joseph,  sugar  refiner  102  south  Fourth 
Xeacock  John,  bookbinder  10  Pleasant  avenue 
ieacock  Wm.  S.  carpenter  8  Pleasant  avenue 
jueadbeatter  John,  lampmaker,  ^c.  Currant  alley  be- 
low JLocust 
X.eadbeatter  J.  ^  Sheldon,  patent  lamp  manufactory 
and  brass  foundery,  Currant  alley  below  Z,oc«st 
/.eaden  John,  67  Queen  (S.) 
Zeadenton  Joseph,  mariner  262  south  Front 
Zetfhy  Michael,  plaisterer  27  Pewterplatter  allfey 
Z^akRobert,  painter,  kifc.  Broad  near Chesnut 
/.eake  Richard,  attorney  at  law  16  s.  Seventh 
/.earning  Eliza,  widow,  328  south  Second 
/.earning  Rebecca,  gentlewoman  53  Pine 
/.*amy   John,  president  of  the  Marine  In^ur^fice 

Company  79  south  Third 
/, eannard  Michael,  stone  cutter  Woglom*s  court 
7. card  Ruth,  widow,  5  Marshall's  alley 
/.easswidow  of  Henry,  45  Duke  (N.  L.) 
■Leatherbury  Perry  G.  halter  83  north  Fifth 
Weatherman  Ann,  gardener  Hudson's  lane 
Leatherman  Michael,  drayman  irly  alley 
^'eathermann  widow  of  Peter,  taylor  iily^lley 
Leaver  John,  Mantua  Hotel,  Matitua  Village 
Xe  Baron  Francis,  surgeon  U.   S.  army,  office  of 
the  Inspector  of  Medicine  and  Hospital  stores 
145  south  Sixth 
Le  iJrun  Charles,  teacher  of  languages  100  s.  2cK 
Xechleitner  P.  G.  merchant  107  north  Front 
Xechler  George,  victuallei'  Fourth  above  Browne 
Xechler  Cieorge  E.  Musician  2^8  south  Fourth 
Xechler  Joseph,  oakcooper  Fourth  above  Browne 
Lechtel  Martin,  labourer  427  north  Third 
i.cclerc  Mrs. 8  Powell 

Xecompion  Ffancis,  storekeeper  S44  north  Front 
Xeconey  James,  carver  Penn  near  Maidtn 
t  Xecount  James,  oysterman  92  north  Second 
X  Xecount  Tliomas,oysierman  151  Cedac 
tXecount  Wiilhtm,  oysterman  rt)3  PfUm 

LES liEf 

LectOi*  William,  cordwainer  19  Plum 
Xeddle  Thomas,  gardener  Cordwainer's  alley 
iedent  Xambert,  bottler  42  Dock 
iedley  Sarah,  seamstress  38  St.  Mary 
Xee  Alexander,  carter  404  Sassafras 
Xee  Andrew,  mariner  Race  near  Broad 
Zee  Benjamin,  bricklayer  2 1 2  south  Fifth 

[see  Lees  and  Leigh 
Xee  Charles,  grocer  corner  Chesnut  and  Twelfth 
Xee  Christopher,  sea  captain  1  Pine  [see  Ley 

Xee  Dawson,  stone  cutter  1 13  Catharine 
Xee  Franklin,  bricklayer  Poplar  near  Second 
Xee  George,  skin  dresser  316  north  Front 
t  Xee  Henry,  carpenter  Vine  near  Juniper 
Xee  James,  enquire  33  Dock 
Xee  James  F.  druggist,  ^c.  378  south  Second 
Xee  James'H.  stone  cutter  Juniper  above  Race 
t  Xee  James,  labourer  12  Xocust 
Xee  Jane,  mantuamaker  13  north  Fifth 
Xee  John,  tailor  178  south  Water 
Xee  John,  mariner  368  south  Front 
Xee  Joseph,  agent  70  south  Second 
Xee  Martha,  widow.  Beach  near  High  Bcidge 
Xee  O.  S.  teacher  65  south  Fourth 
Xee  Ralph,  tavernkeeper  517  north  Second 
Xee  Robert,  carter  66  Passyunk 
Xee  Wm.  chairmaker corner  Second  and  Green  and 
Xily  alley  [soe  Lea 

t  Xee  Y.  labourer  Acorn  alley 
Xeech  Henry,  trader  100  Vine  [see  Lekh  and  Lesh 
Xeech  James,  labourer  corner  Christian  and  Fifth 
Xeech  Jane,  156  Spruce 
Xeedom  Jonathan,  merchant  29  Pine 
Xeedom  William,  merchant  138  Pine 
X«edom  W.  ^  J.  merchants  102  south  Wharves 
Xeeds  Ann,  widow  of  Samuel,  back  35 1  north  Front 
Xeek  William,  carter  Christian  near  Fifth 
Xees  Elizabeth,  milkwoman  8  Quarry 
Xees  Elizabeth,  victualler  38  Crown 
Xees  Henry,  victualler  37  Crown 
Xeese  widow  of  Philip,  grocer  261  south  Fifth  cor- 
ner Plum  [see  Lee 
Xefevi^b  J.  F.  sflyersinUh  45  sv  Second  {see  Lafevre 


t  . 

iefever  Maxion,  tavernkeeper  Catherine  st.  whftl'^^ 
Xefevre  James,  agent  for  the  Union  Xine  3  south 

Zeflare  Christian,  printer  Walker's  court 
Xeger  Nicholas,  grocer  and  fruiterer  97  north  Third 
Xehman  David,  stocking  weaver  160  St  John 
Xehman  Joseph,  druggist  and  apothecary  222  High 
Xehman  Peter,  druggist,  ^c.  320  High 
Xehman  Samuel,  blacksmith  296  and  302  n.  Front 
Xehman  William,  druggist  76  south  Second 
Xehman  Wm.  and  W.  Smith  and  Son,  druggists  76 

south  Second 
Xehrs  Henry,  storekeeper  288  north  Front 
Xe  Huray  N.  watch  maker  and  storekeeper  263  n.  2d 
Leib  John  L.  attorney  at  law  Isf  clerk  of -the  Or- 
phan's court  70  south  Sixth 
Leib  Michael,  m.  d.  1 17  Vine 
Leibbrandt  John  A.  skindresser  420  n.  Second 
Leich  Richard,  laylor  and  tavernkeeper  N.  E.  cor- 

ner  Second  and  Christian 
Leidy  George,  merchant  70  north  Second 
Leidy  Jacob,  shoemaker  Ra-i^berry  alley 
Leigh  John,  baker  2  Stall's  court      "  \^see  L^c 

Leighton  John,  carpenter  Chesnut  west  of  Broad 
Leineau  Andrew,  hatter  1 0 1  north  Third  ■•' 

Leipe  Mary,  dealer  125  Green 
Leiper  James,  grocer  corner  Walnut  8c  Eleventh 
Leiptr  Thomas,  tobacconist  274  High 
Leipsam  widow  of  John,  mariner  364  south  Second 
Leitch  James,  plaisterer  173  High 
Lelar  Henry,  sea  captain  121  Lombard 
Lemaire  Ann,  widow  of  J.  B.  corner  5th  and  Spruce 

[^see  Lamarc 
Lemar  John,  labourer  Bedford 
Lemety  Lewis,  ornument,  image  maker  German- 
town  road  near  Fourth 
Lemkey  Frederick,  cooper  1 1  Callowhill 
Lemoine  A.  watchmaker  176  north  Fifth 
t  Lemon  Anthony,  cabinet  maker,  Davidson's  court 
Lemon  Llizabetb,  widow  back  10  Latitia  court 
t  Lemon  Jumes,  woodsawyer  corner  Bedford  Jc  7th 
Lemon.  William,  shallopman  70  Coat.s' 


Lenfiistey  Mary,  shopkeeper  235  Cedar 

Le  Noir  Francis,  shipwright  Beach  n.  Maiden 

Lenox  major  David,  near  220  Mulberry 

Lentz  George,  victualler  395  n.  4th.        {^see  Lantz 

Lentz  Henry,  merchant  2JS  and  238  north  Second 

Lentz  Jacob,  carter  369  north  Third        [see  Lance 

Lentz  John,  cabinetmaker  444  north  Third 

Lentz  John,  farmer  Passyunk 

Leonard  John,  tinsmith  70  Crown        [fee  Lznnard 

Leonard  John,  bleeder  108  German 

Leonard  Margaret,  widow,  1 1  Small 

Leonard  Sarah,  widow,  484  noi  tti  Thir  d 

Lennard  Terence,  99  New 

Leonard  Wm.  potter  Brilton's  alley 

Leonhart  Rosina,  beer  house  57  north  Sixth 

Leroy  Charles,  broker  10  Moravian  alley 

Lesage  Mrs.  of  John,  I  Marshall's  alley 

Lescure  Rosina,  boardinghouse  148  south  Fourth 

Lesh  Peter,  carpenter  218  Vine  [see  LusL 

Lesher  Charles,  coachmaker  45  New  Market 

[see  Lusher 
Lesher  Christian,  carpenter,  back  5  Bedford 
Lesher  George   and  Son,  coachmakers  corner  Cal- 

lowhill  and -45  New  Market  [see  Lashtr 

Lesher  Martha,  seamstress  28  Bread 
Lesley  Peter,  cab'-netmaker  1 5  1  Vine 
Leslie  Lydia,  boardinghouse  48  south  Sixth 
Letford  Mary,  widow  127  south  Front 
Letford  V/ilUam,  cordwainer  50  Green 
Letourno  Joseph,  fruiterer  328  Race 
Letts  Wm.  inspector  of  staves  30  Union  alley 
Leufier  Thomas  G.  merchant   13   s.  Fourth  and  s. 

Ninth  (at  Mr.  Ehringhaus's) 
Levan  Jacob,  carpenter  Eighth  near  Vine 
Levell  Joseph,  ropemaker  Queen  n.  Frankford  R, 
Leverett  William,  teacher,  school  132  north  Fifth 
Levering  Hannah,  boarding  house  45  Vine 
Levering  Thomas,  brass  founder  1 30  south  Sixth 
Levering  William,  shoemaker  124  south  Sixth 
Levering  Wm.  labourer  266  Sassafras 
Leverow,  John,  Mint  court 
Le  very  John,  grocer  108  south  Wharves 


t  Leviiigston  John,  waiter  Portland  lane 
Levis  Elizabeth,  boarding  house  137  south  Fifth 
Levis  Isaac,  stationer  193  and  253  High 
Levis  Thomas,  paper  maker  129  south  Eleventh 
Levis  and  Weaver,   paper  manufacturers  and  sta- 
tioners, 193  High 
Levis  William,  paper  manufacturer  219  High 
Levis  William,  jun.  paper  maker  157  north  Third 
Levis  William,  silversmith  18  north  Front 
Levy  Aaron,  gentleman  138  Mulberry 
Levy  Aaron,  jun.  storekeeper  160  north  Second 
Levy  Joseph,  broker  and  comn::ssi'on  merchant  1 1 7 

Levy  Michael,  clock  and  watch  maker  216  n.  Fifth 
Levy  Moses,  counsellor  at  law  22 1  Chesnutabove  7th 
Levy  Miss  R.  187  Walnut  (Sansom's  Row) 
Levy  Samson,  counsellor  at  law  68  Walnut 
Levy  Simon,  grocer,  &c.  corner  Eighth  and  Race 
Levy  Uriah  P.  sea  captain  214  north  Fifih 
Lewis  Anna,  shopkeeper  262  north  Second 
Lewis  Abner,  storekeeper  288  High 
Lewis  David)  presMent  of  the  Phoenix  insurance 

company  96  and  142  south  Second 
3L.ewis  David,  merchant  101  s.  Front 
Lewis  Elizabeth,  widow,  sch.  8th  near  Vifie 
Lewis  Elizabeth,  widow,  230  south  Fourth 
Lewis  Emanuel,  accomptant  13  Walnut 
Lewis  Esther,  widow.  Currant  alley  near  Walnut 
Lewis  Francis,  hatter  362  north  Second 
Lewis  Francis,  victualler  Wood  above  Eighth 
t  Lewis  Francis,  labourer  339  Sassafras 
Lewis  George,  brickmaker  sch.  Eighth  n.  Vine 
Lewis  George,  tavernkeeper  Hamilton  Village 
Lewis  George,  labourer  Irish  lane  near  Cedar 
t  Lewis  George,  carpenter  20 1  Lombard 
Lewis  Hannah,  widow,  112  south  Front 
Lewis  Harvey,  silversmith  12  south  Second 
Lewis  Henry,  hairdresser  Brewer's  alley  n.  4th 
Lewis  Hezekiah,  victualler,  back  293  Callowhill 
Lewis  Isaac  P.  carpenter  24  Chesnut 
Lewis  Jacob,  brickmaker  Broad  near  Sassafras 
Lewis  _,  teacher  13  Peni^sylvania  and  Filbert 


Lewis  James,  shoestore  92  High 

Lewis  Job,  oakcoo'per,  old  ferry  wharf 

t  Lewis  John,  waiter  17  Middle  alley 

t  Lewis  John,  perfumer  7 1  south  Second . 

Lewis  John,  stonecutter  Juniper  near  'Q'ine 

Lewis  John,  shipjoiner  32  Green  and  Oak  (N.  L.") 

Lewis  John  F.  accomptant  176  north  Second 

Lewis  Joseph,  shallopman  210  St.  Johns' 

Lewis  Joseph,  stevadore  379  south  Front 

Lewis  Joseph,  skindresser  550  north  Third 

Lewis  Joseph  S.  and  Co.  merchants  25  Dock 

Lewis  Joseph  S.  merchant  148  south  Second 

t  Lewis  Joseph,  labourer  5th  near  Buttonwood 

Lewis  Lawrence,  merchant  101  south  Front 

Lewis  M.  and  S.  N.  merchants  135  south  Front 

t  Lewis  Peter,  labourer  4th  above  Browne 

t  Lewis  Peter,  coachman,  Currant  alley 

Lewis  Rachael,  widow  268  south  Second 

Lewis  Rebecca  and  Sarah,  21  Sassafras  alley 

Lewis  Reeve,  merchant  96  south  Fourth 

Lewis  Robert  M.  merchant  268  south  Second 

t  Lewis  Robert,  labourer 

XiCwis -Samuel,  carpenter  22  Chester 

Lewis  Samuel,  sea  captain  4 1  Almond 

I^wis  Samuel  N.  merchant  130  Spruce 

Lewis  Samuel,  writing  master,  draughtsman,  and 

geop;rapher  344  Race 
Lewis  Wm.  counsellor  at  law,  north-west  corner  of 

Third  and  82  Walnut 
t  Lewis  William,  brushmaker  Acorn  alley 
Lex  A.  victualler  corner  Logan  and  Charles 
Lex  Charles,  hog  victualler,   Charles  st.  and  345 

Lex  Henry,  victualler  Spring  Garden 
Lex  Jacob,  merchant  58  Zane 
Lex  John  D.  hog  victualler  Spring  Garden 
Lex  Peter,  sugar  refiner  283  High 
Lex  and  Rchn,  merchants  283  Higii 
Lex  widow  of  Jacob,  Lawrence  street 
t  Lexey  Joseph,  waiter  Morgan  street  aear  Ninth 
Ley  Daniel,  sugar  refiner  J  12  Sassafras  arid  5  Stir- 
ling alley 


Ley  and  Kupfeld,  sugar  refiners  5  Sterling  aiie,v 

Leybold  Adam,  baker  5 1  north  Sixth 

Leyr  Henry,  labourer  Cedar  near  Broad 

L'Hulier  John  B.  musician  44  Carpenter's  alley 

Lichtel  Jacob,  drayman  156  Coats 

Lichtel  widow  of  George,  back  346  north  Second 

Liddle  Wnj.  late  constable  32  Fitzwalter  [se<r  Little 

Ligget  John,  storekeeper  5 1  south  Second 

Likes  George,  labourer  46 1  north  Third 

Lildley  Dr.  James,  Maiden 

Lilebridge  widow  of  RobertG.  sea  captain  121  New 

Lily  John,  gilder  12  Pear 

Limeburner  George,  bookbinder  Noble  n.  Second 

Limeburner  John,  cooper  Coates*  court 

Limeburner  Philip,  bookbinder  269  north  Second 

t  Limehouse  Richard,  labourer  Lily  alley 

Linck  Henry,  shoemaker  cor.  Crown  and  Vine 

Linck  John,  cordwainer  151  n.  2d  [see  Link 

Lipch  John,  soapboiler  Spafford  street     [see  Lynch 

Lindemuth  John  C.  baker  8  Franklin  court 

Lindeman  John,  shopkeeper  1 50  south  Fourth 

Linden  High,  grocer  corner  Third  and  Shippen 

t  Lindsay  John,  mariner  246  Lombard 

Lindsay  John,  china  storekeeper  7  Gray's  alley 

Lindsay  Mrs.  widow,  30  north  Sixth 

Lindsay  Phebe,  nurse  24  Cox's  alley 

Lindsay  Robert,  tanner  47  north  Sixth 

Lindsay  Robert,  cabinetmaker  back  12  north  Sixth 

and  Carpenter  street 
Lindsay  Susannah,  194  St,  John 
Linensheets  Charles,  carter  3d  above  Poplar  lane 
Linerd  J.  mastmaker  39  Callowhill  {see  Linor  \St Ltor 
Lingfelter  Andrew,  wireworker  27  Applelree  alley 
Link  and  Brown,  grocers  102  Budd 
Link  George,  grocer  Rachael  si.  [aee  Linck 

Link  Mrs.  of  Philip,  ropemaker  494  south  Second 
Linker  John,  shoemaker,  back  39  Tammany 
Linmire  Rebecca,  seamstress  Biddle's  alley 
Linn  John  H.  merchant  151  Pine  [*tr  Lynn 

Linn  Mrs.  Mary,  boarjJinghouse  261  norih  Front 
Linnard  James  M  carpenter  21  Chrisiian 

LIN Ul^ 

Linnard  Wm.  U.  S.  deputy  quarter  master  307  6. 

Second  ^see  Leojiard 

Linnecum  Peter,  labourer,  Carpenter  (S.)  n.  Sixth 
Linten  widow  of  Jacob  B.  painter,  8cc.  24  Mary  (S.) 
Linton  Benjamin,  nailer  27  n.  Tentli 
Linton  B.  and  J.  cut-nailers  269  Sassafras  and  cor 

Walnut  and  Tenth 
Linton  Jeremiah,  nailer  Prospect  alley 
Linton  Murtha,  shopkeeper  223  Swanson 
Lipp  James,  grocer  448  north  Third 
Llppincott  *»       ,  1 5  Strawberry 
Lippincott  Benjamin,  grocer  72  north  Water  corner 

Arch,  and  14  Elfreth's  alley 
Lippincott  Collins  P.  storekeeper  Sl  north  Second 
Lippincott  Isaac,  accomptant  181  High 
Lippincott  Joseph,  carpenter  por.  Filbert  8c  1  ith 
Lippincott  Joshua,  5 1  north  Front  and  387  High 
Lippincott  Mrs.  of  Caleb,  Merritt's  lane  near  Fifth 
Lippincott  Samuel  T.  taylor  4  n.  Water  and  5  n. 

Lippincott  Samuel  and  Co.  hardware  store  29  High 
Lippincott  Sarah,  gentlewoman  134i  Mulberry 
Lippincott  Wm.  134^  Mulberry 
Lippincott  Wm.  teacher  69  n.  7th  &  Starr  alley 
t  Lippins  John,  plaisterer  9  Charlotte 
Lipsey  Isabella,  washerwoman  Quince  alley 
Lisle  John,  merchant  174  and  213  High 
Lisle  Mary,  127  south  Second  \see  Lylc 

Lister  James,  sea  captain  341  north  Front 
Lithgow  Edward,  carpenter  238  sq,uth  Second 
t  Litle  Thomas,  sugarboiler  Twelfth  near  Race 
Litman  Elizabeth,  grocer  corner  Front  and  Queen 
Littell  Stephen,  cutnailer  118  Callowhill  ^see  LytU 
Little  Anthony,  carter.  Rose  alley  above-  Coats 
Little  Archibald,  trader  49  George  (S.) 
Little  CathaHne,  washerwoman,  Juniper  allev 
Little  Elijah,  taylor  197  north  Front 
Little  James,  carter  sch.  8th  near  Vine 
Little  John,  carpenter  Rose  alley  (C.) 
Little  Mary,  widow.  Drinker's  court 
Little  Robert,  cooper  46  Penn 
Little  Susannah,  widow  63  Swanson 



Little  Thomas,  merchant  82  Vine 
Little  Wm.  teacher,  Cypress  alleys 
Little  Wm.  carpenter  Federal  above  Second 
Little  Wm.  silverplater  Germantown  R.  n.  1st  gatfc 
Littleboy  M.  J.  military  feather  and  comb  manufac- 
tory 44  and  46  n.  Second 
Litzenberg  Jacob,  labourer  Arch  n.  sch.  Second 
Livensetter  John,  teacher  37  New  Market 
Livezely  Jacob,  wheelwright,  back  338  s.  Second 
Livezely  John,  taylor  50  north  Water 
Livezely  John,  wheelwright  333  south  Second 
Livingston  Ann,  gentlewoman  268  Chesnut 
Livingston  Mary,  nurse  47  Lombard 
Livingston  Wm.  mariner  78  Race 
t  Lloyd  Edward,  intelligence  office,  &c.  Chesnut  n. 

Lloyd  Hugh,  cooper  Rachael  street  [^see  Loyd 

Lloyd  Isaac, merchant  53  s.  Wharves  and  62  Union 
Woyd  Joseph,  attorney  at  law  20 1  south  Fifth 
LloydMargaret,  nurse  154  Sassafras 
Lloyd  Mrs.  widow,  Wallace's  court 
Lloyd  Nicodemus,  smith  S.  E.  cor.  7th  &  Cherry 
Lloyd  Rebecca,  spinster  2  Dock 
Lloyd  Robert,  mariner  46  Green 
Lloyd  Thomas,  stenographer  Twelfth  above  Arch 
Lloyd  Wm.  carpenter  Fourth  above  Tammany 
Lloyd  Wm.  jun.  carpenter  Fourth  above  Tammany 
Lloyd  Wood,  hatter   15   ITigh  &  11  Fromberger*s 

Lobaugh  Leonard, blacksmith  399. north  Third 
Lock  Nathaniel,  cabinetmaker  i83  north  Front 
Lockard  Mary,  widow  118  Browne 
Lockerbey  George,  weaver  Germantown  R.  n.  2d 
Lockhart  John,  sea  captain  104  north  Front 
Lockhart  Joseph,  shoemaker  146  Cedar 
Lockwood  Oliver,  shoemaker  6 1  Union 
Locton  widow  of  John,  shopkeeper  150  south  Front 
Lodge  Jacob,  carter  Cedar  near  Gray's  ferry  road 
Lodor  Benjamin,  tavernkeeper  83  north  Water 
I^odor  John,  taylor  171  south  Front  and  170  Water 
Logan  Daniel,  labourer  Prosperous  alley 
Logan  widow  of  George,  pumpmakcr  3  GiJles'  alley 
X.ogan  John,  shoemaker  15  Budd 


Logan  Mary,  grocer  corner  Fourth  and  New 

LiOgan  vridow  of  Samuel,  shoenwker  333  n.  Third 

Logan  Wm.  silk,  5cc.  dyer  262  south  Front 

Logue  Catharine,  widow,  383  Sassafras 

Logue  Hugh,  labourer  Little  Oak 

Logue  James,  soapboiler  back  84  north  Second 

Logue  Mary,  widow  Grissel's  alley 

Lohra  and  Carlile,  ironmongers  139  High 

Lohra  John,  hardware  merchant  73  Cherry  and  139 

Lohra  Peter,  notary  public  65  Dock 
Lohrer  Conrad,  smith  104  Coats 
Lolar  Thomas,  328  n.  Front        [eee  Lalor^  LawUr 
Long  Alexr.  labourer  Walnut  above  Twejfih 
Long  Alice,  widow,  Germantown  road  near  Second 
Long  Daniel,  labourer  41  Zane 
Long  John,  painter,  &c.  215  south  Fifth 
Long  Mary,  tavernkeeper  Fourth  above  Callowhill 
Long  Henry,  shoemaker  228  High  cor.  7th 
Long  Henry,  labourer  175  St.  John 
Long  Jacob,  carpenter  Kunckel  n.  Tammany 
Long  Jacob,  boot  and  shoemaker  43 1  north  Third 
Long  James,  tallowchandler  Walnut  n.  Twelfth 
Long  James,  labourer  Lindall's  alley 
Long  Jane,  tavernkeeper  121  south  Water 
Long  John,  soapboiler,  &;c.  172  Sassafras  and  corner 

of  Wood  and  Sixth 
Long  John,  labourer  Hickory  lane 
Long  John,  grocer  corner  Vine  and  Fifth 
Long  Joseph,  grocer  308  s.  Third  corner  Germao 
Long  K.  bonnetmaker  84  north  Second 
t  Long  Lewis,  labourer  St.  Joseph's  avenue 
Long  Lewis,  labourer  Buttonwood  near  Sixth 
l^ng  Thomas,  stagedriver  172  Vine 
Long  Wm.  keeperof  oldgoal,  atthe  gaol  [«ee  Lan^ 
Long  Wm.  silversmith  20  Cherry 
Longcope  bamuel,  printer  30  Elizabeth 
Longenett  Antonio,  mariner  8c  boardinghouse  211 

t  Longpoint  D.  labourer  Christian  near  Fourth 
Longshore  Rachael,  widow  139  north  Front 
Longstreth  David,  merchant  10  Church  alley  and  10 

north  Third 

tON— -LOU 

Xongstreth  David  and  Charles,  merchants  10  n.  3d 
Longstreth  Elizabeth,  widow,  Goforth  alley 
Longstreth  Isaac   T.  merchant   97    High  and   26 

Church  alley 
Juongstreth  Joshua,  merchant  24  Church  alley  and 

185  Mulberry 
Longstreth  Samuel,  merchant   123  High  and  183 

Mulberry  isec  Langstroth 

Longstreth  Susan,  gentlewoman  10  north  Third 
Longstreth  Thomas  M.  bookseller    1 1 9  High  and 

185  Arch 
Longstreth  Wm.  cotton  ballmaker  54  Race 
Lonton  Francis,  painter,  &c.  back  49  Pine 
Lonton  Joseph  and  Francis,  painters,  &c,  168  Pine 
Lonton  Joseph,  painter,  Sec.  5 1  Pine 
Loos  Christian,  baker  184  Sassafras 
Loper  Noah,  drayman  Webb's  alley 
Loper  Uriah,  shoemaker  Anne  above  Twelfth 
Lopez  Isaac,  merchant.  2 18  north  Fifth 
Lopez  Doctor  M.  173  Vine 

Lordonet  Bouchony  [see  Bouchony 

Lorentzen  Peter,  rigger  46  Penn 
Lorrongue  Lewis,  grocer  coi*.  Swanson  8c  Catharine 
Lort  Isaac,  grocer  16  Cherry 
Lorton  John,  stablekeeper  ^7  Fourth  near  Pine 
Loscomb  John,  sea  captain  20  Little  German 
Lothian  R.  cotton  ballmaker  135  nbrth  Sixth 
Lott  Elizabeth,  boardinghouse  134  I^pcust 
Lott  Henry,  storekeeper  386  south  Front 
Lott  Thomas,  carpenter  Cedar  near  Thirteenth 
iouden  widow  of  John,  tobacconist  317  s.  Front 
ioucare  widow  of  Jacob,  grocer  218  Xombard 
Loudenslager  Richard,  taylor  90  north  Fourth 
Louder  Mrs.  of  J.  Britton's  alley 
Louderback  Conrad,  labourer  1 1 1  Catharine 
Louderback  Peter,  printer  196  Cherry 
Xouderback  Wm.  stonemason  coi\  1 1th  £c  Spruce 
iougback  Christian,  victualler  295  north  Third 
Xoughead  Edward,  grocer  8  Small 
Xoughead  James,  grocer  74  Passyunk 
Loughead  Robert  X.  grocer  259  s.  5th  cor.  Plum 
Xoughead  Thomas,  sea  captain  2 1  Margaretta 
Xoughen  Jane,  shopkeeper  220  Cedar 


/.oughery  John, merchant 93  n.  Water  [see  Lowery 

Loughery  Mrs.  of  Jatnesi  24  Hurst  st. 

t  Zouis  John  D.  hairdresser  279  north  Third 

iouke  Martha,  widow  94  north  Fourth 

Xove  David,  moulder  cor.  sch.  Second  8c  Sassafras 

Xove  -Lydia,  teacher,  348  north  Second 

Zove  Thomas,  druggist  154  north  Fourth 

iove  Thomas,  shoemaker  100  Catharine 

JLove  Wm.  shoemaker  Fourth  above  Tammany 

Xovejoy  John,  pumpmaker  93  Crown 

Zoverell  Burnet,  currier  29  Gillies*  alley 

//overing  Wm.  paperhanger  78  Chesnut 

jLovier  Christiana,  Arch  near  Broad 

Zow  Benjamin  W.  hatter  Fromberger's  court 

JLow  M.  widow  28  Parham's  alley 

iowber  Edward,  druggist   1 44  north  Third 

JLowber  John  C.  attorney  at  law  46  Walnut 

Zowber  J.  C.  8c  N.  Chauncey,  attornies  at  law  46 

Xowber  Wm.  tanner  and  currier  251  and  253  north 

iowe  John,  organbuiider  old  York  near  German- 
town  road 
Xowe  John,  whitesmith  41  Prime 
iowe  Vincent,  pilot  5^  Catharine 
iLower  A.  -cabinetmaker  9 1  north  Third  and  Fetter 
lane  [.see  Lauev 

Z-ower  Chfistian,  taylor  Fourth  above  Browne 
iower  George,  baker  144  south  Front 
Zower  Henry,  tavernkeeper  10  Charlotte 
Zower  John,  coachman  26  South  alley 
/.ower  Joseph,  silversmith  18  Dock 
i.ower  Peter,  labourer  Watt  man's  alley 
/-owery  James,  laceweaver  Hopkins'  court 
Lowtry  -^-ewis,  victualler  Vine  above  Ridge 
/-owery  Mrs.  widow,  72  north  Fifth 
Lowry  P.  victualler  271  Callowhill    [*C(?  Laugher. j 
/.owmac  James,  shoemaker  8 1  south  Eleventh 
Lownes  David,  taylor  84  north  Fourth 
/.ownes  Joseph,  silversmith  124  south  Front 
/.ownsberry  C.  shipwright  33  Artillery  lane 
/-owry  Miss  Abigail,  66  north  Severith 



Lowry  Andrew,  weaver  Weaver's  alley 
Lowry  Eleanor,  mantuamaker  198  south  Front 
t  Lowry  Thomas,  shingle  dresser  252  north  8th 
Loxley  Catherine,  gentle woniao  Loxley*s  coyxt 
Loxley  George  W.  Loxley's  court 
Loxley  Mary,  gentlewoman  1 1 7  Mulberry 
Loxley  Richard,  currier  115  Mulberry 
Loydand  Paxson,  merchants  129  High    {see  Lloi/d 
Loyd  Thomas,  jun.  merchant  129  and  347  High 
Lozier  Nicholas,  taylor  Drinker's  court 
Luburg  Frederick,  tavernkeeper  202  south  Water 
Lucas  — ,  carpenter  177  St.  John 
t  Lucas  E.  dealer  178  south  Second 
Lucas  Francis,  stevadore  16  Swansdn 
Lucas  Esther,  shopkeeper  260  south  Third 
Lucet  Alexander,  sea  captain  224  south  Fourth 
Ludlam  George,  plumber  enquire  189  Spruce 
Ludlow  Isaac,  cordwainer  Baker's  court 
Ludwick  Elizabeth,  victualler,  back  260  north  6th 
Ludwick  George,  merchant  23  south  Water  and 

127  north  Sixth 
Ludwick  John,  victualler  Garden  street 
Ludwick  Sophia,  gentlewoman  105  Vine 
Ludy  Jacob,  carpenter  1 1 3  Catharine 
Luederitz  H.  cabinet  maker  134  south  Fifth 
Luf  berry  widow  of  John,  shipwright  Bishop 
Luf  berry  John,  jr.  shipwright  Bishop 
Lugar  Jacob,  victualler  2d  above  Poplar  lane 
Lugar  Philip  shoemaker  26  Poplar  lane 
Lugar  widow  of  John,  418  north  Front 
Luhn  Jacob,  broker  1 1 1  south  Front 
Lukens  Abraham,  bricklayer  Coats*  above  Fourth 
Lukens  Isaiah, turner,  8cc.   173  High 
Lukens  Jonathan,  saddler,  kc.  102  High 
Lukens  Maria,  gentlewoman  36  Sansom 
Lum  H.  plaisterer  6  Strawberry 
Lumbley  Samuel,  labourer  Cooper's  court  (N.  L.) 
Lury  Henry,  labourer  242  St.  Jolm 
Lusby  Josiah)  carpelwarehouse  53  north  Second 
Lush  John,  painter,  8cc.  30  Appletree  alley 
Lusher  Oeorge,  blacksmith,  back  27  Beck's  alley 


t  Luton  John,  trunkmaker,  6th  above  Mill  powd 
Lutts  George,  labourer  Wiley's  court 
Lutz  Charles,  gardener  Irish  lane  n.  Cedar 
Lutz  Conrad,  shipwright  Hanover  near  Be^ch 
Lutz  Jacob)  mariner  443  south  Second 
Lutz  Martin,  labourer  267  Sassafras 
Lybrand  Christian,  brickmaker  123  New 

[see  Leibbrandt 
Lybrand  George,  brickmaker  607  Mulberry 
I>ybrand  George,  jr.  carpenter  \  Schrivcr's  court 
Lybrand  Jacob,  carpenter  27  north  Eighth 
Lybrand  Michael,  brickmaker  38  Filbert 
Lyell  Margaret,  boarding  house  224  Spruce 
Lylc  James,  merchant  95  south  Fourth 
Lyle  Mary,  seamstress  46  Almond  [aee  Lisle 

Lyie  and  Newman,  merchants  Carpenter  street 
Lyle  Peter,  merchant  High  west  of  Centre  square 
Lyle  widow  of  Wm.  grocer  246  south  Second 
I--ynch  Edward,  tailor  Chesnut  above  Thirteenth 
Lynch  Edward,  Secretary  to  Union  Insurance  Com- 
pany 1 1  north  Fourth 
Lynch  Garrett,  grain  measurer  cor.  Walnut  &  lOth 
Lynch  John,  labourer  sch.  2d  near  Spruce 
Lynch  Thomas,  grocer  42  north  Seventh 
Lynch  Wm.  merchant  226  Spruce  {see  Linch 

Lynd  James,  Domestic  Warehouse  24  north  Second 
Lyndal  John,shipjoiner  Federal  near  Second 
Lyndall  B.  cabinetmaker  104  Lombard  and  203  s. 

Lyndall  David,  chairmaker   294  north  3d  and  99 

north  Front 
Lyndall  James,  carpenter  Pine  above  Ninth 
Lyndall  Joseph,  carpenter  224  south  Seventh 
Lynn  Ann,  widow  139  Vine  {see  Linn 

Lynn  Michael,  blacksmith  Beach  near  Hanover 
Lynn  Prudence,  widow  22  North  alley 
Lynn  Simon,  storekeeper  186  north  Second 
Lyon  Joseph,  merchant  114  north  Front 
Lyon  Patrick,  smith  and  enginemaker  Library  st. 
Lyon  Philip,  tailor,  back  104  north  Second 
Lyon  Richardson,  carpenter  Tenth  near  Pine 
Lyons  Andrew,  rag  dealer  Juniper  lane 


Lyons ««— ,  blacksmith  Barker  n.  sch.  3d 

Lyons  Hannah)  widow,  28  Elizabeth 

Lyons  John,  Spafford  street 

Lyons  Joseph,niariner  65  Catherine 

Lyons  Matthew,  saddle  and  harnessmaker  N.  E» 

comer  Chcsnut  and  Fourth 
Lyons  Robert,  carpenter  140  south  Ninth 
Lyons  Samuel,  tinsmith  7 1  High 
Lytle  John,  accomptant  274  south  Second 
Lytle  Thomas,  carter  Hunter's  court 
Lytle  Wm,  hackman>  back  83  Chesnut 


M*ADAMsKobert,  farrier  153  s.  Ninth 
M^Adam  Thomas,  teacher  116  s.  Tenth  and  Libra- 
ry street 
M^Affee  James,  carter  64  Passyunk 
M*Aifee  John,  carter  corner  Queen  and  Sixth 
M'Affee  Wm.  tobacconist  30  Bread  st 
M*Affry  Sarah,  widow  comer  1 1th  and  Locust 
M*Alevy  Charles,  labourer  254  s.  6th 
McAllister  Alexr.  grocer  S.  W.  corner  8th  8c  Race 

\^see  M^Callaster  andAIacaleater] 
McAllister  Charles,  taylor  Allen's  alley 
M'Allister  David,  shallopman  comer  Marlborough 

and  Prince 
McAllister  James  T.  cordwainer  61  Walnut 
McAllister  John  £c  son,  whipmakers,  &c.  48  Ches- 

McAllister  John  jun.  whipmaker,  8cc.  48  Chesnut 
McAllister  John,  tavernkeeper  9  Laetitia  coi^rt 
M'Allister  John,  grocer  476  Sassafras 
McAllister  John,  whipmaker  Maiden 
McAllister  John,  labourer  13th  near  Cedar 
McAllister  Margaret,  widow  back  5  Coomb's  alley 
McAllister  Patrick,  labourer  back  39  Prime 
McAllister  Thomas,  grocer  66  Walnut 
McAllister  Wm.  grocer  181  Cedar 
McAlpin  Andrew,  tailor  back  123  Mulberry 
MCAlpin  James,  merchant  taylor  122  Chesnut 
McAnall  Wm.  1 32  south  Tenth 
McAnnelly  Catharine,  washerwoman  Spafford  st 
McAnnelly  John,  labourer,  Hazel  alley 
McAree  Andrew,  wheelwright  Say  street 
McArthur  Daniel,  tailor  262  s.  Front 
McArthur  James,  grocer  corner  Front  Sc  Sassafras 
M'Arthur  John,  distiller  of  gin  and  cordials  48  s.  8th 
McBarren  Michael,  labourer  Emlen's  court 
M'Bride  Hugh,  blacksmith  10th  near  Walnut 
Mcfiride  James,  stevedore  back  424  s.  Front 
Mcfiride  Rebecca,  shopkeeper  269  s.  Fifth 
Mcfiride  Wm.  shoemaker  6th  below  Fitzwater 
Mcfiryan  Charles,  quarryman  Vine  near  Schuylkill 
McCaiferty  Henry,  di*ayman  Juniper  alley 
McCafferty  James,  drayman  Cedar  near  lOth 
A  a  a 


M'Cafferty  Thomas,  carter  284  s.  Fourth 

M'Cahen  widow  of  John,  back  of  142  s.  Fourth 

M'Call  Archibald,  merchant  123  Walnut  8c  79  s.  4th 

M^Call  Margaret,  267  Chesnut 

M'Call  Miss,  11  s.  Fourth 

M'Call  Mrs.  boardinghouse  210  s.  Front 

M'Cali  Robert  &  Richard,  merchants  267  Chesnut 

M'Call  Wm.  grocer  corner  Merrit*s  lane  &  Fifth 

M'Calla  Alexander,  48  Sc  50  n.  4th  (Green  tree  inn) 

\see  M^Cauley\ 
INI'Calla  Andrew,  tailor  Hudson's  lane  near  8th 
M'Calla  John,  storekeeper  66  n.  4th  S.  W.  corner 

M'Calla  Richard,  shoemaker  Christian  near  Uh 
M'Calla  Wm.  carter  corner   3d  and  Germantown 

M*Callmont  George,  merchant  164  s.  2d 
M'Cally  Mary,  Watson's  alley 
M'Calvy  James,  trader  I  Pewterplatter  alley 
M'Canles  John,  ship  watch  back  1 1  Walnut 
M'Carney  James,  394  Race 
M'Cann  Chas.  grocer  corner  Spruce  and  8th. 
M'Cann  James,  labourer  320  s.  6th 
M'Cann  Thos.  labourer  James  st 
M'Caraher  Alex.  1 5  Branch  auctioneer  and  stable 

keeper  \jiee  M^Karaher 
M'Carey  Mary,  widow  back  252  n.  8th 
Al'Carling  widow,  teacher  367  n.  2d 
M'Carney  Daniel,  whiskey  store  S.  E.  corner  High 

and  isth 
M'Carren  Barney,  Goforth  alley 
M'Carron  Dorby,  labourer  33  Small 
M'Carren  James,  bottler  13th  above  Sassafras 
M'Carren  Robert,  bottler  355  Mulberry 
M'Carthy  James,  cooper  369  s.  Front 
M'Carthy  Jeremiah,  grocer  101   Passyunk  corner 

M'Cartney  Daniel,  watchman  219  s.  6th 
M'Cartney  Robert,  labourer  573  s.  Front 
M'Carty  Alexander,  stevedore  182  n.  Water 
M'Carty  Daniel,  shipjoiner  460  n.  Third       * 
,  M'Carty  Elizabeth,  widow  3  Pewterplatter  alley 


M*Carty  John,  carpenter  3  St.  Mary 

M'Caity  John,  labourer  322  s.  6th 

M'Carty  John,  carpenter  225  s.  8th 

M'Carty  Mary,  widow  76  Penn 

M'Carty  Sarah,  widow  25  Pewterplatter  alley 

M'Carty  Wm.  bookbinder  Francis  below  Sch.  4th 

M'Carty  Wm.  turner  78  N.  6th 

M'Cauley  James,  carpenter  back  297  Callowhill 

M'Cauiey  Jas.  stablekceper  49  Cherry  [.see  APCalla 

and  Macauley~\ 
M'Cauley  Jas.  labourer  Vine  near  Broad 
M'Cauley  John,  coppersmith  119  b.  Front 
M'Cauley  widow.  Aspen  alley 
M'Cawley  James  &  son,  merchants  14  n.  3d  and  19 

Church  alley 
M'Cawley  John,  merchant  1 4  n.  Sd 
M'Cay  James,  grocer  173  Mulberry  \_see  M^Coy'] 
M*Cherry  Henry,  18  Crab 
M'Chesney  Samuel  shallopman  Lily  alley 
M'Chesney  Wm.  distiller  228  n.  Front 
M'Clain  Hugh,  machine  maker  540  n.  3d 
M'Clairnan   Jchn,  weaver    Schuylkill    5th    below 

^I'CUne  John,  tailor  52  Queen 
M*Clane  John,    constable    3    Springet    alley    [see 

M'-Clean  and  M'Lan€~\ 
M^Clane  Laughlin,  painter  Juniper  lane 
M'Clane  Wm.  milkman  corner  Christian  and  4th 
M'Clary  Daniel,  plaisterer  Kunckel   near  Noble 
M'Claskey  Edward,  bricklayer  corner  Queen  and 

M'Claskey  James,  tinman  back  332  s.  2d 
M'Claskey  John,  ropemaker  corner  Moyamensiuci 

and  Federal 
M'Claskey  John,  newscarrier  Drinker's  court 
M'Claskey  John,  watchman  St.  Mary  above  7ih 
M'Claskey  Michael,  drayman  270  s.  5tli 
M'Claskey  Patrick,  carter  below  505  s.  2d 
M'Claskey  R.  distiller  Passyunk  road  below  Chris- 
M'Clatchie  John,  shoemaker  corner  Race  8c  Schuyl- 
kill 2d 


M'Clay  James,  bricklayer  bake  132  Callowhifi 
M'CIay  James,  bricklayer  74  Crown 
M,Clay  John,  plaisterer  back  3  Blackberry  alley 
T'Clean  John,  grocer  corner  4th  and  Shippen 
I'Clean  Tiios.  grocer  and  bottler,  N.  E.  corner  5th 

and  Prune  [^see  M'-Clane'^ 

^♦I'Cleary  Alexander,  shipwright  Shackamaxon 
M'Cleary  Daniel,  Kunckel  st 
M'Gleary  Jo.  shipwright  Crown  abov«  Queen 
M'Cleary  James*  mariner  back  380  s.  2d 
M'Clemon  S.  mahogany  sawyer  corner  Queen  8c  2d 
M'Clanachan  widow  of  John,  9  Little  Water 
M'Clintock  Joseph  A.  carpenter  Mechanic 
M'Clintock  Mrs.  widow  183  s.  2d 
M'Cloud  Catharine,  storekeeper  305  n.  2d 
M*Cloud'John,  hatter  43  Chesnut     {see  M^Lecd) 
M'Clure  David,  nautical  academy  1 18  Chesnut 
M^Clure    James    shoemaker    Germahtown     road 

near  2d 
M'Clure  SamueJ,  carpenter  134  s.  9th  [see  Maclure'] 
M'Clurg  Samuel,  oakcooper  43  Callowhill,  shop  2 1 

M'Clurg  Samuel  jun.  oakcooper  51  Callowhill 
M'Collin  Henry,  mariner  55  Coats 
M^Collin  John,  tailor  126  n.  3d 
M'Collin  Wm.  t^lor  148  s.  3d  and  96  Union 
M'Colloh  Anna,  widow  207  Spruce 
M'Gollom  Eliza,  mantuamaker  24  Elfrith's  vUley 
M'CoIlom  Robert,  weaver  182  St.  John 
M'Collom  Wm.  labourer  Raspberry  alley 
M'Cemb  Thomas,  brickmaker  10th  above  Vine 
M'Comb  Wm.  typefounder  Cedar  near  1 1th 
M'Conaghy  James,  tailor  128  n.  1 1th 
M'Connell  Catharine,  corner  Passyunkand  Queen 
M'Connell  Hugh,  silversmith  Dock  near  2d 
M'Connell  Matthew,  broker  82  Chesnut 
M'Connell  Matthew  jun.  82  Chesnut 
M'Connell  Matthew,  grocer  38  Small  corner  6th 
M'Conomey  John,  tailor  and  grocer  496  s.  2d 
M'Conner  Wm.  sea  captain  55  Shippen 
M'Conoghy  Archibald,  plaisterer  Noble  above  5th 
M'Cord  David,  tinplate  worker  2  Gray's  alle^ 


M'Corkle  J.  P.  druggist  313  s.g  d  and  258  s.  Fron* 

M^Corkle  Wm.  editor  of  the  Freeman's   ournal,  &c 
20  Chesnut 

M*Cormick  Ann,  widow  57  Passyunk 

M^Cormick  Daniel,  shoemaker  119  s.  2d 

M'Cormick  H.  labourer  Rose  alley  (C) 

M'Cormick  John,  carpenter  106  German 

M^Cormick  John,  shoemaker  Shackamaxon 

M'Cormick  Margaret,  spinster  37  Queen 

M'Cormick  Mrs.  of  Hugh,  Taylor's  alley 

M'Cormick  Mrs.  widow  10  Fromberger's  court 

M'Cormick  P.  bootmaker  16  Chesnut 

M'Cormick  Wm.  drover  314  s.  3d 

M'Cowen  David,  415  High  [^see  M^Gonuan'] 

M'Cowcn  John,  carter  322  s.  6th 

M'Cown  Joseph,  bleeder,  8cc.  Walnut  near  11th 

M'Cowen  Thomas,  flour  inspector   188  Lombard 

M'Cowen  William,   weaver    67    Queen  (S)   \^see 

M'Coy  Alexander,  labourer  497  s.  Front 

M'Coy  Daniel,  labourer  Say 

M'Coy  Edward,  carter  Moyamensing  road 

M'Coy  Ephraim,  carpenter  447  s.  2d 

M'Coy  Fanny,  widow  543  n.  3d 

M'Coy  George,  labourer  Spruce  near  Schuylkill  7th 

M'Coy  George,  innkeeper  corner  4th  and  Race 

M'Coy  Isaac,  shoemaker  York  st  [see  M''Cay  and 

M'Coy  Mrs.  of  James,  shipwright  Maiden 

MCoy  John, mariner  315  s.  2d 

M'Coy  John,  janitor  of  the  University  of  Pennsyl- 

M'Coy  Joseph,  storekeeper  2 19  s.  2d 

M'Coy  Kenneth,  printers  joiner  Locust  below  8th 
[see  M'Kay\ 

M'Coy  Margaret,  Maiden  near  Beach 

M'Cracken  Mary,  widow  teacher  Federal  near  2d 

M'Crarn  James,  typefounder  Bonsai 

M'Crea  Ann,  widow  39  Union 

M'Crca  Daniel,  carter  64  Brown 

M'Crea  Edward,  storekeeper  336  s.  2d 

M*Crea  James,  gentleman  348  High 
A  a  a  ^ 




M'Crea  John,  merchant  350  High  &  68  s.Froii* 
M'Crea  Thomas,  cooper  Wahiut  alley 
M'Crea  Sc  Ward,  storekeepers  336  s.  2d 
M'il'reUsh  Archibald,  soapboiler  267  n.  3d 
M'Crelish  John,  soapboiler  337  n.  3d 
M^Croskey  Eliz.  seamstress  82  N.  6th. 
M  Crossen  Mrs.  of  James,  Vine  near  12th 
M'Cullough  Michael,  labourer  back  252  south  6tii 
M*Culley    Charles,  labourer   Schuylkill    2d    near 

M'Culley  John,  shoemaker  8  Stephen's  court 
M'C'uUey  Wm.  boot  &c  shoe  warehouse  44  s.  Front 
M'Culloch  James  and  Co.  merchants  29  n.  3d 
M'Cu41ofth  John,  printer  306  High     [^see  M^ColloIi] 
MK^uUouch  Margaret,  widow  68  N.  6th 
M'Culloch  S.  widow  131  north  3d 
M'Culloch  Wm.  printer  and  bookseller  306  High 
M,Culloh  Anna  widow  143  Pine 
M'Cully  Henry,  carpenter  67  Plum 
M'CuUy  John,  shipcarpenter  465  south  Front 
M'Cully  John,  drayman  450  Race 
M'Curdy  Hugh,  shoemaker  20  High  [.see  Macurdy'\ 
-M*  Curdy  James,  cordwainer  62  Plum 
^W^Curdy  John,  boot  a7zd  shoemaker  o6  Chesnut 
Af'Curdy  John  jun.  boot  and  shoemakeK  61  s.  2d 
i^*  Curdy  widow  of  James,  10  Little  Pine 
i^-Cutchen  Elizabeth,  widow  353  s.  3d 
iV/'Cutchen  Ebenezer,  merchant  51  Wood 
j»/'Cutchen  John  A.  merchant  51  n.  2d 
^j'W'Cutchen  A/ary,  mantuamaker  back  86  s.  3d 
iVf^Cutchen  Patrick,  biscuit  baker  Coats'  court 
-Af'Dade  A/rs.  of  Daniel,  labourer  240  Lombard 
M'Dade  A/rs.  of  Patrick,  Little  Oak 
ifeT'Daniel  Dennis,  labourer  corner  Vine  &  Schuyl? 

kill  Front 
Af'Daniel  Elizabeth,  widow  Elmslie's  alley 
iVf'Danicl  John,  labourer  Shackamaxon 
Ai<Daniel  John,  labourer  6  Watkins  alley 
.li'Daniel  John,  shoemaker. ^8  Ann  (N.  L.) 
ik/'Dermot  Charles,  plaisterer  Schuylkill  8th   near 

iV/'Dermott  Edward,  grocer  corner  Filberjand  I  ith 


AI^'Dermott  Edward,  merchant  10  Chesnut  and  53 

M'Dermott  John,    morocco  dresser  210  Mulberry 
M'Dermott  Peter,  bottler  corner  Spruce  and  2d 
M'Dermot  Samuel,  carpenter  4  Heyde's  court 
M'Devitt  Patrick,  labourer  230  Lombard 
M>Donald  Daniel,  pilot  506  s.  Front 
M'Dermott  John,  77  south  5th 
M'Donald  Francis,  labourer   corner  Chesnut  and 

Schuylkill  6th 
M'Donatd  James,  280  Race 
M'Donnald  James,  late  tavernkeeper  9  1  s.  11th 
M'Donald  John,  cedar  cooper  Budd  above  Laurel 
M'Donald  M.  cordwinder  42  N.  8th 
M'Donnald  Adam,  labourer  iV/ary's  alley 
M'Donnald  Ann,  widow  back  115  Arch 
M'Donnald  Elijah,  coachman  58  Coats 
M'Donnald  3/argaret,  widow  back  401  s.  Front 
M'Donnald  M.  merchant  85  Pine  and  201  s.  Front 
M'Donnald  Mis.  of  James,  back  208  High 
M'Donnald  Rebecca,  widow  282  south  Front 
M'Donnald  Rowland,  labourer  14  Crab 
M'Donnall  Alexander,  carpenter  254  Lombard 
M'Donnell  Hannuh,  nurse  8th  above  Vine 
McDonnell  John,  stable  and  tavern  keeper  123  Pine 
M'Donnell  Joseph,  carpenter  Cherry  near  9th 
M'Donough  Daniel,  shoemaker  4th  above  Coats 
M'Donough  Elizabeth,  shopkeeper  1 3  Fitzwate^ 
M'Donough  John,  shopkeeper  Hazel  alley 
M'Donough  Mm.  grocer  1 10  Union 
M'Donough  Wm.  builder  110  Union 
M'Donough  Patrick,  of  U.  S.  army  1 10  Union 
M'Donough  Wm.  grocer  299  Mulberry 
M'Dougall  Ann,  widow  82  south  8Lh 
M'Dougall  Eliz.  shopkeeper  26  s.  4th 
M'Dowell  E.  carpenter  252  Lombard 
M'Dowell  Elizabeth,  shopkeeper  50  north  5th 
M'Dowell  widow  of  George,  tavernkeeper  53  south 

M'Dowell  James,  tailor  10  Oak  (S.) 
M'Dowell  Rebecca,  storekeeper,  248  north  2d 
M'Duffge  Mary,  grocer  High  near  Schuylkill  3A 


M^Elhiney  John,  stonepavier  Prosperous  alley 
M^Elhiney  Robert,  carter  66  Passyunk 
M'Elho  Hannah,  24^  St.  John 
M'Elroy  Barney,  labourer  Alban  street 
M^Elroy  Hannah,  widow  182  south  ith 
M'Elroy  Mrs.  of  Michael,  Pottery  alley 
M^Elroy  Patrick,  labourer  56  Browne 
M*Elroy  Wm.  painter,  8cc.  Front  below  Prime 
M'Elwee  Charles  B.  cabinetmaker  50  Chesnut 
M'Elwee  James,  watchmaker  20  n.  2cland  41  Union 
JW,Elwee  Thomas,  mariner  418  south  2d 
-W<Elwee  Rebecca,  storekeeper  44  south  2d 
M<Euen,  Hale  &  Davidson  brokers  83  Chesnut 
M'Euen  Patrick,  stonecutter  back  Filbert 
M^Euen  Patrick,  Juniper  near  Vine 
il/'Euen  Samuel,  weaver  3  GilliVs  alley 
ikf^Euen  Thomas,  25 1  Afulberry 
3/'Ewen  James,  innkeeper  322  north  2d 
Af^Faden  Arch,  typefounder  Cedar  above  9th 
iV/^Faden  Wm.  gentleman  14S  Chesnut 
iWipadgen  Mrs.  of  Alex.  8  Budd 
M'Fagen  iV/annus,  tailor  135  Plum 
A?<Fall  Daniel,  bricklayer  George  above  1 0th 
iV/*Farlan  George,  blacksmith  125  south  6th 
AT'Farlan  widow  of  John  C.  sea  captain  292  s.  Front 
-MFarlan  Sarah,    grocer  316  south  2d 
MFarlan  Wm.  coachmaker  106  and  108  Union 
Af'Farland  Isaac,  labourer  Ann  st(SGh.) 
M'Farland  John,  carter  2 1 6  Shippen 
-/V/*Farland  John,  grocer  271  High  and  12  north  7th 
Af'Farland  John,  millwright  Vine  near  Schuylkill 

M^Farlane  Andrew,  labourer  Schuylkill  Front  near 

M'Farlane  James,  drayman  Spafford 
M'Farlane  George,  mate  Rihl's  court 
M<Farlane  widow  of  John  R.  Front  below  Federal 
M'Farland  Margaret,  widow  101  Spruce 
M'Farlane  Sarah,  teacher  154  St.  John 
M'Farlane  Wm.  axicountjant  154  St.  John 
M'Farren  Alexander,  shoemaker  Filbert  near  i  3th 
M'Fee  Alice,  seamstress  326  south  2d 
MTeely  John,  typefounder  Cedar  above  9th 


]M'Gannon  Elizabeth,  millcner  1 15  south  2d 
M<jargy  Mrs.  widow  back  39  Tammany 
M'Garvay  Edward,  walchman  Cordwainers  alley 
M'Garvey  J.  Bellman  and  vendue  cryer  23  Shippen 
M^Garvin  John,  soapboiler  2S6  south  5th 
M'GauIey  Peter,  nailer  and  grocer  577  s.  Front 
M'Gaw  John,  labourer  62  Ccats 
M'Geagh  Thom'as,  grocer  and  bottler    Pine  near 

M'Gee  Edward,  grocer  158  south  6th 
M'Gee  Frances,  widow  grocer  92  Small 
AI'Gee  James,  labourer  Elmslic's  alley 
INI'Gee  Mrs.  of  George,  back    393   n.    Front  [sc'c 

M^Kee  a?id  AIagce'\ 
M*Gee  Wm.  oakcooper  Stillhouse  alley 
M'Gerry  John,  carter  257  Catharine 
M'Giff  Patrick,  grocer  1 13  Shippen 
M*Giff  Henry,  labourer  corner  Cedar  and  Clifton 
M'Gill  — —  saddler  10  Strawberry 
M'Gill  James,  tailor  1 16  south  4th 
M*Gill  Mrs.  of  Mathias,  63  Penn 
M^Gill  Michael,  drayman  235  north  3d 
M'Ginley  Margaret,  Passyunk  near  Prime  {sec 

M'Ginnis  Arthur,  labourer  St.   Mary's  above   7th 

{see  Mag.  and  Mtg.) 
M'Ginnes  Wm.  labourer  Buttonwood  near  8th 
M'GIathery  James,  6th  above  Noble 
M>GIathery  Margaret,  widow  53  George  (S.) 
M'Glatheiy  M.  hatter  2d  above  Germantown  road 
M*Glinn  John,  labourer  Spruce  near  Schuylkill  4th 
M'Glinsy  J.  storekeeper  S.  W.  corner  Cedar   &  2d 

{see  M^Linchey) 
M'Gioland  P.  widow  Walnut  near  Juniper  lane 
M'Glue  Luke,  coachtrimmer  and  harnessmaker  46 

Columbia  Avenue,  dwelling  132  south  9th 
M^Gowan  James,  soapboiler  266  soul^  3d 
M'Gowen  widow  of  Edward,  1 1  1  Plitm 
M'Gowen  Edward,  labourer  Race  nejlr  Schuylkill 
M'Gowan  Martin,  grocer  135  south  6th 
M'Gowan  Wm.  umbrellamaker  225  north  2d 
M'Grady  Sarah,  widow  Poplar  lane  near  3d 


M'Grath  James,  bottler  216  n.  Front 
M'Grath  Robert,  porter  Lemon  street 
M'Gregor  D.  tailor  175  south  2d 
M'Gregor  John,  late  auctioneer  32  south  5th 
M'Gregor  John,  blacksmith  Traquair's  court  and 

,     282  High 
M'Groerty  Edward,  carter  back  16  St.  Mary 
M'Guffin  Thomas,  grocer  142  south  9th 
M'Guier  Charles,  stonecutter  High  west  of  Perma- 
nent Bridge 
M'Guigan  Patrick,  grocer  184  s.  4th 
M'Guire  Mary,  mantumaker  83  n.  5th 
M'Guire  Mary,  spinner  381  n.  4th   (see  Maguire) 
M'Henry  Thomas,  carpenter  10th  near  Pine 
M'llhaney  Moses  and  Robert,  carters  9  Passyunk 
M'llhenney  James,  distiller  corner  10th  and  Juniper 

alley,  dwelling  corner  Chesnut  {see  M'Elhiney) 
M'llhenney  Wm.  taylor  52  Mulberry 
M'llvain  John,  printer  173  Pine 
M^Ilvain   Richard  and  Hugh,   lumber  merchan^ts 

High  west  of  Permanent  Bridge 
M'llvaine  Bloomfield,  merchant  41  Dock  and  222 

M'llwaine  Catharine,  next  to  30  Callowhill 
M*Ilwaine  F.  merchant  79  Lombard 
M'llwham  Thomas,  brassfounder  36  and  101  s.  5th 
M^Indoe  Walter,  calico  printer  Marlborough  near 

Beach  ' 
M'Intire  D.  teacher  Juniper  below  High 
M'Intire  John,  carpenter  Marlborough  near  Bea<!li 
M'Intire  John,  nailer  back  5  Little  Pine 
M'Intire  Isaiah,  shoenitiker  83  s.  Front 
M'Intire  Robert,  grocer  289  Vine 
M'Intosh  Samuel,    grocer    corner    Callowhill  and 

M'Inulty  Hugh,  labourer  Ann  st(Sch.) 
M^Kaige  Thomas,  carpenter  back  152  Spruce     (see 

M'Kaghan  Daniel,  Fitzwater  above  6tk 
M'Karaher  Chas.  sawmaker  12  Fayette  {see  M'-Ca.) 
M'Karaher  Charles,  innkeeper  235  south  2d 
M'Karaher  widow  ofDaniel,  335  south 


M*Karaher  James,  innkeeper  235  south  2d 
M'Kay  Barnard,  corkcutter  16  Stamper's  alley 
M<Kay  Daniel,  tailor  128  Walnut  {see  M'-Koy) 

M*Kay  John,  shoemaker  Shippen  near  7th 
M'Kay  Thos.  bricklayer  7  Sugar  alley 
M*Keage    James,   painter    and     tavernkeeper   95 

C'hesnut  (see  M^Kaige ) 
M*Kean  Ann,  widow  347  Mulberry 
M'Kean  Alexander,  labour  342  Sassafrass 
M'Kean  Joseph  B.  counsellor  at  law  185  Chesnut 
M'Kean  Thomas,  late    governor    of  the   oommon 

wealth  Third  between  Union  and  Pine 
M'Kean  Thomas  jun.  merchant  8th  between  Ches- 
nut and  Sansom 
M,Kean  widow  of  Lowry,  carter  SheafTs  alley 
M'Kee  Andrew,  sadler  Randolph's  court  {see 

M^Gec,  Mackie^  anc^  Mackey) 
M^Kee  David,  carpenter  396  Sassafrass 
M'Kee  David,  oysterman,  I  Green 
M'Kee  Thomas,  storekeeper  178  s.  S-d 
M'Kee  Wm.  labourer  Sheaff's  alley 
M'Keel  Abraham,  carpenter  Leech's  court 
M'Kever  Isaac,  ropemaker  Carpenter  near  5th 
M'Kever  John,  sea  captain  21  Callowhill 
M'Kever  John,  labourer  Lombard  near  Schuyl.  •7th 
M'Kever  widow  of  John,  sea  captain  45  Almond 
M'Kever  Wm.  tailor  321  Mulberry 
M'Kelshner  John,  labourer  1 39  Coats 
M'Kell  Patrick,  thread  manufacturer  5  Filbert 
M'Kensie  and  Tait,  saddlers  and    harnessmakers 

42  south  Sd 
M*Kenzie  Charles,  tailor  42  Strawberry  (see  APKin- 

zie  and  Mackenzie) 
M'Kibbon  Wm.  sea  captain  71  Lombard 
M'Kibbon  David  &  Co.  grocers  I  s.  4th 
M'Kinney  A.  m.  d.  28  Powell 
M*Kinney  John,  labourer  Baker's  alley 
M'Kinney  Mary,  seamstress  6th  above  Green 
M'Kinney  Mrs.  Ijoardinghouse  5  Watkinsalley 
M'Knight  R.  carter  corner  Locust  and  Hazel  alley 
M'Kinney  Thomas,  carpenter  Vine  near  8th 
M*Kinney  Thomas,  drayman  46  Browne 


M*Kinney  Thomas,  biscuit  baker  26  Small 

M^Kinney  Wm.  weaver  back  109  Christian 

M'Kinney  Wm.  labourer  Cooper's  court  (N.  L.) 

M^Knight  George,  grocer  287  s.  4th 

M*Koy  Wm.  accomptant  2  Prune 

M'Koy  Isabella,  widow  2  Prune 

M*Koy  Robert,  bellowsraaker   and  brand  cutter  7 

Tammany  {see  M[Coy  and  M^Kay) 

M^Kinley  Alexander,  bricklayer  131  Vine  {sec 

M'Kinlay  James,  plaisterer  8th  below  Lombard 
M'Kinley  Mrs.  gkrtoseeper  7  n.  3d 
M*Kinley  widow  of  Wm.  332  south  6th 
M'Kinley  Thomas,  cooper  32  Little  Water 
M*IUnley  Wm.  cabinetmaker  121  south  2d 
M'Kinney  Abraham,  carpenter  Schuylkill  8th  near 

M*Laine  Laughlin,  shoemaker  282  Race 
M'Lane  Laughlin,  painter,  8cc.  Juniper  lane 
M'Lane    Samuel,    breechesmaker   8    s.  3d      {see 

M^Clane^M^Learn  and  M'^Lean) 
McLaren  Archibald,  wheat  fanmaker  14  Spruce  and 

127  Plum 
M'Leren  Duncan,  carpenter  88  N.  sixth 
McLaughlin  Charles,  broker  2  Bell's  court 
M'Laughlin  George,  printer  2  Elmlie's  alley 
M'Laughli*'.  widow  of  John,  129  Green 
M'Laughlin  Patrick,  Mifflin's  court 
M'Laughlin  Patrick,  late  tavernkeeper  252  s.  4th 
M'Laughlin  widow  of  Patrick,  206  Lombard 
M'Laughlin  widow  of  Patrick,  Spruce  above  10th 
M'Laughlin  Rose,  washerwoman  Spruce  above  10th 
JVI  Lean  Archibald,  gentleman  152  south  Front 
M'Lean  James,  cabinetmaker  234  south  3d         {see 

M'Learn  Samuel,  carpenter  41  Passyunk 
M'Lees  Wm.  teacher  133  Lombard 
M'Lellen  Eleanor,  shopkeeper  264  Arch 
M'Leod  John,  ropemakerand  sbipchandlernear  3f 

Swanson  and  40  South  Wharves  {see  M^Cloud 

and  M<-Loud) 
M'Leod  John,  jun.  ropemaker  Front  below  Federal 

M'LI M^NA  ,    ^ 

M'Linchey  James  and  John,  grocers  SOt>  south  2d 

{see  M^Glinsey 
M'LongWm.  M.  labourer  132  Coats 
M*Loud  Daniel,  mate  420  south  Front 
M'lV'Iahon  Henry,  grocer  and  bottler  118  south  5th 
M'Mahon  Mrs.  widow  tayloress  163  south  Front 
M'Mahon  Philip,  carter  276  south  5th 
M'Mahon  Bernard,  botanist  grass  and  garden  seed 

merchant,  &c.  39  south  2d 
M'Manemay  Patrick,  shoemaker  Spruce  above  1  Itk 
M'Manemay  Joel,  bricklayer  Spivuce  above  1 1th 
M'Mann  widow,  240  Lombard 
M'Mann  Patrick,  labourer  220  Cedar 
M' Vlann  Wm.  carpenter  222  Cedar 
M'Manus  C.  taylor  and  grocer  221  Cedar 
M'Manus  Owen,  carter  Hunter's  court 
M'Masters  John,  constable  83  Pine 
M'Menemy  Patrick,  shoemaker  230  Lombard 
M'Michael  John,  storekeeper  449  north  2d 
M^Micken  John,  collector  Vine  near  Schuylkill 
M'Millen  Samuel,  teacher  287  and  311  Vine     {see 

M^  Mullen 
M'Minn  E.  boarding  house   37  Pewterplatter  alley 
M'Minn  Wm.  carpenter  37  Pewterplatter  alley 
M*  Monagal  John,  gardener  Pine  west  of  Bioad 
M'Mullen  Isaac,  carpenter  Gaskill  near  Fourth 
M'Mullen  J.  R.  blacksmith  21  Prime  268  Swanson 
M "Mullen  Josep^i,  grocer  155  south  Front 
M'Mullen  Wm.  plasterer  7  Greenleaf  Court 
M'Mullen  Wm.  carpenter  68  ii.  4th  ("see  M^Millen) 
M'Mullin  Alexander,  labourer  254  s.  6th 
M'MulIin  and  Black,  silversmith  120  s.  Front 
M'Mullin  James,  goldsmith  1 1 4  8c  120  s.  Front 
M'MulIin  James,  taylor,  128  Plum 
M'Mullin  John,  goldsmith  and  jeweller  114  s.  Front 
M'Mullin  Robert,  stone  mason  Chesnut  n.  sch.  8th 
M'MulIin  Robert  lumber  merchant,  yard  near  161 

and  dwelling  62  Swanson 
M'Murdy  Robert,  labourer  Maria  St. 
M'Murry  Judith,  shopkeeper  191  Lombard 
M'Murtrie  James,  merchant  12  Dock 
M'Nachtane,  Cornelia  widow  35  Key's  alley 
B  b   b 


M'Nair  and  Cribs,  grocers  91   St.  John 

M'Nally  Bernard,  cardwainer  403  s.  2d 

M'Neal  Thos.  labourer  7  Spafford 

M'Neiiles  Wm.  labourer  19  Pewterplatter  alley 

M'Neran  Malcomb,  sea  captain  336  south  Front 

M'Nestrey  Mrs.  of  Andrew,  plasterer  34   St.  Mary 

M'Nicholl  Margaret,  widow  Spafford  st. 

M'Nimmee  John,  labourer  George  near  Sch.    4th 

MThail  widow  of  John,  grocer  84  south  Eighth 

M'Phail  widow  of  Wm  carpe.iter   102  Swanson 

M'Pherson  C.  cake  vender  9  n.  5th 

MTherson  Daniel   sea  captain  100  s  5th 

M'Pherson  Hugh,  sea  captain  SOI  south  Front 

M'Pherson  Mrs.  widow  13  s.  4th. 

^'Pherson  and    Ross,    confectioners  &c.  74  High 

,M*Pherson  Tho^iias,  mariner  18  Little  Water 
M'Pherson  widow  of  John,  confectioner  74  High 
M'Pherson  Wm.  naval  officer,  customhouse,  Car- 
penter's building 
M'Quaid  Felix,  tallow  chandleF  corner  Caljowhill 
and  4th 

.  M'Queen  A.  rigger  West's  Court 
M^Quillin  Mrs.  of  Abm.  364  s.  2d 
M'Roy  John,  carter  corner  3d   Sc  Germantown  road 
M'Shane  E.  accomptant  18  N.  8th 
M'Vay  Edward  grocer  152  Swanson 
M'Waters  Johli,  corder  at  Vine  st.  wharf 
M'Williams  Mary  mantuamakers  179  south  Third 
Maackentee  B.  tocacconist  Cedar  near  1 1th 
Maag  John,  farmer  Peltz  lane  nearPassyunk 
Maag  Margaret,  taylores  back  6  Elfreth's  alley 
Maas  David  J.  baker  44  Sassafrass 
Maas  Jacob,  professor  of  music  i29  n  6th 
Macalester  Chas.  merch't.  66  Dock  Sc  142  Mulberry 

fsee  M^Jllis'tre 
Macallister  James,  shallopman  Beach  n.  Maiden 
Macauley   Isaac,  floorcloth  manufacturer,    Centre 
square,  or  Filbert  nqar  Broad  dwelling  19  N. 
12th  (^see  M^Cauley) 
Mg,c  Cue  Connel,  grocer  1 84  north  Water     ., 
Macicrran  Mary,  426  n.  Second 
Macferran  Samuel,  justice  of  the  peace  456  n.  Third 
Macintire  James,  teacher  Arch  above  Juniper 


Mack  Conrad,  baker  2  35  Cedar 
Mack  Catharine,  160  Lombard 
Mack  Jacob,  rope  maker  Cedar  near  llth 
Mack  Nicholas,  grocer  High  near  Sch.  8th 
-/l/ackason  John,  shipwright  I  67  St.  John 
Mackason  Wm.  shipwriij^h  21  Duke  (N.  L.) 
il^/ackenzie  Mvs.  corner  Union  £c  2d  fsee  M'Kenzi^ 
Mackenzie  Wm.  gentleman  corner  Uuion  k  Second 
Mackey   John,  teacher  74  Walnut  ( See  M^Kce 

Mackey    R.  grocer    corner     Ivloyamensing      and 

3/ackey  Samuel,  boot  and  shoemaker  167  s.  Third 
Mackie   P.  soap  Sc  candle  manufactory  319  n  2d 
Mackie  Richard,  currier  4th  above  Tammany 
Mackie  Thomas,  merchant  152  south  Front 
Mackie  widow  of  Wm.  Button  wood  near  Charles 
Maclure   D.  wholesale  and  retail  grocer  Cedar  st 
wharf,  dwelling  Hudson  lane  n7th   [_see  M^Clure 
Macomb  Elizabeth  widow  124  Plum 
Macurdy  Hugh,  dry  goods  store  243  s.  Second  (see 
t;Afaf/rfcn  Jeffrey,  labourer  Middle  alley     J\'PCurdy 
Madden  Mary,  widow  West's  court 
Medden  Mrs.  o  f  Stacy,  193  Callowhill 
Maddock  E.  E.  merchant  153  south  Frt>nt  and   171 

Maddoch  Wm.  accomptant  Pine  near  12th 
Madelaine  I^.  teacher  159  s.  Second, 
Meelambre  Jacob,  boot  and  shoemaker  69  Union 
Maffet  David,  sea  captain  69  New    fscc  MoJJlt. 
Maffet  James,  sea  captain  248  s.  Front 
Magai'ge  Samuel,  grocer  380  n.-  Third 
Magdallena  Joseph  B.   secretary  to  to  the  Spanish 

Legation  corner  llth  and  Locust 
Magee  Hugh,  cooper  corner  Wood  and  Ann(N.  l. 

(me  M''Gee  and  Meghee 
Magee  Joh  n,  drayman  85  Budd 
Magec  Sumuel,  carpenter  30  North  alley 
Mager  Nicholas,  tailor  294  n.  Front 
Megor  Philip  tailor  30  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Mager  Wm.  shipwright  151  Green 
Maggs  Mrs.  of  Jkcob,  4th  above  Bro^wn 


^^agoffin  John,  merchant  35  n.  Eighth 
Magoffin  Mary,  widow  35  n.  Eighth 
Magragh  George,  carver  1 1   Quarry 
Magraih  Michael,  tallow  chandler  23   Brewer's 

alley,  dwelling  34  St.  John  * 

IMaguire  James,  labourer  Chesnut  above  13th  fscic 

Maguire  John,  grocer  78  n.  5th 
Maguhe  Michael,  grocer  205  Ceder  fsee  'M^Guire 
Maguire  Thomas,  carter  9th  near  Vine 
Mahany  Cynthia,  132   High 
Mahany  James  A.  &  John,  grocers  132  High 
Mahany  John,  teacher  St.  Joseph's  avenue 
Maher  John  D.  of  U.  S.  army"  Front  below  Federal 

fsee  Mayer  and  Marr 
Maher  John,  grocer  corner  Cedar  and  Swa^son 
Maher  St.  merchant  98  Union 
Mahon  Wm.  well  digger  back  188  Cedar 
Main  James,  shipwright.  Oak  (N.  L.)        (see  Alein 
Main  Thos.  shipwright  Queen  near  Crown 
Main  Thos.  mariner  204  n.  2d 
Maingault  Benjamin,  shipwright  12  Budd 
Maison  John  A.  mercharit  66  n.  3d  (see  Mason 

Maitland  John  &  Thomas,  grocers  south-east  corner 

of  Fifth  and  Cedar 
Major  Benjamin,  carpenter  Spruce  above  10th 
Major  Robert,  carpenter  290  s.  Front 
Major  Wm.  taylor  1 4  Carter's  alley 
Makens  John,  mariner  1 19  Plum 
Makins  John,    grocer  521  n.  Third 
Makins  Sarah,  widow  10  Gray's  alley 
Ma  Langhlin  John,  ornamental  painter  96  n  7th 
Malcolm  Jane,  widow  199  Walnut  (Sansom  row) 
Malcolm  J.G.  merchant  199  Walnut  (Sansom  row) 
Malcom    Mrs.  D.  3  north  Eleventh 
Malenfant  James,  accountant  n.  9th 
Maley  Michael,  carpenter  6  Prospect  alley 
Maley  Ann,  widow  grocer  Vine  st  wharf  sec  Marley 
Maley  Peter,  stone  cutter  252  Arch 
Malick  Simon  labourer  47  Charlotte 
Malin  Margaret,  widow  387  Sassafras 
Malin  John,  carpenter  14  Bank  &;  1 1 1  n  5th 


MaHen  Pataick,  type  founder  corner  10th  Sc  Cedar 
Mellet  Louis,  confectioner  216  s.  2d 
Mallon  Mrs.  young  ladies'  Seminary  70  Walnut 
Malone  John,  cooper  142  St.  John 
Malone  John  S.  late  constable  359  7l/ulbcrry 
Malsberger  Joseph,  store  keeper  364  n.  2d 
Manderfield  Henry,  oak  cooper  212  s.  5th 
Manderson  Andrew  storekeeper  445  north  Second 
Manderson  James,  grocer  Beach  near  Maiden 
Mandeville    Henry  D.  accountant  73  south  Eighth 
Mandeville  Mary,  hair  worker  10  Bread 
Mandry  Wm.  stable  keeper  100  north  Sixth 
Maney  Owen,  labourer,  Spruce  above  lOtli 
■fMancf  John,  labourer  Shippen  above  7th 
Manger  Christian,  victualler  29  Charlotte 
Maneuvre  Louis,  stable  keeper  62  Union 
Manlove  David  sea  captain  66  Ali:(iond 
Manlove  Wm.  E.  shoemaker  Little  Oak 
Manly  Henry,  gentleman  13  Branch 
Mann  C.  M.  m.  d.  200  Chesnut 
Mann  Daniel,  mate  212  north  W^ater. 
Mann  Dapiel,  merchant  57  Sassafras 
Mann  James  M.  wood  merchant  Oak  (N.  L.) 
Mann  Jacob,  drayman  219  north  Eighth 
Mann  Jahan,  shoemaker  285  8c  309  north  Front 
Mann  John,  superintendant  of  roads  219  north  8th 
Mann  John,  blacksmith  Garden 
Mann  Wm.  tavern  keeper  1 1  Walnut 
Mann  Wm.  late  grocer  107  Vine 
Mannan  Unity,  millener  37  n  Front 
Manners  John  m.  d.  Walnut  6  doors  above  Tenth 
Manning  Thomas  S.  Printer  corner  Spruce  Sc    1 1th 
Manning  Wm.  tin  plate  worker  226  s  Se^Jond 
Mansell  John  umbrella  and  rule  ma^er  18  s.  Third 
Mansfield  John,  tavernkeeperiA26  n.  Front 
Mansfield  Mrs.  seamstress  59  n  Eighth 
Mansfield  Thomas,  taylor  Current  alle)'- 
Manship  Thomas,  shoemaker  back  92  Gaskil! 
Manshure  John  sea  captain  366  s  2d 
Mantall  Conrad,  baker  198  s  Second 
^Manuel  David  accomptant  8  I  n  6th 
^lanypenny  Jas.  copperplate'printcr  ISthncarCeda^v 
Bbba  ' 


Marbele  Joseph,  grocer  93  Passyunk 

Marcer  B.   Swedes  alley       (aee  Mercer  Isf  Mercier 

Marcer  Joseph,  taylor  30  Branch 

Marchmint  Jesse,  shoemaker  32 1  s  Second 

Marcker  Andrew,  laylor  67  n  8th 

Marcker  Jacob  late  gi*ecer  34  Green    \_see  Marker 

Marcker  Philip,  blacksmith  Johns  st         iJf  Markoe 

Maree  Mary,  nurse  49  Coats  alley 

Margie  C.  mill  stone  maker  Mulberry  alley 

Mariage  David,  labourer  Rose  st 

Mariner  Andrew,  mariner  32  Artillery  lane 

Marriner  Fenwick,  pilot  513  s  Front 

Marinot  Michael,  cook  1 18  Spruce 

Maris  k  Evans,  merchants  31  south  wharves 

Maris  Richard,  merchant  88  Mulberry 

Maris  Wm.  merchant  70  s  Fifth 

Mark  John,  Minterback    92  Crown        fsee  Marks 

Marker  John,  carter  Walnut  n  1 1th     fsee  Marcker 

and  Markoe 
Marker  John,  rag  merchant  119  German 
Markland  John,  merchant  Sassafrass  307  8c  208 
Markland  Jacob  47  Tammany 
Markley  Solomon,  hatter  26  Cresson's  alley 
Makoe  Francis>  merchant  63,  s   Water  and   226 

Walnut  (see  Marker 

Markoe  John,  gentleman  29  7  Chesnut  above  9th 
IMarks  Ann,  widow  141  n  Fourth  (see  Mark 

Marks  Daniel,  rigger  4  Maria  st. 
Marks  Isaac,  merchant  1 1^  n.  5th 
Marks  widow  of  James,  sea  captain  56  Almond 
Marks  Jared,  Chymist  22  Coombs  alley 
Marks  Mrs.  nurse  West*s  court 
^Marks  Nicholas,  grocer  162  Spruce 
Marks  Robert,  woodsuwyer  242  St.  John 
Marks  Samuel,  brickmaker  Spruce  near  Sch.  4the: 
Markward  B.  wheelwright  9  n  Eighth 
Marley  John,  coachmaker  Vine  near  Schuylkill 
Marlcy  Richard  I  shoemaker  1 5  north  Sixth 
Marley  Thomas,  mariner  4  Penn 
Marley  Wm.  coachmaekr  Broad  below  George 
Marley  Wm.  cordwainer  31 1  High   .      (seeMaley 
Marlin  Vance,  weaver  Buttonwood  n.  Charley 


Marochee  Salomon,  boarding  house  33  Sansom 
Marot  Davenport,  wheelwright    13  &  18   Coombs^ 

alley  (see    Mfrrott 

Marot  Elizabeth,  widow  19  Christian     {see  Merritt 
Marpel  Isaiah,  late  farmer  1 1 1  Christian 
Marple  Mrs.  widow  399  Sassafras  {see  Morbetl 

Marpole  Ab.  shipwright  Frankford  road  near  Queen 
Marquedant  Charles,  one  of  the  proprietors    of  the 

Globe  Mill  cotton  factory  Germantown  Road 

above  Pitt 
Marr  John,  saddler  77  n  5th  \_sec  Marrs  and  Maker 
Marr  Thomas  coachmaker  39  n  5th 
Marrin  Lewis,  mariner  Relief 
Marrow  John  ISZPiinn 

Marrs  Charlotte,  widow  Sch.  8th  near  Vine 
Marrs  Robert,  silver  plater  14  Greenleaf  court  [^sec 
Marsh  Mrs.  of  John  mariner  29  I  s  4th  Marr 

Marsh  Joseph,  late  siiip  builder  23  Christian 
Marshall  Abraham,  carpenter  Sassafras  below  1  Itb 
Marshall  Aaron,  shoemaker  99  St.  John 
Marshall  Amor,  wafermakcr  59  Walnut 
Marshall  Charles,  ehymist  56  Chesnut 
Marshall  Christopher  310  High 
Marshall  Chailes,  jun.  druggist  320  High 
Marshall  George,  blacksnuth    22  Elizabeth  8c  S  6th 
Marshall  George,  iTiorocco  dresser  6  i  Union 
Marshall  Hannah,  boarding  house    142  n  Froot 

iMarshail  Hannah,  boarcUng  house    142  n  rrootP /"^y^ 
^  MarshalHMMM|Mli*nMi|#M|F^  64  s  5lh^U^17,  ML 
iSIarshall  John,  bricklayer  1  Mary's  alley 
^Marshall  John,  cook  Middle  alley 
Marshall  Margaret,  widow  64  s  5th. 
Marsiiall  Samuel  cordwaincr  94  Cliiistiaii. 
Marshall  Susannah  china  store  96  n.  5th 
Marshall  Sc  Tempest,  goldsmitlis  Sec.  87  s.  2d. 
Ma-bhall   Thomas,  painter  and  glazier  42  Chcsnui 
Martshall  widow  of  John,  Oak  (N.  L.) 
Marshall  Wm.  printer  Sc  grocer  192  Cedar 
Martien  Elizabeth,  tutress  38  Church  alley 
Martin  Benjamin,  late  shoemaker  200  s'Fifth 
Martin  Benjamin,  grazier  39  Mary  (S.) 
M  iiiin  Charles,  mariner  4  Swanson 
Martin  Charles,  Magazine  keejier  U.  S,  Arsenal 

MAR-— ^M  AS 

Martin  Daniel,  Labourer  back  341  Callowhill 
Martin  Elizabeth,  washerwoman  49  Prime 
Martin  Ezra,  bricklayer  corner  Pine  8c  1 2th 
Martin  Francis  grocer,  back  102  High 
Martin  &  Harts,  merchants  233  n  3d 
Martin  Henry,  accojnptant  back  12  s  4th 
Martin  Hugh,  labourer.  Walnut  near  Sch.  4th 
Martin  Hugh,  labourer  Farmers  row 
Martin  Jacob,  merchant  287  n  3d 
Martin  Jacob,  gentleman  corner  Fourth  8c  George 
Mai^tin  James,  bookbinder  Sc  seller  369  High 
Martin  James,  jun.  grazier  461  8c  463  s  Second 
Martin  James,  merchant  45  n  Front 
Martin  John,  mariner  Gray's  ferry  road  near  Cedar 
Martin  John,  mariner  back  239  s  Second 
Martin  Joim,  smith  28  &  Water 
Martin  John,  mariner  6  York  court 
Martin  John,  carter  Knodle 
Martin  Jonathan,  late  blacksmith  Knodle 
Martin  Joseph,  gentleman  272  n  Second 
Martin  Joseph  D.  druggist  enquire  241  Arch 
Martin  Lavina,  widow  Plum  alley 
Martin  Margaret,  280  s  Front 
Martin  M.  carpenter  Prosperous  alley 
Martin  Mary  widow  94  n  4th 
Martin  Mrs.  widow  teacher  92  s  11th 
..^  Martin  8c  Parham  cabinet  makers  99  8c  2 17  n  Front        ^ 
J^*ril^or^2»Patrick,  1 7  lilt<UI<H*'«»"  €»••"— '  ^.*; 

Martin  Rachel,  boarding  house  143  Chesnut 
Martin  Robert  C.  saddler  8cc.  66  Chesnut 
Martin  Samuel  M.  storekeeper  I  1-2  s  Second 
Martin  Thomas,  smith   1 1  Passyunk 
^Martin  Thomas,  woodsawyer  Deans  alley 
Martin  Wm.  brass  founder  Lolar^s  court 
Martin  Wm.  merchant  29  s  Second 
Martin  Wm-  cabinetmaker  93,99  8c  217  n  Front 
Martz  Philip,  surgeon  69  Green 
Masden  Benjamin,  merchant  4  Union 
Masden  8c  Bunker,  merchants  19  s  Watefr 
Mashmon  Wm.  shoemaker  111  Christian 
Mason  David  H.  engraver  18  Bank 
Mason  Elias,  taylpr  Prime  above  Front 


^lason  Isaac  N.  bookbinder   178  High  &  78  n  9th 

Mason  Jacob,  chair  maker,  &c.  262  s  3d  [«re  Maison 

Mason  Joseph,  hatter,  49  Coates  alley 

Mason  Joseph,  saddletree  maker  179  s  second 

Ma^on  Margaret,  ■widT)\v  29  North  alley 

Mason  Mary,miilinrr  179  s  2d 

Mason  P.  widow  13  V^ine 

Mabon  Philip,  engine  maker  k  city   commissioner 

1 8  I  s  Gth 
Mason  Robert,  merchant  75  Union  &  90  s  2d 
Mason  Samuel,   steward  of  the  Alms  house  and 

House  of  Employment 
Mason  Simon,  boaiding  house  98  Spruce 
Mason  Tanton,  baker  back  218  Swanson 
Mason  Tho*s-  windsor  chair  maker   120Xallowhill 
Mason  William,  oak  cooper  Carpenter  (C) 
Mason  widow  of  William,  store  keeper  63  n  3d 
Mason  William,  cabinet  maker  Noble  near  3d 
Mason    William,  wood  engraver  36  Carter's  alley 

and  18  Bank 
Mass  David  baker  158  s  6th 
Massey  Charles,  jun  merchant  170  Mulberry 
Massey  James,  W-  plane  maker  76  Crown 
Massey  John,  merchant  9  Penn 
Massey  Thomas,  sea  captain  316  n  Front 
Massey  Thomas,  carpenter  Baker's  court 
Massey  Wm.  salt  refiner  Poplar  corner  Front 
Massey  Windefraccomptant-hS3  Pine 
Master  George,  carter  Wood  above  8th 
Master  Joseph,  ganger  15  Coomb's  alley 
Master  Wm,  ladies  shoemaker  65  south  Third 
Mathers  Richd,  carpenter  Arch  near  Sch.  Front 
Mather   widow  of  James,  grocer  George  near 

Matthias,  A.  carpenter  94  St.  John    [_8ee  Matthews 
Mathieu  Joseph,  M.  d.  16  Branch 
Mathison  Nicl,  grocer  12  Pine 
Matlack  Abraham,  mariner  Juniper  lane 
Matlack  Emmor,  shoemaker  209  n  2d 
Matlack  Hannah,  teacher  Cedar  near  1 1th 
Matlack  Mrs.  teacher  1 62  n  3d 
Matlack  Mary  widow  9 1  n  Water 


Matlack  Timothy,  city,  commissioner,  wine  and  tea 

store  103  n  2d 
Matlack  Timothy,  jr.  shoestore  209  High 
Matlack  Thomas,  accountant  Chester  near  Lemno 
Mats  John,  shoemaker  Germantown  R.  above  2d 
Matsinger  Jacob,  Arch  near  Sch.  Front 
Matson  Mary,  upholsterer  138  s  4th 
iVIatson  Peter,  late  carter  Swede's  alley 
Mattenly  Thias  335  n  2d 
Mattern  Andrew,  potter  247  n  2d 
Matthews  Edward  woodsawyer  2 1 6  Coats 
Matthews  Francis,  stone  mason  Sch.  8th  near  Ka6e 
Matthews  James,  gentleman  1 63  Pine 
Matthews  John,  cooper  269  Race 
Matthews  widow  of  James,  25  Chesnut 
Matthews  James,  lock  smith  4th  above  Tammany 
Matthews  John,  cordwainer  6th  below  Fitzwater 
Matthews  John,  mariner  back   171  n.  2d 
fA/izr Mews  John,  coachman  39  Middle  alley 
Matthews  John,  paper  store  39 1  High 
Matthews  Lydia,  widow  Elmslie's  alley 
Matthews  L.  shopkeeper  47  n  2d 
Matthews  Matilda,  milliner  125  n  2d 
Matthews  Mrs.  of  James  back  95  Cliristian 
Matthews  Mrs.  of  Jeremiah  Huddelt's  alley 
Matthews  Thomas,  teacher  14  North  alley 
Matthews  Wm.  grocer  181  s  7th  [^see  Mathias 

Mattinly  Lewis,  shoemaker  Sheaff's  alley 
Maulberry  widow  Rachel 
Maull  &  Hill,  boat  builders  161  Swanson 
Maull  John,  sailmaker  18  Carter's  alley 
Maull  Nehemiah,  boat  builder  146  Swanson 
Maull  R.  8c  J.  sailmakers  10  south  wharves 
Maull  Robert,  sailmaker  4  Bread 
Maull  Wm.  shipwright  456  s  Front 
Maurel  J.  B.  news  carrier  back  227  s  Third 
Mawer  Thomas,  grocer  1 12  n  2d 
Mawhorter  Thomas,  cabinet  maker  143  Cherry 
Maxfield  Josepli,  insp.  of  Lumber  135  Pine 
\MaxJitld  P.  woodsawyer  Middle  alley 
Maxfield  Stephen,  lumber  merchant  97  n  5th 
Maxseiner  Adam,  taylor  218  n  Third 


Maxweli  Elizabeth,  widow  203  s  rth 
Alaxwell  James,  printer  48  8c  50  s  5th 
Maxwell  James,  wharfbuilder  Beach  near  Maideo 
Maxwell  James  weaver  13th  near  Cedar 
Maxwell  Jolm,  weaver  116  Christian 
Maxwell  John,  tinsmith  375  n  2d 
Maxwell  John,  jr.  carpenter  116  Christian 
Maxwell  Robert,  4  Union 

Maxwell  Robt.  wharf  builder  Maiden  corner  Beach 
Maxwell  widow  of  A.  163  south  Front 
Maxwell  widow  of  William,  shipwright  Hanover 
May  Adam,  late  grocer,  42  Pilbert 
May  Daniel,  bricklayer  Queen  above  3d 
May  Lewis  shoemaker  473    Sassafras 
May  Henry,  hatter  83  n  10th 
May  Mary,  wido>v  9 1  n  1 0th 
May  widow  of  George,  24  Parham's  alley 
Mayberry  Martha,  washerwoman  27  Gilles'  alley 
Maybin  John,  merchant  5  Chesnut  and  124  Arch 
Mayburry  Jeremiah  W.  grocer  268  n  Front 
Mayer  Andrew,  coach  and  sign  painter  N  W  corner 

Budd  and  Poplar  [^see  Meyer  and  Maker. 

Mayer  Frederic,  tavernkeeper   1st  gate  Frankford 

Mayer  Jacob,  accomptant,  70  n  2d 
Mayer  John,  farrier  235  Onllowhill 
MayhofTer  Daniel,  tanner  George  above  4th 
May  land  Jacob,  tobacconist  99  Sassafras  comer  3d 
Mayland  Samuel,  tobacconist  404  n  3d 
Mayley,  Wm.  grocer  and  drover  203  Shippen 
Maylin  Joseph,  gentleman  139  s  6th 
Mayo  Benjamin,  Washington  Academy  6  Old  York 

Mayo  Robert,  u.  d.  20a  s  5th  corner  Shippen      * 
Mays  Joseph,  shoemaker  Steinmetz  court  (N.  L.| 

see  Maze  and  Mease. 
Mayweg  John,  whitesmith  corner  ^d  and  Green 
Maze  John  G.  mast  maker  33  Mary  (S)  see  Mease 

aud  Mays 
Mazurie  James  I,  merchant  28  s  Front  and  59  n  4th 
Meade  James,  hair  dresser  291  s  3d   &  189  s  Front 
Mead  Patrick,  coachman  Bolton's  court 


■fMeadca/i  Richard,  porter  Juniper  alley 

Means  J.  copperplate  printer  back  27  Cherry  [^s&e 

Mcin  and  Main. 
Means  John,  hatter  18  Pewterplatter  alley 
Means  Mary,  shopkeeper  Cresson's  alley 
Meany  John,  merchant  41  Dock  dwelling  10  Frank- 
lin row  s  9th 
Mears  Benjamin,  brushmaker  47  s  4th       \_sec  Meer 
Mcase  James,  M.D.  192  Chesnut  [see  Maze  iif  Mays 
Mease  John,  merchant  4  Norris's  alley 
Mease  L.  widow  boardinghouse  217  Lombard 
Mccaskey  Andrew,  storekeeper  232  s  2d 
•Mecke  John,  cabinet  maker  64  n  2d 
Mecom  A]>ia,  hoarding  house  back  3  s  4th 
Medaria  George,  carter  Rugan 
Medarid  Peter,  carter  U.  S.  Arsenal 
Mfdaria  Solomon,  blacksmith  Maiden 
Medary  Jacob,  collector  of  toils  first  gate  Frankford 

Medigiden  Ann,  widow  46  Penn 
Meeker  Cory,  shoemaker  246  n  2d 
Meeker  Samuel  S.  shoe  ware  house  88  High  corner 

s  Third 
Meeker  Samuel,  merchant  215  High 
Meeker  Sam.  S.  &  Co.  shoe  warehouse  88  High 
Meer  John,  jun.  comb  maker 
Meer  John,  artist  4  s  7th  [_sce  Mears,  Meyer,  and 

Meghee  Charles,drayman  236  Catharine  (^s^e  Magec 
Meginnes  Neal,soap  boiler  1 10  Plum  [see  M'-Ginnis 

and  Maginnes. 
Meginnes  Stephen,  mate  30,  Green 
Mcgonagel  John,  oak  cooper  238  n  Front 
Mcguire  George,  teacher  Noble  hear  3d. 
Mef^uire  w^dowof  John,  accountant  Farmer's  alley 
Me;^uire  Philip  smith  Sugar  alley         [see  Maguire 
Meguire  Wm   cabinetmaker  177  s  2d 
Mcins  Arthur,  grocer  corner  Cedar  and  Apollo  [see 

Main  and  Means. 
Mcin  Andrew,  teacher  4  Powell 
Mcin  Thomas,  stonecutter  ;>62  High 
Meinnell  Wm.  print  cutter,  &c.  Lombard  near  10th 


Melchoir  John,  oak  cooper  4th  above  Poplai 
Mekcal  Abraham,  carpenter  1 28  Walnnt 
Melbeck  J.  commission  merchant  Caliowhill  above 

Melchor  H.  L.  carpenter  Raspberry  alley 
Meldrim  James,  carpenter  10  n  2(i 
Meley  Wm.  brickmaker  13th  below  Walnut 
Melish  John,  147  s  8th 
Melish  John  merchant  123  s  1 1th 
Melius  Wm.  painter  Elizabeth 
Melizet  Francis  8c  Co.  storekeepers  252  n  Scl 
Mellars  Joseph,  carpenter  183  s  7th 
Mellen  Samuel,  accomptant  12th  near  Cherry 
Mellen  widow  of  Wm.  smith  Swede's  alley 
Mellieur  E.  widow  91  s  4th  near  Pine 
Melmoth  Mrs.  teacher  71  Locust 
Meisom  Edward,  teacher  315  Mulberry 
Mendenhall  Isaac  carpenter  93  High 
Mendley  Enos,  labourer  China 
Mensing  Frederick,  boot  maker  79  s  Front 
Mentz  Charles,  woodsawyer  463  n  3d      [^see  Mirii'T- 
Mentz  George  W-  bookbinder  7 1  Sassafras 
Menzies  John,  clock  &  watchmaker  140  6  Front 
tiV/crcn?  Charles,  barber  157  Spruce 
Mercer  8c  Baird,  grocers  12  s  Wharves. 
Mercer  Bernard,  carpenter  133  s  10th 
Mercer  George,  grocer  Drawbridge  and  s  Front 
JNIercer  John,  grocer  12  s  Wharves  and  Cedar 
Mercer  &  M'MuUin  grocers  comer  Front  8c  Dock 
Mercer  Robert,  sea  captain  I  Mary  (S)  \_8ee  Marcet 
Mercer  Robert,  grocer  and  corder  232  s  2d 
l^ercer   Thomas    8c   Co.   grocers   S.   W.  cornc^ 

Christian  and  Swanson 
fiercer  widow  of  George  169  s  3d 
Mercier  C.  professor  of  music  36  Sugar  alley 
Mercier  Charles,  confectioner  104  High 
Mercier  Mrs.  widow,  270  n  2d 
Mcrckle  John>  rigger  10  Budd 
Meredith  Ann,  widow,  3  Little  Pine 
Meredith  Benjamin,  plaisterer  90  Crown 
Meredith  James,  stonecutter  Juniper  ivttar  Vine 
Meredith  David,  77  n  4th 
C  c  c 


Meredith  Mrs.  widow,  100  n  4th 
.Meredith  Tho.  innkeeper  Buttonwood  near  5tb 
yl/eredith  Wm.  counsellor  at  law  98  s  3d 
Meres  Sarah,  widow  53 1  s  Front  \^sce  Myen 

Merkel  Jacob,  carpenter  George  above  3d 
Merlin  Lewis  M,  upholsterer  192  Lombard 
/v/errefield  Joseph,  merchant  13  s  Front  Sc  s  i^d 
Merrick  Amos,  cordwainer  62  Passyunk 
3/errick  Joshua,  carpenter  10  Mary  (S.J 
Merrick  Richard,  teacher  1  Uh  near  Locust 
jV/errick  Samuel,  merchant  48  n  6th 
.Merrill  Otis  B.  printer  Sassafras 
JV/errill  Wm.  J.  grocer  138  Lombard 
A/errit  Henry,  labourer  Beach  near   3/arlboroqgh 

^fiee  Marot 
Merrit  Joseph,  carter  Webb's  alley 
Merritt  Samuel,  printer,  office  back  9  Fetter's  lai>e, 

dwellir.g  18  Gherry 
^Merrit  William,  labourer  Jones  alley 
Merryman  John,  oysterman  324  s  3d 
Merther  Philip,  carter,  259  Catharine 
Mervine  widow  of  George,  grocer  273  s  5th 
Mervine  John,  taylor  22  Bank 
Messchert  M.  H.  merchant  1 1  Sansom 
Messer  Henry,  baker  near  Schuylkill 
Metts  Barbary  widow  Buttonwood  near  6th 
Metts  George,   oak   cooper  Buttonwood   near    6th 
Metz  John,  watchman  80  s  Water  [see  Mitz 

Metzger  George,punq)  maker  old  YorkabovePoplar 
Metzger  John  M.  taylor  245  n  2d 
Meyer  George,  innkeeper  269  Vine 
Meyer  Henry,  innkeeper  south-west  corner  5th  and 

Meyer  Jacob,  printer.  Sec.  177  8c  179  n  2d 

[see  Maijer^  Maker ^  Myers,  Meres  ^  Merer    ^ 
Meyers  Henry,  yoeman  cor.  Buck  road  &  Long  long 
Meyers  John  P.  Weaver  118  n  5th 
Meyers  William,  tallow  chandler  Vine  near  Laii 

rence,  below  8th 
Michael  Rachael,  widow  306  s  Front 
Middleton  Daniel  carpenter  Wood  near  Duke 


Middleton  Allen,  blacksmith,  Noble  n.   3d  6c   San- 

som's  alley 
Middleton  G.  lumber  merchant  170  n  4th 
Middleton  John,  hatter  back  192  n  3d 
Middleton  Joseph,  taylor  22  Union  alley 
Middleton  Samuel,  bricklayer  172  n  4th 
Middleton  Tho.  labourer,  21  Budd 
•Middleton  widow  of  Wm.  smith  196  n  3d 
Middleton  &  WoolU^y,  lumber  yard  133  CallowhiU 
Midlcton  James,  mariner  72  £hippen 
Midlcton  William,  taylor  355  s  2d 
Midlcton  William,  shallopman  81    s  Front 
Midien  Walter,  sea  captain  21  Mead  alley 
Miercken  \vidow  of  Henry,  4i  Shippen 
Miercken  Peter  Sc   Co.  sugar  refiners   37  Shipnen 
Miersch  F'^ederick,  hog  victualler  Charles  *   . 

Mifflin  widow.of  iierij|i\min  18  n.  9tli 
Mifflin  John  F.  counsellor  at  law  5  and  9  Union 
Mifflin  S.  F    merchant  215  Chesnut  aJjove  7th 
Mfflin  Tho.-merchant  128  Spruce 
Mifflin  Thomas,  carpenter  Jones  st.  and  61   Walriiit 
Miles  Edward,  accomptant  Walnut  above  10th 
Miles  Edward,  drawing  master  2 10  Walnut 
Miles  John  accomptant  U.  S.  Arsnal 
Miles  Lewis>  labourer  corner  Crown  and  Prince 

[see  Milti's 
Miles  Mary,  widow  of  John,  gunmakcr  86  Cidiowhjll 
Miles  Rebecca,  widow  4  Sansom 
Miles  Robert,  carpenter  114  s   10th 
Mile*  widow  of  Thomas,  grocer  102  s  10th 
Miles  Wm.  brass,  steel,  S^  cane  reed  maker  359-n  3d 
Milcy  Frederick,  carter  Juniper  above  Cherry 
Miley  Geo.  victualler  Broad  near  Vine 
I\tiley  Jacob,  Germantown  road  near  first  gate 
Milcy  Jacob  £c  John,  victuallers  136  Brown 
M'lley  Matthias,  bricklayer  back  317  n  3d 
Mill  George,  cabinetmaker  Germantawn  road  near 

Millard  Benjamin,  tavern  keeper  248  High 
Millard  Tho.  wheel  and  chairmaker  408  and  410  n 

MiilbijEin  John,    rigger  43  Plum 


Millech  Joiiii,  iieg  victualler  Pleasant  st.         '' 
?viillcr  Ab'm.  and  And'w  jr.  pottery   corner  Zane 

and  7th  [«ee  Mellars 

]\Iiller  Adam,  flour  merchant  336  High 
Miller  A.  potter  N.  W.  corner  Zane  and  7th 
Vliller  Alexander,  grocer  and  bottler44  s  Water 
Miller  Andrew,  sea  captain  N.  W.   comer  Union 

and  Third 
Miller  Ann,  gentleman  199  Spruce 
Miller  Ann,  boarding  house  Shippen  above  4th 
t Miller  Ann,  whitewasher  back  169  s  3d 
Miller  An'y,  blacksmith  2d  above  Germantown  ^oad 
iMilltr  Anthony,  shoemaker  389  n  3d 
\ Miller  Anthony,  labourer  Juniper  alley 
Miller  Arthur,  labourer  12th  above  Cherl-y 
Miller  Arthur,  grocer  479  n  3d 
Miller  Barbara,  "widow  Wood  n  6th 
Miller  Catharine,  widow  18  Ann  (N.  L.) 
Miller  Charles,  bar  tender,  back  15  Filbert 
Miller  Charles,  baker   10th  below   High^  Hazle- 

hurst's  court 
Tvlillev  Cha's,  chocolate  manufacturer  and  grof^r 

208  and  210  n  3d    . 
\ Miller  Charles,  labourer  Dean'a  alley 
Miller  Conrad,  taylor  345  n  Front 
Miller  D.  gardener  Carpenter  (S.) 
Miller  Daniel,  innkeeper  427  n  2d 
Miller  Daniel,  late  carter  93  Budd 
Miller  Daniel  H.  ironmonger  162  n  2d  8c  119  New 
Miller  Daniel  L.  merchant  2  J*'n  Front  ' 

Miller  David,  grocer  230  s  2d 
Miller  David,  cedar  cooper  corner  Beach  8c  Maiden 
Miller  David,  plasterer  4th  near  George. 
^Miller  David,  labourer  25  Tammany 
Miller  Edward,  shoemaker,  148  n  5th 
^Mriler  E.  labourer  Acorn  alley 
Miller  Elenor,  china  store  148  n  4th 
\Millcr  Elisha,  oysterman  270  s  4th 
Miller  F.  soapboiler  Grisel's  alley 
Miller  Frederick,  mariner  back  105  Catharine 
Miller  widow  of  Fred,  corner  Wood  and  Juliann?. 
SlUlftr  George,  blacksmith '273  n  2tl 


MiUcr  George,  saddle  tree  plater,  Vine  below  8Lh 

Miller  George,  modeler  in  colours,  95  s  2d 

Miller  George,  ivory  button   maker,  Otter    near 

Frankford  road 
Miller  George,  teacher  West  nearPalmw 
Miller  George,  brickmaker  George,  near  Sch,  8th 
Miller  George,  shipjoiner  120  Brown 
Miller  George,  taylor  199  n  8th 
^Miller  George,  chair  driver,  back  78  n  4th 
Miller  Grace,  nurse,  3  Patton's  court 
Miller  Hannah,  segar  maker  123  n  6th 
Miller  Henry,  jr.  sawsharper  93  Arch  &;  108 St.  John 
Miller  Henry,  sawsharper  299  ii  3d 
Miller  Henry,  shoemaker  58  Newmarket 
Miller  Henry,  shipwright  Hanover  near  Bedford 
Miller  Henry,  mariner,  191  n  Front 
Miller  Henry,  victualler  262  n  8th 
Miller  Henry,  victualler  Wood  near  6th 
Miller  Hugh,  carter   Oak  (S.) 
Miller  Hugh,  labourer  Cedar  near  13th 
•fMillei'  Jacob,  tanner  Noble  above  5th 
Miller  Jacob,  potter  Rose  alley  (N.  L.) 
■fAfiUer  Jdicoby  labourer  4^3  n  2d 
Miller  Jacob,  shoemaker,  32  Strawberry 
Miller  James,  taylor  7th  below  Cedar 
Miller  James,  grocer  29  south  WJjarves 
Miller  James,  labourer  High  near  Sch.  6th 
Miller  Jane,  widow  260  Sasafras 
^Miller  Jer.  k  Moses,  labourers  Cedar  near  7th 
Miller  Joel,  cabinet  maker  5 1  s  Front 
Miller  John,  innkeeper  63  n  4th, 
Miller  John,  combmaker  Sch.  8th  near  Vine 
Miller  John  team  driver  Poplar  near  4th 
Miller  John,  carter  comer  Mulberry  and  Sch  8th 
Miller  John  sawsharper,  back  93  Arch 
Miller  John,  cooper  Coates*  court 
Miller  John,  jun.  merchant  202  s  Front 
Miller  John,  constable  126  Callowhill 
Miller  John,  carpenter  Wood  near  6th 
Miller  John,  smith  153  s  5th 
Miller  John,  tavemkeeper  3 1 3  High 
Miller  John,  marblecutter  371  High  J 

C  CC2-  ^ 


Miller  JoliaviTftariner  corner  Front  Sc  CaUowhill 
Miller  John,  pavier  6th  above  Green 
Miller  John  gafdener  Ann  st.  (V.) 
Miller  John,  baker  188  St.  John 
Miller  John,  whipmaker  1 55  Cherry- 
Miller  John  C.  innkeeper  228  Swanson 
\ Miller  John  Carter  197  Lombard 
Miller  Jonathan,  merchant  187  Chesnut 
Miller  Jonathan,  &  Co.  merchant  198  High 
Miller  Josepli,  grocer  152  n  3d 
Miller  Joseph,  carpenter  407  n  3d 
Miller  Lydia,  nurse,  S3 1  s  Front  % 

Miller  Margaret,  boardinghousc  200  Chesnut 
Miller  Martin,  labourer  45  Brown 
Miller  Mary,  widow  30  Appletree  alley 
Miller  Mary,  washerwoman  Broad  near  Race 
Miller  Michael,  poster  314  n  2d 
Miller  Moses,  ladie«  shoemaker  26  Poplar 
Miller  M.  boardinghoure  corner  Miner  and  6th 
Miller  Mrs.  mantua  maker  100  s  2d 
Miller  Mrs.  widow  segar  maker  365  Arch 
Miller  Mrs.  Eliz.  widow  28  Artillery  lane 
Aiiller  Nathan  S.  merchant  27  n  Water 
Miller  Nicholas,  blacksmith  Roger's  court 
Miller  Peter,  m.  d.  181  Mulberry^ 
Miller  Peter,  labourer  Germantown  road  below  2id# 
Miller  Peter,  gardener  Cedar  near  Broad 
\Miller  Peter,  labourer,  190  Lombard 
Miller  Philip,  printer  88  s  3d 
Miller  Philip,  tobacconist  80  Cedar 
Miller  Philip,  blacksmith  90  Brown 
.  Miller  Samuel,  carpenter  47  Green 
Miller  Samuel,  wheat  fanmaker    170  &  172  Spruce 
Miller  Samuel,  shoemaker  i  1th  above  Race 
Miller  Sarah,  nurse,  3  Patton's  court 
Miller  Sc  Van  Beuren,  merchants  190  s  Front 
Miller  widow  of  Akxander,  158  Spruce 
•  Miller  widow  of  John,  tavcrnkeeper  127  s  WateP^ 
Miller,  widow  of  John  F.  corner  Green  &  3d 
Miller  widow  of  Michael  wheat  fanmaker  153  s  5th 
Miller  William,  tobacconist  10  Brewer's  alley 
MiUcr  WilUwn,  jeweller  &c.  104)  n  2d 

INJiller  Wm.  secretary  to  Philadelphia  insurance 

company  161  3  2d 
IVIUler  William,  sea-captain  358  s  Front 
Miller  William,  brickmaker  Wright's  alley 
Miller  William,  &  John,  merchants  10  s  4th 
Milles  L.  shallopman  Brusstar's  court 
Milligan  James,  gentleman  263  Chesnut 
Milligan  Joseph,  tailor  High  west  of.centre  square 
"Millikin  Robert,  shoemaker  40  Chesnut  [_st'c 

Minikin  Wm.  grocer  49  Chesnut  8c  28  Strawberry 
Milliman  John,  constable  12  Branner's  alley 
Millington  David  s#9i  captain  7  Summer's  court  ' 
Minis  Nehemiah,  cabinet  maker  433  n  3d 
Millman  Wm.  shoemaker  Sansom's  alley 
Mills  8c  Anthony,  smiths  Fetter  lane 
Mills  James,  merchant  35  Chesnut 
Mills  Michael,  mariner  carpenter  (s)  n  4th 
Mills  Robert,  architect  45  Sansom  8c  114  s  8th  n.  \\. 

corner  Locust 
t  Mills  Robt.  waiter  10  Lociist 
Mills  Sarah,  widow  cor.  Juliana  8c  Callowhill 
Mills  Sarah,  victualling  house  Blackhorse  alley 
Mills  Smith,  blacksmith  69  Arch 
Mills  Mrs.  of  Frederick  97  Browne 
Millaon  John,  painter  8cc.  corner  Chesnut  8c  12th 
Millward  8c  Rinedoller,  jun.  mastmakers  Oak  (N.L.) 
Millwood  William,  mastmaker  40  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Milne  Edmund,  83  Green 

Milne  Richard,  merchant  9  s  Front  t,  193  Walnut 
Milner  George:,  weaver  383  Race 
Milner  John  labourer  U.  S.  Arsenal 
Milner  John,  tavernkeeper  85  north  Water 
Milner  Samuel  jun.  carpenter  back  48  Passyunk 
Milner  Samuel,  carpenter  2  Schriver's  court 
Milnor  Isaac,  state  guagerSc  grocer  24  s  wharves 

dwelling  122  Spruce 
Milnor   James,  &  Wm.  jr.  attornies  at  law  oftecc 

108  Walnut 
Milnor  James,  attorney  at  law  108  Walnut 
Milner  John,  commission  broker  29  Vine 
Milnor  Larkin J  merchant  II  Vine 


Milnor  &  Richards,  grocers  &  iron  merchants  s.  w 

corner  3d  £c  Vine 
MiJnor  Robert,  druggist  &c.  Ills  second 
Milnor  William,  merchant  17  n  4th 
Milnor  William,  jun.  attorney  at  law  204  Sprucer 

office  108  Walnut 
Miltenberger  Catharine,  widow  108  Oreen 
Ming  John,  teacher  154  n  5th 
Mingle  Elizabeth,  midwife  22  Appletree  alley 
Mingle  John,  blacksmith  263  and  264  Sassafras 
Mingle  Philip,  sea  captain  202  Sassafras 
Mink  Catharine,  boarding  house  back  251  Race 
Mink  Philip,  yoeman  long  lane  n  Federal 
Minier  William,  carpenter  206  &  157n  6th 
Minster  John,  fiddle  string  maker  Pleasant  st 
Mintzer  Adam,  carter  321  n  Third 
Mintzer  Christopher,  hog  victualler  Rachel  sto 
Mintzer  John  G.  innkeeper  404  n  2d 
Mintzer  John,  victualler  4th  above  Poplar  lane 
Mintzer  John,  carter  3 15  n  3d 
Mintzer  Joseph,  victualler  38  Charlotte 
Mintzer  R.  widow  246  n  2d 
Mintzer  Joseph  jr.  victualler  126  s  Water 
Miquet  Francis,  hairdresser  271  n  Front 
Miskey  Anthony,  trader,  382  n  2d 
Mitchell  A.  ropemaker  William  st 
Mitchell  Abraham  jun.  accountant  26  New  market 
Mitchell  Andrew,  C.  tobacconist  318  High 
Mitchell  Anthony,  confectioner  50  Tammany. 
Mitchell  Benjamin,  carpenter  33  Browne 
Mitchell  Benjamin,  bricklayer  Noble  near  3d 
Mitchell  Benjamin,  jun.  carpenter  29  Browne 
t  Mitchell  C.  barber  4  i  7  n  Front 
Mitchell  Charles,  hairdresser  213  n  2d 
Mitchell  Eliza,  mantuamaker  322  s  Third 
Mitchell  Francis,  trunkmaker  S  Juniper  near  High 
Mitchell  George,  labourer  272  s  Front 
Mitchell  Jabes,  shipsmith  Queen  near  Frankford  R. 
Mitchell  Jacob,  mahogany  merchant  131  Cedar 
Mitchell  James,  carpente.r  8  old  York 
t  Mitchell  James,  paperstainer  1 12  Christian 
t  MitchelUohHf  waiter  ^70  s  2d 


Mitchcil  John,  fancy  chairmaker  76  s  4th 
Mitchell  John,  labourer  Marlborough  near  Prince 
Mitchell  Joseph,  hoatbuilder  412  s  2d 
Mitchell  Rachel,  widow  26  Newmarket 
.Mitchell  &  Sutherland,  apothecaries  and  druggists 

208  s  5th  corner  Shippen 
Mitchell  Thomas,  conveyancer  195  s  2d 
Mitchell  Thomas  D.  m.  d.  208  s  5th  cor.  Shippeji 
Mitchell  William,  chairmaker  75  Lombard 
Mitz  Adam,  drayman  2d  above  Germantown  R.  [?ec 

Mixter  Ezra,  ladies  shoemaker  265  St.  John 
Mock  Adam,  labourer  527  n  Third 
Moffat  Spencer,  grocer  426  n  2d 
Moffett  Adam,  labourer  68  n  6th  f&f^  Mafftt 

Moffett  Jas.  n.  w.  corner  Front  &_. Catharine 
Moffett  Robert,  grocer  302  s  Front 
Moffett  Robert,  carter  Locust  above  i^th 
Moffett  William,  mariner  22  Cedar 
"Molan  James,  locksmith  and  bell-hanger  72  n  6lh 

[«ee  Motvlan 
Moland  Wm.  N.  m.  d.  S.  E.  corner  4th  8c  Sprtice 
Moliere  Henry,  ship  chandler  292  s  2d 
Molineux  widow  of  John,   makes   colouring   for 

liquor,  264  s  5th 
Molineux  John  E.  hairdresser  187  8c  189  Cedar 
Molony  Jas.  currier  80  Chesnut  8c  31  Carter's  alley 

[sec  Mullotvny. 
]Molony  John,  corabmaker  72  n  8th 
Monach,  widow  of  Andrew,  386  s  2d 
Monell  Jacob,  shoemaker  back  346  n  2d 
Moncll  5c  Hanson,  merchant  tailors,  S.  E.  corner 

2d  and  Dock 
Monell  John,  merchant  tailor,  109  s  2d 
Monet  Peter,  machine  maker  l^yndalPs  court 
Mongan  Fi*ancis,  grocer  281s  4th  Corner  of  Plum 
Monges  John  R.  m.  d.  81  s  3d  N.  E.  corner  of  Pear 
Moniger  John,  painter,  Sec.  89  n  Tenth 
Monington  John,  carpenter  142n  8th 
Monk  George,  sea  captain,  18  Green 
MonscU  John,  dnayman  Carpenter  \S^,  nrar  *\ 
Montant  C,  merchant  l:i'">  Piiv? 

MON— Moa 

Monteath  widow,  teacher  272  s  Front 
Montelius  Wm.  tobacconist  172  High  and  53  n  Cth 
Montgomery  Andrew,  teacher  33^  s  Front 
Montgomery  Austin,  merchant  4 1  s  Front  and  4  & 

Tenth  * 

Montgomery  Charles,  shoemaker  Walker's  court 
Montgomery  David,  carter  4  Prune 
Montgomery  E.  widow  4th  above  Tammany 
Montgomery  H.  grbcer  corner  Vine  and  Sch.  8th 
Montgomery  James,  attorney  at  law  dwelling  285. 

Chesnut  near  9th 
Montgomery  John,  baker  corner    Callow  hill    and 

Ann  (N.  L  ) 
Montgomery  John,  carpenter  128  Callowhill 
Montgomery  Jos.  brickmaker  Button  wood  n.  8th 
Montgomery  Joseph,  merchant  2  s  10th  aiul  101  n 

Montgomery  Richard,  thread  manufactuaer  corner 

High  and  Sch.  5th 
Montgomery  Samuel  P.  sea  captain  150  s  2d 
Montgomery  Thomas,  gentleman  31  Lombard 
Montgomery   Thomas,   cordwainer  N.  E.  corner 

Chesnut  and  7th 
Montgomery  William,  jr.  accomptant  34  Union 
Montgomery  Wni.  boot  and  shoemaker  N.  E. 'cor- 
ner Chesnut  and  7th 
Montgomeiy  Wm.  merchant  128  Mulberry  and  41 

and  101  n  Front 
Montgomery  Wm.  &  Son,  meirchants  101  n  Front 
Montier  Robert,  bottler  130  n  Front 
Montmollin  F.  8c  S.  Moses,  auctioneers  39  n  Front 
Montmollin  F.  auctioneer,  store  39  n  Front  dwelling 

162  Mulberry  ' 
Moode  Anthony,  labourer  Wood  (K.) 
Moode  Jacob,  fisherman  Wood  (K.) 
Moode  John,  fislierman  Wood  (K.) 
Moode  widow  of  John,  biscuit  baHer  Wood  {K} 
Moon,  Wm.  vvindsor  chair  maker  32  n  4th 
Mooney  Cornelius,  labourer  268  s  4th 
Mooney  Elizabeth,  huckster  292  St.  John 
Mooney  James,  carter  38  St.  Mary 
Mooney  Jane,  widow  Shippeu 


Mooney  widow  of  Wm.  taylor  172  s  Water 

Mooney  John,  stevedore  326  s  2d 

Moore  Abraham,  shoemaker  2&7  s  5th  [see  Morjfr 

Moore  Abraham,  grocer  298  s  4th 

Moore  Ann,  fortune  teller  3  Blackberry  alley 

Moore  Charles,  carpenter  9  Kunckel 

Moore  C.  shopkeeper  308  n  2d 

Moore  Frederick  nailer  corner  Brown  8c  4th  aboTe 

Moore  George,  carter  cor.  Carpenter  and  Passyunk 
Moore  George  D.  painter,  &c.back  25  n  6th 
•\Moore  Hannibal,  sweep  Chesnut  near  Sch.  5th 
Moore  &   Herkness,  marble  mantle  manufacturers 

and  stone  yards  1 1  n  7th  and  19  Filbert 
Moore  Henry,  cordwainer  151  Shippen 
Moore  Henry,  carter  back  28 1  s  3d 
Moore  Hugh,  oakcooper  31  Elfreith's  alley 
Moore  James,  weaver  comer  6th  and  Coats 
Moore  Kev.  James,  140  n  4th 
Moore  James,  merchant  157  Pine 
Moore  James,  sea  captain  224  Walnut 
Moore  James,  bottler  12  and  16  Argyle 
Moore  James,  accomptantl7  Walnut 
Moore  James,  cooper  43  Noble 
Moore  Jane,  wdow  59  Penn 
Moore  Jane,  grocer  corner  German  and  4th 
Moore  Jane,  china  store  233  s  2d 
Moore  Jeremiah,  shoemaker  1 1 5  Green 
Moore  Jesse,  shallopman  corner  3d  and  QuQ^n 
Moore  John,  carpenter  Kunckel  near  Green 
Moore  John,  brickmakcr  279  Sassafras 
Moore  John,  cordwainer  Fitzwalter  above  6th 
Moore  John,  plaisterer  279  s  5th 
Moore  John,  victualler  Garden 
Moore  John  A.  of  U.  S.  navy  Queen  near  2d 
Moore  Joseph,  carpenter  Quince  alley  near  Walnut 
Moore  Joseph,  shopkeeper  2  Bank 
Moore  Marmaduke,  stonecutter  43  Filbert 
fMoore   Mary,   washerwoman  corner  Chesnut  and 

Moore  Mary  seamstress  Queen  near  Bishop 
Moore  Mary,  chiwa  store  96  n  5th 


Moore  Mrs.  of  William,  4  Penn 

IVIoore  Mrs.  widow  161  n  3d 

Moore  &  M'Coy,  grocers  104  n  4th 

Moore  8c  Myers,  merchants  22  n  3d 

Moore  Nathaniel,  coachmaker  63  n  10th 

Moore  Peter,  plaisterer  198  Lombard 

Moore  Prisciila,  nurse  125  Pine 

Moore  Rachael,  widow  Chesnut  near  Sch.  2d 

\Moore  Reuben,  master  sweep  193  Lombard 

Moore  Robinson  R.  accomptant  Lombard  n.  10th 

Moore  Samuel,  saddler,  &c.  6  Harlung's  alley 

Moore  Samuel,  2 1  n  6th 

Moore  Samuel,  cordwainer  Fearis's  court 

Moore  Samuel,  carpenter  corner  4th  and  George 

Moore  Samuel,  carpenter  corner  St.  John  and  Coats 

Moore  Sarah,  gentlewoman  1 16  Mulberry 

Moore  Sarah,  vvi,dow  141  Locust 

Moore  Sarah,  widow  36  Moravian  alley 

Moore  widow  of  Thomas,  Sch.  Front  near  Cherrr 

Moore  Thomas,  jr.  grocer  104  n  4th 

Moore  Thomas,  sea  captain  18  Newmarket 

Moore  Thomas  L.  gentleman  42  Pine 

Moore  widow^  seamstress  63  Penn 

jMoore  widow,  of  Jeremiah  216s  5th 

Moore  Wm.  soapboiler  86  s  5th 

Moore  Wm.  labourer  Lombard  n  Sch.  8th 

Morand  Augustus,  musician  Portland  lane 

Morehane  Joseph,   accompant   182    St.   John 

IVIorel  James,  teacher  of  foreign  languages  back 

246  n  2d  [jsee  Morrell 

Morey  William  supercargo  172  Lombard 
Morgan  Benj.  R.  counsellor  at  law  41  Mulberry 
Morgan  Bennet,  labourer  9  Heyde's  court 
i>/or^an  Charles,  woodsawyer  Jone'»  alley  (N.  L.) 

£c  back  43 1  n  2d 
Morgan  David,  mariner  21  Swanson 
Morgan  Elizabeth,  seamstress  9  Coomb's  alley 
Morgan  George  W  magistrate  N.  E.  corner  9th  & 

Morgan  James,  carpenter  Eighth  above  Vine 
Morgan  John,  tanner  Vine  near  Eleventh 
Morgan  John,  neats  foot  oil  ivory  black  &»  blackball 

maker  Callowhill  near  8th 


Morgan  Reuben,  innkeeper,  corner  Vine"and  6ih  ' 
Morgan  John,  pockelljook  manufacturer  10  s  Frorv 
Morgan  John,  boot  &  last  maker  47  s  4tli 
Morgan  John  C.  carpenter  206  Cherry- 
Morgan  Margaret,  widow  93  s  5th 
Morgan  Matthews,  shipwright  Sarah  st 
Morgan  Nicholas,  mariner  Pegg  st 
Morgan  Peter,  grocer  corner  Pine  and  Water 
Morgan  Rachael,  widow  75  Mulberry 
Morgan  Samuel,  shoemaker  Callowhill  above  lOth 
Morgan  &c  Sisty,  pocketbook  £c  elastic  spring  manu 

factory  40  s  10th 
Molgan  Sarah,  widow  407  n  2d 
Morgan  Solomon,  grocer  235  s  4th 
Morga/i  Thomas,  sea  captain  55  Queen  (S) 
Morgan  widow  of  Thos.  meichant  106  Mulberry 
Morgan  Wm.  mast  maker.  Beach  near  Maiden 
Morgan  Wm.  cordwahier,  Fearis's  court 
Morgan  Wm.    glue  &  cowskin  whip  maker  Vine^ 

near  lUh 
Morgan  Wm.  shallopman  Lolar's  court 
Morgan  Wm.  H.  carver  and  gilder  lUChesnut 
Morin  Alexander,  jeweller,  91  n  3d 
Morgan  John,  goldsmith  77  n  3d 
Morrell  James,  hatter  171  n  2d 
Morrcll  James  merchant  78  n  Front 
!Morrell  I,  W.  china  merchant  3  1 7  High 
Morrell  Mrs.  midwife  71   Union     [ie-e  Murrcll  and 

Morrell  R(jbert,  cliina  merchant  211  &  182  Arch 
Morrell  Robert,  carpenter  Billing's  court 
Morrell  Thomas,  merchant  78  n  Front  &  211  High 
Moirell  widow  of  John,  china  merchant  78  n  Front 
Morrell  Wm.  labourer  Jones  aliey(N.  L.) 

Morrig  ,  accompt»mt  3  n    12th 

Morris  Aaron,  carter  back  40  St.  John 
XMorris  Abraham,  wood  sawyer  7  St.  Maiy 
Morris  Ann*  storekeeper  68  n  Fourth 
Morris  Anthony,  counsellor  at  law  72  s  2d 
Morris  Anthony  J.  gentlepnan,  94  s  3d 
Morris  Benjamin,  gentleman  21g  Mulbetiv 

D  dd 


Morris  and  Broth'ers,  druggist.  &c.  45  n  Su 

Morris  Elihu  E.  sea  captain  20  Dock 

Blorris  £c  Fraley,  merchants  191  High 

Morris  George  St  Go.  merchants  7  n  Front 

Morris  George  L.  bookbinder  2  Dock  28  Spruce 

•\ Morris  George,  labourer  Lemon  st  &:  160  n  8th 

Morris  Isaac  W.  brewer  144  s  4th 

Morris  Israel  W.  merchant  149  south  Water 

Morris  James,  oakcooper  ^3  George  (S.) 

Morris  Jeremiah,  druggist  293  High 

^Morris  Jolin, dealer  Bedford  (M.) 

Morris  John,  printer,  126  St.  John 

Morris  Joseph,  labourer  435  n  Front 

Morris  Joseph,  mariner  57  Mead  alley 

Morris  Joseph,  carjjenter  58  n  8th 

Morris  Joseph,  brewer  96  n  Front 

Morris  Joseph,  hatter  12  Chancery  lane 

Morris  L.  widow  Moyamensing  near  Prime 

tiV/orrz»  L.  carter  back  242  Lombard 

Morris  Luke  W.  lumber  merchant  100  Spruce 

Morris  Luke  W.  k  Co.    Lumber  merchants  9th 

below  Chesnut 
Morris  Miss,  raantuamaker  145  s  8th 
Morris  Morris,  labourer  238  Catharine 
Morris  Mrs.   painting   and   drawing   accademy  2 

Heyde's  court  Filbert  above  8th 
Morris  Reese  grocer  219  n  3d 
Morris  Richard  Hill,  merchant  8  n   1  Ith 
Morris  Robert,  sea  captain  347  s  3d 
■f  Morris  Robert,  labourer,  Prospect  all^y 
Morris  Sarah,  gentlewoman  20  Bi  anch 
i: Morris  Samnel,  waiter  Miller's  alley 
Morris  Susan,  gentlcmwoman  35  Filbert 
Morris  Thomas,  plaisterer  Cherry  near  juniper 
Morris  Thomas,  jun.  Sc  Co.  brewers  86  n  2d 
Morris  Thomas,  labourer  208  s  2d 
Morris  Thomas,  teacher,  Sch.  5th  near  Chesnut 
Morris  widow  of  Robert,  gentleman  comer   lltb 

and  Chesnut 
Morris  Wmi.  farmer  Arch  near   Sch.  4th 
Morris  Wm.  shingledresscr  389  Sassafra? 
Morris  William  P.  merchant,  41  Sansom 


Morrison  A.  carpenter  corner  Passyunk  &  Christian 

Morrison   8c  Co.   rectifying  and   cordial    distillers 
108  Plum 

Morrison  Mrs.  of  Daniel,  turner  280  Arch 

Morrison  Evan,  merchant  60  n  3d 

Moriiscn  George,  merchant  117  New 

Morrison  Hugh,  late  tavernkecper  236  s  Sd 

Morrison  Isabella,  widow  499  s  Fiont 

Morrison  James,  carter  262  s   6th 

Morrison  iMorris,  carpenter  119  Brown 

^Jorrison  Mrs-  widow  6  Penn 

Morrison  and  Rawle,  merchants  57  n  Front 

Morrison  Sarah,  mantuamaker^back  86  s  3d. 
-Morrison  widow  of  Thomas,  14  Prune 
Morrison  William,  oak  cooper  Arch  near  Sch.  8th 
Morrison  Wm.  brewer  79  Chesnut 
Morrison  Wm.  cabinetmaker  1 39  Pine 
Morrison  Wm.  sea  captain  308  Sassafras 
IMorrow  Hugh,  tinplate  worker  1 24  n  11  th 
Morrow  Samuel,  smith  corner  Pine  and  5th 
Morrow  "widow  of  John,  corner  Juniper  and  Cherty 
Morrow  Wm.  carter,  68  Passyunk  road 
Morse  George  W.  sea  captain  235  Spruce 
^lorse  Isaac,  shoemaker,  Biitton's  alley 

Mortimer  Mrs.  ladies' seminary  104  Mulberry 
.Morton  Benjamin,  batter  343  s  2d 
Morton  George,  Gray's  ferry  road  near  Ferry 
Alorton  James,  printer  22  Strawberry 
Morton  John,  mariner  299  s  Front 
Morton  John,  president  of  North  America  Bank 

116s  Front 
Morton  Joseph,  grocer  corner  Callowhiil  and  5th 
Morton  Joseph,  boatbnilder  Maiden 
Morton  Thomas,   bookbinder  and  paper  ruler    33 

Pewtcrplatter  alley 
Morion  Sc  Wallace,  binders  &  rulers,  33  Pewter- 
platter  alley 
-Morton  widow  of  George,  sea  captain  299  s  Front 

Mory  Lewis,  sea  captain,  263  s  Front 
Moscr  widow  of  Martin,  potter  3 10  n  2:1 
:\Ioses  Abraham,  merchant  49  n  2d 
*  yfosca  Hancock,  labourer  las  s  7th 


Moses  Henry,  currier  377  n  Front 

Moses  Isaac,  merchant  154  Chesnut  Sc  33  n  Front 

Moses  Jacob,  trader,  103  Callowhill 

Moses  Joshua,  merchant  33  n  Front  8c  154  Chesnut 

Moses  Solomon,  auctioneer  39  n  Front  dwelling 

»     210  Chesnut 
Moss  Christopher,  shoemaker  Germantown   rcad 

near  4th         * 
Moss  Henry,  labourer  Oak  (S.) 
Moss  Jacob,  quill  &  pen  manufactory  71s  8th 
Moss  John,  merchant  37  Dock  [^see  Maoa 

Moss  John  A.  shoemaker  246  s  5th 
Moss  Samuel,  merchant  97  Lombard 
Mosser  Jacob,  victualler  Queen  near  Hanover 
MosslanderGeo.  oysterman  130  s  6th 
Most  Henry,  gunstocker  2«  Kunckel 
Mott  James,  merchant  4S  Dock  &  28  Union 
Mott   Edward,  paint   warehouse    10    Fetter  lan*e 

dwellintj  75  n  3d 
MottleyMrs.  widow  SO  Coates  alley 
MouiUie  Maturine,  wine  cooper  Locust  near  BroaS 
^Moulden  Jacob,  woodswayer,  Mary's  alley 
^Mouldcn  Noah,  woodsawyer  back  7  Bedford  (M.) 
Moulder  John  N.  accomptant  U.  S.  Arsenal  Gray's 

Ferry  road 
Moulder  Joseph  accomptant  1 3  Race 
Moulder  Margaret,  boarding  house  24  Pear 
^Moulder  Noah,  woodsawyer  Shippen  above  7th 
Moulder  William,  justice  of  the  peace  312  n  2tl 
Moulson  John,  storekeeper  64  Mulberry 
Mount  Edward,  mate  8 1  Penn 
Mount  Forman,  gentleman  23  Plum 
Mount  John,  bricklayer  196  Cedar 
Mount  John,  labourer  Lombard  near3ch.  8th 
-^ Mount  Tho.  carter  540  n  3d 
Mount  T.  B.  gentleman  5  Newmarket  st. 
Mountea  Edward,  shoemaker  i22  Cedar 
Mountea  widow  of  George  1 7  Farmer's  alley 
Mourcr  John  Andrew,  turner  Laurence 
Mower  George,  shallopman  Huddeirs  alley 
Mowers  Mrs.  of  Aaron,  printer  130  s  10th 

[see  M0QT6 


Mower  James,  weaver  32  Crown 

Mower  widow  of  Jacob,  storekeeper  276  n  '2d 

Mowerer  John,  grocer  80  Green 

ISIowlan  Mary,  taylorest,  back  479  s  I'ront 

[_see  iMola/i 
Moxham  Wm.  carpenter  2d  below  Federal 
Meyer  Peter,  plaisterernear  172  n  4th J 
Moyer  Thomas,  saddler  &c.  1 17  n  Sd 
INIoyn  Jacob,  shoemaker,  23  St.  Mary 
Much  James,  shipwright  17  Beck's  allef 
Muhlenberg  David,  305  Sassafras 
Muhlenberg  \Yidow  of  H.  corner  7th  &  High 
^luicr  Daniel,  ladies'  shoemaker  105  Catharine 
M*irhead  Alexander,  merchant  26  Chesnut 
^Mulbagh  John,  carter  Wood  near  Duke 
Mulcaiiy  Mary,  widow  140  n  Water 
Mulhall  Henry ,baker  Locust  above  1 1th 
Mulhan  John,  labourer  124  s  6Lh 
Mulhollon  John,  engineer  and  carpenter,  Maple  st 
Muil  Benjamin,  combmaker  389  n  Front 
Mullan  Barney,  boardirjghouse  244  s  6th 
Mullen  Edward,  grocer  corner  of  Oak  and  Hay- 
scales  wharf 
Mullen  James,  biscuit  baker  442  n  3d 
Mullen  Mrs.  widow  279  s  5th 
Mullen  Thomas,  shoemaker  159  St.  John 
Mullen  Wm.  shoemaker  14  0ak(S.) 
Mullenary  Martha,  widow,  14  Small  ^ 

MuUikin  aVIts.  of  Joseph,  91  Callowhill 
Mullin  Mary,  widow  13th  near  Cedar 
Mullison  John,  bricklayer  63  Tammany 
Mullock  L.  widow  13  Sterling  alley 
MoUowny  John,  Washington  pottery  ware  house 
High  near  Sch.  6th  [^see  Molony 

Mumford  Sarah,  mantua  maker  150  s.  5th 
Mummer  Ludwick,  weaver   145  Coats 
Muncas  William,  coachtrimmer,  21  St.  Mary 
Mundhenk  Daniel,  file  maker  423  n  3d 
Mungan  Austin,  Cedar  near  Broad 
Munier  Nicholas,  grocer  203  Spruce 
Munns  Lyndsey,  grocer  corner   of  Swanson   ancf- 

Ddd  2 


Muntag  Henry,  baker  429  n  3cl 
Murdockand  Duffield,  merchants  99  s  Fronir 
Murdock  &  Howoith,  bookbinders,  33  Bread  st. 
Murdock  John,  per iumer  57  Walnut 
Murdock  John,  smith  Marbleborou^h  near  Bedford 
Murdock  Robert,  merchant  53  Lombard 
Murdock  Thomas,  bookbinder  33  Sread  st. 
Mordock  Wm.  flour  merchant  86  High 
Murphy  Alexander,  accomptant  Fearis*  court 
Murphy    Charles,  shipwright   Marlborough    near- 
Murphy  Cornelius,  shoemaker  38  Vine 
Murphy  David,  mariner  13  Caliowhill 
Ivlurphy  ■widow  of  Ezekiel  41  High 
?>Iurphy  James,  tobacconist  High  west  Sch.  Sth 
rvlurphy  Jas.  labourer  New  Prison  Arch 
Murphy  James,  cabinetmaker  135  s  2d 
Murphy  John,  labourer  34  Coats 
^•lurphy  John,  millstonemaker  Weaver's  alley 
■Murphy  John,  accomptant^  Margaretta 
Murphy  John,  labourer  Quince  alley 
'  Mur/ihy  Joseph,  carter  216  Coats 
Murphy  Malcolm,  smith  Davison's  alley 
^Murphy  Miss  L.  shopkeeper  88  n  4th 
■Murphy  Mrs.  of  James,  back  57  s  Water 
Murphy  Robert,  boot  and  shoemaker  95  n  3d 
Murphy  Robert,  shipv.'right  27  Beck's  alley 
Murphy  Wm.  labou  rer  Queen  near  Bishop 
Murray    .    .«,  painter  &c.  166  s  5th 
Murray  Cowmoofore  Alexander,  12  Prone 
Vliirray,  Draper,  Fairman  &  Co.    Bank  bill  engra- 
vers Sansom  above  8th 
Murray  George,  engraver  220  Pine  &  47  Sansom    : 
Aiiirray  George,  grocer  246  s  2d 
Murray  Isaac  shoemaker  33  Chesnut 
Murray  Isaac,  shoemaker  8th  abovid^^ButtonvfOod 
Murray  Jam€a,  grocer  82  German 
Murray  James,  labourer  Vine  near  Ilth 
Murray  James,  accomptant  22  Branch 
Murray  James,  W.  attorney  at  law,  72  s  2d 
Murray  John,  shoenjakpr  514  s  2d 
Murray  John,  oak  cooper  ^"^^  P"^'6  ^  304  i  Wftter* 


Murray  John,  labourer  Taylor's  alley 

iVIurray  Joseph,  bootmaker,  23  Chesnut 

Murray  Martha,  widow  122  Swaasxjn 

Murray  Mary,  135  s  2d 

Murray  Michael,  taylor  19  Noble 

Murray  &  Peltz,  grocer  246  s  2d 

Murray  Rebecca,  widow  glovemaker,  back  56T  s  5th 

Murray  Robert  C.  lastmaker  40  Strawberry 

i Murray  Samuel, master  sweep  56  Small 

Murray  Wm.  typefounder  Clifton  st. 

Murrell  Hugh,  carpenter  146  Cherry 

Murvine  Andrew,  cooper,  Vineyard 

Murvinc  Ferdinand,  ladies*  shoemaker  427  s  2d 

Muschcrt  Catharine,  widow  225  St.  Johii 

Muschert  George,  sailmakei'  Vine  st.  wharf 

Musgrave  Aaron,  accomptant  168  s  4th 

Musgrave  James,  late  goldsmith  74  Spruce 

Musgrave  Joseph  P.  merchant  198  Spruce 

Musgrave  widow  of  Joseph,  storekeeper  352  n  2cl 

Musgrave  and  Yeats,  merchants  251  High 

Mushel  Eli'zabeth,widow  22  Appletree  alley 

Musser  Henry,  saddle,    trunk  and  harness  maker 

295  1-2  High 
Musser  John»  inspector  of  customs  146  Race 
Musser  Mrs.  boarding  house  258  High 
Musser  Wm.  merchant  263  H  igh 
Mussina  Zachariah,  shopkeeper  93  Race 
Mustin  George,  tax  collector  181  n  2d 
Mustin  John,  storekeeper  181  n  2d 
Mybert  E.  widow  9  Tammany  street 
Myer  Isaap,  sign  painter  1 1 1  Chesnut 
Myer  Jacob,  labourer  Pleasant  st. 
Myers   Anthony,  merchant  22  n  3d         [see  Mayer- 

ATeijer,  Mahery  Meres.  Mearsy  and Meer, 
Myers  Catharine,  widow,  Reed's  alley  &  300  Race 
Myers  Catharine,  widow  Hudson's  lane  near  ^h 
Myers  Daniel,  cabinetmaker  :>36  Sassafras 
Myers  Elizabeth  B.  storekeeper  14  s  2d 
Myers  Gadlip,  baker  46  Vine 
^lye^s  George,  smith  Swede's  alley 
Myers  George,  taylor  Buttonwood  near  6th 
Myers  George,  drayman  4th  near  George 


Myers  George,  mariner  16  Swanson 

Myers  Hannah,  doctress  495  n  3d 

Myers  Henry,  sugar  boiler  1252  Sassafras 

Myers  Henry,  jun.  storekeeper  133  n  Sd 

Myers  Henryy  gentleman  133  n  3d 

Myers  Jacob,  flour  merchant  437  High 

Myers  John,  joiner  141  n  5th  ' 

Myers  widow  of  John,  potter  1 1th  above  Arch 

Myers  John,  merchant  Walnut  st.  wharf  dwelling' 

Spruce  near  4th 
Myers  John,  mariner  22  Little  Water 
Myers  John,  victualler,  269  Callowhill 
Myers  John,  flour  merchant  427  High 
Myers  John,  carpenter  205  Lombard  near  Tih 
Myers  John,  sea  captain  15  Christian 
Myers  John  jr.  victualler  back  293  Callowhill 
Myers  John  &  Jacob,  flour  merchants  427  High 
Myers  John,  cake  baker  32  Strawberry 
Myers  John,  paper  hanger  Randall's  court 
Myers  Mrs.  of  Henry,  Miller's  court 
Myers  Mrs.  widow  of  L.  32  Christain 
Myers  Micliael,  tavernkeeper  205  n  Water 
Myers  Nicholas,   dyer  284  n  2d 
Myers  Peter,  tobacconist  Buttonwood  near  8th- 
Myers  Philip,  grocer  4th  near  George 
Myers  Thomas,  accountant  133  n  3d 
Myers  widow  of  Henry,  Laurence  st. 
Myers  Wm.  tallow  chandler  Vine  below  8th 
Myers  Wm.  rigger  212  St.  John 
Myers  Wm.  smith  Catharine  &  190  Swanson 
Myland  S.  tobacconist  26  Sassafras  alley  [^see  May- 
Mynich  Jacob,  painter  8 1  n  5th  land 

My  rick  Jethro,  sea  captain  158  Cherry 
Myring  Jos.  glass  and  seal  cutter  45  n  3d 
Myring  Mrs.  boarding  house  45  n  3d 
Myrre  Ann,  grocer  corner  2d  &  Queen 
Myrtle  Jacob,  carpenter  4th  above  Brown 
Myitetus  widow  of  Christopher,  t£iylop43  Christiai:i< 
Myscndhcnder— r,  goldsmith  &c.  367  n  2d. 


Nace  Jacob,  nailer  92  Browne  [ece  J^iire^ 

Nagel  Charles,  hairdresser  371  Mulberry 
Nagel  George  &  Co.  storekeepers  215  n  3d 
Nagel  Samuel,  bookbinder  3  Little  Pine 
Nagel  Michael, grocer  8c  boardinghouse  75  s  WSter 
Nagel  Joseph,  corner  George  and  Sch.  8th 
Naglee  Benjamin,  lumber  merchant  446  n  2(1 
Naglce  Catharine,  shopkeeper  14  n  6th 
Naglee  James,  shoemaker  Federal  above  2d 
Naglce  John,  lumber  m«rchant  529  n  Front 
Naglee    John   5c   Benjamin,  lunlberyard  corner 

Browne  and  Oak 
Naglee  Wm.  shipwright   Moyamensing  road  nfeaj* 

Prime  [^see  J\,''egl€ij 

Nailer  John,  carter  Oak  (n.  l.) 
Nansteal  Andrew,  victualler  Laurence 
Napier  Alex,  stonecutter  Joint  alley  and  s.  w.  corner 

Centre  square 
Napier  David,  weaver  corner  Mcrritt's  lane  &  5th 
Napier  widow  of  Thomas,  propinetor  of  Fisher's  or 

Napier's  pills  Relief 
Napier  Wm.  printer  Merrltt's  lane  near  5th 
Napp  John,  shoemaker  416  n  Front 
Nartigvie  Madame,  147  Pine 

Narud  Francisco,  gardener  Hudson's  lane  cor.  bth 
Nash  Sarah,  widow  12  Kunckel 
Nassau  Michael,  tobacconist  70  Green 
Nassau  Wm.  tobacconist  77  High 
Nathans  Isaiah,  storekeeper  25  6  n  2d 
Nathans  Moses,  merchant  53  n  3d 
Matt  Thomas,  carver  and  gilder  76  Chesnr.t 
Nayle  John,  oak  cooper  1 16 
Naylor  Joseph,  accountant  29  Green 
Naylor  Samuel,  shipwriglvt  52  Artillery  lane 
Naylor  James,  carter  1 16  Budd 
Naylor  Thomas,  drayman  1 1 6  Budd 
Nazden  John,  copperplate  printer  91  n  Water 
Neale  Elizabeth,  corner  Coats  8c  St.  John 
Neally  John,  labourer  Say  st. 
Neastkey  John,  S.  shoemaker   1 6  Vernon 
Neath  Jas,  rigger  31  German 
Neavc  Mary,  widow  I  Brewer's  alley 


Xedi-as  Louisa,  seamstress  70  Almond 

NefF  Jacob,  tailor  128  St.  John 

Neff  Rudolph,  grocer  281  Vine  corner  8th 

Neff  Wm.  hatter  1 18  n  2d  - 

Negley  Wm.  pilot  Little*^  court  [^see  Xaglea 

Negus  John,  inn  &  ferry  keeper  Market  st.  wharf 

south  side 
Neill  Moses,  carpenter  181  St.  John 
Neil  Sam.  carter  corner  Cherry  &  1 2th 
Neill  H.M.  D.  266  s  2d 
Neill  Hurley,  merchants  154  High     ^ 
NeiULewis,mercliant  154  High 
Neilson  Noble  Caldwell,  208  s  4th 
Neilson  Susan,  teacher  Lawrence 
Neisler  George,  shoemaker  back  20  Spruced 
Neitt  Joseph,  jeweller  81  n  5d 
Nell    Casper  Vict.  482  n  Sd 
Nelson  Andrew,  inspector  of  pqwder   magazine 

(neck)  \jiee  KUhon 

Nelson  Andrew,  weaver  at  Alms  house 
Nelson  Charles,  drayman  Wood  above  8th 
Nelson  Capt.  John,D.  281  s  Front  &  134n  Front 
Nelson  Mrs.  nurse  24  Elizabeth 
t  J^ehon  Ralph,  waiter  222  s  Tth 
Nelson  Thomas,  yeoman  Wood  corner  West 
Nelson  Wm.  labourer  above  543  n  3d 
Nelson  Wm.  mariner  24  St.  Mary 
^Kelson  Wm.  waiter  7 1  Pine 
Nesbit  Thomas,  printer  2d  below  Federal 
Nesbit  Thomas,  stonecutter  Scott*s  alley 
Nesbitt  AVm.  storekeeper  416  s  Front 
Neth  Catharine,  widow  13  Springet  alley 
Neveil  Jolm,  diaper  weaver  548  n  3d 
Nevcling  Daniel,  carpenter  Viemia 
Nevins  Samuel  k  Jas.  £c  Co.  exchange  office,  n.\\\ 

corner  Chesnut  and  4th 
Nevling  Catharine,  widow  14  Kunckel 
Newbird  John,  basketmaker  High  corner  Sch.  4th 
Newbold  Calebs  merchant  33  s  Front  &  148  Chcs*t 
Newbold  Samuel,  180  s  Front 
Newbold  Thomas,  gentleman  269  Chesnut 
Newbold  Wm.  merchant  5  York  buildings 

NEW N£2 

Xe\rccmb,  Bayse,  jr.  attorney  at  law  124  Walnut 

Newell  James,  taylor  80  BrowfiC 

Newell  John  91  n  Water 

Newell  Samuel,  victualler  Hamilton  village 

Newell  "widow  of  Nicholas,  442  s  Front 

Newell  Wm.  grocer  corner  Water  and  High 

Newhousc  Jacob  R.  hairdresser  175  n  3d 

Newkirk  E.  milliner  15  n  Front 

Newkirk  Garrett,  storekeeper  21  n  Front  dwellinj^" 

32  Mulberry 
Newkirk  8c  Worth  merchants  21  n  Front 
Newlin  John,  carpenter  54  s  lOth 
Newlin  Thomas,  boarding  house  92  s  Front 
Newlin  widow  of  Wm.  oak  cooper  Little  Dock 
t  .Yetfrnan  G.  oysterman    196  Cedar 
Newman  Charlotte,  21  Crab 
Newman  Daniel,  hatter  &  grocer  273  Vine       ^ecc 

Newman  Jacob,  accountant  39  Wood  (N.  L.) 
New  man  Mrs.  of  John,  shoemaker  Chnstian  n.  4th 
Newman  John,  grocer  6  s  Water 
Newman  John,  E.  grocer  312  n  3d 
Newman  John,  mariner  back  57  s  Water 
Newman  John,  shoestore  66  High 
Newman  J.  B.  merchant  22  Columbia  Avenue 
Newman  Mrs.  of  George  old  York  R.  near  Noble 
Newman  Thomas,  broker  74  s  3d 
Newnam  Daniel,  grain  measurer 
Ntrwnam  Eli,  plaisterer  Currant  alley  above  Locust 
Newport  Benjamin,  wheelwright  &c  corner  Tam- 
many &  3d  138  St.  John  8c  322  n  3d 
t  J^eiv/iort  John,  sailmaker  246  Lombard 
Newsham   Ricliard,  pattern  maker  for  castings  in 

iron,  Asheton  near  Spruce 
Newton  Giles,  liquor  store  33  Dock 
Newton  Hannah,  rwantumaker  8  Elfrith's  alley 
Newton  Harriott,  seamstress  97  Shippen 
Newton  widow  of  George,  corner  8th  Sc  Callowhill 
Newton    John,    calicoprinter    Mai'iborough    near 

Newton  Thomas,  cork  cutter  90  s  5th 
Nezmos  John,  H.  mariner  28  Ai*eryle 


Nice  1-'.  shoemakef  302  n  2d  [«ee  JS/'ace 

Nice  Jacob, innkeeper  19  s  7th 
Nice  James,  &  Washington,  coopers  and  gaugers  20 

Brewer's  alley  ^nd  203  n  3d 
Nice  James,  boot  &  shoemaker  High  E»of  Sch.  9th 
Nice  John,  South  alley 
Nice  Thomas,  shoemaker  493  s  Front 
Nichols  Enoch,  taylor  47  Callowhill 
Nichols  James,  mariner  17  Passyunk 
Nicholas  Jeremiah,  grocer  358  s  2d 
Nicholls  Margaret,  widow  85  Penn 
Nicholas  Mary,  gentlewoman  12th  below  High 
Nicholson  John,  mariner,  Britton*s  alley 
Nicholson  Joshua,  merchant  taylor  20  Arch 
Nicholson  L.  lumber  merchant  326  High 
Nicholson  Mary,  seamstress  248  s  5th 
Nicholson,  Miller  &  Co.  merchant  s23  n  Front 
Micholson  Samuel,  shopkeer  18  Springet  alley 
Nicholas  Sarah,  shopkeeper  20  Strawberry 
Nicholson  Sarah,  upholsterer  13  Keys*s  alley 
Nicholson  Wm.  teacher  177  Cedar 
Nicholson  Wm.  jr.  merchant  23  n  Front 
Nickels  Wm.  grocer  corner  High  and  Sch.  3d 
Nickle  John,  labourer  Spruce  above  10th 
Nicklin    Philip  H.  bookseller  See.    N.   W.  corner 

Chesnut  and  6th 
Nicklin  widow  of  Philip,  merchant  107  s  4th 
Nicoll  James  A.  baker  Juniper  lane 
Nicholas  Lewis,  upholster,  corner  Chesrtut  &  5th 
Nicolet  G.  widow  storekeeper  225  s  2d 
Nicollas  Peter,  grocer  2  s  4th  &  107  Cherry 
Nidda  Frederic  K.  merchant  28  n  3d 
Niebuhr  Christopher,  baker  Germantown  road  near 

Nietscake;_John  S.  shoemaker  4  Vernon 
Nigela  Henry,  farmer  2d  above  Germabtown  road 
Nightingale  widow  of  Isaac,  taylor    11  Gray's  alley. 
Nilcs  William,  shoemaker  95  Mulberry  [s-ce  Kniles 
Ninum  Catharine,  widow  10th  below  Race 
Nippes  J.  Abraham,  gunsmith  449  n  3d  8c  262  St 

Nippes  Wm.  gunsmith;  263  St.  John 

Nisbct  Ann,  widow  1 5  Powell  rfcr ^  //eBbti 

Nisbet  and  Hart,    storekeepers  112n  3d  cor.  RacV 

Nisbet  John,  carpenter  and  grazier  96  Sassafi^sr* 

Nisbet   Michael;  storekeeper  86  Race 

Nisbet  Robert,  tay lor  36  St.  Mary 

Nisser  Jacob,  potter  84  Race 

Nixon  Alexander,  coachmaker  22  Smffh 

Nixon  Edward,  carter  99  n  9th 

Nixon  Henry,  merchant  93  s  Wharves 

^ Nixon  James,  oysterman  128  Chesnut 

t AVjTon  John,  carpenter  189  Shippen 

Nixon  Robert,  tanner  Laurel  near  Budd 

fA^xon  Silus,  mariner  58  Coats 

Nixon  and  Walker,  merchants  93  s  Wharves 

Noble  Lydia  widow  of  Samuel  234  n  2d 

^JSTobli  M.  waiter  back  70  Christian 

Noble  Richard,  late  tanner  234  n  2d 

Noble  Samuel,  tanner  284  n  3d 

Noble  Samuel,  shoemaker  4th  near  Poplar  lane 

Noble  Wm.  merchant  High  corner  1 3th 

Nobl'.t  Abraham,  bricklayer  Juniper  near  Vine 

Noell  Daniel  swordmaker  302  n  3d 

Nolan  Peter,  labourer  290  s  4th 

Nolin  Joseph,  shingledresser  114  Callowhill 

^Kondi-u  Michaei,hairdresser  185  Spruce  Sc^ilbeft 

near  9th 
Noncd  James,  plaisterer,  back  3  Blackberry  alley 
Nones   Benjamin,  notary  public  2  2  C  he^nut 
Noney  Benjamin,  steward  ,Emlen*s  court 
Nonnater  Peter,  weaver  Konnater's  court 
Nonnater  Peter  P.  &  Chas   H.  38  north  lOth 
Nooney  Margaret,  widow  256  L(  mbard 
Norbury  Joseph  B.  attorney  at  law  8c  conveyancer 

35  \Vood 
Norgrave    widow  of  Nathaniel,  m.  d.  corner  Juni- 
per and  High 
Norman  Joseph,  grocer  5th  and  Sassafaas 
Norman  Joseph,  shoemaker  391  n  2d  [jtec  JVcxvTmi% 
Norman  Sarah,  storekeeper  85  Mulberry 
N orris  Catharine,  huckster,  back  6J  High 
Norris  Eliz.    mantuamaker   Hanover  near  Qucttl 
Norrig  Isaac,  hatter  32  &  40  n  Front 
fc  e  e 


Norrifi  Isaac  W.  shipchandler,  store  corner  Vine 

and  Water,  dwelling  27  Keys'  alley 
Norris  James,  carpenter,  382  n  Front 
Norris  Joseph,  shipwright  Beach  near  Warren 
Norris  Joseph,  shipwright  1 57  n  Front 
Norris  Joesph  P.  gentleman  140  Chesnut 
NoiTis  Samuel,  shoemaker,  1 1 5  Green 
%Norris  Samuel,  labourer,  24 1  s  6th 
Norris  Thomas,  sea  captain  72  Christian 
Norris  Thomas,  bricklayer  274  Mulberry 
Norris  Thomas,  shipwright  Beach  near  Warren 
North  Caleb,  merchant  31  n  Water  Sc  19  Crown 
North  John,  stablekeeper  Relief  and  173  Cedar 
North  widow  of  John,  tavernkeeper  Callowhill  st. 

North  Joseph,  accountant  15  Juliana 
North  Joseph,  storekeeper  66  Race 
North  Richard,  stonecutter  53   Filbert  &  cor.   10th 
North  Stephen,  druggist  &  apothecary  65   High  Sc 

1  n  6th 
North  Thomas,  late  constable  153  Cherry 
North  Wm.  merchants  i  1  s  Front  Sc  57  Almond 
Northrop  Mrs.  widow  136  Cedar  ^ 

Norton  Jane,  nurse  9  Chancery  lane  i 

NortonlJohni  smith  244  Sassafrass 
Norton" Mrs.  widow  taylores  265  n  Front 
Norton  Mrs.  ofNathan,  sea  captain  73  New 
Norton  Rebecca,  taylores  9  Gray*s  alley 
Norton  widow  of  Thomas,  Noble  above  3d 
Norton  Thomas,  gentleman  9  Vine 
Norton  Wm.  L.  printer  and  accomptant  190  Vine 
Norwood  John  L.  grocer.  High  near  13th 
Nottingham  Wm.  merchant  57  Union 
Nout  Aaron,  tobacconist  64' Coats 
Novil  John,  hay  huckster  Old  York  road  above  Pop- 
lar lane      ^ 
Nowlan  Mary,  widow  6  Prune 
Nowlan  Morris,  paper  hanger  6  Prune 
Nowlan  Thomas,  storekeeper  36  s  3d 
Is^'ugent  George,  merchant  25  s  2d  &  194  Mulberry 
Nugent  Charles,  labourer  Sch.  4th  near  Spruce 
Nugent  Wm.  labourer  Frankford  road  near  Otter 
NHnainaker  George,  cedar  cooper  49  Charlotte 


Nutt  Edmond,  taylor  191   n  Front 
Nutt  John,  taylor,  162  n  Walter 

Oakfokd  Charles,  gvain  Ecc.  measurer   30  Lohr-^ 

Oakford  Samuel,  coalmeasurer  319  s  2fl 
Oakford  Win.  measurer  of  grain,  kc.  312  s  2d 
Oakeley  George,  gentleman  20  Dock 
Oakcley  Robert,  merchant  22  Dock' 
Oakmaii  Elizabeth,  storekeeper  16  n  2d 
Oat  George,  accomptant,  5  Ann  (N.  L.)  ■ 

Oat  Jesse  late  coppersmith  76  Vine 
Oat  Joseph,  bookbinder  5  Clawges*  court 
Oberbeck    Henry,  &egar  maker  Germantown  road! 

above  3d 
0*Birn  Elizabeth,  widow  Shriver's  court 
0*Boyle  Bernard,  grocer.  158  s  6th 
O'Boyle  &  M'Gee,  grocers,  158  s  6th 
O'Brey  George,  sniith   179  Cedar 
0*Br^cn  Elizabeth,  seamstress  Schriverjs  court 
O'Brien  John,  accountant  corner  Cedar    and  5th 
O'Brien  Lawrence,  coachman  142  s  4th 
O'Brien  Richard,  enquire  59  s  7th 
O'Bryon  Benjanun,  tavernkeeper  122  s  6th 
O'Conner  Christopher,  sea  captain  22  Argylc 
O'Conner  Mrs.  of  Hugh,  Walnut  near  Sch.  3d 
O'Connor  M.  taylor  2o2  Cedar 
O'Connor  C.  cordwainer  1 1th  near  Vin6 
O'Conway  Matthias  James,  commissioned  interpre- 
ter and  teacher    of  the    Spanish,  French  and 
English  languages  73  s  4th 
O'Donnel  Con.  bottler  306  s  3d 
O'Donnei  Henry,  saddler  back  125  Mulberry 
O'Donnel  Mrs.  of  Isaac  1  Little  Pine 
O'Donnell  John,  coachman  Trusty's  court 
O'Donnell  widow  of  Duniel,  Locust  near  !  otli 
O'Driscon  Dennis,  shoemaker  Drinker's  court 
O'Lliers  Jus.  N.  W.  con  cr  Spruce  and  4th 
O'i'.UcrS  James,  jun.  sea  captain   i  64  s  4th     , 
O'Hara  James,  travelling  stutioncr,  bi  Isticker,  ven-, 
,    due  cryer  &  shipwatch,  Rose  alley  near  CoatJ* 


0*Hara  James,  taylor,  4  Penn 

O'Hara  John,  brushmaker  162  s  3d 

O'Hara  John,  taylor  5 1  Arch 

O'Leary  \Vm.  grocer  107  n  2d 

0*MeiU  Andrew,  hatter  M*Cullough*s  coui't 

O'Neil  Daniel,  taylor  246  s  4th 

O'Neill  Henry,  merchant  153  High 

O'Neill  Grace,  widow  223  n  3d 

O'Neill  Hugh  C.  merchant  153  High 

O'Neill  Henry,  stonecutter  Lee's  court 

O'Neill  John,  cordwainer  252  s  6th 

O'Neill  John,  brewer  101  Vine 

O'Neial  John,  taylor  llth  above  Filbert 

O'Neill  John,  carpenter  103  Spruce 

O'Neill  Mary,  huckster  Petticoat  alley 

O'Neill  Michael,  labourer  back  7  Bedford  (M.) 

O'Neill  Susannah,  widow  82  Cedar 

O'SkuUion  Francis,  shoemaker  Dean's  alley 

Odenheimer  Jacob,  coach  trimmer  1 82  Pine 

Odenheimer  Jacob  U.  victualler  16  Locust 

Odenheimer  John,  baiter,  56  Plum 

Odenheimer  Philip,  late  victualler  ISO  Sassafras 

Odlin  Wooubriclge,  merchant  38  s  Wharves 

Offlev  Ann,  widow  178  s  Front 

Offley  Mrs.  144  Pine 

Ogden   Abraham,  bookbinder  and  bandboX  makfer 

6  Blackhorse  alley 
Ogdeu  E.  spinster  Juniper  above  Mulberry 
Ogden  Jesse,  hardware  store  168  n  2d 
Ogden  John,  carpenter  250  s  7th 
Ogden  John  M.  carpenter  168  n  2d 
Ogden  Michael,  mate  Thomson's  court 
Ogden  Robert,  accountant  70  s  1  Ith 
Ogden  Sarah,  teacher  146  s  7th 
Ogden  V/m.  corder  for  the  wharfs  on  SchuylkilJ 

70  s  Uth' 
Ogilby  Joseph,  ship  builder  56  Swanson 
^Ogitby  Richard,  woodsawyer  back  1 8  Kunckel 
Ogle  Howard,  carpenter  Currant  alley  near  Spruc« 
Ogle  Peter  L.  carpenter  Currant  alley  near  Spruce 
Ogle,  coachmaker  1 1  s  6th 
#hlsen  Andrew,  culler  354  n  3d 


•kic  Abraham,  merchant  67  High 

Okie  Sc  Brognard,  merchants  67  High 

Oldden  James,  commission  merchant  30  Vine 

Oldden  James,  jun.  merchant  33  Chcsnut 

Oldenburgh  Daniel,  hatter  43  High 

Oldenburgh  Martin,   hairdesser  s  n  Gth  and  Noti 

nater's  court 
Oldfield  David,  carter  261  St.  John 
Oldson  William,  mariiner  17  Cedar 
Oliphant  Uziel,  mariner  25  Pewterplatter  alley 
Oliphant  John,  tailor,  80  n  Water 
©livant  H.  Spruce  near  Sch.  2d 
Oliver  Andrew,  tavernkeeper  80  High 
Oliver  John  G.  merchant  130  s  2d 
Oliver  Reuben,  taylor  196  s  Front 
Oliver  Thomas,  sea  captain  194  s  Front 
Oliver  Wm.  boarding  house  47  s  Water 
Oliver  Wm.  merchant  56  Walnut 
Oliver  ^m.  jun.  sea  captain  15  Noble 
Oliver  Wm.  G.  a^comptant  i98  Sassrfras^ 
Olmstead  Edward,  printer  29  Cresson's  alley 
Olmsted  Wm.  shoemaker  39  Locust 
Olmsted  Moss,  sea  captain  197  s  Fourth 
Olney  Benj.  B.  sea  capttiin  back  402  n  2d 
Omensetter  Frederick,  biscuitbakcr,  Loxley's  coun 
Ondley  Robert,  waiter,  7th  n  Fitzwalter 
Oner  Barbara,  Broad  near  Vine 
OtHs  Don  Luis  de,  his   Catholic  majesty's  envO)t 

extraordinary  and  minister  plenipotentiary  N. 

W.  corner  Ninth  and  Spruce 
Oppenheimer  Emanuel,  storekeeper,  178  n  2d 
Oram  Wm.  cabinet  maker,  177  Coats    [^see  Ouram 
Orchard  William,  shoemaker,  back  1 1 1  n  5th 
Ord  George,  ship  chandler  99  south  Wharves  and 

352  s  Front  ^ 
Ord  George  &  Co.  ship  chandlers  99  s  Wharves- 
Ord  John,  nailor,  back  37  New-Market 
Ord  widow  of  George,  ship  chandler  354  3  Front 
Qrca  Telesforo,  merchant  252  n  3d 
Qrr  Arthur  founder  Callowhill  above  10th 
Qrmrod  John,;clerk  of  Christ  Church  [see  Armroy^ 
Q|rmbbcy  Jfghn,  baker  i39  s  lOth 

OF^R. .O  VI 

Orr  &  Gardner,  coachmakers  18  Columbia  aventtd 

Orr  James,  plaisterer  Hudson's  lane  n  7th 

Orr  John,  dealer  114  Plum 

Orr  John,  coachmaker  18  &c  32  Columbian  avenue 

Orr  Robert,  coppersmith  237  s  5th 

Orr  Rob.  grocer  corner  Walnut  and  Juniper  lane 

Orr  Thomas,  exchange  broker  2 1  Walnut  and  gr<l^- 

cer  184  Pine 
Ore  Thomas,  watchmaker   If  Filbert 
Orrison  Matthew,  labourer,  Kunckle 
Orrison  Thomas,  shoemaker  back  47  Charlotte 
Orso  John  B.- accountant  197  Spruce 
Orum  Davis,  storekeeper  58  n   4th    {^see  Ouram 
Osborn  Joseph,  merchant  40  Dock 
Osborn  Mrs.  teacher  159  3  2d 
Osbourn  Ebenezer,  carpenter  80  Lombard 
Osborne  Hannah,  teacher  44  Union 
Osborn  James,  oyaterman  1 17  Callowhill 
Osbourn  Jeremiah,  202  Cedar 
Osbourn  Joseph,  carpenter  41  Pine 
Osborune  Nehemiah,  mariner  back  216  n  Front 
Osterheit  Frederick  hog  victualler  Charles 
Oswald  Eleazar,  printer  office  173  Pine 
Oswald  8c  M'llvain,  printers,  office  back  173  Pine 
Otis  B.  portrait  painter  72  Chesnut 
Ott  John,  innkeeper  (Camel)  140  n  2d 
Ott  widow  of  David,  gold  and  silver  refiner  86  n  6tli 
Ottersides  — ,  mariner  48  Penn 
Ottinger  Christopher,  carpenter  43  Plum 
Otto  Jacob  S.  merchant  52  s  Wharves  &  171  Wd.h 

Otto  John,  frame  maker  8  Charlotte 
Otto  John  C  M.  D.  139  Mulberry 
Otto  Mary,  widow  8  Callowhill    . 
Otto  Sc  Slrawbridge,  merchants  52  s  Wharves 
Otway  Nicholas,  sea  captain  24  Meade  alley 
Ourartt  Henry  &  Son,  printing  press  manufactory 

corne^  of  6th  and  Prune  \_see  Orum 

Overman  Williaia,  1 1  Pine 
Overn  John,  trunk  maker  Juniper  above  Race 
Oveiy  John,  silk  dyer  and  scourer  back  42  s  5th: 
OviDgton  Mrs.  miik  w^jxian  Cedar  o^ar  ^Nintk 

OWE — pa; 

Owen  Griffith,  clock  and   watch  make  enquire  f^ 

Owen  Jane,  shopkeeper  141  n  Second. 
Owen  Jesse,  gold  and  silver  refiner  487  n  3d 
Owen  John,  rule  maker  100  Race 
Oweu  John,  teacher  133  Lombard 
Owen  John,  silversmith,  &c.  23  i-2  n  2d*8c  44  ri  4th 
Owen  MUry,  %vidow,  28  Ann  (N.  L) 
Oweu  Patrick,  shopkeeper  217  n  Second 
Owen  Thomas,  distiller  54  and  63  New 
Owen  Thomas,  jr.  shoestore  264  High,dwelUng  175 

Owen  widow,  tayloress  Passyunk  below  Prime 
Owens  Edward,  saddler,  Sec.  15  Bryan's  alley 
Owens  Edward,  blacksmith  18  Bryan's  alley 
Owens  James,  coachman  8 1  s  4tb  below  Union 
Owens  James,  carpenter  133  Spruce^ 
Owens  John,  mate  220  s  5th 
Owens  Robert,  tanner  Rose  (N.  L.) 
Owens  Joshua,  tailor  GrafF's  alley  • 
Owens  Samuel,  sea  captain  16  Argylc 
Owens  widow,  cake  baker  1  1 6  s  4th 
Owings  Michael,  tinsmith  61  German 
Owens  Owler  widow,  James  coi'ner  of  Charles 
Oxley  Margaret,  widow,  cor.  6th  and  Poplar  lane 
Oxley  Wm.  merchant  55  s  Eleventh 
Oxner  Peter,  milkman  Germ,  road  near  2d 
Oxx  Frederick,  labourer.  Taper  alley 
Ozeas  Peter,  inspector  of  customs  2.11  Mulben^ 

Page  Jam£s,  late  corder  7  Vine 

Page  James,  H.   182  Spruce 

Page  John,  oysterman  72  Penn 

Page  John,  grocer  1 4  n  Front 

Page  Lewis,  sea  captain  219  Swanson 

Page  Mrs,  boarding  house  30  Spruce 

Page  Rachael,  mantuawiaker  8c  milliner  15  JWHafSt- 

Page  Wm.  merchant  3 1  Chesnut 

Pagot  John  P.  merchant  66  Spruce 

^(f^Uhfis  ^  Cay^oC;  fiwcy  s(ore  114  J^igk 


Pailhes  Peter,  114  High 

Paine  Ephriam,  teacher  104  n  3d      (^see  PMyne  nn4 

Fay  erne 
Painter  Adam,  shoemaker  489  n  Third 
Painter  George,  brassfounder  5 11  n  Ihird 
Painter  George  caulker  Marlborough  near  Beach 
Painter  George,  coppersmith  56  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Painter  Isaac,  baker  46  Green 
Painter  Jacob,  grocer  corner  4th  &  Noble 
Painter  John,  carpenter  Poplar  near  3d 
Painter  John,  carpenter  4th  above  Tammany 
Painter  Lemuel  carpenter  1 17  German 
Painter  Margaret, widow  Hanover,  and  4th  near  Po]>- 

larl  ane 
Painter  widow.  Broad  near  Spruce 
Painter  Nicholas,  bricklayer  480  n  Third 
Painter  Philip,  shoemaker  40 1  n  2d 
Painter  widow  of  John,  Rose 
Painter  Mary,  huckster  488  n  3d 
Painter  N.  shipwright  Hanover 
Paleske  Charles  G.  merchant,  212  s  3d 
Palethorp  Rob*t  commission  merchant  IZ  Elfretlj*? 

Palm  Henry,  printer  238  s  3d 
\  Palmer  Aaron,  woodsawyer  Lily  alley 
Palmer  Amos,  distiller  223  n  2d 
Palmer  Ann,  boardinghouse  back  86  s  3d 
Palmer  Anthony  A.  druggist  47  8th  above  Arch 
Palmer  Elizabeth,  widow  117  Lombai'd 
Pah-ner  Eliza,  widow  Button  wood  lane 
Palmer  James,  carpenter  Frankford  R.  cor.  Otter 
Palmer  Jane,  washerwoman  back  300  s  3d 
Palmer  John,  shipwright  Frankford  R.  nearQuetfh- 
PaLmer  John,  shipwright  46  Budd 
Palmer  John  B.  treasurer  &  secretary  of  the  Mu- 
tual Insurance  Company  for  the  insurance  or 
houses  from  loss  by  fire  54  Walnut. 
Palmer  Phoebe,  mantuamaker  183  s7th 
Palmer  Richard,  justice  of  the  peace  e4^Shipp6» 
Palmer  Richard,  trader  145  n  2d 
^f  aimey  Richard,  late  baiter  »6  «.  7tli 


Palmer  Sarah,  widow  Frankford   road  near  Otter 

Palmer  Samuel,  driH;fj;ist  74  Chesnut 

Palmer  Thomas   8c   George,  printers,  office   n.    w. 

►       corner  Locust  and  8lli  dwcllinj^,  2-5  Spruce 

Palmer  Thomas  druggist*  Sec.  corner  Spruce  8c  5th 

Palmer  Thomas,  carpenter  Lily  alley 

Palmer  Thomas  mariner  4ll  s  Front 

Palmer  widow  of  Thomas,  Arch  near  Sch.  2d 

Palmer  Thomas,  shipwright  Queen  near  Cherry 

Palmer  Thomas,  printer  64  n  7lh 

Palmer  widow,  2d  below  Federal 

Palmer  Wm.  carpenter  lOth,  4th  door  below^Chci- 

Palmer  William  ropemaker  Rose  st 
Pancoast  Hannah,  widow  129  s  3a 
Pancoast  Samuel,  jun.  ironmonger  148  High 
Pancoast  Wm.  carpenter  Currant  alley  near  Walnpt 
Paple  Thomas  G.  shoemaker  313  s  3d 
Pardee  Joseph,  teacher  64  Spruce 
Parent  Ephriam,  cabinet  maker  25  n  6th 
Parham  John,  carpenter  Walnut  above  10th 
Parham  Jos.  lumber  merchant  Walnut  near  9Ch 

dwelling. 80  s  Ilth 
parham  Jos.  &  Co.  lumberyard  Walnut  near  1 0th 
Parham  Robert,  cabinetmaker  18  Keys'  alley 
Paris  Johnf  gentleman,  6  Union  [^see  Parrrs 

Park  Abraham,  shallopman  above  447  n  Front 
Park,  Samuel,  merchant  183  High 
Park  Samuel,  accountant  254  Lombard 
Park  Wm,  hatter  22  Bread 

Parke  Charles  B.  brassfounder  Penn  near  Maiden 
Parke  8s:  Fenton,  cotton  factors  38  Race 
Parke  James  P.  bookseller  and  stationer  74  s  2d 
Parke  Solomon,  clock  and  watchmaker  146  n  Fron-t 
Parke  Thomas,  m.  d.  20  s  4th 
Parker  Achilles,  winemerchant  V3  and  17  Norris'a 

Parker  Alice  &  Hannah,  milliners  21  n  3d 
Parker  Andrew,  tailor  35  Ann  (N.  L) 
Parker  B.  teastore  145  Spruce 
Parker  Benjamin,  cabinetmaker  258  Cedar 
Parker  Q.  labourer  Shackamaxon 


Parker  Daniel,  stablek^eper   11  s   Sd  and  back  98 

^Parker  Edward,  bookseller  and  stationer  178  High 
Parker  Elisha,  tailor  210  Mulberry 
Parker  Esther  boardingbouse  160  Race 
Parker  George,  ropemaker  Shackamaxon 
Parker  Isaac,  seacaptain  27  Pine 
Parker  Jacob,  farmer,  2d  below  Federal* 
Parker  James,  carpenter  14  Knight's  court 
Parker  Mrs.  of  James,  Vine  net^  12th 
Parker   James,    cotton  and   woollen  manufacturer 

323  n  3d  and  dwelling  113  Green 
Parker  John,  grocer  217  Sassafras  corner  6th 
Parker  John,  carpenter  57  Prime 
Parker  James,  mariner  22  Meade  alley 
Parker  Joseph,  merchant  6th  one  door  above  Wood 
Parker  Joseph,  gentleman,  23  Coates*  alley 
Parker  Miss,  203  Mulberry 
Parker  Nathaniel,  26  Vine 
Parker  Sarah,  Hudson's  alley 
Parkjpr  Richard,  ^  Peel  Hall)  Ridge  road 
Parker  Sarah,  31  Green 

Parker  Thomas,  clock  and  watchmaker  1 3  s  3d 
Parker  Thomas,  carpenter  144  s  9th 
Parker  Thomas,  carter  263  Catharine 
Parker  Thomas,  carpenter  and  joiner  92  s  1 1th 
Parker  Thomas,  cotton  and  woollen  manufacturei 

323  n  3d 
Parker  T.  J.  S.  tailor  30  Stamper's  alley 
Parker  Wm.  cui  rier  9  Pennsylvania  avenue 
Parker  Wm.  C.  carpenter  7tlv corner  Bedford 
Parker  Wm.  mariner  133  n  Water 
Parker  Wm.  oysterman  260  St.  John 
Parkinson  Murtin  H.  seacaptain  Clover  alley 
Parks  Richard,  carpenter  Queen  (S.)  below  4th 
Parks  Robert,  weaver  82  Race 
'\Parks  Susan,  boardinghouse  Barclay's  alley 
Parman  Sarah,  widow  255  n  8th 
Parraentier  Charles,  accountant  17  n  12th 
Parmenticr  N.  k  E.  Fourcstier,  distillers  180  Coats 
Parr  John,  tailor  1  Cherry 
Parris  Gabriel,  caleudercr  42  Mulberry 
Parrish  David,  gentleman  1  York  buildings 


Parrish  I.  Iwitter  ^lulberry  court 

Panish  Joseph,  m.  d,  109  Mulberry 

Panibh  Robert  A.  plar.einaker  242  n  2d 

Panish  Robert,  late  carpenter  86  s  Front 

Parron  Chfirles,  tobaccoiiist  412  n  ^d 

Parrous  David,  disiiiler  above  323  CallowhiH 

^Farrott  R.  printer  228  s  7th 

Parry  Isaac,  plaisterer  104  St   Johns         [see  Perry. 

Parry  John  J.   ciock   and   watchmaker  287   High 

dwelling  43  Swanson 
Parry  Thomas,  storekeeper  187  n  2d 
Parrymore  Joseph,  saddler  back  134  s  4th 
Parsons  Abraham,  shallopman  Juniper  near  Locu^ 
Parsons  John,  50  Almond 

Parsons  Thomas,  shallopmjHi,  back  345  n  Front 
Parsons,  widow  of  Richard,  119  Swanson 
Parsons  Wm.  mariner  Whitehall  st 
Parienheimer  Adam,  baker  107  n  3d 
Parvin  Pearson,  teacher  25  n  5th 
iParvis  lijaac,  saw  sharper  back  258  s  7th 
Pascal  John,  seacaptain  24  s  10th 
Paschail  Edward,  tailor  '22  Strawberry 
Paskill  Jane,  gentlewoman    107  Lombard 
Pass  Martha,  widow  Smith*s  court  (Sch.) 
Passey  Samuel,  teacher  153  Vine 
Passmore  Carieton,  teacher  98  Sassafras 
Passmore  Everatl  G.  teacher  corner  Vine  and  4th 
Passmore  8c  Speny,  auctioneers  and  commission 

merchants  34  s  Froht 
Passmore  Thomas-  auctioneer,  he.  34  s  Front 
Pastorius  John,  scacaptain  15  Murgaretta 
Patrick  John,  carpenter  250  s  2d 
Patrick  Wm    labourer  Quince  below  Walnut 
Patrullo  Nicholas,  63  Pme 
Patten  John,  trverukeeper  54  Swanson 
Patterson  Abner,  carter  440  n  Froi.t    [^see  Peter^n 
Paitcrson  Abraham,  mariner  Jones  near  Sch.  Stfi 
Pulterso!)  John,  shipjolner  Shackamaxon 
Pauerson  Edward,  seacaptain  3  Powell 
t7*c«vrer*^7;  George,  labourer  back  18  Kunckel 
Pailerson  George,  mariner  con, tr  Christian  and  3d 
Patterson  Isaac  innkeeper  (Schuxlkill  HoteJj  Higjh 

near  Permanent  Bridge 


Patterson  J.  8c  G.  Gerro,  fancy  chairmakers   79 

Patterson  Rev.  James,  teacher  142.and  205  s  5th 
Patterson  James,  drayman  4  Quarry 
Patterson  John,  grocer  64  n  4ih  and  corner  Race 
Patterson  John,  printer  Taper  alley 
Patterson  Jno.  weaver  Prime  (Wharton's  buildings) 
Patterson  John  b.  Co.  flour  merchants  s.  w.  corner 

12th  and  High 
Patterson  John,  flour  merohant  58  Filbert 
Patterson  Joseph,  seacaptain  199  s  4th 
Patterson  Joseph,  cabinet  maker  5 1  Tammany 
Patterson  Mary,  marituamaker  494  s'2d 
Patterson  Matthew,  carter  74  Plum 
Patterson  Robert,  vice-provost,  professor  of  natural 
philosophy  and  mathematics,  and  president  of 
the  mint  of  the  U.  States,  University  of  Penn- 
sylvania s  9th  near  Hiv^h 
Patterson  Robert,  carter  Weaver's  alley 
Patterson  Stephen,  merchuiit  2ol  Spruce  and  61  s 

Patterson  T.  blockmaker  7  Little  Water  &  Vernon 
Patterzon  B.  flour  and  i^rocery  store  393  High 
Patton  Abraham,  clock  and  watchmaker   44   High 
Patton  Elizabeth,  teacher  194  n  3d  [^sce  Patten 

Patton  Mrs.  of  John,  Buttonwood  lane  near  6th 
Patton  John,  taylor  4  Callowhill  st  Wharf 
Patton  Margaret,  widow  34  Brown 
Patton  Mary,  shopkeeper  Spruce  above  8th 
Patton  Richard,  carter  Christain  near  5th 
Patton  Robert,  postmaster  27  s  3d 
Patton  Thomas,  weaver  Hazel  alley 
Patton  T.  shopkeeper  Moyamensing  near  Wharton 
Patton  W.  labourer  Chesnut  above  13tli 
Patton  Wm.  currier  17  Strawberry 
Patton  Wm.  accountant  65  Cedar 
Pattan  Wm.  drayman  Merritt*s  lane 
Patton  Wm.  printer  corner  Pine  &  1 2th 
Patton  Wm.  queen'sware  store  65  Cedar 
Paul  David,  carpenter  83  Christi;  n 
Paul  Abraham  K.  victualler  6th  above  mill  dam 
Paul  Come^ys,  merchant  127  High  and  33  n  5tii 

j>AU— PAV 

Paul  David,  carpenter  1 16  St.  Johns 

Paul  James,  merchant  24  s.  Wharves  and  34  n.  5th 

Paul  Jerem.  teacher  Friends*  academy  souih  4lh  n, 

Paul  John,  merchant  60  north  Fourth 
Paul  Joseph  M.  merchant  202  Mulberry 
Paul  Mary,  widow,  60  north  Fourth 
Paul  Mrs.  boarding  house  55  south  Fifth 
Paul  S.  shoem-aker  212  south  Fifth 
Paul  widow  of  James,  Sansom's  alley  cor.  Noble 
Paul  William,  jun.  sea  captain  57  Green 
Paul  Wm.  sea  captain  12  Green 
Paul  William,  carter  4  Fetter  lane 
Paul  and  Williams,  lumber  merchants  Callowhill 

above  6th 
Paul  Wm.  A.  hatter  31  Elfiilh's  alley 
Paulin  Joel,  tailor  85  north  Water 
Paulus  Adam,  baker  26  south  Fifth 
Pawling  Jesse,  blacksmith  3  Greenleaf  court 
Paxson  Ann,  teacher  13  south  Third 
Paxson  Benjamin,  accomptant  124  Cherry 
Paxson  Charles,  merchant  129  High  &94  Arch 
Paxson  &  Evans,  hardwcire  merchants  10  s.  3d 
Paxson  Isaac,  ironmonger  10  south  Third 
Paxson  Joseph,  carpenter,  back  366  n  Second 
Paxson  James,  ship  carpenter  Shackamaxon 
Paxson  Joseph  S.  innkeept^r  130  north  Second 
Paxson  Samuel,  hatter  96  High  and  135  n.  Fifth 
Paxson  Timothy,  merchant  65  north   Water  and 

1 58  north  Front 
Paxson  Wm.  hardware  nierchant  203  High 
Paxton  John  A.  collector,  author  of  the  Alphabe- 
tical Plan  of  the  City,  and  editor  of  the  Pliila- 
delphia  Directory,  81   Locust  above'  Eighth. 
The  plan  may  be  had  of  the  author  at  the  fol- 
lowing prices,  viz.   varnished  and  on   rollers 
S  3  75  ;  on   canvas  cut   and   folded    in   book 
S2  75  ;  in  sheets  will,  book  g2  25  ;  and  the  Di- 
rectory at  Si  25. 
Paxton  Sarah,  widow  of  James,  8 1  Locust  above  Bxh 
Pay  erne  Francis,  confectioner  83  n.  3d 
Payne  Bcr'd,  boarding  house  306  south  Front 

F  ({ 


Payne  John,  manner  30  Carter's  alley     [see  Paine 

Payne  Wm.  carpenter  214  south  Third 

Payne  Wm.  grocer  484  north  Second 

Payran  Stephen,  hatter  157  and  324  south  Front 

[sfe  Parratt 
t  Payton  James,  coachman  Green's  court 
Peace  Jane  Ann,  mantua  maker  1 6  Crab  [^see  Pease 
Peace  Joseph,  gentleman  78  south  Sixth 
Peacock  Eber,  carpenter  3 1  Charlotte 
Peacock  Ralph,  merchant  Tenth  near  George 
Peake  Edward,  carpenter  Queen  near  Frankford  R. 
Peale  Charles  Wilson,  proprietor  of  the  Museum-, 

enquire  at  the  Museum 
Peale  James,  portrait  painter  ISSansom 
Peale  Raphael,  portrait  painter  24  Powell 
Peale  Rembrandt,  portrait  painter  corner  Walnut 

and  Swanwick  streets  above  Sixth 
Peale  Rubens,  naturalist.  Museum,  State  House 
I'ealer  Esther,  widow  of  Henry,  Spafford  street 
Pealer  Tobias,  labourer  276  St  John 
t  Pearce  Andrew,  ostler  18  Elizabeth 
t  Pearce  Charles,  labourer  212  Cedar 
Pearce  Elizabeth,  t«acher  140  Locust 
Pearce  George,  mariner  203  south  Front 
Pearce  John,  painter,  &c.  S.  E.  corner  Walnut  and 

Water  \_see  Pcirce  and  Piene 

Pearce  John,  combmaker  72  Brown 
Pearce  Joseph,  shipwriglit  Federal  above  Front 
Pearce  Moses,  carpenter  3 1 4  north  Second 
P«arce  Robert,  painter,  8cc.  249  south  Front 
Pearce  widow  of  George,  HuddelPs  alley 
Pearce  Thomns,  perfumer  133  Arch 
Pearce  William,  labourer  Sheaff's  alley 
Pearcy  William,  baker  20  south  Water 
Pearson  Daniel,  cordvvainer  corner  High  and  6th 
Pearson  David,  skindresser  282  north  Eighth 
Pearson  Elizabeth,  seamstress  41 1  Rpce 
Pearson  George,  carpenter  399  sputh  Second 
Pearson  Isaac,  jun.  hatter  120  High      [see  Pier  son 
Pearson  Isaac,  bookseller  Sc  stationer  109  High 
Pearson  James,  labourer  Lombard  near  sch.  2d 
Fearson  James,  city  surveyor  17  north  Seventh 


Pearson  James,  gentleman  30  i  Mulberr v 

Pearson  P.  and  S.  storekeepers  104  north  Seventh  - 

Pearson  Silas,  tanner,  &c.  Sarah  street 

Pearson  Thomas,  saddler,  &c.  138  High 

Pearwey  Abraham,  whitesmith  Raspberry  alley 

Pease  Margaret,  widow  1 8 1  Walnut         [see  Pedtc 

Pechin  John,  collector  of  taxes  3  Elfreth*s  alley 

Pechin  widow,  12  Elfreth's  alley 

Pecholier  Madame,  widow,  164  Pine 

Peck  Daniel  L.  teacher,  back  54  north  Third 

Peck  Israel  M.  mariner  125  north  Water 

Peck  Jeremiah,  boarding  house  133  north  Water 

Peck  Lewis,  tanner  69  Budd 

Peck  Thomas,  shipwright  Brusstar's  court 

Peckworth  rev.  John  P.  ladies  shoe  store  139  s.  2d 

Peddel  widow,  nurse  270  south  Front 

Peddle  J.  oak  cooper  212  s.  Water  &  213  s.  Front 

Peddle  Wm.  A.  oak  cooper  63  north  Water  and 

U  Elfreth's  alley 
Peddle  widow  of  George,  9  Elfreth's  alley 
Pcdersen  P.  his  Danish  majesty's  charge  d'affaires 

and  consul  general's,  e.  corner  Filbert  &  9th 
Pedrick  Hope,  mariner  Merritt*s  lane  n.  5ih 
Pedrick  Isaac,  labourer  Carpenter  (S  )  n.  4th 
Pedrick  John,  shoemaker  257  Callowhill 
Pedrick  Samuel,  blacksmith  12  Christian 
Peel  Jacob,  labourer  88  north  6th 
Peitfer  Christian,  grocer  corner  Germaritown  road 
and  2d  l^eePfeifftr 

Peiffer  Jolui,  smith  Beach  near  Marlborough 
Peiflfer  Margaret  widow  4th  above  Poplar  lane 
Peiree  Caleb,  ironmonger  81  High  and   15  Church 
alley  [ser  Pearce 

Peirce  Isaac,  bookseller  3  s.  4th,  dwelling  72  Lom- 
Peirce  and  Emlen,  hardware  merchants  135  High 
Peirce  Jacob,  teacheN72  Lombard 
Peirce  Joshua,  ironmo»;er  135  High  &  27  Filbert 
Peirce  Thomas,  teachttf72  Lombard 
Peirsol  J.  &  C.  Schaffeip sugar  refiners  88  n.  2d 
Peirsol  Jeremiah,  suggypTrefiner  67  Vine  St  88  n.  3d 
Peirsol  Wm.  ironmoi%?r  67  north  3d 


Peirson  James,  merchant  30 1  Mulberry 
Pele  James,  blockmaker,  back  444  south  Frtnt 
Pelham  Wm.  Union  Circulating  Library  20 1  Ches- 

Pelissier  V.  professor  of  music  46  south  Fifth 
Pelters  Evan,  bricklayer  1 53  Cherry 
Peltz  Philip,  farmer.  Buck  near  Passyunk  road 
Peltz  Wm.  grocer  246  south  Second 
Pember  Charles,  labourer  Kunckel  near  Callowhill 
Pember  Christian,  shoemaker  5  Kunckel 
Pember  widow  of  Edward,  9 1  Passyunk 
Pemberton  John,  gentleman  8  south  Tenth 
Pemberton  Philadelphia,  shopkeeper  6 1  n.  Third 
Pemberton  Sarah,  spinster  223  Spruce 
Penington  Edw.  sugar  refiner  155  and  159  Race 
Penington  widow  of  John,  cor.  Race  and  sch.  7th 
Penington  William,  labourer  Bedford 
Pennington  Martha,  widow  41  Filbert 
Penliff  Mrs.  washerwoman  Fitz waiter  above  Sixth 
Penn  Abraham,  shipjoiner  75  Queen 
Pennell  Joseph,  carpenter  Raspberry  alley 
Pennick  Robert,  innkeeper  1 1 8  north  Third 
Pennock  Abraham  L.  merchant  36  north  Third 
Pennock  Horatio  B.  merchant  20  north  Eighth 
Pennock  and  Robbins,  merchants  36  north  Third 
Penot  Francis  and  Son,  cordwainers  22  s.  Fourth 
Penrose  Charles,  gentleman  93  Penn 
Pentose  Joseph,  carpenter  230  south  Third  and 

Sixth  near  Lombard 
Penrose  Mrs.  of  Jonathan,  17  Queen 
Penrose  Sophia,  widow,  shopkeeper  165  Cedar 
Penrose  Thomas,  late  shipbuilder  93  Penn 
Penrose  William,  merchant  1  Almond  cor.  Swanson 
Penry  Walter,  waiter  208  High 
Penston  James,  cordwainer  10  St.  Mary 
Penton  R.  drayman  105  Budd 
Peoples  John,  calicoprinter  504  north  Second 
Pepper  George,  brewer  corner  Minor  and  Fifih 
Pepper  Jos.  8  Pennsylvania  avenue 
Pepper  Michael,  mariner  next  6  South  aUey 
Percival  Joshua;  t»erchant  150  Pine 


Peres  Peter,  m.  d.  133  Vine 
Pereyra  Joseph,  tapermaker  33  Coates'  uiiey 
Perit  John  \V.  nnerchant  40  Dock  ^see  Perot 

Perit  and  Osborn,  merchants  40  Dock 
Perkenpine  David,  skindresser,  8cc.  Third  near  Ger- 
mantown  road  [^ee  Pur. 

Perkenpine  Mrs.  of  David,  Fourth  above  Callowhiil 
Perkin  John,  shoemaker  back  481  north  Third 
Perkin  John,  m.  d.  159  north  ijecond 
Perkins  Benj.  labourer  Frankford  R.  n.  Queen 
Perkins  Henry,  smith  69  north  Sixth 
Perkins  H.  wheelwright  Frankford  R.  n.  Queen 
Perkins  Jacob,  brickmakcr  cor.  Filbert  &  Eleventh 
Perkins  Mary,  widow  448  north  Second 
Perkins  Mrs.  Cresson's  alley 
Perkins  widow  of  James,  106  north  Eleventh 
Perle  Jas.  grocer  cor.  Oak  Sc  Noble  £c  iSl  n.  Front 
Perlee  Abraljam,  m.  d.  159  north  Third 
Perony  Charles  G.  fencing-mabttr  8  south  Sixth 
Perot  Elliston  and  John,  merchants  41  north  Water 
Perot  Elllston,  merchant  299  Hii^h  [see  J^erio 

Perot  Joiin,  merchant  297  High 
Perpignan  P-eter,  goldsmith,  Sec.  41  Coates  alley 
Perrey  Samuel,  boardinghouse  86  Swanson 
^errotteau  B.  sea  captain  95  High 
Perry  Charles,  mariner  120  Swanson 
P^irshouse  John,  merchant  12th  near  Chesnut 
Pesoi  widow  of  Isaac,  merchant  37  north  Fourth 
Peterman  Geo.  flour  merchant  106  Filbert 
Peterman  Geo.  and  Jacob,  flour  merchants  389  High 
Peterman  Jacob,  flour  merchant  1 1  n.  Twelfth 

Peters ,  silversmith  340  Race 

Peters  Barbary,  widow  1  Elbow  lane 
Peters  Charles,  taylor  251  St.  John 
Peters  Christian,  coachman  50  north  Fifth 
Peters  Elizcibeth,  83  south  Front 
Peters  Evan,  bricklayer  8  Pear 
Peters  Geo.  accomptant  1 1  Sterling  alley 
Peters  James,  teacher  c  orner  Fifth  and  Vine 
Peiers  James  S.  teacher  73  north  Fihh 
i^eters  John,   beefstake  and  oysterhouse  20  High  & 
tayern  251  Sit,  John 


Peters  John,  caulker  44  Christian 

Peters  John,  cook  289  south  Fourth 

Peters  Manuel,  mariner  20  German 

Peters  Mary,  widow,  Lombard  street  alley 

Peters  Mary,  widow  12  Wagner's  alley 

Peters  Nicholas,  oysterman  188  Cherry 

Peters  Rees,  carpenter  ISO  St.  John 

Peters  Richard,  judge  of  the  district  court  of  the 

United  States,  Belmont 
Peters  Richard,  jun.  attorney  at  law  85  Walnut 
Peters  widow  of  Thomas  T.  205  Sassafras 
Peterson  Aaron,  labourer  39  Prime 
Peterson  B.  shipwright  12  Margaretta  {see  Patterson 
t  Peterson  Charles,  porter,  Webb's  alley 
Peterson  George,  grocer  3  s.  Third  &  94  n.  5th 
Peterson  Henry,  grocer  291  High 
Peterson  Henry,  jun.  grocer  S.E.  cor.  Arch  and  5^h 
t  Peterson  Henry,  labourer  Juniper  alley 
I  Peterson  Jacob,  hairdresser  76  Spruce 
Peterson  John,  porter  2  Hopkins'  court 
f  Peterson  Nathan,  woodsawyer  Webb's  alley 
Peterson  Peter,  shipwright  Prime  above  Second 
Peterson  Thomas,  shallopman  261  north  Front 
yetherbridge  John,  shipwright  Swede's  alley 
Petit  Andrew,  aWerman,  69  s.  6th,  office  12  s.  4th 
Petraye  John,  merchant  35  Pine 
Pettibone  Daniel,  edge  tool,  &c.  maker,  32  n.  8th 
Pettit  George,  shallopman  5  Summers*  court 
Pettit  Hester,  nurse  74  New 
Fettit  Nicholas,  taylor  40  Race 
Pettit  Jonathan,  bricklayer  92  Crowd 
Pettit  widow  of  Anthony,  72  Green 
Peusch  Jacob,  labourer  5 1  north  Sixth 
Peychiers  E.  widow,  91s.  Fourth  near  Pine 
Peyrusse  Arnaiid,  taylor  156  south  Fourth 
PfafT  George,  printer  6  Branch 
Pfeiffer  widow  of  George,  235  north  Second 
Pfeiffer  Mrs.  widow.  Fourth  near  Poplar  lane 

{see  Peijftfr^  Pifcr,  iP"  Pifitt 
Pfile  John,  cabinetmaker  51  Green  \sec  File 

Pilaume  Francis,  baker  346  north  Front 
Pheil  David,  silverplater  62  Tammany 

>>HE PHi 

Phelps  Elijah,  Filbert  above  Eleventh 
Phelps  Othniel,  shoemaker  20  Browne 
Phile  John,  collector  157  Mulberry 
Phile  Mary,  widow,  Fourth  above  Browne 
Philler  Andrew,  bootmaker,  S;c.  156  south  Front 
Phillcr  Andrew,  jun.  boot  and  shoemaker  271  s.  2d 
Phillips  Aaron  I.  druggist,  &c.  190  Callowhill 
Phillips  Benjamin  I.  merchant  18  Chesnut 
Phillips  Benjamin,  shipbuilder  25  Prime 
Phillips  Ben.  late  storekeeper  Aichn.  sch.  Front 
Phillips  Edward  P.  viciualler,  Moyamensing  below 

Phillips  Henry,  tinsmith  1 8  Fayette 
Phillips  James,  mate  160  north  Water 
Phillips  John,  baker  5  Blackhorse  alley 
Phillips  John,  labourer  97  Budd 
t  Phillips  John,  barber  226  south  Fifth 
Phillips  widow  of  J.  circulating  library  and  book- 
seller 1 1 9  south  Third 
Phillips  E.  washerwoman,  Quince  alley  below  Walnut 
Phillips  Joseph,  carter,  corner  sch.  8th  and  Say 
Phillips  Jonathan,  pumpmaker  corner  Beach   and 

Phillips  Levy,  merchant  22  north  Fourth 
Phillips  Mary,  widow  13  Tammany 
Phillips  Matthew,  labourer  back  189  north  Second 
Phillips  Matthew,  155  north  Sixth 
Phillips  Mrs.  of  John,  Christian  near  Fifih 
Phillips  Miles,  accomptant  88  south  Third 
Phillips  Peter,  grocer  71  north  Seventh 
Phillips  Kebecca,  widow  of  Joseph  41  north  Fourth 
Phillips  R.  carter,  sch.  8th  above  Race 
Philhps  Sanmel,  coachmaker  Blackberry  alley 
Phillips  Thomas,  shoemaker  Green  below  Second 
Phillips  widow  of  Henry,  107  south  Fourth 
Phillips  widow  of  John,  7  Pine 
Phillips  William,  merchant  200  south  Front 
Philhps  Wm,  sea  captain  42  Almond 
Phillips  Wm.  smith  133  Cherry 
Phillips  Z.  attorney  at  law  238  Spruce 
Phillipson  Siftion,  merchant  258  Mulberry 
Philses  Alexandefi  gentleman  1 1  north  Eighth 


Phinney  Saml.  sea  captain  236  n.  Front 

[see  Finney.,  Phynncy 
Phipps  M.and  S.  shopkeepers  21  north  Fourth 
Phipps  Sarah,  widow  30  Mary  street  (S.) 
Phynney  \Vm.  mate  307  s.  Front 

[see  Phinney^  Finney 
Physick  Abigail,  65  New 

Physick  Phil.  S   m.  d.  professor  of  surgery  1 14  Arch 
Picard  Peter  M.  late  porter  268  Lombard 
^     Pick^nds  widow  of  Thomas,  carpenter  3  Filbert 
Pickel  Ann,  widow  126  Cedar  \jsee  Pikel 

Pickering  John,  planemaker  Kunckel  near  Green 
Pickering  Thomas,  carpenter  87  Coats 
Pickering  Thomas,  oysterman  30'i  south  Fourth 
Pickering  William,  taylor  53  Walnut 
Picquet  Martin,  merchant  205  High 
Pidgeon  C.  cabinetmaker  222  Lombard 
Pierce  John,  ropemaker  36  Christian      [see  Pearce 
Pierce  and  Robinson,  ropemakers  and  shipchandlers 

Spruce  street  wharf 
pierie  and  Caner,  coachmakers  12  south  Seventh 
Pierie  Charles,  coachmaker  34  Sugar  alley 
Pierie  George  W.  printer  20  Greenleaf  court 
Pierie  James  T.  carver  and  gilder  68  Chesnut 
Pierie  John,  hairdresser  and  bleeder  N.E.  corner 

Walnut  and  Fourth 
Pierie  Mary,  vadow  20  Greenleaf  court 
Pierie  Wm.  currier  20  Greenleaf  court 
Pierpoint  Robert,  siikdresser  58  Dock  n.  Pear 
Piesch  Abraham,  merchant  115  north  Water 
Piex  Robert,  shoemaker  Christian  near  Fifth 
Pifer  John,  blacksmith  Oak  near  Coats 
Pifer  John,  tavernkeeper  18  Vernon 
Pike  Marinus  Willett,  gilder  41  north  Sixth 
Pikel  Casper,  coach  lampmaker  61  south  Fifth 
Pile  Wm.  accomplant  13  Summer's  court  [see  Pyle 
Pilmore  Rev.  Joseph,  171  south  Fifth 
Pinchin  widow  of  William,  326  Sassafras 
Pindleberry  Wm   mariner  70  Penn 
Pine  Lazarus,  shall vpman  78  Penn 
Pine  Joseph,  labourer  back  5 10  north  Front 
Pinkerman  widow  of  Henry,  bricklayer  155  Coats' 


Pinyard  John,  labourer  back  216  norlh  Front 
Piriyard  Matthias,  mate  270  south  Front 
Piper  Frederick,  currier  370  north  Second 

[.9<?e  Pifer  and  Pftiffer 
Pister  Mary,  widow,  Marlborough  near  Prince 
Pitcher  R.  millinery  and  fancy  store  61  Mulberry 
Pitman  Wm.  T.  plaisterer  n.  3  Blackberry  alley 
Pitner  Aaron,  sea  captain  353  south  Second 
Pittman  widow  of  Ephraim,  46  Bread  street 
t  Plamore  Charles,  barber  24  Christian 
Plane  Jacob,  carpenter  4th  above  Browne 
Plank  John,  brewer  Fourth  above  "V^ine 
Plank  John,  cooper  277  north  Front 
Plankinhorne   J.    late  flour   insp<;ctor   Fifth  below 

Piatt  Samuel,  shoemaker  9  Fayette 
Piatt  Wm.  tavernkeeper  Germantown  road  n.  4th 
Pleas  George,  cooper  17  Green 
Pleas  George,  jun.  cooper  175  St.  John 
Pleasants  Charles,  merchant  114  Mulberry 
Pleasants  Israel,  president  of  the  U.  S.  Insurance 

Company  281  Chesnut  near  Ninth 
Pleasants  James,  merchant  2  n.  Ninth 
Pleasants  Joseph,  hardware  merchant  267  High 
Pleasants  widow  of  Samuel,  2  north  Ninth 
Plecker  Peter,  cooper  271  north  Second 
Pleis  Mdtlhias,  apothecary  and  druggist  451  n.  2d 
Plish  Jonas,  shoemaker  489  north  Third 
Plocher  John  J.  wheelwright  2  Maria 
Plowman  Thomas  L.  (enquire)  corner  Little  George 

and  Seventh 
Plotts  Charlotte,  259  south  Seventh 
Plum  Peter,  ropemaker  Federal  above  Second 
Plumb  Anthony,  yeoman  Hudson's  lane  n.  Eighth 
Plumb  Joseph,  shoemaker  Hudson's  lanen.  8t'h 
Plumley  Absalom,  ropemaker,  Carpenter  (S.)  n.  5lh 
Plumley  Mrs.  of  George,  Christian  near  Fourth 
Pluncket  James,  copperplate  printer  462  n.  Third 
Plunket  Mrs.  of  Alexander,  264  south  Fifth 
Plunghi  Lewis,  coachmaker  Orange  street 
Plu right  Wm.  sea  captain  125  s.  2d  cor.  Spruce 
Plush  John,  sugarbaker  Garden  street 



Poalk  Robert,  late  auctioneer  4S  north  Fourth 
Poalk  Solomon,  bottler  86  n.  2d  and  240  s  Third 
Poincy  Peter,  goldsmith  266  north  Second 
Point  John,  pumpmaker  32  Old  York  road  and  Rich- 
ardson's court 
Pointe  James,  goldsmith,  &c.  17  south  Second 
Poitevin  Peter,  jeweller  550  north  Third 
Pole  Edward,  late  auctioneer,  innkeeper,  Gray's  fer- 
ry road  opposite  U.  S.  arsenal 
Pole  Edward,  jun.  teacher,  Gray's  ferry  road  oppo- 
site U.  S.  arsenal 
Polick  Hyim,  dealer  72  north  Fifth 
Polls  widow  of  George,  shoemaker  23  St«  Mary 
PoUin  Peter,  bootmaker  46  south  Third 
Pollock  George,  gentleman  172  Chesnut 
Pollock  Jane,  bonnelmaker  73  Arch 
Pollock  John,  stonecutter  and  marble  mantle  manu- 
factory. Fourth  above  Green 
Pomeroy  David,  grocer  1 2 1  Budd 
Pommer  Charles,  piano-forte  maker  72  Race 
Pomroy  Wm.  L.  shoemaker  Fourth  above  Coats' 
Pomroy  Wra.  currier  3  Gray's  alley 
Pond  Samuel,  watchman  282  Sassafras 
Pond  widow  of  Tho,  shallopman  1 1  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Pond  &  Wood,  victualling,  &c.  cellar  425  n.  2d 
Pons  John  B.  hatter  234  south  Fifth 
Pool  Edward,  mariner  104  Filbert 
Pool  Peter,  hatter  27  Cr©sson*s  alley 
pool  Rebecca,  widow  of  Wm.  H.  back  20  Kunckel 
Pool  Wm.  combmaker  4  Pennsylvania  avenue 

Pool ,  combmaker  87  north  bixth 

Poole  John,  ferryman  M*Cullough*s  court 

Poole  Wm.  tavern  and  ferry  keeper  High  street 

wharf,  north  side 
Poor  Martin,  ostler  298  Vine 
Poore  John,  teacher  5  Appletree  alley 
t  Pope  Dennis,  labourer,  back  186  south  Fifth 
Pope  Isaac,  labourer,  Little's  court 
Pope  Nathaniel,  bricklayer  74  north  Ninth 
Pope  Thomas,  architect,  landscape  gardener,  &  en- 
gineer. Library  st.  dwelling  7  n.  12th 
Pope  Mrs.  of  Wra^  Rose  alley  (N.  L.) 


Poppal  George,  victualler  8c  innkeeper  178  Cedar 

Poppe  Henry,  tavernkeeper  154  Vin« 

t  Porter  Cyrus,  coachman  159  Lombard 

Porter  Daniel,  oakcooper  49  south  Water 

Porter  Eliz.  widow  I  Cresson's  alley 

Porter  James,  grocer,  corner  Vine  and  Thirteenth 

t  Porter  Jacob.  labourer  1 49  Browne 

Porter  Jehu,  sea  captain  403  south  Front 

Porter  John,  m.  d.  165  Walnut 

Porter  John  and  Son,  brushxnakers  125  High  and 

35  north  Third 
Porter  John,  sen.  brushmaker  €9  Mulberry  and  35 

north  Third 
Porter  Jonathan,  tavernkeeper  76  north  Water 
Porter  Margaret,  boardinghouse  225  n.  Second 
t  Porter  Robert,  labourer  Lyndall's  alley 
Porter  Samuel,  smith  Prospect  alley 
t  Porter  Samuel,  carter  Lombard  above  Ninth 
Porter  W.  R.  taylor  1 10  south  Second 
t  Posey  Samuel,  sweep  95  Passyunk 
Posslcns  Mary,  boardinghouse  8  north  Third 
Pote  Henry,  fisherman  Queen  near  Bishop 
Pote  M.  widow,  Wood  near  Queen 
Pote  Peter,  fisherman  Queen  near  Bishop 
Pote  Peter,  jun.  fisherman,  Qucren  near  Bishop 
Poth  Conrad,  tallowchandler  178  St.  John's 
Potier  Thomas  N,  merchant  19  1  south  Second 
Potter  Joseph,  wharf-builder  5  Kunckel  street 
Potter  Joseph,  mariner  Swede's  alley 
Potter  Richard  C.  merchant  4  north  Third 
Potter  Sam.  8c  Wm.  Page,  merchants  3 1  ChesnuC 
Potter  John,  n>erchant  16  south  Front 
Potter  Wm.  W.  bookbinder  33  Carter's  alley  and 

83  Union 
t  Potts  Cyrus,  coachdriver  157  Spruce 
Potts  rev.  Geo.  C.  pastor  of  the  fourth  Prcabytcria* 

church,  65  Locust  above  8th 
Potts  James,  254  Race 
Potts  James,  oak  cooper  63  north  Water 
Potts  J.  S.  8c  W.  A.  Peddle,  coopers  and  gau|;erft 

63  north  Water 
Polls  Margaret,  atortkeeper  93  north  Fourth 


Potts  arid  Matlack,  shoestore  209  High 

Potts  Nathan  R.  attorney  at  law  1 13  north  Fifth 

Potts  Nathaniel,  merchant  5  north  Water 

Polts  Phineas,  accountant  SO  Elfreth's  alley 

Potts  Samuel,  accountant  17  Julianna 

Potts  Samuel,  gentleman  343  High 

Potts  Stacy  K.  merchant  9  north  Second 

Potts  Stacy,  jun  shoe  store  209  High 

Potts  Susan,  storekeeper  42  south  Fourth 

Potts  widow  of  Joseph,  102  Mulberry 

Pouble  Peter,  confectioner  141  south  Second 

Poulson  Ann,  boarding  house  210  south  Seventh 

Poulson  Charles  A.  printer  106  Chesnut 

Poulson  George,  bricklayer  313  south  Seventh 

Poulson  John,  printer  106  Chesnut 

Poulson  John,  bricklayer  243  south  Seventh 

Poulson  Zachariah,  publisher  of  the  American  Daily 

Advertiser  106  Chesnut 
Poultney  Catharine,  widow  3  Strawberry 
Poultney  James,  ironmonger  corner  Seventh  and 

Spruce  *- 

Poultney  John^  balance  weigher  Walnut  street  wharf 

and  40  Union 
Pounder  Jonathan,  bookseller  352  north  Third 
Poupon  Auguste,  jeweller  79  Race 
Powell  Abraham,  labourer  Federal  near  Second 
Powell  Andrew,  grocer  69  Passyunk 
Powell  Ann  and  Martha,  tea  store  1 5  south  Third 
Powell  Benj.  labourer  163  Green 
Powell  Benjamin,  grocer  144  south  Eighth 
Powell  Davis,  carpenter  229  Lombard 
Powell  Elizabeth,  gentlewoman  205^  Chesnut  n.  7th 
Powell  Geo.  carpenter  8  Bedford  (M)  near  7th 
Powell  John,  painter,  &c.  86  south  Eleventh 
Powell  John  Hare,  gentleman  108  south,  J-  ighth 
Powell  John,  labourer   High   west  of  Permanent 

Powell  John,  bricklayer  252  Lombard 
Powell  Jos.  carpenter  6  Knight's  court  &  99  Crown 
Powell  and  M'lntosh,  grocers  corner  Callowhill  and 

Powell  Peter,  labourer  corner  Cedar  and  Bro»d 

?0U' PRE 

FoweH  P»  wheelwright  Germantown  R.  n.  Front 

Powell  K.  layer  out  of  the  dead  Shepherd's  court 

Powell  Rhoda,  widow  13  Mary  (S.) 

Powell  Samuel,  carpenter  Shackamaxon 

Powell  Sarah,  shopkeeper  43  Green 

Powell  William,  wheelwright  Maiden 

Poweil  William,  lumber  yard  375  High,  dwelling 

101  north  Seventh 
Powis  James,  painter,  £cc.  Patton's  court 
Poylin  Sarah,  seamstress  Kugler's  court 
Poyner  Francis,  accompiant  32  Coates*  alley 
Poyniell  widow  of  William,  191  Spruce 
Prade  John,  gentleman  63  south  Second 
Prady  John,  sea  captain  High  near  sch,  5lh 
Prager  Mark,  merchant  1  Little  George  cor.  6th 
Prahl  Edward,  chairmaker  64  north  Fifth 
Prahl  Samuel,  blacksmith  Rachel  street 
Prahl  widow  of  Lewis,  Rachel  street       [see  PrecU 
Pratt  Henry,  merchant  95  n.  Water  £c  1 12  n.  Front 
Pratt  James,  tobacconist  128  Cedar 
Pratt  John,  cabinet  maker  38  German 
Pratt  J.  D.  merchant  95  n.  Water  8c  298  n.  Front 
Pratt  Sc  Kintzing,  merchants  95  north  Water 
Pratt  Thomas,  mariner  back  64  Catharine 
Pratt  Thomas,  merchant  58  s.  1 1th  £c  48  s.  Wharves 
t  Prattis  David,  woodsawyer  Cherry  above  1 1th 
Pray  John,  victualler  50  Charlotte 
Preall  George,  shoemaker  12  3  Plum        \^s€e  Prahl 
Preall  widow  of  James,  cooper  109  south  Second 
Preall  John,  shoemaker  26  Oak  (S.) 
Premir  John  B.  grocer  corner  Lombard  and  Sixth 
Prentice  Benj.  stable  keeper  corner  8th  &  Locust 
Prentice  Caleb,  stable  keeper  corner  Locust  &  8th 
Prentice  David,   founder    corner  Washington  and 

Prentice  8c  Summerville,  founders  Upper  Ferry  R« 
Prentzel  Charles  S.  baker  100  north  Seventh 
Preston  John,  painter,  &c-  6 1  Union 
Preston  John,  shoemaker  SpafTord  street 
Preston  Wm.  jun.  boat  builder  51  Artillery  lane 
Preston  Wm.  boat  builder  51  Artillery  lane 

Preswick  Elizabeth,  shopkeeper  1 59  Cedar 
Pretty  man  Eliz.  nurse,  back  362  south  Second 
Prevost  Andrew  M.  tobacconist  59   south  Front, 

dwelling  74  Swanson 
Prevost  Henry,  merchant  74  Swanson 
JPrevost  &  Co.  merchants  19  north  2d 
jPrevost  L.  and  A.  M.  tobacconists  59  south  Front 
PrevostLewis,jun.  merchant  19  north  Second 
Price  Abijah,  dep.  keep,  of  prison  162  Cherry 
Price  Chandler,  merchant  96  south  Front,  counting 
house  41  Dock,  east  of  2d  {^see  £r€ish 

Price  Elizabeth,  widow  99  Pine 
Price  E.  lumber  merchant  High  west  of  Perma- 
nent Bridge 
Price  Fred*k,  carpenter,  back  297  Callowhill 
Price  and  Gaws,  tanners,  back  511  north  Front 
Price  George,  printer  corner  Callowhill  and  Ridge 

and  313  Arch 
Price  Jane,  milliner  328  north  2d 
Price  John,  mariner  53  Queen  (S.) 
Price  John,  carter  Eleventh  above  Race 
Price  John,  medicine  pulveriser  4  Cable  lane 
Price  John,  96  north  Third 
Price  John,  rigger  194  south  Water 
Price  John  M.  merchant  8  Sansom 
Price  Joseph,  hatter  79  High 
Price  Joseph,  tanner  5 1  \  north  Front 

Price  Mary,  widow,  Shackamaxon 

Price  Matthias,  blackballmaker  near  355  Callowhill 

Price  Mrs.  boarding  house  28  north  Eighth 

Price  Philip,  jun.  clock  and  watchmaker  31  s.  4lh 

Price  R.  lumber  merchant  196  south  Fourth 

Price  Rebecca  and  Sarah,  78  Crown 

Price  Robert,  accomptant  Highw.  of  Centre  Square 

Price  Samuel,  merchant  19  High 

Price  Sarah,  widow,  75  north  Sixth 

Price  Sarah,  widow,  shopkeeper  34  south  Third 

Price  Sarah,  widow,  Penn  (K) 

Price  Seth,  dep.  keep,  of  prison  13  Pfeiffer's  alley 

Price  widow  of  Jacob,  \  66  Swanson 

Price  Wm  pilot  China  street 

Prichett  John,  merchant  339  Spruce 

PR  I^— PRY 

Pnchett  Thomas,  late  cooper  Eighth  n.  Cedav 
Prichett  Thomas  and  John,  flour  merchants  4 1  s^ 

Water  and  98  south  Eighth 
Prichett  widow,  239  Spruce 
Prichett  William,  currier  98  south  Eighth 
Prichett  William,  carter  265  Catharine 
Prichett  William,  currier  127  Chesnut 
Prichett  William,  merchant  98  south  Eighth 
Prichett  William  R.  shipjoiner,  dwelling  and  shop 

near  corner  of  Beach  and  Penn 
Priest  Emanuel,  caulker  161  north  Water 
priest  Levi,  combmaker  36  Passyunk 
Priest  Thomas,  labourer  Rose  alley  (N.  L.) 
Priestman  William,  merchant  corner  9th  and  High 
Primer  Jacob,  carpenter  124  Shippen 
Primmer  Adam,  Ann  street  (V.) 
Primmer  Margaret,  widow,  Passyunk  n.  Queen 
Primmer  Mary,  widow,  back  66  south  5th 
Primrose  John,  saddler,  &.c.  2  s.  7th  and  14  n.  8th 
primrose  Vailot,  saddler,  Sec.  308  High 
Prine  Daniel,  taylor  101  Cedar 
Pringle  John,  stone  cutter  Chesnut  above  Tenth 
Probasco  Henry,  justice  of  the  peace  37  Coats' 
Probasco  Martha,  widow,  Poplar  below  2d 
Probst  George,  sugar  baker  15  Shippen 
Promise  Wm.  jeweller  98  north  Third 
Pronk  John,  m.  d.  169  Pine 
Propert  John,  farmer  Johnson's  lane 
Proud  Robert,  gentleman  38  north  Fifth 
Proudfit  James,  u.  d.  123  south  Second 
^roudfoot  R.  teacher  Queen  near  Marlborough 
Proudlcr  Margt.  widow.  Queen  near  Cherry 
Proved  Hannah,  widow.  Weaver's  alley 
Provenshere  Peter,  183  south  Fifth 
Prowitt  Thomas,  teacher  32  High 
Prudot  L.  upholsterer  75  south  Front 
Pryor  Edmond,  druggist,  &c.  373  north  Front 
Pry  or  George,  carpenter  160  south  Ninth 
Pryor  Josiah,  currier  16i  south  Fifth 
Pryor  Jos.  grocer,  56  n.  Water  Sc  26  Elfreth's  alley 
Pryor  M.  and  M.  gentlewomen  47  Union 
Pryor  Norton,  gentlennau  1 17  Mulberry 


Pryor  Norton,  jun.  gentleman  47  Union 

Pryor  Richard,  hatter  4  north  Front 

Pryor  Tho.  W.  merchant  373  north  Front 

Pudvin"  James,  grocer  corner  German  and  Fourth 

Pue  Hugh,  morocco  dresser  Walnut  above  Tenth 

Pugh  Catharine,  widow  55  Spruce 

Pugh  Eli  R.back  126  north  Fifth 

Pugh  Henry,  enquire  72  south  Eighth 

Pugh  Jesse,  cabinetmaker  64  north  Eighth 

Pugh  Jonathan,  plasterer  6  Heyde's  court 

Puglia  Jas.  Ph.  sworn  interpreter  of  foreign  Ian- 

guages  and  health  officer,  158  south  Third 
Puley  George,  soapboiler  Small  alley 
Pullen  Philip,  typefounder  Bonsai  street 
Pullen  R.  treas.  of  New  Theatre  132  s.  Sixth 
Pulley  Mrs.  2  Sterling  alley 
PuUinger  Collin,  sea  captain  247  south  Front 
Pummeroy  Elizabeth,  nurse  368  north  Third 
Purchey  John,  labourer  Greenwich  street 
Purdon  John,  shopkeeper  and  city  commissioner 

122  south  Front 
Purdon  John,  jun.  attorney  at  law  191  Chesnut 
Purdy  George,  carpenter  321  Callowhill 
Purfil  Mrs.  of  John,  Queen  near  Frankford  road 
Purgen  Enos,  labourer  375  south  Front 
Purkenpine  John,  victualler  43  Budd  [see  Per. 

Purkenpine  John,  jun.  victualler  back  4S  Budd 
t  Purnel  Fred'k,  master  sweep  27  Grissers  alley 
Purnell  Wm.  m.  d.  56  Walnut 
t  Pursue  Aaron,  carter  back  8  Coombs'  alley 
Purves  Alexander,  merchant  22  south  Second 
Purves  Wm.  mariner  Elmslie's  alley 
Purves  Wm.  hatter  19  Cresson's  alley 
Pusey  Wm.  hatter  78  north  Fourth 
Pybus  John,  shoemaker,   wire  coverer,  and  grocer 

S.E.  corner  Fifth  and  Vine 
Pyle  Joseph,  storekeeper  42  north  Second 
Pyle  Mrs.  of  Thomas,  Goddavd's  alley       {see  Pile 
Pyle  Martha,  tayloress  99  Cherry 

QUA^— RAi 

(^uAcco  Francis,  shallopman  188  Lombaic 
Quad  John,  barber,  47  Gaskill 
Quail  Eliz  widow,  milliner,  46  Cedar 
Quandale  Lewis,  clock  and  watchmaker  69  Chesnuc 
Quandrill  Charles,  sea  captain  248  Spruce 
Queen- James,  merchant  taylor  53  south  Third 
Queen  Thomas,  distiller  388  High  above  Twelfth 
Quesnet  B.  professor  of  dancing,  Library  street  and 

47  north  Sixth 
Quest  Elizabeth,  widow  244  St.  John 





cksal  J.  shoemaker  Queen  near  Hanover 

g  John,  accomptant  back  3  Blackberry  allev 

g  Robert,  accomptant  Watson's  alley 

gley  James,  sandman  back  12  Spruce  v 

g!ey  Mary,  shopkeeper  Mary*s  alley 

n  Allen,  shoemaker  Relief  street 

n  Andrew,  hairdresser  63  Walnut 

n  Arthur,  hostler,  103  south  Fifth 

n  Barnet,  accomptant  Prime  above  Front 

n  Daniel,  rectifying  distillery   183  south  FourtJi 

n  Emanuel,  stoi;ecutter  291  Mulber-y 

n  Felix,  typefounder  Cedar  above  Tenth 

n  Patrick,  grocer  18  Filbert 

nlen  Morris,  taylor  1 48  north  Front 

nter  Thomas,  labourer  Oak  beiow  Noble 

rk  lyargaret.  seamstress  68  Union 

Rabjohn  John,  tailor  229  St.  John 
Rabjohn  William,  shoemaker  14  Kunckel 
Rabsom  Henry,  shoemaker  52  Charlotte 
Rabsom  Mary,  widow,  205  Mulberry 
Rademaker  Joseph,  charge  des  aftaires  and  const.. 

general  from  Portugal  26  San'om 
Hafieid  John,  accountant  5  Farmer's  alley 

[^r^;  Rail/'.  !.: 
Aaftle  Joseph,  tobacconist  104  Christian 
lagen  James,  morocco  dresser,  back  40  n.  4ih 
^.agen  Morgan,  mariner  26  Mary  (S  ) 
Magin  John,  carter  Thirteenth  above  Filbert 
Raguet  Condy,  merchant  Bickley's  wharf  and  \  I  s» 

Rain  Lienor,  widow,  322  south  Third 

H  h  h 


Rain  Thomas,  chair  maker  Wattman's  aliey 
Rainey  John,  carter  Mark's  lane 
Raivly  John,  baker  PearsoR's  court 
Rakestraw  Joseph,  printer  £48^  north  Third 
Rakestraw  Sarah,  widow,  190  north  Fifth 
Ralston  Matthew  C.  merchant  103  south  Front 
Ralston  Robert,  merchant  189  Mulberry,  counting 

house  103  south  Front 
Ralston  Robert,  jun.  accountant  Swede's  alley 
Ralston  William,  labourer  Barker  street  n.  4th 
Ramage  Adam,  printer's  joiner  and  cabinetmaker 

Library  st.  n.  4th  and  Elizabeth  n.  6th 
Ramage  Amor,  plaisterer  1 1  Pennsylvania 
Rambo  Anna,  widow,  Prospect  alley 
Uambo  Peter,  shipwright  Hanover  near  Bedford 
Rambo  Sarah,  teacher  6  Budd  street 
Rambo  widow  of  Daniel,  43  Green 
Ramee  J.  architect  opposite  40  south  Eighth 
Ramer  John,  ostler  28  Poplar 
Ramp  William,  stone  cutter  10th  above  Filbert 
Ramsay  Alexander,  carpenter   and   city   corrimiS" 

sioner,  Ninth  above  Race 
Ramsay  Benj.  and  Isaac,  feedstore  444  Race 
Ramsay  Mary,  shopkeeper  147  Cherry 
Ramsdell  Mrs.  tayloress  96  north  Fifth 
Ramsey  Christopher,  labourer  Race  n.  sch.  7th 
Rand  B.  H.  professor  of  Penmanship  8  n.  3d 
Rand  Henry,  labourer  Mulberry  alley 
Randall  George,  drayman  1 67  south  Fifth 
Randall  Joseph,  carpenter  103  s.  ^th  n.  Walnut  >. 
Randall  Josiah,  attorney  at  law   and  clerk  of  the 
mayor's  court,  office  east  wing  of  the  state  house 
Randall  Matthew,  merchandize  and  ship  broker  61 
Chesnut  [see  Hundle 

t  Randall  Robert,  carpenter  16  Artillery  lane 
Randle  John,  shoemaker  403  north  Third 
Randolph  Edw.  merchant  126  north  Second 
Randolph  Edw.  jun.  88  V-ne 
Randolph  George  F.  merchant  83  High 
Randolph  and  Madeira,  merchants  239  High 
Randolph  Mrs.  of  David,  400  north  Front 
Randolph  Richard,  merchant  126  north  Second 


\  Randolph  Joseph,  painter,  Sec.  Blackberry  alley  ii. 

Spruce  and  Spruce  above  Eighth 
Randolph  William,  carpenter  126  north  Second 
Rang  John,  grocer  i65  Vine 
Ranken  Alexander,  cordvvainer  50  Mulberry 
Ranken  George,  shoemaker  7  Cresson's  alley 
Ranken  George   Sc   Son,  cabinet  ni-akers  129  Wal- 
nut and  62  north  Fifth 
Ranken  Hugh,  grocer  cor.  7th  and  Race 
Ranken  William,  cabinet  maker  129  Walnut 
Rankin  Davis,  shipwrip;ht  563  south  Front 
Rankin  Sarah,  widow,  Coombs'  alley 
Ranten  James,  merchant  127  High  and  33  n.  5ih 
Raphun  C.  baker  Grissel's  alley 
Raphune  Catharine,  shopkeeper  4  South  alley 
Raphune  John,  taylor  36  s.  Water 
Rasch  Anthony,  silversmith  1 18  High 
Raser  A.  widow  94  Sassafras 
Raser  Thomas  M.  teacher  78  north  Fifth 
Ratsheller  A.  black  and  white  smith  360  north  3d 
Rattenbiller  John,  labourer  27  Tammany 
Ravesies  Fred,  merchant  229  High  and    Mulberry 

Ravoudt  Wm.  S.  M.  D.  18  York  road 
Rawl  Benjamin,  shipwright  S3  Budd 
RawleSarnuelB.  merchant  98  south  Fourth 
Rawle  William,  counsellor  at  law,  office   116  and 

dwelling  112  south  Third 
Rawle  William,  jun.  attorney  at  law  1 16  s.  3d 
Rawn  Elizabeth,  widow  149  Pine 
Ra worth  Mary,  teacher  81  Penn 
Ray  Andrew,  store  &  tavern  keeper  168  Swansojt 
Ray  David,  merchant  137  s.  Water  8c  164  s.  F'ront 
Ray  David  Sc  Moses,  merchants  137  s.  Water 
Ray  James,  attorney  at  law  251  north  Front 
Ray  Jonathan,  hatter  George  above  12th 
Ray  J.  sea  captain  372  north  3d    [see  Eea  ^  IVray 
Ray  M.  A.  shopkeeper  1^  north  Third 
Ray  Nathaniel,  sea  captain  39  Noble 
Ray  Thomas,  sea  captain   19  Queen  (S.) 
Ray  Wm.  hairdresser  corner  St.  John  and  Ponhr 
lane  and  16  Browne 


Rsy  \vidowof  John,  grocer  380  south  Second 

Kaybold  Joshua,  constable  5 1  Filzwalter 

Kaybold  Thomas,  starchfactory  Arch  n.  sch.  Front 

Kayburn  John,  taylor  back  119  Queen  (S  ) 

Rayfield  Wm.  J.  marine  inn  5  s.  Water  Uee  liq/ield 

t  Kayman  Andrew,  mariner  Webb's  alley 

Rayman  Wm.  labourer  28  Poplar  lane 

Raymond  Nathan,  oysterman  95  north  Fourth* 

Raymond  widow  of  Pierce,  grocer  92  Spruce 

Rea  Alexander,  umbrella  maker  38  south  Third 

Rea  David,  wheelwright  Frankford  road  near  Otter 

Rea  John,  upholsterer  151  Chesnut  [see  Ray,  Wrai, 

Read  Eliza,  widow,  209  south  Seventh 

Read  H.  grocer  Poplar  lane  above  3d  \sceReed,  Reid 

j-iead  James,  merchant  1  North  alley 

Read  John,  mate  19  Cedar 

Read  John,  kibourer  201  Shippen 

Head  John,  umbrella  maker  79  south  Second 

Read  John,  jun.  attorney  at  law  176  Chesnut 

Read  John,  bootmaker  Petticoat  alley 

Read  Peter,  painter,  Sec.  64  Sassafras 

Read  Samuel,  storekeeper  45  north  Second 

Read  Henry,  grocer  Poplar  lane  above  Second 

Read  Wm.  merchant  15  Sansom 

Read  Wm.  carpenter  66  south  Water 

Read  Wm.  F.  copperplate  printer  248  Lombard 

Read  Wm.  L.  saddler  268  north  Second 

Keakert  John,  grocer  439  north  Second  - 

Reall  Samuel,  accomptant  8  Callowhill       [see  Reel 

Reap  Bernard,  shoemaker  106  Budd 

Reap  John,  shoemaker  Kensington 

Reap  John,  shoemaker  Crown  near  Duke 

Reap  Philip,  carpenter  98  Budd 

Reapson  Margaret,  huckster  291  St.  John 

Reardon  Richard,  sea  captain  402  n.  2d 

I  Reason  Jane,  washerwoman  283  St.  John 

Real  Catharine,  widow  Trotter's  alley 

Reaver  Kezia,  teacher  Queen  near  Bishop 

Reaver  Mary,  widow  25  Cresson's  alley 

Rechel  Jacob,  sugarboiler  5  Crown 


Iteckhow  Isaac,  cabinetmaker  cor.  Prospect  alley 

and  Fayette 
Reckitt  Joseph,  inspector  of  lumber  194  n.  5th 

[see  Rickett 
Kedhair  Martin,  shoemaker  Lawrence 
Reding  Fanny,  widow  Pine  near  Tenth 
Redman  Barnabas,  printer  214  Lombard 
Redman  James,  teacher  corner  Tenth  and  George 
Redman  James,  teacher  sch.  Fifth  below  High 
Redman  J.  Evans,  merchant  56  north  Front 
Redman  M.  shopkeeper  28  south  Fourth 
Redman  Rebecca,  185  Walnut  (Sansom*s  row) 
Redman  Thos.  jun.  merchant  28  south  Fourth 
Redman  Thomas,  188  Chesnut 
Redstreke  John,  cabinetmaker  54  Dock  &  Clover 

Reed  Alexander,  grocer  cor.  Race  and  Third 
Reed  Ann,  washerwoman  back  92  Gaskill 
Reed  Ann,  widow  194  Cherry 
Reed  Daniel,  shallopman  70  Penn  [see  Reid^Read 
Reed  Edward,  labourer  back  102  High 
Reed  George,  taylor  337  south  Front,  cor.  Almond 
Reed  Isaac,  37  north  Front 
Reed  J.  merchant  313  Sassafras 
Reed  Joseph,  counsellor  at  law  and  recorder  for  the 

city  of  Philadelphia  158  Walnut 
Reed  John,  weaver  Sassafras  near  sch.  Seventh 
Reed  John,  morocco  dresser  85  south  Fifth 
Reed  Mrs.  of  Jonathan,  labourer  Oak  above  Coats    • 
Reed  Michael,  storekeeper  232  north  Second 
Reed  Moses,  grocer  S  E.  corner  Vine  and  Ninth 
Reed  Ph.  country  tavern  &  yard  121  Vine  cor.  4th 
t  Reed  Reuben,  plaisterer  42  Small 
Reed  Richard,  sea  captain  Second  below  Federal 
Reed  Samuel,  teacher  5  Zane  street 
Reed  Samuel,  grocer  N  E.  cor.  Sassafras  &  Third 
Reed  Thomas,  mariner  38  Union  alley 
Reed  Wm.  taylor  68  s.  Water  and  69  south  Front 
Reeder  Charles,  carpenter  above  447  north  Front 
Reedle  Catharine,  widow  67  Cherry 
Reel  George,  sugarboiler  26  Juliana  [see  Really  Rihle 
Reel  Jacob,  Frankford  road  near  Queen 


Reel  John,  labourer  4th  n.  George 

Reel  John,  smith  Frankford  road  n«ar  Queen 

Reel  Michael,  carpenter  Bedford 

Reel  Richard,  labourer  Orange 

Rees  George,  victualler  Wood  above  Eighth  and 

Garden  street 
Rees  George,  toll  collector  sch.  Perraanent  Bridge 
Rees  George,  jun.  furrier  and  glass  manufactorer  1 1 

n.  Third  and  Fromberger's  court 
Rees  Henry,  blacksnaith  Randolph's  court 
Rees  Henry,  taylor  75  n.  Fourth 

[^see  Reysy  Ehees  if  Eei^ 
Rees  Jacob,  cedarcooper  77  Sassafras 
Rees  John,  grocer,  &c.  1 1 5  Sassafras 
Rees  John,  taylor  Prune  above  Fifth 
Rees  Joseph,  tavernkeeper  213  Cherry 
Rees  Martin,  victualler  34  Charlotte 
Rees  Martin,  stablekeeper  Prune  above  Fifth 
Rees  Mary,  widow  35  Plum 
Rees  Summerville,  bricklayer  Locust  above  Tenth 
Rees  widow  of  Valentine,  victualler  72  s.  8th 
Rees  William,  carter  198  north  Eighth 
Rees  Wm.  blacksmith  2d  above  Poplar 
Reese  Adam,  shoemaker  1 8 1  north  Front 

[see  Reas  and  Rice 
Reese  Ann,  gentlewoman  Loxley's  court 
Reese  George,  boot  and  shoemaker  276  s.  2d 
Reese  Jacob  merchant  42  north  Fifth 
Reess  Bernhard,  storekeeper  273  north  Second 
Reess  John  M.  victualler  36  Charlotte 
Ueess  Samuel,  bricklayer  122  Locust 
Reeve  S.  teacher  1  Bread  street 
Reeves  A-  tavernkeeper  9  north  Front 
Reeves  Benjamin,  grocer  S.  W.  corner  Arch  8c  2d 
Reeves  Daniel,  cordwainer  115  n.  6ih 
Reeves  li.liz.  widow  of  Stephen  246  north  Front 
Reeves  Enos,  shoemaker  291  Mulberry 
Reeves  James,  labourer  18  PewterpUtter  alley 
Reeves  Lemuel,  hatter  back  84  north  Second 
Reeves  Thomas,  jun  grocer  N.W.  cor.  2d  &  Arch 
Reeves  &  Woodward,  grocers S.W.  cor.  Arch  &  2d 


Reffert  widow  of  Philip,  innkeeper  133  Sassafras 
Reford  Elizabeth,  storekeeper  24  south  Third 
Regin  Ann,  midwife,  16  Ann  (N.  L.) 
Regins  John,  mariner  168  St.  John 
Regies  Anthony,  labourer  Carpenter  (S.)  n.  5th 
Regnaud  A.  accomptant  146  south  Seventh 
Rego  John,  trader  485  south  Front 
-Rehn  Caspar,  merchant  283  High  &  62  Zane 
i?ehn  George,  brewer  365  south  Front 
/?ehn  John,  brewer  363  south  Front 
i^ehn  Mrs.  gentlewoman  62  New 
Reid  Adam,  grocer  320  south  2d     [see  Read,  Reed 
Reid  Catherine,  teacher  101  Vine 
Reid  andCroasdill,  merchants  121  High  &  l^s.  4th 
Reid  George,  webbing  factory  6Gray*s  alley,  dwell- 
ing 14  Carter's  alley 
Reid  John,  merchant  121  High 
Reiley  Philip,  bottler  108  north  Water 
Reilley  Philip,  50  Penn 
Reilly  Bernard,  grocer  and  bottler  128  n,  5lh 
Reilly  Boyd,  coachmaker  Hamilton  Village 

[^see  Rieiliy 
Reilly  James,  shoemaker  269  south  Fourth 
Reilly  John,  tavernkeeper  8c  grocer  150  Swanson 
Reilly  Paul,  grocer  32  north  7lh 
Reilly  Thomas,  merchant   102  south  Wharves  and 

Franklin  row 
Reilly  widow  of  Boyd,  17  north  Ninth       \_see  Riley 
Reinboth  Frederick,  sexton  140  north  Fifth 
Remeck  Lewis,  biscuit  baker  Cedar  street  wharf 
Reinhard  C.  wheelwright  Tidmash  street 
Reinhard  Henry,  mariner  49  German 
Reinhard  Jacob,  carpenter  1 10  north  Sixth 
Reinhart  G.  V.  coach  painter  86  Crown 
Reinhart  Christian,  victualler  Poplar  lane  above  3d 
Reinholdt  Mary,  Widow  86  north  Fifth 
Reiss  Frederick,  sugar  baker  131  Cherry  \_sce  Rce« 
Rtlf  Ann,  widow,  gentlewoman,  151  south  Fifth 
Relf  Samuel,  editor  of  the  Philadelphia   Gazette, 

office  62  Dock,  dwelling  72  south  Third 
Relleend  Sophia,  widow,  188  south  Fourth 

RE»*— REY 

Remcntcr  Peter,  carpenter  Passyunk  near  Prjme 
Remer  Sarah,  widow,  Shackamaxon 
Remey  John,  shoemaker  26  Poplar 
Rcmick  Enoch,  mast  maker  tl  Swanson 
Remington  C.  lumber  merchant  167  Vine 
Remington  C.  &  J.  lumber  merchants  corner  Vine 

and  6th 
Remington  Eliza,  widow,  ST  Christian 
Remington  Isaac^  sea  captain  46Shippen 
Remington  Job,  lumber  merchant  41  Wood(N.L,) 
Remshardt   Frederick,  late  baker  Old  York  road 

above  Poplar  lane 
Renguenet  Don  Bartol.  consul  from  his  Catholic 

Majesty  1 15  south  Fourth  near  Spruce 
Renodt  Peter,  broker  127  Spruce 

Renshaw ,  grocer  corner  Arch  and  Front 

Renshaw  Ann,  widow  90  Union 

Renshaw  Francis,  broker  206  Pine 

Renshaw  Richard,  justice  of  the  peace  and  notary 

public,  302  south  Second 
Renshaw  widow  of  James,  1*5  Coats* 
Renshaw  W.  (Mansion-house  Hotel)  S.  E.  corner 

High  and  Eleventh 
Renshiemer  Christian,  carter  Hanover  near  Prince 
Reppard  Sarah,  widow,  Rihrs  court 
Reppert  Sarah,  widow,  162  Race 
Repshear  Jacob,  drayman  435  n.  4th  n.  Poplar 
Repshear  Leonard,  drayman  George  above  3d 
Repsher  Barney,  brickmaker  499  north  Third 
Repsher  Joseph,  labourer  Steinmetz  court  (N.  L.) 
Resinger  Adam,  turner  and  umbrella  maker  367  n. 

Rettew  John,  coppersmith  sch.  5th  n.  Chesnut 
Retzer  Henry,  carpenter  457  north  Third 
Rev^ll  George,  shipwright,  Moyamensing  n.  Prime 

[see  Rivel 
Reynolds  and  Adgate,  grocers  21  south  Third 
Reynolds  Benj  cooper,  gauger  and  head  inspector 

of  salt  provis\ons  1 3  north  Water  and  Bickley'a 

Reynolds  Elias,  carpenter  171  Coats* 


Keynokls Elizabeth,  mantua^|»akcr  19  Strawberry 
Reynolds  Enoch,  accomptanl  U.  S.  Arsenal 
Reynolds  l^rancis,  accomplant  199  s.  7th 
Reynolds  George,  carter  6th  below  Fitzwalter 
Reynolds  Henry,  carver  and  gilder  48  n.  7th 
Reynolds  James,  taylor  375  south  Front 
Reynolds  John,  attorney  at  law  19  Franklin  court 
Reynolds  John,  copperplate  printer  8  CI  jrry 
Reynolds  John  N.  sea  captain  Callowhill  below  6th 
Reynolds  Jos.  grocer  21  s.  3d  and  20  New  Market 
Reynolds  Michael,  ostler  97  Crown 
Reynolds  Peter,  bricklayer  63  Passyunk 
Reynolds  Sanriuel,  merchant  taylor  48  south  3d 
Reynolds  Simeon,  teacher  142  north  Third 
Reynolds  widow  of  John,  19  Franklin  court 
Reynolds  William,  labourer  Elizabeth  street 
Rex  George,  tavern  keeper  271  Vine 
Rex  Wm.  carter  Poplar  lane  near  3d 
Rheem  Jacob,  flour  merchant  373  High 
Rhees  Ann,  widow  of  rev.  M.  J.  Loxley's  court 

Isee  Recs 
Rhoades  C.  boarding  house  302  south  Third 
Rhoads  J.  Sc  D.  lumber  merchants,  High  near  Pe^• 

manent  Bridge  and  n.  sch.  6th 
Rhoads  Hannah,  widow  2  Brewer's  alley 
Rhoads  John,  carpenter,  corner  Crown  8c  Callowhill 
Rhoads  Mary,  widow,  2  Laurel  street  (C.) 
Rhoads  widow  of  Philip,  carpenter  139  north  6th 
Rhodes  Joseph,  grocer  304  High 
Rianhard  E.  widow  97  Cherry 
Riblet  Peter,  confectioner  117  south  Second 
Rice  and  Byrne,  grocers  George  above  lOlh 
Rice  Edward,  back  188  north  Third 
Rice  Charles,  woodsawyer,  back  20  Spruce 
Rice  John,  innkeeper  4 1 6  north  Second 
Rice  John,  shoemaker  Callowhill  above  10th 
Rice  widow  of  John,  fisherman  Queen  n.  Bishop 
Rice  John,  confectioner  and  fruiterer  96  n.  3d 
Rice  Joseph,  blacksmith  28  Old  York  road  &  above 

Noble  [^see  Rcc9s 

Rice  Maria,  seamstress  5  Hurst 
Rice  Mrs.  widow,  schoolmistress  53  Almond 
Rice  widow  of  Robert,  back  352  north  Third 

RIC-^ — RIG 

Rice  Samuel,  taylor  7^  Lombard 

Rice  Wm.  smith  165  Coats' 

Richardett  Samuel,  jun.  sea  captain  9  Lombard 

Richards  A.  blacksmith  7  Charlotte 

Richards  A. baker  Marlborough  near  Queen 

Richards  Adam,  ropemaker  Shackamaxon 

Richards  Ann,  starch  vender  4  Oak  (N.  L) 

Richards  Ann,  teacher  44  Crown 

Richards  A.  G.  storekeeper  5  n.  2d  and  Margaretta 

near  Second 
Richards  Benjamin,  grocer  126  High 
Richards  Catharine,  tavernkeeper  57  s.  Water 
Richards  Charles,  iron  merchant  177  n.  5d  dvvelHng 

42  New  Market 
Richards  David,  labourer  Queen  near  5  th 
Richards  Eleanor,  widow  123  north  Fifth 
Richards  rev.  George,  130  south  Fifth 
Richards  James,  mate  315  south  Second 
Richards  Jesse,  grocer  134i  High 
Richards  John,  labourer  Mulberry  n.  sch.  3d 
Richards  John,  labourer  Hickory  lane 
Richards  John,  jun.  currier  8  Dock  and  105  Spruce 
Richards  John,  shoemaker  1 1 8  German 
iJichards  John  D.  grocer  Almond  street  wharf 
jRichards  Joseph,  manufacturer  of  white  and  red 

lead,  i?ace  n.  sch.  dwelling  162  s.  Fourth 
i?ichards  Joseph,  carpenter  i?ace  n.  sch.  Front 
J?ichards  Joseph,  waterman  Carpenter  (S.)  n.  4th 
/Richards  Mark,  iron  merchant  130  north  Third 
i^ichards  /?achael,  widow  206  north  Front 
/Richards  Samuel,  mariner,  i?ose  alley  n.  Browne 
TJicharda Samuel,  cabinetmaker  218  south  7th 
jRichards  Samuel,  gold  and  silversmith  136  s.  Front 

and  lime  house  3  Dock 
liichards  Samuel,  iron  merchant  1 1 1  n.  Water  and 

250  Arch 
i?ichards  Sarah,  nurse,  back  86  south  Third 
JRichards  Thomas,  iron  merchant  ;26  Spruce 
i?ichards  Thomas,  tobacconist  17  n.  Water 
iiichards  Wm.  jun.  watchmaker  126  High 
2?ichards  Wm.  carpenter  198  Cherry 
jRrcbards  Wra.  grocer  126  High 


Richardson  E.  labourer  375  south  Front 
Richardson  J.  ropemakerFrankford  R.  n.  Queen 
Richardson  John  C.  accomptant  15  Powell 
Richardson  John,  mariner  32  Meade  alley 
t  Richardson  John,  woodsawyer, back  2  Bedford  (M:*) 
Richardson  Jonathan,  carpenter  1  Stall's  court 
Richardson  Joseph,  assayer  in  the  mint  359  High 
Richardson  Jared,  carpenter  Mulberry  near  Broad 
Richardson  i?ichard,  carpenter  197  north  Front 
Richardson  Ross,  brushmaker  10  Pleasant  avenue 
/Richardson  Thomas,  mariner  113  Swanson 
Richardson  Wm.  umbrella  maker  31  south  Third 
Richardson  Wm.  carpenter  Gaskill  above  4th 
Richardson  widow,  milkwoman  Marlborough 
-Richardson  Eliz.  huckster  Marlborough 
Riche  George,  grocer  477  north  Third 
Riche  widow  of  Peter,  Wattman's  alley 
J?ichil  Henry,  cabinetmaker  2 1  Shippen 
jRichli  Joseph,  confectioner  43  south  Second 
7Richman  Isaac,  carter.  Oak  (N.  L.) 
i^ichman  John,  gilder  378  north  Front  and  5  Apple- 
tree  alley 
'^ichman  Mary,  widow,  seamstress  8  Wagner's  alley 
t  -Wichman  Peter,  hatter  411  north  Fourth 
i?ichman  William,  labourer  232  north  Water 
.^ichman  William,  carpenter  77  north  Eighth 
2?ichmond  Eli,  carter  23  Callowhill 
j??ichraond  Eliz.  mangier  corner  Pine  and  Tenth 
/Richmond  Isaac,  carpenter  94  north  Eleventh 
Richmond  W^illiam,  tavernkeeper  434  n.  Third 
/?ichner  Henry,  callico  printer  Queen  near  Bishop 
jRichler  Charles,  hairdresser  54  Green 
TRickard  Catharine,  widow  270  north  Third 
i?ickard  Leonard,  late  tavernkeeper  Chester  street 
iRickerds  Hazard,  labourer  13  Callowhill 
iiickerds  Leonard,  painter,  Sec.  400  n.  2d 
/Ricketts  Henry,  late  drayman  17  Appletree  alley 
^'tJicketts  John,  wheelwright  sch.  8th  n.  Cherry 
Rickey  Mrs.  of  John,  512  north  Front 
Rickey  Samuel,  gentleman  6  n.  8ih 
Rickie  Wm.  shipwright  1 6  Queen  (S.) 
iilickstine  John,  tanner  /Race  near  Juniper 


Rickmaii  Deborah,  widow,  Browne  below  Front 
Riebsatn  John,  grocer  290  n.  2d  8c  14  Noble 
i?idabock  P.  blacksmith  and  tavernkeeper  14  s.  5th 
Riddick  Joseph,  mariner,  back  293  south  Fifth 
Riddit  widow  of  Peter,  mariner  46  Penn 
Riddle  David, carpenter  125  Pine 
Riddle  James,  bookbinder  Lombard  above  9  th 
Riddle  John,  drayman  126  Queen  (S.) 
Riddle  Samuel,  boot  and  shoemaker  72  n.  Front 
Riddle  Wm.  baker  433  south  Front        [see  Reedle 
Rider  John,  accomptant  Whitehall  street 
Rider  Silvenus,  oyslerman  82  south  Water 
Rider  Christian,  labourer  Lombard  n.  sch. 
Ridgway  &  Balch,  merchants  s.  25  Wharves 
Ridgway  8c  Evans,  lumber  merchants  9th  above  Race 
Ridgway  E.  8c  E.  bonnet  makers  9  Strawberry 
Ridgway  Jacob,  merchant  1 60  north  Front 
Ridgway  John,  bricklayer  76  north  9th 
Ridgway  John,  jun.  merchant  90  south  Front 
Ridgway  Joseph,  merchant  taylor  57  north  2d 
Ridgway  Rebecca,  mantuaraaker  37  Mulberry 
Ridgway  Thomas  S.  lumber  merchant  273  Sassafras 
Riebsam  Sc  Wiley,  grocers  290  north  Second 
Riehle  widow  of  John  Simon,  \  50  High 

[«(?e  Eeel^  Rihle^  Riletj 
Riehle  Wm.  tanner  5  3  north  4th  &c  cor.  Noble 
Rieilly  Thomas,  sea  captain  4  Franklin  row 
Rien  Isabella,  widow,  10  Budd 
Riesch  Henry,  grocer  114  north  Second 
Riever  John,  baker  343  south  Front 
Riffbrd  Peter,  labourer  James  street 
Rifford  Jacob,  victualler  James  street 
Rifford  John,  carpenter  Brusstar's  court 
RifTett  Mrs.  teacher  Shackamaxon 
Riffetts  Rebecca,  boarding  house  181  Mulberry 
Rigby  Catharine,  widow,  122  north  Front 
Rigby  Henry,  cabinetmaker  122  north  Front 
Rigby  Joseph,  gentleman  134  north  Front 
Rigden  Christiana,  milliner  205  south  Second 
Riggins  William,  labourer  54  New  Market 
Riggs  William,  mariner  10  York  court 
Righert  John,  labourer  Rose  alley  n.  Coats' 
Ri'ghtley  John,  cooper,  back  308  north  2d 


Rigler  Elizabeth,  victualler  Lawrence  ii.  v  iru: 
Rigier  Stephen,  victualler  Frankfoid  R.n.  Mary 
Rigler  H.  late  victualler  cor.  Race  and  Broad 
Rigler  John,  victualler  Juniper  near  Cherry 
Rignault  Clare  F.  paperhanger  2  1 8  Lombard 
Rig:nau]t  Francis,  paperhanger  10  Vernon  street 
Rihl  Henry,  sea  captain  Si  Queen  (S.) 
Rihl  Jacob,  carpenter  501  north  Third 
Rihl  Richard,  carpenter  Marlborough  street 
Rihl  Richard,  boatbuilder  40  Queen  (S.) 

[if.?  Re  el  J  Riehle 
Rihle  Mary,  boardinghouse  40  Queen  (S.) 
t  Riley  George,  oysttrman  51  north  Third 
Riley  James,  carter  Little  Pine 
Riley  rev.  John,  120  south  Tenth 
Riley  John,  silverpluter  Hoffman's  alley 
Riley  John,  sea  captain  40  south  Sixili     [see  Rallev 
Riley  John,  wine  and  liquor  store  1 1  south  2d 
Riley  Joseph  S.  currier  4th  near  Tammany 
Riley  Sarah,  bonnetmaker  1 1  Strawberry 
Riley  'J'homas,  lay  lor  56  south  Water 
Riley  Wm.  silvevplater  86  n.  6th  [see  Richie  b'  Ri.U. 
Riley  Wm.  shoemaker  450  north  Third 
Riley  Wm.  labourer  275  north  Front 
Rim  Eli;^abeth,  widow  12  Bryan's  alley 
Rim'.^r  Thom-js,  late  shoemaker  260  south  Front 
Rind  Lewis,  taylor,  Rose  alley  near  Coats 
Rine  Adam,  woodsawyer  Broad  near  Spruce 
Rinedollar  Jacob,  shipwright  385  north  Front 
Rinedollar  Jacob,  jun.  shipwright  9  Duke  st  (S.  L  • 
Ring  Richard,  ship  watchman  Fuller's  alley 
Ring  Wm.  painter,  Sec.  back  402  north  Srcond 

Ringham  ,  trunkmaker  Juniper  above  SassciiVi-.' 

Rink  Jacob,  blacksmith  426  north  Third 
Rink  John,  brushmaker  140  north  Third 
Rink  Mary,  shopkeeper  183  south  Second 
Rink  Peter,  brushmaker  back  33  Noble 
Rir.k  Sebastian,  shoemaker  7  Shippcn 
Rinker  S\muel.  sea  captain  323  north  ^'    oi, 
RinlpinkS.  shoemaker  16  Vernon 
Rino  John,  labourer  291  ^onth  Fouvlh 
Ripley  John  P.  attorney  at  la\v  99  south  Fifih 

I  i  i 


Ripperger  Conrad,  bleeder  and  leecher  29  n.  4th 
Risdel  P.  widow,  grocer  66  south  Fifth 
Rising  Eli,  domestic  warehouse  103  north  Third 
Risley  Peter,  oysterman  5th  below  Christian 
Ristine  Jacob,  taylor  311  north  Front 
Ristine  John  and  Jacob,  labourers  West  n.  Palmer 
Ritchie  James  S.  merchant  12  Lombard 
Ritchie  John,  smith  S I  north  Seventh 
Ritchie  widow  of  John,  26  Carter's  alley 
Ritchie  Robert,  merchant  112  Spruce  and  Cypress 
alley  Isee  Richey 

Riter  George,  stablekeeper  96  New 
Riter  Lewis,  coaehmaker  105  New  street 
Rittenger  Elizabeth,  widow  144  Browne 
Rittenger  Wm.  cordwainer  back  1 1 1  Catharine 
Ritteniiouse  Benjamin,  6  north  Seventh 
Rittenhouse  Frances,  storekeeper  6  north  Seventii 
Rittenhouse  Henry,  carpenter  77  Crown 
Ritter  George,  cabinetmaker  31  Sassafras 
Ritter  Jacob,  storekeeper  70  north  Front 
Ritter  Jacob,  jun.  merchant  68  north  Third 
Ritter  John,  painter  and  glazier  Hamilton  vimge 
Ritter  Mrs.  widow,  baker  24  n.  5th  [see  Rutter 

Ritterson  John,  ropemaker  Frankford  n.  Shacka- 

Rivardi  Mrs.  young  ladies'  seminary,  Chesnut  above 

12th  (Gothic  Mansion) 
Rivel  Adam,  carpenter  corner  Eleventh  and  Cedar 
Rivel  Hannah,  8th  below  Hudson's  lane  [see  Revell 
Rivel  John,  shoemaker  150  St.  John 
Rivell  Michael,  carter  24  Passyiink 
Tliven  James,  late  stevadore  50  Swanson 
Rivers  Joseph,  tinplateworker  373  north  Fourth 
Rizer  George,  teacher  1 19  German  [see  Raaer 

Roach  Isaac,  master  of  revenue  barge  48  Almond 
Roart  Mary,  widow  49  Christian 
Robart  Joseph,  merchant  233  High  corner  Sixth 

Robb ,  Fourth  near  Browne 

Robb  Alexander,  accomptant  4  Elbow  lane 
Robb  Jame>5,  cabinetmaker  1 57  Cedar  . 
Robb  James,  letter  carrier  4  Elbow  lane 
Robb  John,  \veaver  cor.  High  and  9ch.  Third 


t  Robbins  B.  labourer  Spruce  above  Eighth 

Robbins  Benjamin,  carpenter  153  Vine 

Robbins  Elizabeth,  layer  out  of  the  dead,  153  Vine 

Robbins  Isaac,  labourer  31  St.  Mary 

Robbins  John,  blacksmith  back  95  St.  John 

Robbins  John,  acconiptant  153  Vine 

Robbins  Samuel  J.  merchant  36  nortli  Third  &  37 

Robbins  Sarah,  9  Xittle  Water 
Roberjot  John  H.  105  Arch 

Ilaberis ,  carpenter  296  Vine 

Roberts  Amos,  stablckeeper  27  north  Fifth 
Roberts  Andrew,  labourer  ISO  soutii  Fouith 
Roberts  Benjamin,  hatter  8  Frombergcr's  court 
Roberts  Charles,  teacher  174  Mulberry 
R  berts  Catharine,  widow  3  New  Bank 
Roberts  Charles,  attorney  at  law  250  Chesnut 
Roberts  Daniel,  painter,  &.c.  270  south  Second 
Roberts  widow  of  Daniel,  teacher  back  1 15  Arch 
Roberts  Daniel,  bbourer  Shackamaxon 
t  Roberts  Edward,  labcmer  Blackberry  alley 
Roberts  Elizabeth,  gentlewoman  12  Church  alley 
Roberts  Mrs.  of  George,  carperoi|i*  Rose  alley  (N.  L.) 
Robert*  George,  merchant  252  Chesnut 
t  Roberts  George,  mariner  IS  Cypress  alley 
Roberts  Hugh  S.  boardingliou^e  Mulberry  court 
Roberts  Israel,  coppersmith  167  north  Third 
Roberts  J.  shipjoiner  91  Christian  8c  I^'^  Swanson 
Roberts  James  B.  tax  collector  Cedar  near  Tenth 
t  Roberts  James,  coachman  Webb\  ailey 
Roberts  John,  viciualler  5-*7  Callowhill 
Roberts  John,  acconiptant  13  Key's  alley 
Roberts  John,  c.binetmaker  19  north  Eighth 
Roberts  John,  accomptant  Lombard  near  Tenth 
Roberts  John,  labourer  Broud  near  Chesnut 
Roberts  Jonathan,  carpenter  38  Kunckel 
Roberts  Joseph,  accomptant  168  Mulberry 
Roberts  Joseph,  oysterman  Brewer's  alley  n.  Third 
Roberts  Lewis,  grocer  corner  8lh  and  Locust 
Roberts  Lewis,  tavemkeeper  283  south  Front 
Roberts  and  Masscy,  saltworks  cor.  Front  8c  Poplar 
Roberu  Mordccai,  Fountain  inn  37  north  JFifth 


Roberts  Mrs.  boardinghouse  25  Pine 

Robeiis  Mrs.  of  Nicholas,  mariner  248  St.  John 

Roberts  Owen,  labourer  20  Oak  (S.) 

Roberts  Peter,  sea  captain  34  Queen  (S.)  * 

i  Robehs  Robert,  labourer  Walnut  above  Tenth 

Roberts  Samuel,  carpenter  1 1  Fayette 

Roberts  Sarah,  widow  93  Christian 

Roberts  Susan,  widow  Hause's  court 

Roberts  Tliomas,  coixlwainer  164  Lombard 

Roberts  Thos.  P.  ironstore  138  n^th  Water  Sc  141 

n.  Front  and  M'Cullout^h's  court 
Roberts  widow  of  rev.  George,  230  Chesnut 
Roberts  widow, of  Joseph,  merchant  14  n.  Fourth 
Roberts  widow  of  Michael,  14  north  Ninth 
Roberts  v.'idow  of  Thomas,  60  south  Sixth 
Roberts  widow  of  Wm.  carpenter  163  Chesnut 
P^oberts  and  West,  iron  merchants  141  n.  I'^ront  Sc 

138  n.  Water 
Roberts  Wm.  cabinetmaker  82  north  Sixth 
Robertson  C.  shipwright  212  St.  John 
Robertson  C.  mariner  back  352  south  Second 
P».obertson  Catharine,  widow  back  134  south  &th 
Robertson  J.  moroifco  dresser  Cherry  above  1 3th 
Robertson  Jas.  merchant  6  Franklin  Row 
t  Robertson  John,  shpeblack  49  Gaskill 
Robchson  Joseph,  pilot  16  Catharine 
Robertson  Margaret,  widow  back  134  so^th  8th 
Robertson  Miirgaret,  widow  Hudson*s  lane  n.  8th 
Robertson  Mrs.  seminary  88  Spruce 
t  Robertson  Timothy  5c  Thomas,  shipwrights  Mer- 

ritt's  lane  n.  Fourth 
Robertson  Wm.  merchant  57  south  Wharves  and 

4  Ranstead's  court 
RobmelMrs.  back  182  Pine 
Robinett  Richard,  merchant  5  Powell 
Robins  Job,  weaver  86  Qreen 
Robinson  Ann,  shopkeeper  65  north  Third 
Robinson  Anthony  W. 'Carpenter  136  n.  Eighth 
Robinson  Benjamin,  carter  489  n.  Third 
Robinson  C.  N.  carver  and  gilder  56  south  Second 
Robinson  Charles  C.   chairmakf:r   High,  ^vest   ot 

Permanent  Bridge 


Robinson  Catharine,  widow  corner  Third  and  Ger- 

mantown  road 
Robinson  George  H.  currier  corner  Passyunk  and 

Robinson  George,  sea  captain  27  Catharine 
Robinson  Isaac,  woodsawyer  29  Coats 
/?bbinson  Israel,  carpenter  30  Juliana 
jf?obinson  J  physician  127  south  Front 
/?obinson  James,  woodsawyer  30  Passyunk 
/fobinson  James,  accomptant  jRidge  above  Francis 
JRobinsan  James,  sea  captain  29  Coats* 
i?bbinson  James,  mariner  317  south  2d 
-Robinson  John,  painter  Frankford  R.  n.  Shackamaxon 
/?obinson  Jane,  widow,  Prosperous  alley 
/?obinson  James,  labourer  SheafT's  alley 
/?obinson  James,  printer  163  Cedar 
i?obinson  Jc^m,  drover  301  Callowhill 
i^obinson  John,  carpenter  1 10  south  Tenth 
i?obinson  John,  mariner,  back  236  Catharine  and 

189  north  Front 
i^obinson  John,  rigger  109  Catharine 
t  -Robinson  John,  labourer  38  Coats* 
Robinson  Jonathan  J.  merchant  24  south  Front 
Robinson  Joseph,  sea  captain  16  Queen  ' 

Robinson  Joseph,  boardinghouse  308  High 
Robinson  Joshua,  carpenter  256  south  Fifth 
t  Robinson  Levi,  shoemaker  S.  8th  below  Lombard 
Robinson  Lewis,  merchant  130  High  corner  4th 
Robinson  Margaret,  huckster  8  Cox's  alley 
Robinson  Mary,  washerwoman  Webb's  alley 
Robinson  Mi's,  of  James,  28  Penn 
Robinson  Rachel,  widow  84  Race 
Robinson  Rebecca,  seamstress,  back  277  s.  Fifth 
Robinson  Samuel,  teacher,  back  40  north  Fourth 
Robinson  Samuel,  haittr36  High 
t  Robinson  Stephen^  woodsawyer  31  Gilles'  alley 
Robinson  Thomas,  victualler  Mulberry  alley 
Robinson  Thomas,  bricklayer  8  St.  Mary's 
Robinson  widow  of  Lbenezer,  15  Margare  ta 
Robinson  widow  of  Geo  Callowhill  street  wharf 
Robinson  William,  shoemaker  19  Fitzualter 
Robotham  William,  tavlor  Mulberry  n.  Juniper 



t  Rochambeau  Peter,  hairdresser  25  Coats' 

Roche  Peter,  cook  225  south  Sixth 

Rock,  Christian,  china  store  106  north  Seventh 

Rock  Thomas,  shoemaker  Pemberton's  alley 

Rocket  Nicholas,  labourer  Maria 

Rockhill  Mary  widow,  back  lOLsetitia  court 

Rockwell  Justice,  smith  217  north  Eighth  and  near 

3 1 5  Callowhill 
Rode  John  and  Henry,  Lombard  near  Sch, 
Roderfield  Wm.  turner  65  Sassafras 
Rodez  John,  carpenter  101  Catherine 
t  Rodman  Mary,  cook  2 1 2  south  Seventh 
Rodman  Solomon,  sea  captain  49  Noble 
Rodrigue  Andrew,  merchant  cor.  7th  &  Walnut 
Rodrigues  Isaac,  storekeeper  93  north  Third 
Roe  Rachel,  widow,  Wood  above  8th 
Roe  Mary,  widow,  Elizabeth  n.  7th  [see  Row 

Rogers  Allen,  tavern  keeper  94  north  Second 
Rogers  Charles  John  8c  Evan,  ironmorigers  52  High 

fifth  door  above  Second,  south  side 
Pvogers  Evan,  ironmonger  52  High  above  Second 
Rogers  Frederick,  storekeeper  1  south  Second 
Rogers  Jacob,  corder,   office   Coats*  street  wharf 

dwelling  40 1  north  Front 
t  Rogers  Jacob,  labourer,  back  1 8  Kunckel 
Rogers  James,  labourer  Cedar  near  1 3th 
Rogers  John,  shoeilore,  &c.  138  Cedar 
Rogers  John,  ladies  shoemaker  263  St.  John 
Rogers  John,  ironmonger  52  High  above  2d 
Rogers  John,  brickmaker  187  Callowhill  above  5th 
Rogers  John,  carpenter  Lyndail's  court 
Rogers  John  D.  sailmaker  Button  wood  n.  6th 
Pv-ogers  J.  glue  and  cowskin  whip  factory  Pegg  st. 
Rogers  Mary,  gentlewoman  67  Pine 
Rogers  Matilda,  storekeeper  3  south  Second 
Rogers  Robert,  jun.  58  Queen  (S.) 
Rogers  Robert,  teacher  2  Hartung's  alley 
Rogers  R.  widow,  Cedar  near  Thirteenth 
Rogers  Susan,  widow,  369  Mulberry 
Rogers  Thomas,  shipwright  387  north  Front 
Rogers  Thomas,  merchant  6  north  Front 
Rogers  r^v.  Wm.  d.  d.  S.  E„.  corner  8th  St  Chesnut 


Rogers  Wm.  gunpowder  manufacturer  413  HigK 
Rogers  Wm.  mariner  121  German 

j^ogers ,  cooper  38  German 

Rogers  Wm.  storekeeper  46  n.  4th 
Rogers  widow,  washerwoman  Prosperous  alley 
Rohner  Samuel,  victualltr  5th  above  Noble 
Rohnes  Philip,  victualler  Old  York  above  Tamniaiiy 
Rohr  John  A.  watchmaker  and  jeweller  lien,  7th 
Rohrman  Francis,  carter  Laurel  near  2d 
Rohrman  Henry,  wheelwright  441  north  Second 
Rohrman  John,  wheelwright  co»sch.  8th  8c  Race 
Roland  John,  merchant  SOO  High  and  14  n.  7th 

,     [see  Rowland 
Rolof  Rev.  Francis,  181  Spruce  (chapel  yard) 
Rolph  James,  teacher  cor.  \  1th  and  Locust 
Rolph  W^m.  fancy  chair  maker  318  south  Second 
Romeis  John,  broker  and  translator  63  Dock 
Ronaldson  Jamts,  typefounder  Cedar  between  9th 

and  Tenth 
Ronaldson  Richard,  type   founder  Cedar  between 

Ninth  and  Tenth 
Ronckendorff  John  F.  accomptant  84  s.  Eleventh 
Roney  Hannah,  nurse  7  Brewers  alley 
^oney  John,  tanner  and  curner  4-96  north  2d  above 

Roney  John  and  Thomas,  curriers  129  Chesnut 
Roney  Thomas,  currier  8  Prune 
jRoney  William,  blacksmith  285  n.  3d  8c      Coats* 
Roney  Wm.  blacksmith  cor    6ih  8c  Hickory  lane 
Roof  Michael,  woodsawyer  Buttonwood  near  6ih 
Rooney  Bernard,  cooper  Lombard  st.  alley 
Rorbach  Christopher,  wharf  builder  36  n.  Water 
Roror  John,  cutler  65  Mulberry 
Rosdill  John,  drayman  191  Lombard 
Rose  Ann,  midwife  10  Brewer's  alley      [see  Roivae 
Rose  Atkinson,  tavern  keeper  Hamilton  ^'illage 
Rose  Benj.  surgeons*  instrument  maker  Randall's 

Rose  Benjamin,  hatter  348  south  Second 
I^oseB.  F.  surgeons' instrument  maker  17  s.  7th 
Rose  Henry  A.  tailor 28  Pewterplaiter  alley 
Rose  Jane,  midwife  7  Brewer's  alley 
Rose  — ,  shoemaker  Spruce  near  Broad 


Rose  Jonathan,  tailor  Coates*  court 

Rose  Joseph,  carpenter  16  Ann  (N.  X.) 

Rose  M.  gardener  Moyaxnensing;  road 

Rose  Peter,  shingfcdresser  26  Union  alley 

Rose  Magdalen,  nurse  Farmer's  alley 

Rose  Thomas,  merchant  45  High 

Rose  Thomas,  brickmaker  310  north  Third 

Rose  Thomas,  labourer  Buttonwood  lane 

Rose  Timothy,  potter  2d  above  Germantorn  road 

Roshea  Simon,  stevadore  1 1  Plum 

Rosngkrotz  Frederick,  labourer  38  Charlotte 

i?osnagel  John,  baker  Fifth  below  Christian 

Ross  Andrew,  painter,  Sec.  2^7  south  Third 

Ross  Ann,  tavernkecper  Vine  near  Schuylkill 

Ross  Aquilla,  carpenter  Hause's  court 

Ross  David,  carpenter  8 1  north  Ninth 

Ross  Frederick,  painter,  8cc.  342  south  Second 

Hoss  Elizabeth,  segarmaker  121  Plum  "^ 

Ross  widow  of  Henry,  painter  and  measurer  of  gla>^ 

zier*s  work  342  south  Second 
Ross  James,  boarding  house  36  Prune 
Ross  James,  professor  of  LatiiT  and  Greek  languages, 

44  qorth  Fourth 
Ross  James,  tavernkecper  12  Spruce 
t  Poss  James,  painter,  &c.  back  113  GermsJn 
Ross  John,  taylor  Cresson*s  alley 
Ross  Mary,  boardinghouse  75  Penn 
Ross  Oliver,  tobacconist  121  PUim 
Ross  Ruth,  teacher  124  Catharine 
Rosb  Robert,  broker  174  south  Third  corner  Pine 
Ross  Samuel,  carpenter  R.ispberry  alley 
Ross  Samuel,  merchant  upper  190  and  53  High 
Ross  Thomas,  counsellor  at  law  148  Chesnut 
t  Ross  Thomas,  labourer  corner  Christian  &  4th 
Ross  widow,  stamstress  1 19  Swanson 
Ross  Walter,, 291  south  Fifth 
i?ossWm.  late  printer  87  Locust  above  8 ih 
JVo3s  Wm.  wbipmaker  31  Brewer's  alley 
Jio^is  Wm.  accomptant  Filbert  corner  Thirteenth 
i?obs  Willi^im,  shoemaker  4th  below  Christian 
i?ossett  Jacob,  merchant  243  Mulberry  corner  7th 
iJosset  Jacob  8<  Co.  merchants  170  High 
i?osaet  Joseph,  hatter  37^south  Front        {sec  Jio&et 

Res ROW 

J^osselter  VVm.  L.  sea  captain  274  north  3d 

Rostine  F.  74  Lombard 

/?oszel  licv.  Stephen  G.  79  New 

y^oich  Joseph,  merchant  109  north  Front 

-Kote  Jacob,  labourer  Torres  court 

^ots;hand  Frederick,  shoemaker  Prince  near  Palmer 

and  Palmer  near  Duke 
i?othen\valter  Esther,  widow  Passyunk  n.  8th 
/?other  Leonard,  bricklayer  Chesnut  n.  sch.  6th 
jRothwell  Wm.  dyer  Beach  near  High  Bridge 
Rouanez  P.  artist  105  Lombard 
7?ouanez  P.P.  boardlngschool  148  Pine         ♦ 
-Rouchenberg  Emma,  widow  /Raspberry  alley 
-Kouchenberger  John,  Kunckel  below  Green 
-Roundy  Benjamin,  mariner  6  Penn 
i^ourk  Mary,  widow  272  south  Front 
jRourk  i?achel,  washerwoman  30  Oown 
i?oush  John,  skindresser  58  Sassafras        ^ee  Hush 
-Rousseau  John  C.  m,  d.  2 10  Spruce 
i^ouvert  Edmund,  merchant  1 1 1  Spruce 
-Routh  iKicliard,  tanner  2d  above  Otter 
i^ovoudt  Wm.  S.  doctor  18  Old  York  road 
-Row  Annj  widow,  248  St.  John 
^ow  Catherine,  shopkeeper  sch.  8th  n.  Vine 
-Row  Henry,  sea  captain  48  Union 
>^ow  Jonas,  well  digger  Germantown  /?.  n.  Budd 
■Row  Martin,  late  baker  48  Union  [see  Boc, 

-Rowan  Adam,  weaving  factory.  Cedar  n.  lOlh 
-Rowan  Emelia,  nurse  23  Little  German 
i?owan  John,  carpenter  77  Locust  above  Eighth 
^owan  Mrs.  teacher  79  Walnut 
/?owand  Margaret,  bitters  maker  Pine  near  12th 
-Rowen  C  labourer  Prince  n.  Marlborough 
i?owen  Henry, catjlker  Marlborough  n.  Beach 
/?ovvland  8c  Gordon,  iron  merchants  78  n.  Second 
Rowland  Thomas,  shoemaker  inter.  6th  and  Ger- 
mantown road  [see  Roland 
/Rowland  Jas.  ironstore  78  north  Second,  dwelling 

Fromberger's  court 
-Rowland  Wm.  sawfactory,  back  162  High,  dwelling 

24  north  Ninth 
-Rowland  widow  of  Wm.  shoemaker  Miller's  court 
(N.  L.)- 


i?owlett  John,  accomptant  I  Ith  n.  Spruce 

i?owley  Edward  iJf  Son,  storekeepers  20  s.  Third 

i?ownd  Mrs.  storekeeper  82  south  Fifth 

i?owse  Martha,  widowj  24  Prune  [see  Rose 

t  5oy  Manuel,  cooper  Gordon  street 

R<iy  John,  shoemaker  199  St.  John 

Royer  George,  carpenter  Kunckel  near  Tammany 

Ruaud  A.  grocer  corner  Budd  and  Drown 

Rubecam  Jonathan,  carpenter  144  Locust 

Rubicam  Charles,  hatter  389  north  Second 

Rubicam  Daniel,  Washington  hotel  20  s.  Sixth 

Rubincam  Joseph,  grocer  1 13  north  Third 

Ruch  John,  storekeeper  232  north  Second 

Ruckstool  Ulrick,  shoemaker  136  Coats 

Ruddick  Jane,  widow  1 34  south  Eighth 

Rudecam  John,  carter  143  Green 

Rudiman  Susannah,  shopkeeper  5 1  Mead  alley 

Rudler  John,  carver  69  Tammany 

Rudolf  Christian,  turner  470  north  Third 

Rudolph  Geo.  carpenter  Race  n.  sch.  Seventh 

Rudolph  Geo.  Jun.  carpenter  Broad  near  Race 

Rudolph  Wm.  labourer  1 1 1  Swanson 

Rudy  Jacob,  innkeeper  100  New 

Rudy  D.  labourer  4th  above  George 

Rudy  John,  carpenter  Crown  above  Bedford 

Rue  John,  caulker  485  south  Front 

Ruelong  Job,  shipwright  Marlborough  near  Bedford 

Ruff  Wm.  painter,  &c.  47  Chesnut  &  132  n.  4th 

Rugan  John,  merchant  248  Sassafras 

Rugan  and  Rodes,  merchants  97  north  Water 

Rugg  Asa,  cordwainer  back  83  Queen  (S.) 

Ruggles  S.  carter  106  Cherry 

Ruhl  George,  coachmaker  199  Arch  &  49  Cherry 

Ruhlman  John,  labourer  7  Farmer's  alley 

Rulon  Benjamin,  storekeeper  4 1  High 

Rumford  Samuel,  hatter  Whitehall  street 

Rumill  George,  labourer  Juniper  near  Cherry 

Rummel  George,  labourer  1 78  north  Eighth 

Rumpf  Peter,  cordwainer  108  Cedar 

Rumsey  Andrew,  merchant  59  north  Front 

Rumsey  Charles,  carpenter  cor.  Front  8c  Poplar  langi 

Runchay  Win.  grocer  c«r.  Front  and  Mulberry 


Riindle  George,  merchant  Rittenhouse  place,  Lo- 

cust  above  Ninth  [«ee  Randall 

Rundle  and  Moliere,  shipchandlers  50  s.  Wharves 
Runner  John,  victualler  1 4  Charlotte 
Rurek  Peter,  combmaker  22 1  s.  Fifth 
Ruse  John,  paperhanger  284  Lombard 
Rush  Benjamin,  m.  d.  professor  of  the  theory  and 

practice  of  physic,  and  of  clinical  medicine,  98 

south  Fourth 
Rush  Christian,  cakebaker  32  Strawberry 
Rush  Daniel,  yeoman  Wood  above  Duke 
Rush  George,  carpenter  207  Cherry        [^see  Rasch 
Rush  Jacob,  presidentof  the  court  of  common  pleas 

61  north  Eighth  above  Arch 
Rush  James,  m.  d.  98  south  Fourth 
Rush  James  I.  ironfounder  355  Race 
Rush  John,  mariner  Oak  (N.  L.) 
Rush  John,  shoemaker  4 1  Prime 
Rush  John  George,  labourer  back  1 17  Callowhill 
Rush  Latin,  joiner  Stillhouse  alley 
Rush  Lewis,  parchmentmaker  125  Sassafras 
Rush  Mrs.  widow,  gentlewoman  24  Branch 
Rush  Samuel,  carter  245  St.  John 
Rush  widow  of  Wm,  96  Sassafras  [^see  Roush 

Rush  Wm.  carver  172  and  174  north  Front 
Rusha  Joseph,  grocer  2  Pleasant  avenue 
Rushenburg  Ann,  widow  Federal  near  Front 
Rushton  Edward,  bandbox-maker  2  Carter's  alley 
Rusk  Mrs.  of  Jacob,  1 3th  above  Sassafras 
Rusk  Charles,  shoemaker  372  north  Second 
RuskC.  widow  28  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Rusk  George,  tanner  1 2  Budd 
Rusk  Saml.  carter  245  St.  John 
Rusk  Wm.  victualler  2d  above  Germantown  road 
Russel  Edward,  merchant  88  s.  Wharves  and  3  Penn 
Kussel  Elizabeth,  widow  1  Gray*s  alley 
Russel  John,  accomptant  98  Shippen 
Russel  John,  black  and  whitesmith  462  Sassafras 
Russel  John,  steward  back  369  south  Front 
Russel  John,  painter,  Sec.  104  Locust  above  Ninth 
Russel  Jonathan,  shallopman  60  Swanson 
P.nssel  Robert,  mariner  bark  64  Catharine 


Russel  Robert,  shoemaker  38  Chesnut 

Rtissel  Stephen,  sea  captain  86  Union 

Russell  Ellenor,  shopkeeper  192  south  Wate; 

Russell  Frances,  grocer  1 18  south  Second 

Russell  James,  labourer  Lombard  n.  sch.  Seventh 

Russell  John,  grocer  Oak  near  Coats 

Russell  Joseph,  grocer  corner  Beach  and  Maiden 

Russell  Louisa,  Lemon  street 

Russell  and  Meade,  grocers  65  north  Sixth 

Russell  Nancy,  milkwoman  High  near  sch.  Third 

Russell  Philip,  grocer  65  north  Sixth 

Russell  Rebecca,  widow  Goddard's  alley 

Russell  Samuel  C  cordwainer  173  north  Third 

Russell  Stafford,  shoemaker  Wright's  alley 

Russell  William,  grocer  \7  Hjurst 

Russell  Wm.  shipwright  corner  o£  Marlborough  8c 

Ruth  Elizabeth,  widow  144  south  Fifth 
Ruth  George,  carpenter  Acorn  alley 
Rutherford  Jacob,  grocer  46  Ann  (N.  L.)  and  cor. 

Rutherford  John,  grocer  Locust  near  Broad 
Rutherford  James,  mariner  5  Little  German 
Rutherford  Wm.  saddler  Hopkins'  court 
Ruths  Michael,  baker  149  Spruce 
Rutter  George,  constable  397  Sassafras 
Rutter  Henry,  ropemaker  2d  below  Federal 
Rutter  Jacob,  victualler  Juniper  near  Cherry 
Rutter  Join,  cordwainer  Greenwich  street 
Rutter  John,  jun.  ropemaker  Greenwich  street 
Rutter  widow  of  Samuel,  grocer  1 13  Walnut 
Ruvy  Felix.  M.  tobacconist  433  north  Fourth 
Ryan  Elizabeth,  widow  39  Browne 
Ryan  James,  merchant  8  north  I'Lighth 
Ryan  James,  grazier  Pine  near  sch.  Second 
Ryan  Lewis,  hpot  and  shoemaker  hrsl  door  above 

the  U.  S.  bank,  50  soutli  Third 
Ryan  Patricia,  weaver  60  Tammany 
Ryan  Timothy,  carpenter  273  south  Front 
Ryan  widow,  70  Penn 

Ryan  widow  of  William,  slabkkeeper  back  22  n.  2d 
Ryder  Andrew,  pain"-r  Juniper  near  (^liitrry 


SABAL  A.   180  S.  Second 

Sabal  M.  mantua-maker,   180  S.  Second 

Sackerow  John,  mariner,  Merrill's  lane 

Sackriter  D.  cabinet-maker,  corner  Bedford  8c  TUi 

Sackriter  Jacob,  tanner,  20  Plum 

Sadler  Casper,  brushmaker  10  south  Alley 

Sadler  Eleanor,  gentlewoman,   169  Mulberry 

Sadler  Mary,  storekeeper,  294  S.  Fourth 

Suger  widow  of  Jacob,  274  Mulberry 

Sager  Michael,  baker,  88  No.  Uth  [see  Seeder 

Sagee  Francis,  shipwright.  Little's  court 

Sagey  Anthony,  furrier,  99  Coats 

Sagey  John,  furrier,  209  N.  »th. 

Sailer  J.  taylor,  14  north  Water 

Sailor  Jacob?  labourer,   1 2th  above  Race 

Sailor  Samuel,  painter.  Sec.  38  Sassafras 

Sailor  Thomas,  grocer,  437  N.  Third 

Saint  Daniel,  202  Cedar 

Saint  Douglas,  grocer,  corner  Cedar  £c  Vernon 

Salade  Sebast,  fringe  and  lace  weaverj  12  N.  0th' 

8c  10  N.  6th 
Salaignac  A.  C.  accomptant,  44  Filbert 
Salaignac  Anthony,  80  Gaskill 
Salmon  James,  accomptant,  20  Walnut 
Salter  Samuel,  corner  Walnut  and  Sch.  8th. 
Salter  Wm.  teacher,  back  12  N.  Front  £c  Race 
Saltzman  Jacob,  grocer,  303  Vine 
tSammons  Wm.  labourer,  Spruce  above  8th 
tSampson  Daniel,  mariner,   118  Plumb 
Samson  J.  L.  C.  confectioner,   1 1  N.  Second 
Samson  Hasadiah,  grocer,  corner  3d  &  Race 
Sander  James,  of  U.  States  navy  210  Mulberry 
Sanders  Abel,  carpenter,   166  S.  Fifth 
zanders  Enoch,  labourer,  Lee's  court 
Sanders  George,  hatter,  297  Callowhill 
Sanders  Isaac,  oak  cooper,  Buttonwood  N.  6th 
Sanders  Isaac,  mariner,  16  Swanson 
Sanders  Jane,  widow.  236  N   Front  ' 

Sanders  Jesse,  grocer  Sc  tavern,  132  Popla^ 
Sanders  Jacob,  carter,  Apple  st 
fSanderff  Joseph,  waiter,  Alban  st 
Sanders  John  W.  accomptant,  45  Swapson 



Sanders  John,  carpenter,  17  I?udd     [see  Saunders 
tSanders  John,  mariner,  325  S.  Front 
Sanders  Mary,  13th  above  Cherry 
Sanders  Mrs.  Christopher  Ann  st  (Sch.) 
Sanders  Peter,  shopkeeper,  182  north  Second 
Sanders  Peter,  mariner,  76  Penn    - 
Sanders  Richard,  mate,  Johns  st 
Sanders  Saml.  C.  saddler,  79  North  Front,  and  1 6 

Wagner's  alley 
Sanders  widow  of  Thomas,  184  Swanson 
Sanders  Miss,  teacher,  back  73  North  7th 
Sandford  Rowland,  coachmaker,  13th  above  Race 
Sandgran  Charles,  mate,  272  south  Front 
Sands  George,  26  Springett  alley 
Sands  John,  carpenter,  Oak  (N.  L  ) 
Sands  Nathan,  shoemaker,  128  New 
Sansom  John,  drayman,  83  Budd 
Sansom  Joseph,  merchant,  Francis*  lane  n.  Scii. 
Sansom  Samuel,  merchant,  Francis*  lane  n.  Sch. 
Sansom  Sam'l,  jun.  merchant,  Francis  lane  n  Sch. 
Sansom  Wm.  merchant,  office  96  Mulberry 
Sanson  John,  stonecutter,  back    14  S.   lOthJ  yard 

Walnut  above  10th 
Santinier  V.  milliner,  137  south  Second 
Sapp  James,  taylor,  9  Chancery  lane 
Saqui  Louisa,  gentlewoman,  4  Cypress  alley 
Sarazen  B.  merchant,  64  Union 
Sarazen  John  B.  accomptant,  7  N.  12th 
Sarazen  William,  shipwright,  Liberty  alley 
Saren  Caleb,  shoemaker.  Christian  near  4th 
Sargeant  rev.  Thomas,  122  N.  4th    [_see  Ser^ean( 
Sarmiento  F   C.  merchant,  224  JPine 
Sarvey  Daniel,  labourer,  back  459  S.  Second 
Satterthwaite  Richard,  bricklayer,  corner  Tamma- 
ny &  Old  York  Road 
Satterthwaite  Abel,  ironmonger,  52  N.  3d  8c  107 

Saubere  Samuel, broker,  &c  B.iiik  alley  Sc  66  S.6th 
Saul  Martha,  widow,  Prospect  alley 
Saul  IVfary,  teacher,  198  Chesnnt 
Saulnier  John,  merchant,  829  High 
Saulnier  Joseph,  tarpenter,  &c,  438  Sassafras 
Sauriuftn  Petcr»  shoestore)  89  N.  Front 


Saurlin  John,  carpenter  Bcuf  sticker's  court 

S-fiurman  Martin,  hatter,  109  North  9th 

SausMian  Henry,  3$  i  Mulberry 

Saurwalt  John,  tobacconist,  131  Callowhill 

Savage  &  Dugan,  merchants,  York  st 

Savage  John,  suspendermaker,   198  S.  Fourth 

Savage  Mary,  gentlewoman,  328  south  Front 

Savidge  Reuben,   381  Sassafras 

Savery  John,  south  wharves  near  Cedar 

Savei'y  Thomas,  carpenter,  20  N   5ih 

Savin  Samuel,  grocer,  6  Hiy;h  &  168  N.  Front 

Savitz  &  Co.  merchants,  240  N.  2d 

Savitz  George,  merchant,  240  N   2d 

Savoy  Francis,  paperhanger,  Hoffman's  alley 

Savoy  John  R.  card  maker,  Juniper  alloy 

Sawer  James,  storekeeper,  coVncr  Pine  &  Second 

Sawn  Harriot,  tavernkeeper,  Callowhill  st.  wharf 

Sawyer  Abigail,  widow,  138  Brown 

Sawyer  Lewden,  ladies  shoemaker,  165  S.  Second 

Sawyer  Robert,  blacksmith,  15  Noble 

Say  Beniamin,  m.  d.  152  Chesmii 

Say  Benjamin,  jr.  brewer,  103  New 

Say  Samuel,  stevadore,  91  N    Water 

Say  Thomas,  apothecary  &  druggist,  N.  W.  corner 

High  gc  2d 
Sayre  VVm.  mate,  back  99  Green 
Scaank  Robert,  carpenter,  Watson*s  alley 
Scargow  Thomas,  drayman,  46  Browne 
Scattergood  &  Wood,  tanners  and  curriers,  276  N. 

Scattergood ,   tavernkeeper,   Call<)whiil   ne;ir 

Sch.  3d 
Scattergood  Joseph,  currier.  Sec.  299  N.  Second 
Scattergood  Thomas,  late  tanner,  &c.  2/8  n.  Front 
Scliaefler  rev.  Frederick  D.  27  N.  4th 
Sthaffer  Charles,  sugar  refiner,  82  north  Second 
SchafTer  Elizabeth,  widow  of  John,  24  Pdssyunk 
Schaumenkessel  Frederick,  ble  baker,  352  N.  2d 
Scheetz  Conrad,  hatter,  415  north  Front 
Scheible  G.  F.  grocer,  193  south  Fourth 
Scheible  John  M.  victualler,  15  Fiizwaltcr 
Schell  Ann  Maria,  cake  baker  38  Nor:'   "  \ 


Schell  Henry,  grocer,  191  N.  2d  [^see  Shek 

Scheliinck  John,  grocer,  Lombard  above  Ninth 
Scherzinger  John  M.  oil  and  colourman,  66  n.  4th 
Schieser  John  J.  baker,   142  south  8th 
Schindler  Michael,  baker,  corner  Shippen  &;  Fifth 
Schively    George    C.    shoemaker,    Queen  near 

Schively  Henry,  cutler  and  surgeon's  instrument 

maker,  45  Chesnut 
Schively  George,  attorney  at  law,  65  Walnut 
Schively  Joshua,  druggist,  6cc.  51  south  Third 
Schnaiblu  Lawrence,  stocking  weaver  26  N.  Alley 
Schnatz   Sebastian,   baker,    Frankford    road  near 

Schott  Charles  F.  tinplate  worker,  421  N.  Second 
Schott  James,  merchant,  43  N.  Front  8c  235  Arch 
Schott  G.  S.  M.  D.  41  north  6th 
Schott  John  P.   jr.    commission  merchant,     129 

Schott  John  P.  inspector  of  customs,  73  south  8th 
Sohover  Elisabeth,  widow,  56  Green       ^ 
Schlatter  Wm.  merchant, 223  High  [see  Slaughter 
Schlatterer  John,  baker,  corner  Callovvhill  &  Third 
Schlosser  Jacob,  late  currier,  335  north  2d 
Schlosser  Elizabeth,  8c  Rosina,  31  Penn 
Schneider  Casper,  distiller,  313  north  Front 
Schneider  John  A-  grocer,  141  north  Third 
Schneider  8c  Pertenheimer,  grocers,  141  N.  Third 
Schneider  widow,  grocer,  corner  Spruce  and  Sixth 
vSchneider  Wm.  tyler  to  the  grand  lodge  of  Penn- 
sylvania, 7  N.  8  th 
Schnelt  Lewis,  baker,  back  263  north  Eighth 
Schober  Frederick,  baker,   166  north  Second 
Scoch  F.  6c  J.  carpenters,  corner  6th  and  German- 
ton  road 
Schoch  George,  innkeeper,  81  north  Seventh 
Schoch    Samuel,    German    teacher,    opposite    50 

north  Fourth 
Schoen  Casper,  teacher,  99  Coats* 
Sclioen  Wm.  taylor,  39  Chesnut 
Schools  widow  of  James,  41 1  south  Front 
Schooley  Sanmel,  drayman,  Noble  near  Third 


5chrack  Abraham,  innkeeper,  38  High 

^chrack  Henry,  skin  dresser  and  parchment  ma* 

nufdcturer,  Margaretta  st 
iSchrack  Jacob,  shipjoiner,  back  393  north  Front 
5chrjck  Joseph,  carter,  20  Green 
iSchreiber  Theodore,  painter,  &c.  54  Penn 
^chreiner  Charles  W.  clock  and  watchmaker,  *tZ 

north  1  hird 
^chreiner  Joseph  H  ironmonger,  122  noth  2d 
^chreiner  John,  whitesmith,  23  N.  10th 
•Schreyer  George,  skindresser,  335  Cllaowhill 
^chreyer  John,  baker,  83  4th  below  Union 
5'chreyer  &  Yerger,  skindressers,  335  Callowhill 
-Schriver  Sarah,  victualler,  273  N.  Eighth 
-Schroder  Frederick,  innkeeper.  Ridge  road,  near 

Francis'  lane  * 

6'chroder  Henry,  carter,  corner  Crown  &  Vine 
5chuh  Godfrey,  teacher,  233  Callowhill 
iSchulteis  John  M.  baker,  65  New 
6'chumoB.  turner,   10  &  22  EIfreith*s  alley 
-Schuster  Margaret,  widow,  4  Callowhill 
*Schweiss  John,  shoemaker,  Old  York  road  above 

^chwenk  Henry,  innkeeper,   191  N.  Third 
•Schweppenheiser  John,  cabinetmaker,   440  n.  3d- 
iSchweppenheiser  Nicholas,  taylor,  4o5  n.  Thini 
-Sciver  John,  shoemaker,  Maiden  near  Beach 
iScoful  James,  taylor,  back  96  Christian 
f  6'cotren  James,  carter,  Middle  alley 
5cott  Adam,  blacksmith,  466  N.  Third 
«Scott  '^mos,  boiu^ding  house,  173  Vine 
•Scott  Andrew,  soapboiler,   5  Quarry 
Scott  Andrew,  grocer  comer  Sassafras  and  10th 
Scott  Cutherinc  widow,  back  25  Mulberry 
-Scott  George,  oak  cooper,  C  llowhiU  st.  whm'S 
5cott  David,  bitmaker,  287  St.  John 
5cott  George,  mariner,   )50  N,  Water 
•Scott  Henry,  carter,   14  Hurst 
•Scott  Wabella,  shopkeeper,   148  south  Eighth- 
5cott  James,  carpenter,  buck  13  Beck's  alley 
•Scott  James,  mariner,  8  Argylc 
^ott  Job,  If  harf  builder.  Poplar  abore  Front 


Scott  John,  printer  &  shoe  store,  32  N.  Fourth 

Scott  John,  grainmeasurer,  94  Spruce 

Scott  John,  gardener,  corner  Chesnut  &  Sch.  7ih 

Scott  Joseph,  carpenter,  Barker  st. 

Scott  John  W.  printer,  147  Chesnut  &  Bank  st, 

Scott  L.  widow,  Maiden  st. 

Scott  Lydia,  boarding  house,   112  High 

Scott  Mary,  widow,  back  132  S.  4th      [see  Scliott 

Scott  &  Reakirt,  brush  manuf.  207  N.  Second 

Scott  Patrick,  labourer,  Hazel  alley  below  Locust 

Scot  Robert,  engraver  in  the  mint,  9  N.  Twelfth 

Scott  Robert,  ropemaker,  522  south  Front 

Scott  widow  of  Lewis  A.  corner  9th  6c  Chesnut 

Scott  Samuel,  mariner,  117  Green 

Scott  Samuel,  carpenter,  215  St.  John 

Scott  Thoma*,^  tanner,  Pegg  st. 

Scott  Thomas,  merchant,  30  N.  Third 

Scott,  Trotter  8c  Tilford,  merchants,  30  N.  Third 

Scott  Wm.  pilot,  498  south  Front 

■Scott  Wm.  ferryman)   152  St.  John 

Scotten  B.  Sc  A.  bonnett  makers,  2  Strawberry 

Scoiti  John,  perfumer  Sc  hairdresser,  15  south  4th 

Scravendyke  Peter,  soap  and  candlemaker  237  s.  2d 

Scriminger  Robert,  type  founder,  Christian  n.  5th 

Scroggy  Thomas,  grocer,  corner  Juniper  lane  and 

Scull  Daniel,  grocer  314  N.  Front 
Scull  Humphrey,  sea  captain,  5  Callowhill 
Scull  James,  merchant,  28  south  wharves 
Scull  Wm.  late  tavernkeeper,  4  Callowhill  st.wharf 
Scull  Wm.  B.  storekeeper,  102  N.  Third 
Scullinburg  Manuel,  ropemaker,  Moyamensing  R. 
Seabrook  James,  merchant  tailor,  75  Mulberry 
Seaburn  Elizabeth,  shopkeeper,  7  Mulberry 
Seaman   Serick,    oak   cooper,    508   south   Front 

[see  Seemann  and  Sieman 
Seamcr  Philip,  labourer,  back  126  N.  Fifth 
Search  Joshua,  ropemaker,  8th  near  Passyunk 
Search  Wm.  pump  maker,  cor.  Cth  8c  Carpenter 
Searl  Enos,  drayman,  Germantown  road  n.  Front 
Searl  James,  bricklayer,  S8  Tammany  [see  Scnill 


Searl  Joseph,  draymen,  Smith's  alley  (N.  L.) 
Searl  Robert,  drayman,  Germantown  R.  N.  Fron: 
Sears  John,  carpenter,  Sheaff 's  alley 
Seawright  Mary,  widow,  back  57  Budd 

Seboult ,  mate,  177  St.  John 

Seckel  Adam,  merchant,  9  N.  Water  &  305  High 
Seckel  David,  grazier,  305  High  Sc  N.W.  cor.  8th 
Seckel  David,  jun.  grazier,  12  N.  Eighth 
Seckel  George  L.  merchant,   155  High 
Seckel  George  D.  grazier,  305  High  cor.  EightU 
Seckel  John  C.  carpenter,  322  Vine 
Seckel  Lawrence,  wine  merchant,  155  High 
Sebring  Catherine  &  Mary,  tayloresses  35  south 

Secor  David  J.  carpenter,  above  Sassafras 
Scddinger  Mrs.  of  Casper,  basketmaker  66  Budd 
Seddinger    Jacob,   saddletree    maker  Frankford 

road  above  Queen 
Seddinger  M.  saddletree  maker  Frankford  road 

above  Queen 
Seeger   Charles,    confectioner    1 1 1    south  Third 

[see  Sager 
Seeger  David,  flour  merchant  18  south  Seventh 
Seeger  John,  sea  captain  29  Tammany 
Seeger  Wm.  F.  druggist,  8cc.  345  High 
Seeby  Robert,  labourer,  Sassafras  near  Sch.  2d 
Seemann  John  Andrews,  innkeeper  (Red  Lion) 
corner  Brewer*s  alley  and  Fourth,  [see  Seaman 
Sees  George,  grocer  Thirteenth  below  Walnut 
Segar  Jacob,  labourer  Shaxamaxon 
Seguin  Andrew,  shipbuilder  371  north  Front 
Seixas  David  G.  151  south  Front 
Seidel  John  N.  morocco  dresser  136  Locust 
Seiders  Charles,  baker  Sassafras  near  Sch.  7th 
Seip  Peter,  accomptant  Baker's  alley 
Selick  John,  stevedore  276  S.  4th 
Sell  George,  labourer  93  Browne  [see  SiU 
Sell  Henry,  painter,  8cc.  2  Hopkjms  court 
Sell  Henry,  painter,  486  N.  2d 
Sell  Solomon,  taylor  76  Brown 
Sellers  Coleman,  wireworker  1  Mulberry  court 
iieUers  D,  -wireworker  8  ,n.  6th    [see  Zeller 

*^SEL— -SEX 

Sellers  Isaac,  brassfounder  150  Coats' 
Sellers  James,  wireworker  8  N.  6th 
Sellers    J.    accomptant   corner   wood  8c  St.  John 
vSellers  Nathan  Sc  David,  wireworkers  231  High 
Sellers  Robert  B.  printer  83  Mulberry 
Seltzer  Henry,  Fourth  near  Poplar  lane 
Senat  Prosper  L.  store  keeper  7  N.*2d 
Sendos  Dominic,  merchant,  i56  Mulberry 
Senemaud  John  B.  goldsmith  126  south  Fourth 
Senff  John  A.  gardner  Arch  near  Sch.  5th 
Senior  John,  diayman  Ann  st.  (Sch.) 
Senix  Isaac,  late  brick  layer.  Mint  Court 
Senn  Henry,  shoemaker  151  Green 
Senn  Wm.  shoemaker  124  Callowhill 
SennefF  Ann,  widow  nurse,  89  Coats* 
SennifF  widow  of  George,  1 69  Pine 
SennefF  Jacob,  carpenter  Broad  near  George 
StnoJBTt  George,  tavern  keeper,  25  North  Alley 
Senter  Christopher,  soap  boiler  Laurence  st* 
Senterling  Rosina,  widow  1 5  Charlotte 
Sergeant  E.  widow  104  south  Eighth 
Sergeant  E.  Spencer,  attorney  at  law  113  Arch 
Sergeant  John,  attorney  at  law  89  &  91  S.  Fourth 
Sergeant  Thomas,   attorney   at  law  enquire   113 
Arch  [see  Sarjeant 

Sergeant  widow  of  William,  24  North  Seventh 
Sermon  Isaac,  m.  d.  105  north  Front 
Sermon  Richard,  smith  105  N.  Front 
Serrill  J.  sea  capt.  12  New  Market       [see  Searl 
Service  G.  morocco  dresser,   13  Willing's  alley 
Servoss  Mrs.  widow  of  E.  215  north  Front 
Serve  Philip,  shallopman  25  Callowhill 
Settle  Nicholas,  brickmaker  Buttonwood 
Seveke  Godfrey,  baker  86  north  Front 
Scverne  Benjamin,  labourer  66  Elder 
jSever  Peter,  drayman  back  207  St.  John 
Severne  John,  victualler  corner  Filbert  &  13th 
Sewell  Charles,  labourer,  Dean's  alley 
Sexton  Charles,  yeoman  Beach  near  Maiden 
Sexton  Daniel,  taylor  14  Gray*s  alley 
Sexton  Jared,  &  son  35  8c  40  south  Water 
Soxton  John;  whac^-builder  Beaeh  near  Miiiden 


:^"e}bcrt  Adam,  m.  d.  e?iq2iire  42  souih  Front  [see 

Siberty  Sijbert  Isi'  Gibbet 
Seybert  Elizabeth,  shopkeeper  4th  near  George 
Seyfcrhek  John,  shipwright  53  Green 
Seyferhelt  John  M,  shipwright  464  north  Third 
Seyfert  Conrad,  bookbinder  .10  Pear 
Seyfert  John,  blacksmith  90  St.  John 
Seymour  Joseph  H.  engraver  2d  bel.  Federal 
Seymour  Samuel,  engraver  19  Cedar 
Seymour  Joseph,  commedian,  58  N.  6th 
-  hade  George,  hatter  229  north  2d 
Shade  Peter,  brushmaker  2  N.  Front 
Shac  John,  stone  cutter  Prospect  alley 
Shaeff  George,  carpenter  Rose  alley  near  Green 
Shaffer  Adam,  carter  473  >J".  Third 
Shaffer  Catharine,  widow  cor.  passyunk  &  Queen 
Shafer  Caspar,  m.  d.  66  Vine     [see  Schaffcr 
Shaffer  Conrad,  carter  China  st. 
Shaffer    George,    cordwaiuer,  Lily   alley      [see 

Shaffer  John,  tanner  back  49  Browne 
Shaffer  John  L.  carpenter  401  N.  3d 
Sliaffer  John,  tanner.  Maiden 
Shaffer  John,  carter,  Cedar  above  12th 
Shafer  Joseph,  labourer  Locust  near  Sch. 
Shaffer  Leoudard  glass  blower  St.  Joseph's  avenue 
Shaffer  Mat.  Gcrmantown  road  near  4th 
Shaffer  Margaret,  widow  High  corner  Sch.  3d 
Shaffer  M.  labourer,  11th  below  Spruce 
Shaffer  Michael,  carpenter  87  Browne 
^hafer  Mrs.  widow  segar  maker  28  Ann  (N.  L.) 
Shaffer  Mrs.  of  Philip,  back  458  south  Front 
Shivffer  Philip,  carter  448  Race 
Stealfer  widow  408  N.  3d 
*^tiaffcr  Wm.  stone  mason  182  St.  John 

■'iules  Jacob,  wharf  builder  479  N.  2d 
Shallcross  Leonard,  shoemaker  81  south  Front 
'-'     lus  Francis,  engraver,  Circulating  Library  49 

south  3d 
Si.anc  G.  L.  ropemaker  Maiden  near  Beach 
S'lKine  Mary,  widow  8th  near  Vine 
■rhankland  J.  tavlor  156  s.  Water  ^  157  s.  Front 


Shanklen  Edward,  carpenter  Hazel  alley 
Shanks  Abraham,  taylor  295  north  3d 
Shannahan  Margaret,  widow  33  Dock 
Shannon  AndreWj  taylor  61  south  5th 
Shannon  B.  carpenter  Crown  near  Prince 
Shannon  Hugh,  gunsmith  293  south  5th 
Shannon  James,  plaisterer  2  Blackberry  alley 
Shannon  John,  hatter  back  131  N.  3d 
Shannou  Michael,  labourer  3B  Small 
Shannoij  Wm.  late  auctioneer  19  north  Fifth 
Shannon  Wm  &  Hugh,  gunsmiths  and  cutlers  2.1 

Passyunk,  near  Fifth,  below  Cedar 
Sharkey  Daniel,  labourer  Vine  near  Sch.  Eghth 
Sharkey  John,  labourer  Vine  near  Broad 
tSharp  Adam,  waiter  Juniper  alley 
Sharp  Catharine,  widow  4  Elder  St. 
Sharp  Charles,  taylor  Shepherd's  court 
-Sharp  Daniel,  brigade  inspector  Elder  near  7th 
Sharp  Henry,  mate  375  south  Front 
iSharp  &  Jones,  iron  merchants  corner  Arch  &  3d 
Sharp  John,  shoemaker,  Poplar  below  2d 
Sharp  Mrs.  of  Robert  back  39  Locust 
Sharp  Rebecca,  widow  301  Sassafras  > 

Sharp  Richard,  131  south  3d 
Sharp  Susan,  seamtress  19  Crab 
Sharp  \\idow,  back  121  north  4th 
Sharpe  Benjamin,  storekeeper  25  north  2d 
Sharpe  George,  carpenter  Orange 
S'narpe  John,  shoemaker  Orange 
Sharpe  Ludwick,  accomptant  19  N.  Ninth 
Sharpely  John,  mariner  back  308  south  Front 
Sharpies  Jesse,  merchant  48  High 
Sharpies    Joshua    jr.    carpenter    west    of    Pei»- 
^         mancnt  Bridge 

"sharpies^  Mury,  bonnet  maker,  48  Mulberry 
Sharplcss  widow  of  John,  39  N    6th 
Sharply  Philip  mariner  back.  38  Ann  (N.  L.) 
Sharswood  James,  gentleman  92  north  6lh 
Sharswood  William,  gentleman,  92  north  6th 
Shaw  Alexander,  cabinetmaker  90  north  Fron; 
Shaw  Benjamin,  shoemaker  274  south  6th 
Shaw  Bile,  labourer  Oak  below  Noble 


Shaw  David,  oystcrman  Noble  near  ohl  York  K. 

Shaw  David,  oysterman  lOi  north  Fourth 

Shaw  Henry,  mariner  Rogers*  court 

5haw  Isaac,  blacksmith  262  south  3d 

Shdw  James,  carpenter  125   Cedar  &   197  south 

-Shaw  James  M.  hatter  160  High 
5haw  John,  victualler  Callowhill  below  Sth 
ShdLW  John,  Justice  of  the  peace  408  N.  2d 
5haw  Joseph,  mariner  Carpenter  (•S') 
6'haw  Lydia,  widow  15  5'assafras 
.Vhaw  Elizabeth  Mrs.  49  Pine 
iVhaw  Precilla,  cook  shop  Oak  (N.  L.) 
.Shaw  iSamuel  B.  merchant  172  south  3d 
iShaw  Thomas,  distiller  12  Quarry 
.Shaw  Thomas,  sexton  Patton's  court 
.Shaw  widow  of  (ieorge,  grocer  31  south  Front 
.Sliaw  widow  of  Matthew,  carpenter  38  Pine 
.Shaw  William,  labourer  408  south  2d 
.Shaw  Mary,  China  store,  65  N.  7th 
.Shaw  Wm.  A.  mercht.  25   s.  water  dc  69  Locust 
•Shaw  Wm.  m.  d.  237  Mulberry 
'^'heaff  Geo.  wine  merchant,  3  s.  5th  &  92  s.  4th 
.Sheaff  Henry,  wine  merchant  180  High 
6'heaif  John  5.  180  High 
.Sheaif  Mrs.  Barbara,  N.  E,  cor.  7th  6c  High 
.'hearer  Henry,  hairdresser  10  N  4th  [see  Skerer 
/hearer  Valentine,  labourer  291  north  Sth 
.Shearer  widow  63  Queen  (-S.) 
5heble  Adam,  cooper  &  ironmonger  206  N.  2d 
•Sheble  F  &  J  merchants  cor.  Callowhill  8c  6th 
Vheble  Frederick,  merchant  35  Wood  [see  Sheible 
.Sheble  Jacob  jr  cabinet  maker  465  north  2d 
•Sheble  John,  merchant  77  north  5th 
Vhedaker  James,  cooper  39  &  back  57  -S.  water 
oheed  George,  sen.  plaisterer  275  south  5t.h 
'Sheed  George,  jun.  constable  76  German 
•Sheed  Isabella,  22  Queen  (5.)  Sc  German  N.  Sth 
-Sheed  widow  of  W    plaisterer  273  south  5th 
Sheepshanks  Wm.  merchants  34  Church  alley 
Sheer  Frederick,  victualler  Moyamensing  road 


iSheer  John,  sea  captain  22  Plum 

Sheets  A.  sexton  of  -Swedes  church  30  Christian 

*Sheetz  Christian,  Hanover  near  Bedford 

iSheetz  ^vido^v  of  Daniel,  Cherry  above  Duke 

'Shefler  John,  blacksmith  533  north  3d 

^heet  Mat.  Juniper  near  Spruce 

^Sheets  John  carpenter  30  Christian  6c  Lapidary 

4  Carter's  alley 
-Sheldon  Wm.   patent  lampmaker   See.    Currant 

'Shell  Lewis,  segarmaker,  Broad  near  -Sassafras 
-Shell  widow  of  Jacob,  453  north  3d    [see  Schell 
-Shellingsford  Thomas,  caulker  Vienna  near  Duke 
'Shelmerdine  Edward,  hatter  23  south  4th 
Shelmire  Jesse,  grocer   29    Julianna,  store   180 

6"helmire  Wm.  mealmerchant  101  north  4th 
^Shepherd  Benjamin,  carpenter  5  Fetter  lane 
-Shepherd  Catharine  widow  57  Vine 
Shepherd  Jacob,  caulker  Marlborough  near  prince 
Shepherd  Jacob,  caulker  Hanover  near  Prioce 
Shepherd  Js.  carpenter.  Mechanic  Sc  Mint  court 
Shepherd  John,  caulker  Frankford  road  corner 

Bedford  * 

Shepherd  John,  8c  Jacob  victualler  James 
Shepherd  Mary,  teacher  92  Christian 
Shepherd  Nicholas,  caulker  Breach  near  Maiden 
Shepherd  Philip,  victualler  James  street. 
jShepherd  Randall,  fruiterer  13  south  6th 
Shepherd  Robert,  victualler  482  north  3d 
Shepherd  Thomas,  shopkeeper  4  north  5th 
Shepherd  Thomas,  ornamental  painter  113  north 

Shepherd  Wm.  shipwright  Hanover 
Shepherd  Wm.  whitesmith  and  bell  hangar  250 

6'assafras,  8c  17  Wagner's  alley 
Sherborr^e  Wm.  biscuitbaker  52  6'wanson 
Sherer  Ann  widow  nurse  Shafford  street 
Sheridan  Abraham,  innkeeper  Schuylkill  upper 



Siiepiicrd  Allen,  coachman  268  .^assaCras 
Sherer  Elizabeth,  widow  Bearsticker's  court 
Sheridan  Bernard,  stablekeeper  7  Nerth  alley  and 

15  Button  wood 
Sheridine  Dominick,  late  dealer  63  Christian 
Shermer  John,  clock  Sc  watchmaker  384  north  2d 
Shermer  John,  shoemaker  138  south  8th 
SHierraer  Eliz.  boardinghouse  389|  north  Front 
Shermer  ^^dow  of  Joseph,  3  'Sterling  alley 
Shermer  Wm.  carver  and  gilder  5  -Sterling  alley 
Sherrerd  John,  grocer  corner  Front  and  Arch  and 

95  'Sassafras 
Shettel  Daniel,  brichmuker  Callowhill  above  10th 
Shewell  John,  labourer  Juniper  lane 
Shewell  Thomas,  55  north  2d 
Shewman  George,  carter  Marlborough 
Shey  John,  skindresser  Frankford  road  near  Maiden 
Shibc  John,  shipwright,  Crown  corner  of  Prince 
Shibe  Eliz.  widow  Marlborough  above  Prince 
Shields  Dominick  Q.  labourer  244  Cedar 
Shields  Hannah,  Front  near  Vine 
Shields  Henry,  labourer  451  south  2d 
Shields  widow  of  Joseph,  back  251  Sassafras 
Shields  Joseph,  labourer  Maria« 
Shields  L.  carpenter  Kunckel  above  Tammany 
tShields  Michael,  carter  87  north  Fifth 
Shields  Robert,  storekeeper  35  north  Second 
Shields  Thomas,  gentleman  13  Dock 
Shields  William,  labourer  Sassafras  near  sch.  7th 
Shields  William,  sea  captain  19  Cedar 
Shierman  Mathias,  shoemaker  18  Appletree  alley 
Shilk  John,  stocking  weaver  back  439  n.  Second 
Shilling  John,  M.  laboarer  Marks  lane 
Shiliingford  Ja*nes,  vendue  cryer  Lily  alley 
Shillingford  James,  paperstainer  88  Christian 
Shiliingford  Thomas,  smith  5 1 7  north  Third 
Shindler  Henry  &c  John,  sailmakers  back  387  s.  Ft 
Shinkle  Mrs.  of  John  34  Green 
Shinn  Eliazar,  carpenter  Eyndall's  court 
Shinn  John,  jun.  chyraist  298  north  Th'Td 
Shinn  Mrs.  widow,  122  south  Fifth 
Shinn  .Samuel,  bricklayer  134  Pine* 
B  b  b  b 


Shinneck  Adam,  painter  &c  365  north  Third 
Shinney  Mary,  widow  42  Crown 
Shipley  Daniel,  mariner  267  north  Frotit 
Shipley  &  5tokes,  hardware  45  High 
Shipley  Thomas,  merchant  216  spruce 
Shipley  Thomas,  hardware  merchant  57  High 

dwelling  59  Union 
Shippen  Elizabeth,  gentlewoman  50  Union 
Shippen  Joseph,  G.  m,  d.  234  walnut 
Shippen  Mrs.  of  Wm.  69  N.  6th 
Shiras  George,  B.  merchant  15  north  water 
Shirings  William,  labourer  George  above  Third 
Shirkey  Patrick,  grocer  24  •Small 
Shirley  Moses,  tin  plate  worker  390  High 
Shirtliff  William,  mariner  28  Argyle 
Shloter  Godfrey,  cor.  6th  8c  Passyunk  [.5e<?  Slater 
Shober  Blaith,  J.  attorney  at  law  53  south  Fifth 

[see   ShuberC 
Shober  S.  B  widow,  94  south  Third 
Shober  5"amuel,  L.  94  south  Third 
Shoch  Michael,  cordwainer  78  Brown 
Shocker  Margaret,  washerwoman  32  Charlotte 
Shoemaker  Abraham,  alderman,  office  130  Chesnut 

dwelling  124  south  Fourth 
Shoemaker  Abraham,  jun.  attorney  at  law  1 10  and 

124  south  Fourth 
Shoemaker  Mrs.  of  Christian,  63  Coats' 
ShDemaker  Daniel,  dry  goods  store  167  south  2d 
Shoemaker  Henry,  shoemaker  corner  of  Hanover 

and  Prince 
Shoemaker  Jacob  &  Son,  insurance  brokers  south- 
east room  of  the  coffeehouse,  8c  24  Walnut 
Shoemaker  Jane,  boarding  house  54  ndrth  2d 
Shoemaker  Jesse,  inn  keeper  corner  Beach  and 

Shoemaker  John  J.  merchant  134  N.  Front  Sc  200 

Shoemaker  Jonathan,  insurance  broker  24  Walnut 
Shoemaker  Joseph,  200  Mulberry 
Shoemaker  Joseph,  silversmith  1 2  north  Front 
Shoemaker  Lydia,  midwife  10  Shippen 
Shoemaker  Margaret,  widow  2C9  south  Seventh 


Shoemaker  Samuel,  plaisterer  104  st,  Joliu 
Shoemaker  •Sarah,  widow  60  north  Second 
Shoemaker  *S'aniuel,  attorney  at  law  185  Pine 
Shore  6'OiOnion,  labourer  Callowhill  n.  sch.  Third 
Shores  Naomi,  widow  29 1  Arch 
tShort  William,  labourer  159  Browne 
Shorter  John,  carpenter  Cherry  above  Juniper 
Shothill  George,  shopkeeper  Oak  (N.  L.) 
Shotts  Henry,  tailor  146  Spruce  [see  Schot; 

Shot  well  Mary,  storekeeper  Sixth  near  Fifth 
Shough  Jacob,  gun  smith  Noble  near  Third 
Showaker  John,  constable  467  north  Third 
Showaker  Mary,  widow  199  st.  John 
Shower  Robert,  blacksmith,  Aspen  alley 
Shraedcr  Hannah,  widow  424  north  Yvowi 
Shreeve  Charles,  boat  builder  Ptnn  K. 
Shreeve  John,  jr.  rigger  10  Green 
Shreeve  John,' rigger  loft  6  s.  Wharves  &  399  N. 

Shreve  Caleb,  mercha^^'  106  N.  4th  &45  N.  Front 
Shriner  Henry,  merchant  134  north  Front 
Shriner  -Susannah,  washerwomtin  448  Race 
Shriver  Henry,  victuaiJer  21 1  Callowhill 
Shronk  B.  baker  Jacoby  sti-cet 
Shronk  Joseph,  labourer  Twclth  above  Cherry 
Shronk  widow  of  Geori4;e  200  C'oats 
Shubert  George,  ladies  shoemaker  13th  n.  Race 
5hubert  George,  fisherman  Hanover  near  Prince 
6'hubert  W'iHiam,  carpenter  Federal  near  •Second 

\^see  ^hober 
Shufflebottom  Wm.  chiaa  merchant  42  N.  -Second 
Shugart  George,  S.  hardware  store  387  N.  -Second 
Shugart  -Simon,  366  north  -Second 
Shull  Frederick,  inspector  of  customs  at  Marcu.s 

Shults  C.  junr.  ladies  shoemaker  215  south  2d. 
Shults  Charles,  feedstore  20  Passyunk  road 
Shults  Frederick,  harnessmakcr  18  6'tamper's  alley 
Shultz  John,  labourer  13  Wood 
Shultz  John,  cabinetmaker  20  Callowhill 
Shultz  John,  jeweller,  -Schriver's  court 
Shultz  Nicholas,  carpenter  -Sassafras  below  1  Itii 


ii.umai-i  Fred.,  milkman  Poplar  lane  above  4th 
^.human  George,  carter  Mulberry  and  Duke 
~?humate  Julius  R.  m.  d.  172  south  Th;rd 
Shunk  Isaac,  carpenter  54  Chester 
Shuster  Anclre^v,  grocer  83  north  7th 
Shuster  David,  victualler  Lawrence 
Shuster  John,  potter  Germantown  road  above  3d 
■^jhuster  Mrs.  victualler  Lawrence 
Shuster  Jacob,  oakcooper  1 10  N.  Water  h  42  Vine 
Shute  &  Long,  bonnet  maJ^ers  3  -Strawberry 
Shutt  John,  carpenter  Pine  near  Twelfth 
Shutts  John,  labourer  Queen  near  Palner 
Sibbet  John,  plaisterer  corner  of  Prune  and  Fifth 
Sibert  Adam,  shoemaker  2S6  N.  8th  [s<re  Seybert 
iSiddail  Joseph,  calico  printer  69  N.  5th  &  59  N.  3d 
Siddons  John,  shipwright  501  south  Front 
Siddons  Joseph,  insurance  office  in  Coffeehouse, 

dwelling  3  Pfeiffer's  alley 
Slddons  Joseph, carpenter  &  Etorekeeper  1 19  n.  4th 
Siddons  Josiah  Sc  iSon,  mer.  tailors  &c.  193  s.  2d 
Siddons  Josiah  jun.  taylor  30  Union  &  193  south  2d 
Side  William,  bell  cryer  26  Brown 
Siebennist  Michael,  watchman,  cordwainers  Alley 
Sieman  Paul,  n^.crchant  n.  w.  corner  9th  and  High 
Siemers  Mrs.  of  Fredi^.  cooper  Miller's  court  [n.  l. 
Sigmonds  Peter,  labourer  Cherry  near  Prince 
Sigoigne  Madame,  teacher  106  south  Fifth 
Silbert  George,  labourer  carpenter  (S.)  n.  Fifth 
Silbert  Peter,  labourer  Fifth  below  Christian 
Silence  John,  cabinetmaker  121  south  Ninth 
Sill  M.  tavern  &  grocer  10  north  Water  [  ace  ^di 
Silver  8c  Co.  flour  uierchants  256  High 
Silver  John,  merchant  256  High  h.  7  north  Fifth 
Silverthorn  Susannah,  widow  Piose  alley 
Silvin  John,  L.  cook  back  24  Passyunk 
Simes  James,  W.  druggist  8cc.  457  High 
Simes  -Samuet,  accomptiKit  241  Spruce  \_f>€e  Sims 
Simington    George, 'slioemakcr   Passyunk   below 

Simmers  George,  moulder  upper  ferry  road 
Simmons  Anthony,  associate  judge  of  the  district 

court  100  south  Eighth 


:-5tinmons  widow,  corner  buck  road  long  lane 
Simmons   David,   P.   packing;  factory   1 1th  near 

Simnrions  Edward,  lumber  merchant  145  N.  Third 
Simmons   Edward,  8c  son  lumber  merchants  145 

north  Third  Sc  144  north  Second 
Simmons  Edward,  jr.  lumber  merchant  yard  Wa! 

nut  above  Eighth  dwelling  34  north  Ninth 
Simmons  Edward,  team  driver  Tenth  near  Vine 
Sinimons  Eliza,  raaniua  maker  224  south  Thirii 
Simmons  Isaac,  ship-watch  225  Swanson- 
Simmons  John,  corder  324  north  Second 
tSimmons  Henry,  porter  Garden  above  Vine 
tSimmon  John,  hairdresser  302  Vine 
Simmons  Joseph,  merchant  40  Filbert 
Simmons  Leeson,  merchant  Bickley's  v/harf  dwel- 
ling 201  Mulberry 
Simmons  Stephen,  lumber  merchant  223   nort;'. 

Water  6c  119  Vine 
Simmons  Stephen,  hairdresser  181  south  Front  ^: 

180  Water 
Simmons  widow  of  Henry  wiley*s  court 
Simmons  William«  balanceweigher  157  Vint' 
Simmons  Wm.  hatter  389  N.  2d 
Simmons  William,  jun  merchant  214  Pine 
Simon  John,  tayler  13  South  alley 
Simon  John,  baker  27  Walnut 
Simon  John,  shoemaker  1 3  Hinckle's  couit 
Simon  John,  labourer  Middle  alley 
Simon  Joseplv,  bathhouse  Frombcrger's  court 
Simon  Margaret,  widow  13  ^buth  alley 
Simon  Michael,  cooper  220  High 
Simon  Jacob,  farmer  Passyunk 
Simon  M  cordwainer  124  south  Third 
Simon  Michael,  shipwright  Beach  n.  high  bridge 
Simon  Philip,  bleeder  8c  barber  Vine  below  eighth 
Simons  John,  hatter  137  N.  Front  8c  Frombcrger's 

Simons  Joseph,  linen  8c  woolen  draper  253  s.  2d 
Simons  Noah,  linen  Sc  woolen  draper  248  s.  2d 
Simons  Richard  P,  tavernkeeper  14  Callowhill 
Simpson  Bowman,  ferrynian  back  69  Christian 

.  SIM— SIX 

Simpson  David,  silverplater  2  Locusl 
•  Simpson  David  cooper  153  north  Water 
Simpson  Elizabeth,  113  German 
Simpson  Georp;e,  late  cashier  of  the  U.  iS.  Bank 

104  Chesnut  \jsee  Simson 

Simpson  Henry,  merchant  3 1  north  Front 
Simpson  Hannah,, widow  (nurse)  158  north  Water 
Simpson  James,  mariner  -Swedesalley 
Simpson  Jas.  grocer  1  south  seventh  cor.  High 
Simpson  John,  milkman  Locust  cor.  sch.  Front 
Simpson  John,  paperstainer  cor.  Mulberry  &c  Broad 
fSimpson  Joseph,  mariner  5hippen  above  ^eyenth 
Simpson  Mary,  seamstrens,  26  Strawberry 
Simpson  Richard,  shoemaker  258  Lonikbard 
Simpson  "Samuel,  teacher  273  N".  2d  Sc  158  N.  5th 
Simpson  William,  grocer  cor.  High  Sc  sch.  *9ixth 
tSimpson  William,  bleeder.  Sec  Barclay's  alley 

[^See  Simes 
Sims  John,  painter,  £cc.  2  IST.  1 1th  shop  near  Arch 
Sims  John,  taylor  1 10  -Swanson 
Sims  Joseph,  merchant  comptinghouse  155  south 
Water,  dwelling  s.  w.  corner  Chesnut  and  7th 
Sims  Joseph  juri,  gentleman  176  south  Third 
Sims  Joseph,  carpenter  290  Lombard 
Sims  Walter,  sea  captain  153  Walnut 
Sims  Wm.  ropemaker  ridge  road  n.  Biittonwod  L. 
Simson  John,  229  -Spruce  merchant  {_see  Simfiso7i 
Sin  Thos.  carter  490  north  3d 
Sinclair  James,  printer,  Sec.  227  Walnut  [_s€e  Sink 
Sinclair  Joseph,  wheelright  170  ^Shippen 
Sinclair  Margaret,  seamstress  305  south  Front 
Sinderling  Nicholas,  carter  Beach  near  Maiden 
Siner  John,  ropemaker,  483  south  Front 
Siner  John,  brassfounder  corner  4th  and  George 
Siner  Jacob,         do.  do. 

Singer  Abraham,  gentleman  16  Filbert 
Singer  George,  coachmaker  20  6'assafras  alley 
Singer  John  (sf  Co.  merchants  263  High 
Singerly  George,  taylor  429  north  Third 
Singleton  Joseph  Y. 

Singleton  6'amuel,  sea  captain  263  south  Front 
."Singleton  •Stephen,  sea  captain  85  Penn 

r^inj^lcton  Thomas,  shipwricjht,  456  south  Front 

Sink   \braham,' military  store  21  Hiiz;h 

Sink  Elizabeth,  tayloress  back  385  south  Front 

Sink  George,  victualler  12th  near  Vine 

Sink  John,  farmer,  Banks  of  6'chuylkill 

Sink  Lawrence,  cabinetmaker  3  5  Lombard 

Sink  William,  21  High 

Sinkler  Mary,  Walnut  above  10th  ^ 

Sinkler  Mrs.  of  John  C.  391  .Sassafras 

Sinn  "Susan,  widow  70  "Sassafias 

t^ipple  Thomas,  sweep  master  Bradford's  alley 

Sips  John,  labourer  sch.  Sth  near  Chcsnut 

Sips  Michael,  jr.  labourer  Steinmetz's  court 

Sips  Michael,  labourer  93  north  Fourth 

Sirine  Joseph,  mariner  1 1  Callowhill 

Sisinger  John,, shoemaker  438  north  Third 

Sisk  John,  of  U.  S.  army  40  N.  6th 

Sisty  John,  pocketbook  maker  130  Mulberry 

Siter  Edward,  grocer  266  High  [see  Suter 

Sitgreaves  William,  carpenter  149  st.  John 

Siviily  RJiody,  carter  466  .Sassafras 

Sivert  Barbaira,  widow  back  26  north  Ninth 

Sixte  'tephen,  confectioner  125  south  Second 

Skandling  Jeremiah,  shoemaker  2  Crab 

Skank  Edward,  labourer  Brittons  alley 

Skelly  Patrick,  labourer  2 1 8  north  ilxth 

Skellinger  William,  pilot  452  south  Front 

Skelly  Thos.  brewer  9  Broad  dwelling  29  -Sansom 

Skelton  Mary,  widow  74  New 

Skerrett  Jauics,  &  son  blacksmith's  Locust  above 

Ninth  Sc  135  south  Ninth  [see  Scarret 

Skerrett  James,  jr.  blacksmith  ?35  south  Ninth 
Skerrett  James  I   accomptaiit  154  south  Ninth 
Skerrett  Josepli,  goldsmith  LaAvrence 
Skerrett  widow  ot  Joseph,  154  south  Ninth 
Skill  John,  carter  back  1 15  'wansofi 
Skillman  John,  saddler  5  Budd 
t^kelton  Robert,  woodsawyer  Rose  street 
Skinner  Eliza,  widow    119  south  Eleventh  and  6 

Skinner  Francis  H.  sea  captain  33  CallowhiH 
Skinner  Wm.  painter,  &c.  36  -Strawberry 


Sldrm  George,  blacksmith  back  15  Filbert 

Skriminger  John,  brush  maker  126  st.  John 

Skyrin  John,  gentleman  134  north  Eighth 

Slack  Daniel  shipwright  12  Brown 

Slack  Jacob,  grocer  High  street  warf  south  side 

Slack  John,  coachmaker  8  little  Pme 

Slag  Bartholomew  sugar  boiler  96  Coats 

Sla?  John  sugar  boiler  Brewers  alley  near  Third 

Slahter  Jacob,  tobacconist  136  north  Third 

[^see  Schloter  tP"  Schlatter 
Slater  John,  carpenter  385  •Sassafras 
Slattery   Anthony,    labourer    Marlborough   near 

Slattery  Wra.  labourer  Queen  near  Marlborough 
Slaughter  Peter  C.  carpenter  122  Locust  and  105 

Sleeper  8c  Ashton,  blacksmiths  94  north  Front 
Sleeper  James,  blacksmith  Margaretta  near  2d 
Sleeper  Jonathan,  oakcooper  1 1 1  south  Water  and 

china  store  92  N.  Front 
Slemmer  Jacob,  cedar  cooper  439  north  Third 
Slentz  George,  carter  117  Coats         ^ 
Sles man  Elizabeth,  98  north  Front 
Slesman  George,  merchant  58  north  Third 
Slingland  Wm.  carpenter  back  134  south  Eightii 
Slingluff  Joseph,  cornchandler  410  north  Third 
Sloan  James  &  John,  grocers  Qprner  High  8c  1 3th 
Sloan  Miss,  7  Penn 
Sloan  5arah,  widow  74  Almond 
Sloan  Wm.  sea  captain  7  Penn 
Sloan  William,  stable  keeper  Drinker's  alley 
Sloan  Elizabeth,  widow  Currant  alley 
Small  Abraham,  stationer,  &c.  37  south  Second 
Small  widow  of  Jacob,  grocer  338  -Sassafras 
Small  R.  carter  259  south  Fourth 
Small  -Stockdel,  wharf-builder  Beach  near  high 

Smallman  Jas.  engineer  Walnut  near  Schuylkill  2d 
Smallwood  widow  of  Isaac,  10  N.  1 1th 
Smallwood  Manly,  Beach  near  \Varren 
Smallwood  Martha,  tavernkeeper  2  Dock 
Smallwood  Robert,  carter  sch.  8th  near  Vine 


'Smalhvood  Thomas,  cordwainer  Petticoat  alle.y 
Smedley  Jacob,  ironmonger  9 1  High 
Smedley  Isaac  6c  Co.  ironmongers  9 1  High 
Smeltz  Reinhart,  painter,  8cc.  4  Cherry 
Smiley  Andrew,  pilot  39  Queen  (s.) 
Smiley  John,  {lost  7'ight  harid)  225  s.  6th 
Smiley  Wm.  merchant  taylor  98  Chesnut 
Smilie  John,  tailor  2  Elfrith's  alley 
Smith  Abigail,  widow  103  Chesnut      {^See  Smyth 
Smith  Abraham,  mariner  Filbert  near  sch.  6th 
Smith  Abraham,  shallopman  Beach  n.high  bridge 
Smith  Andrew,  carpenter  47  Fitzwalter 
Smith  Andrew,  carpenter  Broad  near  -Spruce 
Smith  Andrew,  mariner  Filbert  near  sch.  6th 
Smith  Andrew,  naiior  Noble  near  3d 
Smith  Ann,  shopkeeper  152  south  Eighth 
Smith  Ann,  tayioress  Locust  below  Eighth 
Smith  Barney,  labourer  295  Callowhill 
Smith  &  Bassett,  storekeepers  54  N.  2d 
Smith  Benjamin,  mate  20  Ar^yle 
Smith  Casper,  smith  267  -Salsafras 
Smith  Catharine,  widow  377  N.  4th 
Smith  Charles,  grocer  corner  Walnut  and  Eleventh 
Smith  Charles,  coachmaker  177  south  Third 
Smith  Charles  Sc  Son,  storekeeper  249  N.  Second 
Smith  Charles  E.  lumber  merchant  53  Wood 
Smith  Chas.  L.  grocer  37  s.  3d  and  75  Chesnut 
Smith  C.  labourer  sch.  4th  near  Spruce 
Smith  C.  E.  &c  T.  lumber  merchants,  yard  N.  E. 

corner  Vine  and  iixth 
Smith  C,  G.  baker  Latitia  court 
Smith  Christian,  labourer  corner  West  &  Cherry 
Smith  Cornehus,  coachman  154  south  Fourth 
Smiih  Cornelia,  widow  40  Mulberry 
Smith  Daniel,  shopkeeper  28  Charlottee 
Smith  Daniel,  storekeeper  2  south  -Second 
Smith  Daniel,  tavernkeeper  cor.  water  8c  draw- 
Smith  Daniel,  grocer*99  north  Third 
Smith  Daniel  merchant  181  south  Third 
Smith  5c  Dennison,  teachers,  cor,  sixth  8c  Chesnut 
Smith  Dockeray,  merchant  189  Walnut 


Smith  Duncan,  drayman  Juniper  alley 
Smith  Edward,  merchant  156  north  Front 
Smith  Eli  teacher  corner  sixth  Sc  Chesnut 
Smith  Rev.  Elias,  150  south  Fifth 
vSmith  Elizabeth,  widow,  128  Caliowhill 
Smith  Elizabeth,  widow  sixth  near  Buttonwood 
Smith  Elizabeth,  widow,  Friends*  alms  House 
Smith  Francis  Gurney,  merchant  172  south  Front 
•^Smith  Francis,  mariner,  10  Hurst 
Smith  Francis,  back  61  Queen  (s.) 
Smith  Frederick,  77  Union 

Smith  Frederick  M.  labourer  6th  above  mill  pond 
Smith  GeorgCj  cooper  176  north  Eighth 
Smith  George,  brickmaker,  Juniper  near  Vine 
Smith  widow  of  George  Fourth  above  Browne 
Smith  George,  boardinghouse  383  south  Front 
Smith  George,  drayman  100  Plum, 
Smith  Geo.  R.  accomptant  11th   near  Chesnut 
Smith  George  W.  merchant  156  north  Second 
Smith  Godfrey,  merchanf  9  north  Sixth 
Smith  Hannah,  callenderer  back  9 1  north  Third 
Smith  Hannah,  shopkeeper  402  south  Second 
Smith  Haziel,  carpenter  95  south  5econd 
Smith  8c  Harding,  lumber  merchts.  149  N.  Water 
Smith  and  Helmuth,  merchants  225  High 
Smith  Hemphill,  grocer  corner  Walnut  £c  I  Ith 
Smith  v/idow  of  Henry,  corner  of  Cherry  sch.  six 
Smith  Henry,  oak-cooper,  back  259  High 
Smith  Henry,  labourer  Maria  street 
Smith  Henry,  n\ariner  back  217  -Swanson 
Smith  Henry,  shopkeeper  254  N.  Front 
Smith  Hent  y,  smith  corner  Laurel  and  Budd 
S'initli  H.  6c  J.  corner  Front  and  Germantown  road 
Smith  Hugh,  sea  captain  74  AliDond 
Smith  Mrs.  of  Isaac,  264  south  'Vixth 
Smith  Isabella,  boarding-house  corner  Fifth  and 

Smith  J.  F.  teaclier  9  Pear 
Smith  J,  8c  Fowler,  teachers  Catharine  above  Sr. 

cond  north  side 
Smith  Ju(  ob,  hibourer  112  Caliowhill 
Smith  Jacob,  shoemaker  West's  coun 


Smith  Jacob,  210  north  6th 

Smith  Jacob,  late  inkeeper  3d  near  Germantown  R. 

Smith  Jacob,  silversmith  193  North  Eighth 

Smith  Jacob,  taylor  143  south  Ninth 

Smith  Jacob,  surgeon  dentist  269  south  -Second 

Smith  Jacob,  plaisterer  179  Cedar 

Smith  Jacob,  baker  Hanover  near  Bebford 

Smith  Jacob,  tailor  278  south  Fourth 

Smith  Jacob,  mariner  back  1 82  st.  John 

Smith  Jacob,  yeoman  Vienna  near  West 

Smith  Jacob,  labourer  Cherry  near  Duke 

Smith  James,  founder  Wood  above  Eighth 

Smith  James,  saddler  0  Mary  6't.    s.) 

Smith  James,  merchant  2  north  6'ixth 

Smith  James,  labourer  back  of  510  north  Front 

Smith  James,  inspector  of  customs  83  Walnut 

Smith  James,  merchant  249  Mulberry 

Smith  James,  152  south  Eighth 

Smith  James  •S.  attorney  at  law  101  south  Fourth 

Smith  Jeremiah,  brickmaker  13th  above  -Sassafras 

Smith  Job,  conveyancer,  Sec.  12  Pear  &  cor.  Queen 

8c  Front 
^mith  Job,  teacher  530  north  Third 
jmith  John,  marshal  for  the  district  of  Pennsj'lvani?, 

102  south  Eighth 
Smith  John,  390  north  Front 
Smith  John,  shipwright  Prince  near   Palmer 
Smith  John,  druggist  32  Columbia  avenue 
Smith  John  upholsterer  82  Locust 
Smith  John,  labourer  10  Walnut 
Smith  John,  labourer  18  north  Tenth 
Smith  John,  gentleman,  283  Chesnut  near  Ninth 
Smith  Jobn,  stonecutter  corner  6'eventh  and  Pine 
Smith  John  labourer  24  J  fi'wanson 
^mith  John,  grocer  32  south  Wharves 
'^mith  John,  founder  Callowhill  near  Tenth 
^niith  John,  moulder,  upper  ferry  road 
Smith  John,  whitesmith  52  and  24  Cedar 
Smith  John,  grocer  90  6'wanson 
Smith  John,  founder  Mulberry  near  sch.  Front 
Smith  John,  smith  Race  near  sch.  Eighth 
Smith  John,  smith  sch.  Eight  near  V  inc^ 

s:mi— SMI 

Smith  John,  grocer  Mulberry  near  sch.  »S'econ«i 

Smith  John,  coachman,  Juniper  near  Vine 

Smith  John  mariner  back  107  Catharine 

Smith  John,  tobacconist  32  Coates  alley 

^Sn;ith  John,  shipwright  Prince  near  Palmer 

Smith  John,  carter  west  near  Cherry 

Smith  John,  grocer  4th  above  Brown 

Smith  John,  druggist,  32  Columbia  avenue 

Smith  John,  tay'or,  382  north  -S'econd 

Smith  John,  innkeeper  72  German 

Smith  John,  carpet  vi^eaver  542  north  Third 

Smith  John,  sea  captain  17  Vine 

Smith  John,  typefounder  Bonsall  st. 

Smith  John  A.  tobacconist,  257  N.  2d 

Smith  John  C.  merchant  27  -Sansom  and  15  Dock 

Smith  John  D.  merchant  107  south  Water  and  U 

Smith  John  D.  carpenter  33  Filbert 
Smith  (D.  E.)  John  &  «Son,  merchants  107  south 

Water  and  76  Lombard 
Smith  John  G.  storekeeper  249  N  2d  and  201  ^t. 

Smith  John  M.  carpenter  274  north  5'ec6nd 
Smith  John  R.  attorney  at  law  60  south  5th  and  83 

Smith  John  R.  C.  merchant  58  s.  Front 
Smith  John  S,  merchant  214  south  Front 
tSmith  John,  woodsawyer.  Blackberry  alley 
Smith  Jonas,  carter  sch.  8th  near  \^ine 
Smith  Jonathan,  cashier  of  the  Bank  of  Pennsyl- 
vania 73  Walnut 
Smith  Jonathan  B.  attorney  at  law  21  s.  7th 
Smith  Jos.  merchant  Brooke  court 
Smith  Jos.  iron  merchant  23  s.  Wharves  and  81 

Smith  Jos^h,  carpenter  178  Green 
Smith  Joseph,  labourer  Wood  st.  (K  )      > 
Smith  Joseph  B.  ac  com  plant  10  old  York  road 
Smith  Justenian,  nailer,  62  New 
Smith  Lewis,  carter  Cherry  near  Duke 
Smith  Margaret,  widow  192  north  Third 
Smith  Margaret  J.  shopkeeper,  2d  near  Cedar 


Smith  Martha,  shopkeeper  27  Noble 

Smith  Mary,  shopkeeper  376  High  above  12tii 

Smith  Mary,  widow  326  s.  &th  « 

Smith  Mary-Ann,  teacher,  59  N.  4th 

Smith  8c  Mason,  oakcoopers  Carpentea  st. 
-mith  Matthias,  hairdresser  116  north  Third 

omith  Miss,  354  High 

Smith  Sc  Montgomerys,  merchants  4 1  N.  From 

Smith  Sc  Morgan,  merchants  61  N.  Front 

Smith  Mrs.  of  Joseph  140  Locust 

Smith  Mrs.,  boarding-house  83  Walnut 
^mith  Sc  Mulock,  curriers  back  102  High 
-mith  Nathan,  shoemaker,  13  Greenleaf  court 
-inith  N.  A.  &  J.  M.  carpenters  cor.  5th  and  Weed 
and  274  N.  2d 
niith  Newberry,  merchant  62  north  -Second 

Smith  Oliver,  merchant  91  N.  9th 

Smith  Paul,  blacksmith,  corner  Broad  and  •Spruce 

Smith  Peter,  taylor.  247  north  Front 

Smith  ^cter,  mariner  2  Caliowhill 

Smith  Philip,  labourer  Charles  st. 

Smith  Philip,  grocer,  154  ^  Front  and  N.  E-  cor. 

,  'Spruce 
Smith  Philip,  victualler  257  north  Eighth 
^mith  Ralph,  carpenter  314  N.'  2d 
Smith  Ralpii,  jun.  carpenter  Fearis'  court 
Smith  Rebecca,  gentlewoman  Brooke  court 
Smith  Reuben,  shipwatch  189  south  Front 
Smith  Miss  Rebecca,  347  Mulberry 
Smith  Richard,  shoemaker  134  Germafi 
Smith  Richard,  turner  18  south  Tenth 
Smith  Richard  E.  merchant  1 13  north  Water 
:)mith  Robert,  mariner  -Swedes  alley 
Smith  Robert,  curbstone-setter,  seller  and  cutter. 
•  Barker  -St.  n.  cor.  6'chuylkill  -S'lKth  and  Fligb 
Smith  Robert,  wheelwright  326  south  "Sixth 
Smith  Robert,  Isf  Co.  merchants  58  south  Front 
Smith  Robert  T,  376  High  above  Twelfth 
Smith  Rowland,  corder  52  Elder 
Smith  Samuel,  grocer  Sc  measurer  158  s.  Water 
Smith  Samuel,  gentleman  87  Mulberry 
Smith  -Samuel,  bricklayer  Mechanic  street 
C  c  c  c 


omith  ^'amuel,  blacksmith  347  N.  Second 
Smith  Samuel,  labourer  Beach  near  high  bridge 
Smith  Samuel,  druggist  8cc.  83  &  7&  s.  Second 
Smikth  Samuel,  (C.)  tanner,  ^c,  63  south  Third 

and  9 1  Walnut 
t Smith  Samuel  labourer  Bonsall  street 
Smith  Sarah,  mantuamaker,  9  north  Fifth 
Smith  Sc  Serrill,  merchants,  8  north  Third 
Smith  Stephen,  merchant  41  N.  Front  &  10  N.  7th 
Smith  Stephen  W.  merchant  17  Fine 
Smith  Theobald,  blacksmith  1 15  Pine 
Smith  8c  Streeper,  grocers,  338  north  Third 
Smith  Terence,  grocer  169  N.^Third  corner  Vine, 
Smith  Thomas,  carter  368  north  Third 
Si'aith  Thomas,  accomptant  202  Chesnut 
Smith  Thomas,  flour  merchant  13  north  r2th 
Smith  Thomas,  sailmaker  14  Passyunk  Sc  back  81 

south  Water 
Smith  widow  of  Thomas,  202  north  Sixth 
Smith  Thos.  boardinghouse  8c  tavern  1 14  Swanson 
Smith  Thomas,  lumber  mercht.  3 1  New  Market 
Smith  Thomas,  mariner  Spafford  street 
Smith  and  Turner,  Morocco  manufacturers  Prune 

near  Fifth 
Smith  Vincent,  accomptant  35  Noble 
Smith  widow  of  Henry,   corner  sch.  Sixth  and 

Smith  William,  carpenter  269  Sassafras 
Smith  William,  carpenter  back  134  south  Eighth 
Smith  William,  carter  Lily  alley 
Smith  William,  grocer  390  north  Front 
Smith  William,  jun.  merchant  48  south  Front 
Smith  William,  carpenter  Osbourn's  court 
Smith  William,  carter  142  Brown 
-Smith  William,  attorney  at  law  103  Chesnut 
Smith  William,  storekeeper  54  north  Second 
Smith  William,  merchant  corner  High  8c  sch.  3d 
^  Smith  William,  morocco-dresser  Kessler's  court 
Smith  William,  baker  60  New 
Smith  William,  tobacconist  204  south  Third 
Smith  William,  typefounder  Bonsall  street 
Smith  William,  shallopman  48  Penn 


:->mith  William,  tavern  keeper  19  Chesnut 
Smith  William,  inn  keeper  (sign  of  the  waggon) 

340  north  Third 
Smith  William,  Patton's  court 
Smith  William,  accomptant  back  239  s.  -Second 
Smith  William,  m.  b.  27  "Sansom 
Smith  William,  bricklayer  Juniper  near  Chcny 
tSmith  W^m.  mariner  9  St.  Mary    . 
Smith  Wm.  H.  varnish  maker  165  south  3d 
Smith  8c  Wood,  merchants  47  north  Water 
Smith  widow  of  George,  3  Fayette 
Smith  widow  of  Robert,  134  6'wanson 
Smither  James,  engraver  143  Mulberry 
Smither  John,  confectioner  N.  E.  corner  3d  uiiCi 

Smothers  Joshua,  oysterman,  238  Lombard 
Smyth  Edward,  grocer  S.  E.  cor.  2d  and  Christian 

[^See  Smith 
Smyth  Lambert,  groger  255  s.  Seventh 
Smyth  John,  accomptant,  4  Harmony  st. 
Smyth  Peter,  boarding  house  9  Fromberger's  court 
Smyth  widow  of  James,  34  Columbia  avenue 
Snagg  Thos.  carter  82  Brown 
Sneathen  David  J.  grocer  corner  Callowhill  and 

Sneathen  James,  shallopman,  163  'S'hipptn 
Sneck  Benjamin,  grocer  176  N.  3d 
Sneck  widow  of  George,  victualler  Laurence 
Sneck  George,  victualler  Eighth  above  Vine 
Sneck  Jacob,  victualler  154  N.  5th 
Sneck  Philip,  victualler  James 
Sneed  Mrs.  widwife  3  *Vwanson 
Sneed  Laven,  inspector  of  lumber  3  -Swanson 
Snelbaker  Philip,  tobacconist  194  N.  Water 
Snell  Benjamin,  sea  captain  404  south  Front 
Snell  James,  sea  captain  14  Green 
Snell  Mary,  widow  -SteTnmetz  court 
Snell  Philip,  grocer  cor.  Callowhill  and  old  York 

Snider  David,  labourer  Vine  near  sch.  Eighth 
Snider  Jacob,  shoemaker  46  Elder 


Snider  Jacob,  jun.  shoemaker  17  north  8  th  and  1:4 

Snider  John,  gardener  Irish  lane  near  Cedar 
Snow  ^-ilas,  carpenter  324  Vine 
Snowden  Ann,  widow  212  Pine 
.^-nowdcn  Isaac,  gentleman  266  Mulberry 
Snowden  Joseph  6".  ropemaker  and  shipchandlei- 

•Spruce  street  wharf 
Snowden  Rebecca,  widow  208  south  3d 
-Snowden  Thomas,  printer  4  Chester  street 
Snowden  Thomas,  carpenter  95  north  Eleventh 
Snowden  Leonard,  china  merchant  244  and  246 

N.  3d 
Snowden  widow  of  George,  Scott's  alley 
Snyder  Adam,  chairmaker  116  Brown 
Snyder  Benedict  stocking-weaver  20  North  alley 
Snyder  Catharine,  widow  408  N.  3d 
Snyder  Catharine,  widow  Buttonwood  near  5tli 
Snyder  Catharine,  widow  15  Charlotte 
Snyder  Charles,  watchman  -Shackamaxon 
Snyder  Catharine,  boarding  house  214  Walnut 
Snyder  Christian,  innkeeper  (sign  of  Pennsylvania 

Farmer)  214  north  Third 
Snyder  Christian,  cabinetmaker  49  north  Fourth 
Snyder  &  Crombargar,  flour  merchants  314  High 
Snyder  Daniel,  combmaker,  1 1 7  Brown 
Snyder  Elizabeth,  grocer,  corner  'Spruce  and  6th 
Snyder  Enoch,  coach-wheelwright  Lemon  st.  and 

Snyder  George,  inn  keeper  Bush  Hill  Hotel 
Snyder  George,  cordwainer  24  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Snyder  George,  carpenter  324  6th  below  •Shipper: 
Snyder  George  A.  grocer  4  Bread  st.    , 
Snyder  8c  Haas,  painters,  See.  289  N.  Front 
Snyder  Henry,  tinplate  worker  30  Ann  (M.  L. ; 
Snyder  Harman,  cabinet  maker  191  N.  Eighth 
Snyder  Henry,  painter  88  Gre^n 
Snyder  Jacob,  dealer  210  High 
Snyder  widow  of  Jacob,  Wood  near  Duke 
Snyder  Jacob,  taylor  329  Mulberry 
Snyder  John,  deputy  sheriff  Oak,  (N.  L.) 
Snyder  John,  grocer  321  High  /lJ&tfi47  ft<^  W* 


Snyder  widow,  Button  wood  above  Charles 
Snyder  John,  brickmaker  Cedar  near  sch.  5th 
Snyder  John,  jr.  brickmaker,  Chesnut  above  13th 
Snyder  Charles,  watchman  "Shackamaxon 
Snyder  Joseph,  smith  79  Penn  and  2 1  Little  water 

and  18  AS'wanson 
Snyder  Joseph,  gilder  and  composition  manufac- 

turer  105  Walnut 
Snyder  Lewis,  labourer  5  above  Noble 
Snyder  Margaret,  shopkeeper  74  north  Fourth 
Snyder  Mary,  nurse  72  New 
Snyder  Michael,  labourer  James  street 
Snyder  8c  Myers,  smiths^  cor.  .S'wanson  &  Christian 
Snyder  Mrs.  widow,  grocer  cor.  Branch  8c  Fourth 
Snyder  5bphia,  grocer  35  Passyunk 
Snyder  Thomas,  brickmaker  Hicory  lane  above  6 
Snyder  widow  of  David,  150  Brown 
Snyder  widow  of  Ludwick,  465  north  Third 

\^see  'oc/ineider 
Sny  der  widow,  Buttonwood  above  Charles 
Soast  John  S.  bleeder  cor.  of  Fifth  8c  Buttonwood 
Sobbe  Walter,  painter  Sec.  373  south  Front 
Soby  Mrs.  of  David,  smith  Goddard's  alley 
Soch  John,  weaver  Germant.  Road  above  •Seccmd 
fSockom  'Stephen,  shoemaker  23  Union 
Soderstrcim  Richard,  consul  general  from  -Sweden 

corner  Eleventh  and  Chesnut 
Soffe  John,  shoemaker  corner  Moyamensing  and 

Solomon  Henry,  175  south  Seventh 
Solomon  Samuel,  accomptant  175  south  Seventh 
Solomon  widow  of  Myers,  175  south  ^'eventh 
Solms  Jacob,  merchant  6  south  alley 
5ommer  John,  m.  d    100  Mulberry 
Tommer  John  Jacob,  merchant!  17  north  -Second 
'Dommers  Mrs.  widow.  Noble  above  -Second 

l^see  Summers 
Soncs  Agnes  shopkeeper  14  -South  alley 
iongster  John,  labourer  Deans  alley  below  Locust 
iongster  William,  labourer  Cherry  near  Juniper 
Sonntag  W^illiam,  L.  merchant  28  north  Fifth 
ork  -Simon,  labourer  Prince  near  Wood 
C  c  c  c  ^ 


Sork  George^  labourer  Duke  (K) 
Sorner  John,  labourer  Carpenters*  {S.j 
Souder  Casper,  ropemaker  iShackamaxon 
Souder  Charles,  jun.  bricklayer  297  north  -^ 
Souder  Charles,  bricklayer  Lily  alley 
Souder  C.  victualler  Frankford  R.  n.  -Shackamaxors 
Souder  Elizabeth,  boardinghouse  196  north  Fifth 
Souder  Jacob,  bricklayer  3 1 5  north  2d 
Souder  Jacob,  jun,  bricklayer  Kunckel  n.  Green 
Souder  Jacob,  victualler  Marlborough  near  Prince 
Souder  John,  late  innkeeper  390  north  §d 
Souder  widow  of  John,  bricklayer  32S  "Sassafras 
Souder  widow  of  Jehu,  shopkeeper  14  Kunckel  ' 
Souder  Philip,  musician  207  north  Water 
Souder  Thomas  M.  bricklayer  312  High 
Souders  Casper,  boot  and  shoemaker  34  Chesnut 
SoUifrain  John,  hairdresser  95  north  Front 
Sousman  John,  labourer  Beach  above  Marlborough 
South  Elizabeth,  seamtress  back  1 1 2  Walnut 
Southwick  Thomas,  labourer  cor.  Beach  8c  Maiden 
Souty  Mrs.  seamstress  13  Carter's  alley 
'S'owerby  iV/ary,  chinastore  152  south  Fourth 
Sowers  D.  victualler  James  street 
Sowers  George,  victualler  James  street 
Sowers  widow  of  John,  James  street 
Sowers  Henry,  drayman  Garden 
-  Sowers  Jacob,  labourer  40  Charlotte 
Sowers  Henry,  drayman  Garden  street 
Sowers  Wm.  brickmaker  Rugan  st. 
Spackman  Samuel,  merchant  132  ^Spruce  and  2-* 

Church  alley 
Spangela  John,  merchant  127  Spruce 
Spangler  Geo.  blacksmith  250  s.  Front  8c  32  Cedar 
Spangler  Henry,  blacksmith  32  Cedar 
Sparhawk  widow  of  John,  67  south  2d 
Sparke  Hugh,  feedstore,  &c.  270  High 
Sparks  Jacob  F.  toljacconist,  446  s.  Front 
Sparks  Robert,  cabinetmaker  154  Coates' 
Sparks  widow  of  R,  F.  blockmaker  163  south  2d 
Sparks  -Samuel  wood  corder  182  -Swanson 
Sparks  Thomas,  plamber  and  shot  manuf.  49  si 

Wharves  and  348  s,  Front 

:;     -  oPR 

sparks  .Sarah  Nvidow,  272  5wanson 
Spaven  Robert,  blacksmith  Aspen  alley 
Speaker  Peter,  smith  63  Locust  above  Eightli 
Spcakinan  Hantiah,  widow  178  Mulberry 
Sp^akman  John,  druggist,  &c.  cor.  2d  and  High 
Speakman  Sc  5ay,  apothecaries  and  Druggists,  N. 

W.  cor.  High  and  2d 
Spear  George,  tailor  34  N.  Water,  and  9  Combs' 

Specht  George,  grocer  319  north  Third 
Specht  Jacob,  victualler  Charles  st. 
Speck  Charles,  baker,  26  Pcwterplatter  alley 
Speel  George,  baker  140  north  Front 
Speel  widow  of  John,  baker  46  Strawberry 
Spencer  James  S.  mecchant  '4  and  S  Church  alley 
Spencer   James,    victualler   Moyamensing  below 

Spennanberg  B.  taylorcsa,  Oak  near  Brown 
Spennenberg  Charlotte,  storekeeper  68  north  2d 
Sperry  Jacob,  merchant  1 10  Mulberry 
Sperry  F.  W.  merch.ant  101s.  Front  and  113  s.  4th 
Spickennagle  ^Fm.  cabinetmaker  corner  Chesnut 

and  7th 
Spicer  Frances,  dry  goods  store  452  south  Front 
Spicer  Jacob,  225  s,  3d 
Spitgle  Jolm,  cowibmaker  247  Vine 
Spiegle  Susannah  widow,  FFalnut  near  Eleventh 
Spiers  John,  ropemaker  500  soqJ.h  2d 

^See  S/iirers  and  Spears. 
Spiers  Peter,  ropemaker,  Moyamensing  n.  Prime 
Spillard  widow  of  Henry,  innkeeper,  418  s.  Front 
Spilliert  John,  .stftvedorei  100  Swanson 
Spohn  IVvn.  grocer  corner  Sassafras  and  2d 
Spoftbrd  Jacob,  sea  captain  27  new  market 
Spooner  Sc  Girvan,  curriers  2 1  Chesnut 
Spooner  Wm.  currier  28  ChurcL^alley 
Spotswood  il/rs.  of  Wm.  il/echanic  st. 
Spotswood  widow  of  Wm.  printer  12  N.  6th 
Spotts  George,  tobacconist  new  market  near  Pegg 
Spragg  Richard,  jr.  dealer  145  south  3d 
Spragg  Richard  k  Son,  dealers  i7  Dock 
Spraggs  Joseph,  cooper  8V  south  Front 


Spriggs  Mrs,  widow,  313  north  Third 
Sprenger  Joseph  C.  merchant  66  N.  Third 
Springer  A.  bonnetmaker  6  Strawberry 
Springer  Benj.  late  inn  keeper  6  Strawberry 
Springer  Francis,  carpenter  244  Lombard 
Springer  widow,  teacher  Juniper  lane 
Springer  John,  tanner  old  roacLnear  Noble 
Springer  John,  painter,  &c.  85  Brown 
iSpringer  Joseph,  shipwright  Frankford  road  cor- 
ner Bedford 
Springs teel  Alex,  labourer  George  near  sch.  4th 
Sproat  James  W.  gentleman  252  N.  2d 
Sprogel  Ann,  mantuamaker  448  north  2d 
Sprogel  Edward,  cotton,  hay,  6cc.  packer  cor,  4th 

and  Christian 
Sprogell  Ludwick,  joiner  8  York  court  and  Ann 

near  fViWovf 
Spron  Isaac,  printer,  82  Green 
Sproul  James,  cooper  back  83  sbuth  Water 
Spryes  M,  dealer  66  Callowhill  ISee  a/iicrs. 

Squire  Charles  C  251  north  Front 
Srader  A/ary,  widow  Charlotte 
Stackhouse  A-  tayloress  James  alley 
Stackhouse  Amos*  chinastore  178  north  Front 
Stackhouse  H.  hatter  16  Vine  8c  176  north  Fyont 
Stackhouse  Powell,  cabinetmaker  176  north  Front 
Stackhouse  Samuel,  bricklayer  Afechanic  street 
Stackhouse  -Sarahj  washerwoman  Shields*  alley 
Stacks  Henry,  labourer  184  St.  Johns 
Stacy  'Sarah,  widow  of  John,  39  Almond 
Stafford  John,  segar  maker,  iWark*s  lane 
Stafford  Robert,  m.  d.  21  fc  25  Pine 
Stat»g  TeuHs,  cordwainer,  93  Queen  («.) 
Stagner  Lewis,  nailer  215  St.  John 
Stainer  Joseph,  labourer  137  5wanson 
Stainrook  David,  smith  Brewer's  alley  near  Third 
Stainrook  h  Thon^as,  smiths,  cor.  old  York  ?c  4th 
Stall   F    shipr  handler  &    ropemaker,    Bickley's 
wharf  &  Ridge  road  near  Logan      [^Sce  St^It 
Stall  Mrs.  boa'dinghouse  78  north  Third 
Stall  \''alentine,  victualler  Laurence 
Stallard  James,  stablekeeper  36  Pine. 


Mam  per  6arah,  g€ntle\voman  68  Pine 
Uanbrough  Josiah,  mariner  234  north  Water 
itanclift'i1/rs.  teacher  102  Plum 
•itandbridge  John  C.  merchant  5  south  Ninth 
-^tanert  Henry,  carpenter  corner  sch,  7th  Sc  Race 
Stanfield  "Sarah,  nurse  60  Penn 
Stanford  William,  shoemaker    frood  near  Prince 
Jtanly  Norris,  merchant  1 1  German 
•tamnire  Casper,  oakcooper  <Steinmetz  court  (n.l.) 
■■•tanmiie  Wm.  cooper  5  E.  corner  Centre  square 
itaniaiie  $c  Hoffman,  coopers  1 3th  below  High 
^tant  Margaret,  Loxley's  court 
Stanton  P.  woodsawyer  306  Callowhiil 
Stanton  Richard,  shoemaker  and  dealer,  182  N.  3d 
Stark  Peter,  manner  79  Budd 
Starkey  George,  bricklayer  206  Lombard 
•^tarkey  J.  merchant,  Chesnut  I  door  below  llili 
^tarr  Henry,  printer  364  south  2d 
Starr  James,  gentleman  31  Vine 
Starr  widow  of  John,  19  Keys'  alley 
Starr  Mrs  widow  95  5t.  John's 
Starr  Moses,  smith  back  of  47  Charlotte 
Starr  Richard,dye  sinker  Moyamensing  road  below 

Starrat  Ezekiei,  drayman  Federal  near  2d 
Star  rat  John,  hatter  25  Green 
States  Thoma5,c  ordwainer  Kunckel  above  Noble 
Statzeil  Henry,  brassfounder  94  Sc  96  Green 
Statzell  Jacob,  jun.  carter  "St.  John's 
-•tatzell  Jacob,  carter  96  Green 
Staughlon  Rev.  Wm.  pastor  of  the  Baptist  church 

in  Ransom  st. — n.  w.  corner  Filbert  and  8th 
Staylor  widow  of  Wm.  28  Spruce 
Staylor,  Wra.  mariner  270  south  Front 
^tead  Henry,  printer  22  Cedar 
Steadman  Alexander,  silversmith  71  Green 
Stear  widow  of  John,  291  Callowhiil      [^see  Steer-i 
Stearger  Martin,  baker  Poplar  near  4th 
Steel  Alexander,  magistrate  1 5  German 
Steel  A.  chairmaker   122  s.  2d  &  Elmslie's  alley 
oteel  Archibald,  inspector  of  customs  96  Spruce 
Steele  Catharine,  tavernkeeper  255  Cedar 


oteel  Eve,  washerwoman  2 1 1  south  'Seventh 

[^see  St  ell  and  Stall 
Steel  James,  shipwright  72  Budd 
Steel  James,  flour  merchant  29  Walnut 
Steel  John-,  merchant  centre  190  High 
Steel  widow  of  John,  labourer  67  Queen  («S.) 
Steel  John,  iabourer  1 1  Christian 
Steel  Gen.  John,  collector  of  the  Port  216  Pine 
Steel  Joseph,  pianemaker  sch.  Fifth  near  Chesnui 
Steel  Josiah,  carpenter  Mulberry  near  sch.  Third 
Steel  iV/ary,  widow  223  Callowhill 
Steel  ikfatthias  S.  sea  captain  18  Ann  (N.  L.) 
Steel  Rebecca,  H.  ^Fatson's  alley 
Steel  Robert,  silverplater  223  Callowhill 
Steel  Robert,  flour  and  grain  merchant  -Spruce 

street  wharf 
Steel  Thoijias,  morocco  dresser  36  Ann  (N.  L.) 

and  near  ^flllow 
Steele  Thomas  B.  tavernkecper  (yellow  cottage} 

•Second  below  Greenwich 
Steel  widow  of  John,  123  Coats' 
Steel    Wrci,  merchant  85  s.  f^harves  £c  43  5prucc 
Steen  James,  carpenter  Sixth  below  Cedar 
Steenberg  Abraham,  merchant  7  "south  iSecond 
Steers  Isaac,  carpenter  Cedar  above  Eleventh 
Steever  Daniel,  boaixlinghouse  16  north  Ninth 
Steever  Daniel,  jun.  chairmaker  397  north  Third 
Steever  Henry,  tavernkecper  100  High 
Stein  Abraham,  dealer  in  watches  86  north  Third 

\_see  S tines 
Steinauer  Adam,  oakcooper  33  Vine 
Steinauer  iWichael,  shoemaker  33  Vine 
Steiner  rf^illiam  cooper  112  north  -Seventh 
Steinman  John,  blacksmith  2  above  G.  T.  Road 
Steinmetz  Daniel,  t^y lor  Trotter's  alley 
Steinmetz  Daniel,  merchant  22  W^alnut  &  5pruce 

above  Ninth 
Steinmetz  John,  carpenter  Kunckel  above  Noble 
Steinmetz  Jacob,  late   brickmaker    Hicory   lane 

above  6th 
Steinmetz  Jacob,  jr.  brickmaker  cor.  Buttonwood 

U  Ridge 


-teinmetz  Aliss  gentlewoman  270  Chesnut 
Steinmetz  5arah,  widow  1 6  Pewterplatter  alley 
Stcinmetz  /rilliam  brickmaker  330  north  Second 
Stell  James,  innkeeper  n.  1st  gate  Germantown  R. 
Stelwaggon  Daniel  S.  sea  captain  1 3  Cherry 
Stel  waggon  F.  merchant  207  north  Front 
Stelwaggon  Jesse  L.  iron  merchant  146  Callowhill 
Stenwyk  Dominick  grocer  226  north  Water 
Stephan  C  teacher  of  music  56  north  5th 
Stephens  David,  feedstore  131  north  Fourth 
Stephens  George,  culnailei'  446  &  448  N.  Front 
Stephens  John  C.  shoemaker  10  Pine 
Stephens  Margaret,  mantuaniaker  4 1 5  Sassafras 
Stephens  R.  grocer  9  Small 
Stephens  Rebecca,  widow  87  Coats* 
Stephens  Richard,  carpenter  Torr's  court 
Stephens  Solomon,  labourer  Clferry  above  1 1th 
Stephenson  John,  shoemaker  480  north  2d 
Stephenson  John,  bricklayer  24 1  sduth  6th 
Stephenson  Peeiy,  cordwainer  179  south  Front 
tephenson  Wm.  gentleman  3  York  buildings 
*.err  George,  carpenter  corner  Tammany  &  4th 
tetler  Henry,  sinith  corner  Germantown  R.  Sc  2d 
•letler  Henry  jun.  do.  do. 

tetser  Peter,  shallopman  125  Swanson 
l«ctson  Silas,  carpenter  524  south  Front 
Stevens  Hardy,  mariner  Christian  near  Fifll. 
Stevens  John,  grocer  277  north  2d 
Stevens  Joseph,  sea  captain  247  north  Front 
Stevens  Joshua,  carpenter  1S2  north  5d 
Stevens  Louisa,  washerwoman  190  Lombard 
Stevens  Sanmel,  copperplate  printer  Eleventh  be- 
low Locust 
tevens  Samuel,  cutler,  &c.  99  north  2d 
tevens  Sarah,  widow  Gofortl^^llfcy 
btevens  Thomas,  carpenter  Bonsall  street 
Stevenson  Allen,  grocer  corner  Cedar  and  12th 
Stevenson  Augustine,  storekeeper  225  north  3d 
Stevenson  Cornelius,  carpenter  47  CJeorge  (S.) 
.evenson  Crooke,  merchant  35  north  Water  and 

78  south  Fifth 
(evenson  John,  coachmaker  1  lih  below  Locust. 


Stevenson  John,  labourer  241  south  6tk 
Stevenson  John,  labourer  6'heaff's  alley 
t  Stevenson  Joseph,  labourer  il/ary's  alle.y 
Ttevenson  Joseph,  cook  5  Almond 
Stevenson  Mary  A.  milliner  147  south  2d 
Stevenson  Mrs,  of  'S'amuel,»374  north  2d 
Stevenson  Peiry,  shoemaker  48  Penn    . 
Stevenson  Mrs.  of  Robert,  Liberty  alley 
Stevenson  Samuel,  H.  grocer  corner  TValnnt  &  9tn 
Stevenson  T'^illiam,  city  surveyor  8 1  Union 
Stevenson  fTilliam,  currier  217  north  Third 
xStevenson  TVm.  labourer  Cor.  Chesnut  &  sch.  6th 
Stev^'ard  Charlesr  teacher  358  N.  Front  cor.  Green 
StevvardVCharles,  smith  358  N.  Front  cor.  Green 
Steward  John,  shipwright  1  Budd 
Steward  Jara^s,  carpenter  31  German 
Steward  James,  labourer  Anne  above  Twelfth 
Steward  8c  f^^ltber^er,  lumber  yard  coiner  2d  aiid 

Poplar  lau^       ♦ 
Stewardson  Thomas,  merchant  90  Mulberry 
Stewart  Aaron,  tailor  Whitehall 
t Stewart  A.  labourer  Cedar  above  12th 
Stewart  Alexander,  f^rocer  18  Small 
Stewart  x\ndrew,  bridlebit  and  stirrup  maker  454 

N.  2d  «      . 

Stewart  Andrew,  tavernkeeper  cor.  Vine  Sc  Front 
Stewart  Charles,  bonnet  warehouse  27  n.  2d 
Stewart  Capt.  Charles,  of  U.  S.  navy  219  spruce 
Stewart  Elizabeth,  teacher  Watson's  alley 
Stewart  Francis,  smith  'S'assafras  above  10th 
Stewart  George,  carpenter  Juniper  lane 
Stewart  Henry,  calico  printer  old  York  near  Ger- 

mantown  road 
Stewart  James,  labourer  Ann  above  12tli 
Stewart  James,  plai^rer  73  Locust  above  8tli 
Stewart  James,  grocer  ^16  Sassafras 
Stewart  John,  grocer  corner  Callowhill  and  10th 
Stewart  John,  printer  59  Arch 
j  Stewart  John,  sawyer  Marlborough  near  Queen 
Stewart  Joseph,  carpenter  10th  above  6'assafias 
Stewart  Margaret,  widow  Elbow  lane 
Stewart  Margaret,  widow  9  Wagner's  alley 
Stewart  Matthew,  labourer  Alban  st. 


Stewart  Nibses,  grocer  298  High,  dwelling   394 

Stewart  Moses  k  John,  grccers  corner  Callowhill 

and  Tenth 
Stewart  Mrs.  of  CharK-G,  94  Biidd 
Stewart  Mrs.  widow  r2  s.  Fifth 
Stewart  Peter,  sign  painter,  150  s.  Eighth 
Stewart  Robert,  smith  iV/'Ginnes'  court 
Stewart  Samuel,  m.  d.  20  Prune 
Stewart  5amuel,  sea  captain  210  s.  Fourth 
Stewart  v^amuel,  late  carrier  447  north  Front 
Stewart  ^Sarah,  widow  17  Plum 
Stewart  T.  sailmakerxSpruce  street  wharf  and  15b 

south  Front 
Stewam:  jfhomas,  painter,  Sec.  78  Dock  Sc  7  Lodtre 
Stewart  T'homas  carpenter  182  Lombard 
Stewart  Thomas,  back  58  Eider 
.Stewart  Walter,  carpenter  cor.  Chesnut  Sc  sch.  6ih 
Stewart  vidow  of  Duncan, gentlewoman  Lily  alley 
Stewart  ^rilliam,  shall opman  Lolars  court 
Stewart  mHiam,  bricklayer  20  Queen  (5.) 
Stewart  r/m.  carpenter  462  N,  3d 
Stewart  H'm.  carpenter  11  Knight's  court 
Stewart  irni.  H.  ornamental  painter,  &c.  109  IVal' 

nut  and  13  Marshall's  alley 
Stidham  Isaac,  shoemaker  back  207  St.  John 
Stief  John,  baker  126  north  Fifth 
vStiff  widow  of  John,  washerwoman  7  Crab 
Stiies  Benjamin,  gentleman  cor.  High  and  Utli 
Stiles  Felix,  carter  407  N.  2d  ( 

Stiles  Jacob,  carpenter  29  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Stiles  James,  shoestore  166  High 
Stiles  John,  tanner,  2nd  above  German  town  road 
Stiles  John,  lumber  merchant  41 1  north  Front 

L*^^  ^^^''^  ^"^  ^i^'^< 
Stiles  John,  carter  440  north  Front 

Stiles  Robert,  brickhy/sr  44  Vine 

Stiles  -Samuel,  shoemaker  134  St.  John's 

Stiles  &  Talmage,  shoestore  1 66  Hii^h 

Stiles  Thomas  T.  printer,  office  UN.  7th  back  of 

TV/oore  k  Herkness's,  dwelling  367  Milberry 

•^till  Ishrael,  woodsawyer  124  Christian 

Dddd    < 


fStil  -Samson,  carter  corner  Lombard  and  12tb 

Stillas  Mrs.  boardinghouse  93  Lombard 

Stille  Benjamin,  merchant  208  il/ulbeny 

Stille  Beni.  &c  -Saml  merchants  33  ^uth  fFater 

Stille  John,  merchant  146  ChesniU 

Stille  Mvs.  gentlewoman  40  south  Front 

Stille  "Samuel,  merchant  232  -Spruce 

Stiller  Henry,  jun.  blacksmith  cor.  German  town 

road  and  2d 
Stillwell  Aaron,  sea  captain  29  German 
Stiltz  John  D.  baker  1  Chancery  lane 
Stim.mel  P.  Sc  Friend,  tobacconists  334  High 
Stimmel  Philip,  tobacconist  334  Highland  Pear- 
son's court 
Stinceman  Jacob,  cordwainer  Greenwich  street 
Stine  Jacob,  feedstore  2  &  3  south  "Seventh 
Stine  John,  malster  Front  near  Cherry 
Stine  Afary,  widow  -Spruce  near  sch.  Seventh 
Stinebeck  Adam,  victualler  Laurence 
Stiueford  George,  baker  back  353  south  Front 
Stinehouer  Tf  illiam,  shoemaker  239  .St.  John 
Stinemeyer  Jacob,  labourer  55  north  Eighth 
Stinemire  George,  labourer  George  near  Broad 
Stinger  Jane,  mantuamaker  127  -Spruce 
Stinger  John,  baker  146  -Spruce 
Stinger  Joseph,  coachman  176  -Sassafras 
Stinger  Philip,  glass  blower  rrood  near  Duke 
Stinger  Eve,  widow  7  Kunckel 
Stinsen  John,  labourer  W  alnut  alley 
Stintsman  Caspar,  ropemaker  Hanover  near  Queen 
Stites  Peter,  taylor  16  Little  Water 
St. /ohn  Charles, -Juniper  alley 
St.  John  widow  of  Richard,  mariner  349  s.  Front 
Stock  David,  painter  J4  eavers  alley 
Stock  Frederick,  labourer  4th  above  Tammany 
Stock  ^ohn,  painter  Sec.  1 1  south  -Seventh 
Stock  Philip,  gardener  Tammany  above  Fourth 
Stock  Philip,  painter  Sec  40  Zane 
Stocker  Anthony,  meixhant  201  south  Front 
Stocker  John  C.  jun.  merchant  222  Pine 
Stocker  John  Clement,  merchant  188  southFront 
Stocker  ilfargaret,  gentlewoman  193  south  Front 


."Ntocker  Robert,  bordinghouse  14  Argyle 
Stockley  &  ./obson,  merchant  taylors  77  Arch 
vStockiey  JMHiam,  taylor  77  Arch 
Stockman  Christian,  mariner  49  Christian 
Stockton  E.  B.  merchant  157  fFalnut 
Stockton  John,  baker  Eleventh  below  Locust 
Stockton  iaml.  collect,  of  accounts  Hoffman's  alley 
Stockton  ^riliiam,  T.  proprietor  of  the  New-York 
and  Baltimore  stages,  office  43  Sc  dwelling  4  Is.  4th 
Stnddart  John,  merchant  22  north  Third 
Stoddlemun  Jn.  woodsawyer  Brewer's  alley  N.  4th 
Stogdon  Job,  shallopman  Cooper's  court  (N.  L.) 
Stoerger  A/artin,  baker  Poplar  near  Fourth 
Stokely  -V.  tailor  18  Little  J/ater 
Stokes  Benjamin,  flour  store  153  north  Water 
Stokes  B.  and  J.  fiour  and  feed  store  221  N.  Front 
Stokes  Ellis,  hardware  merchant  45  Fligh 
Stokes  George,  green  tree  tavern  5  8  Plum 
Stokes  Joshua,  jun.  carpenter  23  New  A/arket 
Stokes  Joshua,  feed  store  19  Brown  Sc  440  N  Front 
Stokes  Joseph,  flour  merchant  Baker's  alley 
Stokes  >A/ary,  shopkeeper  54  south  6ccond 
Stokes  •Sarah,  widow  Lombard  near  sch.  'Sevent!; 
Stokes  TJiomas,  late  tax  collector  43  New  A/arket 
Stokes  Thomas,  jun.  plaisterer  46  Chester 
Stokes  rrilliam»  F.  in:ipector  of  butter  Sec  62  N. 

Hater  and  Fromberger's  court 
Stokes  rriUiara,  shoemaker  145  Vine 
Stollenwerck  P.  M.  clock  and  watch  maker  and 

mechanist  in  general  Eleventh  above  High 
Stokly  A/ary,  widow  438  south  Front 
Stone  Baltus,  labourer  back  41  Prime 
Stone  Benjamin,  painter  Sec.  5  Hartung's  alley 
Stone  widow  of  Daniel,  shopkeeper  1 19  north  2d 
Stone  J'acob,  tanner  Kimckie  near  Green 
Stone  ^ohn,  cedarcooper  31  Charlotte 
Stone  /ohn,  labourer  corner  Eighth  and  Green 
Stone  niliiam,  hiiirdresser  29  vYwanson 
Stone  /Filliam.  mariner  Tenth  above  Race 
Stoneman  6amuel,  mate  105  Catharine 
Stones  -Samuel,  merchant  66  south  Eighth 
Stoops  Ami,  tutoress  Goforth  alley 

Stop  John,  innkeeper  (Bull's  head)  235  N.  Third 
Storer  -Samuel,  tavernkeeper  89  south  iFater 
Stork  Aaron,  wholesale  and  retail  store  south  east 

corner  iShippen  and  Fourth 
Story  George,  30  Christian 
Story  James,  mariner,  80  Penn 
Story  -Samuel,  currier  109  &  113  Chesnut 
Story  -S'amuel  Isi'  Co.  curriers  109  Chesnut 
Story  -Susan,  fv^idow  back  10  -Shippen 
Story  Thomas,  labourer  back  353  south  Front 
Story  f'l^lliam,  cutnailer  126  Lombard 
Stotesbury  Arthur,  sea  captain  24  Uaion 
Stothart  &  -Starkey,  merchants  233  High  cor.  6th 
Stothart,_widow  of  Andrew,  back  25 1  Race 
Stothart  ^FiiUam  merchant  349  High 
Stotherd  John,  drover -Sassafras  near  sch.  Eighth 
StothoffGarrett,cryer  of  mayor's  court  Juniper  lane 
Stotsenburgh  John,  carter  -Sassafras  n.  sch.  Eighth 
Stotsenburgh  M.  widow  -Sassafras  n.  sch.  Eighth 
Stott  Jacob,  carpenter  8  Knight's  court 
Stouse  Joseph,  m.  d.  417  K^.  -Second  cor. Coats 
Stout  George  P.  welldigger  125  Coats' 
Stout  George,  bricklayer  123  Coats 
Stout  Jacob,  travelli^jg   stationer,   Frankford   R. 

above  Queen 
Stout  John,  saddle  Sc  harncssmaker  26  -Spruce 
Stout  John,  labourer  32  Charlotte 
Stout  iWargaret,  boarding  house  99  south  Fifth 
Stout  P.  John,  stationer  Frankford  Road  n.  Queen 
Stout  -S'eymour,  oakcooper  45  5  north  Third 
Stout  rrilliam  hue  sugar  boiler  5 1  Callowhill 
Stove  John,  shipwright  Marlborough  near  Beach 
Stow  Charles,  taylor  19  north  Fourth 
Stow  John,  turner  76  -Sassafras 
Stow  Mrs  of  Isaac,  Oak  near  Brown 
Stow  Lazarus,  shoemaker  2 12  Cherry 
Stowers  John,  (Robinhoodinn)  Highn.  S'chuyl.  6th 
-Stoy  widow  of  Peter,  Beach  near  Penn 
Strack  Peter,  flower  inspector  -S'teinmetz*s  court 
Strahan  widow  of  Gregory,  innkeeper  190  s.  8th 
Strahan  Joseph,  carpenter  2^88  Lombard 
Stran  James,  mate  lop  Christian 


btran  3/rs.  of  i/ames,  Oak  (N.  L.) 
Strang  Peter,  carter  237  'north  Front 
Stratton  Benjamin,  blockmaker  90  Spruce 
Stratton  Rev.  Fithian,  Queen  near  6'hackamaxo!i 
Stratton  Isaiah,  teacher  6th  near  Germantown  R. 
Stratton  ^oel,  inspect,  of  lumber  &c.  51 1  N.  Front 
Stratton  -^ohn,  innkeeper  28  south  i'ixth  Cornc: 

Carpenters  alley 
Stratton  ./ohn,  nierchant  164  5wanson 
Stratton  ^ohn,  sawyer  19  f*ewterplatter  alley 
Stratton  John,  carter  56  New  Market 
Stratton  Levi,  carpenter  75  Budd 
t  Stratton  T.  &  C  waiters  Green's  court 
Stratton  Sc  ^iP  ulton,  blockniakers  115  south  TFateT 
Stratton  Priiliam  jun.  oakcooper  back  143  Coats' 
Strawbrid^e  ^olin,  merchant  52  south  n'harves  k 

159  ^Fiilnut 
Strayline  George,  taylor  500  Vine 
Streaker  Elias,  shipwright  Liberty  alley 
Streaker  Richard,  distiller  186  south   Ihird 
Streeper  George,  grocer  338  north  3d 
Streeton  George,  shipwright  Penn  (K.) 
Streiper  .Samuel,  drayman  1 2th  above  Race 
Strcmbeck  .^ucab,  measurer  of  painter's  work  and 

innkeeper  197  Chesnut 
Strembeck  ^ohn,  tavernkeeptr  Ridge  road  above 

Strembeck  friliiam,  painter  Sec.  178  6'wanson 
Streper  John,  cut  nailor  High  near  sch.  .Seventh 
Stretch  Bradway,  grocer  Cathai'ine  street  wharf 
Stretch  Jonathan,  watchman  above  543  north  Third 
Stretcher  Firnex,  carpenter  129  south  ^ixth 

\^s(e  Stryker 
Stretcher  Thomas,  carpenter  TFalnut  above  Tenth 
Streton  ./bhn,  shipwright  Oak  near  Brown 
Strieker  A.  brushmaner  189  High  and  back  185 
Strieker  Charles,  skin  dresser  Roger's  court 
Stricver  Daniel,  tobacconist  189  High 
Strieker  Isaac,  coppersmith  339  north  Second 
Strieker  Leonard,  tanner  60  Green 
Strieker  6".  Clever  alley 
Strickland  /ohn,  carpenter  95  north  Ninth 
D  d  d  d  2 


Strickland   fTilliam,  architect  and  engineer  22  N. 

Strieby  Adam,  carpenter  and  tavernkeeper   402 

north  Front  " 

Sftring  Peter,  labourer  Emlen*s  court 
Stringer  Peter,  labourer  14  5ugar  alley 
Strong  widow  of  »/oseph,  m.  d.  S,  E.  corner  Cedur 

and  Front 
Strong  S.  sea  captain  256  north  Front 
Stroup  ^ohn  &:  Son,  taylors  8  and  12  north  rFaler 

and  127  north  Front 
Stroup  ^ohn,  jun.  taylor  125  north  Front 
StroopVbhn,  blacksmith  38  8  north  Third 
Stroup  John,  victualler  Apple  street 
Strous  Jacob,  wheelwright  41  Zane 
Strowman  Joseph,  taylor  106  Plum 
Stryker  Peter  A.  storekeeper  153  north  •Second 

[see  Strieker 
Stryker  Mrs.  widow  Clever  alley 
Stuart  Henry,  tavernkeeper  113  south  J^'ater 
Stuart  Isabella,  grocer  102  "Vhippen 
Stuart  James,  mariner  back  22  Callowhill 
Stuart  James,  grocer  CaUowhiil  street  wharf 
Stuart  James,  plaisterer  73  Locust 
Stuart  James,  inspector  of  customs  155  Cedar 
Stuart  James,  grocer  207  south  -Second 
Stuart  John,  inn  (Captain  Hull)  34  north  -Sixth 
Stuckert  Henry,  baker  362  north  Third 
•Stuckert  Henry  J.  druggist,  &:c.  cor.  2d  &  -Shipper 
Stull  Adam,  shoemaker  334  -Sassafras 
Stall  William,  woodsawyer  288  Arch 

[see  Stell  and  Sliii 
Stull  William,  jun.  shoemaker  292  Arch 
Stults  Mrs.  of  William,  209  st.  John 
Stulz  Michael,  cordwainer  371  north  Fourth 
Stump  John,  labourer  Moyamensing  road 
Stupard  John,  labourer  Davison's  alley 
Sturk  Jacob,  shoemaker  Fourth  near  George 
Sturdevine  Margaret,  shopkeeper  1 1  Cedar 
Sturgis  Anthony,  carter  323  Callowhill 
Sturgis  Daniel,  blacksmith  back  38  German 
Sturgis  John, paperhanger  304  s.  6lhn.  Fitzwaiter 

•iuvgis  Joseph,  watchmaker  7  Fitzwalt>er 
vSturgis  M.  paperhanger  13  Hurst 
Sturgis  Peter,  boot  and  shoemaker  138  south  Fifth 
Sturgis  S.  shopkeeper  1 16  north  5'econd 
Stutzer  Peter,  brickmaker  sch.  Eighth  near  Vine 
Subers  Amos,  lead  potter  372  north  Front 
Such  Jesse,  carter  140  Callowhill 
Suddinger  Jacob,  saddle  tree  maker  2d  above  Otter 
Suiger  Christian,  baker  161  St.  John 
Sulger  Jacob,  sea  captain  20  Budd 
Suiger  Jacob,  jun.  merchant  161  Mulberry 
Sullender  widov/,  tavern  keeper  484.  north  Third 
Sullivan  Catharine,  boarding  house  180  south  2d 
Suirivan  Hannah,  shopkeeper  M'Ginnes'  court 
Sullivan  Jeremiah,  51  Mulberry 
Sullivan  John  T.  stationer  N.  E.  cor.  Front  Sc  High 

dwelling  149  south  Second 
Sullivan  Joshua,  spread  eagle  inn  285  High 
Sullivan  il/argaret  widow,  161  Vine 
Sully  Thomas,  portrait  painter  Philosophical  Hali 
Sultan  John  C.  cabinetmaker  308  south  Fourth 
Sumerl  Joseph,  merchant  73  north  Water  &c  back 
Summerfield  /ames,  mariner  'Swedes  alley 
Summers  Andrew,  gentleman  15  5'ummer's  court 
Summers  Arthur,  shoemaker  424  north  Front 
Summers  G.  carpenter  25  Powell  [see  Sommcrs, 
Summers  Henry,  brewer  13th  near  6'assafras 
Summers  John^  shoemaker  23  il/ary  (5.) 
Summers  -Joseph,  shoemaker  363  north  Third 
Summers  widow  of  Peter  Broad  near  Chesnut 
Summers  Philip,  Lily  alley 

Summers  Philip,  shoemaker  cor.  sch.  6th  8c  Ches- 
Summers  'Samuel  M.  storekeeper  255  s.  2d  cor, 

Summers  widow  of  Andrew,  1 5  •Summer's  court 
{Summerset  John,  oysterman  cor.  5th  &  SmixU 
Super  Jarob,  cabinetmaker  162  north  Front  &  IS 

Key's  alley 
Supplee  Jonas,  carpenter  Ger.  T.  Road  above  Pitt 
Surno  Frederick,  labourer  473  north   t  bird 
S'lrrick  John,  caulker  Wood  near  Duke 


Sutherland  Daniel,  gentleman  60  Plum 
Sutherland  Joel  B.  m.  d.  208  s,  Fifth  cor.  Shippen 
Suter  Ann,  tavernkeeperSS  High  Sc  1  -Strawberry 
Suter   Daniel,  jun.  keeper  of  New  Goal  Sc  inn- 
keeper 16  Locust 
Sutter  Charles  J.  tobacconist  222  north  Third 
Sutter  Daniel,  grocer  3  £c  5  north  Fourth 
Sutter  John,  mariner  6  Green 
Sutter  6'amuel,  grocer  74  N.  3d  S.  W.  cor.  Cherry 
Sutton  Asa,  labourer  417  north  Front 
button  B.  carter  Oak  (N.  L.)  near  Brown 
Sutton  John,  shipwright  Queen  n.  Frankfbrd  road 
Sutton  Joseph,  grocer  cor.  2d  &  GermantoAi^n  road 
Sutton  Mary  &  Ann,  tayloresses  19  Willing's  alley 
Sutton  Mrs.  of  Martin,  washerwoman  Garden  st. 
Sutton  Ozwin,  labourer  417  north  Front 
Sutton  William,  shipbuilder  Queen  above  Marl- 

Swaim  John,  cordwainer  Kunckel  near  Tammany 
Swain  John,  painter  and  glazier  301  north  -Second 
Swain  John,  shoemaker  Kunckel  above  Tammany 
Swain  Mrs.  widow  187  north  Front 
Swain  5ilas,  sea  captain  78  south  Eighth 
Swaine  Francis,  cordwainer  13  Chesnut 
Swaine  Henry,  sea  captain  141  Green 
Swaine  -Shubeal;  sea  captain  141  Green 
Swaine  Sophia,  shopkeeper  363  north  Second' 
Swallow  Jacob,  labourer  Osbourn's  court 
Swan  Nathan,  mariner  Poplar  above  Front 
Swan  Robert,  silversmith  77  south  Second 
Swanson  John,  mate  back  14  Duke 
Swartz  George,  taylor  124  north  Water 
Swartz  Jacob,  shipjoiner  167  north  Front 
Swartz  John,  stevadore  81  north  Water 
Swartz  Mary,  widow  164  Race 
Sweeny  James,  carpenter  Eleventh  below  Locust 
Sweeny  John,  carpenter  120  Locust 
Sweeny  John,  printer  Fromberger's  court 
Sweeny  Landres^  labourer  Spaftbrd  street 
Sweeny  Martha,  widow  26  north  Eighth 
Srweeny  3f 'les,  labourer  iV/echanic  street 
Sweeny  Robert,  labourer  83  Queen  (6'.) 

SW£— S\K 

Svi'eeny  William,  painter  he  153  Cellar 
Sweenin  Paul,  secretary  of  the  Russian  Legat»Loii 

181  Walnut,  -Sansom's  row 
Sweet  Henry,  labourer  6th  near  Locust 
Sweet  Henry,  labourer  i'ixth  above  Coats' 
-)weetapple  Thomas,  labourer  172  north  Fifth 
iiweglcr  Christian,  F.  blacksmith  252  Cedar  and 

above  6eventh 
Sweitzer  Frederick,  tobacconist  Kuglers  court 
Sweitzer  widovr  of  Henry,  corner  ^S'assafras  and 

Sweitzer  John,  turpentine  distiller  Fourth  above 

Sweitzer  Michael,  labourer  •S'teinmetz  court 
Sweney  Benjamin  and  John,  painters  5cc.  59  and 

43  Lombard 
Sweney  William,  taylor  43  Lombard 
Sweyer  Peter,  366  north  Third 
vwift  John  W.  merchant  and  103  Pine 
Swigler  Christian,  smith  238  Cedar 
Swites  Charles,  labourer  Juniper  near  Sassafra  ^ 
Swinney  David,  feedstore  3  south  wharves 
Swinney  6c  Jenkins  feedstore  3  south  wharves 
Swope  George,  painter  kc.  343  north  -S'econd  and 

128  St.  John 
Swope  Walter,  carter  Almond  street  wharf 
Svvope  and  frarren,  painters  Sec.  543  north  2d 
Sword  Ann  C.  widow  of  John,  164  south  -Second 
Sword  Catharine,  boarding  house  293  bouth  4th 
Sybert  Casper,  grain  and  shorts  store  75   south 

^Hiarves  dwelling  lOth below  George 

[^see  Seybert, 
Sybert  Catharine,  widow  TFeavers  alley  near  12th 
Sybert  Henry,  labourer  50  Green 
Sybert  John,  labourer  36  Coats* 
■jybeFt  John,  shoemaker  13th  near  Cedar 
Sykes  -Samuel  M,  grocer  «S.   W  comer  Cedar  and 

Sykes  ?rilliam,  gentleman  16  Lombard 
Symington  -Sarah,  shopkeeper  4  north  -Seventh 
Syrus  E.  widow  ITS  Cherrv 


Taber  Antipas,  carpenter  39  Passyunk 

Tack  John  C.  taylor  162  Shippen 

Tackman  Christian  F.  grocer  144  Coats' 

Tage  Wm.  oakcooper  12  Queen  (S.) 

Tage  Mrs.  of  Roger,  Juniper  near  V^ine 

Tagert  Joseph,  president  of  Farmers'  &  Mechanics' 

Bank  76  south  6th  second  door  above  Wahiut 
Taggart  David,  carpenter  55  Passyunk 
Taggart  John,  stonecutter  Heyde's  court 
Taggart  John,  merchant  7  north  Water 
Taggart  Mrs.  of  Thomas,  sea  captain  28  Race 
Taggert  John,  mariner  back  20  Argyle 

Taggert ,  carter  Broad  below  Walnut 

Taggert  Patrick,  taylor  513  N,  3d 
t  Talley  Sirus,  hatter  169  s.  2d 
Talliana  C.  storekeeper  1 64  N,  2d 
Tallnian  George,  victualler  262  north  From 
Tallon  Abraham,  70  Callowhill 
Talmag-e  Ebenezerj  shoestore,  166  High 
Tanguy  John,  jeweller  33  north  Third 
Tanguy  Peter,  jeweller—enquire  33  north  3d 
Tanner  Ann,  widow  cor.  8th  and  Spruce 
Tanner  Benjamin,  engraver  74  south  Eighth 
Tanner  Henry  S.  engraver  cor.  8th  and  Spruce 
Taper  Benjamin,  shipwright  Queen  near  Crown 
Tappe  John,  labourer  Torr's  court 
Tarhett  Henry,  stocking  weaver  389  Race 
Tare  Philip,  grocer  88  ^S'hippen 
Tarrance  John,  carter  Broad  near  Vine 
Tarrance  Hugh,  corner  Sassafras  and  Juniper 
Tarrant  Thomas,  pilot  34  Catharine 
Tarres  Charles,  cai'penjter  449  s.  Front 
Tarris  John,  sea  captain  489  south  Front 
Tate  E  labourer  Frankfoi  d  R.  near  Shackamaxon 
fTate  Solomon,  tanner  88  St.  John 
Tatem  Jeremiah,  shipmaster  38  Penn 
Tatem  Joseph  E.  sailmaker  79  south  W^harves  and 

72  Union 
Tatem  Joseph  R.  sea  captain  188  Pine 
Tatem  Mrs.  widow,  61  N.  7  th 
Tatem  widow  of  John,  66  ^wanson 
Tatesorth  John,  shoemaker  322  s.  2d 


Taws  Charles,  musical  instrument  maker  61  s.  od 

Taws  widow  of  James,  i^ardener  Hudson's  lane 

Taxis  Eliz.  widow,  Laurel  near  Budd 

Tayier  Alexander,  taylor,  192  s.  Front 

Taylor  Abraham,  tallow  chandler  back  131  N.  3d 

Taylor  Adai»ii,  mariner,  12  York  court 

Taylor  Alekander,  shipwright  502  s.  2d 

Taylor  Amjps,  merchant  44,  46  and  43  N.  Water 

dwelling  21  Mulberry 
Taylor  Ann,  shopkeeper  o98  north  Front 
Taylor  Hankson,  shipchandler  10  south  Wharves 

dwelling  218  N.  Front 
Taylor  Beiijamin,  brushmaker  90^^  north  Front 
Taylor  Benjamin,  bricklayer  29  Elfreith's  alley 
Taylor  Benjamin  A.  cut  nailor,  next  47  Callowhill 
Taylor  Caleb,  merchant,  64  N.  Water  . 
Taylor  Charles,  drayman  back  450  Race 
Taylor  Christiana,  washerwoman  MoyamensingR, 

cor.  Prime 
Taylor  Cuitis,  plaisterer  66  N.  9th 
Taylor,  D.  teacher,  160-Cherry 
Taylor  E.  ctikebaker,  38  N.  7th 
l^aylnr  Ebuvn,  taylor  Roger's  court 
Taylor  widow  of  Enoch,  bricklayer-  29  Elfreith's 

Taylor  Enoch,  taylor  46  George  (-S".) 
Taylor  Geoi'ge  B.  I)aker  2 1  Bank 
Taylor  Geol-ge,  jun.  innkeeper  34  N.  4th 
Taylor  George,  jun.  broker  and  translator  of  the 

French  and  -Spanish  languages  85  south  2d 
Taylor  George,  mariner  21  Parham's  alley 
Taylor  Hannah,  boardinghouse  62  -Spruce 
Taylor  Hanjnah  widow,  80  Crown 
Taylor  Hannah  widow,  Brooke  court 
Taylor  Hugh,  labourer  Lombard  near  srh.  ath 
'J'aylor  John  R,  sailmaker  spruce  street  wharf  and 

47  Penn 
Taylor  Isaac,  shoemaker  39  Passyunk 
Taylor  Isaac,  milkman  Pine  above  11  th 
Taylor  Jacob,  milkman  corner  West  and  Wood 
.  aylor  Jac.  cottonfactor  Germanlcwn  R.  above  Pit<^ 
i  aylor  James,  shii)wr!ght  67  Budd 


Taylor  James,  sea  captain  1S7  Lombard 

Taylor  widow  of  James,  stonecutter  104  south  iOth 

Taylor  James,  carter  13th  above  Cherry 

Taylor  James,  merchant  Chesnut  3  doors  below 

1 1th 
Taylor  James,  carpenter  cor.  Carpenter  and  4tli 
Taylor  Jane,  shopkeeper  25  north  Front 
Taylor  John,  bricklayer  4th  above  Callowhill 
Taylor  Joh»i, mariner  Buttonwood  near  Charles 
Taylor  John  M.  late  merchant  87  Vine 
Taylor  Joseph,  flour  and  feed  store  468  N.  2d 
Taylor  Joseph,  plaisterer  back  120  N.  1 1th 
Taylor  Lewis,  shoewarehouse  90  High  south-wes: 

cor.  ^f  3d  and  124  High 
Taylor  Lemuel,  shoemaker  48 1  N.  £d 
Taylor  Ma^y,  teacher  back  92  Crown 
Taylor  Moses,  teacher  87  s.  5th 
Tftylor  IVIrs/ of  Joseph,  Rose  alley  (N.  L.^ 
Taylor  Rebecca,  milliner  67  Mulberry 
Taylor  Rene,  teacher  of  music  62  N.  6th 
Taylor  Richard,  taylor  46  George  (5.) 
Taylor  Roi^rt,  merchant  38  Dock  &  189  Chesnut 
Taylor  Robert,  stonecutter  97  Green  &  363  N.  3d 
Taylor  Robert,  carpenter  High  n.  sch.  7th 
Taylor  Rcjjdrt,  Windsor  chairmaker  39  s.  Front 
Taylor  -^SaraF^  widow,  1 50  Coats' 
Taylor  ^hatiVach  &  Joseph,  bookbinders  oS4N.  2d 
Taylor  Traq^\,  nailor  corner  Frankford  n.  Beach 
Taylor  Thomas,  shoemaker  366  south  Front 
Taylor  Thom^as,  mariner  back  246  s.  Front 
Taylor  Thom?|5,  taylor  150  north  W'ater 
Taylor  widowVpf  George,  o7  i'ansom 
Taylor  Wm.  jun.  merchant  184  High 
Taylorson  Robert,  shoemaker  50  north  'Second 
Teamer  HenrV,\abourer  Frankibr4jjioad  near  Is' 

gate  \  V  \ 

Teany  Jacob,  cavpcnter  Meclianic  st. 
Teaney  John,  taylbnyj  seiJth  Water 
Tear  Philip,  mariner^  6mpf;en 
Tearnean  John,  grocer \>0t^i)elow  Higl-. 
I'earney  Hup^h,  carpenter  Juniper  ailey 
Tea,s  John,  plaisterer  49  Budtt 


Teas  widow  of  John,  chinastore  50  N.  Front 
Tebout  John,  shallopman,  H8  N.  Water 
Teel  Rosina  widow,  89  Coats 
Tees  Lewis,  groct  r  Cherry  corner  of  Duke 
Tees  Matthias,  ropcmaker  ShajDkmaxon 
Te«s  Peter,  shipwright  Beach'^near  Marlborough 
Tehcn  CorneliMS,  gentleitian  37  north  Third 
Teisseire  A.  merchant  159  High 
Tempest  widow  of  Robert,  carpenter  94  Cedar- 
Temple  Daniel  G.  storekeeper  30  south  Second 
T^enbrook  Abraham,  18  north  Seventh 
/"enery  Joseph,  printer  375  Mulberry 
/"ennant  Christopher,  stonecutter  7  Filbert 
Tennery  E.  M.  coachn.aker  1 10  Catharine 
7ennery  William,  shoemaker  Jones  alley  (n.  l.) 
I'eeple  John,  shoestore  Christian  above  T'hird 
T^erradell  Anthony,  grocer  cor.  Cedar  8c  Sixth 
Terrill  Hannah,  seamtress  246  south  Fifth 
Tenil  Luke,  carpenter  sassafras  near  sch.  7th 
Zferrill  F.phraim.  currier  160  south  7'hird 
Terry  Brooklin,  conveyancer  395  north  "Second 
Tevry  Wm.  worsted  manufacturer  456  north  2d 
7  essalet  John,  pump  maker  Germ.  T.  road  near  3d 
T'cst  David,  tanner  and  currier  92  north  Eleventhi 
Teston  Joshua,  painter  &c.  Randall's  court 
T^eutsch  Henry,  constable  Kensington  Beach  street 
7'hackara  Eleanor,  midwife  36  south  5ixth 
T'hackara  James,  engraver  72  'Spruce 
T'harkara  ^S'.  sea  captain  Front  below  Federal 
7'hackara  Wm.  jun.  plaisterer  ^18  Pine 
T'hackara  William  late  salt  and  coal  measurer  .H 

south  5ixth     ,    * 
rhackary  Abigail  widow,  back  92  Vine 
7'hatcher  A-  gentleman  3*12  north  Front 
rhatcherEliza.  widow  of  Richard  mercht.  31  Codts 
Thatcher  widow  of  Joseph,  396  north  3d 
rhatchcr  Mi  s.  of  *^umuel  5  Pewterplatter  alley 
Thaw  Benjamin,  merchant  taylor  106  s.  2d 
Thaw  S'lVds,  carpenter  near  43  Elder 
Fhibault  Francis,  Frederick  and  Felix,  jewellers 

66  south  2d  [5ce  Tiebout,  Tybcyl 

i'hibaut  Benjamin,  cabmetmako^r  162  s.  Front 
E  e  e  e 

THI— .TH0 

'i  hibauL  Dennis,  shopkeeper  27  L©mbai:(I 

Thiele  John  D.  shopkeeper  52  Callovvhill 

Thiell  Mary  widow,  88  N.  4th 

Thoburn  John,  &  Co.  merchants  137  High 

Thomas  Amos,  labourer  U.  S.  arsenal 

Thomas  Amos,  wheelwright  cor.  6"pruce  8c  sch.  7tL 

Thomas  A.  sea  captain  72  Almond 

Thomas  Ann,  teacher  cor.  Vine  and  4th 

fThomas  A.  shopkeeper  43  -S'mall  st. 

Thomas  Benjamin,  silver  plater  20  Cresson*s  alley 

Thomas  B.  inspector  of  customs    136  and   138 

'Swan  son 
fThomas  Benjamin,  dealer  158  s.  2d 
Thomas  Daniel,  paperhanger  20  Cresson*s  alley 
Thomas  Daniel,  carpenter  Cedar  near  Eleventh 
Thomas  Dr.,  Wood  above  Duke 
Thomas  David,  merchant  tailor  39  Arch 
Thomas  D.  gentleman  (upper)  132  Mulberry 
Thomas  D.  shoemaker  10  Branch 
Thomas  E.  teacher  back  42  Ann  (N.  L.) 
Thomas  Edward,  carpenter  back  of  488  N.  3d 
Thomas  Edward,  merchant  50  Vine 
Thomas  Eliza,  widow  Germantown  R.  near  -Sixth 
Thomas  Enoch,  grocer  cor.  1 1th  and  Vine 
Thomas  Evan,  milkman  Carpenter  (6\)  near  4th 
Thomas  George,  labouier  446  N.  3d 
Thomas  George,  merchant  27  Mulberry 
Thomas  George,  shoemaker  6th  above  Green 
Thomas  Henry,  nailor  97  Cherry 
Thomas  Henry,  mariner  453  south  -Second 
Thomas  Isaac,  shoe  and  morocco  leather  ware- 
house 123  north  -SeconA 
Thomas  Israel,  blacksmith,  Noble  near  3d 
Thomas  Jacob,  merchant  taylor  68  south  Fourth 
tThomas  Jacob,  labourer  17  Appletree  alley 
Thomas  James,  carpenter  Currant  alley  below  Lo- 
^J'homas  Jane  widow,  228  N.  Water  and  341  N. 

tThomas  Jeremiah,  carter  Blackberry  alley 
Thomas  Jesse,  mevchant  54  N.  Front  &  25  Arch 
Tftomas  John,  painter  Fitzwater  above  -Sixth 


i  nomas  John,  boot  8c  shoemaker  123  south  Third 
/"homas  John  W.  cabinetmaker  30  south  Fifth 
t  T'homas  John,  labourer  back  9 1  -Callowhill 
y'homas  Jonathan,  storekeeper  20  north  Front 
'/"homas  Jonathan,  smith  107  Pine 
7'homas  Jonathan,  salt  merchant  212  north  Front 
Thomas  Jonathan  Sc  Co.  salt  store  N.  E.  cor.  Vine 

and  Water 
Thomas  J.  grocer  York  road  near  Tammany- 
Thomas  Joseph,  salt  merchant  97  north  Fifih 
Thomas  Joseph,  labourer  228  Catharine 
Thomas  Doctor  Joseph,  43  Green 
Thomas  Joseph  M.  French  teacher  22  Prur.e 
Thomas  8c  Kille,  merchants  52  north  Front 
fThoipas  Lancastar,  labourer  142  Coats 
Thomas  Leonard,  smith  Beach  near  Mai'-en 
Thomas  Margaret,  widow  back  86  north  Elevenu, 
Fhomas  Mary  widow,  boarding  house    G   Liltl  ' 

Thomas  Mary,  gentlewoman  54  north  Fif'.h 
Thomas  Moses,  bookseller  Sec.  52  Chesnur 
Thomas  Mrs.  widow  Brooke's  court 
Thomas  Mrs.  of  Joshua  45  Prime 
Thomas  Mary,  seamtress  8 1  north  3d 
tThomas  Nicl^.olas,  carter  Blackberry  alley 
Thomas  Owen,  cabinetmaker   Trusty's   court  8c 

1 1 2  south  6'econd 
Thomas  Richard,  cordwainer  371  north  3d 
Thomas  Richard,  shipwright  380  south  Front 
Thomas  Ridgway,  currier  27  Chesnut 
Thomas  widow  of  Robert,  taylor  241  north  Front 
Thomas  -Sarah,  nurse  13  Willing's  alley 
Thomas  5'arah  widow  200  St  John 
Thonuis  &  .S'hreve  8c  Co.  merchants  45  north  Front 
t Thomas  •Simon,  labourer  7th  below  Cedar 
Thomas  5tacy,  carpenter  154  north  Eighth 
Thomas  Susannah,  china  mender  144  St  John^ 
Thomas  Thomas,  carter  468  .Sassafras 
Thomas  Timothy,  dealer  7  Coombs'  alley 
Thomas  widow  of  John,  back  25  I  Race 
^Thomas  William,  waiter  189  south  Seventh 
Thomas  William  S.  currier,  250  north  Sd 


Thomas  ^Filliam,  gun  smith,  bacl?:  198  N.  5cton<t 
tThomas  fJ^lliam  sweep  master  1 63  Brown 
IThompson  Abraham  labourer  242  Lombard 
Thompson  Alexander,  shipjoiner  416  N.  Front 
Thompson  Andrew,  shoemaker  155  north  SccOrfd 
Thompson  Andrew,  grocer  489  north  Second 
Thompson  Ann,  widow  Dean*s  alley 
Thompson  Atcheson,  tavernkeeper  and  constable 

317  southed 
Thompson  Catharine,  widow  104  Locust 
Thompson  Catharine,  Nonnater's  court 
Thompson  Charles,  Iab6urer  Dean';S  alley 
Thompson  David,  labourer  Broad  near  Vine 
r^^ompson  David,  shoemaker   iSth  above  Filb&rt 
Thbmpson  David,  trunkmaker  538  north  3d 
Thompson  David,  shoemaker  67  south  Front 
Thompson  David,  biscuit  baker  Liberty  alley 
Thomson  Edward,  merchant  134  Chesnut 
Thompson  E.  nurse  16  Green  leaf  court 
Thompson  Frederick,' mariner  4  Little  German 
Thomson  George,  dry  good  mercht.  188  High 
Thompson  G.  oakcooper  39  Penn  &  114  Little 

Thompson  &  Harbeson,  grocers  on  the  Drawbridge 
Thompson  &  Herritage,  taylors  71  south  3d 
Thompson  Isaac,  blacksmith  1 10  Christian 
Thompson  James,  innkeeper  133  south  W'ater 
Thompson  Jas.  nailor  /Wulberry  near  sch.  "Second 
Thompson  James  B.  merchant  221   TFalnut 
Thompson  James  C.  merchant  137  High 
Thompson  James  G.  professor  of  languages  in  the 

University  of  Pennsylvania  south  Ninth 
Thomson  Jesse,  m.  d.  34  ^Sassafras 
Thompson  John,  grocer  194  Lombard 
Thompson  John,  bootmaker  67  south  Front 
Thompson  John,  merchant  34  south  Front 
Thompson  John  and  son,  merchants  34  s.  Fro^t 
Thompson  John,  mariner  back  12  Christian 
Thompson  John,  tavernkeeper  22  Passyunk 
Thompson  John,  boot  and  shoe  maker  377  s.  Front 
Thompson  John,  carpenter  Quince  alley 
Thompson  John  W.  groceir  corner  Cedar  and  Sd 

Thomp'ion  Jonah,  merchant  3.3  south  Iroiu 
/'liompsoii  Jos.  carpenter  old  york  above  Poplac 
Thompson  Joshua  J.  cordwainer  3  north  6'ixth 
/'hompson^'V/argaret,  boardint^-  house  43  Cedui 
7'hompson  M';\vy,  teacher  41  Lombard 
Thompson  71 /rs.  widow  9  ^Sugar  alley 
/"hompson  -fl/rs.  sorrel  horse  inn  Gray*s  ferry  V, 
■/"bompson  Nathan,  shallopman  66  6' wan  son 
I'hompson  Peter,  boakbinder  14  Car;ers  alley 
rhon>psoH  Peter,  labourer  sch.  8th  above  •Sassafr;. 
^  Thompson  Richard,  waiter  Quince  alley 
Thompson  Richard,  tobacco  selector  and  inspecto; 

-for  different  markets  1  ( 1  Pine  cor.  4th 
Thompson  Robert,  sea  captain  159  north  Front 
Thompson  Robert. bricklaryer  back  94  N.  Elevent!i 
Thompson  Robert,  carpenter  242  south  Fifth 
Thompson  Samuel,  taylor  71  south  3d 
Thompson  Samuel  H.  mastmaker  A/ary  (>6'.) 
Thompson  5usan,  5  A/aria  street 
Thompson  T'homas,  carpenter  76  Almond 
Thompson  Tliomas,  shoemaker  166  south  Watet 
Thompson    /"horaas,   weaver  and  calico  printer 

373  north  -Second 
Thomi)son  Walter,  grocer  cor.  Front  k  Cathaiini- 
1  hompson  widow  orJacob,  10  south  Fighth 
ihompson  William,  mariner,  back  328  s.  Front 
Thompson  William  R.  .grocer  L5  Hij^h  cor.  Fron' 
Thompson  William,  oakcooper,  17  and  25  Penn 
Thomson  John  C.  carpenter  192  Cherry 
Thompson  Joseph,  carpenter  Y.  road  above  Poplar 
Thomson  Peter,  conveyancer  197  Mulberry 
Thomson  Wm.  carpenter  Gforge  below  11th 
Thomson  Wm.  mariner  back  216  north  Front 
Thomson  Wm.  mastmaker  Moyamens.  ab.  Prim-, 
rThom  Adam,  brassfounder  8th  below  Lombard 
Thorn  A.  F.  bootmaker  Raspberry  alk;y 
Thorn  Catharine,  back  64  Sassafras 
Thorn  Enoch,  carpenter  Raspberry  alley 
Thorn  George,  ropemaker  13  Hopkins'  cour: 
Thorn  widow,  Hicory  lane  above  6th 
Thorn  John,  carter  Fearis's  court 
Thornhill  widow  of  John,  9  Pewterplatter  alley 


Thornhill  Richard,  plaisterer  1 1  Willing's  alley 
Thornman  Nicholas,  rigger  42  Queen  (S.) 
Thornton  Elizabeth,  washerwoman,  back  150  s.  4ih 
Thornton  John,  tavernkeeper  326  south  Front 
Thornton  James  M-  merchant  10  south  Second 
Thornton  Robert,  stevadore  89  Swanson 
Thornton  Thomas,  taylor  161  S.  Front 
Thorp  8c  Siddall  Sc  Co.  calico  printers  59  N.  3d 
Thorworth  Philip,  watchman  295  Vine 
Thouron  Nicholas,  merchant  4  s.  4th  Sc  1 8  Powell 
Thouron  Peter,  accomptant  18  Powell 
Thum  John,  grocer,  344  s.  2d 
Thum  &  Rees,  grocers  344  s.  2d  corner  German 
Thumlert  George,  shoemaker  108  Coats* 
Thurston  Robert,  sea  captain  34  Almond 
Thuun  Daniel,  merchant  110  south  Fourth 
Tice  Richard,  sea  captain  75  south  -Sixth 
Tiebout  C.  engraver  75  Locust  above  Eighth 

[see  Thibault  and  Tybout 
Tiers  Cornelius,  blockmaker,  8cc.  295  south  Front 

2 1 1  Swanson  and  1 06  sovith  Wharves 
Tigner  Wm.  harnessmaker  406  north  Front 
Tilghman  Benjamin,  attorney  at  law  54  and  58 

s.  Sixth 
Tilghman  Edward,  counsellor  at  law  54  s.  6th 
Tilghman  Edward,  jun.  merchant  109  Spruce 
Tilghman  Henry,  labourer  424' north  Front 
tTilghman  Robert,  labourer  136  St.  John 
Tilghman  Wm.  chief  judge  of  the  state  of  Penn- 
sylvania 205  Chesnut 
fTill    amuel,  waiter  Pryor*s  alley 
Till  widow  of  Ge<»ge,  48  Budd 
Till  William,  shipwright  Oak  (N.  L.) 
Tiller  Robert,  bricklayer  136  Green 
Tillinghast  John  C.  accomptant  Front  below  Fed- 
tTillison  Daniel  R.  labourer  Middle  alley 
Tilton,  Daniel,  merchant  146  Pine 
Tilly  widow  of  Peter,  cor.  5th  and  Vine 
Timberman  Jacob,  back  1 14  Budd 
Timings  Thomas,  dealer  395  north  Front 
Timon  James,  calic©  printer  Beach  near  Maiden 
Timmons  Peter,  mate  3Q  Penn 


f  Tinch  Peter,  carter  Dean's  alley 
Tindle  Thomas,  carter  Broad  near  6'pnicc 
Tite  Charles  P.  gr«cer  17  and  54  N.  3d 
Tittermary  Ann,  teacher  450  south  Front 
Tittermary  John,ropemaker  and  shipcliandler  57 

south  Wharves  dwelling  Tidniash  st. 
Tittle  Moses,  boot  and  shoemaker  153  north  5ixth 
Tittle  Peter,  shoemaker  153  north  Sixth 
Tizzard  •S'amuel,  printer  back  1 1  s.  7th 
Toby  «S'imeon,  sea  captain  15  Pine 
/bd  William  H.  attorney  at  law  171  Chesnut 
T'odd  Alexander,  mariner  120  Swanson 
Tbdd  Francis,  labourer  13th  near  Cedar 
Tbod  Quinton,  labourer  sch.  8th  near  -S'assafras 
Tbdd  Samuel  P.  of  U.  5.  navy  316  a.  Front 
7bdd  William,  drayman  •Sassafras  near  scIj.  8th 
Todd  Rebecca,  widow  Lyndall's  alley 
Togan  Peter,  watchman  Lee's  court 
Tbland  Henry,  merchant  409  High 
Toland  Henry  Sc  ^on,  merchants  273  High 
/bland  John  B.  merchant  273  High 
Tblbert  Henry,  carpenter  1 1th  above  Race 
'/blbert  John,  supercargo  24  Little  George 
/blbert  John,  sn.ith  Mulberry  near  sch.  2d  , 
jTolbert  Jos^h,  carter  Prime  above  2d 
t  Tblbert  William,  labourer,  Blackberry  alley 
Tbmb  Richardson,  grocer  180  Lombard 
jTomes  William,  c^^rter  back  71  Christian 
Tbmkins  N.  bricklayer  100  Queen  (^S".) 
Tbmkins  Thoftias,  bricklayer  30  Columbia  avenue 
7brukins  widow  of  Jacob,  102  Vine 
7bmlin  Brazilla,  grocer  &c.  Beach  near  Maideu, 
Tbmlin  John  5".  oakcooper  Pavkham's  alley 
Tbmlin  Isaiah,  labourer  Mulberry  near  Bedford 
Tbmlin  6'amuel,  drayman  76  Budd 
:romlinson  John,  staije  office  cor.  Sth  and  High 
7'omlinson  Richard,  carpenter  12  Crab 
/bms  Aaron,  carter  Dawson's  court 
7bnard  Mrs.  of  James,  labourer  32  St.  Mary 
7bole  Mary,  grocer  32  Columbia  avenue 
'/^oole  Timothy,  labourer  Prime  near  Froiat 
^oley,  carter  10  Pewterplatter  alley 


Tbphain  John,  carpenter  142  Locust 

Tbpham  Reuben,  tinplate  worker  Atch  above  Ja- 

niper  [see  Taphuni 

Tbram  Stephen,  taylor  82  Sassafras  "1^ 

Forbet  William,  corder  362  noith  Front 
Sorbins  Thomas,  mariner  27  Christian 
^brens  Samuel,  grocer  481  and  5 1^  N.  Second 

\Hee  Torr€7icc 
Zbrens  Paul,  grocer  N.  3d  above  George 
Tbrmyn  Elizabeth,  midwife  113  Swanson 
Zormyn  John,  surgeon-barber  113  Swanson 
7brr  Jaboel,  taylor  74  north  Sixth 
Tbrr  John,  jun.  boot  and  shoemaker  111  Sassafras 
Tbrr  Joseph,  jun.  carpenter  Tbrr's  court 
Tbrr  Josiah,  blacksmith  coiner  Ridge  and  Wood 

and  Jbrr's  court 
Tbrrence  John,  grocer  Lombard  near  12th 
Jbstesen  Nelsen,  catgutmaker  Oak  below  Noble 
T^otten  James,  web  manufacturer  corner  George 

and  13th 
Tbtterson  Mrs.  o*"  Henry,  93  Brown 
Tbureson  Stephen,  shipwright  Poplar  ab.  St.  JohJj 
Jbwell  John,  brush  factory  338  south  Front 
7b well  Wm.  brushu.aker  4th  below  Christian 
Towers  John,  merchant  32  S.  3d  ' 

Town  John,  sailmaker  64  Christain  and  49  south 

Town  John,  sea  captain  Poplat  above  Front 
Town  Joseph,  boatbuiider  Queen  n.  Marlborough 
Town  Thomas,  wheelwright  308  N.  Front 
Town  Tliomas,  jun.  printer,  office   118  Chesnut, 

dwelling  308  N.  Front  ' 

Townley  James,  ladies*  shoemaker  454  S.  Front 
Townsend  C.  clock  and  watchmaker  105  Chesnut 
Townsend  Isaac,  labourer  221  Callowhiil 
Townsend  John,  cabinetmaker  80  Spruce 
Townsend  J  jun.  clock  and  watchmaker  180  S.  2d 
7bvvnsend  Jonathan,  shallopman  70  Tammany 
Townsend  Joseph,  shoewa^ehouse  8  north  5t!i 
7bwson  Wm.  carpenter  180  Race 
Toy  Andrew,  shipwright  45  Christian 
Toy  liuddell,  bricklayer  H5  8.  lOth 


r'oy  John,  wharf-builder  59  Budd 

Toy  John,  labourer  Maslborough  near  Prjrice 

Tbx,  John,  wo6dsawyer  36  Plum 

71oy  Patience,  widow  back  31  Green 

Toy  Richard,  shoemaker  9.7  Cherry 

">acy  Edward,  grocer  Chesnut  above  13th 
Vucy  Edward,  Mone-cutter,  S.  E.  corner  centre 

racy  John,  16  Crnb 

.  rain  Jacob  K.  merchant  58  N.  Front  8c  52  Vine 
^Vain  John,  carpenter  73  north  10th 

y Vaquair  Adam,  marble  mason  yard  N.  W.  corner 

Filbert  and  lOih,  dwelling  28  N.  10th 
yraquair  James  8c  Co.  marble  masons  compting- 
hpuse  and  marble  yard  365  Hi*gh,  dwelling  5 
north  10th 
T'rask  John,  mai'iner  back  385  south  Front 
Trautwine  W.  starch  &  powdermaker  Margarettc 
yraiitwine  W.  cooper  and  guager  19  N.  Watei' 
Ti'avelli  Francis,  violin  string  maker  2d  near  Gev 

man  town  Road 
7>avclli  Francis,  broker  4  8  Shippen 
TVavelli  James  Cordwainer  13  Strawberry 
yravis  Mrs.  gentlewoman  178  Chesnut 
T^ree  John,  mariner  140  German 
Tree  Lambert,  sailmaker  174  south  Front  and  T. 

S.  Wharves 
7>eese  John,  shoemaker  130  Callowhill 
^refts  Geo.  A-  baker  2d  near  George 
^Treichel  Charles  G.  accomptant  174  north  Fifih 
j^release  Charles  498  Sassafras 
^Tremclls  widow  of  John,  sea  captain  30  Sansom 
Trem\>tv  Henry,  merchant  28  north  Front 
yrendel  Thomas,  Washington  Academy,  21  s.  7ti 
^reppel  Daniel,  victualler  213  N.  8th 
2resse  Georf^e  G.  at  Philadelphia  Dispensary 
J^revellier  John,  carpenter  282  Arch 
7'rexler  Jacob,  hairdresser  143  north  Front 
2^rexler  John,  shoemaker  Rachel 
2^rexler  widow  of  Jose])h,  386  north  3d 
^rixler  Geo.  vict.  Germantown  road  below  ^a 
/'ribet  Hester,  widow  back  of  290  N.  8th 


Tribout  F.  hairdresser  115  s.  Front 
Trigant  W.  fencing  master  14  Cypress  alley 
Trimble  Robert  R.  corner  Third  and  Germantpwii 

Trimble  ,  carpenter  426  north  Front  corner 

Trimble  Henry,  taylor  and  innkeeper  6  Stampers 

Trimble  Mary,  44  New  Market 
Trimble  Robert,  merchant  27  north  Water 
Trimble  Samuel,  shipwright  565  south  Front 
Trimble  Sarah,  nurse  back  134  Race 
Trimnel  Cornelius,  carpenter  corner  Poplar  and 

Trinkle  Elizabeth,  widow  24  Cypress  alley    _ 
Tripet  Wm.  bricklayer  Hudson's  lane  n.  8th 
Triple  Anthony,  shoemaker  70  N.  Sixth 
Tripner  George,  shoemaker  James' 
Tripp  Adam,  teacher  25  Green 
Troll  widow  of  Frederick,  baker  340  south  Frosty 
Troost  Benoit,  jun  chemist  159  Green 
Troost  Garrett,  chemist  159  Gr-een 
Troth  Alice,  teacher  28  New  Market 
Troth  Job,  wheelwright  28  New  Market 
Troth  William,  goldsmith  172  north  Eighth 
Trott  Benjamin,  miniature  painter  7  Little  George 
Trotter  Alexander,  Columbian  potter  Cedar  near 

Trotter  Joseph,  accomptant  17  Sassafras  , 
Trotter  Nathan,  merchant  47  north  Front 
Trotter  Philip,  mariner  back  107  Catharine 
Trotter  William,  merchant  47  and  100  N.  Front 
Trotter  William  ^  Co.  merchants  47  north  Front 
Troubat  John,  merchant  taylor  108  south  Second 
Trout  Henry,  nailor  near  39  Callowhill 
Trout  John,  accomptant  72  Crown 
Troutman  George,  merchant  292  High 
Troy  Charles,  hairdresser  228  High 
Truchat  Louis,  159  Pine 

Trueffitt  Henry  P.  broker  8c  collector  174  Spruce 
Truman  Evan,  smith  2  fetter  lane 
Trueman  Isaac,  stage  driver  Wallace*  couri 


Truiiian  S.  tinplate worker  29  High  and  102  north 

Truman  John,  labourer  272  south  Fourth 
Truman  John,  currier  back  1 6  Pewterplatter  alley 
Truman  Richard,  collector  of  taxes  7s  north  5tli 
Trump  i)anie!,  head  measurer  45  north  Seventli 
Trump  Daniel,  carpenter  45  north  Seventh 
Trump  Isaac,  carpenter  1 2  Cresson's  alley- 
Trump  Jesse,  merchant  89  High 
Trump  S.  manlua  maker  12  Him  kle's  court 
Trump  Susan,  nurse  18  north  Sixth 
Truston  Rachel,  widow  Lombard  near  Eleventh 
tTrusty  Jonatlian,  master-sweep  4  Locust 
Trydey  G.  H.  423  north  Second 
Tyon  Ehjah,  combmaker  High  near  sch.  Sixth 
Tryon  George,  tin  and  coppersmith  152  north  2d 
Try  on  George   tV.  gun  maker  53  New  163  N.  2d 
Tryon  Jacob  G.  commission  merchant  165  north 

Tryon  Mai  shall,  combmaker  High  near  sch.  Sixth 
Tryon  W^illiam,  combmaker  9 1  north  Front 
Tubbs  Z.  shoemaker  Shackamaxon 
Tuchett  Phillip,  teacher  corner  North  alley  and 

Tucker  Ann,  teacher  back  1 14  Budd 
Tucker  A.  B.  m.  d.  205  Mulberry 
Tucker  Benjamin,  teacher  98  Mulberry 
Tucker  James,  accomptant  1 6  south  T'hird 
Tucker  James,  mastmaker  Queen  near  Frankford 

Tucker  Jonathan,  teacher  S.  Jr.  corner  Eighth  8c 

rucker  Mary,  fancy  feather  manufacturer  16  south 

tucker  Mrs.  milliner  S.   TV.  corner  Chesnut  and 

Tucker  Pricilla,  baker  6  Mary  (S.) 
Tucker  Samuel,  shoemaker  Noble  near  St.  John 
KFucker  Reuben,  porter  104  north  Eleventh 
Tuckniss  John,  bookbinder  1-atton's  court 
^iTudas  Jonathan,  dealer  18d  south  Second 
'^'idcrJuhn,  wharf  builder  26  Mary  (S.) 

Tuder  Samuel,  ropemaker  Christian  near  Sixtli 
Tufnell  James,  dealer  85  Swanson 
Tufts  Ezeikel,  mariner  Bedford  {M.) 
Tiril  John,  shipwright  15  Marg'aretta 
lull  Richard,  shipwright  24  kkike  (N.  L.) 
Tully  Catharine,  washerwoman  Pine  near  Eleventh 
Tully  Thompson,  carpenter  1 17  Catharine 
Tumbelston  Henry,  taylor  53  Spruce  k  ISO  soutli 

Tunis  Benjamin,  millwright  5  Heydcs  court 
Tunis  Jehu  R.  merchant  58  south  Wharves 
Tunis  Sc  Way,  merchants  58  south  Wharves 
Tunnison  Philip,  mariner  corner  Pioe  k  Sixth 
Turley  Enoch,  sea  captain  47  Sassafras 
Turnbull  Alexander,  eabiaetmaker  5  south  Sixt^ 
TurnbuU  George,  baker  \7o  Coats* 
TifrnbuU  John,  grocer  S04  south  Fourth 
Turner  Elizabeth,  shopkeeper  23  north  3d 
Turner  E.  carter  Frankford  R.  near  Maiden 
TuiTier  Francis,  teacher  209  north  Second 
Turner  Francis  G.  morocco  dresser  95  |0uth  5th 
Turner  F.  G.  k  Co  morocco  manf.  Prune  above  5th 
ij  Turner  Frederick,  labourer  Rose  street 
Turner  James  W.  aceomptant  2 1  Strawberry 
Turner  Jesse,  shipwright  21  Beck's  alley 
Turner  J.  smith  8c  bell  hanger  cor.  Spruce  Sc  3d 
Turner  John  jun.  sea  captain  IG  Christian 
Turner  John,  gentleman  39  Christian 
Turner  John,  oysterman  back  134  south  Fourth 
Turner  Joseph  M.  aceomptant  370  south  Second 
Turner  rev.  Joseph,  370  south  Second 
Turner  Mary,  widow  2  Pear  street 
Turner  Robert  blacksmith  165  5c   168  St.  John*- 
Turner  Stephen,  cordwainer  2d  below  Federal 
Turner  Samuel,  West  of  P.  Bridge 
Turner  William,  gentleman  212  High 
Turner  William,  shoemaker  214  St.  John 
Turner  William  L  aceomptant,  8  south  Front 
Turner  Wm.  shipwright  Hanover  above  Queen 
Turness  Sar^h,  widow  142  N.  5th         ■ 
Turney  George,  mariner  Biddle's  alley 
rtjrjicy  HugH;«  taylor  S.  W.  cor.  Penn  andyiiT^ 


lusher  John*  blacksmith  443  N.  5d  x 

J'ustian  Thomas,  perfumer  55  south  5d 
Austin  widow  of  Wm,  brass  founder  corner  3d  and 
Germantown  road 

l^see  Teuton. 
Austin  William,  cabinetmaker  115  Brown 
Austin  John,  brickmaker  Callowhill  n.  sch.  3d 
Shuttle  widow  of  Andrew,  sea  captain  29  Key's  allej'- 
T^uttle  Jacob,  caulker  Beach  near  Penn 
buttle  James,  shipwright  Beach  near  Penn 
T'uttie  John,  carter  Vine  near  Sixth 
2"uttle  John,  shipwright  Brusstar's  court 
^uttle  Richard,  shipwright  Brusstar's  court 
Tuttle  William,  shipwright  Queen  n.  Marlborough 
T'utton  Jenkins,  cordwainer  Race  below  1 1th 
T'uze  Francis,  late  caulker  Friends'  aims  house 
T^waddell  James,  merchant  208  south  Water  and 

23  Powell 
T^waddell  John,  accomptant  Second,  od  door  below 

ywaddell  J.  P.  iron  store  65  south  wharves  dwel- 
ling 97- south  Eighth 
T'wells  G,  and  E   merchants  175  High 
/*w^lls  Mrs.  gentlewoman  175  High 
7*wclls  Standley,  gentleman  175  High 
T'wiss  Abiel,  balcer  139  s.  10th 
T'ybout  Andrew,  dealer  in  furs  53  Chesnut 
/ybout  James,  hatter  167  N.  Front     ^ 

\see  Tiebout 
T'ybout  Richard,  hatter  21  Pear  and  53  Chesnut 
7yler  widow  of  Jared,  nailer  25  Noble 
T'yler  Jehiel,  tavernkeeper  319  north  Front 
Tyler  Augustus,  shoemaker  148  south  Front 
T^yndale  Robinson,  china  merchant  201  N.  Second 

cor.  Vine 
T'yson  Daniel,  merchant  89  High 
Tysow  George,  storekeeper  36  St.  John 
/"yson,  Iredell  &  7Vump,  merchants  89  High 
'/"yson  Isaac,  accomptant  121  Callowhill 
/yson  Jonathan,  chairmaker  5  5^^  N.  2d  Sc  53  High 
/"y son  Joseph,  commission  meriihant  norti^we  t 
corner  Vine  and  Fifth 
F  f  f  r 

UBE— VAL  - 

User  Frederick,  victualler  Garden  [^ee  Iluberis 
Uber  iT/rs.  of  John,  45  Charlotte 
Ube"  Nicholas,  carter  Germ  an  town  R.  near  Budd 
Uhle  John,  surgeon  barber  45  north  Fourth 
Uhler  Frederick  baker  89  Christian 
Uhler  John,  A.  baker  414  north  Front 
XJhlary  Anst.  mate  98  Christian 
Ulrich  Frederick,  shoemaker  203  north  Eighth 
Ulrich  John,  shoemaker  156  north  Third 
Ulrich  Lewis,  labourer  shackamaxon 
Ulrich  il/rs.  of  John,  194  st.  John 
Ulrich  il/rs.  widow  425  north  Third 
Umljehent  Valentine,  drayman  216  Sassafras 
Umbehent  Catharine,  victular  Garden 
Uncleson  J'homas,  plaisterer  Little  Oak 
Underwood  B.  shopkeeper  Queen  above  Bishop 
Underwood  James,  bricklayer  George  above  Zfenth 
Underwood  John,  painter  Sec.  250  north  Front 
Underwood  John,  bricklayer  1 1th  above 'Sassafras 
Under\v'ood  Noah,  split  straw  and  comb  manufac- 
turer 30  north  Second 
Underwood  ferryman  116  Cedar 
Unison  Gibbs,  drayman  ^S^assafras  near  sch.  7th 
Upman  il/atthias  saddler  Sec.  421  north  Third 
Upperman  Adam,  tavernkeeper  Vienna  near  Duke 
Upperman  Christian,  labourer  Maria  street 
Upperman  Conrad  tanner  Penn  (K.) 
Urquhart  Alexander,  collectorof  taxes3 1  Catharine 
Urwiler  Jacob,  carter  cor.  3d  Ec  Germ.  T.  Road 
Urwiler  George  shoemaker  286  St  John 
Us'tick  William,  mate  93  north  Fifth 

Vactor  JpHv,  carter  Swedes  alley 

jValaire  John,  hairdresser  Spruce  above  Eighth 

Valiette  Eli,  accomptant  45  Callowhill 

Vallance  John,  engraver  5 1  Sansom 

Vallance  (VJary,  widow  47  Shippen 

Vallance  William,  pilot  4 1 7  south  Front 

Valentine  John,  labourer  James  street 


Valentine  Judy  segar  maker  Rose  alley  above  Coats 
Valentine  Samuel,  accomptant  3  Buttonwood 
Vallacc  John  F.  late  boarding  house  207  Callowhill 
Vallie  F.  D.  winecooper  27  Plum 
Vallo  Isaac,  labourer  Pine  near  10th 
^an  Hutchinson  D.  tin  plateworker  262  south  3d 
Vanarsdall  Johq,  innkeeper  cor.  4th  &  Brewers  alley 
Vanarsdall  Lydia,  boardinghouse  Pfeiifers  alley 
Vanatta  James  tavernkeeper  39  north  Second 
Tan  Beuren  Abraham,  merchant  comptinghouse 

109  south  Front,  dwelling  19  Branch 
Van  Bkmk  Richard,  mastmaker  105  Catharine 
t^an  Brackle  James,  boat  builder  \0  Coxe's  alley 
Kance  Adam,  blacksmith  79  Ciiristian  and  63  and 

172  Swanson 
/"ance  Adam,  labourer  Tine  near  Broad 
Tance  Arth   shipwright  Marlborough  n.  Bedford 
^ance  Philip,  blacksmith  26  Parhani'S  alley 
Tance  ^vido^v  of  John,  Brusstar's  court 
Tandaviere  Petev,  mariner  17  INIary  (S.) 
«;l:^andebrick  Jacob,  dealer  220  south  Second 
Kandegrift  Aaron,  carpenter  12Lh  near  Vine 
Tandegrift  Jacob,  oakcooper  Callowhill  above  9th, 
VandcrbeU  Jacob,  53  Noble 
Vandcrkemp  John  J.  agent  to  the  Holland  land 

Company  4  north  Ninth 
Tandermass  Abiah^/'n,  shipwright  Cooper's  court 
Tanderslice  Andrew. mariner  back  351  north  Front 
Fanderslice  Anthony   carpenter  318  north  Front 
/'anderslice  George,  hairdresser  lo.^  Sassafras 
Tandcrslice  George,  carpenter  bark   19  Charlotte 
randerslice  Henry,  shoemaker  23  Noble 
Vanderslice  Henry,  carpenter  3  H)  nocjth  Front 
\''anderslice  Ja.ob,  jun.  shallopman  Wiiitehall  st. 
V^anderslice  J.  H.  hair  dresser  and  innkeeper  290 

*  north  FroPt 
J^anderslice  widow  Daniel,  hairdresser  170  Race 
Vand^veeke  John,  gentleman  19  Budd 
Vandever  il/rs.  boarding  house  Keys'  alley  near  33 
Vandevier  Grace,  boarding  house  74  Locust 
Vandine  and  Brown  dealers  208  south  Second 
fVandiue  George,  sailmaker  back  227  Wahnu 


Vandiwater  Henry,  cabinetmaker  132  Cedar 
Van  Dusen  widow  of  AT.  Beach  cerner  Hanover 
Van  Dusen  Nicholas,  shipbuilder  Beach  near  Penn 
Van  Dusen  Andrew,  smith  Hanover  near  Beach 
Vaneman  Frederick,  taylor  307  south  Front 
Vaneman  John,  sea  captain  27  Branch 
Vaneman  &  Bristor,  wheelwrights  Poplar  beloy/ 

Vaneman  William,  taylor  107  Queen  (S.) 
Vanfossen  John,  shoemaker  197  st.  John 
Vanholt  Ann,  midwife  184  south  Sixth 
Vanholt  James,  carpenter  12  iSmall 
Fanholt  Valentine,  engineer  Froad  near  Vine 
Tanhook  Lawrence,  Randolph's  court 
Vanhorn  Abraham,  carter  Laurel  near  Budd 
Tanhorn  Benjamin,  Oak  (N.  L.) 
Tanhorn  Jacob,  carpenter  Rose  alley  (N.  L.) 
Tanhorn  John,  hostler  back  104  north  Fifth 
Tanhorn  John,  tavernkeeper  cor.  Frankford  road 

and  Shackamaxon 
Tanhorn  -Susan,  widow  Queen  near  Frankford  road 
Fanhorn  widow  of  Benjamin  ^Fhite  Hall  street 
Tanhouter  Conrad,  fencemaker  Broad  n  iliTulberry 
Tanoffen  Jacobus,  dealer  1 10  north  Seventh 
^  anosten  Mrs.  of  CorneHus,  Sixth  below  Fitzwater 
Fanpelt  Peter,  surgeon  dentist  149  Chesnut 
Van  Reynegon  Francis  W.  seacapt.  51  Catharine 
Tan  Roe  H.  nurse  Biitlons  alley; 
Fanarsdall  Aaron,  supercargo  298  Spruce 
Tan  Sciver  Jacob,  drayman  Beach  near  Mdddcn 
Tan  Sciver  John,  shoemaker  Maiden 
Kansickle  Ralph,  glover  127  Green 
Kasise  widow  of  Joseph,  2 1  Keys  alley 
Fan  Stavoren  Cornelius,  accomptant  Lily  alley 
Fan  Stavoren  Cornelius,  jun.  carpenter  52  Chester 
Fan  Syckle  Elijah,  grocer  95  north  Sixth  corner 

llace  I 

Fantine  Charles,  shoemaker  Brittons  alley 
Fantine  John,  shallopman  392  north  Front 
Fan  Trump  Elizabeth,  boarding  house  113  south 

Fanvart  Elijah,  cabinetmaker  2 1 1  Cherry 


ranuxera  and  Clark,  merchants  M\nr\T  near  'Sixth 
^'^anuxem  James,  merchant  186  High 
Tanwike  T^homas,  mariner  8  /.ittle  JFatrr 

Tanzant ,  carpenter  fFashington  above  Callow 

Tanzyle  John,  3i.  Dill  l*Ium 
Farner  Jacob,  labourer  187  Green 
Fauclain  James  L.  merchant  103  High 
Taughan  John,  merchant  107  south  Front  S.  T. 

corner  Train ut 
Taughan  Griifith,  shopkeeper  TFood  near  Duke 
Faughan  Jonathan,  labourer  Oak  near  Coats' 
Taughan  John,  shipwright         "J 
Faughan  TTiomas  shipwright      >  Cherry  n.  Prince 
Taughan  TViU'uxmy  caulker         J 
Taughau  Jfllliam,  grocer  Queen  near  Hanover 
Taux  Ann,  gentlewoman  79  High 
Faux  George,  attorney  at  law  39  south  Fourth 
Faux  James,  gentleman  72  north  3d 
Faux  Roberts,  merchant  79  Mulberry,  compting 

house  back  in  Bread 
Feacock  widow  of  S.  S.  merchant  62  Lombard 

Feal  John,  mariner  back  15  Budd 
Feithoven  L.  F.  shopkeeper  443  S.  Front 
Felthoven  R.  F.  tavernkeeper  270  s.  Front 
t  Fenable  Robert,  whitewasher  79  north  Sixth 
Feneman  Wm.  tailor  463  S.  Front 
Ferdier  widow  of  John  B.  82  Christian 
Ferier  Joseph,  painter  1 6  Gray's  alley 
Fernon  Jane,  teacher  Lily  alley 
Fernou  John,  hairdresser  3  south  Front 
Ferrest  August,  shopkeeper  344  N.  2d 
^''czey  Hezekiah,  taylor  Tbwnsend's  court 
'"iall  Winchester,  tavernkeeper  300  south  Front 
jFiau  Benjamin,  cabinetmaker  156  Lombard 
Fible  T^homas,  shipvvri|k,ht  2  York  court 
Ficary    \'m.  sea  captain  corner  Spruce  and  7tb 
Fickary  Edward,  shoemaker  43  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Fickers  Mrs.  widow  152  Coats* 
F  fff  2 



dickers  T^homas,  nxison  and  bricklayer  High  n- 

sch.  6th 
Fickery  Benjamin,  shoemaker  192  St.  John 
J^ickery  T^homas,  mariner  451  south  Front 
t  Victor  John,  hair  dresser  21  Cedar 
F idler  Richard,  bricklayer,  &c.  T'rotter's  alley 
Figures  widow  of  Philip,  1 1 1  Catharine 
Fillegrin  John,  gentleman  15  Cherry 
Vincent  John,  shoemaker  15  Queen  (S.) 
Vincent  rev.  Wm.  17  Willing's  alley 
t  Vincent  Wm.  labourer  10th  near  Vine 
Viney  John,  smith  Emlen*s  court 
Vinyard  James,  sailmaker  47  Vine 
Vinyard  William,  shipbuilder  Beach  near  Penn 
Virchaux  Henry  J",  merchant  65  south  1  Ith   - 
Virtue  James,  shoemaker  Fourth  near  Christian 
Vise  David,  caulker  Marlborough  near  Beach 
Vitry  A.  gold  and  silver  lace,  Sec.  manf.  88  Race 
Vivant  Charles,  carver  and  gilder  146  s.  Fourth 
Vizer  T'homas,  paperhanger — enquire  78  Chesnut 
Fbgdes  Jacob,  iron  merchant  260  High 
Togdes  Jesse,  carpenter  Hamilton  village 
Togel  Frederick,  bricklayer  84  Tine 
Fogel  George,  bricklayer  54  Tammany 
I'oges  Eliza,  197  s.  Seventh 
^"oight  Henry,  jun.  plumber  147  Spruce,  shop  47 

south  Wharves  [^see  Wighi. 

Foigt  Henry,  chief  coiner  in  the  mint  27  n.  7th 
Foigt  T'homas,  clock  and  watchmaker  44  n.  7th 
Fbl an s  captain  Samuel,  115  Tine 
Tolkmar  Henry,  stove-maker  94  N.  7th 
Folium  Edward,  carter  Currant  alley  n.  Spruce 
Folium  Henry,  carpenter  152  Locust 
Folmer  Frederick,  farmer  near  Blue  ball  Passyunk 
Tolozan  Dennis  A.  historical  painter  183  Walnut 
f^omhoff  Christian,  shoemaker  431  north  Front 
Foores  Abraham,  labourer  215  St.  John 
Foores  Jacob,  labourer  back  346  N.  2d 
Foorhees  Samuel  S.  merchant  211  S.  Front  and 

214  Spruce 


VVacij3muth  John  G.  merchant  150  Chesnut 
Wachsmuth  and  Soiillier,  merchants  63  Dock 
Wackarly  Jacob,    ?  victuallers  Germantown  road 
Wackarly  John,      5  "^^^  Budd 

Wackarly  Isaac,      ?  victuallers  Germantown  road 
Wackarly  /*eter,    )  near  first  Gate 

Wackerly  Abraham,  victualler  127  Coats 

[sfe  IVeckerly 
JF'eckerly  rroollery,  oac  cooper  cor.  Coast  S^  4th 
n  addington  Jonathan,  39  /'ine 
J/ addle  Aaron,  taylor  50  north  Eighth 
n  addell  Henry  L.  182  Chesnut 
n  addell  John,  labourer  33  Gilles'  alley 
//ade  Benjamin,  grocer  195  north  3d 
irade  Sc  Evans,  grocers  10  noith  5th 
7rade  Franci^i,  merchant  S.  E.  cor.  High  Sc  lOth 
r/ade  Horatio,  grocer  10  north  Fifth 
W  ade  James,  carpenter  92  Tine 
TFade  &c  /^revost,  merchants  S.  E.  cor.  High  &  10th 
n  ade  John,  labourer  Juniper  near  Fine 
W  ade  /'homas,  labourer  34 1  Callovvhill 
Wadey  John,  carpenter  Shriver's  court 
f^adlow  iVloses,  saddler  79  north  Eighth 
n  adman  .'eace,  shopkeeper  220  south  3d 
J^^ager  George,  merchant  352  High 
Wager  Peter,  wine  merchant  134  and  136  N.  2d. 
Jrager  Philip,  wine  merchant  352  High 
Wagner  Adam,  victualler  201  north  Eighth 
#ragqer  X'atharine,  widow  Noble  abo\e  Fifth 
Ji^agner  Grace,  widow  33  Moravian  alley 
jragner  Geo    JV.  oakcooper  30  iVoi  avian  alley 
JJagner  Hannah,  huckster  4  north  Sixth 
J^Fagner  Henry,  grocer  Second  above  04.ter 
Wagner  Jacob,  saddler  6  Stall's  coui  t 
n  agner  Jacob,  tanner  Noble  above  Fourth,  dwell- 
ing 227  Callowhill 
Wagner  John,  uardener  Passyunk.  below  Federal 
Waixner  Jacob,  labourer  Germ.  T.  Road  near  4lh 
Wagner  John,  sexton  back  25  1  Sassafras 
Waj^ner  John,  gentleman  13  north  Eighth       ^ 
Wagner  John,  fisherman  Queen  near  Bishop 
Wagner  Mary,  nurse  201  N.  8th 

Wagner  Mary  M.  widow  Brooke  court 
Wagner  Mrs.  of  Peter,  7  Knight's  court 
Wagner  Wm.  painter  216  Vine  below  8tli 
Wagner  Wm.  cordwainer  back  123  Plum 
Wagner  Wm.  carpenter  corner  Fourth  and  Noble 
Wahab  John,  carpenter  4  Norris's  alley 
Wainwright  Catharine,  widow  Shield's  alley 
Wainwright  Isaac,  jun.  currier  27  Chesnut 
Wainwright  Isaac,  blockraaker  8 1  north  Front 
Wainwright  Isaac  Sc  Son,  blockmakers  61  north 

Wainwright  John,  bricklayer  29  S.  Fourth 
Wainwright  Jonathan,  blockmaker  81  N.  Front 
Wainwright  £c  Thomas,  curriers  27  Chesnut 
Wainwright  Wm.  taylor  Christian  near  Fourth 
IV&ir  John,  saddler  Uth  n.  Locust 

[fee  Ware  and  Weir 
?rali3urn  Thomas,  moroccodresser  297  Vine 
WdXch  Thomas,  baker  56  Union 

[see  Welch  and  Wakh 
JTalcker  Christopher,  baker  559  south  Front 
tlFalden  John,  doctor  back  258  s.  7th 
W^alkenhodd  John,  smith  153  N.  Front 
fTalk  Sophia,  washerwoman  Broad  near  Sassafras 
Walker  Alex.  W.  meiThant  52  S.   ffharves  and 

(Rittenhouse  place)  Locust  below  10th 
^Talker  Ale::iander,  merchant  104  south  Fourth 
WdXktv  Ambrx)se,  printer  24  Arch 
t^^alker  Benjamin,  woodsawyer  413  N.  Fourth 
W'dXkQV  Elijah,  sadler,  &c.  221  s.  5th 
H^alker  Emanuel,  merchant  40  Sansom 
W^alUer  George,  carpenter  Lombard  near  12th 
^Talker  George,  cordwainder  39  George  (S.) 
J^f^alker  George,  goldsmith,  &c.  19  north  Third 
^Falker  Hannah,  milliner  381  s.  2d 
P^Talker  Jacob,  carpenter  cor.  Chesnut  and  12th 
J^alker  James,  sa<iler  96  High 
^Talker  rev.  John,  Rose  alley  (N.  L.) 
J-Falker  John,  shoemaker  578  south  Fronts 
Jf^alker  John,  accomptant  back  35  Mulberry 
W^alker  John,  labourer  lUh  above  CallowhiU 
rralker  John,  rigger  27  CallowhiU 


^'^'alkcr  John,  62  German 

/ralker  Joseph,  merchant  24  Race 

IV&lker  Z.ewis,  hatter  146  High 

f  ralker  i^farga^et,  wkiow  2  Cox's  alley 

Tfalker  iV/atthew,  soapboiler  and  candle  manufac- 

turer  lorner  Callowhill  and  Sixth 
ffalker  M&ry,  shopkeeper  104  north  Eighth 
rralker  Mvs.  widow  14  Sterling  alley 
lialker  Mrs.  widow  back  47  Cedar 
Walker  Nathaniel,  shallopman  126  German 
Walker  Robert,  mariner  Goddard's  alley  and  465 

south  Front 
Walker  Robert,  grocer  179  Cherry 
Walker  Samuel,  141  south  Tenth 
Walker   Samuel,   merchant   corher  Second  and 

Walker  Samuel  D.  merchant  39  Dock  and  212 

Walker  Thomas,  saddler  1 90  south  Fourth  corner 

Walker  widow  tif  James,  2 1  Hopkins'  court 
Walker  widow  of  John,  56  Brown 
Walker  widow  of  rrilliam,  30  Little  ffater 
Walker  ?rilliam,  brassfounder  back  1  5  Filbert 
JTalker  /r'illiam,  comb  maker   104  north  l.ighth 
/Talker  miliam,  jeweller  Sec.  381  south  Second 
rralker  miliam,  M.  merchant  131  High 
Halker  and  TFilson,  merchants  27  north  Third 
/rail  George,  taylor  61  Penn  and  6  Swanson 
JTall  John,  Avindsor  chairmaker  87  north  Front 
W^all  John,  carter  Sixth  above  Poplar 
/Fall  John,  merchant  64  sovj^th  wharves 
/rail  John,  shoemakei'  161  Pine 

[^see  Wahi 
/Fall  Margaret,  widow  144  north  Eighth 
Wall  Mary  shopkeeper  5  Coomb's  alley 
Wall  Mrs.  gentlewoman  209  Spruce 
/Fall  Mrs.  washerwoman  135  north  Sixth 
//'all  Peter,  shoemaker  8  Plum 
//'all  R.  Windsor  chairmaker  108  north  Front 
/Fall  //^illiam  labourer  23  Crab 
Wallace  Alexander,  storekeeper  65  north  Second 


B'allace,  Burton,  gentleraan  67  south  Eleventh 

JFallace  Eieazar,  saddler  &C.  42  Ann  (N.  L.) 

?Fallace  E.  widow  15  Carter's  alley 

W^allace  George,  distiller  176  north  Jfater 

H'allace  Isaac,  mariner  18  Argyle 

Wallace  John  B.  coijncellor  at  law  58  s.  Fourth 

near  W^alnut 
n  allace  John,  victualler  12th  near  Vine 
Hallace  John,  taylor  Sweedes  alley 
/Wallace  John,  sea  captain  32  Argyle 
rrallace  John,  grocer  207  Cedar 
rrallace  Joseph,  chairmaker  30  Cortes  alley 
TFallace  Joshua  M.  jun.  merchant  152   fFalnut  & 

40  Dock 
Jfallace  &  Cox  potters  334  north  Front 
Wallace  Mrs.  of  John,  Emslie*s  alley 
iW'allace  Philip,  oysterman  156  Cherry 
ri^allace  Robert,  lumber  merchant  511  N.  Front 
PFallace  Robert,  student  of  theology  5th  n.  Queen 
fFallace  Samuel,  bricklayer  303  Race 
H'^aliace  Thomas, mahogany  sawyer  12 1  Queen  (S.) 
fFallace  Thomas,  late  taylor  18  Almond 
Ji'^ixVsLce  ThomaSy  taylor  447  south  Second 
rrall^ce  Thomas,  bookbinder  &  ruler  33  Pewter- 
plater  alley 
/'F'alla'e  ?^homas,  carpenter,  Kuglers  court 
rraliace  Thomas   K.  iron  merchant  111  N.  2d  t: 

211  Race  ^ 

TValUcc  widow  of  TV.  m.  d.  109  Queen 
W'allare  Jt^'^illiam,  storekeeper  I     north  Second 
JFallace  fFilliam,  potter  334  N.  Front  &  14  Duke 
Jfaliare  W'^Jlliam,  shijg^vvright  Hanover 
f^allas  Edward,  coachmaker,  Currant  alley  near 

I  orust 
Tf'allas  '.amuel  coachmaker  205  Cherry 
fFalier  L   P-  arcomptant  15  Fernon 
TFallis  widow  of  Charles  cor.  Callowhill  Sc  Ridge 
IFallis  f'Titlian.,  grocer  248  Cedar 
?rallhimer  E.  N.  boarding  house  363  N.  Front 
rrallini?-  Thomas,  niariner  124  Queen  (S.) 
rFallingtnn  Edward,  sea  captain  9  Queen  (S.) 
/Fallii^gtcn  Isaac,  ferryman  Shackamaxon 


jralllngton  John,  accomptant  90  N.  Fifth 
irahvEhzabeth,  223  Walnut 
Wain  Jacob  S.  jun.  attorney  at  law  144  S.  Second 
IV&ln  Jacob  S.  merchant  34  south  tvharves,  dwel- 

linjjf  2  York  buildings  [^see  Wall 

Wain  widow  of  Jesse,  merchant  126  Spruce 
#raln  Nicholas,  gentleman  back  144  south  2d 
W^^aln  Robert,  merchant  138  south  2d 
Wain  \Vm.  merchant  comptinghouse   34  Dock, 

dwelling  south-east  cor.  Seventh  and  Chesnut 
tWalnesley  S.  labourer  Frankford  road  n.  Otter   , 
Walnot  Francis,  haiidresber  29  s.  3d 
Walnut  John,  carpenter  38  Christian 
i^Falpole  7^honias,  grocer  and  bottler  84  south  3d 
n  alsh  Christopher,  accomptant  9  Hinckle*s  court 
Walsh  Robert,  gentleman  109  s.  3d       [^see  IValch 
Walsh  rraiter,  carpet  weaver  corner  Federal  and. 

Moyamensing  road  [see  IVcUh 

Waiter  Adam,  shoemaker  123  Mulberry 
Walter  Catharine,  widow  41  Duke  (N.  L) 
Walter  Conrad,  baker  31  Passyunk  cor.  Shippen 
Walter  Elizabeth,  widow  86  Budd 
Walter  Elizabeth,  tailoress  3  Cresson's  court 
Walter  George,  taylor  24  south  rfater  ^ 

Walter  George,  late  innkeeper  72  Bro\\Ti 
f/ alter  George,  carter  sch.  Eighth  near  Tine 
^Falter  Isaac,  bricklayer  145  south  Ninth 
Walter  Jacob,  tinplateworker. 177  north  Third 
Walter  Jacob  F.  bricklayer  138  north  Eightlit 
Walker  John  J.  baker  next  29  Swanson 
Walter  Joseph  S.  bricklayer  26  Tine 
Walter  Juliana,  nurse  97  Crown 
Walter  Matthias,  carter  James* 
Walter  Peter  P.  accomptant  l5»rernon 
Walter  P.  sand  &  coal  yard  Oak  (N.^L.)  dwelling 

330  North  Front 
Walter  Peter  P.  boathuilder  Oak  (N.  L.) 
Walter  Peter,  biscuitbaker  134  Brown 
Walter  Thomas,  teacher  Locust  above  Eighth 
Wallers    Abraham,  innkeeper  Poplar  lane  near 
.  Walters  Catharine,  widow  6  Cfillowhill 


Walters  James,  C.  taylor  349  north  Fron: 
Walters  John,  glover  5  Brewer's  alley 
Walters  Michael,  glover  9 1  north  Fifth 
Walters  Peter,  mariner  2  York  court 
Walters  widow  of  G.  A.  shoemaker  246  s.  Froiit 
Walters  If  illiam,  brickmaker  Sassafras  near  sch, 

Waltman  G.  victualler  Hudson's  lane  near  Eighth 
Waltman  widow  of  Michael,  tavern  keeper.  261 

Locust  -  [see  IVartman 

W"altman  widow,  seamstress  130  south  Tenth 
Waltman  William,  minter  48  Chester  street 
Walton  Boaz,  cabinetmakei  next  328  south  Front 
Walton  Enoch,  blockmakcr  60  Union 
Walton  Enoch,  carpenter  4  Gillis'  alley 
Walton  Elizabeth  bonnet  maker  14  Church  alley 
fialton  Gabriel  merchant  Ann  street  (sch.) 
Walton  George,  carpenter  305  north  Second 
Walton  Isaiah,  plaisterer  Rose  alley  (N.  L.) 
Walton  Jeremiah,  cabinetmaker  157  Green 
Walton  Jeremiah,  shoemaker  5 1  Brown 
Walton  Joseph,  bookseller  &c  14  Church  alley  Sc 

31  High 
Walton  Pemberton,  tavernkeeper  244  south  3d 
Walton  Robert,  labourer  sch.  Front  near  Locust 
Walton  Samuel,  cabinetmaker  331  north  3d 
Walton  Thomas,  taylor  12  Strawberry 
Walts  John,  cordial  distiller  back  441  north  2d 
W^altymyers  Lewis,  late  taylor  Maple  street 
Wampole  Isaac,  ..conveyancer,  Sec.   163  Mulberry 
Waney  Mary,  gardener  Hudson's  lane  n.  Eighth 
Ward  Benjamin,  labourer  123  Swanson 
Ward  Caleb,  labourer  Locust  above  Ninth 
Ward  Charles,  labourer  Juniper  alley 
Ward  8c  Govett,  clock  8c  watchmakers  N.  W.  cor. 

High  &  Front 
Ward   Jehu,  siversmith  and  watch   maker    1^5 

Ward  Isaae,  clock  Sc  watchmaker  corner  High  8c 

Ward  John,  grocer  85  south  Water 
Ward  John,  gunsmith  Otter  near  Frankford  RoacT 

Ji  ard  J.  shoemaker  CIO  south  From 
n  ard  Patrick,  storekeeper  336  south  SecoiK4 
/Tarcl  Sarah,  widow  washerwoman  Lily  alley 
rf  ard  Thomas,  carter  7  Little  Fine 
I  FTard  7'obias,  labourer  Millers  alley 
TFard  widow  boat  dinghouse  Swedes  alley 
H'ard  William  acconiptant  8c  scrivener  178  Spruce 
71  arder  Jeremiah,  merchant  104  south  Front 
if rarder  Jeremiah,  jun.  merchant  121  Sassafras 
T Tar der  John,  merchant  1  17  Sassafras 
n  arder  John,  jun.  merchant  85  north  Seventh 
^V^arder  John  H.  merchant  85  north  Seventh 
ITarder  8c  Brothers  merchants  Race-st  wharf 
f^are  B.  oakcooper  90  south    f^ater  Sc  91   Front 

[^see  IVeir 
Jtare  Charles  labourer  Pearson's  court 
rfa re  David,  shipchandler  220  and  231  Swanson 
n'are  James,  carpenter  108  north  Sixth 
FFare  John,  shipjoiner  8  Noble  &c  235  N.  Front 
ITare  Mary,  widow  416  north  Front 
TFare  Stephen,  shoemaker  361  south  Second 
i'l^are  Thomas  lal)ourer  shackamaxon 
rrare  Richard,  carpenter  67  Locust 
f  Tare  Thomas  carpenter  79  Locust 
JFare  Thomas,  labourer  cor.  4th  8c  Tammany 
rraring  Elijah,  merchant  152  High  n.  86  New 
Jfarne    JFillett,   house   register,    intelligence  cs 

commission  office  44  south  Fourth 
/Farner  Alice,  tayloress  Friends*  alms  house 
JTamer  Adam,  saddler  25  north  Sixth 
rrarner  Andrew,  labourer  98  Green 
/P^arner  Benjamin,  bookseller  28  north  4th  8c  147 

JFarner  Benjamin  F.  brassfounder  36  N.  Eighth 
iFarner  Edward,  combmaker  113  Brown 
TFarner  Elizabeth,  widow  13  Sugar  alley 
H^arner  F.  dairyman  4  above  George 
fFarnerSc  Gorgas,  lumber  merchts.  next  243  Tine 
rrarner  Heronimus,  brassfounder  36  N.  Eighth 
r^^  arner  Hezekiah,  labourer  Shackamaxon 
rrarner  Jacob  F.  bell  hanger  &c  brassfounder  I  r 

north  Eighth 



Warner  Jacob,  labourer  cor.  Gerniantown  Road 

Warner  James,  coachmaker  17  Charlotte 

Warner  John,  merchant  27  north  fFater 

W^arner  John,  grocer  cor.  Lancaster  R.  8c  High 

Warner  John,  lumber  merchant  9 1  north  Sixth 

Warner  John,  back  366  south  Second 

Warner  John,saddletreemaker  Sassafr^n.sch.  7th 

Warner  John,  combmaker  124  Brown 

FFariier  John,  carpenter  177  Pine 

rFarner  Joseph,  silversmith  22  Greenleaf  court 

rrarner  Joseph,  28  north  Fourth 

Jlarner  Mark,  sea  captain  123  north  W^ater 

TFarner  Martha,  widow  308  north  Third 

rrarner  Matthias,  labourer  7  Greenleaf  court . 

rrarner  Philip,  shoe  and  enginehoase  maker  13 

Sugar  alley  a, 

rrarner  Philip,  smith  Elmslies  alley 
Trarner  Samuel,  upholsterer  6 1  Coats 
^Farner  Sarah,  shopkeeper  26  south  Third 
rrarner  E.  &  S.  mantuamakers  Raspberry  alley 
^Farner  Trimble  &  Co.  merchants  27  N.  Water 
/Farner  William,  victualler  Lawrence 
Warner  William,  mercht  17  s.  Water  &  17  Prune 
/Farner  William  tavernkeeper  265  south  Fourth 
/Farnack  Jacob  A.  sea  captain  107  Swanson 
rrarnick  Albert  painter  Sec.  71  Green 
^Farnick  John  G.  engraver  Summer's  court 
Warnick  Martha,  nurse  34  Plum 
Warnick  Nicholas,  taylor  78  Gei*man 
Warnick  William,  drayman  back  134  south  4th 
Warnick  William,  cordwainer,  back  100  Plum 
Warnock  Daniel,  labourer  near  268  south  Sixth 
Warnock  John,  nailcutter  &  grocer  281  N.  3d  cor. 

Warnock  Joseph,  nailer  Heydes  court  &  282  High 
jrrarr  John,  innkeeper  97  south  Fifth 
Warr  Valantine,  innkeeper  305  Fine 
Warren  Benjamin,  silverplater  390  Race 
I  Warren  Isaac,  woodsawyer  Smith's  court 
Warren  Isaac,  carteivOak  near  Noble  (N.  L.) 
Wari^n  James,  shallopman  1 2  Spruce^ 
Wiarren  Jomes,  painter  he  96  Budd 


/rarren  Peter,  carpenter  342  Race  below  Tenth 
rrarren  Philip,  cabinetmaker  363  Mulberry 
^Tarren  Robert  300  south  Fourth 
JFarren  Sarah,  scamtress  468  north  Third 
//arren  ^niliam,  trader  385  South  Second 
/rarren   /niliam,  manager  of  New  Theatre   12 

TTarren  JrilJiam,  painter  Sec.  96  Budd 
rrarrence  F.  cc/achniaker  97  Spruce  &  Green's 

ITarrinj^on  Isaac,  labourer   Moyamensing   nc£(r 

Warrington  John^  watchmaker  136  south  Front 
rr'artman  Abvaham  jun.  victualler  Buttonwood  n. 

Wartman  George,  victualler  cor.  Old  York  road 

&  Buttonwood 
Wartman  Michael,  constable  286  north  Eighth 
Trarwick  Charles,  bricklayer  1 1 4  north  Sixtli 
f/arwick  John,  drayman  Noble  north  Second 
ITarAvick  Thomas,  smith  and  farrier  Poplar  lane 

near  Second 
t/Taterford  Joseph,  labourer  Lee's  court 
rraterman  Jesse,  teacher  88  south  Fifth 
JFaterman  Lewis,  weaver  569  south  Front 
?raterman  Thomas,  accomptant  stock  Sc  exchange 

broker  and  conimission  merchant  27  Powell 
^  aters  Amos,  labourer  Moyamensing  near  Prime 
TFaters  D.  Rittenhoasc,  attorney  at  law  cor.  4th 

&  ^'alnut 
Craters  Eleanor,  nurse  47  Lombard 
rraters  Elizabeth,  widow  3  47  north  »l'ront 
craters  Esther,  widow  84  south  Eighth 
TKaters  Hanson,  merchant  24  north  Third 
craters  Jacob,  ropemaker  Moyamensing  n   Prim? 
/Faters  John,  mariner  28  Shippen 
fFaters  John,  teacher  Carpenter  (S.) 
Haters  Nancy,  huckster  2'-,'2  St  John 
/Faters  William,  sea  captain  7  north  Sixth 

rratkin innkeeper  falls  Schuylkill 

TFatkin  Isaac,  innkeepei*  (Rising  sun)  Germ,  road 

\ji(c  Wadkini^ 


Watkins  John,  ropemaker,  52,2  south  Front 
Watkins  John  shipwright  17  Beck's  alley 
Watkins  John,  grocer  69  north  Si?ith 
Watkins  Mary,  widow  429  south  Second 
Watkins  Samuel,  currier  Townsend's  court 
Watkins  Sarah,  bonnetmaker  6  Strawberry 
Vvatkins  Samuel  P.  sea  captain  145  north  T^atel' 
Watkins  Thomas,  sailmaker,  back  80  Green 
Watman  Adam,  drayman  96  Coats  [«^e  Wartmah 
Watman  Barbara,  widow  44 1  north  Third 
Watman  George,  victualler  cor.  Noble  and  York 

road  -  \^see  Waltman 

Watmouth  Anna,  widovV  62  south  Fifth 
Watson  Benjamin,  labourer  Locust  near  Broad 
Watson  Charles  C.  merchant  tayior  92  Chesnut 
Watson  Charles,  merchant  136  Pine  &  36  N.  2"d 
Watson  Charles  C.  &  J.  wo6len  drapers,  men's 

mercers  and  taylors  92  Chesnut 
Watson  Christian,  tayior  353  north  Front 
Watson  David,  letter  carrier  Swanwick  street 
Watson  Halbert,  sea  captain  Federal  above  2d 
t  Watson  Henry,  labourer  12  Locust 
Watson  Hugh,  labourer  Sch.  5th  near  High 
Watson  James,  cabinetmaker  73  New 
Watson  Job,  stablekeeper  back  285  High 
Watson  John,  merchant  tayior  167  Spmce 
Watson  John,  shoemaker  Elmslie's  alley 
Watson  John,  mariner  143  Locust 
Watson  John,  shipwright  158  Swanson 
Watson  John,  labourer  Anne  above  12th 
Watson  John  F.  bookseller  8c  stationer,  s.  w.  cor- 

ner  Third  and  Chesnut 
Watson  Jonathan,  carpenter  Steinmetz  court 
Watson  Joseph,  lumber  merchant  208  south  3d 
Watson  Margaret,  stay  &  corslet  maker  82  Spruce 
Watson  Mary,  widow  Little's  court 
Watson  Mary,  teacher  23  N.  Fourth 
Watson  Mary,  milkwoman  Hanover  near  West 
Watson  Mrs.  A.  D.  embroiderer  222  south  4tl" 
Watson  Mrs.  widow  Shriver's  court 
Watson  Sophia,  shopkeeper  94  Swanson 
Watson  Thomas,  teacher  7  3  Pine 


Watson  i  nomas,  grocer  19  north  titiiuli  z 

Watson  £c  White,  grocers  19  north  I>ii^hth 

Watson  William  H.  mate  51  south  Water 

Wattson  Thomas,  teacher  222  south  Fourth 

Wattson  Thomas,  biscuitbakcr  68  Mulberry 

Watt  Alexander,  accomptant  80  north  Ninth 

Watt  John,  grocer  294  Arch 

Watt  Joseph,  drayman  back  10  Latitia  court 

Watt  Samuel,  32  south  Tifth 

Watt  John,  labourer  Hopkins  court 

Watt  John,  grocer  Mulberry  abov€  Tenth 

Watt  James,  weaver  Mulberry  above  Tenth 

Watton  Robert,  labourer  sch.  Front  near  Locus' 

Watts  Edward,  trunkmaker  5 1  south  Water 

TFatts  Mrs.  mantuamaker  1 18  Lombard 

Watts  Samuel,  shoemaker  Prime  belo\?  Second. 

Walts  William,  shoemaker  173  Fine 

Waugh  Jane,  grocer  1 14  Lombard 

Way  Andrew,  late  taylor  i  1 8  Sassafras 

Way  Caleb,  merchant  84  Crown 

fVdy  George,  coachmaker  14  Shippen 

Way  Joseph,  Pilot  467  south  Front 

Way  Lewis,  wheelwright  back  57  Budd 

Way  James,  merchant  6  Laurel 

Wayne  &  Biddle,  looking-glass  and  fancy  stort: 

S.  W.  corner  Front  and  High 
-Wayne  Caleb  P.  hardware  merchant  4  s.  Eront 
Wayne  Jacob,  cabinetmaker  135  Sc  166  N.  Front 
Wayne  widow  of  Samuel,  carpenter  117  N.  Fifth 
Wayne  William,  gentleman  Poplar  below  Second 
Wayne  Wn\.  hardware  store  59  High  8c  23  Arch 
Weasey  Samuel,  shoemaker  28  Budd 
Weatherby  Daniel,  shipjomer  upper  ferry  road 
Weatherby  Joseph,  deputy  marshal  181  Coats 
Weatherly  Daniel,  millwright  Arch  n.  sch.  Front 
Weatherly  David,  clock  &  watchmaker  8 1   N.  3d 
^  Veatherstine  Adam,  victualler  cor.  Tammany  Sc 

Old  York  Road 
Weatherstine  Christian, victualler  4th  above  Brown 
Wcatherstine  John,  victualler  York  R.  n.  Fifth 
Weatherstine  Samuel,  nailor  York  R.  n.  Fifth 
Weaver  Abraham,  merchant  256  High 
G  g  g  g  3 

WEA— Web 

Weaver  Adam,  blacksmith  Weavers  alley- 
Weaver  Adam,  taylor  103  Catharine 
Weaver  Ann,  widow  229  N.  2d  &  99  German 
Weaver  Ann,,  wire  coverer  Nicholson's  court 
Weaver  Barney,  milkman  Locust  near  1 3th 
Weaver  Catharine,  mantuamaker  154  south  Fifth 
Weaver  tonrad,  labourer  37  Crown 
Weaver  Davfd,  brickmaker  270  north  Eighth 
Weaver  Elijah,  storekeeper  12  northT'ront 
Weaver  Emmor  T.  gold  8c  silversmith  watchcase 
maker  &  gilder  17  Elfreith's  alley,  8c  1 13  N.  2d 
Weaver  F.  widow  tayloress  176  Race 
Weaver  George,  cooper  York  R.  cor.  Logan 
Weaver  George,  constable  252  south  Third 
Weaver  George,  coachmaker  2 1  s.  8th  8c  42  Car- 

penter's  alley 
Weaver  Henry  jun.  brickmaker  cor.  6th  8c  Green 
Weaver  Henry,  sugar  baker  87  Passyunk 
Weaver  widow  of  Henry,  cor.  Old  York  road  8c 

Weaver  Henry,  merchant  49  Tammany 
Weaver  H.  sugarboiler  Second  above  German » 

town  road 
Weaver  Jacob,  labourer  393  north  Third 
Weaver  John,  calico  printer  Beach  near  Warren 
Weaver  John,  basketmaker  Marlborough  n.  Prince 
Weaver  John,  lumber  merchant  101  Cherry 
Weaver  John,  shoemaker  Locust  above  Twelfth 
Weaver  John,  m.  d.  69  Coats* 
Weaver  John,  shipjoiner  26  Duke  (N.  L.) 
Weaver  John,  jun.  shipjoiner  22  Budd 
Weaver  Michael,  ropemaker  Seventh  near  Gee- 

mantown  road 
Weaver  Matthew,  fecdstore  1 1 4  north  Seventh 
Weaver  Mrs.  widow  huckster  15  W^agner's  alHy 
Weaver  Perry,  shallopman  13  Callowhill 
Weaver  Peter,  sugarbaker  189  Cherry 
Weaver  William,  gentleman  101  Cherry 
Weaver  William,  stationer  193  and  258  High 
Webb  Abner,  deputy  marshall  1  Wood 
Webb  Jane,  widow  of  Thomas,  345  south  Second 
tWebb  Isaac,  labourer  138  Coate* 


Webb  John?  cooper  34  Hne  and  201  north  Fr«n( 
Webb  John,  merchant  taylor  87  south  Second 
Webb  Moses,  carpenter  131  st.  John 
Webb  Thomas,  sea  captain  47  Almond 
Webb  Thomas,  mate  345  south  •Second 
Weber  Eliza,  segarmaker  sch.  8th  near  Sassafras 
Webster  Ann,  widow  cakebaker  Emlen*s  court 
tWebster  Charles,  coachman  George  above  Tenth 
Webster  Eliza.  Woglom's  court 
Webster  George  fancy  store  1 8  High 
Webster  James,  bookseller  185  south  5th 
Webster  William  H.  comedian  l4l  s.  Eleventh 
Webster  William,  shallopman  Brown  near  Front 
W^eckerly  Conrad,  merchant  207  and  209  north  3d 

[^ses  JVackerly 
Weckerly  Elizabeth,  widow  225  Arch 
Weckerly  Mrs.  widow  Lawrence  street 
Weed  Joseph,  grocer  416  north  Third  corner 

Weed  George,  jun,  sign  painter  207  south  Front 

[see  IVicks 
Weeks  Job,  cotton  ball  winder  81  Budd 
Weeks  Mary,  shopkeeper  228  south  Second 

f  [^see  IVickes 

Weeks  Richard,  sea  captain  171  st  John 
Weeks  Samuel,  carpenter  Juniper  lane 
Wcelden  James,  cordwainer  379  south  Second 
Weems  and  Benson,  merchants  201  High 
Weems  James  N.  merchant  201  High 
Weest  Susan,  nurse  131  north  Third 
Wehner  Benedict  J.  cordwainer  141  Vine 
Welling  Catharine,  widow  corner  Hudson's  )ane 

and  Seventh 
Weir,  Mrs.  c^rocer  401  north  Second      \jsee  Wmr 
Weir  Silas  E.  auctioneer  20  south  Front 
Weiseman  Andrew,  cooper  333  north  Second 

[see  Wise 
Weisenbauch  Henry,  gentleman  80  north  sixth 
Weiser  George,  shoemaker  187  st.  John 
Weiscr  John,  carpenter  524  north  Third 
Weiss  Elizabeth,  shopkeeper  1 3 1  north  Third 
Weiss  EHas,  baker  217  Callowhill 


Weiss  Henry,  taylor  34  Coates'  alley 
Weiss  Philip,  baker  Fine  near  Sixth 
Weissenbauch  William,  comb  maker  183  st.  Johj?i 
Weissman  Samuel,  blacksmith  345  north  Second 
Weissner  Frederick,  sugar  boiler  137  north  Sixth 
Welch  Catharine,  widow  Watson's  alley 
Welch  Jacob,  carpenter  13  W^agner's  alley 
Welch  widow  of  Peter,  painter  Sec.  Frankford  R. 

above  Queen 
W^elch  John,  saddler  8c  harness  maker  191  Cal- 

Welch  John,  merchant  10  below  Chesnut 
Welch  Phoebe  widow,  Hoffman's  alley 
Welch  Thomas,  baker  56  Union 
Welcome  Joseph,  oak  cooper  Hudson's  Lane  cor. 

Welding  John,  ferryman  39  Prime 
Weldon  Alexander,  mariner  30  Charlotte 
Weldon  John,  shoemaker  262  south  Fifth 
WeMon  Jonathan,  pilot  64  Swanson 
Weldon  Thomas,  mariner  48  Penn 
Wellford  Robert,  original  American  composition 

ornamental  manufactory  145  south  Tenlb, 
Wells  John,  labourer  272  south  Sixth 
Wells  John  coachmaker  63  Christian 
Wells  Joseph,  rigger  35  Duke  (N,  L.) 
Wells  Mary,  shopkeeper  73  N.  5th 
Wells  Mrs.  teacher  4th  above  Brown 
Wells  Mrs.  widow,  28  north  Fifth 
JVcWs  Seth,  dealer  272  south  Fifth 
WcUs  Thomas,  cordwainer  297  Arch 
IVeWs  Ulysis,  mariner  Whitehall  st. 
W^ells  Wm.  shipwright  Prime  above  Front 
^reiser  Godfrey,  m.  d,  499  south  Front 
J^elser  John,  shoemaker  Swedes  alley 
fTelsh  Hannah,  boardinghouse  195  Walnut 
W^elsh  James,  carpenter  Currant  alley  [see  Walsh 
^elsh  James,  grocer  86  N.  rFater 
W^elsh  James,  ironmonger  and  tinsmith  27  High 
^^^elsh  John,  merchant  42  s.  Sixth 
l^^elsh  John,  coachman  Bolton's  court 
^^elsh  John,plaisterer  16  Little  Pine 


jytlsh  widow  of  Joseph,  59  s.  Seventh 
JVthh  Mary,  widow  35  Penn 
rrelsh  William,  hatter  1  Strawberry 
/renckel  Henry,  baker  back  127  Callow h ill 
TTenreinhardt  George,  coachpainter  87  Crown 
f/ entz  Bernaixl,  labourer  south  Juniper  n.  Spruce 
Jl'entz  Samuel,  merchant  taylor  70  north  Third 
/f  entz  Philip,  cooper  above  543  north  Third 
rrentzel  M.  Sc  R.  mantuamjikers  5  South  alley 
n  erian  George,  brewer  Mifflin's  court 
/reeener  Christopher,  grocer  n.  w.  cor.  Ninth  and 

rrerk  Francb,  labourer  Pleasant  st. 
JTertheym  Alexander  J.  m.  d.  227  S.  Third 
n^espert  Christopher,  painter  4th  above  Brown 
rresscll  John,  rherchant  44  Dock 
TFessels  Sarah,  widow  161  Pine 
rrest  Abagail,  milliner  49  Spruce 
J^'e5t  Abm.  coachman  Currant  alley 
fVe^t  Ann,  widow  nurse  172  s.  Fifth 
TFest  Charles  C.  merchant  tailor  45  Arch 
Ti'est  Charles  L.  iron  merchant  141  N.  Front 
H'est  Elizabeth,  washerwoman  back  198  N.  2d 
/^est  Francis,  merchant  108  south  Front 
r^est  Hannah,  gentlewoman  186  north  Front 
rrest  8c  Jeanes,  salt  merchants  155  north  Water 
^rest  John,  shallopman  78  Penn 
Test  John,  mariner  4.18  s.  Front  &  148  N.  Front 
West  John,  pulveriser  St.  Joseph's  avenue 
West  Joseph,  labourer  Lily  alley 
West  Joseph  H.  merchant  184  N.  Front 
West  Mary  widow  of  John,  innkeeper  143  Walnut 
\''.''est  Sarah,  shopkeeper  571  Mulberry 
'.'"est  Samuel,  lumljer  merchant  307  N.  Third 
V\'est  William,  corner  Vine  and  Front 
\Vest  William,  mariner  6  Argyle 
V'escoatt  Joel,  carter  333  N.  Front 
N'escoatt  Lewis,  bleeder,  8cc.  3 1 5  s.  Front 
Vestcoat  Charles,  drayman  Sassafras  n.  sch.  7th 
Wcslcoat  widow  of  Izra,  Cooper's  court  (N.  L.) 
W^estcoat  David,  labourer  cor.  John  and  Wood 
Westcoat  Robert,  gentleman  262  High 


Westcott  Amie,  cakebaker  23  N.  Ninth 

Wester  Henry,  brickmaker  High  near  permanent 

Wester  William,  taylor  19  Plum 
Westenber^er  George,  yeoman  Buck  road  near 

U.  S.  arsenal 
Weston  Samuel,  gentleman  cor.  High  and  llth 
Weston  Sarah,  widow  100  N.  Fourth 
Weston  Mrs.  of  Thomas,  6  Sugar  alley 
Westphatl  Charles  W.  goldsmith  114  Race 
Westphall  Sarah,  widow  27  Brewer's  alley 
Wetherill  Christopher,  hatter  207  Sassafras 
Wetherill  John,  oil  and  colourman  7  north  Front 

and  16  Arch 
Wetherill  Jos.  late  inspector  of  lumber  170  s.  4th 
Wetherill  Mordecai,  oil  and  colourman  9  South 

Wetherill  Mrs.  Catharine,  tayloress  1 8  Bank  st. 
Wetherill  Samuel,  sen.  colourman  417  Higrv 
Wetherill  Samuel,  jun.  colourman  419  High 
Wetherill  Samuel  8c  Son,  oil  and  colourmen  65 

north  Front 
Wetherill  Thomas^  carpenter  304  s.  Second 
Wetherstine  Peter,  victualler  58  Brown 

[^see  Weath 
Wevill  Ann,  upholsterer  cor.  Chesnut  and  Fifth 
Wevill  &  Nicolas,  upholsterers  cor.  Chesnut  and 

Wexstrim  Samuel,  mariner  62  Catharine 
Weyand  Conrad,  carpenter  Arch  above  Eleventh 

[«fe  Wyand 
Weyant  John,  drayman  506  N.  Second 
Weyant  Peter,  carpenter  Kunckel  n.  Tammany 
Weyman  Catharine,  seamstress  10  South  alley 
Weyman  Daniel,  grocer  320  N.  Front 
Weyman  Jacob,  innkeeper  50  Callowhill 
Weyman  widow  of  John,  back  399  N.  Third 
Whaley  William  L.  blacksmith  Maiden 
Wharfe  James,  accomptant  96  s.  Third 
Whartman  Abr.  victualler  York  road  and  Noble 
Whartman  Abr.  jun.  victualler  Buttonwood  n.  5th 
Whartman  William,  painter  Cedat*  above  Tentti 


Wbartonbury,  washerwoman  Clifton 
Whartnaby  Jacob,  shipwright  Frankfort!  road  n. 

Wharton  Charles,  merchant  136*s.  Second  , 
Wharton  Elizabeth,  widow  128  s.  I'ourth 
Wharton  Fishboum,  merchant  240  Spruce 
Wharton  Francis  R.  merchant  107  S.  Third 
Wharton  George,  grocer  134  Callowhill 
Wharton  Isaiah,  shoemaker  4  York  court 
Wharton  widow  of  Isaac,  merchant  107  s.  Third 
Wharton  John,  surgeon  barber  165  N.  Front 
»Wharton  John,  shoemaker  87  s.  Front 
Wharton  John,  commission  broker  1 1  s.  Nintii 
Wharton  Joseph,  merchant  151  s.  Fifth 
Wharton  Moore,  broker  68  s.  Second 
Wharton  Mrs.  boarding  house  19  Prune 
Wharton  Sc  Palmer,  salt  merchants   Pine  street 

Wharton  Rebecca,  gentlewoman  58  Chesnut 
Wharton  Robert,  alderman  135  s.  Third 
Wharton  Sarah,  segarmaker  246  s.  Front 
Wharton  Thomas  G.  merchant  87  Pine 
Wharton  Thomas  F.  merchant  126  s.  Fourth 
Wharton  Thomas  J.  attorney  at  law  90  s.  Third 
Whealan  James,  soap  and  candle  manufactory  9C 

north  Second 
Wheaton  Enoch,  grocer  240  north  Waler 
Wheaton  Pal  more,  innkeeper  Beach  near  Penn 
Wheaton  Wm.  sea  captain  391  north  Front 
Wheeler  Charles,  attorney  at  law  99  Vine 
Wbeeler  Sc  Exley,  black  &  whitesmiths  Brewer's 

alley  n.  Fourth 
Wheeler  Enoch,  gentleman  99  Vine 
Wheeler  Henry,  taylor  70  s.  3d  and  Townsend's 

Wheeler  Sc  Howell,  merchant*,  176  High 
Wheeler  I.  I.  linerchant  176  High 
Wheeler  John,  chairmaker  6.5  Vine 
W^hceler  John,  grocer  1  York  court 
Wheeler  John,  taylor  84  N.  J/ater 
Wheeler  Samuel,  Justice  of  the  Peace  99  Vine 
•'VVheeller  Samuel,  ]un.  «arpentr»-  110  N-  I'jf!:hth 


Wheeler  William,  carter  Passyunk  below  Prime 
Whelan  Patrick  E.  merchant  23  Coombs'  alley 
Whelan  William,  grocer  corner  Chesnut  and  4th 
Whelen  Israel,  merchant  and   treasurer  of   the 

Schuylkill  bridge  company  194  Chesnut  and 

8  N.  Fourth 
Whelen  Mary,  gentlewoman  304  Chesnut  above 

Whelldin  Daniel,  sea  captain  1 1  Vernon 
Whelldin  Wilmon,  captain  New  Castle  packet  15 

Whetstone  Henry,  drayman  Charles*  court 
Whetstone  Isaac,  carter  25  Coombs'  alley 
Whetstone  Jacob,  labourer  503  s.  2d 
Whetstone  Nicholas,  tobacconist  27  Coombs'  alley 
Whistler  D.  8c  Engard,  taylors  161  N.  Third 
Whitaker  James,  smith,  Sec.  Hartung's  alley  and 

20  Coombs'  alley  [^see  Whitecar 

Whitaker  Joseph,  Bailor  Littleboy's  court 
WHiitall  Mary,  shopkeeper  216  south  Third 
Whitby  widow  of  William,  plaisterer  130  south 

Tentlx : 
White  ^^- gnfes,  widow  back  96  Filbert 
White  A njdrew,  stonemason  13th  below  High 
White  Britton,  jun.  merchant  181  Pine 
White  Charles,  victualler  298  north  Eighth 
V/hite  widow  of  Christopher,  128  north  Fourth 
White  Charles,  gentleman  145  south  Fifth 
fWhite  Daniel,  woodsawyer  Deans  alley 
White  E.  widow  150  north  Eighth 
White  George,  blacksmith  36  Bread 
White  Henry,  tavernkee'per  121  Swanson 
j  White  Henry,  shoeblack  5  6  south  Second 
White  Hugh,  tallow  chandler  40  Ann  (N.  L.) 
White  Isaac,  shipbuilder  Pitt  near  George 
White  Jacob,  cotton-ball-maker  23  Eliazbeth  stcect 
White  James,  weaver  103  Crown 
White  James,  nailor  69  Arch 
White  James,  accomptant  138  Locust 
White  James,  teacher  173  Fine 
While  James,  sawyer  1 1  Springett  alley 
White  James  G.  grocer  251  s-  3d  cor.  Shipper 

Wi-H— Wild 

Wliite  Jesse,  tavemkeeper  Blackhoisc  alky 
White  John  G.  labourer  sch,  8th  near  Race 
White  John,  blacksmith  West  of  Permt.  Bridge 
White   John,  m.  d.  and   chymist    108  N.  Front 

Laboratory  163  St.  John 





te  John,  waterman  61  Christian 

te  John,  merchant  12  s.  Water  k  140  s.  2d 

te  John,  grocer  19  noith  Eiy;hth 

te  John,  sl.o-maker  73  south  T/ ater 

te  John,  labourer  6  Little  H  ater 

te  Jonathan,  carpenter  271  noith  Third 

te  Joseph,  combraaker  87  north  Second 

te  Joseph,  hardware  merchant  599  High 

te  Joseph,  clock  8c  watchmaker  3  Callowhill 

te  Joseph,  teacher  ]fyS  north  Fifth 

te  Josiah,  wire  worker  172  Mulberry 

te  Lewis,  confectioner  cor.  Callowhiil  k  Juli- 

te  Mary,  tayloress  274  north  Th'rd 
te  Mrs.  bocirdinghouse  35  3  High 
te  Margaret,  vii:tualler  294  north  Eightli 
te  Robert,  carpenter  135  south  Eighth     "■ 
te  Robert,  laljourer  Taper  alley 
te  Samuel,  shoemaker  Oak  above  Coats'  st. 
te  Samuel,  shoemaker  Frankford  above  QuecTi 
te  Samuel,  carpenter  74  Budd 
te  Samuel,  manner  back  387  south  Front 
te  Samuel,  labourer  103  Christian 
te  Solomon,  carpenter  Wag'om's  court 
te  Thile,  harnessmaker  Sassafras  alley 
te  Thomas,  printer  9  Lombard 
te  Thomas,  boardinghouse  79  south  Fifth 
te  Thomas,  storekeeper  284  north  Second 
te  Thomas,  smith  104  Filbert 
te  Thomas,  storekeeper  380  north  Second 
te  Thomas,  teacher  369  N,  Front  &  81  Coats' 
te  Thomas,  labourer  High  n.  Perm  Bridge 
te  Tho.  H.  merchant  286  High  &  89  /^Falnut 
te  widow  of  Richard,  63  south  Eleventh 
te  ff'^iHiam,  tallowchandler  240  north  Thir<! 
te  William,  gentleman  204  north  Sixfh 


White  William,  storekeeper  6  south  Sixth 
W^hite  i^riHiam,  victualler  Mulberry  alley 
White  William,  victualler  Buttomvood  above  Sixth 
White  rev.  Wm.  d.  d.  commissioner  of  loans,  110 

north  Front 
White  rev.  Wm-  d.  d.  bishop  of  the  Episcopal 

chufch  89  Wslnut 
Whitebread    widow  of   Charles,   shipwright   71 

Whitebread  William,  shipwright  71  Christian 
Whitecar  Eliz.  &  Rachel^  widows  120  Cedar 
Whitecar  Joseph,  grocer  15  Callowhill 
Whitecar  Thomas,  91  &  93  s.  2d  and  1 1  Norris*s 

alley  [see  Whittaker 

Whiteford  Robert,  mariner  369  south  Front 
Whitehead  David,  shoemaker  Federal  above  2d 
Whitehead  Elizabeth,  widow  166  Swanson 
Whitehead  James,  merchant  27  Vine 
Whitehead  John,  tobacconist  499  north  Third 
Whitehead  John,  merchant  23  Vine 
Whitehead  John  Sc  James,  merchants  222  N.  2d 
Whitehead  widow  of  Richard,  62  Vine 
Whitehead  Robert,  scrivener  72  Vine 
Whitely  Elizabeth,  cor.  of  Sassafras  Sc  Thirteenth 
Whiteman  Casper,  porter  PFalnut  above  Tenth 

\jsee  Witman 
Whiteman  Charles,  drayman  284  north  Eighth 
Whiteman  David,  carter  corner  Third  &  George 
Whiteman  Elizabeth,  seamstress  Swedes  alley   ^ 
Whiteman  Henry,  tavern  and  stablekeeper  mar^ 

ble  street  back  358  High 
Whitem^an  JCfhn,  shallopman  Bakers  alley 
Whiteman  Jactob,  late  storekeeper  32  Ann  (N.  L.) 
Whiteman  John,  cutnailer  Margaretta  near.  2d 
Vv^hiteman  John,  carter  V^ine  n.  sch.  Eighth 
Whiteman  Joseph,  mariner  back  17  Budd 
Whiteman  Mary,  28  German 
Whiteman  Michael,  accomptant  49  WooA 
Whiteman  Peter,  carter  Laurence  cor.  Callowhii! 
Whiteman  widow  of  John,taylor  19  Carter's  alley 
Whiteman  Thomas,  harnessmaker  17  Sassafras 



win— wiD 

rrhiteman  Windel,  tanner  cor.  5(1  &  George 
IVhitcncr  John,  carter  123  Brown 
rf'hitener  Margaret,  widow  274  north  Third 
frhitesides  Alexander,  plaisterer  Callowbill  n.  5lli 
rrhttesides  Tf  m.  accomptant  193  Spruce 
/rhiting  Nathaniel,  liquor  store  77  N.  H  atct 
Jr  hitlick  Joseph,  oysterman  70  Catharine 
H'hitlow  Catharine,  boardinghouse  Drinkers  alley 
rr hitman  Nathan,  grocer  134  north  7/ater 
rrhitney  Lebius,  cabinetmaker  199  Race 
7f^hitney  Ihomas,  mathematical  instrument  mti- 

ker  north  Sixth  above  mill  pond 
rrhitney  Thomas  J.  combmaker  96  north  3d 
^rhilfill  Catharine,  huckster  4  near  George 
i'^^hitsel  Conrad,  labourer  375  north  Fourth 
n'hittaker  John,  13  Knight's  court 
JThittendale  Robert,  cordwainer  224  south  2d 
7/Tiittle  widow  of  Robert,  merchant  15  s.  2d 
^Fiatt  Ann,  widow  teacher  143  Coats 
IViatt  John,  bookbinder  365  north  Third 
n'iatt  Solomon,  bookseller,  5cc.  368  north  2d 
fFible  Jesse,  wharf  builder  Beach  near  Maiden 
TVih]e  IMartin,  smith  Beach  above  high  bridge 
JFichel  Samuel,  carter  167  north  Sixth 
H'^ickersham  Amos,  distiller  278  Arch  cor.  10th 
^Fickersham  John,  9  s.  Wharves  and  51  Filbert 
Fickersham  Thomas,  merchant  16  s.  Second 
rickes  Benjamin,  sea  captain  210  south  Second 

[^see  fVeeka. 
^rickes  Joshua,  nailer  58  New  Market 
^Fickham  widow  of  James,  taylor  188  N.  Water 

&  193  N.  Front 
/^'ickham  M.  T.  inspector  of  arms,  U.  S.  Arsenal 
7/  irk  ward  Thomas,  27  Noble 
7Fiddifield  George,  carpenter  106  St.  John 
n'iddifield  James,  carpenter  N.  E.  cor.  5th  and 

/Fiddifield  JFilliam,  ironmonger  42  N.  Third  & 

38  Mulberry 
rFiddifield  JFilliam,  gentleman  37  Key's  alley 
JFiddows  Peter,  teacher  77  north  Front 
f  Fidmin  John,  victualler  Coats  near  Sixth 

IF  idtfiey  Joha,  brickmaker  Vine  near  Broad 
JFiedersum  John,  stonecutter  67  north  Tenth 
/Fie^and  Conrad,  smith  340  Sassafras 
/rieker  Jacob,  coachman  Presbyterian  court 
/i'iessell  Eliza,  tea  store  147  south  Third 
0'iessel1  Frederick,  merchant  183  south  Seventh 
//''i>^gins  BeBJamin,  shoemaker  444  north  Front 
i/'i<^gin9  Samuel,  carter  Hudson's  lane  n.  Pas»y- 

/-/^iggins  Thomas,  deputy  sheriff  274  south  4th 
J^rigg-Iesworth  William,  toy  warehouse  3  south  2d 
J^right  Thomas,  boot  and  shoemakw  275  &  2gf6 

north  Third  [sf  f  White  ^  Vgi^.tt 

/rigmore  Joseph  A.  china  store  72  TflalDlit 
irikoff  Henry,  gentleman  44  Pine 
?rikoff  Isaac,  gentleman  34  Sansom 
?rikoff  Isaac  Cox,  merchant  9  south  Wat^i^  and 

34  Sansom 
frikoff  Jacob  C.  druggist  35  High 
W^^ikoff  Mrs.  shopkeeper  94  Vine 
^Fikoff  Peter,  glass  manufacturer  34  Sansom  sfr 
fTilbank  John,  bras^  founder  46  north  Seventh 
f^^ilborn  John,  collector  14  Bryan's  alley 
W^ilcocks  Benjamin  C.  merchant  south  east  comet 

Walnut  and  Eighth  (York  Building) 
JTilcocks  Edward,  taylor  26  Strawberry  ^ 

W^ilcocks  John,  mariner  Fuller's  alley 
Wilcocks  Richard  H.  merchant  61  south  ^FatelJP 

and  168  Chesnut 
JFilcocks  Samuel,  attorney  at  law  154  Walnut 
^rilcox  Charles,  supercargo  1 0th  below  George 
_^'ilcox  Samuel,  merchant  40  north  Fifth 
fTiia  Frederick,  baker  277  south  Fourth 
^Filden  Lambert,  mate  12  Elfreth's  alley 
J^rilds  Joseph,  merchant  taylor  98  south  Second 
W  ildey  and  Kensil,  shipjo'mers   177  north  Water 
/f'ildey  Richard,  shipjoiner  Emlen's  court 
Wilding  Johnson,  fisherman  Queen  near  Palmer 
ff  ile  Barbary,  washerwoman  141  north  Fifth 
fFile  Conrad,  brewer  Carpenter  street  &;  24  south 

W\\v.  Conrad^  shoemaker  47  north  Foujth 


rr  lie  Mrs.  nurse  33  north  Fifth 

IVilcr  John,  baker  262  south  Fifth 

H'ilcb  Rebecca,  widow  nurse  33  north  Fifth 

//'iiey  Ann,  widow  25  Green 

/riley  Benjamin,  carpenter  266  Sassafras 

[•see  IVylie 
jriley  Benjamin,  shoemaker  Lee's  court 
ZFiley  Catharine,  bookfolder  back  22  Strawberrjr 
n'ileyE.  plaisterer  Laurel  near  Budd 
rriley  James,  shoema^-er  443  north  Second 
miey  John,  ostler  15  Gray's  alley 
/f  iley  John, -shoemaker  Frankford  road  n.  Queen 
Ji  iley  Jonathan,  bottler  corner  Cherry  and  13th 
rriley  Nathaniel,  attendant  to  the  several  courts 

of  justice  118  north  Fifth 
IF  iley  Robert,  grocer  147  south  Eleventh 
n'iley  widow,  seamstress  26tCox's alley 
n'iley  jrilliam,  (grocer  290  north'Second 
fFilkey  Mrs.  widow  Lawrence  street  near  Vine 
Jrilkey  n'illianij  taylor  84  north  Sixth 
JFilkins  Benjamin  W.  coachmakcr  466  north  3d 
jrilkins  Caleb,  taylor  62  Chesnut 
t  mi  kins  George,  oysterman  Mulberry  n.  Bi*oad 
/rilkins  Mrs.  of  Samuel,  53  north  Eighth 
mi v.inson  Abner,  taylor  1 19  south  Water 
JFilkinson  Christopher*  carpenter  293  Mulberry 
rrilRinson  John,  shoemaker  36  Coat's 
jrilkinson  William^  taylor  24  Crown 
frill  Charles,  victualler  Buttonwood  above  Eighth 
rrill  Elizabeth,  victualler  285  north  Eighth 
IV iW  George,  combmaker  Fourth  n.  Poplar  lane 
II  ill  Isaac,  carpenter  Poplar  near  Fourth 
JFill  William,  carpenter  Fourth  near  Poplar  lane 
J/'illard  A.  smith  James  street 
r/'illard  Benjamin,  stone  mason  ISIulberry  hear 

sch.  Front 
//'illard  George,  constable  145  Locust  above  10th 
/T'illard  Parr,  shoemaker  back  1 1 1  north  Fifth' 
* i/' illday  Mrs  of  Obadiah,  carpenter  186  Cherry 
W^'illey  Elizabeth,  Vine  near  sch   Front 
fFilley  Jamts  W   bookbinder  4  Sassafras 
rrlllgus  John  B.  carpenter  next  72  Plum  streft 
H  hh  b  2 


I^Killianis  Aaron,  12  st.  Mary 
fFillianis Alexander,  Jeweller  &;c.  203  Chesiiiit 
Williams  Ann,  cook  Pine  alley 
miliams  Archibald  B.  mariner  Pine  alley 
t  Frilliams  Benjamin,  porter  Spruce  above  Eighth 
t^riiliams  Ben.  brickmoulder  George  n.  sch  4th 
WWiams  k  Badlun,  tallowchandlers  28  Stamper's 

J^rilliams  Benjamin,  currier  245  north  Third 
t  Williams  Charles,  gardener  Blackberry  alley 
W  illiams  Charles,  sea  captain  44  Almond 
Williams  widow  of  Charles,  labourer  43  Artiller-y 

W^ illiams  David,  watchman  back  67  north  Tenth 
/F  illiams  Dennis,  labourer  478  north  Third 
rr illiams  David,  labourer  Shackamaxon 
Williams  Mrs.  of  David,  Biddies  alley 
7F illiams  Elijah  D.  sea  captain  129  Vine 
n' illiams  Elizabeth,  widow  Beach  near  Maiden 
Williams  George,  merchant  60  Mulberry 
t  Williams  George,  carpenter  12  Locust 
j  Williams  George,  labouuer  back  300  Vine 
Williams  G&orgeS.  labourer  John  near  Wood 
Williams  James,  merchant  164  Arch  &  105  HigV^ 
Williams  James,  tobacconist  184  Cedar 
7  Williams  Henry,  labourer  Fine  near  Juniper 
Williams  Janies,  fruiterer  64  High 
Williams  Tames,  carpenter  198  Pine 
"  Williams  James,  boardinghouse  22  Hurst 
Williams  Jencks,  combmaker  1 1 1  Brown 
Williams  Jeremiah,  carter  482  south  Second 
Williams  Jesse,  late  lumber  merchant  2 1 1  Spruce 
Williams  Jesse,  grocer  203  Sassafras 
JTilliams  John,  smith  415  south  Front 
Williams  John,  carter  back  1 10  Catharine 
Williams  John,  sea  captain  87  south  Second 
Williams  John,  shoemaker  286  south  Fourth 
Williams  John,  carpenter  Duncan's  c©urt 
Williams  John,  victualler  back  43  Charlotte 
WiUiams  John,  rigger  back  1 10  Catharine 
J^^illiams  ^ohn,  labourer  Shackamaxon 
fT illiams  John,  mate  Cherry  above  Fourth 

VVIL— Wli. 

Williams  John,  labourer  Mulberry  n.  sch.  Third 
W'illiams  John  A.  merchant  40  south  Second 
fWilliams  John,  vvoodsawyer  4  below  Christian 
-  Williams  Mrs.  of  John,  cor.  l,ambard  Sc  Eightli 
Williams  John  W,  Beckleys  Wharf  8c  Wallace's 

Williams  Jonathan  G.  merchant  14  s.  Front 
Williams  Joseph,  mahot^awy  merchant  205  Spruce 
Williams  Joseph,  Hamilton  Ullage 
Williams  Lemuel,  cordwainer  160  soufh  Front 
1  Williams  Levin,  woodsawyer  Shipptn  above  7th 
Williams  Moses,  fruiterer  1  Quarry 
t Williams  Moses,  profile  cutter,  10  sterling  alley 
|Williams  Mark,  oysterman  73  Dock 
fWilliams  Mark,  oysterman  79  Plum 
t Williams  Peter,  woodsawyer  Rose  street 
Williams  Reed,  mercht  9  N.  Trater  &c  205  Spruce 
Williams  Richard,  taylor  Coxe's  alley 
Williams  Richard,  mariner  12  Little  German 
Williams  Robert,  plaisterer  137  south  Sixth 
fi^illiams  S.  &  M.  shopkeepers  S5  south  Secend 
tWilliams  Sampson,  carter  Juniper  near  Vine 
fWilliams  Saturday,  woodsawyer  285  Vine 
Williams  Samuel,  currier  267  north  Third 
Williams  Samuel,  currier  247  N.  3d  8c  75  Race 
Williams  Samuel,  lumber  merchant  219  Jf^alnut 
Williams  S.  &  J.  mahogany  yard  Chesnut  above 

Williams  8c  Seckel,  merchants  9  north   crater 
Williams  Samuel  H.  tinplateworker  236  High 
Williams  Theophilus,  truss  hoop  maker  4th  neaf 

Williams  Thomas,  painter  8cc    109  south  Fifth 
Williams  Thomas,  shoemaker  20  Brown 
Williams  Thomas  8c  Benjamin,  tanners  8c  curriees 

45 1  north  Front 
WilliaiBs  Thomas  8c  Son,  cabinetmakers  75  8c  75 

Williams  8c  Thomas,  curriers  245  north  Third 
Williams  widow  of  Thomas,  mariner  18  Duke 
Williams  William,  labourer  sch.  2d  near  VilTe 
Williams  William,  mariner  49  Gaskill 


W'^illiams  JV.  teacher  64  south  Fourth 
rrilliams  /^Fillicmi,  soapboiler  28  Stampers  alley 
Williams  William,  marble  chimney  piece  factory 

and  stonecutter  155  southTenth 
rf'illiams  /f'illiam  D.  sea  captain  381  south  Front 
W^illiams  miliam  J.  carpet  wharehouse  93  south 

Third  and  78  Union 
J^niliamson  Renjan;in,  merchant  95  Pine 
rrilliamson  Benjamin,  63  High  and  95  Pine 
rFilliamson  D.  and  B.  merchants  63  High 
Jf'illiamson  George  A.  mariner  44  Mead  alley 
J^illiamson  Jesse,  carpenter  24  German 
rrilliamson  John,  soapboiler  corner  W^ood  and 

Ann  (N.  L.) 
rrilliamson  Joseph,  grazier  349  south  Second 
/r'^illiamson  Michael,  67  north  Third 
rr'illiamson  Robert,  sea  captain  18  Pine 
Jrilliamson  Samuel,  gold  and  silversmith   118  S. 

J^illiamson  Thomas,  smith  Vine  near  Thirteenth 
fJTilliamson  widow  of  W.  sailmaker  4  Sassafras 

and  130  north  Front 
rrilliamson  William,  sea  captain  10    Plum 
frilliamtrout  William  and  Jeremiah,  Buttonwood 

above  C'harles' 
rrillig  George,  musical  magazine  24  south  4th 
W'^illin  Abraham,  shallopman  Oak  below  Noble 
rFillings  and  Francis,  merchants  21:Penn 
Whining  George,  merchant  64  Pine 
Joining  Richard,  merchant  89  Pine 
miling  Thomas,  gentleman  100  south  Third 
^Filling  Thomas  M.  merchant  105  south  Third 
frilling  William  S.  merchant  77  south  Sixth 
frillingsport  William,  labourer  18  Little  Water 
W^illink  J.  gentleman  corner  Eighth  Sc  Sansom 
IVillh  E.  oysterman  Beach  near  Penn 
^Fillis  Elizabeth,  widow  Cresson's  alley 
W'^illiS  John,  shoevender  Hudson's  alley 
fTilhs  John,  accomptant  35  Sassafras 
WilWs  John,  bricklayer  6rnorth  Tenth 
JPTillis  Jonathan,  flour  merchant  49  Arch 
JFillis  Joshua,  F.  shoemaker  526  north  Third 


Willis  Musgrove,  turner  10  Cherry  and  Richard- 
son's court 
rnilis  Susannah  8c  Lydia  shopkeepers  276  south 

Willis  William,  shoemaker  351  north  Second 
Willisana  Yardley,  merchants  21  south  wharves 

and  3 1  south  water 
Wills  David,  tobacconist  Tear's  court 
Wills  James  and  Son,  grocers  84  Chesnut 
Wilmans  Augustus,  milliner  1 1  south  Fourtl> 
Wilmans  Sc  Brandt  13  south  Front 
Wilmer  Henry,  tavt-rnkceper  30  north  Fifth 
Wilmer  8c  Boyd  tallowchandlers  5th  above  Noble' 
Wilmer  James,  merchant  26  north  Front 
Wilmer  John,  accomptant  1 13  north  Fifth 
Wilmer  John,  accomptant  Taper  alley 
Wilmer  Lambart,  accomptant  120  north  F'ourth 
fWilshire  Henry,  mariner,  Apollo  near  Gaskill 

Wilson ,  tobacconist  114  north 'Sixth 

Wilson  Alex,  commission  merchant  50  W^alnut 

Wilson  Ann,  shopkeeper  64  Sassafras 

Wilson  Benjamin,  fur  merchant  4  south  Fifth 

Wilson  8c  Champion,   storekeepers  43  north  2^ 

Wilson  Charles,  rigger  44  Coats* 

Wilson  Charles,  carpenter  Prosperous  alley 

Wilson  David,  sea  captain  124  st  John's 

Wilson  David,  carpenter  1 8  Budd 

f Wilson  Duvid,  oysterman  252  north  Front 

Wilson  Edward,  merchant  10  south  Fourth  dwell* 

ing  3  Church  alley 
Wilson  Enoch,  capt.  of  Chester  Packet  12  Swan- 
Wilson  Elizabeth,  widow  Mulberry  near  sch.  4th ^ 
Wilson  George,  cooper  Callowhill  above  Tenth 
\Vilson  George,  carpenter  Green  above  Fourth 
Wilson  George  S.  merchant  40  north  W^ater  and 

223  south  Front 
W^ilson  George,  grocer  10  Fayette 
Wilson  George,  hatter  corner  Front  and  Sassafras 
Wilson  Henry,  sea  captain  273  south  Front 
Wilson  Hugh,  stonemason  High  between  sch.  5th 
&;  Sixth 


Wilson  Hugh,  briclvlayer  Chesnut  near  sch.  2d 
Wilson  rev.  James  P.  j^astor  of  the  first  Presbyte- 
rian church  24  Sansom 
Wlison  James,  taylor  corner  Water  and  Arch  k 
corner  Water  and  Race  and  18  noith  Third 
Wilson  James,  printer  Spruce  corner  Tenth 
Wilson  James,  shi[7carpenter  27  Callowhill 
Wilson  James,  merchant  corner  Sassafras  and  8th 
f Wilson  James,  oyslerman  120  High 
tWilson  James,  oysterman  129  Cherry 
fWilson  James,  tinware  vender  205  Shippen 
Wilson  Jesse,  labourer  406  north  Third 
Wilson  Joel  W.  accomptant  10  Hinckles  courj; 
Wilson  John,  carter  31  Crown 
Wilson  John,  carter  33  Cresson's  alley 
"Wilson  John,  printer  and  grocer  Cedar  above  7th 
Wilson  John,  labourer  W^alker's  court 
Wilson  J.  S.  sea  captain  Sc  storekeeper  251  south 

Wilson  John  B.  merchant  43  north  Second 
Wilson  John,  nailor  next  28  Plum 
Wilson  John,  stonecutter  14  south  Tenth 
Wilson  John,  tavernkeeper  193  Chesnut 
Wilson  John,  painter  shackamaxon 
Wilson  John,  cabinetmaker  124  south  Sixth 
Wilson  John,  soapboiler  Brewer's  alley  near  O'd 
Wilson  John,  merchant  27  north  Third 
Wilson  J.  H.  &Co.  merchants  32  Walnut 
Wilson  Joseph,  taylor  Seventh  below  Cedar 
Wilson  Joseph,  drayman  45 1  north  Front 
Wilson  MarL,^aret,  widow  10  Latitia  court 
Wilson  Martha,  widow  92  north  Water 
Wilson  Mary,  widow  M'CuUough's  court 
Wilson  Mary,  spinster  5  Little  German 
Wilson  Matthew,  carter  corner  Laurel  and  Budd 
Wilson  Mrs.  of  Andrew,  back  51  Mead  alley 
Wilson  Mrs.  boardinghouse  298  High 
Wilson  Peter,  mariner  Rachel  street 
Wilson  Richard,  shipwright  488  south  Second 
Wilson  Robert  S.  blacksmith  back  34  Green 
Wilson  Robert,  sea  captain  187  Pine 
\yilson  Robert,  tobacconist  173  north  SeconeJ 

wir,— wiM 

Wilson  Robert,  baker  13th  near  Cedar 

Wilson  Samuel,  printer  Rose  alley  {C) 

tWiison  Samuel,  labourer  Apple 

Wilson  Samuel,  labourer  Oak  (M.  L.) 

Wilson  Samuel,  carter  42  Old  York 

Wilson  Samuel  I.,  storekeeper  43  north  Second 

fWilson  Samuel,  physician  34  Budd 

Wilson  Sarah,  widow  20  Green 

Wilson  Silas,  innkeeper  337  N.  Front 

Wilson  Thomas,  tanner  Penn  near  Maiden 

Wilson  Thomas,  sea  captain  16  Argyle 

Wilson  Thomas,  stonecutter  24  soutli  Tenth 

Wilson  Thomas,  coachpaintcr  Library  and  Ills. 

Wilson  Thomas,  deputy  collector  9  Franklin  Row 

Sc  6  Chester 
Wilson  Thomas,  Mariner  back  335  south  Front 
t Wilson  Thomas,  woodsawyer  Swedes  alley 
Wilson  William,  stationer  3 !  N.  Second 
Wilson  WilHara,  cabinetmaker  338  N.  2d  and  78 

Wilson  William,  grocer  56  New 
Wilson  William,  cooper  4  Penn 
Wilson  William,  carpenter  6 1  8c  9  I  Budd 
Wilson  William,  carter  Queen  n.  Marlborough 
Wilson  Wm.  upholsterer  8c  paperhanger  N.  W. 

cor.  Fourth  S:.  Queen 
Wilstach  G.  B.  late  ironmonp:er  210  north  2d 
Wilstach  Fiannah,  storekeeper  190  N.  Second 
Wilstach  John  A.  coppersmith  !74  N.  2d  cor.  Vine 
Wilt  Abraham,  gentleman  5  5  Sassafras 
Wilt  A.  carter  88  Budd 

Wiltherger  Christian,  gold  8c  silversmith  13  N.  2d 
Wiltberger  George,  luml)er  merchant  462  N.  2d 
Wiltherger  Isaac,  merchant  281  High 
Wiltberger  Peter  8c  Son,  merchants  281 
Wiltberger  Wm.  hardware  merchant  195  Hit^h 
Wiman  George,  watchman  Gerniantown  R.  near 

Wimer  George,  carter  274  s.  3d  \j^ce  U'ymer 

Wimer  Joseph,  plaisterer  277  s   Fifth 
Wimer  Rosina,  widow  301  s.  Fourih 

WIM— wik 

Winiley  Joho,  sen,  carpenter  Brewer s>  alley  n,  4th 
Wimley  Mrs.  of  John,  9  Tammany 
Wimley  William,  labourer  Mulberry 
Wineberg  Jones,  mate  3  Sassafras  alley 
Winemore  Andrew,  cabinetmaker  Mnc  n.  sch. 
Winard  Elizabeth,  widow  62  Coates'  st. 
Wine  Jacob,  labourer  Oak  n.  Coates'  st. 
Wing  Frederick,  baker  70  Spruce 
W^ing  Jacob,  sea  captain  70  Spruce 
Winn  Jacob,  watchman  Rose  alley  n.  Brown 
Winn  Peter,  constable  20  Bank 
Winn  Thomas,  mate  122  Swanson 
Winnemore  Philip,  sea  captain  244  s.  Seventk 
Winnemore  Jacob,  corder  corner  Swanson  anfi 

Winnemore  widow  of  Philip,  enquire  140  s,  4th 
V/inner  Abner,  carter  331  north  3d 
Winner  Amos,  tanner  2d  above  Otter 
Winner  Andrew,  labourer  back  41  Prime 
Whinner  Andrew,  cooper  280  s.  5d 
AVinner  Catharine,  widow  back  393  s.  2d 
Winner  Jacob,  swordmaker  corner  Sch.  4lh  and 

Winner  James,  gunsmith  104  Walnut 
Winner  Joseph,  mariner  461  N.  Sd 
Wlnslow  widow  of  Elijah  sea  capt.  22  Callowhili 
Wintable  A.  gunsmith  437  north  Third 
Winter  A.  victualler  189  Callowhili  above  Fifth 
Winter  Garret,  carter  Oak  above  Coats* 
Winter  Joseph  and  William,  tailors  345  Arch 
Winter  Peter,  cotFee  mill  maker  Julianna  above 

Winter  Peter,  oysterman  84  Swanson 
Winter  Richard,  boarding  house  127  south  Third 
Winter  Thomas,  coachpainter  Cedar  near  Twelfth 
Wire  J.  late  Windsor  chairmaker  Germantown 
AVires  Elizabeth,  v/idow  Hopkins'  court 
Wirtz  Christian,  gentleman  446  north  Third 

\_(iee  Wurtzs, 
Wirtz  Maria,  boardinghouse  38  south  Fourth 
Wirtz  M.  baker  Frankford  road  near  Queen 
Wisdom  John,  grocer  195  south  Sixth 


Wise  Ann,  widow  32  Sassafras  alley 
Wise  Catharine,  cake  baker  blackhorse  alky 
Wise  Philip,  baker  165  Vine 
Wise  Mr*,  widow  back  277  south  Fifth 
Wiseman  Catharine,  39  Sansom     [^see  Weisman. 
Wiseman  Samuel,  shoemaker  155  Cherry 
Wiseman  John,  ropemaker  Prime  below  Second 
Wiseman  Mrs.  widow  9  Tammany 
Wisener  John,  mariner  back  385  south  Tront 
VViscr  John,  baker  Ninth  above  Race 
Wisham  Sophia,  fortune  teller  123  north  Sixth 
Wison  Archibald,  labourer  Filbert  near  Tenth 
Wissenger  Melchior,  wireworker  79  north  Front 
Wissenger  widow  of  Michael,  79  north  Front 
Wistar  Caspar,  m.  d.  professor  of  anatomy  in  the 
University  of  Pennsylvania  cor.  Prune  &  4th 
Wistar  Caspar  jun.  m.  d.  corner  Prune  8c  Fourth 
^istar  John,  merchant  143  High 
Wistar  Richard,  jun.  merchant  1 17  High 
Wistar  Richard,  merchant  1 10  Chcsnut 
Wistar  Thomas,  gentleman  379  High 
Wister  Chas.  I.  merchant  9  s.  9th  and  143  High 
Wister  John  &  Charles  I.  merchants  143  High 
Wister  Peter,  wheelwright  2d  n.  Germantown  R. 
Wistar  Sarah,  gentlewoman  108  Chesnut 
Witham  Wm.  mariner  23  Catharine 
Witherstine  Richard,  labourer  23  Charlotte 
Withey  Calvin,  grocer  148  Brown 
Withy  Samuel,  combmaker  Rose  alley  n.  Tam- 
Witman  George,  brickmaker  47  JKood 
Witman  widow  of  Samuel,  96  N.  Fourth 

[.9ee  Whitepian 
Witmer  Henry,  plaisterer  21  N.  Ninth 
Witmer  Henry,  jr.  tavernkeeper  30  N.  Fifth 
Witten  Jacob,  harnessmaker  Shippen*s  lane 
Wittenberg  Francis,  accoroptant  352  s.  Second 
Wogan  Christopher,  curry -combmaker  168  Ship- 
Woglom  Abraham,  bricklayer  39  Sassafras 
VVog-lom  Edward,  bricklayer  39  Race 
Woglom  Jane,  wido^v  of  Peter,  20  Sassafra< 


Wolbert  widow  of  Charles,  93  St.  John's 

•f  [^see  Woljiert 

Wolbert  Frederick,  Justice  of  the  Peace  354  N= 

Wolbert  widow  of  Thomas,  1 7  Tammany 
Woldren  John,  bleeder  Cedar  above  7th 
Wolfe  Abraham,  shoemaker  441  north  Third 
Wolff  Abraham,  black  lead  pencil  manufac.  9J 

Wolfe  David,  shipjoiner  Taper  alley 
Wolf  Jacob,  baker  548  N.  Third 
Wolfe  Jacob,  carter  corner  13th  and  Sassafras 
Wolfe  John,  carter  Miller's  court  (N.  L.) 
Wolf  Jacob,  ostler  28  Poplar  lane 
Wolfe  Lewis,  Dentist  5  N.  Sixth 
Wolf  Sarah,  tayloress  413s.  Second 
Wolfe  widow  of  Andrew,  shoemaker  429  N.  2d 
Wolfe  WiUiam,  baker  267  s.  Second 

Wolfe ,  yeoman  corner  Buck  road  and  Long 

,    lane 
Wolferton  Robert,  stonecutter.  Locust  above  12th 
Wolford  Peter,  plaisterer  llth  above  Arch 
Woilard  Martin,  mariner  411  south  Front 
Wolmer  David,  tea#her  83  Coats 
Womley  William,  291  Arch 
Wolpert  David,  victualler  Lawrence  n.  Vine 
Wolpert  Mrs.  victualler  245  Vine    [see  Wolbert. 
Wolpert  Frederick,  victualler  245  Vine 
Wonderly  John,  victualler  177  Cherry 
Wonderly  John,  labourer  Rose  alley  n.  Coats  and 

124  Callowhill 
Wonderly  Samuel,  grocer  cor.  2d  and  Shippen 
Wonderly  Wm.  victualler  102  N.  Eighth 
Wood  Adna,  hatter  3  Clawges'  court 
Wood  Barbara,  widow  159  N.  Front   [see  Woods 
Wood  Benjamin,  merchant  80  Vine 
Wood  Catharine,  widow  8  north  Second 
Wood  Clements,  surveyor  247  St.  John's 
Wood  David  C.  merchant  47  north  Water 
Wood  George,  carpenter  90  Gaskill 
Wood  Hannah,  seamstress  13  north  Fifth 
Wflod  Henry,  taylor  30  Gilles'  alley 

woo— woo 

Wood  John  S.  attorney  at  law  43  north  Sixth 
Wood  Isaac,  shipwright  23  Callowhill 
Wood  Joseph,  miniature  painter  167  Walnut 
Wood  James,  boatbiiilder  8  Budd 
Woods  James,  mariner  Goddard's  alley- 
Wood  James,  merchant  corner  Chesnut  Sc  Front 
Wood  Jamtrs,  and  Thomas,  storekeeper's  8  N.  2d 
Wood  James  C.  merchant  taylor  92  Sassafras 
Wood  John,  sea  captain  &  grocer  corner  Sixth  8c 

and  Fitzwater 
Wood   John,  wheelwright  Frankford  road  near 

Wood  Jonathan,  late  corder  19  Wagner*s  alley 
Wood  Jonathan,  corder  Oak  near  Coats' 
tWood  Joseph,  labourer  Eleventh  near  Lombard 
Wood  Margaret,  grocer  54  Cedar 
Wood  Obudiah,  taylor  26  Crown 
Wood  Peter,  corder  Oak  near  Coats' 
Wood  Robert,  mate  96  Catharine 
Wood  Stephen  T.  shoemaker  107  Coats' 
Wood  Thomas,  lace  and  fringe  weaver  65  Chesnut 
Wood  Thomas,  parchment  maker  91   south  Fifth 
Wood  widow,  seamstress  20  Union  alley 
Wood  widow  of  M.  B.  Rose  alley  near  Gi^en 
Wood  William,  merchant  65  High 
Wood  William,  ostler  mint  court 
Wood   VV'illiara,  bricklayer  Frankford  road  near 

Wood  iWlliam,  B.  manager  of  New  Theatre  12.' 

south  Ninth 
Wood  widow  of  William  mariner  1 1  Penn 
Wood  William,  morocco  dresser  91  south  Fifth 
Wood^vidow  of  Wm.  plaisterer  1 1  Willings  alley 
Wood  William,  millwright  39  Brown 
Wood  Zachariah,  sea  captain  294  south  Front 
Woods  Daniel,  stablekeeper  back  26  north  Third 

and  245  High 
Woods  Hannah,  gentlewoman  151  south  Third 
Woods  John,  mariner  50  Catharine 
Woods  and  Montelius,  merchants  277  High 

\s€e  Wood, 
Woods  Sarah,  boarding  house  123  south  Ninth 

woo— woo 

Woods  Wiltiam,  merchant  10  north  Eighth 
Woodbridge  Rev.  William,  teacher  206  Walnjlt 
tWoodby  Benjamin,  boatman  384  south  Front 
Woodhouse  John,  chandler  Elizabeth 
Woodhouse  William,  booksclkr  and  stationer  6 

south  P'ront 
Woodman  Ann,  widow  comer  Broad  and  Vine 
Woodman  George,  carter  back  24  Elizabeth 
Woodman  Joseph,  sea  captain  33  Almond 
Woodman  William,  accomptant  8  Cypress  alley 
Woodrick  Mrs.  shopkeeper, 28 6  Race 
Woodruff  Abraham,  nailer  129  Budd 
Woodruff  Archibald,  merchant  23  north  Eighth 
Woodruff  David,  tavemkccpcr  25  2  north  Front 
Woodruff  Hampton,  tavernkeeper  and  hairdres&Cr 

137  north  Front  corner  Sassafras 
Woodsides  John  A.  sign  painter  See*  back   115 

Woodward  Ann,  shopkeeper  202  Lombard 
Woodward  Charles,  accomptant  162  north  Fifth 
t  Woodward  Isaac,  woodsawyer  Filbert  near  12th 
Woodward  James  S.  grocer  S.  W.  corner  Second 

and  Arch 
Woodward  John,  shipwright  Frankford  road  cor^ 

ner  Otter 
Woodward  W.  W.  printer  bookseller  &  stationei: 

S.  W.  corner  Second  and  Chesnut 
Wooldbridge  Robert,  oak  cooper  Elmslies  alley 
Woolfall  IVIrs.  widow  416  south  Second 
Woollens  Joseph,  m.  d.  308  north  Third 
WoolleyG.  lumber  merchant  168  north  Fourth 
Woolly  Elizabeth,  midwife  38  Apple  Tree  alley 
Woolley  Samuel,  bricklayer  Noble  above  Fifth  and 

first  door  above  Noble 
Woolley  William,  shoemaker  Marlborough  near 

Woolley  Stephen,  labourer  1 1 1  Swanson 
Woolman  Charles,  bricklayer  Sec.  Mechanic  st. 
Woolman  John,  ostler  back  126  Eiglith 
Wooiston  Benjamin,  carpenter  5  Strawberry  anil 

49  Duke 
Woolverston  John,  blacksmith  454  north  Third 


Work  Samuel,  carpenter  277  s.  Third 
Workman  John,  lumber  merchant  314  s.  Front, 
yards  cor.  Spruce  and  Front  and  67  Swanson 
Worley  Francis,  merchant  190  High 
Worman  John,  sail  boiler  78  north  Fourth 
Worman  Samuel,  merchant  123  north  3d 
tWormley  Ralph,  pcpperpot  maker  Garden  st. 
Worn  Philip:  bookbinder  161  north  Third 
Worrall  George,  hardware  store  26  and  90  N.  2d 
Worrell  Benjamin  M.  mate  84  Cedar 
Worrell  Benjamin  M.  lumber  merchant  Frankford 
Worrell  E.  &  J.  mantuamakers  163  Chesnut 
Worrell  George,  cedar  cooper  155  north  Third 
Worrell  &c  Jennings,  merchants  139^  High 
Worrell  John,  shoemaker  Rose  alley  (N.  L.) 
Worrell  Jonathan,  late  shoemaker  93  Mulberry 
Worrell  Joseph,  shoemaker  Filbert  near  5lh 
Worrell  Joseph,  shoemaker  back  329  N.  Third 
W^orrell  Joseph,  carpenter  56  s.  Sixth 
Worrell  Lewis,  potter  back  42  Ann  (N.  L.) 
W^orrell  Matthew,  cooper  363  north  2d 
Worrel  Philip,  cedar  cooper  222  Vine 
Worrell,  sto.eUeeper  21  north  2d 
W^orrell  William,  merchant  139^  High  and  7  Lit- 
tle Geor;^e 
Worlh  David,  merchant  21  N.  Front 
Worth  JaiDes,  merchant  280  north  2d 
Worth  Jonathan,  merchant  38  south  Wharves  and 

26  north  3th 
tWorthy  Fi  ancis,  shoemaker  272  s.  Fifth 
Worwick  John,  drayman  45  Cable  lane 

[.9ee  Warnuick 
Wotherspoon  Thomas,  gentleman  127  s.  Ninth 
Wray  Andrew,  storekeeper  425  north  Second  and 
grocer  322  N   Front  [see  Ray  and  JRey 

Wray  Widow  of  Geovge  A.  134  a.  Fourth 
Wray  Wm.  labourer  Cherry  n.  sch.  Seventh 
W^ray  Williiim,  storekeeper  9  and  11  High 
Wray  Wiiliani,  drayman,  42  Elder 
Wright  widow  of  Caleb,  currier  63  Dock 
Wright — — ,  shallapman  6'J  Christian 
Wright  Benjamin,  brushmaker  1 15  north  2^1 
liii  2 


Wright  Charles,  carpenter  24  Juliana, 

Wright  Davis,  taylor  121  s.  Water  and  So  Penn 

Wright  Enoch,  taylor  80  Mulberry 

Wright  Ellis,  carpenter  22  Artillery  lane 

Wright  Felix,  plaisterer  23  Ann  (N.  L.) 

Wright  George  G.  cabinetraaiier  196  Pine 

Wright  Isaac,  shoemaker  and  grocer  348  N.  2d 

Wright  J.  shoemaker  176  St.  John's 

Wright  Jane,  widow  2  Franklin  row 

Wright  Jarvis,  carpenter  134  s.  Ninth 

Wright  John,  chymist  154  Lpmbard 

Wright  John,  carter  105  German 

Wright  John  E.  carpenter  16  Fitzwalter 

Wright  John,  labourer  283  N.  Third 

Wright  John,  accomptant  Trotter's  alley 

Wright  Joseph,  carter  40  Green 

Wright  Joseph,  merchant  95  High 

Wright  Mary,  seamstress,  96  north  Fifth 

Wright  R,  widow,  10  Hoffman's  alley 

Wright  Robert,  carpenter  Eleventh  above  Arch 

Wright  Samuel,  carpenter  Mulberry  near  2d 

Wright  Sarah,  128  south  Water 

Wright  Sarah,  cor.  Wright  and  Miller's  alley 

Wright  Thomas,  labourer  Marlborough  n.  JBeach 

Wright  Thomas,  carter  cor.  Tammany  Sc  Fourth 

Wright  widow  of  John,  ladies  shoemaker  242  s.  2d 

Wright  William,  shoemaker  Queen  n.  Cherry 

Wright  rf^illiam,  mariner  31  German 

Wright  fKilliam,  shoemaker  253  N.  Second 

Wrigley  Francis,  printing  ink  maker  Tenth  near 

Wrigley  &  Johnson,  printing  ink  and  lampblack 

manufacturers  corner  Lombard  and  Tenth 
Writer  Jacob,  grocer  2  and  4  Argyle 
Wroth  Elizabeth,  widow  85  Christian 
Wroth  John,  blacksmith  back  31  Prime 
Wunder  Jacob,  labourer  cor.  3d  &  German.  Road 
Wunder  George,jr.  victualler  German,  road  n.  3d 
Wunder  Geo.  victualler  Germantown  road  n.  Pitt 
Wunder  Samuel,  victualler  4th  above  George 
Wunder  ^illiana,  filcmaker  cop.  2d  &  Gerjuw!- 

town  road 

\V  YA— VAT 

\\'virts  Maurice  &c  ?rilliam,  merchants  17!  High 
Wurts  n^illiam,  merchant  26  N.  7th     [see  TVirtz 
Wyand  Henry,  baker  4th  below  Tammany 
Wybert  John,  labourer  German,  road  near  6th 
WyHe  rev.  Samuel  B.  corner.  Wahiut  8c  Eleventh 
Wylie  Sarah,  teacher  268  north  Eighth 
Wymer  Samuel,  tinplate  worker  177  N.  5d 

\^see  Wiiner. 
Wynkhouse  Catharine,  widow  18  Sterling  alley 
Wynkhouse  John  Y.  18  Sterling  alley 
Wynkoop  Abraham,  grocer   11   Spruce  8c   151s. 

Wynkoop  Joseph,  music  master  apply  151  south 

Wyi^op  W.  S.  merchant  92  s.  Wharves  Sc  72 

Wythe  Daniel,  sign  painter,  &c.  24  N.  Eighth 

YARp  Charlotte,  widow  57  Tammany 
Yard  H.  boardinghouse  107  south  Ninth 
Yard  James,  (F.  G.  C.)  merchant  37  s  Fourth 
Yard  widow  of  Jesse.  Hanover  near  Queen 
Yard  John,  cabinet  and  chairmaker  30  north  4th 
Yard  Pearson,  printer  141  Green 
tYard  Shandy,  fruiterer  38  south  Fifth 
jYard  WTlliam,  mariner  22  Gillis*  alley 
Yardley  Richard,  innkeeper  53  Vine 
Yardley  William,  flour  merchant  58  Arch 
Yardsley  James,  sea  captain  158  south  Front 
Yarmer  GeorQ;e,  shoemaker  back  14  German 
Yarnall  Benjamin  H.  ironmonger  39  &  357  High 
Yarnall  Ellis,  merchant  357  High 
Tarnall  Eli,  currier  N.  3d  above  George 
Yarnall  N.  8c  B.  H.  hardware  store  39  High 
Yarnall  J.  teacher  at  Philadelphia  Charity  School 
Yarnall  John,  8c  Co.  storekeepers  23  N.  Second 
Yarnall  Nathan,  hardware  store  39  High 
Yarnall  Phebe,  storekeeper  23  north  Second 
Yates  Abigail,  nurse  Petticoat  altey 


Yates  Ann,  widow  84  north  Second 
Yates  William,  carpenter  362  north  Front 
Yeagel  William,  labourer  n.  123  north  Fifth 
Yeagely  Conrad,  carter  back  437  north  Third 
Yeager  Adam,  cedar  cooper  10  Knight's  court 
Yeager  Benjamin,  brushmaker  103  Race 
Yeager  Casper  and  John,  smiths  1 0th  above  Race 

[see  Verier. 
Yeager  Casper,  blacksmith  266  Race 
Yeager  Casper  jun.  combmaker  242  Race 
Yeager  George,  shoemaker  126  New 
Yeager  John,  shoemaker  103  Sassafras 
Yeager  Nicholas,  labourer  S.  Juniper 
Yeager  Peter,  bricklayer  1  Ith  above  Filbert 
Yeager  Robert,  coachman  78  Race 
Yeager  William,  tobacconist  3  Sugar  alley 
Feater  Henry,  shoemaker  3 1 3  south  Third 
Yeates  Edman  jun.  coppersmith  and  tinsmith  1 6 

Yeats  Edmund,  merchant  128  Cherry 
Yenerick  John,  sugar  boiler  17  Sterling  alley 
Yerger  George,  skin  dresser  Rugan  street 

[see  Yeager 
Yerger  John,  skindresser  284  north  Front 
Yerkes  Silas,  flour  and  feedstore  431   N.  Second 
Yetter  Charles,  carpenter  128  Brown 
Yhost  Ezekiel,  blacksmith  83  Passyunk 

[see  Yofist. 
Yohe  George,  High  street  coffee  house  200  High 
Yokem  David,  shoemaker  166  north  Fifth 
Yopst  John*  shoemaker  3  i  8  north  Front 

[see  Yhost 
Yoreous  Frederick,  musician  346  north  Third 
York  Samuel,  sea  captain  40  Ciirifttian 
Yorke  Peter,  sea  captain  150  south  i  ront 
Yorke  Samuel,  merchaHt  43  north  Front  and  146 

fVorke  Jonathan,  late  carter  38  George  (S.) 
Yorke  Samuel,  and  James  >)chott,  merchants  43  N. 

fYorker  George,  shoeblack  I'vuuT'iJan's  court 
Youckley  John,  shoemaker  2  OaK  (N.  L.) 


Youckley  Mary,  widow  2  Oak  (S.) 

Youcum  James,  labourer  77  north  Fifth. 

Youmans  James,  shipwright  Beach  near  MaidcB 

Young  A.  tayior  corner  Poplar  and  st.  John 

Young  Ann,  widow  57  Brown 

Young  Benjamin,  shipwright  Hanover  n.  Queen 

Young  Mrs.  of  Benjamin,  55  Green 

Young  Catharine,  washerwoman  44  Vine 

Young  Charles,  49  north  Eighth 

Young  Chris,  wheelwright  Marlboroug:h  n.  QueeE 

Young  Christopher,  weaver  5  Wagner's  alley 

Young^  Christopher,  tavernkeeper  High  west  of  P. 

Young  D.  hairdresser  45  Cedar 
Young  Elixabeth,  widow  Sixth  below  Fitzwater 
Young  Elizabeth,  nurse  \  5  i  Green 
Young  and  Falknier,  ladies  shoemaker  119  south 

Young  Francis,  tayior  Fearis'  court 
Young  Henry,  gardener  Johnson's  lane 
Young  Henry,  su^ar  baker  cor.  Sixth  and  Green 
Youilg -I^nry,  gilder  and  carver  13  Powell 
Young  Isaac,  bricklayer  Lily  alley 
Young  I  srael,  ladies  shoemaker  1 1 9  south  Seconcl 
Young  Jacob,  laJ^ourer  corner  Christian  and  PasiS- 

Young  Jacob,  smith  shop  back  87  south  6th  dwel- 
ling Green*s  court 
Young  Jacob,  carter  24  Charlotte 
Young  Jacob,  painter  and  glazier  81  Callowhill 
Young  James,  labourer  Cedar  n.  Thirteenth 
Young  James,  plumber  George  near  Eighth 
Young  James,  printer  and  storekeeper  239  s.  2d 
Young  James,  gentleman  370  north  Third 
Young  Jeremiah,  mariner  312  s.  6th  n.  Fitzwater 
Young  John,  grocer  224  s.  6th 
Young  John,  stonecuttiir  57  Filbert 
Foung  John,  Peltz  lane  n.  Buck  road 
Vbung  John  G.  accomptant  Starr  alley 
Foung  Joseph,  smith  I'rankford  road  n.  Hanover 
Foung  Joseph,  mealdealer  cor.  Brown  and  4th 
Toung  Joseph,  gardener  Passyunk  below  Federal 


F©ung  Lewis,  cabinetmaker  259  s.  Second 
young  Mary,  widow  54  Vine 
ybung  Mrs.  of  David,  mariner  31  New  Market 
Foung  Mrs.  widow,  gr.ocer  87  N.  Seventh 
Foung  Marks,  blacksmith  Bedford  st.  (M.) 
Foung  Mrs.  of  Nicholas,  merchant  77  Vine 
Koung  Peter,  tanner  Noble  below  Fourth 
Foung  Rosina,  widow  2S  Sugar  alley 
Foung  Samuel,  fruiterer  185  north  Second 
Foung  Mrs.  of  Samuel,  sea  captain  182  a.  Front 
Foung  Samuel,  merchant  15  Budd 
Foung  Sarah,  storekeeper  34  s.  Second 
Foung  Susannah,  colourmaker  Farmer's  row 
Foung  Thomas,  carpenter  34  s.  Second 
Foung  Thomas,  boot  &  shoemaker  202  s.  Second 
Foung  Thomas,  merchant  12^  s   Ninth 
Foung  Thomas,  labourer  Marlborough  n.  Bedford 
Foung  widow  of  James,  grocer  28  Penn 
Foung  widow  of  Peter,  Noble  n.  Second 
Foung  widow,  huckster  281  St   John 
Foung  WilHam,  carter  sch.  Eighth  n.  Vine 
Foung  William,  broker  Farmer's  row     f^  X 
Foung  William,  boot  and  shoemaker  31  rTalBUt 
Foung  William,  taylor  and  grocer  29  Passyunk 
Foung  William,  inviter  Marlboroi«;Xh  n.  Prince 
Foung  William,  shopkeeper  54  Small 
Fourhous  Frederick,  (blind  man)  550  n.  Third 

Zamrens  Anthony,  shingledresser  297  N.  Third 

Zanes  Isaac,  wharf  builder  527  south  Front 

Zane  Isaac,  labourer  18  Almond 

Zanes  Wilkins,  mariner  21  Cedar 

Zane  Jesse  S.  balance  weigher  62  N.  Water  and 

1 1 7  north  Front 
Zane  Sarah,  gentlewoman  302  Chesnut 
Zane  WiUiam,  carter  Ohio  street 
Zantzinger  Thomas  B.  attorney  at  law  174  Chesnut 
Zargable  Anthony,  shoemaker  Lawrence 
Zargable  Godfrey,  shoemaker  306  CallowhiH 
Zeblcy  Benjamin,  carpenter  36  Kunokel 


Zeblcjr  Jacob,  high  constable  26  north  Sixth 
Zebley  Joseph  P.  carpenter  corner  Wood  8c  Sixth 
Zebley  Rudolph,  carter  468  Sassafras 
Zeener  S.  labourer  Buitonwood  near  Sixth 
Zeelick  John,  stockingweaver  Frankford  road  near 

Zeiglcr  Charles,  labourer  238  north  Front 

[ace  Zigler, 
Zeilin  Jacob,  tavernkeeper  161  Chesnut 
Zeiss  Andrew,  baker  244  Spruce 
Zell  Christopher,  grocer  25  Sassafras  alley 
Zell  Jacob,  drover  Lawrence  street 
Zeller  Daniel,  merchant  14  Branch     [see  Sellers. 
Zeller  Jacob,  bookbinder  121  north  Third 
Zellers  Jacob,  corder  at  Arch  street  wharf 
Zeller  Mary,  milliner  119  north  Third 
Zeller  Philip,  gentleman  115  Sassafras 
Zenss  Frances,  nurse  sch.  7th  near  Sassafras 
Zentler  Conrad,  printer,  office  back  104  north.  2d 

dwelling  174  N.  Fifth 
Zeslein  Joseph,  pastor  of  the  Moravian  church  74 

Zigler  Ann,  midwife  74  New  [see  Staler 

Zigler  Jacob,  collector  of  taxes  74  New 
Zigler  John  E.  drayman  Ann  Ji.  Willow  (N.  L.) 
Zigler  Samuel,  trader  125  Callowhill 
Zi merman  Sebastian,  merchant  204  north  Third 
Zimmerman  Adam,  taylor  38  New 
Zingraflf  Peter,  cabinetmaker  28  Sugar  alley 
iSoliickoffer  Henry  M.  druggist  133  south  Sixth 





or   THE 


Pinnible  bv  Inn-  on  aU  Qooda,  IVures,  and  Merrlmnclite,  hn. 
ported  into  tin-  United  States  of  Amtricc,  cf-nv  the  lunS 
d(iy  of  June,  1812. 

JSi^ote.  That  on  all  floods,  wares,  and  merchandize,  im- 
ported from  tlie  Cape  of  (Jood  Hope,  or  beyond  the  same, 
if  ad  valorem  articles,  20  i>er  cent,  to  be  added  to  the  actu- 
al cost  tliereot;  including'  all  chargxs,  (commissions,  out^ 
side  packag'cs,  and  insurance,  only  excepted,)  and  10  per 
cent,  if  from  any  other  foreij^  port,  before  the  duties  ar:5 

For  OJirevs  of  thf.  C-ufftcm-'i  see  "  Port  of  P/n'lade'fjhiaV 
:,,%  See  List  of  Free  .■Jrtick'Sy'  and  Iteniavkny  at  the  end  of 
this  Table. 

Ad  \'aloreni         Imported  in 

ARTICLES.                          or              Americ.     For'n 

Specific.      1  ves.^tl.s.       vess. 

Arm.s,  fire  and  sitle,   not  ollicr- 

wise    enumerated,    or    part^ 


per  ct.  ad  val. 

12  ir 


Ale,  Beer  and  Porter,  in  casks 

or  bottles. 

[>er  gallon. 

15  ct. 

18.  io 

On  the    ixjttks,  if  black  g'lass 

quai-t  bottles. 

per  ^occ. 

120  c. 


Arlificial  flower.s,  feathers'  and 

other  ornaments  for  wuPitn's 

bead  drcser^ 

jirrct.  ad  val. 



A  mi  i  seed. 





[)cr  pound. 

4  ct. 




J  ct 


iifxs.s  Cannon.             , 

per  ct.  ad  val 

v: ' 

—  Ii-on  or  bled  Locks,  Hin^:::e<r, 



Ad  Yalorem 

Imported  in 

ARTICLES.                         or 






Hoes,  Anvils  ancL  Vices. 

per  ct.  ad  val.l'^/i 


— •  All  other  manufactures   of 





Balls  and  balsams,    (See  poAV- 

ders,  pa.stes,  &.C.) 




Bricks  and  Tiles. 




Bonnets,  Hats  and  Caps  of  every 

kind.             .             ; 





per  pair. 

150  c. 


Books,  blank. 

per  ct,  ad  val. 



.Bottles,  black  glass  quart. 

per  groce. 



Buttons  of  every  kind. 

per  ct.  ad  val. 



Buckles,  shoe  and  knee. 




Brushes.                . 




Burgundy  Wine. 

per  gallon. 

90  ct. 


Cannon  of  Brass. 

per  ct.  ad  val. 



Carriages,  or  p^u-ts  of  Carriages. 




Cards,  playing. 

per  pack. 

50  ct. 

57  75 

■  ■  Wool  and  Cotton. 

per  dozen. 

100  c. 


Cables  and  tan-ed  Cordage. 

per  pound. 

4  ct. 


Cabinet  Wares. 

per  ct.  ad  val. 



Caps,  Hats,  and  Bonnets  of 

every  kind. 




Carpets  and  Carpeting. 




Cartridge  Paper. 




Candles  of  Tallow. 

per  pound. 

4  cts. 


Do.  of  Wax  or  Spermaceti. 


12  ct. 


Champaign  Wine. 

per  gallon. 

90  ct. 


Capers.      ~    . 

per  ct,  ad  val. 



Canes,  Walking  Sticks  and 









Cassia,  Chinese. 

per  pound. 

8  cts. 




14  ct. 


China  Ware. 

per  ct.  ad  val. 



Cinnamon  and  Cloves. 

per  pound. 

40  ct. 


Chintzes  and  coloured  Calicoes, 

or  Muslins,  and  all  printed, 

stained  or  coloui"ed  goods  or 


manufactures,  or,    not  being 

printed,  stained,  or  coloured, 

of  Cotton  or  of  Linen,  or  of 

both,  or  of  which  Cotton  or 

Linen  is  tlic  muterial  of  chief 

valuc.^       .         .          % 

per  ct.  ad  ml 





Ad  \  ulorciu 

Imported  in 

ARTICLES.                          ur 







per  pound. 

4  cts. 




6  cts. 


Coi'dag-t.',  taiTed. 


4  cts. 


Do.        ujitaiTcd. 


5  cts. 


Comfits.         .            .            . 

per  ct.  ad  val. 







per  bushel. 

10  ct. 



per  ct.  ad  val 



Copper  Manufactures. 





per  pound. 

10  ct. 




6  cts. 


Cetton  or  Linen  Manirflictures, 

or  of  both,  or  of  wliich  cotton 

©r    linen  is  the  material    of 

chief  value,  whether  printed. 

stained,  coloured,    or  other- 


f)er  ct.  ad  val. 



€lock.s  and  Watches,  or  parts  of 





Coaches,     Chariots,     Phaetons, 

Cliairs,     Chaises,    Solos,     or 

other   caiTiages,   or  parts   of 





Clothing-,  ready  made. 




Cutlasses,  or  parts  thereof. 





per  pound. 

4  cts. 


Dates,          .... 

per  ct.  ad  val. 



Dentnfice,  Powders,  Tinctures, 

Preparations     and     composi- 

tions for  the  Teeth  or  Gums. 




Dishes,  pewter. 

per  pound. 

8  cts. 


Dolls,  dressed  and  undressed,  or 

parts  thereof. 

perct.  ad  val. 



Drugs,  Medicinal,  except  those 

commonly  used  in  dyeing-. 




Earthen  and  Stone  Wai'cs. 




Essences.              . 



37  4 

Fans,  or  parts  thercof 


32  i 


Fa)  al  Wine. 

per  gallon. 

66  ct. 


Feathers,  and  other  ornaments 

for  women's  head  drosses. 

per  ct.  ad  val. 



Fringes,    commonly    used    by 
upnolsterers,  coachmakers  ^ 






per  pound. 

■k  cts. 




Ad  Yaiorcm 

Imported' ill 

ARTICT.F.S.                         or 






Pisti,  dried,  foreign  caught.         per  quiiitul,     | 

100  c. 



per  barrel. 

320  c. 




200  c. 


— —  -All  other  pickled. 


80  ct. 


Flowers,  artificial. 

per  ct.  ad  val. 



Ploor  Cloths  and  Matts,  or  parts 

of  either. 




Fruits  of  all  kinds,  except  those 

otherwise  particularly  enume- 





Gliites,  black  quart  bottles. 

per  groce. 

120  c. 


— '■ —  Window,  not  above  8  by 

10  inches. 

per  100  sq.  ft. 

320  c. 


Do.  not  above  10  by  12. 


350  c. 


Bo.  above  10  by  12. 


450  c. 


y- all  other  Glass,  and  ma- 

nufactures thereof. 

per  ct.  ad  val. 



Clauber  Salts. 

per  cwt 

400  c. 


Cfuuzes.           .... 

per  ct.  ad  val. 



.Ginger.        ...         .         '. 




fJJrandolcs,  or  parts  thereof 




Gloves  and  Mittens,   of  everv 

kind.             .           .           .       ■ 




Goidj  Silver,  and  Plated  Ware. 




Gold  und  Silver  Lace. 




Goods,  wares,  and  merchandize 

imported  directly  from  China 

or  India,  in   ships  or  vessels 

not  o'l  the  United  States,  ex- 

«ept  Tea§^  China  ware,  and 

all   other    articies   liable    to 

higher  rates  of  duties. 



Goods,   Wares,    and   Merchan- 

dise, not  herein  otherwise  par- 


ticularly  described  and  cnu- 






per  pound. 

8  cts. 




8  cts. 


Hangers,  or  parts  tliei'eof 

per  ct.  ad  val. 



Hail"  Powder. 

per  pound. 

8  cts. 


Hats,  Caps,  and  Bonnets,  of  eve- 

ry kind. 

per  ct.  ad  val. 



Hemp.         .... 

per  cwt. 

200  c. 


}  Too]),,  iron. 

per  pound. 

2  cts. 


Indigo,        .... 


50  ct. 




Ad  Valorem 

.  or 


liiipurtcd  in 


\  c\ssc;ls. 



per  ct.  ad  val 


per  pair. 

per  ct.  lid  val 



Iron,  Steel,  or  IJruss  Locks,  Urn- 

Ifcs,  Hoes,  Aiwils,  and  Vices,  per  ct.  ad  val. 
Ii'on,  hoop  and  olit.  .  [)er  pound. 

Slieet.         .    "    .         .  do 

-— —  Castj-and  ail  Manufitoturcs 

of  Ii-on,  Steel,  or  Brass,  or  of 
which  either  of  thcac  nietuls 
is  the  article  of  chief  value, 
not  beuig-  otherwise  particu- 
larly eninner;i.ted. 

Jcwclry  and  Pasted  ork. 

Kid  Slioos. 

l^ace  of  C-Jold  and  Silver. 

Laces  and  Lawns. 

Laces,  Lines,  Fringes,  Ta.sscls 
and  Trimmings,  commonly 
used  I>v  upljolsterers  or  coach- 
makers  and  saddlers. 

-  Leather  tanned  and  tawed,  and 
all  manufactures  of  leather, 
or  of  w  hich  leather  is  the  ar- 
ticle of  ciiicf  value,  not  other- 
wise particularlv  enumerated. 

Lead  and  Musket  Ball. 

all  manutltctures  of  Leafl, 

or  of  which  lead  is  the  cliief 

— —  Red  and  White. 

Lcmoi^  and  iJ^mes. 

Lime  Juice,  foreign. 

L.Mien  or  Cotton  manufaciuros, 

or  of  boUi,  or  of  which  cotton 

or  linen   is  the    material  ot 

cliief  value,  whether  printed, 

stained,   coloured,    or  other 


Lisbon  and  Oporto  Wines. 

Looking  Cilass. 

Manufactr.rcs    of  Tin,   Pewter, 

aiid    Copper,    except  pewter 

plates  and  dishes. 
— -—  of  Iron,  Steel,  or  Brass,  not 

otherwise  particuhu-ly  enume- 
rated.        .        .        .'        .       <lo. 


2  cts 
J  cts 


3D  ct 
32 'v 


2.31     ■ 

per  ct.  ad  val.p-j 

per  pound. 



per  ct.  ad  val 

pr.csk.  6Ugal. 

2  cts 

2  cts 
I  cts. 
100  c 

per  ct.  ad  val. 
per  gallon, 
per  ct.  ad  val 


60  ct. 
















Ad  Yulovem 



iiiijiorttd  in 

i\jiieric.    I  For'n 

vessels.       vess". 

Muimikc'rs  of  leather,  not  otiicr 
particularly  enumerated, 
of  Lead,  not  otherw  ise  par- 

per  ct.  ad  val 
per  pound. 

ticularly  enumerated 

•* — '  of  Cotton  or  Linen,  or  of 
both,  whether  prhited,  stain- 
ed, colouredj  or  otherwise.       per  ct.  ad  val. 

IMatts  and  Floor  Cloths,  or  parts 
of  either.  ...  do. 

Mult.        .         .         .         .         per  bushel. 

JMarble,  Slate,  and  other  stone. 
Bricks,  Tiles,  Tables,  Mor- 
tars, and  other  utensils  of 
marble  or  slate,  and  generally 
all  stone  and  eai'then  ware.      per  ct.  ad  val. 

jNIalag-a  Wine.  .  .  per  g-allon 

^lace.         .  .  .  per  pound 

?^Iackarel.        .  .  .         per  barrel. 

Medicinal  Drugs,  except  those 

commonly  used  in  dyeing-.        per  ct.  ad  val. 

Merchandize,  Goods  and  Wares, 
not  herein  otheru'ise  particu-  do. 
lai-ly  enumerated  and  describ- 

Mittens  and  Glo\^s  of  every 

^Millinery,  ready  made. 


Morocco  Shoes, 

Muskets  and  Firelocks,  with  or 
with6ut  bayonets,  or  parts  of 

Mustard  in  flour. 

]^f  uslins  and  Muslim;ts,  whether 
printed,  stained,  coloured,  or 



'2  cts 

20  ct. 



per  gallon. 

per  pair. 

per  ct  ad  val 





Ornaments    for  wx)men's  head- 
dresses, .  .  •         do. 

Ochre,  Yellow,  dry.  .  per  pound, 

in  oil.  .         Ido. 

Omtments,  Oils  and  Odour.s, 
JPaatcsj  8<.c.       .       .       .      Ipcr  ct,  ad  val. 


per  pound, 
per  ct.  ad  val' 
per  pound, 
per  ct.  ad  val. 

56  ct 

250  c. 
120  c. 

10  ct. 
30  ct, 














4  cts. '4.62 
27i     131.625 
100  c.  115.5 




2  cts.'2.31 

J  cts 








Ad  \  aloreiu 

imported  la 

ARTICLES.                       or 







per  ct.  ad  val. 







Opoi-to  and  Lisbon  Wines. 

per  gallon. 

60  ct. 


Paper  Hang-ings. 

rjer  ct.  ad  val. 

32  i 


Writing-  and  Wrapping-. 




Slieuthing-  and  Cutridefc. 




Painters'  Colours,  whether  dr\ , 

or  ground  in  oil,  except  those 

otherwise    enumerated,    -and 

those  comn^only  U3«d  in  dye- 

ing-.         .... 




Pack  Thread  an<l  Twine. 

per  cwt. 

800  c 


Paiitei>oai-ds,  Parchment,  or  Vel- 

lum.         .... 

per  ct.  ad  val. 



Pastework  and  Jewelry. 




Phaetons,  or  parts  thereof. 




Pewter    manufactures,    except 

plates  and  dishes. 




Plates  and  Dishes. 

j)er  pound. 

8  cts. 




12  ct. 



perct.  ad  val. 



Pistols,  or  parts  thereof. 




Pictui-es  and  Prints. 





per  pound. 

3  cts. 


Printing-  T\pes. 

per  ct.  ad  val. 



Pickles,  of  all  sorts. 




Printed,    Stained   or  Coloured 

g'oods  or  manufactures  of  Cot- 

ton or  of  Linen,  or  of  both. 




Bickled  Fish  of  every  kind,  ex- 

cept Mackiu'el  and  Salmon. 

per  barrel. 

80  ct. 


Porter,  Beer,  and  Ale,  in  casks 

or  bottles. 

per  gallon. 

16  ct. 


On  the  Bottles,   if  black 

glass  quart  bottles. 


120  c. 


Powders,  Pastes,  Balls,  Balsams, 

Ointments,      Oils,      Waters, 

Washes,  Tinctures,  Essences, 

or  other  preparations  or  com- 

positions,   commonly    called 

fciweet  Scents,   Odours,   Per- 

fumes, or  Cosmetics,  and  all 

Powders,  or  Preparations  foi 

the  Teeth  or  Gums. 

per  ct.  ad  val. 



Hombs  aod  Pi-unc?. 

per  pound. 

4  Ct8 


Tirr                             APPENDIX.      . 

Ad  Valorem 

Iniported  in 

ACTICLES.                       or 







per  pound. 

12  ct 


Kaisins  imported    in  jars    and 

boxes,  and  Muscadcl  Kaisins. 


4  cts 


all  other  kinds  of 


3  cts 


Red  Lead. 


4  cts 


St.  Lucar  Wines. 

per  gallon. 

80  ct 



per  pound. 

6  cts 



per  ct.  ad  val. 



Slate,  Stone,  and  Stone  Ware.    ^SJo. 



Saddles,  or  parts  thereof. 




Sattins,    and-  "Tother    Wroug-ht 

Silks.         .         .         . 




Spanisli  Brown. 

per  pound. 

2  cts. 



per  barrel. 

200  c. 



per  cv.'t. 

200  c. 


Steel,    Iron,    or  Locks, 

KiH5^v.-s,    Hoes,     Anvils    and 


per  ct.  ad  val. 



All  other  manufactures  of 

^- Steel.         .         .         .         . 




vSheathing'  and  Cartridge  Paper. 




Sherry  Wine. 

per  gallon. 

80  ct. 


Spernmceti  Candies. 


12  ct. 


Se,^ai-s^        .... 

per  1000. 

400  c. 


Seines.             .          .         . 

per  pound. 

8.  cts. 


Sheet  Iron. 


3  cts. 


Spirits  distilled  in  foreign  coun- 

tries— viz.  from  grain,    - 

First  proof 

per  gallon. 

56  ct. 

64.68    • 

Second  proof. 


58  ct. 


Third  proof 


62  ct. 


Fourth  proof 


GS  ct. 


Fifth  proof. 


80  ct. 


Sixth  proof 


100  c. 


First  proof 


:50  ct. 


Second  proof 


50  ct. 


Third  proof 

do.      ' 

56  ct. 


Fourth  proof 


64  ct. 


Fifth  proof 


76  ct. 


Sixth  proof 


96  ct. 


Spirits  distilled  in  the  United 

States,  imported  in  the  same 

ship  or  vessel  in  which  they 

htwl  jjeen  previ^u&ly  exported 




Ad  Valorem 

imported  in 

ARTICLES.                     or 






Wares  of  Tin,  C()p(x-r,  uud  Fc.v- 

ter,  except  Pe\vter  Plates  and 





Wai-es  of  Ejirth,  or  Stone,  China, 

(^iold,  SHver,  and  Plated. 








Waters  and  Washes. 




Walking"    Sticks,   Whips,    and 





Wax  Candles. 

per  pound. 

12  ct. 


W^atches  and  Clocks,  or  parts  of 


petct.  adval. 



Wines,  in  casks,  bottles,  or  other 


—  Malmsey,  Madeira,  and  Lon- 

don Particular  Madeira. 

per  ffallon. 

116  c. 


—  All  other  Miuleira  Wine. 


100  c. 


—  Burgundy,  Champai^,  Rhe- 

nish and  Tokay. 


90  ct. 


—  Sherry  and  St.  Lucar. 


80  ct. 


—  Claret   and  other  Wines  not 

enumerated,   when    imported 

in  l>oLtlesor  cases. 


70  ct. 

80.8.3  ^ 

—  Lisbon,    Oijorto,    and    other 

Portuguese  Wincb. 


60  ct. 


—  Sicily. 


60  ct. 


—  TeneriffCj  Fayal,  Malaf^a,  St. 

Georg-e,   and   other   Western 

Island  \Vine.s, 


56  ct. 


—  All  other  Wines,   when   im- 

ported otherwise  than  in  bot- 

tles or  cr.j»*is. 


46  ct. 


—  On  the  bottles,  if  bLack  g-lass 

quart  bottles. 

per  groce. 

120  c. 


And  if  otb.w  tlum  black  glass 

qu;irt  bottles. 

per  ct.  ad  val. 



Window.  Glas.s,  not  alovc  8  by 


10  inches. 

per  100  sq.  fi. 

.120  c. 


not  ubove  10  by  12. 


.350  c. 


above  10  by  12. 


450  c. 


WiiJte  Lead. 

pei;  pound. 

4  rts. 


Wool  and  Cotton  Cards. 

per  doiseii. 

100  c. 


Wood,  manufactured  (exclusive 


of  (Cabinet  Wares). 

pcrct.  ad  val. 



Yai-n,  uiTtiu-red. 

per  cwt. 






Ad  Vuiorcni 

Injported  in 





"I'aliow.  ,         .         .  per 

Tassels   and  Trimmings    (com- 
monly used  by  upholsterers, 
coachmakers,  and  saddlers.)    per 
Tables    of  Marble,   Stone,    or 

parts  toereof.  .  do. 

Tallow  Candles.  .  .          per 

Tarred  Cordage.  .  do. 

Teas  from  China  and  India,  and 
from  any  island  lying  east- 
wardly  of  the  Cape  of  Good 

Bohea.  .        .        .  per 

Souchong,   and   other  Black 

Teas.         .         .        .  do. 

Hyson,  Imperial,  Gunpowder, 

&c.  .  .  do. 

Other  Green  Teas  .  per 

Teas  from  Europe, 

Bohea.  .  .  do. 

Souchong  and    other    Black 

Teas.  .  .  do. 

Hyson,  Imperial,  Gunpowder, 

&c.  .  .  do. 

Other  green  Teas.  .         do. 

Teas  from  any  other  place, 

Bohea.  .  .  do. 

Souchong,   and   other    black 

Teas.  ...         do. 

Hyson,  Imperial,  Gunpowder, 

'ike.  .  .  do. 

Other  green  Teas.  .         do. 

Tenerifte  Wine.  .  per 

Twine  and  Pack  Tlu'ead.  per 

Tin  manufactm'es.  .  per 

Tiles  and  Bricks.  .  do. 

Toys,  not  otlicrwise  enumerat- 
ed.        ...        .         do. 
Tobacco,    manufactured,  other 

than  Snuff  and  Segars.  per 

Types  for  Printing,  .  per 

UnUirred  Cordage.      .         .  per 

■■ "  Yam.         .         .  per 

Velvets  and  Vclverets-       .       ptr 

ct.  adval 


tS  cts 


4  cts. 
4  cts 

24  ct. 
36  ct 

64  ct. 

40  ct, 

28  ct 

42  ct 

80  ct. 
48  ct 

o4  ct. 

54  ct. 

100  c. 


ct.  ad  val 

ct.  ad  vul 


ct.  ud  val 













60  ct.69.3 
56  ct,|64.68 
800c.^24.    /- 



12  ct, 

J  cts. 
450  c, 
27  \: 











Ad  Valorem 

Tniporteil  in 

AKTICLES.                       or 

A  me 

rican  1  For'n 


vessels.     1  vess. 

fi'om  the  U.  States, — viz. 

from  Molasses 

First  proof. 

per  gallon. 

30  ct. 


Socoiul  pro<'<f. 


32  ct. 


Third  proof. 


34  ct. 


Fourtli  proof. 


38  tt. 


Fifth  proof 


46  ct. 


Sixth  proof 


60  ct. 


Spirits      from     materials      the 

growth  and  produce  of  the 

United  States, 

First  proof 


14  ct. 


Second  proof. 


16  ct. 


Third  proof 


18  ct. 


Fourth  proof 


22  ct. 


Fifth  proof 


26  ct. 


iSixtIi  proof 


36  ct. 



per  pound. 

2    CtS: 


Silver  and  Plated  Ware,    and 

Lace  Ware. 

perct.  adval. 



Slit  Iron.           .    ^      . 

per  pound. 

2  cts. 


8icily  Wine. 

per  gallon. 

60  ct. 


Shoes  and  Slippers  of  Silk. 

per  pair. 

50  ct. 


Shoes  of  Kid  and  Morocco. 


30  ct. 


—  Otlicr  Shoes  and  Slippery,  for 

men  and  women,  Clogs  and 



30  ct. 


Slippers  for  children. 


20  ct. 


Sw  ords  and  Cutlasses,  or  parts 

of  either. 

per  ct.  ad  val.